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P51 with Dock Video Drivers Crash Since Update to Intel On Board Video

Q: P51 with Dock Video Drivers Crash Since Update to Intel On Board Video

First, my specs. P51 with Xeon processor, 64GB of ram, Win 10 Pro, NVIDIA Quadro M2200 Video, Intel HDGraphics P630 Video, Docking Station. I have two external monitors via my docking station, one on the VGA other on the HDMI port. I also have two monitors via Sabrent USB to VGA devices. While I was out of town last week, Windows delivered an update to the Intel P630 graphics. Got home, put my P51 in the docking station. Bam, video driver keeps crashing, reverting to the basic driver and disabling all my external monitors. I finally tracked it to the Intel P630 driver, I can uninstall it and reboot and it works fine for a while, but then after a reboot it crashes again. I've tried reinstalling the NVIDIA driver from both their site and the Lenvo support site, no change. I looked for the P630 driver, but couldn't find it on the Lenovo site, at least as an independant download. It may be included in some other download. I did try getting the P630 from the Intel site, but what I downloaded said it wasn't compaitble with my machine. Right now it has the same image on the internal monitor and the two monitors hooked to the docking station. Yes, the exact same image on three monitors, which shouldn't be possible under Windows. The two monitors coming in over USB seem to be OK and not have the "same desktop everywhere" issue. I actually have two docking stations with external monitors, I have an office upstairs in my house where I do most of my work (the one I just described), and another down in the basement where I record my videos. Both setups have the same issue with the video driver crashing. Any suggestions are appreciated, this is basically stopping me from getting any productive work done.

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Preferred Solution: P51 with Dock Video Drivers Crash Since Update to Intel On Board Video

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have a HP Pavilion Media Center m8430f with a NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT video board.
While loading updates, one of which was ”HP – Display – 2311 Series Wide LCD Monitor”
My computer crashed. When it rebooted the first screen, instead of having a blue background, had a blue and white vertical lines about 3/8” wide background. The next screen was black background with letters in different colors. It next went into windows and crashed in a few seconds. There was a BOSD but it went by too fast to read.
I went into setup and changed the video setting from PCI to On Board.I used the system board VGA connector and was able to boot clean.
Is my video board bad or is there something on it that was corrupted?
Is there any way to diagnose it?

A:Video board crash

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Hey all, I'm trying to set up dual monitors on my machine. I've got an ATI X300 Radeon card, and I'm trying to enable the onboard video card on the mobo for the other output. I've done it this way on other systems, so I'm hoping it's doable in this case, but I can't seem to get the onboard card enabled.

It's an Intel D915GSN board, which I've been unable to find a manual for. Intel's site has documentation for 7 different 915G-- boards, but none of them are "SN."

Anyone know offhand how to do this, or where I can find a manual?


A:Enable onboard video on an Intel D915GSN board

Is this from a Gateway computer? If so refer to the Gateway manual for yoru system.

But many of these don't allow you chose to enable both at the same time.

The solution to this is to run both monitors off the add-in video card. Most X300's support dual monitors but you may need a DVI to analog VGA convertor for the card.

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Hi everyone.
Yesterday I bought a new monitor (Packard Bell viseo 190W), I've plugged it to my computer, but something is not working: while windows (I've XP pro) is loading the logo appears and everything seems to be ok, but just before the "user-interface" loads, the monitor goes black showing a "NO SIGNAL" message. I tried to uninstall ati-drivers (my graphic card is ati radeon 9250, 256MB ram), it works but obviously is in low mode graphic. If i try to reinstall catalyst + drivers the problem comes back. I tried Omega drivers too, same problem :\

What should I do? Any suggestions?

Thanks for help
@moderator can u change "video board" with "graphic card" in the thread title? thanks

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I recently pulled my wireless adapter card out of my notebook before stopping the service. Ever since then I have lost my sound on the laptop. I have 2 devices that I can't seem to find drivers for on this old laptop. It is a Dell Laptop (Inspiron 7000) C336LT. The sound card is integrated on the motherboard. I went to dell and reinstalled the bios and the only other drivers they have listed is a network adapter driver. When I look at the system informations to try and find who makes the motherboard it says not available. Imagine that . My question is this. Is there anywhere that I can find drivers for this integrated sound card or do I need to find the drivers for the motherboard? I believe the sound card is a ESS Maestro2. I have searched everywhere I know and then some to find drivers. the only drivers I have found so far have been for a PCI ESS Maestro2 card. My other question would be, is there a way to find out who made this motherboard for Dell? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of my Device Manager.

