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No signal to monitor

Q: No signal to monitor

I have a pc build and have been using it for a few months now and for some reason signal is not found on my monitor. I have tried different cables and even taking out the graphics card. I?m not hearing any beeping and everything seems to be connected correctly. I have a gigabyte graphics card but can?t remember the name of it. I also have a MSI b350m gaming pro mother board.

Preferred Solution: No signal to monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No signal to monitor

Without a detailed description of the hardware(processor, graphic card, power supply, etc.) in your PC and a description of the monitor connected to it and what Windows version is running in your PC, you make it difficult or impossible to help you.

MSI B350M Gaming Pro motherboard


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Sorry for the long text, I'm trying to send as much information i have.

Hello forums!
A few years ago i built a new gaming pc because i wanted to be able to play high quality games. But since day 1 i've had nothing but problems. Whenever i play one of my high quality games such as "Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Battlefield 3 or Primal Carnage" the monitor goes completely blank showing a "no signal to monitor" sign after gaming for between 5 minutes to up to 2-3 hours. The monitor sometimes also shows different color stripes either for examples: orange, pink or grey. The sound of my friends on skype usually keeps going for about 20 seconds before going silent, the sound of the game shuts off instantly or goes in a loop or starts with a loud buzzing sound. The fans and the LED's on my pc are still going but i can't control anything on the pc making me have to force restart my pc on the power button.
I've been on this forum before talking to this guy who is helping me but he's been quite busy lately so i need some extra help.
I've updated all drivers to latest, i never overheat, the GPU does not go over 51C when gaming and CPU never goes over 51C either.
I've upgraded my 650W powersupply to a 850W power supply and is one of the highest rated best performance power supplies you can find.
I tried to RMA my graphics card but they found nothing wrong with it and sent it back.
I bought two new sticks of RAM 4GB each, still... Read more

A:Solved: No signal to monitor/colorful monitor crash when gaming

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My monitor (ViewSonic VA720) is set to turn off after 20 min in the WinXP Power Options Properties. The monitor goes into standby correctly, but will will oftentime not come back on after resuming. It will just show a black screen and the lights on the monitor indicate it's in standby. Pressing the power button on the monitor seems to have to effect. When turning it back on it will say signal out of range, and then go back into standby. My system is:

AthlonXP 2200+
MSI 6600GT 128MB AGP (Driver 163.75)
Windows XP SP2

The only way to fix this is to reboot the machine, which is not always convenient. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:monitor says signal out of range when monitor comes out of standby

Refresh rate in display settings set to max
You may need to check any settings on the display itself too

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I have the problem that my monitor sometimes does not recieve a signal. It appears that the computer has powered up and i can hear the PC working and all the mouse and keyboard lights are up and running. I have switched monitors and sometimes the second monitor will work fine, sometimes not. Sometimes rebooting works, sometimes not. I haven't changed the system physically in any way eg. added RAM etc. I removed the extra cards and vaccummed them. Thought i had solved the issue. But now a month later it has started happening again. I suppose i would like to deal with this situation whilst i can still use the computer and access the internet and before it stops, maybe, completely? I did hear, i think, one long peep on booting up. It just caught me by suprise and sounded different than normal. Oh! and when my daughter was using it the other day, it just blanked out and there was no signal.Thanks

A:Monitor- no signal, PC seems to be going

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ok, been researching this on my bro's pc for 6 days. no help. the problem: previously working pc runs fine, but monitor stays off (orange light). something different than the other posts: i use quick keys and after i was sure pc started up xp professional, i ran winamp and played music fine, though monitor was still blank, meaning that cpu, sound card, hd work fine i think. i've done what i can to diagnose problem for 6 days. reseated everything, switched out cables, switched out 6800 gs pci-e for another new card. switched out monitors, even tried booting off different hd. in my mind, that only leaves mobo. i pressed power button on mobo for 30 secs, and cleared cmos.i hear all the normal beeps during startup, all fans on. leds on keyboard work fine. can't see bios or anything. my monitor only displays override when i power on. i'm only thinking maybe there's some capacitor or something on mobo that allows signal to pass through vid card, and maybe that blew. i've been reading many pc help forums, and this one by far is more comprehensive and ppl have a true desire to help others, so here i am.

