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Ping Issue From Server

Q: Ping Issue From Server

I can successfully ping the server from an XP Pro PC by using either the IP or the DNS server name. However, from the server, I am unable to ping the same PC using the IP address. What could be wrong? Could the PCs be blocking a Ping response?

Preferred Solution: Ping Issue From Server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ping Issue From Server

Check the firewall settings for your ICMP choices. To respond to a ping you must enable an echo of ICMP requests through the firewall.

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from controller.


I can ping controller from server but can't ping server from controller.

Can someone please tell me culprit or what to check when this happens?

Check firewall if blocking ports?
Is IP address static or dynamic?
Is there something wrong with the switch or cable?
Any other command line in cmd to check?

I am not sure what else?
Thank you

A:I can ping controller from server but can't ping server

Is firewall blocking ICMP protocol?

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I hope someone have a solution on this.  I cannot ping window Server 2012 Domain Controller with DHCP services.  We are using IPv4 but when I try to ping from command prompt, I get general failer (see below)
Pinging server.domain [2002:c00a:102::c00a:102] with 32 bytes of data:
General failure.
General failure.
General failure.
General failure.
I noticed that the IP it is using is IPv6 which I am not using IPv6.  I can ping the 2012 server by IP address but not by hostname of the server.

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Red Shield - IE Enhanced Security Configuration for Administrators
Amber Shield - IE Enhanced Security Configuration for Non-Administrators
Green Shield - IE Zones
When I click on the how to correct this it takes me to a Windows 2003 page not 2012 for the first issue

And page does not exist for the second issue ?
Any ideas ?

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We have a strange situation, let me know if anyone has any suggestions or experience with this. Our exchange server can't ping (ip or hostname) our domain controller. But the domain controller can ping our exchange server without a problem. The exchange server is working fine and can ping anything else on the network. Both servers are on the same subnet, connected to the same gigabit blade on the same Cisco 4507 switch. Neither one of them have any type of windows or 3rd party firewall. We noticed our exchange server is unable to update the GPO from the DC.
Any ideas??

A:Can't ping a server on same subnet from another server

So I take it the exchange server is a DC? Is it a global catalog?

First thing that comes to mind is dns records... Check on both servers to ensure there's no orphaned dns records with either servers name with the wrong ip address...

Run nslookup on both servers and check the results.

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Running XP SP2, Outlook Express 6, Norton Anti-Virus 2005...

Client of mine can ping email server, and browse (there is a web interface for web mail) same server via IE, but OE claims it cannot find server.

Deleted cookies, emptied cache, rebooted, disabled firewall & anti-virus, dang OE keeps claiming the server isn't out there despite the evidence otherwise.

Any other ideas?

A:Why would IE say "can't find server" if you can ping, browse the mail server?

IE. Tools->Internet Options->Security Tab. Restricted sites?
Hosts file?
OE->Tools->Options->Security Tab. Check off Internet Zone


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I have a windows 2008 server and a set of computers that are running mostly Win10. We had a blackout for about 10 minutes. Since the black out several of the computers no longer list the server in the network list.

Yes I did several reboots of everything and they did not change anything. I did an ipconfig and found the server address and pinged it on the computers that don't have it listed. It pinged fine.

Some of the computers do list the server and access it fine. Everything else on the network runs normal just some computers do not list the server in their list.

Any help on fixing this problem is greatly appreciated. Please not I am not an IT person but can get my way around. If you send me fairly straight forward directions on what to do I can do it.

I greatly appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank you

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what steps can i take to recognize dns on the server?

A:Can't ping dns server

I'm afraid I don't understand your question...

If you can't ping your DNS server, then you'll have to contact your ISP to get the address of another one, or there is something more critical wrong with your configuration (perhaps preventing you from pinging anything.)

Please let us know what's happening and what you're asking.

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I installed an Ezonics webcam exactly as described in instructions and the message ping sever not available appears. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, I sure would like to be able to cam my friends and family.

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I just add a new member server (NT 4.0). I can browse this member server from pdc or other workstation but i can not ping the ip address. I was trying to ping other ip address from member server i couldn't ping any ip beside its own ip. Even i can not ping the difult gateway. I have no clue how i can fix this problem. Any hints or tips will be appreciated.

