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Solved: Double clicking on excel file generates an error

Q: Solved: Double clicking on excel file generates an error

Hi All

I am using Excel 2013 on a windows 7 professional

when I am going to an excel file location via Explorer, and double click on the file I get the following error

" There was a problem sending the command to the program"

I have tried un-register and register excel, no good

I have unpinned and re pinned program to the main screen, no good

I have also tried to uninstall and re install excel, no good

When I am using file/open it works, however I need the feature of double clicking

can anybody please recommend what shall i do?



Preferred Solution: Solved: Double clicking on excel file generates an error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Double clicking on excel file generates an error

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In the Office application Excel, when I click on a file, the application opens but the file does not. I can do file/open and the file will open and Excel works fine. Can anyone help. Thx

A:Excel - Double Clicking file wont open it

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i am pretty unfamiliar with Vista, and am servicing a friend's computer. When i click on an icon on the desktop, or a file in winExplorer, a little box with a check mark appears. Explorer puts buttons on its menu bar for actions, or i can select actions by right clicking on the file, or icon. But double clicking does not run/open the file...

i have not seen this 'check box' behavior and i dont like it. Windows is reporting a problem with a program called TuneUp, but after looking it up on WikiP i dont think it is responsible. i imagine it can be solved in 'settings' or 'congfiguration', but where?...

regards... gimpel

A:Solved: strange (to me)... double clicking does not run/open file...

control panel>folder options, see attached I like the single click option..

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Ok this is a weird problem I ran into in the past with Word, and I'm having trouble finding information on it, because of the details involved.

What's happening is if i load up Excel and then goto file/open and load an excel document it comes up.

If I goto Start/Documents and try to load it from there Excel seems to hang, also if i Browse my computer and goto any excel file same thing happens, and of course it happens over a network share as well.

I didn't give it more then a minute or 2 to come up (We are talking small Excel files here nothing huge) On the last computer this happened on with Word, the documents would eventually come up, but it would take 5 minutes to load this way.

Anything I load withen Excel (Meaning I load excel and then goto File/Open, comes up instantly)

Windows knows how to handle the excel files and what program to load them with, I tried deleteing the (Is it called a mime?) entry in windows that tells excel how to handle the .XLS file, then held shift and Right clicked a .XLS file to re-enter it into Windows, just in case Windows wasn't opening it right but this had the same effect.
Any ideas?

A:Can't open excel files by double clicking, HAS to load withen excel

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I noticed if you double click inbetween cells in excel. It automatically moves the selection to the top or bottom of the column. Is there anyway to turn this off? Its quite annoying.

A:double clicking in excel

Meteo said:

I noticed if you double click inbetween cells in excel. It automatically moves the selection to the top or bottom of the column. Is there anyway to turn this off? Its quite annoying.Click to expand...

Not as far as I know. (In case you didn't know) you can hit F2 for "cell edit mode", if that helps.

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Excel is exhibiting very strange behavior. Whenever I double click on an Excel worksheet, an instance of the Excel program opens. However, the document, and no documents for that matter, are open. It is quite annoying, although worries me more from the standpoint of possibly indicating impending further instability.


Thanks much

This is Excel XP with SP3 recently installed. This behavior began prior to installing SP3 and seems unrelated to any installs or computer changes.

A:Excel: Double Clicking on Docs Doesn't Open

Click TOOLS --> OPTIONS --> GENERAL and uncheck the box labeled "Ignore Other Applications" if it is checked.

If that doesn't work, you can try to re-register Excel by clicking START --> RUN and then typing Excel.Exe /regserver and then click OK.

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I have Word and Excel 2013 installed and it works fine but will not open a file if I double click on it. I get the error message shown in the attachment. Can anyone suggest how I can correct this? I have checked the default programs list and (e.g.) Excel is identified for xls or xlsx files.
Up to today I had 2010 and 2013 both installed on this machine and used 2010 typically. I deleted 2010 thinking it might correct this but it did not.

Thanks in advance.

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Whenever I double click a MS Excel file on the windows explorer, MS Excel program will start but the document will not open. I can only open a MS Excel document by first starting up MS Excel first, then click File->Open and then browe for it. Other MS Office files works fine. I have reinstalled MS Office, but it still doesn't work. Can anyone tell me why?

