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No signal to monitor

Q: No signal to monitor

I have a pc build and have been using it for a few months now and for some reason signal is not found on my monitor. I have tried different cables and even taking out the graphics card. I?m not hearing any beeping and everything seems to be connected correctly. I have a gigabyte graphics card but can?t remember the name of it. I also have a MSI b350m gaming pro mother board.

Preferred Solution: No signal to monitor

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A: No signal to monitor

Without a detailed description of the hardware(processor, graphic card, power supply, etc.) in your PC and a description of the monitor connected to it and what Windows version is running in your PC, you make it difficult or impossible to help you.

MSI B350M Gaming Pro motherboard


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Sorry for the long text, I'm trying to send as much information i have.

Hello forums!
A few years ago i built a new gaming pc because i wanted to be able to play high quality games. But since day 1 i've had nothing but problems. Whenever i play one of my high quality games such as "Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Battlefield 3 or Primal Carnage" the monitor goes completely blank showing a "no signal to monitor" sign after gaming for between 5 minutes to up to 2-3 hours. The monitor sometimes also shows different color stripes either for examples: orange, pink or grey. The sound of my friends on skype usually keeps going for about 20 seconds before going silent, the sound of the game shuts off instantly or goes in a loop or starts with a loud buzzing sound. The fans and the LED's on my pc are still going but i can't control anything on the pc making me have to force restart my pc on the power button.
I've been on this forum before talking to this guy who is helping me but he's been quite busy lately so i need some extra help.
I've updated all drivers to latest, i never overheat, the GPU does not go over 51C when gaming and CPU never goes over 51C either.
I've upgraded my 650W powersupply to a 850W power supply and is one of the highest rated best performance power supplies you can find.
I tried to RMA my graphics card but they found nothing wrong with it and sent it back.
I bought two new sticks of RAM 4GB each, still... Read more

A:Solved: No signal to monitor/colorful monitor crash when gaming

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My monitor (ViewSonic VA720) is set to turn off after 20 min in the WinXP Power Options Properties. The monitor goes into standby correctly, but will will oftentime not come back on after resuming. It will just show a black screen and the lights on the monitor indicate it's in standby. Pressing the power button on the monitor seems to have to effect. When turning it back on it will say signal out of range, and then go back into standby. My system is:

AthlonXP 2200+
MSI 6600GT 128MB AGP (Driver 163.75)
Windows XP SP2

The only way to fix this is to reboot the machine, which is not always convenient. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:monitor says signal out of range when monitor comes out of standby

Refresh rate in display settings set to max
You may need to check any settings on the display itself too

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Hello, im trying to build a new computer and bought all new parts. Here are the specs.

D925XCV intel motherboard - light turns on so i think it works
intel 3.6 gig p4 processor 650 - cant really tell
2 ddr 2 ram from ocztech - i first thought this didnt work so i returned it to the factory and they sent it back, so i think it should work
3 harddrives - has the old data from the old computer
asus ax700 pro video card express pci slot - i think this is the problem

heres my problem when i plug in everything, it turns on and everything. The
monitor has no signal and doesnt turn on even though i connected it to the video card. The fan on the video card works however. Anyone help me out?

A:No signal on monitor, please help

Welcome to Techspot !
That looks like it could be a very cool machine .
Have you double checked all your connections ,cleaned terminal with an eraser, etc.?
Try new power and data cables to the monitor?
Can you test the monitor on another machine?
Can you test the card on another machine ? a lot of retailers can do this for free.
I notice the card has a DVI and an Analogue terminal.You should be trying both terminals .It might also be better to disconnect you HDD 's while you are trouble shooting .All you want to do is get to BIOs setup for now .
Ati does list having a problem ' No screen image with DVI and flat panel' but I am not sure that involves you.