~the turtle

A:monitor no signal different

Alittle more info on motherboard might be helpful?

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My computer specs are as follows

12gb DDR3 corsair RAM
Intel i7 2.6 ghz
750 gb HD
1000 watt modular PSU
2 nVidia GTX 260's running in SLI

The issue I'm having is my monitor is not receiving a signal from the graphics card, which leads me to think that the gpu is damaged. However the power to the gpu itself is working fine. I have also tried taking the cards out of SLI and just using them separately including swapping the cards places. Nothing...

I then tried removing components that may directly effect the gpu such as the ram and other peripherals, I cleaned and inspected each and replaced them into their slots, still no luck.

The only thing I have not done is remove the CPU or use compressed air to clean out the pci-e slot, I will be trying the compressed air, however I don't see it as a likely solution so I am posting for some help.

The reason I believe that it may be an issue other that my graphics is because I would think it likely that both my graphics cards would fail at the same time, especially when the computer was running just fine minuets before the monitor lost signal and powered off

I've tried various other small things such as remove the battery from the mobo, switch dvi cables, all connections tight on my modular PSU, I have had similar issues in the past, however they seemed to fix themselves faster than I was able to troubleshoot the problem.

So it may still work on its own, however unlikely. Or I have a faulty component, either m... Read more

A:GTX 260 in SLI getting no signal to monitor

Have you tried switching out the monitor? Maybe its the monitor and not the computer it self. Can not hurt to try.

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Hi guys, I recently upgraded my PC after struggling with my old one for years and years. I was using 2 screens with that computer, but on this new one the monitor wont detect.

The monitor in question is a ViewSonic 17" ve710s. It uses a VGA cord. My GFX card is a 1080ti. My main screen, the BenQ works in both the VGA and the HDMI. The ViewSonic only has a VGA, and I had to buy a little converter thing just to get it to plug into the GFX card VGA port. The monitor itself is old, but it works. Except it won't detect.

You guys have any idea's? I'm at my wits end on what to do. I don't have the coin (I saved everything for this new PC), but I'm willing to go out and buy a new monitor if I have to. Having only 1 monitor is ridiculously inefficient for my work. The GFX card has 1 HDMI slot, 4 Displayports and a VGA slot. I'm worried if I do buy another monitor, that it won't work either.

A rather concerned user,

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I have recently built a new PC here are the stats.

A 500W PSU

Basically when I start it up the monitor has no signal, and the light just flashes. I've tried multiple monitors to no avail. I'm using the graphics card thats built into the MoBo. Also all these parts are brand new.

Anyone has any ideas would be much appreciated.

A:Monitor has no signal

I read where you MUST use the 12v 4 pin atx connector to power on the graphics.

You got that?


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Hi and thanks for any info you throw my way in advance

Built a new computer.
Downloaded windows 10 and updates.
Downloaded all the motherboard and graphics card drivers from disk.
The next day, played a game on steam for the day and shutdown for sleep.
Turned it on and done the same thing.
Towards the end of the day the computer cut out so went to bed.
Turned it back on the next day and works fine, only monitors don't connect.
Brought new monitor and still nothing.

I can't tell you the specifications of the computer but I can tell you the parts...

Motherboard : X99-E-19G WS.
Processor : Intel i7-6900K.
Graphics card : Geforce GTX 1080ti xtreme edition.
Power : Corsair RM 1000i.
Ram : 4x 8GB Corsair vengeance LPX 3200mhz.
Hard-drive : 4T Seagate 3.5"
Water cooler : Corsair H100i v2
Monitor 1 : BenQ 27"
Monitor 2 : BenQ 22"
Monitor 3 : Acer 22"
New Monitor : ViewSonic 27"

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Hi guys thak you for your help in advance,

basically i have upgraded my motherboard from Pentium 3 to Pentium 4
and also upgraded Ram, when i switch it on everything works ( Sounds ) fine HDD is working, DVD and CD-RW drive is also working but i am not able to see anything on my Monitor, i have used that TFT Monitor before and have also checked it with my friends one and works fine.

But when i connect it to that port for Vga which normally on themotherboard its just says no signal why'???

