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picture format change

Q: picture format change

Hi there

I am wanting to transfer I photo I have onto canvas. I scanned the picture and saved it onto my computer where it automatically saved it as a pdf file with no option to change it. Now when I went to download it onto the website that will be making the canvas print it will not allow any pdf files. Is there anyway to change the format so I can get my canvas? cheers

Preferred Solution: picture format change

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: picture format change

There are a few online services which will convert PDFs to graphics files, such as JPEGs, for free. Here's one example you can try.

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After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location in the location tab to an external hard drive in %userprofile%\My picture folder the My picture folder has disappear now from %userprofile%\ location.
I went to the registry in the Shell Folder and User Shell Folder \ My Pictures REG_SZ and change back to %userprofile%\My picture value but that seem not taking effect.


A:After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location locat

Hello Stuckfree,

Double check through OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to see if it may be able to help restore your My Pictures folder.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps.

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I got this error message "Setting the account picture failed, please try again". I need to know how to fix this, i got this error after i browsed the pic i wanted to use, if you guys know how to fix this thing, I'll thank you here's the screenshot, I'm not using a pirated copy of this OS, please help!

A:Can't change account picture / lock screen's picture

I don't know what may happen,but I think it worth to try:
First of all, go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
and copy the Default Account Pictures folder and then rename it to any name,after this open the original Default Account Pictures folder and delete the picture and the data file which belong to the user and try to change accaunt picture

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I m running windows 8.1 pro. Please help me to solve this trouble.

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Hi Tech,

I need to convert pictures from JPG format to IMG format. I don't know if there is any software available to do this conversion. If not can you show me how to write a program to do the conversion.

Thanks a million.

A:how to Convert picture from JPG format to IMG format

IrfanView with plugins.

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I have my files in firefox format..If i want to change the format for only my files without effecting some other files which are in same firefox format...what i need to do?

A:how to change files from firefox format to another format

The simple and obvious answer is to just change the files that you want changed and leave the others alone. But you must have something more in mind.

What is "firefox format"? To what format do you want to change? Using what tool, application or method?

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I have tried to find an answer to this but cannot. Lately, I noticed my User Account Picture was not the picture I had selected. In addition, the Background Picture for my Windows 7 Home Premium edition log on screen was changed. This happened after running a program that is for exams at school which reboots your computer into a safe mode where the only program available is a rudimentary word processor.

I contacted the company that makes that software, Examsoft, and they told me how to get my default logon picture for my Windows Logon background back.

To address the User Account picture, I went into Control Panel > User Accounts and attempted to "change picture". This is not an option, however, for my administrator user account. It is an option for my guest account. I tried cloning my account without the bad .dat files, but that didn't work either as the new account I had created, also an administrator account, did not display a "change picture" option in control panel either.

I ran sfc /scannow, and it found no errors.

I am not sure what to do. Has anyone encountered this? Can you please help me?

Attached is a screen shot:

Thank You.

A:No "Change Picture" option for User Account Picture

hi dooba, welcome to the forums ,if you have exhausted all avenues you could try a system restore prior to just before you had probs System Restore

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when i downloaded a new kodak easyshare software for my digital camera it turned all my pictures into this format.i uncheck the the formats in the software but how do i get my pictures back into reg. windows format.i only want to use this software to transfer picture to the computer.how do i assign what program to use for what.

A:picture format

what format?? i dont think theres a windows format. picture formats are like.

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Greetings, I have a Photosmart R967 (part number L2428a). The camera saves pictures to the SD card with the name "HPIM####.JPG". So my first picture was HPIM0001.JPG, then HPIM0002.JPG, etc. My 2 GB card is now full. If I buy a new card, will the camera keep naming the files where it left off (HPIM0621.JPG)? Or will start start back at HPIM0001.JPG? Thanks,Shane.

A:Picture name format

Hello Shanester, That's a good question. Digital cameras all have a small portion of non-volatile memory that keeps track of what file number was last used. If it didnt, you wouldnt know how much the camera has been used. But when it reaches its numbering limit, it will start over again.When you replace the SD card, the camera will continue where it previously left off on file naming. This is for all digital cameras and the R967 shouldn't be any different than the others. TIP:  I keep my images uploaded to the computer as I shoot them ASAP.  I put them grouped in separate folders based on Subject, Event or Date. This way, the file name scheme for the next folder group is irrelevant. Also, if I lose the card or whatever, the images are already backed up. Hope it helps.   