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last night the computer was working fine but today when i just added another 128 mb ram it wont send a signal to the monitor for some reason so i took the ram that i just put in back out and tried to boot then but still i get no signal to the monitor and im getting really frustrated to the point that im gonna throw the computer and the monitor in the middle of the road. i had this problem before and the guy in the store told me it was just the way the wireing was set up or something like that but the only thing i did was take the hard drive out to transfer some files to another computer but then i put it back the same way and then i tried the ram thing but still no signal

please help

A:no signal to monitor

Go through all the basics: check that the memory is seated, check the video card as well, they can sometimes pop out of the slot. Do you get a single beep from the system when you boot up? That indicates that the system has checked hardware and all is ok. Since you messed with the hard drive, check all the connections there, and that you didnt pull something else loose when you worked in the machine

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I've recently bought a gaming tower (custom made) (not by me) due to my laptop being old. I have also bought a new monitor (Acer) on a separate site, today I've been trying to set it all up but when I turn everything on my monitors logo comes up on the screen and then it goes straight to saying no signal. I've tried turning everything off and back on again and disconnecting and reconnecting the cables but nothing seems to be working. the only thing I can think is that there is another cable needed but I'm not sure what the cables I've got are.

1. power cord for PC Tower
2. power cord for monitor
3. VGA cable
any suggestions would be much appreciated

by the way the monitor only has a VGA port if that helps

A:monitor Says No Signal

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Why doesn't my monitor always turn on when I turn on my computer?  There is no signal sent from the hard drive to the monitor and it will go into stand by mode.

A:No signal sent to my monitor

Hello MrsVilla77
Thanks for writing to us. When did the issue start? Were there any changes done recently? Please update the video drivers on the system and also try another monitor .
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message
Await your response

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While playing COD 4 last week the screen suddenly went black with red lines going down it. Few seconds later Vista crashed. Rebooted and immeditly noticed that the BIOS splash screen had funny grey shapes all over it. When Vista loaded the graphics were very distorted and it soon crashed.

Turned the computer off completly and left it for a few minutes. Turned it back on the computer seems to power up all fans start going lights come on but theres no signal to the monitor. Checked all the connections then tried monitor on different computer just to confirm that monitor was ok.

Naturally I thought the problem was related to the graphics card so decided it was time to replace my 6600GT with a brand new 9800GT. Arrived yesterday. Fitted it powered up, same. No signal to monior.

Then tried stuff like taking 1 ram chip out and trying in different sockets. With no change. Then went out and spent way to much money on a 700w PSU. Still exactly the same.

Next step I guess is a new motherboard but has anyone else ever had anything simmilar or have any ideas?

A:No Signal To Monitor

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A few weeks ago there was a power surge that killed my old PSU. I just got a new one today, I put it in, and now my monitor isn't recieving a signal. It's not the monitor because the monitor works fine with another computer. When I turn the computer on, everything else seems to be turning on right, it makes the beep noise that it's supposed to when it starts, and the video card is running as well. The new PSU is 500w, same as my old one. I even tried unplugging and starting again, or turning off and on the PSU switch, but that didn't do anything either. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

A:Monitor has no signal with new PSU

maybe the surge did something to your graphics card too? It's not likely, since there would usually be some sort of beep code at POST. However, i stress the word "usually" because it's still possible. Try changing the graphics card, or if the card is integrated into the board, get a PCI card.

If you currently have an AGP card in it, test it with another AGP card.

If you currently have a PCI card, or integrated graphics, then test it with a PCI card. With many computers, if a computer is set to start on the integrated controller, it will ignore the AGP card until you change the settings in the BIOS. It will, however, see the PCI card and use it instead of the integrated controller. (I'm almost certain about this, but almost isn't completely)

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I just built a Pent4 1.6 mhz
Asus P4S333 board, Kingston PC2700 Value Ram 512 meg and a Geforce 4 ti4600. The case is an Antec 400w P/S
I booted it for the first time and it seemed everything in the tower ran. The fans (including the one one the Vid card) and the light is on on the mobo. I am unable to get a signal to the monitor.

