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[SOLVED THE HARD WAY] Keyboard & mouse not working!!

Q: [SOLVED THE HARD WAY] Keyboard & mouse not working!!

Windpows XP is not picking up either on startup everything loads but can not use them any ideas on a easy solution?

Cheers Everton.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED THE HARD WAY] Keyboard & mouse not working!!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED THE HARD WAY] Keyboard & mouse not working!!

What sort of keyboard and mouse do you have? (wireless?...USB?)

If you have a USB keyboard and mouse, there may be a problem with XP and your USB drivers...the same applies to wireless.

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hi there, my mouse jumps around the screen, and upon restart neither my mouse or my keyboard would work without unplugging them and re-plugging them in...also i have alot of suspicious processes running that wont turn off and my internet is very jumpy and pages take along time to load...below is my HJT log...thanks for looking

Hello there thank you for taking the time to help me i really appreciate it..

below is my HJT log file, i also have an active scan log file which found a trojan i believe...any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:10:12 PM, on 10/19/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Airlink101\AWLH3026\WLService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Airlink101\AWLH3026\WLanCfgG.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\WINNT\system... Read more

A:Solved: mouse moving irradically, keyboard and mouse not working on restart, trojan?

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I purchased an Asus ET2410IUTS-5 All-In-One PC. It came with a wireless full keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard works fine but the mouse does nothing. All properties say both devices are installed and working properly but the mouse still does nothing. Model number on each device is as follows:
Keyboard - AK1L
Mouse - AM1L
Receiver - AR1L

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

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Hey. Here's the poblem:

I'm using windows Vista 32bit...I recently updated my computer. After the update, my mouse wouldn't work. It's a PS/2 mouse. I unplugged it and replugged it. I restarted and replugged. I tried a USB mouse. I tried different ports. Nothing worked.

I used my keyboard to go to the control panel to see what the problem was. It said the mouse properties (in the registry) is corrupted or missing. I think it also said the problem was code 9 or something.

So I tried a system restore, to before the update was applied. (I've had more problems after windows updates than you could possibly imagine)

So after the restore, windows booted up normally. The mouse still didn't work, so I browsed the web to try to find solutions. I didn't change anything and I ended up restarting my computer and trying safe mode. The mouse still didn't work, so I went back to normal mode to try to uninstall the driver for my mouse. That was when my keyboard stopped. Then, the computer itself freezes. (both after about 2 minutes)
(if you're wondering how I would know the computer froze, it's because any window that is loading doesn't come up after the keyboard stops)

So now I go back to try safe mode. It freezes after about 2 minutes as well. I try the system repair boot option. The damned mouse works, but no window shows up. Just a black screen.

So I went back to normal boot (thinking the mouse will work) and nothing. I try to q... Read more

A:Solved: Mouse and keyboard not working.

Does not sound like the Update caused your problem, more like a virus on your computer. I'm sure one of the Tech's will be along to help you out soon.

Good luck

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i can not get a line on my mouse to let me type. My right click will not let me delete. I am unable to type an email or any other typing using my keyboard. My system restore disapeared too. swapped mouse and keyboard to no avail. No viruse detected. I really need help. Thanks for your reply.

A:Solved: mouse & keyboard not working

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Put my computer back togethor today, and got it to power up after some troubleshooting.

One problem: Mouse and keyboard do not work.
They were both working fine minutes before on a different computer, so I know they work.
Im running a wireless mouse setup, so I tried a wired mouse and it still doesnt work.

I get a single "beep" when I disconnect the mouse from back panel, doesnt beep when I disconnect keyboard.

A:Solved: Mouse & Keyboard not working

This seem to be very annoying

1.Check if the wire of the wired mouse is well connected to the mouse port on your motherboard.

2. Check if the mouse port is well connected to the motherboard

3. Try to test it once more on the other computer as maybe when pluging out of the other computer or pluging in in the new one it may have been damage.