A:Audio and Video Controller Drivers (Integrated Mother Board)

Service Tag for this laptop is V1J22 and I am running Windows XP and Server 2003. It doesn't work on either OS. My other question, can this be faulty hardware from yanking the wireless adapter card out before stopping the service? Thanks agian for any help in advance.

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I have a P4 with Intel 82915 graphics, and i'tried Windows 8 on it. It installed without problems, but the video hardware not recognized by Windows 8. I tried a trick wich works under Windows 7, if the video not supports officially:
I download the XP driver, install, but the installer breaks with "This operating system not supported". No problem, i show the driver installation directory to update drivers in device manager, and the driver installs, and works properly. This trick works for me on many old PC models under Windows 7. But on Windows 8 this trick don't works. The device manager starts driver installations like under Windows 7, but after some seconds stops with "This operating system not supported" message.
I there any solution to install old video drivers under Windows 8?

A:Old Intel video drivers

Compatibility mode?

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Is there any reason I should *not* install the latest video drivers from Intel? I've done this on computers from all sorts of other manufacturers but thought I'd check to make sure there aren't Lenovo customizations I'd lose. If there are, what are those customizations?

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Are there any drivers for this chipset to have at least the screensavers work in Windows 7?

A:video drivers intel 82852

Hi windowsfree,

This is from Intel's website:

The Microsoft Windows 7* operating system (OS) supports two different graphics driver models: the Windows* Display Driver Model (WDDM 1.0 & 1.1) and the older Windows* XP Driver Model (XPDM). WDDM drivers provide the 3D graphical user interface experience to users. XPDM drivers provide an interface that visually resembles the Windows XP user interface and do not support Windows 7 OS premium features such as the Microsoft Aero* user interface.

Only XPDM drivers** are available for the following older Intel? graphics controllers:
Mobile Intel? 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family
Intel? 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset Family
Intel? 82865G Graphics Controller
Intel? 82852/82855 Graphics Controller
Intel? 82845G Graphics Controller
Intel? 82830M Graphics Controller
Intel? 82815 Graphics Controller
Intel? 82810 Graphics Controller

Doesn't look like it, sorry :/
EDIT: I apologize, I didn't realize you were only asking about screensavers. I didn't think they depended on Aero but if they're not working for you then I may be wrong...


Windows Outreach Team

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Whenever I have these on my brothers computer they fail, a specific .dll rather..

ilrmnt5.dll I think its something like that, but it seems to run fine in VGA mode, are there any kinds of fixes for this, because vga mode does suck, starts in 8bit and 800x600 i think, have to change it everytime, can someone help me out?

it just won't start up in normal mode, =it gets to the users screen (almost loads it) and restarts, and does it over and over.. vga mode works fine though although the driver might crash sometimes

A:Intel Chipset 845 video drivers fail

did this ever work correctly?
enter your device manager, or there any yellow conflicts
if so, uninstall them, reboot, and try the driver again

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This has happend before, but....
I was on the computer and the screen turned black,and there was the blue screen but it dissapeared to fast for me to read it. I was thinking it was the videocard driver, when it rebooted it said it was. But this time i did have the latest drivers when i went to the site. All the other times there was an update. Any suggestions? Thanx

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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam

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ok heres the deal, i got a cheap-o pci-e card to put in my box so i can run it into my tv. the problem is that i need to use my on board video as well for my monitor is there settings or something out there i can change to make this work, because when i just hook them up i get no video on ither monitor or tv.

A:runing on board video and video card in my pci-e slot

It can only be one of the two enabled at a time. For most systems, as soon as you put the pci-card in the slot, it disables the on board video.