I tried a different monitor and it still didn't work so that was out. I put the video card in another computer and that worked fine. I moved the ram around and removed and reinserted the chip. Still no signal to the monitor. Any Ideas? Thanks, Rob

A:no signal to monitor

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I am to repair an IBM NetVista ( 40 GB HDD, 512 RAM, XP Pro), but I can't get a signal to reach my monitor. I have tried two different video cards (nvidia vanta-16). I know that the monitor works because it is connected to a working computer. When I try it on the computer I am working on, it displays "No Signal" and red, green, blue and white bars underneath the message. What is my next step?

A:No signal from Monitor

It is possible that the computer is not powering up. It could be a bad power supply. If you are going on just a few lights lighting, Fans turning and CD Drawrs opening and closing that is not a true indication that the system is booting nad the power supply working properly. If you have a spare power supply available you could try swapping it into the system to test it.

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The monitor is sort of new so I don't think the monitor is broken. I also tested the graphic card and it still works on another comp of mines. What could it be?

A:No signal on Monitor

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I originally thought this problem was with my Monitor so I switched out my monitor that I was using with a TV and it did the same thing. Basically what happens is my monitor will go to black and then show no signal. The PC stays on and I can still hear sounds from the PC. A few weeks back my power supply went out and we got a new one. It was working fine and then this started happening. Please help,any support is welcome.Specs Radeon R9 290X I5 4690k 8gbs of ram Mobo Z97-P Power Supply EVGA NEX750B

A:No Signal for Monitor

When you turn on the system does anything appear on the screen before No Signal?


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My computer specs are as follows

12gb DDR3 corsair RAM
Intel i7 2.6 ghz
750 gb HD
1000 watt modular PSU
2 nVidia GTX 260's running in SLI

The issue I'm having is my monitor is not receiving a signal from the graphics card, which leads me to think that the gpu is damaged. However the power to the gpu itself is working fine. I have also tried taking the cards out of SLI and just using them separately including swapping the cards places. Nothing...

I then tried removing components that may directly effect the gpu such as the ram and other peripherals, I cleaned and inspected each and replaced them into their slots, still no luck.

The only thing I have not done is remove the CPU or use compressed air to clean out the pci-e slot, I will be trying the compressed air, however I don't see it as a likely solution so I am posting for some help.

The reason I believe that it may be an issue other that my graphics is because I would think it likely that both my graphics cards would fail at the same time, especially when the computer was running just fine minuets before the monitor lost signal and powered off

I've tried various other small things such as remove the battery from the mobo, switch dvi cables, all connections tight on my modular PSU, I have had similar issues in the past, however they seemed to fix themselves faster than I was able to troubleshoot the problem.

So it may still work on its own, however unlikely. Or I have a faulty component, either m... Read more

A:GTX 260 in SLI getting no signal to monitor

Have you tried switching out the monitor? Maybe its the monitor and not the computer it self. Can not hurt to try.

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I am having trouble with my pc starting up, yesterday i went to turn it on and got no signal to the monitor although i can hear it boot up and makes sound from windows start up but no signal was detected on both my monitors, the graphics card fan is running extremely loud so i thought it might be that,
so i switched to an older card and that seemed to boot up fine but was told it was running lower since not enough power was getting to the card,
my current card is a 9800gtx+ and it requires 2 separate power connections my older card doesn't so it's less power hungry by a long shot.

so where is the problem lying would you suspect my mobo is toast or the psu?
it's not a new pc btw has been running fine for 2 years and psu is more than capable of running it.

A:No signal to monitor

Hi kitaz.

If your system works fine with your older card, then your motherboard is not "toast". What are the specs of your older card? Also, what PSU are you presently using? Also ensure that both power connectors are plugged into the GPU.

Before putting in the 9800GTX did you uninstall all previous graphics drivers?

