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upgrade my windows XP desktop PC question ?

Q: upgrade my windows XP desktop PC question ?

can I just upgrade my desktop only change the motherboard, CPU, memory only. I want to keep the case and harddrive and DVD rom. Also, can I keep using the exiting windows OS and all file in my old harddrive ? will the old window XP in my old harddrive find the new hardward ?
Hope someone can help

Preferred Solution: upgrade my windows XP desktop PC question ?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: upgrade my windows XP desktop PC question ?

Maybe, depends on the upgrade. Backup your files however. It won't delete anything if you upgrade, but it may not work correctly cause you will have different motherboard drivers to deal with. It will most likely work, but with old drivers still in the system cluttering up your hard drive.

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can I just upgrade my desktop only change the motherboard, CPU, memory only. I want to keep the case and harddrive and DVD rom. Also, can I keep using the exiting windows OS and all file in my old harddrive ? will the old window XP in my old harddrive find the new hardward ?

Hope someone can help
thanks everybody.

A:upgrade my windows XP desktop PC question ?

Hi and welcome to TSF.
First, I've removed the link in your post as advertising is not allowed.
Yes you can replace those parts, although you will almost certainly have to revalidate your Windows but this is a fairly straightforward process and can be done over the 'phone.

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Hi,I have just bought a HP 280 G2 MT Desktop having specs as-Core i3 6100,4GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro. I have also added 4gb of RAM. Now,is it possible ,in the future to upgrade the PSU and graphics card in the system? What would a decent PSU and Graphics upgrade for the said machine? Would I have to reinstall/clean install the OS? Please share your opinions

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I have the slim Desktop model, which uses a PSU: http://www.tdhcomputers.co.uk/ekmps/shops/tdhcomputers/images/f4e2_1.jpg
It's 210W. My graphics card has a 300W min. It still runs the card without a problem, but I know I need to upgrade the PSU. My problem is: Dell doesn't make a replacement for the model I have. Is there any PSU out there that would fit and give me 400/500W? If not, what case could I put the motherboard in that would house an ATX PSU as well? Thanks in advance.

A:Optiplex gx280 Desktop (slim) Upgrade question

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Since I upgraded to Windows 8, I am no longer able to save individual Remote Desktop Connection files as .rdp files. I am talking about the traditional Remote Desktop Connection application on the Desktop that was in previous Windows versions, not the
Remote Desktop App from the Windows 8 store.
When I try to click on the Save button I get "An error occurred while saving to file"
When I try to click on the Save As button I get "Unable to open connection file" with the file address being where I tried to save it with the file name at the end.
Also when I upgraded to Windows 8, my .rdp files disappeared from my Documents folder.
 I need to create different .rdp files for different programs that my employees get into on my server. Now I have to hand type all the info each time into the Programs tap on the Remote Desktop Connection window, because I can't save to an
.rdp file.
 I like the Remote Desktop App from the Windows store but it won't let me designate specific programs to use using standard dos notation (ie c:\program files\ etc..). It just goes to my server desktop.
 I want to promote Windows 8 to my employees but I need either .rdp files for the traditional Remote Desktop Connection or the ability to open specific programs using dos notation in the Windows Store Remote Desktop App.

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My laptop hard drive recently crashed so I'll be installing a new one this week. My question is regarding Windows. I've been running Vista but I figure that if I'm going to upgrade, now is as good a time as any. Is it worth upgrading? The way I see it, my options are:

- Keep Vista
- Upgrade to Windows 7
- Upgrade to Windows 8

Also, is it better to buy the full version of the newer Windows and do a clean install or is it better to reinstall Vista and then upgrade from there? I'm assuming the price will be cheaper for the upgrade version but I would pay more if the full version is more efficient than the upgrade.

Dell 1530 XPS
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T9300 (2.5 GHz, 6 MB cache)
3 Gig RAM

A:Windows Upgrade Question

Are you saying the hard drive is bad or that the windows crashed?

Moving on, I would say avoid Windows 8 since you do not have a touchscreen laptop.