A:NT Server ping

verify its on the proper subnet, workgroup (or domain) adn has an Individual IP and computer name...
if not, reinstall Tcpip

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I keep loosing internet connectivity and when I hit diagnose and repair it comes back telling me that it cannot reach my DNS server?. Please help I am running Vista Home Premium

A:Can't ping DNS Server

whats the make and model of the router
whos your ISP
you may need to add the ISP DNS server IP address into the router (can be a common issue on some routers)
or if you cant get the DNS Server IP there are public ones available
google for example http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/ also show how to configure onto a PC

before you do that
do the following pings when the system is working - you will get an IP address returned for google (make a note)
then when it disconnects re do all the pings tests - including the one for google or even put the google ip address into a web browser and see if google is returned
If google comes up from the IP address but not from typing in the name - then that is a DNS issue

{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
... Read more

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Hi, I've got a Window7 Pro SP1 64bit that I'm trying to wireless map to a Samba share on a Ubuntu Server. I've read numerous posts online and have done the following without any success yet:

Both enabled and disabled Network Discovery... doesn't appear to make a difference.
Changed Local Group Policy, Network Security LAN Manager Authentication Level to Send LM and NTLM - use NTLMv2 if session security if negotiated... but it has changed itself to Send LM and NTLM responses whenever I have checked it.
I've tried using both the \\Server IP\share directory and \\Server name\share directory in the Computer>Right Click context menu... Map Network Drive dialog boxes. My most recent error message there is A device attached to the system is not functioning.
I've also tried using Net Use on the Command Line both ways. I've gotten two different error messages... error 53, and error 64.

I have a Windows7 Home Premium SP1 64bit computer networked to the Samba share, and it works fine.

These two computers are in the same WORKGROUP.

Thanks in Advance for any help on this...

A:Can ping Server but can't map drive

In Local Policies > Security Options, check the following:
MS network client: digitally sign comm (always) : disable
MS network client: digitally sign comm (if server agrees) : disable
MS network client: send unencrypted password to 3rd party SMB servers: enable
MS network server: digitally sign comm (always) : disable
MS network server ;digitally sign comm (if client agrees) : disable

Not an expert on this, but the main thing is to set security to the lowest common denominator.

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Hi folks,

I seem to have an Outlook Expre$$ problem where I can receive mail but not send it. I get an error message stating that my smtp host cannot be found (error code 0x800CCC0D).

Looking on the MS OE site as per this link http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;274456 it suggests pinging the POP3 server, but I'm thinking that my POP3 server must be working OK as my mail is coming in allright - can I in some way ping the SMTP server to test this in a similar way - any guidance much appreciated!


A:can you ping a SMTP server?

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Hello everyone!

Recently i changed internet service provider and i went up to a 24 Mbps line, though i can only reach a 8 Mbps service due to my location.

The problem is that surfing the internet has gone all kinds of wrong. Every page takes at least 20 secs to open and the response to online games has the same, or even more, delay. Checking my emails also takes quite some time.
I tried connecting through the ethernet cable & the wireless connection(not at the same time). I even tried making a static ip. Same results, i can't seem to browse.

So when i get to my router's(alcatel-lucent cellpipe 7130) page and hit diagnostics i get the "can't ping primary DNS server" and i'm guessing that's the problem?? But i don't know how to fix it. I tried the troubleshooting suggestions of turning off the router waiting for a couple seconds then turn it back on and press the reset button but still nothing.

I can download and upload just fine, like a 8Mbps line that i'm suppose to have.
And i connect to the same router from an Ipad and the browsing from the Ipad is just fine. The pages open instantly!

Any suggestions??

A:Can't ping primary DNS server??

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I had SharePoint running on a Windows 2003 Server but due to an upgrade had to deploy it to a new Windows 2008 Server. The old server is called ACHSP. I thought the simplest thing would be to setup the new server and call it ACHSPNEW. When I was ready to move over to it I changed the old from ACHSP to ACHSPOLD and chenged the IP address to something different. I then changed the name of ACHSPNEW to ACHSP and changed the IP details to that of the original server. Now I can ping my new server by IP address but not by its DNS name()ACHSP).

Have I missed something?