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Relocated my e-machine. not getting any sigtnal to the monitor... Checked pins, not bent, there is connection tried with two moni6tors. Lost as to what to try next.. Helpppppp

A:No Signal in Monitor

if it has a seperate graphics card in a PCSI slot - make sure its plugged in OK the module may have been disturbed in the move

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when my computer is in safe mode my computer will restart properly. however in regular mode i frequently get a problem with the monitor having no signal. sometimes i will have to manually reboot the computer several times to get it to come on...I am a warcraft gamer..If anyone has any suggestions i sure would appreciate it...

os is xp
nvidia geforce 8800gt
375 w power supply
2 gigs ram

bought in 2006

A:no monitor signal

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I'm trying to use my secondary monitor as primary but it says no signal. I don't have the primary monitor anymore. The monitor only says no signal. When I turn on the tower it turns green then goes right to red. What do I need to do? Thanks so much for any input.

A:No signal on monitor

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Alright so it worked when I left to go pay a bill. Come back and it has no signal. I tried the PC on my TV to see if it worked and it does no problem, so I know the PC is not at fault. Tried a DVI cable and a VGA. Tried restarting and powering off everything.

A:Monitor not getting signal.

Ok I fixed it. When I plugged it in to the TV there was something with the current session and I deleted it and all is good.

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The problem is that i'm not geting image on the monitor, it says "no signal". The problem is not from the monitor because it works in another computer.

It started happening after I changed several things in my computer. I have a Medion Titanium MD8383 XL that has a Nvidia Geforce 6610 XL. I changed the memory cards from two 258Mb to two 512Mb, and installed a new CPU cooler, Verax quattro I , and a new VGA cooler VF-700AlCu.

The new fans on the CPU and on the video card seem to be working.
I tried with the old memory cards and it still didn't work.
Where can the problem come from?

A:No signal getting to my monitor.. Why??

some aditional info: it seemed to work for some seconds the first time I turned it on, it had the windows loading image, afterwards it just lost signal.

I also tried to unplug the cpu fans but it still got no signal...

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My computer dose not send a signal to my monitor, the power supply isnt the problem cause the fans are working and the keyboard/mouse light up...I have no clue what to do I really need some help, much appreciated!

A:no monitor signal?

Just because the fans run and the lights are on does not mean the computer has booted.

Unless the computer boots, there can be no video display.

Does the computer give the normal single "beep" and play the startup music, or is all silent?

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Hey! i have been playing black desert online lately,which means that my pc have been going non stop for the last two weeks. it has not been turne off once. i have ofc put my pc screen(AOC) in "slumber mode",but when i pressed the keyboard it would turn on again. Now suddenly, i was playing, my monitor turned black and gave me the sign " no signal". i have checked the cable (HDMI) everything was fine,have tried different inputs,still does not work.

Should i just give it a rest for a while or is there some other issue perhaps?

A:monitor does not get a signal

If you have been gaming on it NONSTOP and haven't powered it off even once in the last 2 weeks, it's my guess something overheated and caused damage to the system. I would take off the side panel and see if you see anything that looks burnt/charred or if you smell anything "burnt."

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Just built a new SFF PC (shuttle SB83G5) put all components together everything is plugged in and in the right place, been checking for hours, even put it together again, and every time i power up all fans and lights are on but no BIOS on the monitor, just says no signal, iv heard of this before and ive tried running the monitor off both the internal GPU and my 6600GT but to no avail, ive tried taking the battery out to wipe the CMOS but when i boot i get the same problem, im running out of solutions and starting to think ive broken something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:HELP!! No monitor signal

Yes I have a similar problem, i was Trying to overclock my pc when it rebooted, like it always does on a BIOS change, and i kept geting a beeping sound and no signial from the computer, no BIOS NOTHING!!! and it is also a relitivly new computer, (bought parts about a week ago) i would like someone with expertise to please help me and the other memer who started this tread to please help us, my computer specs are

Mobo: Chaintech CT-7NJL6 Nvidia Nforce2 ultra...
RAM Kingston 256 186 pin ram (that all i think i know about that)
CPU Amd Duron 1.6 Ghz
Video Card:Nvidia geforce FX 5200

P.S i remember changing some setting in the BIOS i never changed before i think it had something to do with a CPU frequerncy (Sry cant spell) or somthing of that sort. i canged it to 60% or somthing like that plz help me!!!!!!

