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S-Video problem with Nvidia 9800GT

Q: S-Video problem with Nvidia 9800GT


I have an i7 with windows 7 (32Bit) installed and GeForce 9800 GT.
I used to connect my pc to the TV via s-video and it usually worked until 2 weeks ago, it just stopped.
So I thought the problem must be with the cable, so I replaced but it's not working.

I even updated nvidia's driver, didn't work. (version

I have attached a screenshot of the nvidia control panel. I have tried all possible settings and even though it is detecting the "TV", it's still not working.

Any advise please?

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Preferred Solution: S-Video problem with Nvidia 9800GT

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have a new computer with Vista x64 on it and an Nvidia 9800gt video card. The card has dvi ports on it and my monitor has a vga and an hdmi hookup.

If i use the dvi-to-hdmi connector, graphics are much sharper but the fonts (in games, in browsers, in regular windows) are very hard on the eyes and font colors are hard to distinguish in as if they are too faint

If i use the dvi-to-vga connection, the fonts are great, but it definitely feels what im seeing is much more "dull" as far as graphics, sharpness, etc.

I am sure there must be a setting somewhere that i could find a way to make the fonts look clear and rich in color on the hdmi connection, but i cannot find it. Ive tried diff resolutions, adjusting color settings on monitor and video card, fiddling with windows cleartype font settings, etc.

Am I just imagining things? Or are there any kind of issues people have heard along this line? Thanks for any help or tips someone can reply with.

A:Vista x64 HDMI video issue (Nvidia 9800gt)

right click on the mouse and go to the Nvidia control panel. have it set up with the HDMI, and try to make sure all settings are right. you can also set the overall graphics to be set to performance, Quality. or balance. I'd use HDMI. and set it for Balance and see if that helps. not to mention any other settings in there Nvidia control panel you think would help.. try that

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Hi guys,

Heres the deal.

I brought a custom made PC around 5 months back. Its a gaming PC so as you guessed im a pretty competant gamer

The porblem i have had for quiet a while now is within an hour of playing a first perosn shooting game or any intensive game, all of the screen will suddenly change colour (it turns multicoloured) and the sound starts repeating.

After this has happened the PC wil not respond to any commands. I have tried to check the tempretures but i cant as the PC wont respond.

When this happens I always have to restart the PC at the button (whihc i hate doing).
This is really annoying for online mp games since i suddenly disconnect at the wrong times.

I dont believe it is a fan issue because , well to be honest my computer keeps me cool i have so many fans.

Hope you can help...

System Specs:
ASUS P5QL PRO Motherboard (intel P43 Express Chipset)
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz
nVidia Geforce 9800GT
4gb RAM
have a soundblaster soundcard but i doubt that matters.
Powersupply - NeoPower 650 Blue

Ive checked the voltages and tempretures whislt running a game. its all fine.

A:Nvidia 9800GT Problem

Which OS are you using to run games?

Have you tried updating or reinstalling the video driver? If not, download and install Driver Sweeper and run the program after performing a regular uninstall (from the Add/Remove Programs window). This will clean up the previous driver installation. After you restart the system, install the latest WHQL'd drivers and restart the computer again. Once the system is back online, try running any game for at least an hour.

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Hi guys,

Heres the deal.

I brought a custom made PC around 5 months back. Its a gaming PC so as you guessed im a pretty competant gamer

The porblem i have had for quiet a while now is within an hour of playing a first perosn shooting game or any intensive game, random pixles on the screen suddenly change colour (it turns multicoloured) and the sound starts repeating.

After this has happened the PC wil not respond to any commands. I have tried to check the tempretures but i cant as the PC wont respond.

When this happens I always have to restart the PC at the button (whihc i hate doing).
This is really annoying for online mp games since i suddenly disconnect at the wrong times.

I dont believe it is a fan issue because , well to be honest my computer keeps me cool i have so many fans.

Hope you can help...
System Specs:
ASUS P5QL PRO Motherboard (intel P43 Express Chipset)
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz
nVidia Geforce 9800GT
4gb RAM
have a soundblaster soundcard but i doubt that matters.
Powersupply - NeoPower 650 Blue

I have checked the tempretures and voltages during gameplay and they seem OK.

A:Nvidia 9800GT Problem

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Hello to all,
I recently downloaded the latest driver for my MSI 9800GT.Then i run the setup and the computer restarted after insrallation.Then i got this corrupted graphics(default color 4 bit) after restart.This also happened when i installed previuos driver 182.xx.Can someone tell me what's the right steps to install this driver cause i think the first time i install it,it will uninstall my previous driver.So i have again install the driver.
However i went to control panel and there was still nvidia driver.So i uninstalled it and the install thenew 185.85 driver.After the restart i went to settings to change the resolution but i couldn't find my monitor (19" samsung) native resl 1440X900.I then saw in monitor settings that there i found out that the checkbox "hide modes that this monitor does supprt is disabled".So i am really confused what went wrong.I tried other resolutions but they are really crap,texts and my screen are blur so i can't use other resolutions.I had to resinstall my old driver 182 which is supporting 1440X900.
Do someone know what went wrong?or what's the correct steps to install nvidia driver cause i am really fustrated with this driver installation.I am running win XP 32-bit.Please guide me.Thankx in advance

A:Nvidia 185.85 driver problem for MSI 9800GT

You say you are running XP 32-bit, but you show a dual boot with Vista Ultimate in your system specs... Does this video driver issue show in the Vista boot?