A:Unable to ping DNS name of new server

When I tried pinging it from another server I got the following:
C:\Users\administrator.ACHESON>ping achsp

Pinging achsp [fe80::f5b8:6f24:5d7d:4226%11] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from fe80::f5b8:6f24:5d7d:4226%11: time=6ms
Reply from fe80::f5b8:6f24:5d7d:4226%11: time=6ms
Reply from fe80::f5b8:6f24:5d7d:4226%11: time=6ms
Reply from fe80::f5b8:6f24:5d7d:4226%11: time=6ms

Ping statistics for fe80::f5b8:6f24:5d7d:4226%11:
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 6ms, Maximum = 6ms, Average = 6msClick to expand...

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I have a local server where the Server name is setup with the server IP address.
I can ping the server name or the IP address from my Win/10 PC.
I also connect to several other companies using a VPN connection.
When I am connected to one of the VPNs, I can no longer ping to my server name, only my server IP Address.
It tries to connect to the name of my server followed by a dot and another VPN connection name.
I was told by the server group that this a Windows issue and must be in my DNS setting within Network sharing.
Can anyone tell me what I need to do to resolve this?

A:Cannot ping server name when connected to other VPN

Welcome to the forum. Once connected to a VPN you are not on local network so you will have problems connecting unless you have port forwarding

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Hello. I have a W2K server that was working like a charm. Then I switch the router it uses to connect to the internet and now there is no connection. It gets an IP address through the router's DHCP, but I can't ping the router. I've even renewed the ip address and it is able to pick one up, presumably from the router.

I can ping the loopback address.
The server is running everything from ISA, to IIS, RRAS and IAS. It also serves as the DHCP and DNS server for the lan. Essentially, everything you'd have on an enterprise level server cluster is on this one, iddy-biddy server (it's a test environment.).

Help please! I'm lost.

A:W2K Server can't ping new router

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I cannot ping server from a remote computer by host name or direct ip address., Server can ping remote computer. Server is accepting ping from other computers on network? Any help appreciated.

A:Can't ping server with ip address

This could be complicated as it appears at first glance to be a routing issue, or a Firewall issue.
You mentioned this is a remote computer.. how are you connecting to the server? VPN?

If Firewall issue:
Something is denying ICMP traffic leaving the server network or coming in from the remote computer.

If a routing issue:
The Server knows how to route to your computer, but your computer doesn't know how to route to the server.
If using Windows, try running in cmd:
tracert (ip address or hostname without parenthesis)
Example1: tracert google.com
Example2: tracert

If Example2 works, but not example 1, you have a DNS issue - most likely you are asking public DNS servers to resolve the non-public name of the server, which of course, won't work. You'll need to modify the DNS servers on your computer while using (assuming) VPN to use the Internal DNS servers at the location your server is at. Usually the errors will say something about hostname not resolvable.

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There is a server in my shared student house. The server is using FreeNAS and there are 3 other people that can connect to it succesfully using Mac OS/X, Ubuntu and Win 7 respectively. I have win XP SP3, and when I click on "network places" and "view workgroup computers", I can see the shared server called "Nas". Within the server there is a shared folder called "Movies" however when I click on the server name to access this shared folder(s), I get the following message:

"\\Nas is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The network path was not found."

I can ping the server succesfully and I can access the freeNas webgui quite freely but for some reason I just can not view the shared folder yet everyone else can. The Win 7 user also has shared folders on his pc that are also visible in the workgroup but its the same story - I get the same message when I try to click on it to view the shared folder(s).

I have tried disabling windows firewall and avast antivirus with no change. I have tried connecting through wired and wireless, no change. I have 'messed' around with the Netbios TCP/IP properties / DHCP enabled and Netbios enabled, (although to be honest I don't know too much about this stuff) No change. I have checked that the computer browser services and other relevant services ar... Read more

A:XP: Can ping server but can't access

Ok I've fixed it. The problem was address resolution.

The node type shown in cmd>ipconfig/all was "Peer to Peer". I changed this to "Broadcast" and it works fine now. There is also a microsoft fix for this... http://support.microsoft.com/kb/903267/ if anyone else is having similar problems.

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I am running a dedicated server for Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breathrough (MOHAAB). All I play is on LAN with computers in the same room or area. For months, the ping has been fine, usually around 0-10 for me (with the server running on the same computer). The other players all had fine ping too.