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I get on the screen "Please Check The Signal cable" And I get NO BEEPS. HDDS are spinning. CPU fan running.

I read through another forum to find out what others have said and tryed and tryed a few of my own.

This PC i built hasnt been running yet. So can't see BIOS, nor can update any drivers.

Right now I only got the on Board Video card, since I haven't got any PCI express X16 card yet to fit the slot (I may get one when I get more money).

Here's what I tryed. Unplugging connector that connects the video card at the back of pc and repluging it, I tryed that a few times. Removing the the 2 RAM I had and tryed one of them at the time. PCI slots are empty at the moment. I tryed to only put the one HDD on my IDE Controler, instead of two. I cleared the CMOS (jumper). removed floppy cable.

You would think the MB would beep if there were an error, but it doesn't

Here are my spec:


CPU Pentuim 4, 3.20GHz

2 x 512MB RAM DDR

2HDDS (Master: Maxtor 6.4GB, works fine, Slave Maxtor (i think) 40GB)

1 Floppy drive.

15inch CRT monitor (working).

A:No signal monitor

Pull the memory out and see if the system beeps then

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Now i know this thread has been made before but my situation is slightly different, see about 2 months ago my BIOS crapped out and so i ordered a new one, when it arrived i popped the old one out and put the new one in no problems thus far... So i switch on my PC and all of the fans start and i look up at the monitor and it gives me the no signal sign (it doesnt say it but theres this thing on the screen that basically suggests that and it happens everytime the monitor goes off)

So I'm thinking that its either a faulty bios...the wrong bios....or my CPU / Mobo is broken

So heres what i know:
-The PSU is OK b/c i was using it in another pc prior.
-The RAM is fine for the same reason, its been used in another pc and both sticks of 512 DDR1 are OK
-Ive reset the CMOS
-Unplugged monitor plugged back in
-Took out everything except the motherboard and put it back in
-Re-Applied thermal paste
-Did the whole turn off the PSU and hold down the button for 30 secs....

and stil nuthin'

Any help is appreciated


-680 watt SunTec PSU
-AMD Sempron 3100+ 1.8GhZ (i think)
-1 GB of ram (2x 512Mb)
-Ati X1900 XTX 512MB
-Mobo is First International Computer K8MC51GLF

and yeah i'm upgrading soon anyway..b.c that Card doesnt belong with such a crappy system ^.^


A:No Signal to the monitor

Come on guyz please =(

(sry for DP)

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amd athlon 64 3200+
abit kn9s
1gb ddrll 555
8600gt pci express 256 mb
running xp sp2

the system boots up all fans work i have tested monitor...graphics card ..ram...hard drive...

also pcu is new. ram new. graphics card new.

but still i got no signal to the monitor please help

A:no signal on my monitor

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So I recently build my first gaming pc and everything seems to be running fine except my monitor won't get signal

A:monitor has no signal

Should be under the hardware section.

Check the monitor has power.
Check the monitor is set to the correct 'source'
Check the GPU has power and is seated correctly
Check you are using the GPU's port and not the MOBO.
If its still dead, try using the port on the MOBO instead.

If that all fails, test the monitor on a difference machine to make sure it works.

Let us know how you get on with that.

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I'm new to this board so please bear w/me. My main problem is once my computer boots up it may run for 2 min. or 4 hrs. depending on the application I am running at the time. I'm running windows 98 first edition

I have a GeForce 4mx4000 128mb ddr 8x AGP video card w/tv out
a Shuttle av49pn socket478 atx mb. w/ via pt800 + vt8237 chipset
1024 mb ddr ram pc7200 184 pin dimm mem.
intel p4 2.53ghz cpu
hitachi 82.3 gbudma/100 7200rpm 2m ide hdd
philips psc705 seismic edge 5.1ch pci sound card
17in lcd monitor

also some problems I am having is now the computer wont recognize the mouse, also even in the bios the computer says that my cpu is a 1.9ghz, also since my last start up now windows wond recognize my A: drive.
many problems I have run out of things to try someone please help!!!