Vista, If you made the recovery DVDs, easy install. Free. Vista is not that bad once you get the Service packs installed. SP1 and SP2.
Windows 7 is newer, costlier, no Major benefits as I see it over Vista. It has some improvements but not enough to make spending the money for a new OS worth it.

The Question to ask yourself is a simple one.

Did Vista do everything I wanted? If the answer is yes..............

Good Luck

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I have a laptop running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit that has really slowed down to the point where I just want to cry. I want to reload the operating system but have no discs so I have to buy a new operating system. I know Windows 7 is old so I am thinking about buying Windows 8.1 Home 64-bit. I have run the Microsoft compatibility utility and my laptop passed with flying colors. I am seeing full versions of Windows 8.1 Home 64-bit and I am seeing OEM versions. People are telling me that if I get am OEM version I am getting shortchanged because according to them things are left out of the OEM versions that are in the full versions.

The difference in price between the OEM and full versions is maybe $20. Is what I am hearing true? Did Microsoft take the cheap way out and strip down their OEM version? If they did what will I not be getting in an OEM as opposed to the full version? Thanks all.

A:Windows 8.1 Upgrade Question

I can't answer your question about the OEM Version of windows 8.1 but if you interested you can download a windows 7 setup iso directly from Microsoft. The only piece of information you'll be asked is for your windows 7 product key so they can verify that you have a legal version of windows 7. Once you do that the download can begin. Once you have the iso file you'll have to burn it to a blank dvd then boot from it when you restart your computer.
Here's the downlad link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7
Don't forget to backup anything you don't want to loose to external media or it will be gone forever.

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Hello, I have recently bought a new computer with windows vista on it but I want to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate and bought the full version install disk . So now that I have that I was wondering if the full version install disk will migrate my files from vista to 7 like the upgrade install disk?

Please help.

A:Windows 7 upgrade question.

Hi personally I would back up my files to either a external hdd or usb device failing that discs always the best option then do a fresh install of win 7
I have also included this for you to read if you wish http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2354687,00.asp

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Can I install upgrade 7 Home Premium edition onto a pc with no operating installed providing I have the disc that it upgrades from ie xp pro or home etc / anyone tried this ?

A:Windows 7 Upgrade question

Where did u get it from?

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I started a thread on the hardware forum and unfortunately do not like where it is headed.

So here is the backup question(s). I currently run XP Home SP3 on a built AMD Athlon 64 3800+ engine. I have a fair amount of purchased software on the machine. Where can I go to get smart on various windows operating systems vs. AMD cpu vs. software compatibility.

In other words I want to build a fairly complete cost picture before I jump in.

A:Windows Upgrade Question(s)

I am not sure what you mean by AMD cpu compatibility because I doubt there are any major issues affecting Amd cpu's and upgrading to say Windows 7 other than a known printer issue that was fixed a while ago, and isolated sound card issues that can be overcome by adding pci sound cards.
You can check your hardware and software compatibility here though for Windows 7:
Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads

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I have an OEM version of Vista 32-bit Home Premium and Vista 32-bit Home Premium from my old laptop. Are these eligible for the $39.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade?

And is the "upgrade" just an upgrade (i.e. I have to have Vista installed and the downloaded file only works with an OS installed) or it a full installation ISO with a CD-key?

A:Windows 8 Pro Upgrade question

The normal system for OEM has always been that you could upgrade an OEM install with a retail upgrade copy of a new OS but the upgraded OS would take on the restrictions present in the original OEM licence, tied to one system etc.

I am assuming this will be the case with windows 8, as I have not, (yet), seen any exceptions in the upgrade info but we will only know for sure once windows 8 goes "General Availability" in octiober.

