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Query re POP Vs EMAP

Q: Query re POP Vs EMAP

At the moment I quite like the fact that mail items that I discard/delete from my Outlook account ane still available on my Gmail account. This is automatic as I currently have the account set as POP. As I would like to access my Outlook account from my lap taop whilst I am away I understand I could do this by registering the Gmail account as IMAP but I inderstand that anything I delete from my outlook account would also get deleted from my Gmail account.........Is this correct, or is there a way of deleting items from Outlook but retaining hem oon the Gmail server.

Any help would be appreciated

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Preferred Solution: Query re POP Vs EMAP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


NOTE: I could not post code because I must be really careful to protect proprietary information.

I work in an assembly plant and I've designed an Access 2003 program to deliver a set of 4 crucial parts to the floor all within a very narrow degree of tolerance. Further, the program integrates FIFO.

Ive done this by assigning each of the essential measurements codes and then running a series of queries:

Query 1 identifies the oldest Part A by sorting the available parts by the date they were inspected then by serial number (to break ties) and delivering the TOP 1.
Query 2 identifies the oldest Part B that is compatible with that Part A using the same method.
Query 3 identifies the oldest Part C that is compatible with that Part B.
Query 4 identifies the oldest Part D that is compatible with the other end of Part A. I have the parts in this order because we can begin assembly if we don't have a Part D on hand, but we must have Parts A, B, and C.
Finally, query 5 simply pulls the information from those queries into one location for a report.
As long as we have enough stock, life is good; but the moment a match cannot be made, it blows up. I cannot figure out how to make it go back to choose the next Part A. I need to figure out how and where to add code to each query to tell it that if no stock is compatible with the Part A produced by Query 1, to go back and pick the next one in line.

Can anyone help? Is the way I've gone about matching parts completely... Read more

A:Access 2003 – Query Based on Query – need code to rerun earlier query

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Hi there,

I'm very new to access and I hope I will get the simplest solution on my question below.

I have a table named "PurchaseOrder" and I'd want to create a query that will display the invoices that will due.


PONo Customer Quantity SalesPrice InvoiceDueDate
3241 A 421 $12 17-Oct-2010
6589 B 521 $19 14-Oct-2010
2234 C 987 $32 15-Oct-2010
8697 D 888 $88 18-Oct-2010

I want to create 2 queries.

The first query will display all the invoices that will due 5 days before the exact due date.
The invoice due date is 15-Oct-2010. The query will display information on 3241, 6589, and 2234.

For the second query, I want to display all the invoices that have exceeded the due date. The information on the respective invoices will be transfered from the query as mentioned earlier to the new query.

The scenario is as below:

Date: 16-Oct-2010


PONo Customer Quantity SalesPrice InvoiceDueDate
3241 A 421 $12 17-Oct-2010
8697 D 888 $88 18-Oct-2010


PONo Customer Quantity SalesPrice InvoiceDueDate
6589 B 521 $19 14-Oct-2010
2234 C 987 $32 15-Oct-2010
Date: 18-Oct-2010


PONo Customer Quantity SalesPrice InvoiceDueDate
8697 D 888 $88 18-Oct-2010


PONo Customer Quantity SalesPrice InvoiceDueDate
6589 B 521 $19 14-Oct-2010
2234 C 987 $32 15-Oct-2010
3241 A 421 $12 17-Oct-2010
Hope someone can help me with this. Really appreciate and hoping for ur help.


A:Query Access 2007 (how to transfer data from a query to another query)

The first query needs the following first Criteria Row of the InvoiceDueDate
between date() and date() + 5
The second query needs
< date()

I haven't tested it, just worked from memory. so let me know how it goes.

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I've got a lending table in which we lend items out, now they can be loan or permanent.

I can run a report with the query parameter on the ReqDate_Fld criteria Between [Report Start Date] And [Report End Date]

The report prints and counts everything borrowed.

Now I want to add more records to the report to include everything borrowed that was returned during that period specified by the criteria Paramenter set in the query. But using the Return Date (RetDate_Fld)

How can I select rows from the query based on the parameter date filled in when the query ran?
[Report Start Date] and [Report End Date].