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About a month ago i bought a 9800 GT graphics card on craigslist and had a weird problem with it on the night of installation. The initial start up sequence would have a pixelized patter and once Winodows was loaded it would show 5 thick vertical pink lines. I tried everything i could to get rid of them (except things in BIOS) like things like reinstalling and general messing around with it. I gave up and let it sit and the next morning it still did it but after a random restart i decided to do it magically fixed itself! This was accopanied with an error code 43 in the Device Manager and all drivers were up to date (not to mention trying a lot of others too!).
Since yesterday it has been doing the exact same thing and tonight i am leaving the case off to let it cool (which is a 24/7 thing anyway until i can get another fan). I'm not on it right now so it's fine to sit here for a while but i did read on another forum that if you take a screenshot of your desktop as the pink bars are there and if they appear then it's probably a card problem, if they didn't, connector problem. They don't show up on the screenshot.
Between these two incidents I have been able to play high graphics games with complete ease and no problems at all. Please, any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Nvidia GeForce 9800GT Problem

That's a pretty clever test. Yes, that would narrow it down. So, take a really good look at the card and all its connections. Make sure no pins are bent anywhere (if there are pins), that there is nothing obvious wrong that you can see on the card itself, and try removing it and cleaning the metallic connection surface with a little alcohol on a paper towel or something that won't leave lint or a residue.

Overheating is going to kill it. Heat may already have damaged it and this may be the result.

You probably already know what I want to say about buying things on Craigslist, and maybe the seller is honest and would even return your money, so I'll say no more.

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When i am playing games, am i best having my Nvida 9800GT 1G's power management setting at adaptive or prefer maximum performance? What shall give the better performance?

A:Nvidia 9800GT

hm... usually the one that is the least power saving gives the best performance

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I've just placed my new Geforce 9800GT, and after a few minutes, after I installed my drivers, I checked the temperature.
It showed 130 degrees! How is this possible?
It didnt do anything yet.. just installing the drivers.
Could Hwmonitor CPUID be wrong? EVGA tool gives the same temperature..
We've had problems with overheating with our previous card so I'm pretty sure it must've something to do with wiring or something.
The CPU temperature is perfect.

Thanks in advance

My computerspecs are:
Aspire M5640 - 1M7C
Windows Vista
Intel core 2 Quad Q6600
Nvidia Geforce 9800GT

A:Nvidia geforce 9800GT

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Hello everyone. I am very annoyed so i hope u will help me. I have Nvidia 9800GT graphic card, samsung 22" monitor and Panasonic 50" PLASMA tv. Earlier i had WIN XP, and was connecting my computer and PLASMA with HDMI cable from graphic card out and it worked like a charm. Now, i switched to Windows 7, and all i have on my tv as second monitor is BLANK screen, it is recognized by windows as panasonic tv, its there, but its blank. I tried litterally everything, now i am desperate...

Pls help, thx in advanced. Oh yes i have installed newest WIN7 drivers...

A:Nvidia 9800GT - NO HDMI tv out

You should be able to right click on the desktop to access the Nvidia control panel. From there you should be able to enable HDMI and the dual monitor settings should be there as well.

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Wadup gents (and ladies). I have an NVIDIA 9800GT 512mb that used to work perfectly, but a few months ago when i switched on my pc, it said, no signal. The card gets completely hot and i dont know whether it has to do with thermal paste or not.
I had my friend flux the card, he said it should help (but it didn't). it's not my DVI cable either coz i bort a brand new 1 recently. He told me to check whether i get any picture using the S-Video connection but i dont know how to use that. I managed to get an S-Video cable but what do i connect it to?
Please and Thanx for viewing

A:NVIDIA 9800GT no signal

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Hey well im buying my graphics card on monday and the 2 cards are pretty much the same price
DCS (Doncaster) Ltd. Online Store
DCS (Doncaster) Ltd. Online Store
Sparkle 9800gt or Asus 4830

my computer specs are in the special box in the sig
im pretty much stumped which card i should get, ive heard good things about both
i dont plan on crossfire or sli so that doesnt bother me, the size and heat doesnt bother me, overclocking doesnt bother me either =/

A:ATI 4830 Vs Nvidia 9800GT

well because you have a nvidia chipset i would say the 9600
otherwise i would say 4830

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Recently i had just moved my computer from a desk to a new one, and I unhooked all the connections and all that. Before the move, i had the monitor plugged into my graphics card, Nvidia 9800Gt. I hooked everything up the same, but I turn the computer on, and nothing shows up on my monitor. I'm using a DVI into the card. However when I plug a VGA into the computer directly, it works fine. I would like to know what happened, and if there is anything i can do? Anyone had this problem before?

