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Solved: Picture Problem on XP

Q: Solved: Picture Problem on XP

I have suddenly for some unknown reason got a icon showing in the bottom lefthand corner of ALL my pictures, see attatchment... I have not done anything or added any anything to cause this. It appeared from nowhere.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Picture Problem on XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Picture Problem on XP

Andrewt3, You're probably using Norton 360. The link below explains those icon overlays and how to turn them off if you want to.

A check in a green box means the file’s backup is current, while a chevron (») character in a blue box indicates a file that’s been changed since its last backup. Files excluded from the backup set display a slash in a gray box.

If you don’t need the backup indicators feature you can turn it off by clicking Settings in the Norton 360 main window, disabling the Backup Status Indicators check box and clicking Close.


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Hi guys,

I changed the graphics card on my pc from a nvidia 8500 to a passive radeon hd 3450 a week or so ago. The system has been working very well. I then adjusted the screen resolution to better match my panny tv and restarted the PC. Now I get no picture on either my monitor or pc from when I press the power button. Both are working fine. I also swopped out my new graphics card with the old one, still no picture. I still get the normal single beep from my motherboard when I boot and everything sounds normal. I also tried removing the ram and reinserting it but still no joy!

I am now very frustrated....any help will be greatly appreciated!



PC Spec:
ASUS P5K-E WiFi mobo
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
2gb Gail DDR2 Ram
Nvida 8500gt
2x80gb hard drives (Raid 0)
3x1TB hard drives (Raid 5)

A:Solved: No picture problem

What resloution did you change it to and what monitor do you have?

I had a monitor once, were I set the resolution to high and the monitor went off and wouldent come back on.

Have you got another monitor you can try.

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I am trying to restore a picture, everything goes great until I print it out, the picture is of a young man in a military uniform. the uniform on the bottom of the picture has a lighter shade whenever I print out the picture but not on the computer screen. I have been trying to clone from another part of the uniform but it is hard whenever you cannot see what you are trying to clone out. If I made the picture lighter would it help? I am using picture it.I have had good success wit other pictures and with most of this one, just not with the uniform. The area I am working with is black or a very dark blue. thanks for any and all help.


A:Solved: picture restoration problem

Can you attach the Photo here ??? .. The Original
It might help to see it .. or maybe some of us with Photoshop can fix it.
If bigger than 300Kb (TSG's limit) .. let me know and I'll PM you my Email address.

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Here's a new one on me.

I use Outlook Express as my mail program and when selecting a picture while in Explorer I always had the option to " make pictures smaller " before it was actually sent. Now when I select a pic and choose "send to" then select e-mail recipient it goes straight to the compose message box without giving me the option.

Any idea where the option went and how do I get it back?

A:Solved: E-Mailing Picture Problem

This is a tip I found at the following website


Go to Start, Run, type
regsvr32 shimgvw.dll and click OK.
(Note: there is a space after the 32.)

Hope that helps. Otherwise someone with far greater knowledge will have to help you.

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This is probably a simple problem but it's been really a pain for me and I can't seem to fix it. If I open my picture files, and I see folders. If I open up the folders my viewer will show generic program desktop, but not a picture preview. Now if I click one of the generic preview I will get my program to pop up and view my pictures through the program. But what my issue is, I can only view my pictures by opening up my folders and I want to to see the preview from the main folders. I am not sure what happened, I have my preview folders settings turned on but I can't see my previews until I open up the sub-folders. I hope I explained this clearly enough. running vista

A:Solved: Picture viewer problem

New it couldn't be too hard, figured it out. In tools I had"show icon never thumbnail" checked!!

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I have been infected by "about blank" before and repaired it, this one is annoying me...help!

A:Solved: Click to see larger picture...about blank pops up with no picture!