A:monitor says no signal

one thing u could try is updating ur hardware. Go to ur hardware's company site and try updating.

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I have widows xp and when my son turned on his pc today it said no signal going to sleep. I put the monitor on another pc and it works fine. So I then took out the video card that I put in a year ago (it has an intergrated one in the mother board also) and the monitor does the the same thing I don't know what to check next if it's not the monitor or the video card. Any suggestions? I am a single mother of 3 with a limited income so I would like to figure it out myself with help here rather. Thanks all....

A:No signal....Monitor

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I have recently built a new PC here are the stats.

A 500W PSU

Basically when I start it up the monitor has no signal, and the light just flashes. I've tried multiple monitors to no avail. I'm using the graphics card thats built into the MoBo. Also all these parts are brand new.

Anyone has any ideas would be much appreciated.

A:Monitor has no signal

I read where you MUST use the 12v 4 pin atx connector to power on the graphics.

You got that?


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My monitor gets no signal sometimes. for example I will leave the pc off for like 5hrs, then turns on the monitor says no signal. but each time I reseat the gpu it goes back to normal and does not experience lost signal not unless if turning it off for like 5hrs. this is a new pc build came from dubai and shipped to philippines for like 2months and this problem was like 3weeks already.

pc specs
mobo: asus p8b75-v
gpu: xfx r7850 double dissipation
ram: patriot 2x 4gb
psu: delco 650w (not known)

ps tried 2 monitor and other cables but none work, and 1 thing I noticed is that when I set the bios primary video to pcie then if it will not turn on then reseated gpu, bios goes back to auto. also note that I have post beeps and I can hear windows tune.

hope you guys can help me. been searching for the solution but none seem to work

A:No monitor signal

Make sure the cables are securely fastened and pushed in. What CPU do you have? Because the CPU may not have integrated graphics, so only the GPU can transfer a signal. Just keep the GPU in all the time, it allows for better performance even when surfing the web (hardware acceleration.)

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connected my Hp laptop with a broken screen to my desktop monitor with VGA cable, recieved no signal and shut off. have had this Laptop connected with VGA cable to flat screen Tv about a year ago and it worked fine. is this a graphic card error or something more simple?

A:VGA "no signal" on other monitor

Hi, Did you give primary status for external monitor ? If yes, close the lid should do. I have to do this everyday because few of my laptops use USB "docking" stations and I have to (a) open laptops,(b) turn them ON,(c) enter PIN for encrypted HDD's/SSD's then(d) close them. They will start Windows from external monitors. Have you tried to hit F4 ? Regards.

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Hey all,

video card: Geforce FX

I have serious problem, my monitor receives no signal anymore and therefore I can't acces my computer.
The Video cable from pc to monitor is OK
the monitor receives electricity.

First action, tried another monitor (other video cable and other screen) => still no signal

second action: tried an other video card. (this was a really old one => unplugged my geforce FX and plugged the other card into the PCI slot =>stil no signal!

Does this mean that the problem will be made by the motherboard? :-(
what can I do? to check what is really the problem? What if my motherboard is the cause? Will I still be able to acces all my ancient files and outlook mails?

please help me out!

A:No signal to monitor!!! :-(

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I have an Envy and an AOC monitor that I purchased just under one year ago. Worked perfectly since the day I opened the boxes and set them up but I recently moved and now I can't get the monitor to get a signal. I've tried unplugging, holding down power buttons and a couple other things but still nothing. I'm pretty confident I'd be able to test a few other possibilities but I don't know *what* to check. Also, if it's something covered under warranty I'm running out of time as it expires in 4 days so I need to do something fast!!!