A:Cannot open MS Excel document by double clicking in Windows Explorer

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This just happened like an hour ago, whenever I double click or press ENTER on a *.zip file, it will pop up the "Search Result" window for me, it will not open the zip file for me and show me the files in the zip file. Now, I had to right click on any of the ZIP files, then choose "Open" inorder for me to view the files in the zipped file.
Can anyone help me fix this problem?
Thank you

A:Double clicking on ZIP file problem

try reinstalling Winzip & if that fails, go to file associations (if i remember correctly, in the folder options located under control panel) and make sure that *.ZIP files are to be opened by winzip.

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Hi guys;

I'm working on my final year project and I need your help. I'm trying to open a word document from a VB application. I'm using a fileListBox. I want the file to open in Word when dblClicked. How can it be done?

A:(VB) Open file by double clicking in the fileListBox

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I have been having a problem with Windows XP 64 Bit freezing when a file name in Explorer is double clicked. It happens with any file from any program. And it happens with files on a network as well as files on the PC's hard Drive. Actually "freezing" is not a good description. Operating in super duper slow motion then failing outright is a more accurate way to put it.

For example: I will open a folder on our network and browse to an Excel file I want to load. I double click on the name. Normally the file comes right up. However, more often than not nothing happens. After a couple minutes of waiting I have used Task Manager to discover that the "Not Responding" description is right next to Explorer's name in the "Applications" tab of Task Manager. Eventually the process will either bomb out completely and I'll get the "Send Email to Microsoft" dialog box. Or the parent application will load (in this case Excel) but without the file I selected being loaded.

And it's not just windows in Explorer. If I have an Outlook email with a Image attached, double clicking on the image name SHOULD take me right to the program associated with that file extension. However, it does the SAME thing as mentioned above.

I am running XP Professional 64 Bit with the latest updates as Service packs installed. The computer I'm using is a Dell Precision DWS490 that has an Intel Xeon CPU 3.20GHz along with 2 GB of Ram. Windows Update is set... Read more

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Some time ago, I was edited the Windows XP registry so that, in Windows Explorer, files with unknown extensions would be opened with a text processor capable of displaying files in hex. This proved to be a bad idea for large files, because of time wasted before opening by the application could be gracefully aborted. I know the registry change involved either or both of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.* and HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-..._Classes\*, but I don't know what to change them back to.

I'm fairly ignorant of the structure of the registry and would be grateful to anyone who can point me to any helpful information.

A:Double-clicking on a file name with unknown extension

registry info,no sure if it has the info you need but worth a look i guess,or try google.com for info on changing registry to do what you done back when you changed the registry and forgot to make a backup of it or the keys you altered

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I can no longer double-click on a text file using Windows Explorer to open it. Even if I right-click and say "Open With", and then choose NotePad or Word Pad, it just does nothing. I can, however, open the files if I open them through NotePad or WordPad. This started happening after I was hijacked. With the help of Tech Support Guy Forums I got rid of the intrusion, but double-clicking still wont open my files. I am running Windows XP.

A:Cannot Open Text File w Double-Clicking

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I was trying to make some changes to7-Zip file associations and have managed to lose the ability to open a 7-Zip file (with a .7z extension) by double clicking it with the left mouse button.

All other operations work fine. I can open a file from the main program. I can right click it to get into the 7-Zip context menu and open it, either directly, or by using "open with" (which tells me that the default program is 7-Zip). I can extract files from a 7-Zip archive. In other words I can do everything except open a 7-Zip file by double clicking it. If I do this the program hangs and the little round circle flickers rapidly. The only way to stop this is to log off and log back on.

If I go to Control Panel -> Default Programs -> 'Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program' there is no sign of a .7z extension. However, there is a .z extension associated with 7-Zip and if I change the .7z extension to .z on a file I can now open it with 7-Zip by double clicking.

I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 7-Zip program, to no effect.

So, is there any way to get my double click back?

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Hi I'm David and I'm new to the forum so I say hi to all the other PC lovers like me out there. I have been having this odd issue with File Exlorer since I bought my PC about 1 year, 9 months ago.