Now, suddenly (it happend first yesterday), my ping on my own server is horrible. When I first start it is in the low 100s, and drops to around 50, where it stays consistently. I have no idea why this is happening. I made no changes to internet or hardware. The server is exactly the same as it was a week ago when it worked fine. So I have no idea what is causing it to perform so poorly.

I ran the dslreport speed test, and here are my results:

Speed Test #51841027 by dslreports.com
Run: 2008-06-01 08:12:38 EST
Download: 4229 (Kbps)
Upload: 1826 (Kbps)
In kilobytes per second: 516.2 down 222.9 up
Boost: 11027
Latency: 21 ms
Tested by server: 9 flash
User: anonymous
User's DNS: comcast.net
Compared to the average of 2778 tests from comcast.net:
* download is 44% worse, upload is 38% better

Click to expand...

So what could be causing it, and how to I fix it?

A:Suddenly have bad ping on own server?

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Having a strange problem with a server I can't ping the server from any workstation. But from the Server I can ping everything. I also see the server in Network Neighborhood and can access files from Network Neighborhood from the server and connecting to the server. Now I seem to remember this problem from the MCSE tests but the answer escapes me.

A:{Resolved} - Can't ping server

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Does anyone know how to ping a server through a certain port? If so, what would be the command?

A:How to ping a server through a certain port?

I don't think that you can ping a specific port.

Have you tried typing the server IP address + Port (e.g. // into your browser's address bar?

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Hey, I was just wondering what was the commands used to ping a server such as google continuously?

A:How do I ping a server continuiously?

Put ping /? in the Command Prompt window to get the functions it offers.

I should add that the server you are doing it to may recognize it as a bad thing such as a DoS/Denial of Service attack by tying up their bandwidth and block you or your ISP.

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I am writing a web app that pings certain specified servers to check for availability and return the results. I have found a few different references in different forums as well as the Ping class documentation on MSDN, however that documentation is a bit dated (.net beta 1 I believe) and I'm having some trouble with it.

Bear in mind I'm new to web development. Any advice or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Edit: Here is a link for anyone who has this same problem: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.net.networkinformation.ping.aspx

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Hi! So here's what's happening to me.
I set up a Windows 8.1 computer to act as a VPN server (using Window's built in PPTP server) so that I could connect to my home network when I am elsewhere and be able to access shared folders in that network. I set up the server and everything seemed to work fine. I created a new incoming connection, checked the "Through the Internet" box, made sure IPv6 wasn't selected and disabled the automatic DHCP thing and replaced it with a range of IP's. I could connect to it a my external IP on the client machine changed to my home IP, but I couldn't see all of my network shares.
None showed up under the "Network" tab in Windows Explorer, but I could access some by manually typing in the IP, fine by me. But I also had shared folders that were on the computer acting as the VPN server, and I couldn't access those. I tried to ping the VPN server but nothing. I could ping other machines in the network but the ping request would always time out when I tried to ping the VPN server. The server could ping the client computer but the reverse wasn't working.

I can't seem to figure out why this is happening, I tried searching around online but I found a lot of people that did something that solved it but that when I do it, nothing changes.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I have a network with about 60 hosts and suddenly one of my servers can't ping the default gateway or get to the internet. It can ping all other hosts on the network and no other device is having an issue getting to the gateway. The server in question is running Server 2012 R2 and has been working fine for months. No changes to the IP settings on the server have been done. It has a static IP and the configuration is correct. I can remote desktop to the server, but it cannnot ping my gateway or get to the internet.

I have a different subnet on my lan and if I configure for that subnet, it can get to the internet, but not on the subnet it has been living on for months.

Any ideas??

A:Server can't ping gateway

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I cannot seem to find any option that will automatically ping my email server from Windows Live Mail. In order to get mail, I must manually click in Sync. Is that option even available in WLM?

A:email server ping

Tools/Options/Send Receive Messages (there are check boxes and settings for automatic sync). Also on the first page of the properties for each account that you set up there is a check box to indicate if the account should be included. Personally, I prefer to do it manually. IIRC, some of those options didn't quite work as expected and hopefully will be fixed in the next version, currently in beta.

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Two thing,

I used to have 60-70 ping, now I'm at 90 ping. My ping has been rising over the last few months very slowly. Any idea why?

and the second thing is The server said i have 60 ping. Which I'm suppose to but when i join it goes to 90. Like its suppose to be there but I'd prefer it to be at 70.