The same wait and see situation also exists with the format of the upgrade, where-as the pre-release and RTM copies are all ISO it could be the upgrade may be different, even as far as a small download and then a remote web install for the actual inatall, only MS knows for sure at the moment, and they are not saying

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I am interested in trying windows 7 but I do not want to jump right in the deep end. I would say my computer abilities are above average but my computer is my primary income earner and I can?t waste time learning a new system while working (I can?t afford any problems at the moment). Can I buy another hard drive, plug it in my computer, install vista(same CD used to install existing windows) then install 7? If possible it seems I would still have access to needed files avoiding loss of any peripheral support or other problems that could occur, I could also transfer at my leisure.

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 upgrade question.

hi normalicy , what you suggest is possible to do you can download a trial version of win7 enterprise and have 90 days to evaluate the system if you like it then buy it look in the tutorial section of the forum for how to dual boot hope that helps

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Hello to all!
I have installed the Windows update on my Widows 7 machine and am able to get the free upgrade.
My question is, I don't like doing upgrades and would rather get a disc and do a clean install.  I like having a disk and a installation code for emergencies.
Is this going to be possible?  
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 10 upgrade question

Hi Mklangelo Microsoft will post Windows .iso available in free download on their website once Windows 10 gets released on July 29th for the users that wish to go down the path of a clean installation. So yes, it'll be possible.

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In the past when I've upgraded from one OS to another, I've always had issues down the road so with Windows 7, I only want to do a fresh install if necessary. I found the following info about Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade from Microsoft and I'm trying to make certain that I understand it, especially the part "ve bolded, underlined, and is in Red.

I have Windows 7 RC on my PC and two drives in Raid 0. If I were to buy the Upgrade, could I delete then recreate my raid (thus wiping the drives clean I believe) and use the Upgrade to do a fresh install?

The following text is from: Installing and reinstalling Windows

"Installing a custom version of Windows. Choose Custom to completely replace your current operating system, or to install Windows on a specific drive or partition that you select. You can also use Custom if your computer doesn't have an operating system, or if you want to set up a multiboot system on your computer."

A:Windows 7 Upgrade question

It is not yet clear how the Upgrade media will work.

So far, it seems that you will need to have Windows 2000/XP/Vista already installed on the hard drive in order to upgrade. Windows 7 RC will most likely NOT qualify for the upgrade.

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So I've decided to go the upgrade route and I had a question.

I have two hard drives, one with the main install of XP and the other as just free space.

I have files that I want to keep so I'm going to move them to the other hard drive.

If I do an upgrade to windows 7 on the hard drove that has windows xp on it, will the data on the other hard drive be safe? i.e. I've heard that when you do an upgrade from xp, it wipes out your hard drive, im assuming it only wipes out the hard drive with the actual xp install on it? Or does it erase ALL data on your computer?

A:Windows XP Upgrade Question

No, it doesn't wipe out all the data on your computer. You will get to choose which drive to put Windows 7 on. You have to be sure you choose the correct drive.

If you are concerned about it, you can just disconnect the drive with the free space that does not have XP. Put everything you want to save on that drive before you disconnect it.

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I am going to be getting a computer that has Windows 7 Ultimate Beta installed on it.

I have an extra copy for the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade. I am just wondering if I will be able to upgrade the Beta to the legitimate copy without any complications?

I found this:
How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM

Is that all I would need to do in order for this to work? Anybody have any input on this?


A:Windows 7 Upgrade Question


Yeah, that will work out for you just fine. I've done it myself as I was an avid beta tester. My machine is still the same install upgraded starting from the earliest beta leaked along with every one until the RTM.

Good luck!

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Is the upgrade version of Win 7 capable of doing a clean install like the vista upgrade media is? Reason I'm asking is because I originally had the full version of Win XP and about a year ago I purchased the upgrade version of Vista 32 bit. Now I just built a new PC last night and I wanna go to Win 7 64 bit and just don't think I should have to pay the $200+ for the full version of Win 7 to accomplish this.

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Question

With the upgrade version, you would have to first install XP, activate it, then do a "Cusom install" of Win 7 . .