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I have a CD of pictures that are in a .tiff format. Apparently, when they were scanned, by default, they were saved as tiffs.
I need them all in Jpeg form. I know how to go in and change each picture to a Jpeg but is there a way to change them all at one time instead of one by one. I have many pictures in this format so any shortcut's would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance!

A:Solved: changing picture format all at once?

If you don’t already have it on your computer download and install the free Irfanview from www.irfanview.com

Open an image from a folder you want to convert and hit the b key or File > Batch Conversion. “Add All” and make sure JPG is the output. Select where you want them to go and “Start”.

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I have a 1GB XD Picture Card but when i try to format it i can only set the capacity to 999mb.

I didn't notice that until it had completed formatting but by then it is too late.

I now have a 999mb XD Picture Card.

Does anyone know how i can get back my 25mb?


A:Solved: Format 1GB XD Picture Card

The card size is likely expressed in "Decimal" GB, Windows reports in "Binary" GB.

Same applies to hard drives, I assume all flash drives and camera cards will be similar, based on a card I have just tried now, the difference is a factor of about 1.024 between reported and labelled.

A megabyte is 1,000 bytes in Decimal, but 1,024 Bytes in Binary.

You have not "lost" anything in reality?

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Atempting to insert JPEG picture into Works Word Processor document, just as I have done for years, but now receive message: Works cannot insert selected picture....may not be in format which can be imported by WP.
Thanks for help.

A:Solved: Rejected picture format.......

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I have stored some digital pictures on my hard drive using Irfanview. When I attempt to bring them up some appear as .qvs files and along with them I get a warning message that this file format is not recognized. What causes this? My original pictures were in .jpg format.

A:Digital Picture .qvs format unrecognized!

The QVS files are used internally by the Casio camera as "management files" and will have no purpose when downloaded images are transferred to the HDD.

Therefore trying to open them is pointless, they are not images.

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I literally just joined this website, so, ah, pardon me if I make some sort of stupid mistake in the attachment of a screenshot. I also apologize if this has already been asked/answered in another thread.
As you should be able to see (I hope), my PowerPoint 2007 won't allow me to change the background of the slides to an image from my computer; I haven't had this issue before, so I don't know what went wrong this time around. The Fill option still works, and I can still use the pre-loaded themes and such--it's really just that one thing that doesn't work, but I need it for a project.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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I don't know what has happened, but all of the pictures I try to download are now only bmp. I used to get them as jpeg. It shows they are jpeg pictures, but the computer will only let me download them as bmp's. There are no options in the drop down box to select jpeg. Jpeg was my default and I have somehow lost it. Any suggestions? Thanks and have a great day.

A:Can't download picture in jpeg format anymore

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I am running windows Xp pro. 2gb of ram. I have removed other photo editing software from the system.

I have installed and removed picture it 2000 from my computer several times but it still will not see the .jpg or .bmp as a file format. Any one have a solution?

A:Picture it 2000 will not reconize .jpg or .bmp files as a format

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Usually my pictures are too large to be practical for sending in email. So I have been opening using Paint, then saving to another location and using the saved file in the second location to attach to my emai. The Paint program usually saves it in less than half the size, which makes it a lot easier to send as an email attachment.

My problem: I was requested recently to resend a file in .tif format, rather than the usual jpg. But for some reason saving in .tif with Paint actually had the effect of more than doubling the size of the file!

Optimally I would like to cut the size of the file (which is in jpg by the way) from about 14 MB to about 1 MB or even less in .tif format.

Sys info below.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you kindly,

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5200 @ 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 95393 MB, Free - 52159 MB;
Antivirus: Bell Internet Security Services Anti-Virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Reducing the size of a picture file in .tif format

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01-wheres windows picture and fax viewer in vista?! How to view images in vista

02-Why web pages saved in .mht format doesnt work in vista I even saved them using IE7 installed on XP!