If it you retry it on the other PC and it work once more and on yours it don't then it maybe be a problem of humidity or the PC mouse and keyboard port on the motherboard get damaged.

For the beep it may be that there a problem on the motherboard mouse and keyboard port.

Try that I ask you if it still not working just come back and ask me I will try to find another solution...

Keep me updated on the problem

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since I got a laptop I haven't used my desktop pc but I tried recently and neither one works, dead as a doornail! they work fine plugged into my laptop,I've tried using different slots, front and back, any idea what can be wrong?

A:Solved: keyboard and mouse not working!

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Ok i'm running windows xp sp2. The problem i have is that once it boots up to the logon screen whether normal or safe mode my keyboard, and mouse seems to freeze up. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how I may fix this problem?


A:Solved: keyboard & mouse not working!!

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I just purchased a new PC with 16 GB of Ram and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. My USB mouse and keyboard stop working randomly and when the PC goes to sleep causing me to have to do a hard reset. I have researched this on the web and updated the USB hubs the devices to wake the computer but this has had no effect. My computer shop thinks that the problem is the 16 GB of RAM with Windows. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.


A:[SOLVED] USB mouse and keyboard stop working

The max RAM for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit is 192GB so that's not the issue. Since you say "installed", we'll need the rest of your specs to determine the solution.

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All the sudden the keyboard and wireless mouse quit working. I plugged in my wireless USB keyboard and mouse and they work but when I click on any application nothing happens, can't even open one of those simple games that came with it. The laptop has only been used about a month so it's still new. I don't have restore partition on the HD. This is the only computer I have and I'm in a remote location so I have to drive into town to the library. Thanks very much for any advice. Don

Acer Aspire 7720, 17" screen
250GB HD
Windows Vista Ultimate

A:Solved: keyboard/mouse stopped working

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My client has a Vista 32-bit system with PS2 mouse & keyboard. Everything was working fine until bootup one morning. The system starts Vista just fine, but no mouse or keyboard. KB works in DOS & BIOS, nothing for KB or Mouse in safe mode.

System restored back two days before problem, no difference.

This was a few days after the monthly MS update day. Not sure if anything was updated or not.

Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Solved: Mouse & keyboard not working in Vista

Anybody? This is a desktop PC. No ideas?

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Hi People ,

I recently got a system with following configuration

Intel Desktop Board DH67VR Media Series,
Intel Core i3 processor -2100 LGA 1155
4GB Ram,
PS2 Keyboard (thought the board doesn't have PS2 Slot for keyboard i have used PS2 to USB convertor),
USB Mouse

When installing Windows XP my keyboard is not working. When I was booting the system keyboard is working fine, I changed the Boot option in BIOS. But when the installation screen comes to "Enter" - to install, "R" to Repair and F3 to Exit. My keyboard is not responding.
I googled and i came across links to check Legacy USB Option enable/disabled, when i check in my BIOS it was Enabled.
Can any of you please let me know what could be the issue.


A:[SOLVED] USB Keyboard/Mouse Not working on Installation

Try using a usb keyboard, if you dont have one you can pick one up for cheap at any store.

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i had the power go off in the area and my computer was shut down when i
came home. i reset up monitor and computer. they both show power to them but nothing on screen. not gettting power to key board or mouse. i have
reinserted all electrical connections to check for connectivity. Help.........

A:Solved: monitor-keyboard and mouse not working

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I recently installed a piece of software which i have used previously and it asked for reboot. so I did that. now when I get to windows the keyboar /mouse /usbs / ethernet connection do not work. tried what i can. any suggestions? I have linux bootdiscs, original vista x64 disc but it seems to blue screen via a usb DVD (from before the servic packs came out), got a repair disc like hirens cd which loads