Very often when I open the File Explorer and I double click on the C:\ drive icon the folder location jumps to either the Picture folder (C:\Users\David Guzman\Pictures) or to the Music folder (C:\Users\David Guzman\Music) instead of displaying the root folder files and the other folders contained in it so in order to do that I have to click once the blue back arrow (the left one) and then it gets to the root folder in the C:\ drive the way I think it should have done when I first double clicked the C:\ drive icon.

It does this all the time (very frequently) but it mostly jumps to the Pictures folder and it also does this sometimes when I'm inside another folder (any) and I double click in it to see its contents in which case I have to do the same (click the back blue arrow) in order to see the correct content.

Does anybody have a clue of why it does this? Is this some sort of Vista bug?

Other than that the OS has performed very, very well from the get go. It seldom crashes, say what some people say about Vista vs XP (and I have 3 XP PCs at home) I think that my Vista OS hasn't crashed more than 4 times since I bought it, programs crash here and there (but rarely, you know, the normal thing) but the OS has been rock solid and that is way better than the track record that my XP m... Read more

A:Problem when double clicking in File Explorer

Hello David and welcome to the forum.

First do you remember how long this has been going on, and maybe what you were doing at the time it happened. Sounds like you have done some homework on this issue.

Second if you don't have I recommend you download the free version of malwarebytes and run a full scan just to be sure, you can use this link...


Next if malware comes back fine, have you thought about doing a sfc scan to see if it will fix the problem if not here is what you need to do.

1. Click Start
2. In the search box type CMD.exe
3. Go to the top of the popup list and RIGHT click on cmd.exe and run as administrator.
4. When the command box appears type sfc /scannow notice there is a space between the sfc and the forward slash.

When it is finished doing the scan if there are any error's after the scan then run the sfc scan 3 more times as it repairs more each time you run it. Also here is a great tutorial that will give you all the information you will need...

System Files - SFC Command

After this please post back and let us know what is going on and if you need more help please let us know and we will be glad to assit you further.

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Hey all, a few days ago my Windows 8.1 File Explorer started acting weird. I can’t create a new folder, nor does double-clicking work to enter a directory. There aren’t any errors, it just doesn’t work. I AM able to create folders via the command line via mkdir though. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this?

A:File Explorer New Folder and also double-clicking problems

I would be inclined to a Windows restore to a date before this problem started, you should have a suitable restore since this only started a few days ago.
Click 'Win key + X - Control panel - Recovery - Open System Restore'. This will take you to a screen listing the most recent restore point(s). If there isn't one listed from before the date this problem started then click the button 'More restore points'. Then start the restore process. Accept the warnings about this being irreversible and let it do it, it may take 10 minutes or so - do NOT interrupt the process. When it is finished you will get a message either 'Successful' or 'Failed - no changes were made'
If it worked, try Win Explorer again. You may need to re-install any updates between the date of your restore point and now. I suggest doing them one at a time and testing Win Explorer after each one since it is possible an update caused this problem.
If the restore didn't work, then uninstall any recent updates one at a time and test again.
NOTE - A restore should not have any effect on your installed programs and data, but it is a good idea to back up your data before starting.
Chris Cosgrove

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Hey all, a few days ago my Windows 8.1 File Explorer started acting weird. I can?t create a new folder, nor does double-clicking work to enter a directory. There aren?t any errors, it just doesn?t work. I AM able to create folders via the command line via mkdir though. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this?

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When I open a folder in Windows 7, like my Documents, and try to double click a folder, it gives me an error message. The message is "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel."

It does this whenever I try to open any folder in documents, libraries, or any folder in a window. I can right click on the folder and press open and it opens fine, but this is insanely annoying when going through many folders.

What do I need to do to solve this problem?

Thanks for any help.

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I'm facing this problem and unable to resolve it. When I double click on my drive volumes(C:\,E:\....) & other file folders in My computer Window it doesn't open instead shows windows search options but when I right click on the volume (C:\,E:\...) or the folders and select open then I'm able to open the it. Please help me, I'm totally irritated by this problem.

Thanking You,
Saif Samir.

A:Cannot open drive volumes & file folders by double clicking on them

Hi, and welcome to TSF. The problem you have is not uncommon and MS has a fix for it here.