Thanks in advance

A:[PROBLEMS] windows picture and fax viewer & pages saved in .mht format


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How do I change a 158 X 154 pixel jpeg picture to 240 X 240 pixels ? Using WIN 7 and MS OFFICE 2010.
thanks for your efforts

A:change picture size

You can use Microsoft Picture Viewer under Office Tools but that is very limited in resizing. Try the free InfranView or Gimp software

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it not allowing me to click on browse option ...plz also help me...

A:Can't change user picture

Are you using a legit version of Windows or a crack/hack ?

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I can change my profile picture and the lock screen picture telling me account picture error

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Hello everyone, so to get right to it, i want to change the main window bars (Just add a picture to them) so they are not so boring, i have used themes before so know it is possible, but unsure of how to change this single item. May be that i will have to get an entire theme again but just hoping there is a better way. so to be clear here is what i mean, on my Chrome (I have a chrome theme installed) you see the tree's on the bars, then you see my explorer frame and you see nothing but the plain old boring bar. So my question to you is, how would i go about doing this? Hope i have provided enough info, if not just ask what it is you want to know.

A:How to change the window picture.

It is quite easy actually...
There are to options, one is very easy the other is hard and complicated:
1. Go to Deviantart.com (Browsing Windows 7 Utilities on deviantART) and download the them you like the most.

2. Create your own custom theme. This is a lot harder because you need various programs to do that and same of the components that come with the deviantart themes to apply them like Universal them patcher etc. etc.

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On my Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) machine I can't change my user account picture. I can't even change to one of the built-in pictures. My 64-bit machine doesn't have this problem.
When I attmpt to change the picture I'm told it isn't the right format. Again this applies to the built-in pictures as well as my jpeg photo. So I know the pictures are OK and can only guess the problem lies else where.
Both machines are members of a SBS 2011 domain.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Win 7 won't allow me to change user picture

First try sfc/scannow to see if Windows can repair any damaged or corrupted system files.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If that doesn't work, try a repair install. If you do it correctly, you shouldn't lose any data.
Repair Install

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I click on the browse for more photos link---does nothing.

"Pictures" also does not show as a start menu option for some reason

A:Cant change profile picture?

Have you tried getting to the 'Browse' link this way?'

User Account Display Picture

Go to Start
Control Panel
User Accounts
Make Changes to your User Account
Change your picture
Choose a new picture for your User Account
At the bottom of the page, select ‘Browse’
This takes you to Windows Explorer and you can select any image in your system from here.

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i know some where stored in app data is my desktop
i dont mean in the theme folder but the where the one that is in use now
i change by right cliking on desktop it been disabale
and now the set as desktop pictuer button has been disable
so i want to over right the curret one in my app data i done this in windows XP is there way doing it in windows 7

A:Change desktop picture

It should be the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg in C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes

AppData is hidden use step 3 of this tutorial to unhide it File and Folder - Hide or Unhide


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The is no picture in my eser account.

Settings>change Pc settings>account> account picture> BROWSE does not go to my PC pfotos folder to choose one.

Camera roll, screenshots & slide shows are empty.

How can I get to my photos? .....thanx .....nick

A:how to change user account picture

Hello Nick,

Are you able to "Browse" to the folder you want instead? See the yellow tip box under step 8 in the tutorial below to see if it may help.

User Account Picture - Change in Windows 8

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I am trying to figure out how to change my picture on my Windows 8 startup screen. I looked at a few tutorials on how to do it; so far nothing has worked out for me.

Thanks everyone!!!

A:How to Change Picture on Startup Screen

Originally Posted by ryguy7272

I am trying to figure out how to change my picture on my Windows 8 startup screen. I looked at a few tutorials on how to do it; so far nothing has worked out for me.

Thanks everyone!!!

Do you mean the lock screen, boot screen, or the start screen?

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I have what I hope is a simple question---the logon image on XP is a set of chess pieces and I would like to change it to a photo I have in my pictures. I have gone to appearances and screen saver but I am stumped as to how it can be done. I am sure there is a simple answer but I must be missing it simply by not being able to see what to click on. Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

A:Windows XP logon picture change?