Anyway the motherboard is new ( bought it on ebay )

here are the specs of that motherboard


A:I am Getting no Signal on my Monitor

Check the monitor cable and make sure it is not damaged. Very often the reason for most connection problems are faulty cables.

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recently put together my new pc...everythign is fine cep my video card and monitor....my VC is working but i plug the monitor into it and i have no signal...ive tried different monitors but still the same thing....do u tihnk maybe i missed a cord to plug my VC into or maybe could my monotrs ports be bad...they sent an adapter and i tried using that and not using it....same result...any suggestionbs cuz im going nuts?!

A:no monitor signal?

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Hey, so yesterday my PC and monitor were both running fine however come today, I turned on my PC and monitor and the monitor has no signal to the computer. All connections are plugged in, I've tried using the motherboard dvi port instead of the graphics card, I've also tried a hdmi cable as well and still the same result.

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Hello, I wasn't really sure where my question would fit best, but... I recently bought a new motherboard and cpu. I have plugged everything that is anything into the motherboard in the correct slots. However, when I turn on the computer it flashes from dvi, hdmi, then vga says no signal then turns off my monitor. My other monitor won't pick up a signal either. I have tried plugging the monitors directly into the motherboard itself, but nothing...

My computer:
Asus Z97-A motherboard
Intel i7 cpu processor
Corsair cx600 PSU
EVGA GTX 560 graphics card

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I am posting this for a friend whose computer seems to have died yesterday.

It is a newly built PC.

AMD Socket 754 mobo
Athlon 64 2800+ CPU
450 Watt PSU
1 GB (2x512) DDR RAM
265Mb Geforce FX 5500

I built this PC for him about 5 months ago. All parts were ordered new.

He has had no trouble until now.

He turned it on last night and opened his browser and the PC froze. He did a forced reboot and nothing happened. The fans turn but no beep and nothing to the monitor. Sounds to me like a ground short.

Could it be anything else? It has been really hot lately (28 C)(approx 90-95 F) could it have overheated and fried the CPU. It seems unlikely to me cuz it was only on less than 2 minutes before it froze.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am gathering all possible causes since I am unable to get to his house to repair it for a few days.

Thanks in advance,


A:No signal to monitor

Reseat the memory and video card, maybe its just a little loose; not all systems will beep in such a case.

Another possibility is that the power supply has partially failed. If you have another one to swap in then its a quick thing to check.

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My setup is currently a 1280x1024-1920x1080-1920x1080, the small monitor is an acer and the two big ones are both asus. So recently i have had the problem that the monitor on the far right keeps losing signal, it turns black for a few seconds, then it comes back on and the HDMI source logo thing comes up on the page. It happens a few times in a minute then it stops for a while then it usually comes back.

If there is anymore information i can provide then please say so.

ASUS VS248H-P Black 24" 2ms HDMI LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 ASCR 50,000,000:1 - Newegg.ca

A:Monitor signal keeps going out.

Have you Tried connecting VIA a VGA Cable.

Are your drivers update?

Do you have a spare monitor you could try.

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when my computer is in safe mode my computer will restart properly. however in regular mode i frequently get a problem with the monitor having no signal. sometimes i will have to manually reboot the computer several times to get it to come on...I am a warcraft gamer..If anyone has any suggestions i sure would appreciate it...

os is xp
nvidia geforce 8800gt
375 w power supply
2 gigs ram

bought in 2006

A:no monitor signal

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Had probs with a video card, my former motherboard wouldn't send power to the fan on it and I wasn't getting any signal to the monitor...So I ended up replacing the card. Still no video. I ended up replacing the motherboard, power supply, video card, and I am using a brand new monitor. Still does not work. Have tried clearing the CMOS, and tried removing the 2032 battery on the board, removing RAM, making sure everything is properly seated, but no signal. HELP

A:No Signal to Monitor....

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I finished building my pc and everything runs fine. But when I connect it to a monitor it says "No Signal". I tried cleaning the RAM, graphics card, CMOS battery and rehooking up the cables. I've tried DVI and HDMI but it still won't display anything. Also tried a different monitor and it still says it. I tried using the onboard graphics but they still didn't work. Any clue what the problem is?