A:Solved: Vista x64: keyboard / mouse / usb / ethernet not working

hi first try starting in safemode try F8 on boot try removing the software

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i am facing a strange problem.today when i started my system i was unable to use mouse or keyboard on start menu.i could click on start button but when i want to launch any application, mouse does not select it, now if i move arrow keys while mouse pointer still on start menu the entry where the mouse pointer is get highlighted but when i click on it nothing happens.same thing is with keyboard when i use windows button or ctrl+esc menu pops up but arrow keys do not work.every time i want to start new application i have to press ctrl+alt+del and use run from there.and another thing is that once i click on start button menu pops up but when i click again on start menu it remains there, but before if i click repeatedly on button, menu pops up every time.

problem is only with start button and menu.

i can't figure out what went wrong.last thing i did was installation of tor bundled with privoxy.

please help.

A:Solved: mouse keyboard not working on start menu

installation of tor bundled with privoxy.
And what might that be?

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Hi there!

I recently installed winsixaxis to get my ps3 controller working. But now my usb doesn't work at all. It works briefly before it enters windows but then my mouse and keyboard just lose power. I've tried going into safe mode but they also stop working there too.

Is there any solution?

A:[SOLVED] Mouse and keyboard not working after installing winsixaxis

I would suggest doing a system restore to a date before you installed winsixaxis. If a program does that much damage I would think twice about having it on my system.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16237 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1924 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1430696 MB, Free - 420161 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 59 MB; H: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 51358 MB; J: Total - 1907727 MB, Free - 1065869 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z68XP-UD3
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

It has happened four times now, at seemingly random times.

I will be using the computer for a few hours, and the mouse & keyboard will stop working. The lights on my keyboard (capslock, numlock, scroll lock) will dimly flicker, but that is the only sign I have they are plugged in. I have been using this mouse and keyboard with this computer for well over a year without this issue.

I've tried different usb ports. The only way I have been able to fix it is pressing the power button on my case.

Since yesterday, I have scanned for virus, spyware, malware. Updated BIOS usb drivers, and windows updates. It has happened since I have done that.

My bios has these USB settings: USB Controllers, USB Legacy Function, USB Storage Function, R_USB30 Controller, F_USB30 Controller. All of which are currently enabled.

A:Solved: USB Mouse & Keyboard Stopped working yesterday.

removed by mod.

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This happened just now when I started up I shut down and rebooted ,same
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: itype.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 53227a98
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7b8f0
Exception Code: e06d7363
Exception Offset: 75BFB760
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

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A:Solved: mouse and keyboard centre has stopped working

uninstall it, reboot the computer, go on line and download and install the latest version.

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I don't know why but suddenly in one of the computers with XP OS we were getting message "ntdlr is missing" and could not boot.

I removed the hard drive and attached it to another computer with XP os. I copied ntldr file from the working xp computer to the de-attached harddrive.

Then I put the hard drive back to the same computer and tried to boot. It successfully booted until login screen however the mouse and keyboard are not working. No matter which ports I change.

A:[SOLVED] after restoring ntldr, keyboard and mouse not working

Boot off of the Windows Disc and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. Disk Check Outside Windows (Windows XP) - Sysnative Forums The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.

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Hi guys, the title pretty much sums up my problem. I've had this keyboard for 2 years and it worked fine until a few days ago when it just stopped working. The mouse works perfectly find.

I've checked device manager and it say the drivers are up to date and that the device is working properly. I've looked around on the internet and someone mentioned it might be keys that are stuck to the keyboard or something, so I've checked for that and problem is still there. I haven't tried to open the keyboard up to see if there's a problem cos i wouldn't know what I'm looking for.

The receiver doesn't have a reset button on it (I didn't notice one) so that method cant help me. I'm not sure the exact model of the keyboard as I'm in a different city due to term time and i cant remember if i retained the box or threw it away.

Is there anything else i can do? its a really good keyboard and I'm so used to it now, having to buy another one would be a pain

I can send images of the keyboard, receiver if needed!


A:Solved: Sumvision wireless keyboard not working but mouse is.