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i brought a computer from Time a few months ago and everything was working ok. since then ive brought a better computer. i decided to put a new harddrive in the Time computer as i needed more room for storing files so i brought a SATA one off the internet (as a friend recommended it. the original one was IDE). i managed to get it all installed (took a while) and everything was ok. but 2 days later i updated the graphics drivers for the radeon 9200 inside it (from ati.com) and since then my computer all loads up normal but when i click on my name to login at the windows login screen my monitor says 'no signal'. so i have to restart my computer about 4 times and it will be ok. ive reinstalled windows and put no drivers on and it still does it. do i need different drivers or is there something i should be doing?

any ideas?

*edit* since i posted this i switched the Time computer on and at the login screen the blue screen appeared!! i looked what it said but it dissapeared in about 3 seconds and the computer restarted. it said something to do with ATI. so im presuming the graphics card.

A:No Signal on monitor

Jammy - pull the new graphics card and put the old graphics card back in. If the problem goes away it's 99% sure you got a bad card (or drivers). I had the same problem (video freeze, signal "disappeared", etc.) with a GeForce.

Let us know the result.

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Hey there I'm sure you have dealt with plenty of this but I've tried everything I can think of to get my new build to at least show video. This is my new rig:

Video Card: GIGABYTE GV-R465OC-1GI Radeon HD 4650
Ram: OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB 5400 RPM
Mother Board: ASRock M3A770DE AM3 AMD 770 ATX
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630 Propus 2.8GHz

Now the problem is that I had plugged an old monitor into the vga slot on the video card but I don't get a signal to the monitor although everything else including the graphic cards fan is running fine. Please if anyone can help I would be greatful. Also let me know what you think of the rig. Thanks.

A:Need help, No signal to monitor

Can you test your graphics card in another PC?

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I apologise if this is in the wrong section...And I apologise for another one of these threads.

But I'm at a loss what to do. Heres some background info...

Ok I bought a computer off ebay which came with a P5VD2-MX-SE MoBo. It hard an external PCI-E GFX Card (Can't remember model) NVIDIA I do believe. Since I've had this computer it repeatedly crashed at random times/Applications crashed (with the windows reporting error) and randomley froze.

I managed to narrow this problem down to the graphics port on the actual mobo been the problem due to onboard graphics working perfectly when I used that, the graphics card itself worked perfectly in another computer and I purchased a new graphics card EAH3650 I think, and the thing still crashed etc. Occassionally it would say the VPU had to reset or something because it failed to respond to commands (when I was using the PC)

A month or so ago I had problems I think it was that the monitor would display anything OR it wouldn't get past the Windows Loading screen and finally I removed the secondary RAM stick and the computer started working fine again.

So the other day I had been using the PC and switched it off for updates, was working fine...Then when I switched the thing back on...I got nothing...No signal to the monitor. After this I figured its about time to replace the MoBo so I purchased a new P5N73-AM and installed everything (correctly I assume) hooked everything up GFX card etc...Even bought a... Read more

A:No signal on the monitor

Always suspect the cable first... and often it is just the connection socket and plug... remove and reinsert to see what happens, as a good first step.

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I'm currently running a PC with XP and using GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce630i for my graphics.

I've got an Acer AL1716F monitor plugged in through the normal VGA plug. On the back of my CPU there's also a DVI-D plug and I'd like to plug in an Acer AL1916 in. The 2nd monitor has your standard VGA output so I bought a VGA to DVI-D adapter and tried plugging the 2nd monitor in with your standard VGA cable. Got everything plugged in, turned the power to the monitor (and CPU) on and...nothing. "No Signal".

Is it even possible to hook up this monitor this way? Anything I can do to make my setup work?

Thanks in advance.

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So I connected my main monitor onto my graphics card, and my second monitor onto my Mobo's white plug thingy. My main monitor is working perfectly fine with a VGA converter to the white one.

I want an extended screen but I dunno what I'm doing wrong, please help ;~;

A:Second Monitor - No Signal

hi you need to hook both monitors the graphics card. usually the motherboard graphics gets disabled when a graphics card is installed.