A:Nvidia 9800gt not detected?

remove and reseat te graphics card and then turn it on, if that does not work, there might have been a static build up, so when you unplugged the cable you may have set that of, and blown the gpu. and also, if you can, borrow a friends GPU and plug it in and see if that works.

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So, I got a new GC today, NVIDIA 9800 GT, I was all fired up hoping to play some of my old games again, so i turned on my COD2 and what happens- its lags beyond belief on the LOWEST possible settings, I turn on WoW- same.

Im using Windows XP, and i get the " The Nvidia system sentinel is reporting that Nvidia-powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power.

To protect hardware from potential damage or causing a potential system lockup, the graphics processor has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operations."

I'm really confused and pissed cause i spent a lot of money on the damn thing.

Any help appreciated D:!

A:Solved: NVIDIA 9800GT need some help :(

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Just bought a desktop - Gateway FX4710-UB003A, with Vista HP x64, and the NVidia 9800GT video card.

It has problems which is why I found this forum and joined.

First thing I did with my new computer was run EZTune to install drivers etc for my also new Gateway HD2201 Widescreen. It seemed to work. But when I rebooted, the system crashed so bad that a complete system restore had to be done. The cause was something like a "faulty driver".

I tried again. This time, only EZTune crashed, at least not the entire system.

When I tried using NVidia Control Panel it caused another system crash. No need to restore the system though.

Then I looked at the video card driver and found it was an older one (7516). I downloaded the newest one from NVidia's website and installed it (7779).

That didn't help at all. I still can't run EZTune, and I still can't use the NVidia control panel.

Does this mean I should return the computer and get another brand? Or am I doing something wrong? Or does someone know a work-around? I would love to fix this and keep my computer.

Thanks in advance!

A:FX4710-UB003A/NVidia 9800GT - don't like each other?!

Well, I found that the video card was broken. Returned the computer, got a new one, so far so good.

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Ok so garrysmod (hl2 game) and call of duty black ops are all experiencing
this graphic glitch where all the textures seem to misplace them self
everythings fine and dandy for about 30 secs of gameplay then a sudden flash and everything changes to the image below


also every bsod i've had relates to nv4_disp.dll

On Fri 2/25/2011 9:02:04 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini022511-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: nv4_disp.dll (nv4_disp+0x4A8139)
Bugcheck code: 0x10000050 (0xFFFFFFFFF6DB4988, 0x1, 0xFFFFFFFFBD4BA139, 0x2)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\nv4_disp.dll
product: NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 266.58
company: NVIDIA Corporation
description: NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 266.58
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: nv4_disp.dll (NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Display driver, Version 266.58 , NVIDIA Corporation).
Google query: nv4_disp.dll NVIDIA Corporation CUSTOM_ERROR

On Thu 2/24/2011 4:19:30 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini022411-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: nv4_disp.dll (nv4_disp+0x8F27B)
Bugcheck code: 0x1000008E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFFFFFBD0A127B, 0xFFFFFFFFAD797B68, 0... Read more

A:Nvidia geforce 9800gt Dying?

Hello there.

If you have the latest drivers. please uninstall them, run driver sweeper and then reinstall the latest ones. It could also be that your GPU is dying.

Do you get this behavior without playing any games? HD content streaming, Movies?

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Now, you might think that I would choose the HD4850 right off the bat because it eats the 9800 (basically 8800) in performance.

But I'm afraid of moving to ATI... I owned 1 ATI card before this, and it kept crashing, even after I replaced it (this was on my old comp), then... my uncle's ATI 9800 also crashed a lot.. so I don't know what to tell you guys.

This is what im afraid of, maybe someone can clear my concerns:

1. Heard that IDLE temps are absolutely awful, worse than 60C on idle like most of the 8800s, I don't want the card to melt while im playing...
2. Heard that on load the card reaches 80C... -my 8800GTS 320 right now doesn't reach that.
3. Lifetime - with those temps I don't think this card will last 1-2 years.
4. Some people say that ATI drivers are inferior to Nvidia's drivers in terms of performance and especially stability --?

thanks in advance

will my power supply hold this?


A:Nvidia 9800GT or ATI HD4850? Upgrading

The HD 4850 is the superior choice. It only runs hot because the default fan speed is low. Crank that up a bit and it runs cool. And FYI, 89-90C is the normal operating temp for the RV700 GPU.
As far as drivers are concerned, ATI's drivers are fantastic and their Vista drivers worked perfectly from the start (and still do), unlike NVIDIA's BSOD-causing ones. Your PSU's sufficient too, so no problem there. You're good to go.