I can build a separate report just for the returns using the current parameter but on the RetDate_Fld Between [Report Start Date] And [Report End Date] set by the query.

I've got it grouping at 3 levels to get it to break by Borrower, ReqID, and Request Date

Does this make any sense?

A:Solved: Access query report query paramater use the param

You would have to have another group for whether or not the RetDate_Fld was filled in or not.
Add a new column to the query with the following Heading

RetDatefilled: iif(not isnull(RetDate_Fld), 2, 1)

That should place a 2 in the new column when there is a date and a 1 when there isn't.
You can now group on that data.

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I have written a macro to make a table from data in an existing table. Then I use the data in the new table to select information in another table. That select query does not allow me to update the information in the 2nd table. It is like the records are locked. Even if I create a new table myself the select queries are locked but all my pre-existing queries work fine. Is there some type of setting I am missing that causes the information to be locked in select queries? I am thinking somehow the setting may have been changed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Access Make Table Query and Select Query

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I have a previously designed Access DB and there is a query that I am trying to understand. It has several tables that are queried more than once in a single query. First how do I determine the actual table name? I can only see the alias name. Also what is the purpose of using the same table twice in a query?

A:Solved: Access Query using tables more than once in same query

It is normally to do calculations or comparisons on prior or next records. It is the one weekness of Access Queries, the Totals function has some good arithmetic calculations like average, Count Sum etc but manipulating previous records like add or subtract values from the current record it can't do. So it requires more advanced SQl. Which is apperas you have.
Have you looked at the query in SQL view?
It should use the word "As" to designate the alias.

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I have created a search engine for a data base using Access 2007
The Form Basically Runs a query of multiple fields and loads the result into a Combo box.
The problem is the data base is not fully complete and the records with blanks in some of their fields do not appear in the search results.
For example lets say I am looking for a People with the same surname and in my database is
Name Surname
Mike Norris
Chuck Norris
The query will not find the record only containing Norris
Here is the query I have used.
Like "*" & [Forms]![Entry]![txtSurname] & "*"


A:Query, Query Searching Blank Matches

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Hi there,

Once again I need your help in Access. I'm trying to do a calculated field in a query that based on a query. For example, query B is based on query A. I want to add a calculated field called Totals in query B. The field totals does not exist in any of my tables.

Here is an example.

Totals: [Field1]+[Field2]+[Field3]

In the totals line I clicked on Expression. But the totals do not appear when I view my query. I get no errors on the formula. What at I doing wrong??


A:Calculated field in a query based on a query

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For a report I have a customer table, an invoice table and a revenue or payment table.

I need to produce a report that shows all the invoices created during a given month and year - that part is easy.

But then I also need to show the first payment given on that invoice. This is a situation where there is always a down payment made at the issuance of the invoice - but sometimes people will make more than one payment during a month.


I want the customer listed for each new invoice, the total amount of that invoice and what the inital payment on that invoice was: [CustomerID][Customer Name] [Invoice No][Total Invoice Amount] [Payment Amt]

So if there was an invoice issued for $100 and they paid 50 and 25 during the month it was issued and the balance on the next month, I still want to show it on this report as a $100 invoice with a $50 downpayment only.

(The tables are established and populated so it is too late to change the payment table to allow for a unique downpayment field. They all go in as payments.)

My problem is that if they made more than one payment during the month, the whole line with the customer name and invoice number shows up for each payment made. I only wnat the FIRST payment. I need a payment query that shows only the first payment in the month of invoice issuance.

Does that make sense?

A:SQL Query question for Access 2010 query

Yes it makes sense, I would create a pre-query that uses the Month & Year but is set to "Totals" and Date Minimum.
Then create the Report query using the pre-query linked to the new query's table via the InvoiceID this will limit both the month, year and minimum payment.

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...ookie crumbs?

Point 3. Clear out your temporary internet files and temp files.

What does this mean, is it....

Get rid of them?

Clean them of stuff?

What if there are things that i want to keep in these files, should i move them to a more permanant place?

orrrr, is this just a consequence i gotta put up with. Ok, so i lose lots of stuff i've saved (if there is lots, dont often check) but my computer will be clean and safe?

If there is something REALLY important in the temp file and clear means get rid of, is there a way of salvaging the contents that arnt bad?