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I'm posting this question for my brother who is a computer-noob.
Somehow his laptop running XP seems to have been infected by a virus, although Norman AV does not find a virus.
Problem: everytime he doubleclicks on an icon this seems to be interpreted as a delete command. He gets a question "Do you really want to move this file/shortcut to the recycle bin" Answering No does not close the window. This also happens when he opens outlook (via mouse-menu open option) on downloades messages, double click within outlook on a message deletes the message instead of opening it.
Does anybody know a virus that can cause this behaviour?

A:double clicking an icon every time tries to delete file/shortcut

If he has an infected system...he needs to consider posting here at BC, in the appropriate malware forum.BleepingComputer.com - Am I infected What do I do - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/forum103.html That's the best advice I can think of for a known infected system.Louis

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I'm using Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, and I'm using the program Expressit 3.1 to create my CD labels.

I downloaded it from here:
exPressit SE - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

Now, the files it creates, of which I have several made using its previous version, 3.0, are suffixed .exp. I have set my Win7 installation so that ExpressIt is the default program to open these files. Double-clicking an .exp file should therefore open that CD label in the ExpressIt program.

However, when I double-click an .exp file, the ExpressIt program does not open so that I can work with the file. If I run the ExpressIt program first, then 'Open' the file from within the program, it all works fine. (The problem with this 'workaround' is that when going to Open the file, its default directory is nowhere near the directories containing my .exp files and takes ages to browse to, so I don't want to do it like that).

So, is there some sort of setting I have missed out that prevents the program running when I double-click the .exp file icons? Or is there a tweak I can use?

A:Running a default program by double-clicking file icon

When you selecz the default program use the browse button to locate any other .exe files in the expressit directory, and see if it works.
I can be the problem, that the .exe that you have associated the file extensio with is just an app laucnher exe and not the main software, which can hadle the files.

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"This files does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folders Options control panel."
This is what I get whenever I double-click a folder. I see that in the context menu, "Open" is still there, but the top option is called "Bulk Rename", a program I downloaded but uninstalled. I want to make "Open" the default again, but it doesn't seem to be working. I've messed around with Tools\Folder Options\File Types in an explorer window, but when I go into "Folders", it says that "Open" is the default.
Sorry if my explanation of the issue is complicated, but I'm basically stuck at this point.
Also: Command prompt appears twice in the "context menu" and I can't figure out how to make one of them go away...

A:Error when double-clicking folders

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I have a friend with Vista and Office 2007. He's trying to double-click on a publisher file and when he does, he gets the error above.

If you open Publisher up, and do a File>Open, the error does not occur and the file opens up.

What's going on?

A:Double-clicking on a publisher file produces: *.pub is not a valid win32 application"

I am guessing that it is trying to open up the Publisher file in MS Word or another application. I would try right-clicking on a publisher file and select "open with">>"Choose Program" select MS Publisher and check off the check box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file."

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Hi all,
Has any of you ever experienced this problem before, i set the DVD and bluRay drives to be associated with powerDVD however i have the following issue:
- If i insert the DVD/BluRay then powerDVD automatically launches
- If i right click on the DVD/BluRay then i can select "Play with powerDVD"

DOESNT work:
- If i try double clicking on the DVD/BluRay drives
- If i right click on the drives and press "Play"

When i say it doesnt work i mean windows throws up an error saying: "This file does not have an associated program for performing this action. Please install a program ..."
I know for a fact that i HAVE associated the drives with powerDVD yet it still complains!

If anyone have any idea how i can resolve this i would be very grateful

A:Solved: Double clicking on a DVD/BluRay does nothing!

Ok after a good few months of trying and giving up in the process a few times (Phuck you microsoft for seemless user experience and wonderful support) i finally figured it out by messing around in the registry.
To solve this problem navigate in your registry to:
In Command double click on the default (and if you are using powerDVD 10 for ex use this):
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD10\PDVDLaunchPolicy.exe" "%L"
For any other program specify the path and then whatever its play command is.

NOTE: When you do this for the DVD it also automatically works for blu-ray so this is clearly a bug in windows.