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About an hour ago while playing Call of duty 4 my graphics tweaked out and since then I can't do anything(posting from my netbook). In the device manager it tells me "Device Status: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported erorrs(code 43).

Since that I have tried to reinstall my latest drivers and the Nvidia says "The Nvidia Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." I have reseated my video card and switched the power to it and still no luck.

Has my video card died? It currently is in 640x480 resolution with very low colors. I've checked a few posts on these forums and none of the solutions seem to affect my system. Any help will be appreciated.

Edit: Just ran "Find and fix problems with devices" and got a different answer than before.
Device Status: This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1) The system cannot find the file specified( it tried to install a driver automatically and failed)

I just found this which is making me think my card has died http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...4-10bdca977afb

A:Nvidia 9800gt Error code 43

Check the driver's tab of the Display Adapter in the Device Manager to see what driver is installed. With that resolution, I would tend to suspect that it has reverted to standard VGA.

Before writing the card off, I would try using Driver Sweeper to remove the current driver (NOT THE VGA ONE) and then boot to Safe Mode as Administrator and use the Have Disk method of installation, if directly running the Nvidia driver balked again.

EDIT: Use the latest driver from Nvidia, not the one that Windows installs.

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I am looking to upgrade from my current PC as it is quite old and can run hardly any games from 2005 onwards.

I've got to a point where I need to find a graphics card. I know that on the minimum requirements for the game it says NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT and am assuming that this will be good enough but I just want to make sure.

Edit: Or would I be better off with a GeForce GTS 450 even though they are quite a bit more expensive for me?


A:Will Nvidia GeForce 9800GT run CoD:Black Ops?

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pretty much the same as this guys post http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic111066.html minidump is attached i can run the system in normal windows, but as soon as the card has to use some of that power its supposed to have POOF freezing, hanging, crashing, only thing missing is the loud bang of my computer hitting the wall.. i just got this card TODAY! and its been like this since i got it, friends tell me to return it and get a new one.. but since XFX has seemed to be the crapshoot of videocards who knows.. and yes i know drivers and all that blah blah tried them all from the kind that came with my computer to the beta none work..i can play cod4 for like 2-10 minutes before it crashs, i can play counterstrike source, but i need to alt tab when it starts to get choppy or it crashs to Ideas!! Pros Help!

anyone have any ideas?

A:Pros! Help XFX Nvidia 9800GT Issues

Well, the 8800/9800GTs are known to run very hot so you may want to try using RivaTuner to adjust the fan speed before you play a game. I'm going to assume your card is the YDLU model that came with the COD4 game, correct? If so, I believe the vf900cu Zalman cooler will fit if you are having heat problems. You may just need to run Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper to wipe all nVidia drivers, including chipset, and then reinstall the drivers afterward. Also, make sure your PSU is powerful enough to run the card. If all else fails, I would contact XFX tech support and have them set up an RMA. They will probably also tell you to run Driver Cleaner or whatever so try that first so you can tell them you've already been there.

...and btw, where in NH are you from?

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So I have this 9800GT. It's a fair card, not that great, but not bad either. From what I've heard at least. In all honesty, I couldn't even get a chance to try this bad boy out. When I put it in, plug in cables and then seat it in where it's supposed to be, everything seems to be just fine. When you turn it on, well, it constantly bleeds red everywhere. Like, it would be totally blue-green, which is the cable's fault, it's like that with the integrated card, and then all of a sudden, it would shake the screen totally red, and then go back. On occasion, it stops sending signal for five minutes or so, and then comes back, but not for long. Doesn't do that with the Integrated card. All signs are leading to it being dead, but you guys are the gurus, and all help would be appreciated.


A:nVIDIA 9800GT, is this a dead card?

Have you experimented with any drivers? Sometimes with NVidia the latest driver is not the best for a particular system.

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I have been using a Nvidia 9800 gt vid card and have really only played one game using it. Had Rift going for a few weeks running fine on high/ultra graphics. One day I hop on and the game is unplayable due to skipping. Shortly after the blue screen pops up and shuts down the computer due to nvidia failure. I update the drivers, uninstalled then reinstalled them as well. Nothing seems to work. I have completely wiped out the computer and now am back to normal except the game will not run unless on lowest graphics (and is still choppy).

Just wondering the direction i should take.

A:Rift suddenly unplayable with Nvidia 9800GT

Kind of sounds like you might have an over heating problem. Have you tried setting the fan manually? Although, if everything has been working fine up to this point it could also be a power related issue or the card itself.

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I have a 9800GT and it's been a damn good servant for almost 3 years, i'm very happy with it but i have one question about the temperatures.
When the card is at idle i get 49/50C, when i play old games the temp stays the same way, when i try and play the newest game the temperature gets to 72C, sometimes a little bit over 80.I mean i know that this cards runs hot but should i be worried ?
Because i'm trying to convince myself that for a 9800GT that temps(when high-gaming) are normal...but still i'm a little bit scared to continue playing :lol:.I'm using MSI Afterburner to auto control my fan speed according to my temperature because otherwise is running only @ 30 %.I haven't change thermal paste for the gpu since i got it though, and i'm still with the stock cooling.So will you guys ease my worries so i can game on freely without any treat or should i do something else
Thanks in advance.
Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native one .