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My issue is that I have an old picture attached to my <g class="gr_ gr_40 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="40" id="40">hotmail</g> account that
is viewable when sending emails. I have tried adding new photos these do not seem to overwrite this old existing picture. This picture still shows up in the sent mail how can I remove this picture from my account?

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Right now My computer insists on using Picture It to open email pictures.
How do I change that to either Photo editor or one of my other Photo software I have(non MS)? Using Win98 and Office 2000 Premium.

A:How to Change default picture viewer

Howdy and welcome

I assume these are pictures you have recieved in an email and have saved

using explorer navigate to one of your pictures...hold down nthe shift key and right click...select open with...then scroll to the program you wish to use and click on it to highlite it...put a dot next to always use this program and click OK


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I changed my gmail profile picture it change everywhere it won't change here the G you see when your going to log in what is the fix to make the photo I pick to come in ?

A:Gmail profile picture won't change ?

Hi there,

Have you tried logging out of your Gmail and logging back in? Also, try clearing your browser cookies and cache files and see if that helps.

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I changed my gmail profile picture it change everywhere it won't change here the G you see when your going to log in what is the fix to make the photo I pick to come in ?


A:Gmail profile picture won't change ?

I changeed the picture it did not over-ride the picture on one of my accounts I have two pictures on same Gmail account one picture G is a picture on profile G on the other accounts I changed, want show on G when you log in what is the fix ?

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I saw this picture in somewhere on the internet

But I don't know how to do that
And it's look really good .

if anyone know how to change the picture like this tell me please

Btw,Thanks in advance

A:How do I change windows 8.1 folder picture ?

I found it XD

It's windows 8 theme

my theme

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ok I have 2 hard drives one for the os (windows 7)
and 1 for my media (my movies and videos)

2 days ago I format my pc and installed a fresh copy of windows 7
before I format my computer I was able to change folder picture without
any proplem

now it wont
I changed some folder pictures but it is not appear
I cleaned windows cache restart my computer then the folder I changed the picture for them
appear with the new picture

but what?
each time I want to change folder picture I need to clean cache and restart computer?

before I format my pc I didn't having that proplem

A:i cant change my folder picture (customize it) why

1.Did you try restarting your computer?
2.Try rebuilding your icon cache Icon Cache - Rebuild
Tell me if that works

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I recently donwloaded acdsee picture viewer(trial version) just to check it out.
now that the trial is up, i uninstalled the program

problem is all my pictures want to open with acdsee, and everytime i get the error message-open with other program.

how can i make windows picture and fax viewer my default picture vierwer to stop this error from coming up all the time?

A:How do i change Default picture viewer??

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Im currently in "outlook"
when i click on "file" it shows "account information"
underneath their is a option to change picture
when i click "change" it bring s me to my outlook profile which already ha a profile picture

**see attachment**

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hie guys. i'm newbie here "
i have a problem when want to change account picture.
when i click browse. nothing will pop-up or happen
what the problem ?
can you guys help me ?

A:problem to change account picture.

You might not have any photos in your pictures folder yet.

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how can i change the start screen picture of win 8 with my own picture?

A:change the start screen picture

Hello Muiacir,

The only program I found that does this and works great is Decor8 by Stardock.

It's not free though, but you can try it for free for a while to see if you like it or not before needing to purchase it for $4.99.

Hope this helps,

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okay so i have icons on my desktop for different web pages that i go to alot, and i would like to know if i can change the image of the icon somehow. any help?

A:Solved: How do i change my icon picture?

Right click on the icon and select Properties. You will have a Change icon button.

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I have hotmail. People have told me that you can change the generic "person" picture icon and replace it with whatever pic you want. the pic I want to change is the icon that represents a contact

Can someone provide me a link or detailed directions on how to do that?

A:How Do I Change the contact picture in hotmail

In hot mail, look in top right corner you will see option and click on it.
There you will scroll down to more options and it will open up to manage your accounts.
You then can find how to change your theme or anything else you want.
Hope this will help you.

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I changed my gmail profile picture it change everywhere it won't change here the G you see when your going to log in what is the fix to make the photo I pick to come in ?

A:Gmail profile picture won't change ?

Hi there,

Have you tried logging out of your Gmail and logging back in? Also, try clearing your browser cookies and cache files and see if that helps.