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Hi, i just did a complete system restore, and now, when i double click on drive D, nothing happens. I have to right click it and select 'explore' to open it . If i click 'open', i get an error message saying : ' windows cannot find the specified devide, path or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item'
how do i give myself permission ?

A:Solved: Double clicking on drive D does nothing

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My mouse seams to be stuck where it'll always double-click at the press of the button and I can't change it. I've looked in the Mouse Control menu in Control panel but there's not an option to turn it off. I even tried uninstalling it but it didn't change anything.

I can't figure this on out.

A:Solved: Mouse double clicking

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i had a virus that affected all my drives
double clicking on the drives does nothing

i followed a dos guide that removed auto something.inf

but this still hasnt worked

i have run malware bytes scan and AVG8.5 and both found nothing

anybody experienced anything similar?

A:Solved: double clicking on drives does nothing

Try the "Drive Association Fix (Restores default settings for hard drives)" at the link below.



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This has been a minor annoyance for a couple of months and it's starting to get on my nerves. I spent a good part of my Sunday afternoon trying to find a solution but have not yet succeeded.

When I double-click on a text file, e.g. "info.txt", that is on a mapped drive, I get this error: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." This happens on any mapped drive - to Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (all NTFS drives). Files such as *.log are subject to this same issue.

So now for the strangeness. The file, such as info.txt, was created with "New" from the Explorer context menu, on the mapped drive; i.e. from this machine, not the host machine. The file can be moved, renamed, deleted, all without issue. The file can be opened by Notepad if the File->Open within Notepad is used. But double-clicking on the file fails with the aforementioned error.

I have not found another class of file that exhibits this problem. I can double-click .jpg, .xls, .doc, and even .text (with an "e"), and their associated programs all open the file with no problem.

I've tried rebooting both machines; checking the security of the files, directories, and shares; checking the registry for various settings; group policies; searching for icacls.exe (I forget why, and it wasn't found anyway); disconnecting and remapping drives. Nothing.

So somehow, just the d... Read more

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Well, where to put this strange problem? XP, Office or Network Forum. All three seem to be involved somehow.

What gives?

I have a few large Excel files on
a) a share on a Win XP SP2 desktop
b) a share on a WIn Vista desktop
c) a share on a Ubuntu 6.06 desktop

When i mean large, i mean ~75Mb

When i work on my laptop (Win Xp SP2, 1Gb Ram, 1,86 GHz), i can access all shares just fine. But when i right click such a large Excel file on the XP or Vista computer and click 'Properties', my laptop becomes unresponsive for about a minute. Then, at last, the properties are shown. In the Taskmanager, on the LAN tab, it shows that my LAN connection is swamped at 70% for a whole minute. Sniffing the network traffic learns that the entire contents of the file is being transferred through the network to my laptop!
Just to see the properties...

However, when i right click the same file on a Ubuntu share, the properties come up instantly.

When i right click other large files on the XP/Vista shares (like *.iso of *.avi files), bingo, properties pop up instantly.

When i right click the large Excel files on the Xp/Vista share from a Win 2003 server (without office installed), voila, properties show up instantly.

So why is the whole Excel file transferred by just right clicking it for properties?
I'm convinced this behaviour adds to slow file share performance in general. For example, if i want to copy such a large excel file form the XP or Vista share, it takes 10... Read more

A:Right clicking a large Excel file in a network share makes the entire file being sent

sounds to me like your computer doesn't have much ram.

how much ram does your computer have?

Christian Dude

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I'm running XP Pro Edition and when I double click on a ZIP file it does nothing (it used to though).
I've tried associating ZIP files with WinZip and PicoZip and still the same problem.
I am able to open WinZip or PicoZip and then open ZIP files from the program.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Solved: Can't Open Zip Files By Double Clicking

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I can't open any drive By double ClicKing.. When I click on drive Icon.. The dialog box of " Open With...." appear .....

I think sal.xls.exe is missing ... how can i resolve this problem ??

A:Solved: I can't open any drive By double ClicKing

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Today I noticed that when I select text it automatically deselects just after I select it. Then in Outlook I clicked on an email ONE time and the entire email opened in a new window. I know you can only open an email in a new window if you double click.

Both the selecting text and email problem only happen if I try to click a few times in a row.

This mouse is only a few months old.