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Hello all.
Excuse me for what may be a maybe silly question but I have no idea the answer.
I own a legit original Windows 8 Pro upgrade disk both 32 and 64 bit and genuine serial number.
I currently use Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop 64 bit.
Am I able to install this upgrade, learn to use it and then after I am confident install it over my work desktop which runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit?
I would of course remove the upgrade from my laptop beforehand.
Is this legal or do I need to purchase another Windows 8 upgrade disk and serial?
Thank you for your asssistance.

A:Windows 8 Upgrade Question

Yes you are. You may have to re-authenticate though. The upgrade keys can also be used (with a little fiddling) for a clean install if you so desire. Personally I had 7 Pro and paid €380 to upgrade to 7 Ultimate (I needed the language). I then paid only €15 to upgrade to 8 which works for clean installs of 8.1 also. The prices are odd but there you are. The ultimate upgrade was very expensive - the windows 8 was a bargain.

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I read here: http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/ne...ws-7-what-xp-and-vista-users-need-to-know.ars
that if buy an upgrade copy of Windows 7, you have to do a clean install. My question is, if I bought the Win7 Home Premium upgrade, (from Vista HP) would it install the same way as the full version (OEM or Retail) would?

What I don't want to do, is have Vista bloat in the background of Win7. I WANT Vista gone if I buy Win7 but I'm wondering if I have to buy the full version to do it or will I be able to do the same thing with the upgrade?

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Question...

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When i buy W7 do i have to buy the OEM version in order to be able to upgrade my motherboard and hard drive in the future, or can i just buy the regular upgrade version?

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Question

Quote: Originally Posted by Rooks

When i buy W7 do i have to buy the OEM version in order to be able to upgrade my motherboard and hard drive in the future, or can i just buy the regular upgrade version?

If by regular you mean retail upgrade will work to upgrade any mobo.

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I have two Lenovo desktops with Windows 7 professional pre-installed.

One I updated to windows 10.
After two weeks I regret it, wiped the whole harddrive and installed my windows 7 with the original Lenovo
factory reset disks.

My question is now:
Since my computer was updated to windows 10 once, will I be able in future to take any windows 10 dvd and install it again?
(am i right thinking that MS have now my 'computer-fingerprint' stored, and will recognize it when i reinstall a clean copy of a windows dvd?)

Or will i run in trouble then?

A:Windows 10 upgrade question

Hello Heian,

When you upgraded to Windows from your activated Windows 7, it created a digital entitlement on Microsoft's activation servers for your PC to activate Windows 10 with on that PC. As long as you don't change the motherboard, you will be able to install Windows 10 on the PC, and have it activated.

Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums

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I am currently using Windows 98 2nd Ed on an IBM Aptiva Model 2199-100 Mini Tower with AMD K6-2/450Mhz CPU 3D with 64 Mb RAM and 4.2 Gb Hard Drive. I'm mainly running Office 97 SR-2, Internet Explorer [Version 6.0.2800.1106IC SP1] & Outlook Express.

I am about to increase the RAM to 128 or 256 and add a new 40Gb Hard Disk & a CD Burner.

My first & major question is:
(1) Should I stay with Windows 98 2nd Ed [Version] or upgrade to Windows XP?

My other questions re upgrading:
(2) Would you add 128 or 256 RAM? Do I keep the 64 RAM so I have 192 or 320 RAM or ditch the old 64Mb RAM?
(3) Do I run both Hard Drives - the current 4.2Gb and the new 40Gb or ditch the old 4.2Gb?
(4) Any recommendations about the Brand & Model of Hard Drive and the CD Burner [which to buy or avoid].
Many thanks in anticipation of a lively debate.

Morris Broder
Melbourne, Australia
Email: [email protected]

A:Windows 98 - To Upgrade or Not? - That is the Question.

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Atm i have XP Pro SP2 and on my computer I currently have 2 harddrives. I have the 'C' drive which has my Operating System on it and 2 other harddrives ('D' and 'E') which have other stuff on it such as documents. The D drive is a partition of the E drive which I did on my old computer btw so the D drive has a capacity of 48gb and the E drive has 184gb.