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My problem is that I have an ASROCK K7VT4A+ mobo and an AMD Sempron 2600 cpu from which i get no signal from the agp.

I have an LC235 atx 240W psu in the tower and a 64MB agp graphics card.

Could it be either the psu is not powerful enough for the mobo or the agp port which is goosed (I hope not)?.

A:No Signal from monitor.

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Just built a new SFF PC (shuttle SB83G5) put all components together everything is plugged in and in the right place, been checking for hours, even put it together again, and every time i power up all fans and lights are on but no BIOS on the monitor, just says no signal, iv heard of this before and ive tried running the monitor off both the internal GPU and my 6600GT but to no avail, ive tried taking the battery out to wipe the CMOS but when i boot i get the same problem, im running out of solutions and starting to think ive broken something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:HELP!! No monitor signal

Yes I have a similar problem, i was Trying to overclock my pc when it rebooted, like it always does on a BIOS change, and i kept geting a beeping sound and no signial from the computer, no BIOS NOTHING!!! and it is also a relitivly new computer, (bought parts about a week ago) i would like someone with expertise to please help me and the other memer who started this tread to please help us, my computer specs are

Mobo: Chaintech CT-7NJL6 Nvidia Nforce2 ultra...
RAM Kingston 256 186 pin ram (that all i think i know about that)
CPU Amd Duron 1.6 Ghz
Video Card:Nvidia geforce FX 5200

P.S i remember changing some setting in the BIOS i never changed before i think it had something to do with a CPU frequerncy (Sry cant spell) or somthing of that sort. i canged it to 60% or somthing like that plz help me!!!!!!

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I am not tech savvy. My monitor was blank so I bought a new monitor. I also purchased a new DVI cable. When I connected everything. The computer name came up on the monitor then I got a message saying "no display". Before I bring someone in to look at it do you recommend any other steps I can take?

A:No signal on monitor

You have a better chance of getting help here if you provide a description of your computer and its monitor.
We're not there to see what you have and how everything is connected.


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Hey guys, I'm having a problem. My old p4 2ghz prescott from 2002 made quite some noise. That's why I decided to replace the cpu fan(not the heatsink or anything, just the fan). because it was hard to fasten the new fan to the heatsink( it was slightly larger than the old one, so the screws didn't fit), I disconnected the old fan, and put the new one on top. Before I did this, I took out the graphics card to have some room to place my screwdriver. I also unplugged some cables like 1 for the motherboard power(the one that has 4 connections 2 by 2 in a square shape) and one for the floppy drive. I connected the new fan, put my card back in, connected the other stuff, and then the signal on my monitor was gone. I hear the fans spinning, I see some lights, etc. I hear no beeps whatsoever

What I have tried so far:
Test the monitor+monitor cables on another pc-works perfectly
put another graphics card in my agp slot-doesn't help
double checked to see if my card was inserted properly and deep enough
disconnected the floppy drive, the hard disk and the cd/dvd drives-didn't help
double checked the motherboard power cables. I didn't touch the first one, and the second one only fits in 1 way.
clear the cmos-didn't help

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? I'm thinking it either has something to do with my processor(maybe it broke because I pushed too hard on the heatsink??.. who knows) or there is some cable wrong, although I have no id... Read more

A:No signal on monitor

You repaced a fan - does it start when you power on? (cpu fan)

Is it plugged into the CORRECT mobo socket?

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I get on the screen "Please Check The Signal cable" And I get NO BEEPS. HDDS are spinning. CPU fan running.

I read through another forum to find out what others have said and tryed and tryed a few of my own.

This PC i built hasnt been running yet. So can't see BIOS, nor can update any drivers.

Right now I only got the on Board Video card, since I haven't got any PCI express X16 card yet to fit the slot (I may get one when I get more money).

Here's what I tryed. Unplugging connector that connects the video card at the back of pc and repluging it, I tryed that a few times. Removing the the 2 RAM I had and tryed one of them at the time. PCI slots are empty at the moment. I tryed to only put the one HDD on my IDE Controler, instead of two. I cleared the CMOS (jumper). removed floppy cable.