A:Query ~ Instructions For Hijack This Log ~ Query

You should not have any files that you want to permanently save in Temporary Files. I have included directions for cleaning IE.
These instructions explain how to delete Temporary Internet Files. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) uses the Temporary Internet Files feature to store copies of Web content on the local hard drive. This feature improves network performance but can fill the hard drive with large amounts of unwanted data. IE allows many aspects of the Temporary Internet Files feature to be controlled, including the ability to delete temporary files as needed.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: < 1 minute
Here's How:

1. Open either Microsoft Internet Explorer or the Windows Control Panel.

2. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and choose the Internet Options... menu. In Control Panel. open the Internet Options list item. In either case, a new window titled "Internet Properties" appears.

3. In the Temporary Internet Files section of the Internet Properties window, click the "Delete Files..." button. A new "Delete Files" window appears.

4. In the "Delete Files" window, optionally check the "Delete all offline content" checkbox to also remove temporary files IE has saved for offline viewing. Click OK. A delay of up to several minutes may occur as IE proceeds to delete the temporary files it has cached. If the "Delete all offline content" checkbox is not checked, IE will not del... Read more

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hi there,

I have a large Access database and some of the queries are based on other queries (sql or other).

Now when I try and view the design mode of some of these queries, it takes an astonishingly long time as it appears that Access runs the child query contained before it allows the 'parent' query to show in design mode.

I can kind of see why it does it - but is there any other way of quickly viewing a query in design mode without Access first running the other queries it's based upon?

(NB: Someone said in the 'old days'(!) Access used to have this feature, but it is no longer there?!?!?!)


A:Trying to look at design of query based on another query...

Bounce in case of new eyes to the forum!

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Hi Access bods.
Can anyone tell me how to do an expression to query from DATATABLE (the name of table), containing

ID: Auto ID key for the table
SITEID: There are multiple sites
ITEMID: Each site will have multiple Items
QUALITYID: This is set to either F, or is left blank
Id like to find the Percentage of Non-F, to each SITEID and ITEMID combo. I hope this makes sense.

A:Solved: Access Query, Query

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I am pulling information from another program into Excel via Microsoft Query and one of the columns I want to pull in involves a date a payment is due. I am wondering how to write the query to have it always pull today's date +1 so essentially it would always pull tomorrow's payments due. Thank you!

I tried to add Where date = DateAdd("d",1,date()) but I am getting this error: "general odbc error." What does this mean and is there a way to fix it or alter query?

A:Help with date SQL query in ms query

Hello, in Access Queries you can just use
Date + 1
so perhaps it will work for MS Query.

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Hi guys,

I'm setting up a PC with an AGP X4 graphics socket.
The problem is, I only have some old X1 graphics cards to hand, (such as an old Voodoo 3 3000).

Can I use these cards on an X4 motherboard?

Thanks in advance for your help

A:AGP x4 Query

I *think* that they can be used. If you give us a motherboard model number, we can probably make it certain. Give it a shot anyway, if nothing pops up on the screen, then it won't work.

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Have had to reinstall my entire machine - hard drive failure.

Have got it all set up with most of the stuff I had before except the WLM.

Have downloaded Live Essentials signed in etc etc - is there a tutorial on how to set it up - Ive had a quick look but cannot find what I want.

The damn application seems to have a mind of it's own and I am seriously thinking of buying either MS Office Mail or going gmail as this constant problem happens all the time on all my machines in fact not just this one really getting on my nerves.

A:Query re WLM

Is this of any help

Email setup: Windows Live Mail 2011

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I purchasing a new PC and would like to buy one that will last me a while, currently I am running 1Gb and have heard some people say that 2Gb is not really need now but in the near future, so I thought about getting it now and then no need to worry about it later (getting the same stick and configuring etc).

The PC is a gaming PC and Camcord to DVD working/burning.