A:Should i be worried about temperature (Nvidia GeForce 9800GT)

Your temps are a little high, but not catastrophic.

I would address your situation with:

- case cooling

- re-apply thermal paste

- after-market cooler
...in that order.

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Hello people, this is my first post here, I was wondering should I change my 2x ATI radeon hd 4850 for 2x Nvidia 9800. I hear a lot of good things about Nvidia cards albeit i've only ever used ATI.

A:2x ATI Radeon HD 4850 or 2 x Nvidia 9800GT 512MB SLI

No real difference for most uses... unless you are a gamer or a designer or a photo editor.

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hey everyone!

i would like to say im doing okay, but unfortunately i need help. heres the situation-- i just purchased a sparkle NVidia 9800gt graphics card for my HTPC the HP Slimline. its a really powerful low profile card so it was really hard getting it into the box (also required new power supply), but i did it and everything powered on fine eventually. however its been about 3 days and i still cant get it to actually install. everytime i boot up windows (which in case i have the VGA cable plugged in from the graphics card) and install it, it gives me an error stating " The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request." and when i look in the properties it says "(code 28)". Ive also tried using the installation disk and bypassing windows installer, but that doesn't work either. i have tried several means as to getting this thing installed. i used a freeware program call "driver sweeper" from guru3d,com to sweep the existing drivers, but im sure that probably only made things worse (me accidently uninstalling my NVidia ethernet lol).

So all in all i just need someone to possibly guide me through this process. Ive tried searching for answers on my own of course but i just cant seem to get this resolved.

my system specs are as follows:
HP slimline 3400z
Vista ultimate 32 bit
AMD 64 X2 dual core processor 4400+ 2.30 ghz
4 gigs of ram
500 GB internal western digital harddrive

ALL and ANY help w... Read more

A:HP Slimline Graphics card installation help-- NVidia 9800gt

update: just called microsoft, unfortunately they didnt help me too much at as to resolving this issue. however i did come across an article on the microsoft support website. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927524

This article seems to have another possible alternative to getting the driver installed, but still doesnt seem to have specific details relating to my issue. So at this point all i can really count on is the expertise from experienced members on this site for help.

again all and any help at all whatsoever is greatly appreciated.

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Hi guys!

Ive been looking around on the internet to see which drivers work best with Windows 7 and it seems like 185.85 seems to be the best. But i was wondering as the post i found was from 2009, is there any of the new drivers working better with windows 7? I did see that 314.22 worked for some.

Anyway thanks for the help,


A:Latest Nvidia 9800GT Drivers that work with Windows 7?

My missus has a 9800GT and it runs everything as good as could be with 314.22 drivers. Even with my GTX 560 i run the same driver's. No point in going with the latest unless there is some fix for certain games and your model of card. This is really all they bring new drivers out for fixing game bugs and making newer cards more compatible.

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I'm deliberating between these two graphic cards before buying - which one is better and why?


A:Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD4850 vs nVIDIA GeForce 9800GT

4850 is about 15% better in general, at least. I highly recommend it, my new 4850 totally brought my games alive. It's about the best bang for your buck today.

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I just had this card installed, and i am now having problems with video's down loaded from the web. The video picture colors are all off, sound is fine. I Am using Windows XP pro. It/videos work intermitantly?? Mostly dont,,, PC Games and still pics are just GREAT. Any ideas on how to fix. I have fiddled with different things but nothing changes the video color quality.

A:New, Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256Mb Video Card and have problem with down loaded video

Ah, my friend.it sounds not to be a video card problem, but more of a codec issue. make sure your codecs are up to date and if that doesn't work, post your system specs.

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I have a Nvidia Geforce 6200 8x AGP. 512mb of RAM. Whenever I scroll down I get a flutter in my screen, like I'm going too fast for it.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling my video card several times and even switching it out and still the same result. I've checked the device manager and found a yellow x next to next to Nividia Geforce 6200.

What do i do?

A:Pesky Video Problem Nvidia 6200 agp Scrolling problem

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Hi, I'm havign some trouble with my video card. It's a 7900 GT. So my issue is that a few weeks ago I installed new drivers for it and I started having problems with the graphics of all my games. Certain pixels would stretch to random places, shadows would become purple, etc. Well nvidia came out with a new driver said to fix this problem but it seems to me like it has done nothing. So I'm assuming either these drivers are messed up or I did something I didnt realise. Any ideas on what's up, what i can do to fix it, and is anyone else having these problems?