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I recented acquired a toshiba satellite l650-01H which came with an illegal copy of Windows 7
I downgraded to Windows Vista and the network controller driver was not compatible. I downloaded DriverScanner
from Uniblue and updated all my drivers and now my keyboard and mousepad won't work so I can't
even log into my computer now.

Can someone tell me how I can fix this?

A:Solved: Downgraded Windows, downloaded drivers, keyboard mouse now not working

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I have an interesting problem.

The laptop I'm working on (And HP G series; running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium) had a NASTY trojan that disabled the keyboard and mouse (is what I'm assuming). I was able to work on the laptop with a USB mouse and the onscreen keyboard

After going through about 10 AV software I finally got rid of all the Trojans (the scans on various AV software ran clean multiple times after removal); but the keyboard and trackpad continue to be disabled.

Under the Device Manager it lists as the device as a "code 10" error.

Doing some Googling I found a post that said do delete the registry entries that were labeled "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters"; which I did and I rebooted.

Now my USB mouse OR my USB keyboard won't work.

I tried using a Linux Live CD and the trackpad and keyboard DOES work there no problem. Also the keyboard works fine when I'm in the BIOS.

It's only when I'm in Windows (even in Safe Mode) that the keyboard/trackpad/USB Mouse/USB Keyboard doesn't work...so it's not a hardware problem.

Things I've tried (besides deleting those registry entries)

- Startup Repair
- sfc /scannow
- Reinstall the drivers (when I DID have access to Keyboard and Mouse)

So to recap; I cannot use the keyboard/trackpad (or a USB Mouse and USB Keyboard) in Windows (including safe mode); but they DO work when not using Windows.

Anything else I can try?

A:Solved: Keyboard and Mouse not working in Windows 7; but works in BIOS/LinuxLiveCD

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After about 1 minute the mouse scroll and keyboard stop working until I left click mouse. Tool bar on browser also greys out but comes back after left click. Video and sound also are choppy. Not sure if this is related. Flash keeps crashing. Any ideas whats wrong? Windows 7 pro. Asus desktop. This occurs on Firefox, Chrome and IE. This seemed to start after Microsoft update and Flash updates

A:Mouse scroll and keyboard stop working until left click of mouse

Hello mpmckee,

First run Antivirus, Malware, and Spyware scans. Remove anything the programs find.

Note: if you need some suggestions on which tools to use, let me know.

Afterwards, test functionally of mouse and keyboard.

If no change, run System Restore, choose a Restore point before the issue started.

Again test behavior of mouse and keyboard.

If the issue has been resolved, go ahead and reinstall windows Updates.


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I've had my desktop for a few years and never had a problem.  Just recently, it has started showing a Keyboard Error message on a black screen when I boot it up.  The wireless keyboard and mouse do not work, although it appears to boot up correctly.  Since I have a password on my computer, I cannot log in or do anything.  When this happens, I've rebooted 2-3 times, and it the keyboard and mouse will finally start working.  I have moved the toggle to different USB ports and this does not appear to make a difference.  How do I prevent this from happening?

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my wireless mouse isn't working after i plugged the receiver in an HP laptop. the keyboard is still working, only the mouse isn't working. hope you can help me, i'm so helpless right now. Thank you in advance.

PS. it is a wireless keyboard and mouse set

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Hello Everyone,

I come with quite a strange problem with my Netbook (Advent 4213), I have it dual-booting Windows XP & Ubuntu Netbook Edition, however the mouse & keyboard have decided to cease up every time I use Windows XP, some times I get a couple of seconds use out of it before the log on screen, but after this they both stop working.

I have tried to re-install Windows, However the USB Install disk I have also denies the use of the Keyboard & Mouse during the installation. But this is not the most confusing part.

You would think that if it does not work on the Windows OS or the Windows Install that it would be a Hardware problem, however, It works perfectly fine in Ubuntu.

I have plugged in a USB keyboard & mouse and that seems to work in Windows XP, however I think you can all vouch for me when I say I do not want to be lugging a keyboard & mouse around with an ultra-portable Netbook.