The question is what is better 4x 512MB or 2x 1GB

AMD Athlon64 3700+BOX,Socket939,SanDiego
Asus A8NSLI Deluxe,
Corsair TWINX10243200C2, 4x512MB DDR400DIMM,CL2
Western Digital Raptor WD740GD,10000rpm,74GB,SerialATA
Silentmaxx HD Silencer
160HB 7200rpm.
3.5 Floppy
NECND3500A, 16xDVDRWWriter, DoubleLayer,Bulk
Asus 6600GT 128Mb
Be Quiet Blackline BQTP5470WS13
Thermaltake Armor VA8000SWAD,Silver,Aluminium
Coolermaster AerogateIIALDV02 silber
Arctic Freezer64, Socket754/939/940

I do not see that 2Gb will need to upgrade before 3 years and if so will bite the bullet then should I need more RAM, therefore filling the 4 RAM slots on the board is not an issue

A:RAM Query

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Hi Guy's
hopefully somebody can answer my query.... I have a memory (RAM) question.
Currently have a PC with 3Gb of RAM installed, 2 Hdds.... XP Pro & Vista H Premium, dont use the Vista option very often..my query is.... the 3Gb is recognised as being 3Gb, I have just purchased another 2Gb stick & removed the 1Gb so now I have 4Gb however the PC only recognises 2.50Gb in both XP & Vista? tried both sticks on there own both show as being 2Gb

Motherboard Max Capacity: 4096
Memory Slots: 2

Both sticks 400MHz DDR2 800

Any advice

A:Ram Query Xp Pro Sp3

Hello frazzeld,

From what I understand, Vista uses a portion of memory to perform other functions. This ammount is then discounted from the total.
With XP, do you have intergrated graphics? If so you may find that the graphics is using some of the RAM.

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good afternoon eveyone....

i have a question regarding my ram its not really vista related i bought 2 new sticks gskill pc8000 1000mhz 2GB (1GBx2) i wanted to find my max overclock with this ram but it means removing my current 3GB pc5300 667mhz (1x1GB 1X2GB)
once i find my max overclock i want to stick those sticks back in with the gskill i know they are different native speeds but will they work.....
if so will they run at the lowest speed - 667mhz

this is only till i get 2 more gskill matched pairs
though i might as well let vista munch its way through 5GB instead of letting them rot..

what do ya think....?

A:ram query

Hi skunksmash,

Your ram will run at the speed of the lowest mhz stick installed. What mhz is the max overclock sticks? You might experiment to see if your system will run faster with just the gskill 2GB @ 1000mhz ram versus the 5GB @ 667mhz. It may be faster with just the 2 GB @ 1000mhz if you do not have alot running at one time. If your max overclock sticks are faster than 667mhz, say 800mhz or higher, then it may be worth having them with the gskill 2GB sticks. You will just need to try each setup and run it through it's paces to see what feels faster for you.

Hope this helps,

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Does anyone know how to write a DB2 query to list all stored procedures in a DB2 database?

A:DB2 Query

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Q: Query

I have a table of staff names who took inservice courses on different dates. I want to query the table to give me the names ofmall staff who took the inservice cours in January and not in March so I can have them take the course again
Any suggestions


I have noticed in the last days in start/msconfig/services/AVG Antispyware Guard is enabled (it is ticked) but is showing 'stopped'. I go into start/controlpanel/administrave tools/Event viewer and restart it, but each time I shutdown then reboot it is again stopped.
I have never noticed this before - Could there be an answer to this little problem please?

Kind regards,

A:AVG Query please?

Are you using the licensed version of this program? If you are not then this is one of the two options that are killed after a month.. The program works just fine you just have to update it manually and the back ground scanning no longer functions. I normally turn both of these off when I install it for some one anyways.

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If users access TFS Server for adding work items, bugs and creating test cases via Web interface (Chrome / IE) will they require TFS CAL license.


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Can't find a thread related so..

1. My new mail message to send opens in full screen and I cannot find a way of reducing it to a manageable size even on 21.5" it is ridiculous.

2. When I try to attach pics I get the photo album "version" how can I just attach a pic from my camera or saved pics as a dedicated file and not have this really irritating photo album keep coming up? I am beginning to find it getting very tiresome.

Any suggestions most welcome.

A:WLM query

Quote: Originally Posted by ICit2lol

Can't find a thread related so..

1. My new mail message to send opens in full screen and I cannot find a way of reducing it to a manageable size even on 21.5" it is ridiculous.