A:Nvidia video card problem

And that ladies and gentlemen is called artifacts dude im getting the same problems as well read my post and look at rage's post it'll probably help you out

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Hey all, so I just tweaked my 7600GS as I was having problems while gaming. And ever since then whenever I open a video file (mpg, avi, wmv, divx) it plays with very dark video. Almost like looking at an LCD monitor from almost directly above. I can tweak the brightness of Divx files to play brighter but all other movie files remain the same. I've tried all the best players (vlc, mplayclassic, wmc) with the same effect.

Whoops sorry maybe wrong thread. Feel free to move to Audio and Video.

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I just bought a new game, and when I installed it it gave me an "graphics driver cannot run OpenGL 1.3"

I tried downloading the latest VGA driver from NVIDIA, but when i try to extract it two files do not extract. It gives me a 0x80004005 error code.

Any information on how to fix this extraction problem OR, even better, how to get my video driver to support OpenGL 1.3 would be excellent.


A:NVIDIA Video card driver problem

It would help us a lot to know what your graphics card *is*....

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Hi all. My computer has a very strange problem with nvidia graphic cards. For some reason they dont work in Windows 2000 or XP. They work perfectly in 98 though. When i try to use an nvidia card in my computer with either xp or 2000 it says "This Device Could Not Start (Code 10). Yet any other brand works fine. I tried to install new graphic card drivers but that didnt help. Could this problem be with my bios? Do i need to flash it? Or is my motherboard not compatible with nvidia video cards? The motherboards chipset is the VIA Apollo PRO 133.
Ive tried both a geforce MX440 and a Vanta LT but they both do exactly the same thing.

These are my system specs:
Windows 2000 Pro SP4
Intel Pentium III 800mhz
192MB Ram
10GB Hdd
Nvidia Vanta LT 8MB AGP

Thanks, Nissanman

A:Weird Nvidia Video Card Problem

You have a very old/outdated motherboard and system. If you can get along with any other card besides the Nvidia cards, go ahead and use them. I really doubt if a bios upgrade is available for your board

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i just got a new pc, a cyber power pc, and i got a 9800gt 512mb card to go with it.
when i plug it in i get no display and the fan isn't working either. it says it needs 400+w for the card and my system has 420w is that not enough for the card? what could be the problem?

A:9800gt problem

usually what i read is that power systems don't run at its peak. if it is asking for a 400w power supply you might want to get something around 550w labeled on it.

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I have a 3 year old Gateway GT5012 with a Gateway customized Intel D945GCZ Rev 15A motherboard that has PCIex16. Gateway has a custom version called the Cortez motherboard. I have tried unsuccessfully to install a BFG nVidia 8800 GT and PNY 8600 GT PCIe video card. The computer does not recognize either. It gives a hardware timeout when I tell it to update the drivers on the generic video driver that Vista 32 defaults. The error screen does list the proper hardware but says the driver install failed due to timeout.

Here is what I have tried so far:
- Updated BIOS to latest revision,circa 2006, Intel drivers do not load only Gateway drivers
- Updated chipset drivers from Intel website
- Disabled onboard graphics driver in BIOS
- Installed latest nVidia drivers
- Returned 8800 card and bought 8600 at recommendation of BFG support
- Reseated card
- Upgraded power supply to 500W

A:Problem installing nVidia 8x00 video card

Looks like you did all the right things. Maybe some leftover driver junk is causing your problem. See here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1655

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I have an Nvidia 6800 Ultra card. Two months ago all mpeg, avi, etc. clips started playing in what I describe as ghostly images. Color is distorted with a gray and white tint. Happens on all saved clips, news clips, entertainment clips, etc. Initially thought my card was going bad but have ran various tests and AquaMark3 with excellent results. I also play games (DOOM3, HalfLife2, etc.) with excellent resolution. I did a clean install of operation system and everything from ground up but still have the same problem. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

A:Video Card Problem Nvidia 6800 Ultra

Are you using the latest Nvidia driver? www.nvidia.com

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Hello all,
I have never posted here before, but I am at my wits end. I just bought a video card out of a Dell Dimension 8100 to install in my computer. I have a Gigabyte GA-7ZX-1 motherboard, VIA KT133 AGPset, socket A cpu, with a 600 MhZ AMD Duron processor. I have 128MB PC133 SDRAM, and currently have a VooDoo3 3000 PCI video card. On my first attempt to install the new video card, I removed the current drivers, shut down the computer, switched video cards and upon reboot I have no display and the computer just beeped. So I reinstalled the voodoo card and reinstalled the drivers, everything is fine. Shut down the computer put the GeForce card in an rebooted. Went online and downloaded both the Nvidia drivers and the Dell specific drivers. When I tried to run the self-installing programs they both say that the Nvidia chipset is not installed on my computer. I found the CPU to AGP controller in my system devices and in shows no problems, not disabled, no exclamation point. I tried to "Add New Hardware" from the control panel and it Windows does not recognize that it is even there. Can any one shed some light on this??