You would think the MB would beep if there were an error, but it doesn't

Here are my spec:


CPU Pentuim 4, 3.20GHz

2 x 512MB RAM DDR

2HDDS (Master: Maxtor 6.4GB, works fine, Slave Maxtor (i think) 40GB)

1 Floppy drive.

15inch CRT monitor (working).

A:No signal monitor

Pull the memory out and see if the system beeps then

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I have a second monitor plugged into my computer. I'm using the first one just fine, but my scond one isn't detecting anything at all. I should note that I use this: http://www.amazon.com/HDE-Converter-...to+vga+adapter
My card is one from the Intel 4800 series, powerul, but old. Can someone help me troubleshoot?

A:I have a second monitor, but no signal.

Hello and welcome Instant mate have you updated the driver for the card? I cannot find a driver for it and I suspect this is an age related problem.

Also mate we need some system specs to work with as you have listed the OS as California and I am guessing it is Windows 7 of some version. So please let us know the specs.
System Info - See Your System Specs

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Okay...I am having lots of trouble trying to fix this problem. While on my computer, my monitor just randomnly goes blank, and the color of the light changes to an amber like color. I then press one of the buttons on the monitor, and it comes up with a message that says NO SIGNAL, and shows the three colors. I have to shut off my computer, wait a couple of minutes, then turn it back on, and it works fine. This happens maybe two or three times a day, and it's not at any specific time, I could be playing games, on this internet, or just listening to music. And sometimes, the computer will randomnly restart after the monitor says this. I am wondering if anybody has had this problem, and if anybody knows a solution. It is very annoying when I'm in the middle of something.

- Could it be a motherboard problem???
I have an MSI KT-3 Ultra 2 motherboard.

-What about a graphics card problem??

Display: Plug and Play monitor on NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX/MX 400

Somebody please help me...this problem is really getting me frustrated.

A:NO SIGNAL in Monitor

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So last night before I went to bed I was on my computer everything was working fine. I come back to use it this morning and my monitors aren't doing anything. The lights are blinking as if they are in sleep mode or something. I have tried plugging the monitors in to my laptop and they both work fine. I have tried another video card in my computer and nothing showed up with that one either. I got it to start up and had signal a few times but now don't seem to be having any luck at all. I also tried putting the video card in to the second slot that I have and that didn't work either. Would this be a motherboard issue or maybe a power supply issue? I'm running out of ideas here.

Thank you for any help!

A:No signal to monitor!

bump. no suggestions?

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Okay...I am having lots of trouble trying to fix this problem. While on my computer, my monitor just randomnly goes blank, and the color of the light changes to an amber like color. I then press one of the buttons on the monitor, and it comes up with a message that says NO SIGNAL, and shows the three colors. I have to shut off my computer, wait a couple of minutes, then turn it back on, and it works fine. This happens maybe two or three times a day, and it's not at any specific time, I could be playing games, on this internet, or just listening to music. And sometimes, the computer will randomnly restart after the monitor says this. I am wondering if anybody has had this problem, and if anybody knows a solution. It is very annoying when I'm in the middle of something.

- Could it be a motherboard problem???
I have an MSI KT-3 Ultra 2 motherboard.

-What about a graphics card problem??

Display: Plug and Play monitor on NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX/MX 400

Somebody please help me...this problem is really getting me frustrated.

A:NO SIGNAL in Monitor

Please don't double post. It just clutters up the forums.

Install the drivers for your monitor. You may be running it at a setting it can't handle, like your refresh rate or resolution may be too high.

Also reinstall your video drivers. What Detonators are you using? Most likely it's a video card problem, if your comp is resetting.

And as usual, double check and triple check your connections.

It could also be a PSU problem :haha:

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Hello, im trying to build a new computer and bought all new parts. Here are the specs.

D925XCV intel motherboard - light turns on so i think it works
intel 3.6 gig p4 processor 650 - cant really tell
2 ddr 2 ram from ocztech - i first thought this didnt work so i returned it to the factory and they sent it back, so i think it should work
3 harddrives - has the old data from the old computer
asus ax700 pro video card express pci slot - i think this is the problem

heres my problem when i plug in everything, it turns on and everything. The
monitor has no signal and doesnt turn on even though i connected it to the video card. The fan on the video card works however. Anyone help me out?