I have decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on my C drive, and so I have decided to backup all of my documents on my 'E' drive.

When I install Windows 7 Ultimate am I still going to have all my data and files on the 'D' and 'E' drives? I Want to transfer all this stuff back onto the C drive after the Windows 7 upgrade in order to make things easier for me.

Im sorry if this is a stupid question but i really need to make sure.

Thanks guys.

A:XP to Windows 7 upgrade question

In short yes....if your really worried about it disconnect the E/D Drive from the Mobo. then plug back in when win 7 is installed..

oh make sure you point the install of win7 to the c drive..

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Ok, so I decided to grace my laptop with the $40 upgrade, using Microsoft's Upgrade assistant thingie. First off, what happens to the Windows 7 CD-KEY stickered on the bottom of my laptop? Does that become invalidated? Or can I dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 ?

Also, is there any way I'll be able to burn the digital download onto a DVD myself to install it fresh, rather than letting it upgrade my current Windows 7 installation?

A:Question about $40 Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

If you want to dual boot with Win 7, you have to buy the retail version, upgrade version can only be used to upgrade the current version of Windows.
When you download the upgrade version with Upgrade assistant, you will be given choices to install now, create a media to upgrade latter, you have to choose "create media to upgrade latter", .iso file will be downloaded, you can burn a disc using imgburn or similar utility.

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I Upgraded Windows 7 Home Premium 64 to Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 now boots to the "Start Page" then a couple seconds later goes to the Desktop. This isn't something I configured it just does it. I do have Start8 from Stardock installed but it isn't configured to go to the desktop on boot either.

Any clue how I can stop this behavior and have Windows 8 stay at the Start Page on Boot?

A:Windows 8 Pro Upgrade boots to Desktop

You are probably starting a program at boot that causes the start menu to lose focus. Pretty much anything that opens a window will cause this, even most splash screens.

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Upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 My HP Pavilion was purchased with Windows 8.0 and updated to 8.1. I started the windows 10 upgrade and now my desktop will not boot: The upgrade seemed to be working fine until it started placing my software application icons on a blacked out screen.The upgrade process placed all of the software icons on the screen.The screen would then go black and the process of placing icons on the screen would start over.I allowed the placing of the icons on the screen to loop for about an hour before I tried to stop the upgrade process.I had to turn the computer off by pressing and holding the on/off button.When I turned the computer back on the screen came up with recovery options.I chose the option that would allow me to go back to Windows 8.1.I clicked restore Windows 8.1 and the computer screen went black and did not boot up.I turned the computer off by pressing and holding the on/off button. My desktop has never booted up again. The computer powers up, the fans are running but there is no Hard Drive, DVD Drive and USB drive activity and nothing shows up on the screen (black). Purchased a new Joshua motherboard: After replacing the motherboard and its component parts from the old motherboard, I crossed my fingers and started the computer. To my surprise, the computer booted up and completed the windows 10 upgrade I had started previously. After some tweaking, the computer seemed to be working fine. However, I notic... Read more

A:Windows 10 upgrade killed my desktop

Hi, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome ! To be honest, it is really hard for me to believe that any software installation (even Windows installation) can break your motherboard and it is hard for me to realize how replacing the board fixes booting issues. Any kind of BIOS upgrades that happened in the meantime ? Anyway, I hope your HP recovery partitions are intact and working fine, as well as your BIOS. Actually, I am not 100% sure if this will work after the board replacement since it is not the original one but you may try to recover your computer to factory default condition. Here are more details how this may be achieved:>> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03489643>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvVv8G1tzGY

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Hi, I spent countless hours and download allowance trying to upgrade my Inspiron 580 desktop from Windows 7  to Windows 10 - this after the initial checks told me that is was compatible (last year).
After going over my data allowance three times, I had to stop the automated Windows updates (Win 10) and contacted Microsoft Support - they tried various time to assist via remote control, without success - and only yesterday the ninth differend MS Customer Support agent checked if the Inspiron 580 is in fact (still?) compatible for a Windows 10 upgrade.
Imagine my surprise and frustration, when she sent me a link that my desktop PC was not compatible - hence my note here now: Anybody can give me hints and tips how to successful upgrade to Win 10, which drivers to look out for (which I might need to change) and what else I need to be careful of.
Thanks for any help and advice!