A:Problem with 32MB Nvidia GeForce2 MX video card

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I have been having a lot of trouble with my new card from XFX it is the Geforce 9800GT 512Mb. The problem is that whenever I start a 3D application mainly games my computer will randomly reboot. I have been able to play anywhere from 5sec to 2 or 3 hours. So far I have tried 3 different drivers, the one on the disc it came with, the latest on NVIDIA's site, and the one from XFX's site. I have already submitted a ticket to XFX with no reply. I have also tried several different games, UT3, WOW, Red Alert 3, and a few others all of them reboot eventually. I have opened my case up to allow more air flow and it has made no difference. I have also upped the fan speed on the card using NVIDIA's tools. Nothing is overclocked.

Here is my system
Pentium 4 3.0Ghz
2Gb DDR 3200 RAM
2 Hard Disk
1 DVD Burner
Windows XP sp3
XFX Geforce 9800GT XXX 512Mb
Asus P5GD1
PSU 550W

I appreciate any help you can give.

A:Geforce 9800GT problem

Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Settings under Startup and Recovery > Uncheck Automatically Restart under System Failure. Rather than automatically restarting your computer, it will display the BSOD to you. This will help you figure out exactly why the crash is occurring. While it's usually video issues, it's not always.

If it is video issues, then you could try progressing back to older drivers until you find one that doesn't crash. I have to do this myself frequently after having updated to the newest drivers for my card.

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I have this card for years and few month, and had no problems, but last week, on Saturday, I was playing alot of Left 4 Dead 2, and heard strainge fan voice.I checked out whats happening with "Asus smart doctor" , and it was about 100C and 100% of fan.I turned off the pc, but few days later, it happened again, but this time, I wasn't playing, I was just watching "Simpsons", it was 80C and 100% by doing nothing, i checkted it a bit more before i shutdown the pc, and the temperature was getting higher and higher by doing nothing.Now it happens to me everyday, sometimes by playing, sometimes even when background comes.Sometimes i can play 1 or 2 hours and it won't get more then 60C, and sometimes i just need to be on internet for few minutes to get to 70C and it will get higher and higher and the only think that stops that, is shuting down or get pc to sleep.What's the problem?I haven't noticed any graphics reduced or lags, it is like it was before, but sometimes, it just came to get higher and higher temperature by doing nothing.

A:Problem with Geforce 9800GT

When was the last time you cleaned the fan? Dust build up could cause the fan to slow down and increase heat.

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i have putted windows 7 ultimate 64bit operating system on my notebook Acer 5635G. There is a problem in installing video driver for NVIDIA GEFORCE G105M CUDA 512Mb.
before that i was using Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit operating system, and drivers were fine.
Please help me to find compatible driver for my notebook.

A:Acer Extensa 5635G nVIDIA video driver problem

Hi fett400.

I bought an Acer Extensa 5635ZG recently and had the same problem with my NVIDIA GeForce G105M 512 Mb Turbo Cache. After many attempts to install the right driver, I connected Windows update to do its job. One of the first Windows update downloaded and installed was about Nvidia graphic cards and the problem finished. However, it happened while migrating from Vista Home to Win.7 Pro 32bits, so I don't know whether the same procedure will fix it for Win.7 Ult x64.

Good luck.

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Hi all,

I am having a baffling issue regarding the install of an Nivdia Geforce GT710 video card into an HP
H8-1217c desktop running windows 10. Here is the problem as described below:

The card installs into the motherboard with no problem. When the desktop boots up, I get the startup splash screen for several seconds then the screen goes blank. The computer does not crash and shut down, but becomes unresponsive until I shut it down. If I take the card out, the desktop runs with no problems.

I've researched the card for several weeks and it appears to be a good match for the desktop I'm trying to install
it in, so I am at a loss to explain why this is happening. The desktop in question is being used for processing home videos and the video card supports 2 displays which is what I am looking for.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

The specs of the desktop in question are below:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8098 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 1851 GB (211 GB Free); D: 11 GB (1 GB Free); P: 1862 GB (1170 GB Free);
Antivirus: ThreatTrack Security VIPRE, Disabled

Again, thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions.


A:Problem Installing Nvidia GeForce GT710 Video Card

You appear to have a HP Pavilion HPE h8-1217c Desktop PC.
Its Pegatron motherboard has a PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot for adding a graphic card, and it has a 300W power supply.
I'm very familiar with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 graphic card, and your HP desktop should be able to handle it just fine.

After you uninstall the driver for the Intel graphic device, then shut down(not restart) that desktop, then install the graphic card, then start up that desktop, it should load fine.
You need to be patient and let it go through its startup process.
Once it does, then you can install the current driver (388.13) for the graphic card.

What do you mean when you say that desktop becomes unresponsive until you shut it down?
What exactly is it doing after you press the power-on button?


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I have a Samsung 58" plasma series 6 TV being used as a monitor for a PC, connected via HDMI. The graphics card is a gigabyte 9800GT 512mb RAM.

The PC is an I7-920 running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, with driver version 191.07 for Windows 64 bit.