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Earlier today, my computer encountered a virus that had spyware, adware, and malware, which created a lot of chaos. I got the antivirus software that cleaned up the mess, and now it says my system is clean, and my computer is working well again. My only issue now is that for whatever reason, my Window Picture and Fax Viewer will not open. I double click on the photo I want to open, but nothing happens, and the only way it will open is through Internet Explorer, or Paintbrush. No preview is available either, which it normally is. I was just wondering what would cause this, and how would I go about fixing this? I have downloaded the free registry booster from this site, and will run it as soon as I am done here. I do appreciate any help that you might be able to give, and my operating system is Windows XP. My Videos, and My Music are working great too, so it is just Window Picture, so thanks again.

A:Solved: Window Picture and Fax Viewer Problem

jrj0381, Click Start>Run and copy & paste or type in:

regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\shimgvw.dll

click OK

Note that the spacing is important.


Edited to add: My advice is to stay away from those rgistry cleaners. They can do more harm than good.

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Every time I boot my Dell 8200 (XP- Home Edition) I get message "Please wait while Windows configures Dell Picture Studio - Dell Image Expert". I then get message to insert the Dell Picture Studio - Dell Image Expert CD. I can keep hitting cancel because I don't want it to load. I then get "Error 1706 No valid source could be found for product Dell Picture Studio - Dell Image Expert. The Windows Installer could not continue". If I keep hitting cancel enough ( 3 or 4 times) it finally quits trying. The same thing happens when I load OUTLOOK and when I copy something to the clipboard. I've uninstalled Dell Picture Studio and every reference I could find to it in my system.
There's nothing in Windows startup that indicates this program should load.
Anyone have any idea how I can stop this?

A:Solved: Problem with Dell Picture Studion

Try Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

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I've recently experienced a problem with reading my CF card on my computer. I have always had my Sandisk Imagemate CF reader plugged into the USB on my computer and whenever I placed my CF card into it, the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer would automatically pop up with a preview of all available pictures thumbnailed. It would give the option of rotating, saving whichever pics you'd like to whatever file you wished, etc. Now when I place the CF card in, I get nothing. It does come up as a new "removable disk" on My computer but I have to physically go to it and open it up and the pics have all these long weird file names that need to be changed as well. The short of it is, it's much more difficult to read pics now, the process is longer and harder to accomplish to move pics to certain files, I've got a half dozen new "removeable disks" on my computer (seems to add them at random) and I don't believe I changed anything to make this happen, just started one day when I placed the CF card in the reader. Along with getting back to the way it was - with auto reading, is it possible to rid the My Computer of all these unneccesary "removable disks"? Help!

A:Solved: Problem with XP Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

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Hi Folks,

Just found this site and this is my first post.

Some months ago I had reason to change OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. I downloaded my "Pictures" onto a thumb drive along with some other items I wanted to save and reinstall after the OS change. I transferred the photos, from thumb drive to my hard drive with no problems. The photos when saved to the thumb drive did so in mass with no divisions and/or folders when they were transferred to my new operating system. So, I painstakingly transferred them to my desktop and then back into new folders in my photo library. So far no problems showed up only a sore butt from sitting for a few hours doing the task. After the download and transfers were complete I deleted the folder that had stored all the photos from the download, since it was considered unnecessary and keeping the duplicate photos took up additional hard drive space.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I tried to download a photo as an "attachment" to an e-mail. I went to the photo wanted, clicked on it, then right clicked on it to preview it and discovered the following message in a pop up window.

" The item (name of photo chosen) folders saved on thumb disk 033.jpg that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly" Below this was two buttons named "Yes" or "No". I also noticed a small bronze padlock that showed up next to the folder the photo was selec... Read more

A:Solved: Picture/Transfer/Attachment Problem

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Hello all,
I just got this Camera, and it takes pretty good pictures...most of the time....The setting isn't important...but for those of you who know the area I was at Ontario Place in Toronto on saturday...the weather was Overcast with Sun coming out later in the day...

I had about 14 shots come out very dark, essentially black ( you could make out very faint details). I had the camera on Auto, the shots were both into the direction of sunlight cloud covered and with the light behind me...It seems that whenever the clouds were in the focusing point that would darken the image? Does that seem normal? Should it not be capable of figuring out the scene? I could understand if I were aiming into direct sunlight which would close the aperature and increase shutter speed?