I have Windows Vista Home Premium.

I find this very strange as this just started happening today.


A:Solved: Mouse automatically double clicking

What kind of mouse is it? I had the same problem with a Labtech optical. My technical son told me it was and internal hardware problem and there was no way to fix it. - But that was just the Labtech, before you trash it!

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Since the day before yesterday, I have been having a problem where my mouse double-clicks when I single-click. This happens sometimes when I open a program (I ended up opening a Firefox window with a session restore that I wanted as well as a second blank window. I didn't minimize the session restore one, so when I clicked the X on the blank window it closed both and I lost the session restore links since it closed both windows). When I right click to open a link in another tab, it sometimes opens the site in two tabs. When I click on the google window or the address window, all of the text is highlighted for replacement as if I clicked on the text twice.

I've only noticed this in XP, although I have only done a little work in Word over the last couple days.

I've looked in google and found a couple links that say it is a hardware related program (the mouse is a Logitech MX110 and I can't find it listed at their site for a driver). That is possible, but it has been very sudden AND it seemed to start after XP's latest auto-update (I really should update my OS to one of the professional ones because I've been complaining for years about XP Home's auto-update and reboot).

Is it possible that the latest XP update could have done something to the mouse driver? I should add that I think I'm still using the old Intelipoint driver with the Logitech mouse because I heard that the Logitech drivers were buggy.

Should I try updating the Intellip... Read more

A:mouse double-clicking when I single-click (left and right clicking)

It is likely a problem with the mouse itself. I have experienced the same issue and there are numerous reports of this problem ... and I include a link to one of them for your interest and amusement:


The problematic behaviour may come and go: In my own case, my problematic Logitech mouse has been behaving itself recently. I have not been able to find any reason for the variation in its behaviour from time to time. When it plays up, I simply resort to using another mouse for awhile.

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I'm working on a laptop for someone and I can't say I've ever seen this before. The default action for double clicking any folder on the computer is to open Search. If I right click on a folder, the bold (and thus default) option is search and the "open" option is a secondary one, but does open the folder when selected. I can't imagine how it got like this and resetting the defaults on every option in the Folder Options area didn't fix it. Anyone know how to fix this very odd problem?

A:[SOLVED] double clicking a folder opens search

okay, quick update. This was most likely caused by the virus that was on it first of all. Secondly, I pinned it down. If I open folder options and go to File Types and find "folder" the default action is Open and Explore is another option. If I click advanced on "file folder" the only action in the list is "find" and that's it. If I hit new to add another action, it wants an application to open it with so I'm not sure how to regenerate the original "open" option.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7989 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -325 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476148 MB, Free - 257236 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0667CC
Antivirus: Microsoft Forefront Client Security, Updated and Enabled

Double-clicking the format painter icon in Microsoft Word should cause it to remain depressed so that you can paint the desired format from one place to many places. If this feature stops working, it may be caused by an Add-In, as my local tech guy showed me. The solution is to remove that application.That's too bad, because you lose an app, but the tricky part is determining which app is the culprit without removing them all and adding them back in. I'm using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, but the solution is probably roughly the same for any version. Here is what he did to find the add-in that had to be removed:

Click File. Click Options. Click Add-Ins.
At the bottom click the down arrow to the right of Manage. Click Word Add-Ins. Click Go...
Up pops a window called Templates and Add-ins
You will see a list of add-ins and some of them will be checked. You are trying to determine which (if any) of these add-ins is causing the problem. You can eliminate a set of them by clicking the check box to un-check it. If you recognize an applicati... Read more

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I was fiddling around with the folder options > file types a little bit to assign mp3s to winamp and WMP and so on...

I also checked out the file type "drive" and made no changes and clicked OK. Since then, whenever I double click the C drive or D drive, it opens a command window instead of opening the drive. I can right click on it and click Open in the menu though. But why should I have to do that? What has been changed? No, no virus. It only started doing this after I did the above. I anyway scanned the machine using SAV corporate version, nothing found.

I went back in and saw there are only two actions in the advanced section - 'find' and 'open command window here'. None is set as default, but apparently it's executing the 'open command window here' action on double click.

I thought of adding an "Open" action like for other file types, but it wants some program and the path to it to execute this action. What program does it use, I don't know.....please help.