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I started to see the errors when I tried to open the Overwatch few days ago.So, I checked troubleshooting procedures and tried all, but it did not work well.I found one graphic driver upgrade failed in Lenovo Vantage program and I believe that is the one.I am keep on trying to install but I can't.Can anyone have solutions for me??

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I hate to be redundant---especially on my first post---but I have just started having the same problem, whether I'm trying to view a .wmv file using Windows Media Playe (9, 10, or 11) or trying to watch a DVD using Intervideo WinDVD. I have the Mobile Intel 945GM chipset video drivers, but of course their website offers no kind of support about this. I have PLENTY of these "minidumps" to offer for someone's perusal if anyone would care to help a guy out? I'm stuck in a hotel for the next three days with no way to watch DVDs, and the bare network TV for entertainment. Thanks much for any help!

PS: I wanted to add that some time back (couple months, if that long?) I installed some "open-source" DVD player called "Miro"; I don't know if I couldn't figure it out or what, but it didn't seem to work on my 'puter, so I uninstalled it. Is it possible that it either left something behind, or took something with it, that may be causing the problem? Thanks again for your help...

A:Solved: Blue screen on video playback - Intel drivers

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I tried to play Wolfire Games - Lugaru (i have bought the game but the demo is good test) on my laptop with Intel gma 965, or the X3100 if you prefer, and it is unplayable.

Using the included 965 driver with windows 7 RC and Beta both, and even updating to the newest version currently available on windows update, the game is unplayable. The mouse cursor lags, heavily, just in the menu screen. It froze the system overall when I tried to load a level.

I can play the game just fine on Linux with this laptop. And, after trying the older Vista drivers instead of the windows 7 drivers, it ran just perfectly. The vista drivers DID give me a BSoD afterwards though when I shut down. I didn't install them in vista compat mode.

I had the exact same problem with GeForce drivers on a desktop with the same game(and another game called Secondhand Lands). The included windows 7 video drivers overall seem severely crippled.

A:Intel GMA GM965 slow video with win7 RC/Beta drivers

Intel GMA Win7x64 (

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Hi all, Since I got my X1C6 and the Ultra Docking station last year, I'd had minor, but still irritating problems. 1) Connecting the dock to 2 idential dell 4k montiors over displayport (with the lid closed), it would only drive one of them at 60hz and the other at 30hz no matter what I tried. 2) Worse, it locked both monitors at 6-bit display depth, leading to lots of color banding. Looking up both issues online, I found no solution to #1 (in fact, it seems like the ultra dock is ONLY capable of driving one 4k monitor at 60hz and the other at 30hz - which seems really lame considering it's 2018 and a machine and dock this expensive should be able to do both). For issue #2, research indicated it was an intel driver issue, and after months waiting, Lenovo just released new intel drivers which I installed today (version The good news? The new driver totally fixes the 6-bit depth issue - both 4k monitors register as 8-bit now. The bad news? Now BOTH monitors are locked at 30hz. Argh! All I want, is to be able to drive both screens at 4K 60hz 8-bit depth. Is that too much to ask? Anyone experiencing the same issue? Or have any solutions? Thanks, S.

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Ok, so recently I have been having a serious problem with my video card and/or the drivers. It seems to happen most when flash is being used in a web page.

I've re-installed both flash and chrome (my browser of choice) and rolled back/re-installed my video drivers.

When it freezes, the whole screen stops, the sound gets drawn out, does that for about 20-50 seconds, then goes back to normal, although sometimes the video (eg a movie) has to be restarted.

I am really tired of this happening, because since most web-ads use flash, a crash can happen anytime.

Thanks in advance!

A:NVidia 280.26 Drivers and Flash, Video Driver Crash?

Can you try this in IE and Firefox?

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Running Vostro 360 with latest BIOS and Intel HD drivers causes display problem that appear as a bad LCD panel.Latest Intel HD driver version ( creates a mostly white multicolour band. If the left edge is 0% and the right edge is 100%, the band is from 50% to 80%. The rest of the screen initially appears lighter gray but fades towards black.Using the previous Intel HD driver version (, the screen appears almost black, with some mach banding in vertical and horizontal directions.Windows 7 x64Clean installAll Dell drivers
Switched Device Installation settings to automatic and updated video driver.Driver available from Dell support site (version works, but reports anomalous WinSAT numbers. Initial system setup reported 5.1/5.9 for graphics scores, but now reports 5.1/4.6.I see no discussion of this issue anywhere so don't know if it's somehow machine specific (seems unlikely) or that people never upgrade drivers.My secondary concern is that if device installation settings is set to automatic, this driver can update and render the system inaccessible.