2. When I try to attach pics I get the photo album "version" how can I just attach a pic from my camera or saved pics as a dedicated file and not have this really irritating photo album keep coming up? I am beginning to find it getting very tiresome.

Any suggestions most welcome.

1) In WLM 2009 it is possible to make the double arrow appear at the right edge and bottom edge of the window and then drag those edges to make the window smaller.
2) Look for an "Insert" option or icon in the new mail window and select either "File as attachment" or "Image/Inline"; the inline option only works with the blinking cursor in the message body.

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Q: Query

Hi there, newbie here.
See attached scree shot.
Question is how do I bypass this page to get into my files?


Thank you for writing to us!
Unfortunately the screenshot has not been attached. Kindly private message the issue also with the service tag and email address.

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Hi folks,

Can anyone tell me if it's possible for multiple users to edit & save an excel spreadsheets over a VPN conection.

I have enabled sharing of the sheet but the data does not merge, the ammendments remain unique to the individual users machines.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

A:VPN Query

Sorted it!

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Check out the screen cap... anybody know how I can rectify this?


Greetings !

I am planning to build a new system, the configurations are quite clear with :

1.core2duo 6600
2.2gb 800 mhz ram (1gb ea)
3.sata2 160 gb etc.
4.nvidia 8600 gt or the 8800 gs

My machine will be used for medium gaming, movies etc

Now my question is about the motherboard, my dealer has recommended the Asus p5ne-sli, i am getting at a good price.
I have some questions about the sli board which i hope you will help me with :

1. I don't intend to buy a second graphics card and wish to have only a single hi performance card , will the board give me good performance with a single card ?

2. Is it better to buy a non sli board ie will it function better in games , since i am using only a single graphics card ?

3. Due to the sli I have to buy an expensive power supply is it worth it ?

4. Are the graphic chipset on the sli mboard only to enhance the performance of dual cards or even a single one ?

5.What other mb chipset would you recommend for my config ? Is the asus P5b dlx more superior than the P5ne sli for my present config. ?

6. Do you recommend an intel board over asus for core2duo in stability and performance?

Basically I just don't want to buy a board whose sli feature I will not be using and if u say so ................ !

Thank you


A:SLI query

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Guys I have [email protected] of ram + [email protected]

Because I have the 256mb sticks of ram installed and they can only go to 533mhz my computer puts my gig sticks at the same freq. I was wondering if i should take out the two 256mb sticks out and leave the two sticks of 1gig ram in so they can run at 677mhz. Just wondering if this would be faster than having them all running at 533.



A:RAM query

it probably will.

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According to my device manager I have one USB 2 port and 4 USB 1 ( I presume), is there a way to find which is the USB 2 port. For instance will one be marked as such or is it trial and error to find the faster port.

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According to my device manager I have one USB 2 port and 4 USB 1 ( I presume), is there a way to find which is the USB 2 port. For instance will one be marked as such or is it trial and error to find the faster port.

A:USB query

This Wikipedia website might help you.


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I have 512 Mb ddr ram but this registers on analysis as showing only 478 MB. Does this mean that some faulty areas have developed? The system still generally performs well.(XP)
The only other issue which I think might be connected is that occasionally the display goes haywire with icons changing places and the taskbar moving around. I sometimes cannot regain control at all as the mouse control is also lost.
This usually happens if I am trying to multi-task quite hard with several windows open at the same time. Am I overloading the system or does the loss of control mean the possible faulty RAM is causing the problem?
many thanks for any ideas.

A:RAM query

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I watch BBC I-Player on my Android Nexus 10 via an HDMI lead to my large screen TV. On trying to repeat this process with Sky GO I find that Sky have disabled HDMI acces to Sky Go applications.

Coukd I get round this using an MHL lead.

Any help would be appreciated.

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hi guys, i have a Laptop that has 256mb of ram. now i have just downloaded the public release of windows vista and i am trying to install it.

the setup demands that i need 256mb of ram which i already have and exits. now when i go on system properties, it says i have 244mb of ram. why is this and is there any way i can make this 256mb?