A:[SOLVED] Double clicking C drive opens command window

i figured out the solution here it is.


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Hi all,

The title says it all really, Notepad seems to have lost its association to .txt files somewhere along the line. If I double click a .txt file, the command line window appears. Is there a solution? I've tried re-associating txt files with Notepad to no avail. Also, the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' check box is greyed out in the 'Choose default program' dialogue box.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 20:50:48, on 25/09/2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Smart Defrag 2\SmartDefrag.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 4\PMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LightScribe\LightScribeControlPanel.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 4\ASCTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\HP Software Update\hpwuschd2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Shared\hpqToaster.exe
C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Google\Chrom... Read more

A:Solved: Double clicking .txt files brings up cmd.exe - Assoc problem?

Try restoring the default file type with a registry fix or use Unassoc.

Read THIS.

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but it seems to work fine for everything else. and when i try rightclicking to open things it doesnt give me the open option. this just started happening randomly and i have checked mouse settings but nothing seems off there.

A:Solved: double clicking wont open desktop shortcuts

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When i double click on local disk C it opens up search. I think this may be something to do with file types in folder options but im not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a screenshot of the folder option

A:Solved: Double clicking on local disk C opens search

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This is not a very serious problem because I have discovered several work-arounds for it. But I am sick of it and I would like to know how to fix it.

I am using Windows XP Home SP2. I like to use Windows Explorer to open all my files by double-clicking them. I also like to design actions for the context menu, such as "view" to open in Firefox or "edit" to open in Word. I keep having problems with files with spaces anywhere in the file path. I would like to be able to use spaces in my file names and store files in directories with spaces. For example, I have problems storing files anywhere in "My Documents" or "Desktop" because those folders are subfolders of C:\Documents and Settings and Windows won't let me rename "Documents and Settings" because it is a system folder.

This is what happens. Say I have a file called "test file.htm" in the C:\ directory. I right-click and select "view" to open with Firefox. Firefox opens but says:

File not found
Firefox can't find the file at /C:/test.
* Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
* Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

When I rename to "testfile.htm" it opens fine. I have this problem with Firefox and Word.

There are a number of bugs related to this problem and I will list a few.

For some reason, I can open .doc files with spaces in Word. Also, I have been messing around with this problem for a... Read more

A:Solved: Can't open files by double-clicking if there is a space in the path

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I'm using Windows 7 and Office 2007 and Excel is having this issue. When I double click a particular Excel spreadsheet I get the following error:

Excel cannot access 'FILE.xls'. The document may be read-only or encrypted.

I click OK. Then :

'FILE.xls' cannot be accessed. The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or is read-only.

I click OK

This does not happen in all cases. Some Excel files can be opened with a double click. Some files work OK. With this file,if I open Excel first then select the file using file->open the file loads fine. I have checked the file association, it's fine. I've checked the file attributes, it's not flagged read-only.

A:Double click Excel file may not work

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Make a copy of the problematic file and keep it in a safe place.

Open Excel and then open the problematic file using File > Open
Save the file as an XLSX file.
Close Excel

Open Excel and then open that XLSX file using File > Open
Save the file as an "Excel 97-2003 Workbook" XLS file.
Close Excel

Test opening the XLS version just saved via double click.

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I have a temp file ( ~DF2784.tmp 48KB) which appears in local settings. If I try to delete it I get the message: Cannot delete ~DF2784.tmp: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again. I cannot find any program that is running it. It seems to refresh itself on boot up.

Can anyone tell me if this is generated by Windows XP? It seems to have appeared after upgrading to SP2 and loading IE7. The only other change on my system is installing Carbonite backup.

System: Windows XP SP2
F-Secure Anti Virus 2006

The only other utilities on my compter are:
UniBlue Speed up My PC
Registry Mechanic.

My systems seems to be working fine except IE7 bombs out quite a lot - "IE has to close down..." but runs perfectly on IE6.

I am not paranoid about temporary files but feel more secure if I know what is creating them and why they appear.

A:Solved: Solved: can anyone tell what generates this temp file?

Yes, I get a Temp file about the same size, the exact number/name will vary depending on many different factors.