A:Vostro 360 (Inspiron 2320) video problem with latest two Intel HD drivers

Same problem here after windows update on vostro 360
behavior: integrated screen not recognized and blinking with colors, need to use external monitor to use windows
pretty anoying

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Hi all,
I have a dell here with on board video that has failed (someone literally pulled the connector off of the motherboard). The system should be fine otherwise, therefore I was wondering if I could put in a old style PCI video card into one of the PCI slots (it does not have a video slot) and have it work. Or would the onboard video cause conflicts? I know that with some BIOS's you can turn off the onboard video, and this is usually a option if the motherboard has a video slot available (agp, PCI Express). Of course this motherboard does not and is a dell cheapo.

I am thinking it will probably work but thought I would ask before getting a card for it.


A:Can a dell use a pci video card if it has on board video?

Will a PCI video card work? Possibly!

Attached is a pic of a board where the Sub-D connector was pulled from the board, and when it was pulled it shorted out the board, and a PCI card would not work.

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I just got a new computer and it has a PCi express 16 slot on it and my old video card is agp 8x

what is a good ati card that i could play WoW and CS with for around 150$

A:New computer(on board video) want video card

Great Price here:

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Please update Video driver on  HP 17-ab011nl     ,    please update intel driver to     Thanks 

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I have downloaded drivers for my system Dell XPS 8500 Desktop and for my Operating System Windows 8.1 64bit, but when I try to install the drivers I receive: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software". Strange? what is it? I get the exact same error if I try to install the drivers from the DVD supplied with drivers from the box that came with the computer.
I checked also about the Chipset driver. The driver for Intel H77 Chipset. I cannot install that one neither. Not from the download page DELL website, not from the DVD supplied with the PC. I get the following error on that chipset driver: "File copying was no successful. Setup will now exit.". So it is like the Intel Chipset and the Intel HD graphics are not visible and not detected.

Please help.

A:DELL XPS 8500 Desktop computer : cannot install integrated Intel Video Drivers?

I usually see that if the driver is 32-bit and you try to install on 64-bit or vice versa.

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Have a new(one month old X1 Extreme)with thunderbolt 3 dock and a P27u10 external monitor.All was working just fine then the problems started- cursor flashes with blue circle then some of the Icons flash this happens every 10 seconds or so repeating. Then External monitor stops working using the thunderbolt 3 connection from the dock, i was able to bypass the dock and use HDMI from the laptop to the monitor and that works. Also the battery was drawing down way to fast with the thunderbolt 3 cable from the dock so I use direct power to the laptop and thats working fine.I am new to PCs -forever with Macs so please be gentle. I have been installing all updates,checked my refresh rate,uninstalled the NVIDIA driver and reinstalled still problems. 

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When trying to install the NVidia and Intel Video Drivers (ver. for both the P1 and P52 via Thin Installer, it will not install the driver if the BIOS is in Discrete Graphics mode.  However, it will install if in Hybrid Graphics mode.  While looking at the Thin Installer logs it states that it found the NVidia card and recognized that the driver needed to be updated.  But it failed because it did not find the Intel card.  This is because in Hybrid mode, both the NVidia and Intel cards show as present in Device Manager.  When in Discrete Mode, only the NVidia card shows as present.  The Intel card is nonexistent. The driver for both the P52 (20MA) and P1 (20ME) were pulled down with the latest version of Update Retriever.  When looking at the properties of both updates and the operators used in the XML files, it is clear that it is using the AND operator in the Detection portion.  Meaning both NVidia AND Intel both need to be detected.  This is problematic because "AND" will fail when using Discrete Graphics.  The Intel card is nonexistent in this mode as previously stated. I tried editing the XML file and changing it to OR, but it did not work.  I probably missed something in the other sections.  What did finally work was to rip out all references to the Intel (8086) card and remove unnecessary operators in the XML file.  In other words, I made it only reference the NVidia card with no r... Read more