There is software related to my phone of which I would like to use but can only use on XP, it would be good to be able to use this without an external KB & Mouse.

Any help would be fantastic, thanks in advance,

A:Solved: Keyboard & Mouse Not Working In Windows XP OR The Windows XP Install

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Before this round of trouble I discovered a problem with one of my graphics cards when they were in SLI with Blue screens and other nasty little things occuring when running Windows; I removed my secondary graphics card from the system to see if I could get a more stable OS, which I did.

I decided to test to see if the other graphics card running on it's own would lead to a stable system, however I was getting zeros on the VGA BIOS bootup screen and other problems before I even reached Windows Vista.

I did sucessfully boot into Vista and enter my password (using the keyboard) and move the mouse around, however once I had logged into my profile Vista began asking me if I wanted to install the drivers for the keyboard and mouse, I selected to update from the Internet and when Vista did not find any drivers for either device it disabled them.
Eventually I got both the keyboard and mouse functioning again by reinstalling Intellipoint pro and the Logitech setpoint.

While using the second graphics card I noted some distortions such as zeros appearing on the VGA BIOS screen during boot up, so I decided to switch out the graphics cards again, again this caused Vista to forget about my keyboard and mouse, I am however able to get onto Vista a combination of a cheap usb mouse I had laying around and the Vista on screen keyboard.

The fix I used previously (reinstalling of Intellipoint and Setpoint) has not works,I have also attempted to manually install the drivers through dev... Read more

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my usb mouse work after i plug it in and when it said it is ready it doesnt work..i already used some of the procedure in the internet but still nothing happen..can anyone have any idea about this?i cannot system restore my cpu because of the important files..all i need is for the mouse to work and its already 3 days past and im already delayed for my deadline.. thanks

A:USB mouse not working but keyboard does

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I'm not sure which forum I should put this in but here it is...My son has an HP laptop. Suddenly the mouse pad and keyboard aren't working. When the computer is first turned on, the mouse pad will work. I can go online and anywhere with the mouse pad but as soon as I click a button on the keyboard the mouse stops working and the keyboard won't do anything at all. I can plug a mouse in to the usb port and it works fine but still no keyboard. Do I need new drivers? Maybe somehow they were uninstalled...but don't understand why the mousepad will work until I try the keyboard. Thanks in advance for any help! It's a Compaq nc6320 XP professional

A:keyboard and mouse pad not working

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I just received a computer for free,
The Conputer is a 'Compaq Deskpro EN'
It is the model with a 733MHz P3 and 10GB HDD.
So; My USB keyboard and mouse does not respond in the already installed Windows XP OS, this means that I cannot type the password in the login screen. My Keyboard/Mouse works when in the BIOS, but nowhere else.
I have also tried using a USB to PS/2 adapter and still nothing.

How can I get them to work in XP?
Thanks for any replies :)

A:USB Keyboard/Mouse Not Working On XP!

Hello rcss18 & welcome to TSF

Have you tried updating the USB keyboard/mouse drivers?

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Please help!!!
I have a microinnovations wireless keyboard/mouse. I've had the keyboard installed for several years and the mouse was uninstalled and replaced with something else. All of a sudden the keyboard stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled not realizing that the driver for the mouse was also reinstalled. I turned off my computer and now I have no mouse and no keyboard working. Is there any way I can get into my user account to uninstall the keyboard/mouse that don't work and put in another one?
Thanks for your help.

A:No keyboard and no mouse working

Get or borrow a non USB keyboard and mouse.

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I am using Lenovo yoga 500 since yesterday my mouse pad and keyboard not working. however touch working fine. can you please help me with the solution of this problem.