Thanks in Advance.

A:just a question about ping & server

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1, When I use DHCP or a manual IP address, the laptop will not connect to VPN or internet, but I CAN use the ping command to ping our ISP's DNS , ie 194.224.xxx.xxx

2, The VPN client does not belive the computer is connected via broadband.

3, It's a Corporate laptop and I dont have Admin privilages, Im told it's in pristine condition.

XP SP1 laptop on ADSL LAN.
My sister came over on holiday with a temporary company laptop.
The laptop is specifically set up for using whilst out of the office.
She needs to start up an existing VPN client to connect to her office email.
VPN is no problem for me normally.
The VPN client can connect using dial up or existing broadband connection.

A:No internet, but CAN ping DNS server?

1. if you can ping ISP DNS and this is company laptop, it may have proxy settings. this page may help, http://www.howtonetworking.com/Internet/restrictie0.htm.

2. VPN: what's the error code?

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I have a small domain set up in my house for my MCSA studies. I'm using Virtual PC and have a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition DC/DNS server and one XP Pro Client. Server01 and Client01.

I have created a User account for myself in Active Directory and am a member of the Domain Admins. Client01 is shown as a member of the domain both in AD and in it's own System Properties. I can ping the server from the client and access it in My Network Places. However, I cannot ping the Client from the server, nor can I access Client01 from My Network Places on the Server.

I am also able to log on to the client using my domain username and password. This has me stumped.
There is no firewall running on either machine. I even checked IE security settings but that isn't the problem. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Can't ping client from server

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I got a new laptop in july. It's a Dell inspiron with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, an AMD Phenom 2 triple core processor, 6GB RAM, and a 640GB Hard Drive. While i'm on my laptop a process called ping.exe starts and after a little while it starts to use all of my CPU. I found a temporary fix by suspending the process from the resource monitor but it has started to restart itself sooner than it did when i first started doing this. I've done a little research and found that ping.exe is a normal process but that what it's doing is completely abnormal. I was going to try and delete it but my task manager said it was in my sysWOW32 file so I was afraid to mess up my system. My other issue which my be related is that whenever i search for something on google and click on a link it redirects to random sites. And just a note I have some experience removing viruses and malware but not on Windows 7.

Help would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.

A:Ping.exe issue and google redirect issue.

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<== starting at step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then post them in a reply to this topic by using the Add Reply button.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the post and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the reply and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Please note that I am not a member of the Malware Removal Team and will not be assisting you in removing the infection. I'm simply helping you to post the information they need in order to assist you.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.Orange Blossom

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I am a layman at pcs. However router maintainence diagnostics show Ping failure to preferred DNS server. I am suffering badly with dropouts and connectivity. Been in touch with server who has not helped much except to say there was a problem at exchange. Anyawy I cant help feel this ping failure needs to be put right. I tried ipconfig /all on Dos but it said command not recognized. Been suffering slow speeds - since yesterday 3977 wireless errors and 3977 drop outs - 64503 RS uncorrectable errors 23012 HEC errors - not sure waht they all mean but may be of help.Woulds appreciate any help you may give. Not even sure if this is aprobelm that can be put right my end. Merry Christmas all

A:Ping failure preferred DNS server

If your ISP have detected problems at the exchange, then it would be unwise to start altering any router or computer configuration until those have been resolved.

I'm not sure why the computer didn't recognize the valid cmd of ipconfig /all - unless you had mistyped it - so perhaps you could have other underlying problems, but have a read through these pre-posting network requirements and supply what you can Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues

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I've been dealing with this issue for hours now and have tried everything I can think of. I have a Windows 10 Home PC that I have an incoming VPN connection on. I can connect to it, but if the firewall is enabled, I can't ping it or access the shares. If I turn the firewall off I CAN ping and access shares. It was working fine yesterday and I don't remember doing anything to cause this. I've tracked it down to being something with my Public networks. When I disable the firewall on public networks (the VPN adapter) I can ping, but once I enable that it stops pinging. I've tried everything listed below but still can't get it to work:
Checked port 1723 is openAllowed EVERYTHING with a firewall rule, through itChecked multiple devices on another Wi-Fi network and 3G with a phoneRestarted PC; other devices and routerI can ping every other device on my network besides the one creating the VPN (which is the one I need)and so many other steps.Made sure file and printer sharing were enabled in network and sharing center

Is there some other rule that got removed from the firewall I need to re-add? Any help or tips would be appreciated!