A:RAM query

you may have memory allocated for video - although 12MB seems a little low - but that may be the min

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Q: Query

hi every body,

I Have windows 7 ultimate running on 1.5 gb ram,320 gb(4 partitions) westerndigitals HDD(on INTEL D915GAV motherboard).

Its been a month i installed win7 ultimate.I hadnt installed anything on C: drive which is of 60gb capacity.But the free space is decreasing day after day,its almost 46gb now.Since ive not installed anything into c why is the space being decreased?I know there are automatic updates installed regularly,but i am sure those few mbs files are not capable of taking GBs of space on C.Ive even cleaned disk and deleted restore points,but after cleaning it only free few MBs of space.What is happening here, its utilizing more and more GBs of space and when i use disk clean tool,it only free few MBs.Im terrified if the disk space goes on decreasing like this,in few months time the disk is going to be full even if i dont put anything there by myself.Plz can anyone make clear,what is happening here with my win7?



Try using a disk mapping program like Windirstat to see where your space is going.


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Q: Query

Windows 7 build 7601 this copy of windows is not genuine.how to make it genuine

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I tried to run a dvd that has stuff that can only be accessed via a dvd rom , but get told that I'm missing the software needed to run it. Is it possible to be able pick that part of Vista for free? When I got this laptop a good chunk of it was missing

A:DVD query

It might help to know what kind of data you are accessing it and the error that you are getting.

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Can I set DNS as on router & systems?

A:DNS Query

I'm not really sure I know how to answer your question directly since I don't get it but what I can say is: if you set a DNS on your router, your wireless devices, including wired devices attached to your router will automatically use the DNS your router uses. There is no need to set them up separately. As for setting a local IP as a DNS (I'd assume it's the IP your router uses which is also used for DHCP), I'm not really sure how that would work or if it could even work. I don't imagine a router has the ability to look up and resolve IP as domain names. If it could, I can't see a reason why DNS companies like OpenDNS exist.

Hope my answer wasn't useless. I'm feeling I'm misunderstanding the question somehow.

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Q: Query

Does anyone know what this is ... "Se00bldsv" ?
I found it listed in services under Administrative tools. ( XP Home SP 2)
It is disabled ... but when I googled it I did not get any hits.



Definitely looks suspicious to me...I can't find anything about it either. What does it give for a description in "services"?

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I am testing SUS on an XP SP2 PC. The registry settings download the updates
to the PC from the server but they do not install. Why is this. The registry
settings I used are below. Thanks for any replies.



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Q: Query

Hiyya everyone - I got this request from a friend who I personally think is wasting his dough and although I can help him a bit (had no idea of costs as you will see) the only thing I cannot help is with the driver/s he wants.

I did suggest he come on here but anyway his message -
You might know how I can overcome a problem I have with a Toshiba laptop computer given to me by my daughter. At first it had insufficient RAM (was 256 KB - now has 1 GB from **************** - cost over $100).
Installed Windows 7 Professional but discovered that a 40 GB IDE hard drive was barely enough for what I wanted on it. Also, Windows 7 did not have the appropriate driver for the graphics accelerator card, making games slow and jerky. *********** found the appropriate driver for me - cost $70. Purchased 120 GB IDE hard drive off eBay ($70). I now have a problem installing Windows 7 on it. It cannot find the critical driver required by the computer's hardware. I've tried finding it on the web but it seems I have to buy a suite of programs just to get the driver. ************ wanted another $140 to transfer data off the 40 GB drive to the new HD (I don't know what's involved), but I have already spent too much getting as far as I have. I can usually solve my own computer problems but I think I need help with this one.

As I said this is an old machine that this chap has got and for some reason known only to himself wants to go ahead with - I have told him for the cost of doing all this h... Read more


What make / model of Toshiba, and what driver or drivers are missing? If you can get that, that would be helpful. You can't usually reason someone out of an idea they did not reason themselves into, but yes, he could have purchased an equivalent (and better, frankly) subnotebook or netbook for that price already.

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does anyone know how , please can you let me know thans..

A:help with query!

sam5577 said:

does anyone know how , please can you let me know thans..Click to expand...

I would suggest that you Google

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I Need help to create a batch file to add users, groups, group memberships & passwords..? (for IT course)

So far I have managed..