A:No signal on monitor, please help

Welcome to Techspot !
That looks like it could be a very cool machine .
Have you double checked all your connections ,cleaned terminal with an eraser, etc.?
Try new power and data cables to the monitor?
Can you test the monitor on another machine?
Can you test the card on another machine ? a lot of retailers can do this for free.
I notice the card has a DVI and an Analogue terminal.You should be trying both terminals .It might also be better to disconnect you HDD 's while you are trouble shooting .All you want to do is get to BIOs setup for now .
Ati does list having a problem ' No screen image with DVI and flat panel' but I am not sure that involves you.

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I've just replaced my graphics card with a new one of course like an ***** I didn't install the driver first so the monitor is giving me "no signal"; however, the following morning the monitor comes on with no problems. I install the driver and reboot my computer and get no signal again. What went wrong really need help on this ASAP.

A:No Signal on monitor

what video card and what driver?

Go to control panel -> administrative tools -> Event viewer

Pull up last few warnings get Event ID's and sources -> go to www.eventid.net type in the event ID and source and it sometimes will tell you if its an incompatible driver and what version you need. I needed catalyst 7.6 to be compatible with my monitor on my last computer, I had 7.7 and it would not return from sleep mode.

In most cases I have seen it is almost always a compatibility issue between the drivers and your hardware, not always just your graphics card or chipset.

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Using win7 home premier for 2 months no problems. Went away for 30 days, came home and booted the computer (HP s3220n). After the windows splash screen, the monitor (Westinghouse LCM-22w3) read "no signal". Booted into safe mode & uninstalled the graphic device (nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430 onboard) in the device manager and rebooted. Same result. Restored to a previous date. Same result. Installed Nvidia drivers, various dates, same results. Installed window driver for the graphic adapter, same result. Reset monitor. Same result.
Currently using VGA driver, can't obtain the resolutions I could with the correct drivers. Any ideas?

A:No Signal on monitor

Borrowed another monitor, started windows. Installed the windows Nvida driver.
Set the driver for low colors and low resolution. Switched monitors back to mine and rebooted. Video okay. Adjusted resolution and colors in small steps, rebooting after every change. After adjusting back to 1680 x 1050 32 bit color everything is okay.
I will not let windows update the video driver.
I will hold on to the borrowed monitor for a period of time.

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hello i have a problem with my acer g22hql monitor, i was using this monitor for 2 years but i changed my gpu yesterday and since than it is not working so i borrowed monitor from my friend and it is working perfectly same cables both connected from gpu hdmi port to dvi-d.

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Hey! i have been playing black desert online lately,which means that my pc have been going non stop for the last two weeks. it has not been turne off once. i have ofc put my pc screen(AOC) in "slumber mode",but when i pressed the keyboard it would turn on again. Now suddenly, i was playing, my monitor turned black and gave me the sign " no signal". i have checked the cable (HDMI) everything was fine,have tried different inputs,still does not work.

Should i just give it a rest for a while or is there some other issue perhaps?

A:monitor does not get a signal

If you have been gaming on it NONSTOP and haven't powered it off even once in the last 2 weeks, it's my guess something overheated and caused damage to the system. I would take off the side panel and see if you see anything that looks burnt/charred or if you smell anything "burnt."

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I built a PC for my mom and to test it out I unplugged the monitor from my PC to use for hers. Computer booted up fine but the monitor was getting no signal. I reseated the RAM and such but still no signal. Decided to give up on it for the night and plugged the monitor back into my PC but now the monitor isn't getting a signal there either. I'm typing this from my laptop, which I tried plugging into the monitor and... it worked. My laptop displayed to the monitor just fine.

What does this mean!?

How is my monitor not getting a signal from both of my desktops yet my laptop is able to give the monitor a signal?

Any ideas on how to fix this or should I just pull my hair out and start bashing things with a hammer?