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I have a Dell Latitude E6530 with Intel HD 4000 video drivers, and Win10 Enterprise. This morning I downloaded and installed 6 recommended updates from Dell including the newest video driver.  Suddenly my docking station only seems to support 2 monitors at a time instead of my normal 3. The Intel Driver version is   This is NOT the best time for this garbage to happen

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Hello anyone who is reading... I have had this problem in the past, and was helped here, but with a new PC since then and the same problem now arising, I am being told I need to update my video drivers. I am not sure how to do this, and which to update. I know to look in the hardware tab of my "My Computer" properties, but there are several things there and I'm not sure which is what. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Need to update video drivers?

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Hello. Is it possible to upgrade/install drivers from amd website somehow not using hp version? The problem is hp drivers are old(sep. 2012) for my notebook and some software requires a new version. I'm quite stuck with that issue. Thanks in advance.

A:Video drivers update.

Hi Hp normally tweaks the driver to custom HP laptops, so it'a always advised to use the driver from the HP site for graphics,That being said there is no harm in trying the driver from the AMD website http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy3&os=Windows%207%20-%2064 if it does'nt work you can always uninstall it and get the HP drivers for the link below http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC-series/5262606/model/5272...

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Hey my Battlecraft doesn't even start up, when I open it it gives me two errors, one says, "I require the WGL_EXT_swap_control OpenGL extension to work" and the other one says "BC failed to initialize some openGL extensions Battlefield will continue to run, however, if you experience problems it is recommended to update your video drivers" I don't have an idea on how to update my video drivers.

p.s. Battlecraft is a program to make your own maps for battlefield1942..

A:update video drivers

Do you know what kind of video card you have?

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I have an eMachine desktop, model ET1161-07.  I keep getting a screen flash up telling me to update my video drivers. I went to the eMachines website and they don't even show my machine anymore. I guess cause it's a few years old LOL. Can anyone help me with this? I'm not really computer literate so I don't know if I can actually do this. Any advice? Please?

A:How do I update video drivers?

Hi msbetty087 I can help you update your graphic card drivers, I just need a bit more information on your system in order to link you the most updated ones you can have.MiniToolBoxDownload MiniToolBox and move the executable file to your Desktop;Execute MiniToolBox and check the following options:List Installed Programs;List Last 10 Event Viewer Errors;List Devices - Only Problems;List Users, Partitions and Memory size;Once this is done, click on Go and wait for the scan to complete;Once the scan is complete, a log will open. Please copy/paste the content of the output log in your next reply;

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Hi, I recently bought an HP Probook 450 laptop with AMD video card and I installed Windows 8.1 on it.

While every other device seems to be working perfectly, when I go to the Device Manager, there is a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark under AMD Radeon and Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

I tried redownloading and reinstalling drivers for AMD manually and automatically but when I go and try to install it, it says that it's been installed and working.

What could the problem here be?

A:Video Drivers Won't Update

Hi badkid,
A yellow exclamation point next to a device in Device Manager means that Windows has identified a problem of some kind with that device.

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I went to the UFC's website and clicked on one of the video's they had embedded in their scrolling news on the home page. The screen went black and then came back, saying that the video driver had shutdown and recovered. I refreshed the page, assuming it was just a glitch. I clicked the same video to watch it and my computer seized up and I got a blue screen. I didn't have enough time to read everything on the blue screen, but I caught a little bit saying that Windows had encountered an error with the video driver and needed to shut down. The computer rebooted a bit sluggishly, but now appears to be fine. Any ideas as to whether this is a problem with my video card's driver or the video on the site? Videos elsewhere work fine.

A:Video caused video driver to crash, reboot, and then blue screen.


First you can download Speccy to check the temprature of the display card,mainboard to see whether it's normal:
Then you can try to reinstall the driver of the display card or upgrade the driver.