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I have an Inspiron E1505 laptop. I was trying to reinstall drivers for my CD drive that was not working properly. I believe I accidentally uninstalled keyboard and mouse drivers. I remember deleting 'upper and lower filters' from the registery. Now when I turn on my laptop, the desktop appears but the mouse and keyboard will not work. I tried plugging in an USB mouse, I get a message that says new hardware found but the mouse still doesn't work. If I need to download drivers, how will I get them to work if the I can't access the mouse or keyboard? BTW - I can't locate my XP CD. I can use the keyboard in F2 mode but not in safe mode. Thanks in advance, Jay

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Same problem here stuck on the lock screen, no choice but to power down and reboot. Dell XPS420 with Logitech wireless mouse and Dell USB keyboard ...

8.1 preview doesn't recognize either device

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I built a computer about 3 months ago and began having a temperature problem, I opened up the case and found that the plastic bkt on the motherboard that holds the heatsink down, had a broken tab... i took the motherboard out, took of the bkt, fixed it and put everything back together. My problem now is that when i boot up the computer, it will boot up to windows, but my mouse and keyboard are dead. Ive tried unplugging everything, just plugging one or the other in but no luck. Anybody have any suggestions?

A:no keyboard or mouse working

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i have just installed win8.1 and I have the the same problem. i am a using a MS sidewinder keyboard and mouse. (surely this is compatible). any one who can help???

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I rebooted windows to work with Linux for a bit. When I rebooted into windows, I got to the login screen, but the mouse and keyboard simply don't work. The red light under the mouse is dead and the NumLock (or CapsLock) keys do not change the light.

This happened before I reinstalled, and I couldn't fix it.

A:Mouse and keyboard not working?

please help

Now Im stuck in linux....

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Suddenly this morning, the mouse and keyboard of my pc were not working even though they were fine when I swiched off my pc yesterday. I tried USB mouse and keyboard and they are working fine. Also I tried my ps/2 mouse and keyboard on another pc and they are also working fine.
My OS is windows XP and my motherboard is intel with a pentium 4 processor

A:ps/2 mouse and keyboard not working

Its probably a hardware problem with the motherboard.

If it works fine with a usb mouse and ps2 keyboard, why not just keep using that combination?

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So i updated some drivers which was out of date...and after it i shut down the computer..the next day i power it on...it loads fine but weird thing happened dat was the mouse and keyboard didnot respond or work. so i tried to use old ps/2 mouse ...turns out my desktop doesnt have the output socket where i can join my ps/2 mouse.

Also i tired to run safe mode it loads fine but mouse and keyboard doesnot work.BUt weird thing is it works on bios mode. so i kinda nned help...
it would be great if someone could help ^^

A:MOuse and Keyboard nor Working

Make/Models of keyboard/mouse

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What can i do? My mouse and keyboard isn't working at the opening of windows (where i login and everything) and i've already try replacing the mouse and keyboards, yet it did not solve the issue.

-i try to reinstall windows 7 (didn't work)
-However i was able to open safe mode to change some settings, and still doesn't work.
-already try using other USB ports and yet nothing tend to happen

Note that: i was able to use my keyboard on BIO's but when it continues to the next screen (windows) it disconnects or turns off.
Also i would be happy to share the list of component, only if you guys really need it.

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Hello, I dont know if im posting in the right area or if I should even post here with vista 32bit but im desperate to get this fixed. ok While I was trying to uninstall the drivers for my Zune I accidentally uninstalled my mouse and keyboard drivers as well. my USB mouse and keyboard work on startup but as soon as vista boots the mouse no longer recieves any power. I cant logon to any users because theres no way I can click on a user. to the best of my knowledge my Keyboard is also useless can someone please help me?

A:USB mouse and keyboard not working

I currently have a working install on a second harddrive in this computer. I was wondering if there was any way I can access the other windows install from this one and use it to fix the problem? I guess this also means that the problem is due to a driver because the mouse and keyboard work on the new install.