At the end of the day I was hoping for a nice shot of the CN Tower over the water, but the image was all greyish dull.

It's my fault I thought I had the camera all figured out and didn't check every shot, but was very surprised by the bad shots.
I'm going to do more test shots to see where it is going wrong, one thing I noticed is in Auto mode I had High speed shooting set to ON ( nothing else can be configured in auto). I checked the manual and it only says this is used for fast focusing, doesn't mention anything else?

A:Solved: Fujifilm S1000fd outdor picture problem

Any advice /experience would be helpful? It may not be the Camera...just me...Like I said I can understand if I am aiming right at the bright sky, but not if it is a split.

Just wondering how you would deal with it?

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A few days ago I installed Thunderbird for a secondary email account. Everything so far works as advertised except the address book. I've imported my address book from Windows Live Mail (csv).

The problem is that when I open the Thunderbird address book there are no addresses. It's just a long line of tiny icons. If I double click one of these icons, a name and address apprears, so I know the information is there, I just can't see it. (see picture)

I've reinstalled Thunderbird twice and deleted the profile twice. I've clicked every button dozens of times trying to figure out what I've missed. Can't find anything in Google that mentions this problem so that tells me that it is so simple that nobody else has ever had a problem with it or it's unheard of. It looks like somthing that one click should fix, I just haven't found it yet.

Why can't I see the names in my Thunderbird address book. I need help.

A:Solved: Thunderbird address book problem (see picture)

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I've not yet installed the lastest build, and since I'm supposing that GA of TH2 should be very very similar to what we're testing right now with 10565, the following question comes to mind:

Has the new build reverted the stupid thoughts of MS about Picture Password logins?

As I stated in my thread here in regard to 10240, it is apparent that MS forgot to add the "Other Users" dropdown list picker in the Picture Password login screen (it is present in text-password and PIN, instead).
That sucks for everyone who has a tablet with multiple accouts and likes everybody be able to access the device with the Picture Password feature.

Has something changed in that regard with 10565? I praise it's happening..

A:Has 10565 solved the problem of Picture Password missing other users?

I only used the picture password for about two days then switched to using a PIN. It is easier for me to logon that way.

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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,

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After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location in the location tab to an external hard drive in %userprofile%\My picture folder the My picture folder has disappear now from %userprofile%\ location.
I went to the registry in the Shell Folder and User Shell Folder \ My Pictures REG_SZ and change back to %userprofile%\My picture value but that seem not taking effect.


A:After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location locat

Hello Stuckfree,

Double check through OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to see if it may be able to help restore your My Pictures folder.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps.

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I have found this BUG in Micrososft Word 2007, that I consider to be a SERIOUS ISSUE for Microsoft Office Suite.

If you copy an image from a website and paste in the Word file, the image pastes successfully the first time,
but as you go on & paste other images from the site,
the first image is repeated over and over again, in place of other images (which have the same dimensions).
All other text data remain same, the image titles remain same, but only the image is repeated over and over


Microsoft? Office Word 2007 (12.0.4518.1014) MSO (12.0.6514.5000)
Part of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

A:Microsoft Office Word 2007 picture paste Bug *same picture is repeated

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I would not advise pasting images in doc files like that,
I would use ms Paint to paste or save picture as
I would really recommend using the windows snipping tool to get the images that way no bugs are being transferred to the machine or programs,
Then use the Insert image option in word...
It's just a safer way to do an operation,

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Hi all,

Super bizarre.

So I woke up this mornind to login into my PC and see that my profile pic is changed back to the previous one. I have not any changes myself.

skype is linked to microsoft account. (skype had my old picture)

other option is that someone logged into my outlook and chaged profile picture then it got synced...

I cannot find any information on why or how picture would revert. ( even more so on a specific date )

any ideas or leads ?

A:login profile picture revert back to previous picture

Hello newbiew, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Since you Microsoft account is synced by default, then it most likely automatically changed back after syncing.

If you wanted to have the same user account picture for all devices, then changing it for everything should help.