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To ping a server continuously i have to type ping IP -t.
But how can i set interval between each ping, for example, 4 seconds?

A:How to ping server with time interval?

Hi peter,

This can actually be accomplished with writing a batch script. Check out this link that I found and let us know if this helps you out.

loops - Batch Script - Ping Address - Write to file if failure - Stack Overflow

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I cannot conntect to my local database server from start->run.But I can ping to that IP.I need to get a file from that datavase server.Pl help me.


A:cannot connect to local server but can ping

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I have an internet connection. Static IP is designated to my PC, and the internet comes from a LAN cable. To connect to the internet, i have to login into the server of the ISP from a login software installed on my PC. After that,i am able to surf the internet.

A strange problem has been occurring since quite some days. I am unable to ping the server to which i login to. But still, i am able to login to the server, and i am able to surf the net without any problems. What can be the reason behind not being able to ping the server? Packets sent and received are also being shown, but not able to ping.

Pinging the server helps me diagnose if the server is alive or not. Sometimes my net would stop working, and then i could ping the server and test the connection. Or, if the connection was breaking frequently, then i could check the ping, and see if the ping was breaking, and i could call up the ISP and tell about the problem. But since i am not able to ping the server, its difficult to diagnose.

Also, since quite some months, i am facing another problem. I am able to surf the internet without any problems using the browser. But, if i use irc chat, i experience very frequent connection breaks. The connection would break, then within a few seconds, the connection would be up again, and my irc would be connected again. But after few minutes, it would be repeated. Its so frustrating to login again and again. Same happens with all the messengers. It would disconnect, and within few ... Read more

A:Internet works but cant ping the server

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Can anyone point me in the right direction ?!?

I have a 3.51 server that is a memeber of a domain. I can successfully ping this server using its hosts name from a workstation on the same domain in the same office area. When I move this workstation to a seperate area in the office I can only successfully ping the server using its IP address. I am unable to connect to any of its resources (Network not found).

I can however still connect/ping the host name of the other servers on the same domain and in the same location as the faulty server.

Any comments gratefully received.

A:Unale to ping Server using its Host name

Are you using a name resolution server such as WINS or DNS or are you relying on broadcasts to resolve? Is there any hardware devices (routers) between the server and the new location of the workstation?

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I have a client with an XP machine that is required to ping one of our server at a different location for a license verification but is unable to. The client is able to browse for files on the server over the network but cannot ping it. Any idea what might cause this? Thanks



A:PC can view files on server but can't ping it.

The network administrator may have blocked the ICMP request (ping) to prevent attacks so that's normal. For example, you cannot ping msn.com but you can surf to it.

If the IP address is not an internal one (10.x.y.z, 172.15-32.x.y, or 192.168.x.y) try it at home and see if you get the same results.

On the same token it may be a firewall issue on the client's side.

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Hello New here, I wanted to ask what could the problem be with my ping. I live in the Boston area and when I run a speed test on servers in boston my ping ranges anywhere from 35-100+ Some might say 35 ping isnt high but it seems way too high considering the server is less than 15 miles away.

A little info: I have a router/modem and a modem by itself. For some reason the apartment I live in isnt capable to just use a modem/router combo so the verizon person says. I use a laptop hooked up to the router via cable, I never run wirelessly. My laptop is old and the average temperature of it is around 100 degrees lol.. I was wondering if the heat could be causing a problem with the cpu because my friend tells me that it DOES have an effect on networking/ping if it is slow.

Here is a speedtest I just tested. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2938914787.png

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide

A:High ping on server app. 12 miles away

Because the responding server is only 12 miles away, doesn't mean you're going to get a direct network path to it. It depends on your ISP and how their network is set up. An extreme example of this is when I had Sprint 3G service. I would be in one state and when I do a speed check on my connection, the app returns that I'm popping out some times one or two states away.

A 35ms (millisecond) latency (NOT PING) is not bad. If you're getting 100 or more ms delay, then something is going on. If it persists, I would contact your ISP. While it is true CPU loading can affect network performance, it's highly doubtful that your CPU load is that high. If it were, you would be complaining about everything being generally slow.