A:Monitor not getting signal

I have had an issue like that before, tho my issue was kinda stupid, but I share it anyways,

I have a game card installed in my computer, and found out that your monitor "HAS" to be plugged in to the game card and not the motherboard itself, otherwise it wont turn on, or you get a message sayin, please reattach to game card on screen, also check to make sure that your monitor cable lines arn't kinked in anyway and check the heads for any bent wires that dont like they are suppose to be. that would be my guess, common error for me lol hope this helps

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Hi, my monitor says no signal when i connect it on my gpu hdmi. Brought a new gpu to see if its the problem but its still the same. Monitor can work when i use my other pc. I tried holding the power button for 1 mins (taking out all the wire), taking out the battery. Please help, thank you!

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My monitor gets no signal sometimes. for example I will leave the pc off for like 5hrs, then turns on the monitor says no signal. but each time I reseat the gpu it goes back to normal and does not experience lost signal not unless if turning it off for like 5hrs. this is a new pc build came from dubai and shipped to philippines for like 2months and this problem was like 3weeks already.

pc specs
mobo: asus p8b75-v
gpu: xfx r7850 double dissipation
ram: patriot 2x 4gb
psu: delco 650w (not known)

ps tried 2 monitor and other cables but none work, and 1 thing I noticed is that when I set the bios primary video to pcie then if it will not turn on then reseated gpu, bios goes back to auto. also note that I have post beeps and I can hear windows tune.

hope you guys can help me. been searching for the solution but none seem to work

A:No monitor signal

Make sure the cables are securely fastened and pushed in. What CPU do you have? Because the CPU may not have integrated graphics, so only the GPU can transfer a signal. Just keep the GPU in all the time, it allows for better performance even when surfing the web (hardware acceleration.)

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O.k. i just finished putting together my first desktop computer. I've checked and rechecked all connections and wires and every thing is where it should be but when i start my computer up my monitor says "no signal" the goes to sleep please help i have no clue whats wrong

A:My monitor gets no signal

You need to provide full and detailed specs of the hardware you bought.

Also, start by going through this troubleshooting guide: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/580000-troubleshooting-guide-problem-builds.html

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I have an Envy and an AOC monitor that I purchased just under one year ago. Worked perfectly since the day I opened the boxes and set them up but I recently moved and now I can't get the monitor to get a signal. I've tried unplugging, holding down power buttons and a couple other things but still nothing. I'm pretty confident I'd be able to test a few other possibilities but I don't know *what* to check. Also, if it's something covered under warranty I'm running out of time as it expires in 4 days so I need to do something fast!!!

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Today, my computer's monitor wouldn't show any signal. My computer seems to work fine since the Windows 10 music plays after boot. I tried another monitor and another DVI wire with no results. I'm starting to think the problem's with my GPU. What should I do?

My computer's around 5 years old and it's a custom built desktop. I don't know the specs since I can't plug a monitor that works on it.

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I am having trouble with my pc starting up, yesterday i went to turn it on and got no signal to the monitor although i can hear it boot up and makes sound from windows start up but no signal was detected on both my monitors, the graphics card fan is running extremely loud so i thought it might be that,
so i switched to an older card and that seemed to boot up fine but was told it was running lower since not enough power was getting to the card,
my current card is a 9800gtx+ and it requires 2 separate power connections my older card doesn't so it's less power hungry by a long shot.

so where is the problem lying would you suspect my mobo is toast or the psu?
it's not a new pc btw has been running fine for 2 years and psu is more than capable of running it.

A:No signal to monitor

Hi kitaz.

If your system works fine with your older card, then your motherboard is not "toast". What are the specs of your older card? Also, what PSU are you presently using? Also ensure that both power connectors are plugged into the GPU.

Before putting in the 9800GTX did you uninstall all previous graphics drivers?

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When ever i click on maple story to play i get a No signal error on my screen just goes black what could be the problem ive tried restarting and all but no and i never get that error any ware else

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Ok heres the problem.....and its really, really annoying me!
I bought:
Abit KD7
512mb PC3200
recently, and it worked, except it ran as a 1500+.....finally worked out wat it was! FSB was at 100, not 133! So i tried putting it at 133, but everything kept hanging so i tried it at some different FSB speeds.....it worked fine up until 128FSB! Then during a run of 3DMark my pc just turned off. And now wen i try to boot up, it seems as though its booting fine, but there is no signal to the monitor!