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We have T470 (20JM) and T470s(20JS) in our environment. Both models are having a problem connecting to external displays using HDMI Intermittently and sporadically the screen goes blank. It does not matter what order I turn on the devices or connect the cables. Randomly the screen will go black - sometimes the image comes back within a few seconds; sometimes the image blinks on and off for up to a minute; sometimes the image is steady and the monitor is usable for an hour or two; sometimes the image stays off for so long (about 30 seconds) that I get a "No Signal Detected" message from the monitor, only to have the image return (sometimes within seconds, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within hours).

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What is better a run-of-the-mill on-board video made in 2000 with 1 mb of video ram, or a pci video card that is made in 1995 and has 4 mb of video ram?

A:Video Card Vs On-board Video

Did you look into the BIOS to see if you can allocate more RAM to the onboard?

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Yet another problem needing a solution. I was given yet another PC assembled by my brother (part of the problem). I have everything working except for needing better video. The on-board video only gives me the options of 2 or 16 color @640 x 480 pixel . I obviously need better graphics capability for many of the programs and games we would be using. I have a PCI video card left from a former AGP upgrade on another system that I think should work. I need someone to walk me thru the procedures to deactivate the on board video and install and activate the PCI replacement. All I know about the mother board is what the owners manual tells me. I see no specific instructions on this particular procedure.

The MOBO is a Micro ATX Socket 370 1st Mainboard FR33 with a 733 mHz processor (Cyrix.... I think)....Award BIOS

I've looked all over in the BIOS for a enable/disable on board video...no luck

Any help would be appreciated

A:Replacing On-Board Video with PCI Video

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I have a dell inspiron 6000 with a mobility radeon x300 graphics card (old I know) and my last update for the card was back in 2005. I have been to the ati site and downloaded the drivers for the card multiple times and every time i try to install it, it says "unfortunately you cannot install these drivers at this time. please contact your computer manufacturer for help" or some bull like that. Anyone have any ideas on what to do about this? thanks

A:Can't update drivers for video card

You should always get your Insprion drivers from Dell's support site. The mobility Radeon x300 drivers are here:


The driver is dated 2005. This looks like the latest for you model. Why do you need to find a driver update?

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Yesterday my HDD crashed on me. So yesterday I went out and got a new HDD and re-installed everything using an HP recovery disk set. After it was all finished I went to update the video display drivers but they won't take. Here is what I did.

I uninstalled the old drivers (or I thought I did)
then went to AMD's website to download the new drivers.
Used CCC to download the drivers then did a reboot
reboot finished and computer came back on
Went into control panel and looked up device manager, went into siplay drives and after all that its still listing the drives as the old 8.7 version.

I tried using driver sweeper but it still didn't work. Can someone give me a step by step instructions on how to go about deleting the old drivers using driver sweeper and how to install the new drivers using CCC?

A:Solved: video drivers won't update

Don't use CCC to update the drivers.

Uninstall the ATI drivers/software using Add and Remove programs, reboot, and run the .exe file of the new drivers.

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Is it necessary? I used to do it whenever a new one comes out but read from some where that as long as the current driver is working fine, there is no need to update.

A:Is it necessary to update the video card drivers when a new one comes out?

No, you do not need to do it every time a new driver comes out. I typically do it

a) when I am having a problem with a certain game
b) if I haven't updated for 3 or 4 months.


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I keep trying to update my video drivers, but every time I download the one for my OS, and try installing them I get an error message that says "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from your manufacturer....Setup will exit." I've checked countless times to make sure I'm downloading the right drivers. So I know I am. Does anyone know what could be my problem? Or if there is another way to get my drivers?

Windows XP Professional
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor
1016MB RAM
Intel(R) 892915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
(Old I know)

Any help will be appreciated!

A:Solved: Can't Update Video Drivers!!

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This has been happening on and off ever since I started with Win 10 and its always very annoying .

System just hangs, no error message, no bsod, just complete freeze and loud hum.

I cant say I can remember having issues watching youtube videos, its the streaming of live content such as filmon. Sometimes I can watch filmon for days and not have the issue and then randomly it will start again. Today I was watching hypermole playing on twitch tv (live) and it just happened. Getting tired of it.
I can also report having all my video content display as a green screen after using hyper v although that may be totally unrelated.