Assuming its in Temp Files under local settings, its expected and normal (that is what the location is for)

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Hi, I've been having this problem for a while now. I don't know when it started/what caused it tohugh

When I double click mp3-files Winamp doesn't react. However, the single window freezes. I can open and use another window while the other is frozen, which means explorer.exe doesn't crash totally...

This is not true for .avi files or .doc files though. I seriously am at a loss here.

It might have something to do with the problems I've been having with Opera for a long time. Every 3 minutes or so the browser freezes for 5-10 seconds and then goes back to function normally. But it also has total crashes regularly. I've tried reinstalling Opera (deleting it and then doing a new install) but somehow the application setup is still there when I've reinstalled it (favourites, personal bar, etc.)

A:[SOLVED] Windows Explorer shell freezes when double clicking files

Hi Norwegian and welcome to TSF !

Do you have that problem with all files you double-click or only with certain file types ? If it's only with mp3-files then uninstall/reinstall winamp.

Do you have SP2 and all the latest critical updates from Windows update ?

Are there any process in the task manager (press ctrl+alt+del and go to the processes tab) that are taking some cpu usage when this happens ?

Go to the device manager : start => run => devmgmt.msc. Check "show hidden devices" in the view tab and tell us whether there's any device with a warning sign next to its name.

Run the event viewer : start => run => eventvwr.msc. Search the different sections for errors and report about what you find.

How much free space do you have on your drives ? Have you defragmented them recently ? Go to start => Run and type chkdsk x: /F /R (replace x with the drive's volume letter), answer no when it asks to unmount the volume then yes to scan the drive at startup and reboot the computer. Do this for all your local drives.

What are your computer specs ? See the link in my sig about posting system specs. Enter the BIOS at startup (repeatedly press del or search for a message telling you which key to press to enter setup) and search for a harware monitor or pc health screen. Report what your cpu temp, fan speed and voltages are.

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For years, right up until about one week ago, whenever I double-clicked on a PGP8 encrypted ".sda.exe" file, be it tiny or immense, I always had the passphrase type-in plate appear on the screen instantly.

Starting that one week ago, on all drives, when I double-clicked one of these ".sda.exe" encrypted archive files, I was presented with ridiculous delays between 1 and 3 minutes before the type-in plate for my passphrase appeared on the screen. During this delay, my machine slows, severely, almost to a halt and the drive can be heard during all of that waiting time.

* I've reformatted C:\ and reinstalled XP Professional in an effort to start fresh and maybe remove the problem - it has made NO difference. That's the part that scared me the most.

* I've tried earlier versions of PGP, after fully uninstalling PGP8. No difference.

* I've used every piece of spyware, virus and adware removal I can download and that has made no difference to this problem.

* I've used "MSConfig" to eliminate everything but the PGP software, itself, and there was no difference then, either.

This delay is really worrying me.

BUT.....I noticed, earlier, that, if I start up in SAFE MODE, and double-click ANY of the PGP8 encrypted archive (".sda.exe") files, huge or tiny, the type-in plate for my passphrase appears ABSOLUTELY INSTANEOUSLY, just like they used to! It was so nice to see the type-in plate appear quickly, ag... Read more

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Using windows XP/control ctr/add-remove proram, uninstalled a Lexmark Inkjet printer. Restarting pc now produces following desktop error message ..."can't load DLXSUPMON.DLL..."- it will go away by xing-out the program and continuing, but its a real pain and a waste of time to deal with- Anyone with a suggestion how to remove/ stop it? I've checked for file remenants and everything appears to have been removed-
many thanks in advance-

A:Solved: uninstalled Lexmark generates error messages at start-up...

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First time poster here! I am helping a user of ours in Atlanta who is having odd behavior with MS Word 2003 and Excel. Detect&Repair also causes application crash. Anything stand out in this log?Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2:18:29 PM, on 9/13/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\bin\CSAControl.exeC:\Program Files\Cisco\CSAgent\bin\leventmgr.exeC:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\residentagent.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exeC:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\LocalSch.EXEC:\WINDOWS\... Read more

A:Word / Excel Crashing When Clicking File->open

Hello and welcome to BC.Sorry for the delayed reply. Nothing suspicious in the log.

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