Net User /add Bill.Smith [email protected] (save as bat)


Users - Bill.Smith | Fred Bloggs | John.Blackmore
Passwords - [email protected]
Groups = Sales | Admin | Quality Control


A:net.exe help with query..

Try net help user instead of net user /?
You'll get a lot more info.
Net User and Net Group will do what you want.

You can put the users and their groups into a text file and use a For loop to read the data and then run the net commands as needed

If your data file is formatted like this:
Bill.Smith, [email protected],Sales
Fred Bloggs,[email protected],Sales
John.Blackmore,[email protected],Quality Control

Read the file with this:

FOR /F "tokens=1-3 delims=," %%I In (data.txt) Do (
commands here
%%I will be the user name, %%J will be the password, and %%K will be the group name. As you have both user names and group names with spaces, don't forget to put quotes around the variables.
You can add other info as needed like FULLNAME, USERCOMMENT, etc. Just change the tokens= line to match the number of variables. If you need to use a comma in a comment, you'll need use something else to delimit the file. A tab can be used, but you can't copy and paste a tab (it gets converted to spaces) so be aware of that. Entering the data in a spreadsheet and then saving the file as a tab delimited text file works quite handy though.

Would be a good idea to first test if the group exists. If it doesn't you'd need to add it first. (Think pipe existing group list to Find with %%K as the search string)



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Have a Vista machine here and it has 2x1Gb PC2-5300 DDR2 @667MHz in it and running very slowly. I have a 2GB stick of PC2-6400 @800MHz spare and wondering if it's ok to put it in with the PC 5300?

I know it will probably drop the speed back to 667 but am just trying to get a bit more RAM onboard. Wouldn't be concerned if it were my machine but one that I am cleaning and updating, and I don't have that much experience doing this with laptops - the main concern being the heat differential?.

Machine is a Toshiba A210 running Vista Home

A:Yet another RAM query

Do you have a specific model number for the A210? Crucial lists about a gazillion sub-models. Most seem to have two memory slots and the A210 should support up to 4GB RAM. You might want to plug in the specific data just to make sure about the RAM specs. This is to the A210-138 just as an example.

Computer memory upgrades for Toshiba Satellite A210-138 Laptop/Notebook from Crucial.com

Most folks suggest that RAM be installed in matched pairs. However, I had no problems with an older Dell Inspiron running a 1GB stick and a 2GB stick from different manufacturers with completely different specs. RAM prices have come way down recently. (A lot of online retailers are selling 4GB sticks for under $20 US.) I think I'd ask the owner if he'd be willing to max out the RAM.

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Using VB 6.0 I'm trying to extract several fields from a DB2 Table. The table is populated with over 10K rows.

The table is a Course Table and I am trying to extract related fields.

My code (executed in a string


This query will return no rows. AfterMoveFirst BOF and EOF are both TRUE. (The program checks.)

From trying different combinations I learned that the CRS_TYPE is the culprit.


Returns data

Any query using a combination of fields (1 field, 2 fileds) that excludes CRS_TYPE returns data. (So it seems as though my connection string, etc. is in order.)

Even just Selecting CRS_TYPE will return no rows.

Connection string and other details adoOpenForward, adoOpenStatic adCmdText have the same values every tiem the query executes.

waht would cause one filed (which is populated) to cause a query to return no rows?

The SQL executes fine in MSAccess. - (MSAccess is NOT an option for this)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:VB 6.0 SQL query to DB2

After thinking about this a bit I realized that the fields that I am having difficulty with are numeric. Also, more than likely the original code was created in a lower version of VB.

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Q: Query

I am wondering if there is any way from where we can make a setup CD from the running operating system that is already installed on our PC.
Thanx in advance.


The only way I know of is with Sysprep.
It is possible to make a system image also, but it only works on the same machine...

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I hava table iwth the following data:
Albania Europe 28728 32000 66500
Algeria Africa 140000 8600 8500
Belgium Europe 30528 29000 60900
Benin Africa 11262 6000 3630
Chad Africa 38000 7200 4600
Mexico NorthAmerica 68000 25500 38000
Italy Europe 31200 38500 68000

Now Im trying to find out the regions having total populations less than 30000.
Could anyone help me out with this??

A:sql query

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