As far as I am aware, I'm using the latest drivers for my graphics, I always try update everything. I have attached the log files as requested.

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This has been happening on and off ever since I started with Win 10 and its always very annoying .

System just hangs, no error message, no bsod, just complete freeze and loud hum.

I cant say I can remember having issues watching youtube videos, its the streaming of live content such as filmon. Sometimes I can watch filmon for days and not have the issue and then randomly it will start again. Today I was watching hypermole playing on twitch tv (live) and it just happened. Getting tired of it.
I can also report having all my video content display as a green screen after using hyper v although that may be totally unrelated.

As far as I am aware, I'm using the latest drivers for my graphics, I always try update everything. I have attached the log files as requested.

A:Hang up/Crash when streaming video, especially live video

Hi m1a1t,

Welcome to the 10forums

I'm not a specialist when it comes to freeze problems, but I do have a tip (or 2 when talking about reverting back the changes)
IObit software is known for causing problems, I would highly recommend that you remove it and revert back the changes it made when it comes to drivers.
DB3 may install corrupted or the wrong drivers what may cause problems,Malwarefighter is IMHO garbage,Advanced SystemCare may cause more harm than good
About the uninstall program I can't tell you anything, because I have no experience with it and I prefer to keep it that way.

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Hello everyone. Currently this is how I update my ATI drivers when there is an update. Is this still in today's day and age, still necessary?

1) Remove driver using add/remove programs
2) Reboot into safe mode
3) Use driver sweeper to remove left over ATI driver files
4) Reboot into regular mode
5) Install updated driver

A:Proper way to remove/update video drivers

Hello Lery,

I have had no problems with just running the new driver installation file to automatically install over and update the older version without having to uninstall the older version.

Either way works, but if one is having any problems installing the driver or prefers a clean slate, then doing what you posted would be a good way to do so.

Hope this helps,

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Hello. I'm not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else. I am trying to update my video card drivers, but I get a BSOD when I try to do it. My ZIP file contains three crashes, and all three of them have different error codes. The last one (in August) might not be relevant, but the two in October both are.

My suspicion is that there is a problem in the registry involving the video card drivers, but I don't know how I'd go about fixing this.

Edit: I ran Memtest86 on my computer recently and there was not a problem involving my RAM.

A:BSOD when trying to update Video Card Drivers

BugCheck CA, {b, fffffa8007ac7080, 1, 0}

Probably caused by : pci.sys

0: kd> !drvobj fffffa80076595a0 f
fffff8000348c010: Unable to get value of ObpRootDirectoryObject
fffff8000348c010: Unable to get value of ObpRootDirectoryObject
Driver object (fffffa80076595a0) is for:
Driver Extension List: (id , addr)

Device Object list:
fffffa8007ac6a10: Could not read device object

DriverEntry: fffff88000f601a0 pci!GsDriverEntry
DriverStartIo: 00000000
DriverUnload: fffff88000f5526c pci!PciDriverUnload
AddDevice: 00000000

Dispatch routines:
[00] IRP_MJ_CREATE fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[01] IRP_MJ_CREATE_NAMED_PIPE fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[02] IRP_MJ_CLOSE fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[03] IRP_MJ_READ fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[04] IRP_MJ_WRITE fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[05] IRP_MJ_QUERY_INFORMATION fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[06] IRP_MJ_SET_INFORMATION fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[07] IRP_MJ_QUERY_EA fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[08] IRP_MJ_SET_EA fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest
[09] IRP_MJ_FLUSH_BUFFERS fffff800032c0b00 nt!IopInvalidDeviceRequest

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Everything was fine. I bought Battlefield 3, Premium online. It seems to have installed okay, but throws up a warning box when I try to start it up that my video drivers need to be updated from Ver. 11.5 to 11.7 or later. (Radeon HD6870)

I went to AMD and downloaded their 'automatic detector' for needed driver updates. This did nothing that I could tell. I then downloaded the current release of the Catalyst Software Suite and now I can't do anything with opening the Control Center or updating drivers.