If you only wanted to change it on this PC, then you could turn off syncing for Appearance under "Personalization settings" using the tutorial below.

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8

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I have started to have this problem when viewing thumb images. It started on the Xbox 360 site I would go to mt friends list and most of the little picts would show up and the others would just be blank with a X. If I would refresh a few times they would show up. Now its starting to do it on Facebook with pictures that I even put on. Whats going on here?

A:IE8 Picture Problem

I just tried Unistalling IE8 and it still does it on IE7, Then reinstalled 8 and still does it. It only seems to be Facebook and Xbox site. I can only see half of the pictures on Facebook, is it a problem on the site? I don't see any problems yet with my other sites.

Found the problem its a Facebook problem

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hi guys on my nnew plasma tv how come the football is not a crstal clear picture ?is there anything i can do to change this

A:picture problem

If it is still in warrany I would take advantage of the warranty to get the televison repaired or replaced.

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When i open internet explorer i could not able to see the pictures properly. i have already installed java but still i am facing the same problem.kindly help me out.

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This seems like a common problem....I can't open most web JPEG files. I'm using XPHome with IE6 browser. I either get the famous "Red X" or the blank white screen with "DONE" in the lower lefthand corner. I recently upgraded to Norton Antivirus 2004. This may have been when the problem started? I'm using Adaware and Spybot to ward off spyware in hopes of correcting the problem. It hasn't done the job.

Can anybody show me the solution. It can't be this difficult.

Please help.


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I have a box that has a red square, a green circle and a blue triangle instead of a picture. If I right click inside the box I see one option 'show picture" If I click on it, I can see the picture.
How do I fix this as there are sometimes 20 or so boxes with no picture? I appologize for my ignorance!

A:Picture box problem

Open your IE Options (assuming IE is your web browser), under the Advanced tab, check "Show Pictures".

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Hey guys.
My brother just gave my Dad his old computer. It is a Compaq Presario X2.0 - 300 Mhz Pent.II processor - 18 gb (total on 2 hd) 160 mb ram.
The problem is when he powers up everything goes along fine (looks ok) until all his start up is finished, then he says all the sudden a "fog" comes over the screen. The monitor that came with the computer had a green tint to it (Dad says Bryan said it had been like that & he couldn't fix it) so they hooked up Dad's monitor & now this fog thing is happening. We don't know if the computer always did this because the tint on the other monitor was so bad you couldn't tell if anything else was wrong with it. You guys have any idea what's going on???
Also- how do we find out if his memory & HD capacity is maxed out. The Belarc log says he has one memory socket empty, but how do we find out the max the pc can handle?

As always you guys are lifesavers! Thanks so much! Lisa

A:Picture problem

Go to hp.com (merged with compaq). Support > search for your PC's model > download the updates & documentation. Look for the specs. That tells you the max. ram.

I think it may be the video card. Probably onboard. Or the video cable lost a pin. Try another monitor.

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hi ive just got a phone call from my daughter
saying that when she goes on any web site she
gets the writing for that site but no pictures
only colour boxes can any one be kind to
give us some help thanks al

A:web picture problem

have a look in

control panel
internet options
advanced tab
look down there and see if
show pictures
is ticked

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OK, I am an idiot........ I can not view pictures on some online auction sites. My Java is enabled and so is my picture image capability. I am running XP and I cant get them to show with either Netscape or Exporer. I turned of my firewall and I was able to see one pic then it would allow none after that. Thanks for your help in advance.

A:picture problem

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I am in libre office and I try to copy and paste a photo on there, it was working fine but when I got to my third picture I got an error message saying "cannot find 'C:\Users\KIMBER~1\appdata\local\temp\F8E9.tmp.png"make sure you typed the file name correctly. I didnt even type it, I just copied and pasted it. I had already done 2 pictures before this started showing up. I didn't do anything in between the 2nd and 3rd picture. I opened up another word document and the very first picture I tried to paste on the page did this.

A:Picture problem

it shows up at first but then a few seconds later the picture becomes blank with a red ERROR in the top left side.