I am trying to run the TV in native resolution of 1920x1080p.

However, I have to resize the screen every few days, setting the vertical height to a lower value each time or the task bar is not visible, and the top of items on the desk top are cut off. At this stage I'm at 1848 x 788.

Any ideas why I can't see the whole desk top @ 1920x1080p and why I have to keep reducing the vertical value to keep the top/bottom visible?

A:9800GT vertical resolution shrinking problem


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I've searched the Net from top to bottom to find some UniVBE drivers that support the nVidia Vanta chipset and I've turned out blank. Does such a thing exist? Like, I can't play Contructor, that's why I'm asking

Someone said that I can find UniVBE drivers for nVidia cards at www.bootdisk.com, but I searched almost every link there and haven't found it.

A:UniVBE for nVidia Vanta (and other nVidia video cards)

advantis I have the same problem. I've looked everywhere but the drivers either have different series numbers (like 1630 or 2311) and I have a (supposedly the last 4 digits are the key).

Just read a long post from 12/01 and that guy didn't have any luck eithr.

They're telling us to live with what we have or ... get a new video card.

gah. But: you mighat want to read this post:
Drivers padutch All Other Software 28 198 12-09-2001 05:29 PM
by padutch

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Hello there, people of TechGuy forums!

Lately I've been having some problems with the graphics card on my computer (the nvidia GeForce 9800GT), that is, it's not working at all.

Here's a detailed summary of what's been going on so far:

- ORIGINALLY occurred during a video-rendering in Adobe After Effects CS4. The computer froze and green fractals and pixels (artifacts) covered the screen. There was no response
from the mouse or keyboard and the system needed a cold reboot.
- After leaving system powered down for a day, everything was working perfectly for about eight hours, after which the system-freeze happened again.
- Over the next few days, the system would work fine for at least and hour or so before a similar crash occurred, sometimes followed by a blue screen instead of a frozen desktop (with the green fractals and pixels). If I attempted to run any 3D-intensive program (such as a game or After Effects), it would happen even faster.
- After about three days, the problem ALWAYS showed up and did not allow me to run any 3D application and the following errors and problems have persisted since:

- During system start-up and POSTing, when leading into the BIOS using F10, there are red, wavy/vertical lines across the monitor.
- During the Windows Vista boot-screen, blue wavy/vertical lines can be seen.
- Within Windows, after it has loaded, the GeForce 9800GT does not work correctly despite the drivers having been installed (previously [befor... Read more

A:Solved: [GRAPHICS CARD PROBLEM?] 9800GT not working...

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Posiadam lenovo Y50-70 gtx860m . Chodzi?o wszytsko ?adnie, ale pare dni temu po w?aczeniu laptopa karta Nvidia grt860m zniknela. Nie ma jej w menadzeze urzadzen , nigdzie. Wgrywa?em sysytem win 7/ 10 i nic. Sterowniki stare i nowe tez nic. Od Nvidii nawet nie moge zainstalowac bo jej niby nie ma.  Laptop chodzi normalnie. W biosie prze?aczone jest na Nvidie. Pomocy! 
Polish to English translation....
Hello.I have lenovo Y50-70 gtx860m. Wszytsko was nice, but a few days ago after the power is turned on the laptop Nvidia grt860m disappeared. She is not in Device Manager, anywhere. Wgrywa?em sysytem win 7/10 and nothing. Drivers old and new also nothing. Since Nvidia even I can not install because it does not like. Laptop comes normally. The BIOS is switched on at NVIDIA. Help!
Mod's Edit: Google translated for benefit of English readers. Since this is an English forum, please post in English as it will ensure a better response.  Thanks!

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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam

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I'm having trouble with the VIVO on my video card. (video-in/video-out) The video card is an Albatron FX 5900 TURBO. (256 MB DDR) On the back of the card there are three ports: one VGA, one DVI, and one VIVO. The VIVO port looks similar to an s-video connection, but instead is for a VIVO adapter. (an s-video cable will not fit because there isn't a little hole for the safety pin that's on an s-video cable) The adapter that plugs into the VIVO port has four connections on it: s-video in, s-video out, composite in and composite out.

I've sat down with this one on a few occasions, and I've never been able to get a signal out to my TV. I've tried using both s-video and composite. I'm running version (the latest release -- 10/10/2005) of Albatron's nVidia driver.

I normally use dual displays, (2 CRT flat screens) but you can only have 2 displays in use at one time. When I try to get the TV display working I switch the displays in use to my primary display (CRT monitor) on VGA and secondary display (TV) on VIVO s-video out.

One issue, which I don't think should matter, is that the VIVO adapter I'm using didn't come with this card. I bought this card from a friend and he lost the original adapter, but gave me the VIVO adapter that came with his notebook. The adapter he gave me looks identical to the picture in the manual for this card. Would it make sense that these VIVO adapters are product specific and need the... Read more

A:trouble with nVidia VIVO (video-in/video-out)

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