Below is my inquiry to them and their response. I don't pretend to be a tech guy, so the water is getting really deep. I don't want things to go from bad to worse or worst. Is it safe for me to follow their instructions? Are there any steps where I could blow something up? I really don't know how to do this stuff. Except for not being able to use Battlefield 3, and not being able to get into the Control Center, the computer is otherwise functioning normally. (Dell Studio XPS 9100)

Advise would surely be appreciated. I have a couple of problems, but don't want to create more problems while trying fix them.

My inquiry to AMD:

I installed Battlefield 3 and was prompted that the video drivers were not up to date. I came to your website and downloaded amddriverdownloader.exe for autodetecting needed drivers. This did not do anything. It 'apparently' installed, but was of no help.? I then down... Read more

A:Battlefield 3 install said that I needed to update video drivers.

Hi D_Blackwell

The information from AMD is mostly straightforward and not likely to worsen your situation, with one possible exception ! Item 5 :-"Latest BIOS and Chipset". This is correct advice, but you might want to get help from someone with more experience than yourself.

The nice thing is you say your computer is a Dell. Somewhere on the casing you will find a bar-code - copy the number, it is really useful ! I will come back to it.

The first thing I would do is download and install a small utility called 'Speccy' ( www.piriform.com/speccy ). If you run it, it will tell you what BIOS and chipset versions you have both for your motherboard and your graphics card. Make a note of these, and now we come back to that Dell number.

If you go onto the Dell web-site and go to support, you will find a space to enter that number which will take you directly to the page for your computer. Here they list, among other things, the up to date driver set for your computer and you can check these against the versions 'Speccy' says you have installed. If the numbers from 'Speccy' match the version numbers on the Dell site, your BIOS and chipset are up to date, no further action necessary. If they don't, you have the option to update them.

Start by downloading the updated drivers and save them into some convenient folder, preferably by themselves - they are easier to find. Then turn your computer off.

Re-boot, and at the first start-up s... Read more

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First off System Specs:

Asus G60VX Series Notebook
Windows Vista 64-Bit Home Premium (Yes, im sure it is 64 bit)
Nvidia GeForceGTX 260M CUDA 1GB
RealTek HD Audio

IF you need to any other specs just ask.


Basically I bought this computer for gaming and several games Ive bought recently wont run so I figured I would update the graphics driver just to be safe and then go from there. I download the installer for the latest nvidia driver just fine, and when I go to install it says Im not running Vista 64-Bit when I clearly am and closes. And when i try the 32bit installer it says it cant find compatible hardware for the drivers, an also untrue statement.

Help please?

A:Trying to update video drivers and the installer says im not running 64 bit windows?

what is the manufacturer of your graphics card? XFX ,EVGA?

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is it possible for intel discontinued desktop board users to get driver for windows seven.or i have to purchase new machine which supports windows seven? sorry for bad english & if there is any rules for new threads which i broked.coz i'm new here & don't know anything about rules.(p.s.Tried to find the rules before creating thread but unable to find)

A:intel discontinued desktop board drivers

I would say no or at least very unlikely as intel discontinued support for this board late 2006, running windows 7 on a Pentium 4 board is possible but for anything more than very basic tasks it's going to become painfully slow

your next problem with that age of motherboard is lack of ram

I would suggest save up and get a dual core motherboard to get you started

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Converting an Intel server (Win2003) to a Win 7 Pro workstation. During the install the drives are not recognized. Tried driver from Intel - intel_ichx_msft_raid_v.4.4.0630.2006_whql_updated - but still not detected.

The BIOS is still set to SATA but I have IDE and ACHI? as other options.

I intend to use theses in a RAID mode in the end but am going to try setting the BIOS to IDE for the time being.

Any Suggestions on how to get the drives recognized during the install of Win 7 Pro?

Thanks in advance,


A:Need drivers for Win 7 Pro for Intel Server board - se7230nh1-e

it seems that that system does not have any drivers for windows 7 as it was never designed for it and as such neither does it have drivers for 2008 or r2 so using r2 drivers are out of the question your best bet is probably AHCI and software raid once in your OS, you may need to break your current array to set it to AHCI i'm not familiar with that board's raid setup. i mainly use a s5000xvn in my office. To get windows to see the drives for that at install i had to load drivers manually after picking custom install for 2008 r2.

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