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Hi all,
I've a problem do not understand, and help me to solve: 
1. Clients (Windows 7 Pro SP1) can't ping/connect to server (Windows Server 2003 SP1 x64bit) but server can ping/connect to client
- Firewall turn off Server and Client
- Note: Clients (Windows 7 XP SP1) can ping/connect to server (Windows Server 2003 SP1 x64bit) but server can ping/connect to client
- If I setup the new clients (Windows 7 XP SP1) and join domain that difficult and appear error
- I added a host (A) in DNS server but the client does not ping... (- Request timedout)
System info:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Geteway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Server:
2. Error info
Sources: DNS - Event ID: 4007 
Sources: DNS - Event ID: 4015
Sources: NetBT - Event ID: 4321
Sources: dhcpServer - Event ID: 1059

A:[HELP] Clients can't ping/connect to server but server can ping/connect to clients


The security programs may affect the connection between windows 7 and DNS server.
I would suggest you to disable all the security programs and firewall to check the issue.

Also, check if the clients can ping each other successfully.

Test it
Clean Boot and
Safe Mode and check if there are conflicts.

Regarding the error information, you may refer to the following articles.
Event ID 1059 ? DHCP Server Active Directory Availability
"Duplicate Name Exists" Error Message When You Start a Windows XP Workstation
Event ID:4321
Windows Server 2008:
Troubleshoot Event ID 4015 ? DNS Server Active Directory IntegrationTracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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Hi I have a Ping.exe process that is taking up all of my CPU and high memory resources. I also am getting redirects when using google search and it is causing services to not start. I cannot run DDS since I am on Windows Server 2003 OS. It says that it does not work when I try to run it. I was able to run GMER and have attached the log as requested in the preparation guide. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Ping.exe and redirects Server 2003

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alright here are the facts.
Using Windows Server 2000
setup a VPN server.

Both Intranet and Internet work (i can see and go to the shared folders)

but when trying to PING the VPN server via Internet i get nothing.

For some reason I think it might have to do something with my static Routes...???


A:Cant PING VPN server via internet (can on intranet)

Did you check if your router/firewall allows ping [icmp]? Usually it is disabled by default. Or is this server raw on the internet?
I am assuming when you say via the internet you are actually outside the office and connected via vpn.

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I hope someone can give me some help on this one. I work for a small automotive repair shop. We just bought an hp proliant server to run our repair invoice program on. The problem i am having is that I cannot get the server to be able to ping the other computers on the network. I can ping from the other computers to the server though. I need to be able to do this so ican set up the rest of our software. Does anyone know where I might find the problem? By the way, I am running windows xp professional sp2 on the server and windows xp professional sp1 on the other computers.

A:cannot get server to ping other computers on the network

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Good morning,

As title says, I can ping our work server (windows 8 server) as well as connect to it using a remote desktop connection, it just won't map as a network drive.

I had this problem a few days ago, so I tried everything I could think of (dns flush, ip config release/renew, restarting, disconnecting from network drive & re-mapping) and nothing would let me back on. I did a system restore to 2 weeks ago and it works again. So of course then windows wants to do its updates, I let the updates happen and the problem returns.

It seems like the windows updates are the root of the problem, although I have no idea how to hunt down the cause. For now I'll have to restore to before the updates & turn off the updates.

Does anyone know what might be causing this??

A:Windows 8.1 Pro - Can ping server, can't map drive

I'm not sure which update is causing the problem but installing the updates one at a time then rebooting and checking for mapping function would help to locate the problematic update.

Once you find the problematic update you can uninstall that update and then choose to "hide the update" so it can't install again.

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I'm on my work's LAN and I use my machine as a web server so I can do some testing with work projects. The problem I'm having is that while I can access my web server (through localhost/ name/ip address) others inside the LAN with me cannot. They can ping my box no problem, but when they try to access it through http, they get Page Cannot Be Displayed.

I've been scouring around now for a bit and cannot resolve this issue. Any thoughts?

A:Can Ping web server, but cannot connect http

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Hi, I am unable to ping the primary Domain Name Server.

Does anyone know what might the cause be and how I can fix this problem?
I am no trouble accessing the internet, but this is causing my PS3 internet connection a bit of problems.

A:Fail to ping the pimary Domain Name Server

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