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hi, i have a problem with my computer.
i just opened it up yesterday to do my casual cleaning of the inside of the computer. Took the vga card out and everything to get rid of the dusts. After putting it all back on and starting the computer, my monitor gives a "no device connected" signal even though the computer is running fine. I stick my vga card into my other computer and it worked perfectly fine. I tried connecting my monitor to my other PC and it also worked fine. Could my motherboard be stuffed up or is there any other solutions?


A:Picture Problem

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I was chatting to a friend on msn and he sent me some photos through it. When I went to the folder where they were stored,there we no pictures with an image extension (JPG,JPEG,GIF,BMP etc) .Instead there were a load of files with the extension "File".I've attached a screenshot of it.

I'd just like to know if I can convert it to an image format,because at the moment I can open these pictures by right clicking>open>select from a list,but I'd like to see them as thumbnails.

Sorry if it's a stupid question,but if it is then it should be easy to answer

Thanks a lot!


A:Picture Problem

You just have to change the file extension to jpg or gif, whatever your friend transferred to you and then you should be able to open them properly or even shows as thumbnails.

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I m running windows 8.1 pro. Please help me to solve this trouble.

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I got this error message "Setting the account picture failed, please try again". I need to know how to fix this, i got this error after i browsed the pic i wanted to use, if you guys know how to fix this thing, I'll thank you here's the screenshot, I'm not using a pirated copy of this OS, please help!

A:Can't change account picture / lock screen's picture

I don't know what may happen,but I think it worth to try:
First of all, go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
and copy the Default Account Pictures folder and then rename it to any name,after this open the original Default Account Pictures folder and delete the picture and the data file which belong to the user and try to change accaunt picture

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It seems ive tried different options and i still cant get to see a preview of the picture i have highlighted, i have to open it fully in order to see what it is .anyway to change this?

windows 7 btw

A:How do i get my picture icons to show the actual picture thumbnail?

Have a look at this tutorial Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
Try this tutorial if preview is turn on Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

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YouTube? Picture in Picture (Beta)

Users of this extension have also used
Watch YouTube? videos in the corner while browsing the site, just like in the mobile apps.
* Videos will continue to play in a picture-in-picture window when you navigate away from the page
* Re-open video page at any time without interruption
* Start videos in a picture-in-picture window with the right click menu

This extension is a proof-of-concept and is still in beta, with a few known bugs. Playlists don't work correctly, and sometimes videos don't load right. If something goes wrong, opening a new video usually fixes things. If not, try opening a new tab.

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YouTube? Picture in Picture (Beta)

Users of this extension have also used
Watch YouTube? videos in the corner while browsing the site, just like in the mobile apps.
* Videos will continue to play in a picture-in-picture window when you navigate away from the page
* Re-open video page at any time without interruption
* Start videos in a picture-in-picture window with the right click menu

This extension is a proof-of-concept and is still in beta, with a few known bugs. Playlists don't work correctly, and sometimes videos don't load right. If something goes wrong, opening a new video usually fixes things. If not, try opening a new tab.

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I have an HDMI cord running from my laptop to my desktop computer. I have the laptop outputting audio through the HDMI cord perfectly fine. However, my desktop will not relay the audio through the built-in speakers unless I have the HP Picture in Picture software open on the selected HDMI Input. I was wondering if there was a way I am able to bypass using the HP Picture in Picture software. The HDMI Inputs do not show up in the 'Sound' window through the Control Panel in either the Playback or Recording tabs. Thank you!- Bubbyfong

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I have figured out how to download pictures from the Verizon Samsung Gusto. I saw pedroguy asked about this November 2010, but the thread died.

1) Download BitPim
2) Under "BitPim Settings", for Phone Type, choose "SCH-U750 (Alias 2)"

I don't know anything about BitPim, I just played with the settings until it worked.