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I've a Medion Akoya MD8360 PC with previous windows 10 Home Build 10240 installed and with a working USB medion mouse and keyboard.Reccently I upgraded manually(with media creation tool fromMS) to Windows 10 Home V1511 Build 10586.71 and my USB keyboard and mouse didn't work anymore.I had a luck that I've Acronis 2015 True image and a backup(tib file and i'had to use the bootable Acronis rescue/emergency disk and somehow I succeeded to use my old PS/2 keboard and mouse (from another PC) to function with the upgrade.But the prolem is now that i cannot use/install anyymore the original Medion USB keyb&mouse.I tried eveything in device manager(remove driver uninstall driver and then reinstall but nothing solves the problem.For example the USB mouse is called Pluralinputmouse in dev.manager;but there is a yellow mark and i had the following messages:"device doesn't start (code 10),insufficient system sources available to finish the API" or Device not connected or there is no connection(code 15)
Does anyone knows a solution or advice?
friendly regards

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I have installed Windows 8 Release Preview for a month. I installed this OS normally without any problem during installation and I used hardwares normally. I But now, my mouse, keyboard and all USB plugins don't work. When I start my computer, the light on my keyboard turn on and then off when Windows is starting. I have tried many solutions but they don't work. My internet connection plugin works well and my computer still update news from Sport App. What should I do now?
I'm using a desktop computer with Intel Pentium D 3.00GHZ processor. Before I install Win 8 Released Preview, I used Windows 8 Comsumer Preview and no problem happened.

A:Mouse and keyboard not working???

I have a problem with keyboard and mouse as well,I can use both of them in antvirus rescue discs but can't in windows 8 enterprise x64. I have no idea what to do,I tried everything
heeeeeeelp! please
Thanks in advance

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I have the same thing as Tinyman...no keyboard or mouse by attempting to add safe mode with networking. What is UEFI?
Where do I find this USB viewable option as I am connected by USB?

I went to set up (F2 at boot) > and then searched around for anything that relates to USB and found that USB is enabled and on high speed. Hope that is not it and I am missing something, because I still have no mouse or keyboard.

Keyboard and mouse are the ones that came with the Dell XPS 7100 system.

I'll try different USB ports and report back...didn't make a difference.
What am I missing? (except for my mouse and keyboard...lol)

A:Keyboard and mouse not working

Hello Rich,

The tutorial below can help show you how to boot to your UEFI firmware settings to check to see if you have the mouse and keyboard enabled at boot.

UEFI Firmware Settings - Boot to from inside Windows 8

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I recently did a build and it was actually perfect! everything booted up on the first try and worked great. Untill well about two days ago. i came home from class and turned on the pc and i got nothing... i have a g15 keyboard and a g5 laser mouse. they wont even lite up =\ well i got the error code 7F on my mobo which is waiting for a response in bios... so i dont even know where to begin along the lines of trouble shooting. if i could get some help i would be so happppy.. cause i got 2grand worth of computer parts just collecting dust

A:Keyboard and mouse not working on PC

if you could post the system specs of the computer it would help

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hi ok i have a dell optiplex gx280 that i am trying to fix the problem is the mouse and keyboard do not work.This dell pc only had usb ports and i believe the usb drivers are corrupt or that it has a nasty virus anyway the keyboard and mouse do not work at any point even at start up.

1,i can not go into the bios setup
2,i can not go into safe mode
3,i bought a pci ps/2 card but the ps/2 mouse and keyboard do not work.
4, i have removed the cmos battery but still nothing.
5, i can not start a windows repair disk as it does not boot from this and i can not change it due to no keyboard .
6, i created a windows xp recovery floppy but after the first floppy disk asks for disk 2 and then to press enter .... keyboard doesnt work so stops there.
7,i have tried every usb port and nothing. the usb keyboard and mouse does work tried on another pc.
8, i have also tried another hardrive but it doesn't pick it up says the hardrive is missing??

I think that is all what i have done and tried and before someone says i cant log in either as the mouse or keyboard does not work! so many people will miss this.

if anyone does no how to fix this problem please contact me message me etc i havent a clue what to try now. please dont send stupid answers thanks

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