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So last night before I went to bed I was on my computer everything was working fine. I come back to use it this morning and my monitors aren't doing anything. The lights are blinking as if they are in sleep mode or something. I have tried plugging the monitors in to my laptop and they both work fine. I have tried another video card in my computer and nothing showed up with that one either. I got it to start up and had signal a few times but now don't seem to be having any luck at all. I also tried putting the video card in to the second slot that I have and that didn't work either. Would this be a motherboard issue or maybe a power supply issue? I'm running out of ideas here.

Thank you for any help!

A:No signal to monitor!

bump. no suggestions?

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I am able to power on my pc, but I get no signal to monitor. It comes on for a few seconds then goes straight to no signal. Light turns green when on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

A:no signal to monitor

Hello, I need more information about your desktop:1- What model do you own exactly?2- Do you have the same issue when you connect it with another monitor or a LCD TV?3- Do you hear the fans of your desktop and see the power indicator?

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My husband & his friend built his pc; He knew from saving the info what sort of ram to get when he decided to get more. He got the ram today installed it & well now we have no signal on his monitor.

We Have tried the following

*switching the new ram to a different slot
*tried using the old ram same issue no signal
*tried the monitor on a different pc -- it works
*Shaking out/cleaning the pc thoroughly
*checking the video card & replugging all its parts back/on
*reconnecting the harddrive (bout to do)

Any suggestions because at this point we don't know what is going on. The computer is booting up; it is giving a green light; we had issues the first couple of times when trying to turn the pc it basically stuttered where it'd come on turn off; come on turn off. Finally after re-installing the ram it came on & has come on ever sense so we figured it was due to the ram being backwards maybe?

A:New Ram; Now No Signal from Monitor

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One day i get up and try to use the computer. I get a no signal floating from my monitor even though i still hear the post beeps my computer beeps after it sucessfully boots up. I reset my computer several times to no avail. I try reseating my graphics card and nothing. I take out the graphics card and try to boot with onboard graphics. I see the normal boot up text and beeps, but after that, the screen is just black. I borrow a graphics card from a friend and it goes back to the no signal onscreen. What should i do? is it a bad mobo or a bad grapchics card? or is it something else entirely? Thanks for your help in advance

A:No signal from monitor

Have you checked your cable? Check the pins arent bent or out of place as this maybe you problem

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i built a computer for my brother. here are the specs.
asus a8n-vm mobo
512mg corsair vs
antec tp 350w
athlon 3500
(onboard video)

the problem is even before i turn the computer on i get no signal on the monitor. when i do turn the computer on, all the fans are running, cd drives work, i could hear hd activity, the light on the mobo is on but still it says no input or no signal on the monitor. i tried reseting the ram, and reseting the cmos, and also tried having only the cpu,ram, and psu hooked up. and the 4[in connector is pluged in. Im using an adapter for the monitor because theres only a vga plug for the monitor which uses a dvi cord. the monitor works fine on a different computer. i tried everything and have no clue why im getting this problem. any suggestions?

EDIT: i just saw a post earllier from johnwill saying that vga to dvi converters dont really work well. so that might be the possiblity. maybe get a videocard instead of using onboard?

A:no signal on monitor

It could be that your onboard vga is disabled. Have you tried using a seperate VGA card or it could be that your monitor is damaged

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I have a compaq presario (don't laugh, it was free!) model 5000. When I turn it on, I get no response from the monitor. The indicator light doesn't even change from orange to green. Before I get any wisecracks, YES, the monitor is connected. I don't even get a "no signal" warning. What I do know about the computer: it was purchased brand new, so no refurbished parts; and the previous owner tried to swap RAM cards, but didn't know what they were doing. That's about when the infernal thing came into my possession. Any suggestions?


A:No monitor signal! Help!

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my computer was working fine but the next day I boot up and no sgnal to monitor. tried changing everything but memory and cpu. I have a p4t533-c asus motherboard. any suggestions

A:no signal to monitor

the last time you used it did windows shut down properlY?
you might have had the power supply gone bad..not the whole power supply just the cable connected to video card

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