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I've been using Picture password, and I tried to change the picture today. When I clicked "choose picture" in Picture Password menu, it showed this message:

"There was a failure during the enrolment process. Please try again later."

The current picture password was still available, but I could not change it. I tried removing(that I regret) the picture password and to set a new one, but it showed the same message. Now I cannot use picture password. I tested with new accounts, local and ms both, but those didn't work.

What I don't understand is that I'd been using picture password(and was still able to log on with picture password before I removed it) without any problem, but suddenly it became corrupted or something. Refreshing is never an option, how can I solve this?

A:Cannot change/create Picture Password.

Likeliest Solution is the Least Wanted Solution
Sadly, the solution that has worked for those lucky enough to find a solution has been to use Windows 8's "System Refresh" feature, which saves your documents, but rather unfortunately not much else - and restores the system files. You'd have to reinstall programs and other personalizations afterwards.

But hey, we're a tech site, so we don't give up so easily.

Many posts are popping up on tech boards, with users having the exact same picture password trouble that you are facing. Exactly the same. Many have given up, and are hoping that Microsoft will have a hotfix or an update that will fix things. Others have been experimenting with strategies for repairing the problem - and very few have been successful.

What usually doesn't work:
Creating new accounts. The theory for this generally unsuccessful try is that the users profile is somehow corrupted. It seems to me that if the users profiles were that corrupted - then the pins and alphanumeric passwords wouldn't work either ... and I've yet to see a post where the problem was solved with by creating a new user & then moving data from the old account over.

Trying different picture formats: The setup for the picture passwords is so straightforward, I haven't seen anyone yet whose problem was at all related to picture format. Most users experiencing the problem, in fact, simply had their picture password suddenly produce the "enrollment" ... Read more

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For some unknown reason, I can't change my desktop picture. When I go into the Display Settings, everything in the Desktop tab is grayed out. I can still use the customize desktop button and the position drop-box, but I can't acutally select an image.

I've tried going through the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System, but none of this helped. I had at one stage lost all the tabs, but I managed to retrieve them through the registry.

It's not urgent that I get the desktop tab working, it's just really annoying. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

A:Argh, can't change desktop picture

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Hey Guys,
I have pictures of the virus below. My bf didnt have a anti-virus software for months, I know, so stupid. Anyway his computer started running super slow our of nowhere, I have cleaned up his computer once before and it ran fast after clean install and I was able to delete windows.old folder with no problems, but this time it did not, it was still as slow even thought I deleted many unnecessary games/applications.

When you do a clean install, it saved all your stuff in windows.old folder. I went to C: drive to remove it, but as I tried to delete it (previous time it let me, this time it was locked) the screen went black with gray graphics and a couple smiley faces, see below picture (I was able to snap a pic with my phone):

So the windows.old folder looked like it was deleted because it dissapeared, I went to trash just to make sure and it was not there but it was not there so I went to folder options and unhid all the folders, and there it was on C:drive all hidden. I took ownership of all folders and started deleting them, it deleted everything except macromedia flash player folder (I think that is where the virus is).

I downloaded several anti virus scanning software including Microsoft Security Essentials, and Kavinsky (sorry dont remember exact name, but it top for windows). Neither of those detected it.

Anyway I gave up on it and went to bed, the next day I went back on computer and decided to retry deleting the folder, the windows.old folder ... Read more

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is there anyway to change the alignment of the picture, to have it inside the start menu like this one.

A:Change the alignment of the picture in Start Menu?

Welcome to Seven Forums chaoticpath. If you use the Basic theme, the picture is on the start menu like the picture:

Or, you could remove the picture:


A Guy

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Hi, I would like some image's Date Picture Taken changed, the method I am using now is change Date Picture Taken of one image at a time in Windows Photo Gallary, I have about 300 images, as you can see, I still have a long way to go.
Is there a faster way of changing Date Picture Taken? And I don't want all images have the same Date Picture Taken, it would be better if one image is just one second more than the previous ones.
For example, I would change one Date Picture Taken 00:01:00 and the next image should be 00:01:01 and than the next 00:01:02 and so on.
IS there a software that can do that? OR anything? PLEASE HELP!

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