A:Can anybody help me how to upgrade Inspiron 580 desktop to Windows 10?

Press [Windows] and [ r ] and type in msinfo32 and press [Enter]. Ensure your Legacy BIOS revision is A07. If not update it to A07:
Once your Legacy is up to date. Clean Install Windows 10 RS1:

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I got a flashing desktop (goes black and desktop) after upgrading to Windows 10.  After logging in, it is fine for about 10-15 seconds, then it will start flashing. I couldn't do anything - click on anything except CTRL-ALT-DELETE to go to Task Manager. I did the upgrade 2x already. Before my first attempt, I did not do anything with my PC - I did not do any driver updates. When I got the flashing desktop after ugrading, I panicked and immediately rolled back to Windows 7. I was able to get to the Recovery window during the 10-15 seconds time frame right after logging in. Thankfully, it went back to Windows 7. After the first try, I read a little bit about the similar issue and so I tried some of suggested solutions - to update drivers on my PC, to disable Windows reporting services (While on Win 10), to try to go to Safe Mode. So I tried again. I updated all the things I can update (drivers mostly) before the upgrade. Did PC Clean up. I got the flashing desktop again. It's the same. So while, it's flashing, I tried to disable the Windows reporting services which is very difficult to do with the flashing desktop. It did not do anything obviously. So I went to Safe Mode. After booting to safe mode, I got the normal desktop screen for about 5 seconds but a blue window quickly flashed then the desktop on Safe Mode just turned black, with only the mouse pointer visible. So, I rolled back to Windows 7 again. I don't have a lot of stuff/programs on my ... Read more

A:Flashing Desktop after Windows 10 upgrade

The only thing that solved the issue is resetting my machine while keeping my personal files. I never figured out what really caused it. So, after the upgrade while the screen is flashing, I was able to reset the PC. 

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Let me start by saying that I love windows 8, and mind you, I'm using it on my desktop. I'm really looking forward to getting an x86 tablet/ultra book.
My question is, windows rt tablets have a traditional desktop also. I've seen it in demos of arm tablets. But what's going to be there? If zero legacy applications work on arm, then what's the purpose of it? Will some programs work on it?

A:question about desktop on windows rt.

Windows RT will still have the traditional Desktop but only specially coded/modified Microsoft programs will run in it. I do believe the included version of office 15 will fall into that category.

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in the desktop display properties, you can change the highlight colour for icons on the desktop. is there any way to make it transparent?

A:windows desktop question

i have style xp, can you tell me how to make the icons transparent, i can only make the start bar and taskbar trans.

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Is it possible to upgrade on this PC, from Vista to Windows 8 and then to Windows 10 or is the PC too old for these upgrades?  Thanks!

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Ok so I have a 4 year old laptop that had Windows 7 Ultimate on it. It is a Intel dual core computer with 4GB of RAM.
I left it over night to download and install the SP1 patch. I wake up this morning and sign in, it shows a black screen and in the upper left it has "Setting up personalized settings for: Windows Desktop Update"
I thought that this might take some time so I left for about an hour, now I am back and this screen is still there. I fear that it has broken itself and that it is broken. Is there a way to fix this issue?

A:Windows 7 SP1 Upgrade - Stuck at Windows Desktop Update

Can you open Task Manager while in that "Setting up personalized settings" Window appears? (Shortcut for Task Manager: Shift + Ctrl + Esc)
Then, you can terminate some processes that stuck Windows from continuing its work."Everything we do is dictated by motive."

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i currently have windows 2000, if i use the basic upgrade cd will i lose all my files and such if i dont save them to an external source? also would you recomend vista i have heard bad things about this system?
thank you to whoever replies

A:windows vista upgrade question

You won't lose the files if your upgrading os. If you did a fresh install, then you lose it.