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I just upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP, and I am having a real annoying problem with saving pictures. I left click a picture and click Save Picture As, and the filename ends with JPEG, and I click Save As and select bitmap, but I can't view the picture using any of the picture viewers. I found out that when I save a picture I have to delete the .jpeg at the end of each filename and put .bmp everytime. I saw a previous posting similar to this and did everything they said, I deleted internet files, I checked to see if bmp and jpeg are in the registered file types, and I even tried reinstalling Win XP, and I'm still having the same problem. I just need to know how to get the filenames that I save the pictures to back to the original type that they are either art or bmp, without deleting .jpeg and putting .bmp on every picture that I try to save. I save alot of pictures and I have never had this problem before. Someone please help.

A:Picture saving problem...Please Help

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My Windows operating system is Windows XP Media Center Edition. Also using Internet Explorer 7. I have been using Picture It 2000 for years, because I like it's editing features. All of a sudden last week I could not save an edited picture in jpeg format. The link for jpeg disappeared. The gif format is still there, but of course that does not save good pictures. Today I removed Picture It to re-install it to see if I could get back the jpeg save feature.

When I tried to re-install it, a message window said it was searching for Internet Explorer 5, but if I had a later edition, it would leave it alone. While search and verifying for Internet Explorer 5, it said could not find some components, and setup is closing down. I have never had a problem installing this disk onto my computer. In fact just installed it about a month ago, after not having it on my computer for a while.

Nothing has changed on my computer within the month, except some windows updates, and security updates.

Does anyone have any idea why I cannot re-install picture it 2000 on my computer now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi everyone,

I got another problem in my PC. I have saved about 3000 photos in my computer under a folder called photos. But since some weeks, my computer is changing the original look of my pictures to very ugly views. I meant sometimes when I open my photo folders, suddenly some pictures are getting discoloured automatically. Sometimes the pictures are cutting to two pieces automatically. If the picture's background is green, sometimes it is changing to red, yellow or some other colour.
But after this happened, I cannot get them back to it's original view at all. I don't know what's happening here. Already I have lost lot of my important photos because of this, and I even haven't saved them somewhere else. I already have deleted them from my camera too. So please help me before this computer eats all of my photos.

Since I bought this computer, I am getting lot of problems in this. I don't know if it is because of VISTA or any other Hardware problem on this computer.

Please help,

A:Picture viewing problem

First and foremost - email a picture to someone else and let them look at it - if it looks normal it is just your computer.

If it is the same on their computer, then something on your computer has gone and altered the pictures - and that could just as easily be software like Picasa or other image editor that has applied settings to all files in the folder.

Now, here is a lesson learned.

1) Don't store thousands of things in one folder
2) Backup.

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In the past I have used Windows Picture & Fax Viewer to resize and email photos directly from their associated file. I have this problem now. Whenever I select a picture and click 'E-mail this File' from the 'File & Folder tasks' section I am asked to 'Choose Profile' in a dialog box. I'm using OE 6 and it is set as my default mail handler everywhere I know to look. The 'choose profile' dialog box appears to be associated with MS Exchange which I do not use and to my knowledge is not installed.

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I have no idea what the problem is. I'm thinking it might just be the fact that my computer is pretty old. I moved into the place I'm currently living and the previous tenant had thrown it out. It's a Gateway Solo 1450.As you can see, I was using VLC player to play a .wmv file.. and this was the result. This happens all the time with various types of files. Instead of normal colors, the video is composed of bright, neon, psychedelic colors. I'm at a loss.Any help would be appreciated!Thanks,Chrisedit: Sorry if something similar has been asked.. i just had no idea how to phrase the problem. Hence, the picture.

A:Not Sure What To Ask, So I Have A Picture.. Video Problem

Looks like your display settings may be set too low.
Go to Control Panel, Display, Settings tab & check the color pallete. Looks like it might be set to 16 or 256 colors.
Set it higher & reboot. See if that takes care of it

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I was creating a picture password and it went through all the steps and it showed "There was a failure during the enrollment process"

What should I do?

Sfc scannow did not find any integrity violations

A:Picture password problem

I tried system restore but that did not work. All the default windows app were blank. When I clicked it showed your developer license has expired. Please renew it. So I restored back again. Any idea why it would have showed up?