I have a Radeon8500 128mb, but i dont think this is the problem, as i've tried my old TNT2, but still nothing works! Please help, as i wasnt overclocking anything, just trying to get it to run at normal speeds ffs!


A:No Signal To Monitor

Uh oh...That doesn't sound good.

Are there any POST beeps?

You probably need the newest Abit BIOS flash, it may not have supported teh 2100+.

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Hi! I'm building my first gaming PC. This is what I have:

AMD RYZEN 5 1500X 3.5GHz Quad Core Processor
MSI-B350M PRO-VDH ATX AM4 motherboard
Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1) DDR4-2666
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card
CoolerMaster Masterbox Lite 3.1 microATX Mid Tower Case
EVGA B3 550W 80+ Bronze Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
LG 25UM58-P 25" 25601080 60Hz Monitor

The issue I'm having is that I've connected the HDMI cable from the graphics card to the monitor and its not picking up the signal. I tried switching which hdmi port it went into in the monitor, I got a displayport to HDMI converter and plugged that in by itself to the monitor, then plugged both the HDMI and display port from the Graphics card to the monitor, still nothing. Everything seems like it's running smooth inside but when I was putting it together I was confused about the vga and perif cords that came with the power supply. It doesn't look like they go anywhere. My graphics card seems like it gets it's power from the motherboard and the only outlets it has are the outer dvi, dp and HDMI outlets. Any idea what it could be? Am I missing some other part? I've attached some pictures to help. Thank you.

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While playing any game, my monitor blinks off with a No Signal message and a few seconds later my computer finishes crashing and I have to reboot. I've replaced the graphics card, ram, and motherboard, and ensured all drivers are up to date, but I'm still getting the exact same issue. It only happens when playing games - I can leave it running the desktop for as long as I want.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

- Jon

A:Monitor - No Signal

Hello simplex409,
Does it blue screen before crashing ?.
If so, zip up your minidump files and we will take a look at them, maybe they will tell us what is going on.
To find them go to, C: > Windows > minidump.
Zip them up, and upload them with your next post as an attachment.
Also can you fill in your system specs, thanks.

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I just got a new bearbone pc from newegg its a BIOSTAR Eco i1 Intel Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo / Pentium Dual-Core (Up to 95W CPU TDP) Intel Socket T(LGA775) Intel G41 Intel GMA X4500 Barebone. I put in everything in and hit the powerbutton yet the the monitor getting no signal the cpu came from my lest pc so I know it works. I tried a psu with 50 more watts still no luck so how do I know if it's the the ram or motherboard thats giving me the problems? If anyone needs more info just ask and thank you for and help you can give me.

A:monitor getting no signal need help

Just return it as soon as possible and get a computer from bestbuy or online-dell.com,HP,IBuyPower!

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Hello there! So my question is this. Im just building my new gaming pc with some good specs such us Msi Z270 Carbon Pro,Msi 1050TI GAMING X 4GB,Coolermaster v850 Gold series (PSU),Collermaster Nepton240m aircooler and then i have 2 ram DDR4 HyperX (8gb) and Intel Pentium G4400 for now. So my problem is that my pc is working but there ia no Beep (Post) or signal in Monitor. All the cables are on their place. That means that i get the led from Mobo,led from GPU,all 6 fans are working perfectly and even the led on RAM's is on so that means that my RAM's should be fine isnt it? Anyway. No beep,no nothing and no signal. Do you know what is that supposed to mean? Im really dissapointed because i gave already 900 euros for all this and i get nothing from the pc. By the way the monitor's led works fine as well but no signal at all.

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Hey there I'm sure you have dealt with plenty of this but I've tried everything I can think of to get my new build to at least show video. This is my new rig:

Video Card: GIGABYTE GV-R465OC-1GI Radeon HD 4650
Ram: OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB 5400 RPM
Mother Board: ASRock M3A770DE AM3 AMD 770 ATX
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 Propus 2.8GHz

Now the problem is that I had plugged an old monitor into the vga slot on the video card but I don't get a signal to the monitor although everything else including the graphic cards fan is running fine. Please if anyone can help I would be greatful. Also let me know what you think of the rig. Thanks.

A:Need help, No signal to monitor

Can you test your graphics card in another PC?

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