Still I am unable to use pic password

Note: I created another account and tried to use pic password but still I cant create one

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Hi all,

Over the last 2 weeks my pc has developped a problem.

Basiclly it's starts up but im getting no picture on the screen. at first all i needed to do was turn it off and then back on again (between 1-8 times) and the screen would eventually come on and be fine until i turned it off for the night (usually around 8 hours).
However today it just refused to start. i opended the case and had a sniff for any burnt smells but couldn't smell anything, i also checked that no cables/wiring was detatched/loose and listened to it starting up incase of any odd noises but there was none.

At first i thought it might of been the monitor, but im using now on my backup pc and its fine, then i thought it might be the graphics card, so i plugged the monitor into the desktop instead of via the graphics card, but that made no difference.

Additional info you might find useful:

-when i start it up, it bleeps once like it always has done.
-the monitor light flashes which is how i know its not going to work, because when it works the light only flashes before the pc is turned on.
- ive tried leaving it turned on for 30 mins or so and then trying again but that didn't help.
-pc specs:
make: Zoostorm
AMD Quad Core Phenom 9500 Quad Core Processor 2.2Ghz,
4MB L2 Cache
4GB DDR2 800MHz
Expandable to 4GB
Memory Slot: 2 x DIMM
640GB (1 x 640GB) SATA300 Hard Drive (16MB Cache)
20 x Super multi DVDRW
Operating System: No Operating System
nVIDIA® GeForce GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Gra... Read more

A:Pc starts but no picture problem

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I download a movie series and the file in Avi type. When I joint the file back and watch it, some episodes have a problem with quailty of picture. Sometime the picture is crash like watch TV and the antena does have strong signal that make the picture crash into many many pieces. Beside that, the picture of next screen is on top of the current that made the person face is unclear and I can only see the face frame only. Is there any way or any software to fix this. Thank you for your help.

A:AVI Picture Quailty Problem

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I am running Vista with IE7. Some of my incoming E-Mails have a gray square where a picture should be.('show picture' not available when using rt.click) It looks like some kind of auditing although I know the Pix are not offensive. How can I overcome this?

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Ask for help one more time, maybe someone can tell me what happened in simple language how to fix.

Took Dell DE051, Windows XP Home, to shop to have modem replaced, and he cleaned up Desktop, added AVG, Ad-Ware 2007, SpBot and SpywareBlaster.

Now when I attempt to download pictures from the Web, into My Pictures folder, even though the picture is a jpg, I can only save as .art or .bmp options, the Save As Type has changed, used to show All Files, Enhanced Metafile, Windows Metafile, JPEG File Interchange Format and Portable Network Graphics. What would cause this? How can I correct? Will someone please take the time to assist me, explaining how to fix, step by step.

A:My Picture Folder Problem

saigon65, Follow the instructions at the link below. Usually clearing the Temporary Internet Cache corrects the problem.



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Hello everyone....my first time here and hope I can get some help.I have a Dell XP Home on cable. When I receive pictures via email and open them I have noticed that when "pictures and fax viewer" comes up to display the picture I also have dozens and dozens of stuff on that site. This has been going on for several weeks, tonight I deleted 173 different items. When I tried to view the pictures again this "stuff" was already coming back. To make matters worse, some of this is the same stuff I just deleted!Stuff: anything I have clicked on and some things I haven't, IE advertisments, buttons that say submit, squares, boxes, tiny periods, vertical and horizontal lines (tiny to very long), every picture on an eBay page, pictures from news items I have read, circles within squares, the top and side advertisement on my email site, news pictures I have never seen before.When I go to my pictures program none of this is visable, it's only from "picture and fax viewer" I can see it. What is this and does anyone know how to stop it.Thanks, any help would be so welcome.

A:Problem w/Picture and fax viewer

Are the pictures sent as attachments and are you clicking on the attachment and not somewhere in the body of the message?
Are you using a download client (like Outlook Express) or from a browser reading your E-mail on-line?

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