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Just wondering if it is possible to mount the disc image with daemon or something similar and do an upgrade/install.


A:Windows 7 Upgrade/Install Question

Yes, it is completely possible to virtually mount the ISO. There has been success with PowerISO & the newest version of Daemon tools is now Windows 7 compatible.

You might also want to look at this too

Virtual Hard Drive VHD File - Create and Start with at Boot

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Long time lurker, first time poster..

I have a Windows 7machine in a closet that I use as a NAS.. It has no monitor or keyboard attached- I access it via remote desktop.. I've got Windows 10 downloaded and ready to upgrade.. My question is can I let it do it's thing, or will I need to eventually hookup a keyboard and monitor? Supposedly it saves all your files and settings, but just wanted confirmation..


A:Quick Windows 10 upgrade question..

I would be prepared with a monitor and keyboard. I am assuming this is Windows 7 Pro being upgraded to Windows 10 Pro? Windows 10 Home does not have the RDP server - only client.

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I recently bought a desktop which came with Windows 8.1 Core. I have an old desktop running Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center (retail). Can I deactivate the license on old desktop and use it on the new one via "Change product key"? Or I need to do a fresh install? Thank you in advance!

A:Windows 8.1 Core to Pro upgrade question

WMC keys are not transferable... You could try using WDT to backup your current activation and restoring it on a new Pro with WMC install - then try phone activation... I doubt it will work though.

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So basically after asking my manufacturer about my kit I find out that my cheque was invalid, but they failed to notify me before.
Now I believe that by the time I receive my voucher, with will be after the January 31st cutoff date.

Will Microsoft still accept vouchers after the program expires in February? thanks.
*edit* nevermind. the website says that Microsoft will accept vouchers until February 28.

A:A question about the Windows 7 Upgrade program

doubtful, but your system manufacturer may upgrade you at their expense for customer satisfaction purposes. either way attempt to get sent in time.

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My friend wants to take advantage of the Windows 7 upgrade prices, but he asked me an interesting question about whether or not he'd be eligible. He is currently running XP Pro, and I know that you qualify for the upgrade (by clean install) by having XP. However, he told me that his copy of XP isn't legitimate. I'm not sure if he has a volume license installation or what, but he did tell me that Windows doesn't nag and appears as if it's genuine and activated. He wanted to know whether or not the Windows 7 upgrade disc would check for a genuine installation or if it would just recognize that XP was installed and that was good enough to qualify. I thought the latter was right, but he wanted me to ask around before he threw down the $50. Anyone have some insight?

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Path Question

I hear you can do it with a legitimate copy of XP but I would not risk $50 if it's not legitimate. He'll have to bite the bullet and pay for it this time.

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can you upgrade to the professional version of windows 7 from the 7 RC, or do I have to buy the ultimate version?

A:quick question about windows 7 upgrade


Originally Posted by subzero20001

Is it possible to upgrade to windows 7 professional from the RC? Or do I have to get ultimate?


Originally Posted by jcgriff2

Windows 7 RC is a test version provided free from Microsoft that will expire on June 1, 2010. Microsoft retains the ownership and rights to Windows 7 RC. Therefore, there is no OS for you to upgrade from.

You must purchase Windows 7 RTM, be it an upgrade version for the OS you had installed on your system prior to Windows 7 Beta/ RC or a full retail version.



Regards. . .







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I've tried to install Windows10 on my Toshiba Qosmio X70-A-10N, Serial No: 7D179232C. I got the answer: ?Windows 10 will not run on this PC. The display is not compatible with Windows 10.? Where the problem is? What should I do with a display? As display adapters it has Glance Speed Boost, Intel? HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M.

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Currently I've got Win 7 HP on my laptop and I want to upgrade to Professional. If I upgrade to Professional and say, later on I choose to format my system. Would I be able to start from scratch and install Win 7 Professional with the key I buy today ?


A:Question about Windows Anytime Upgrade ?

You can make a clean install with an upgrade disk (highly recommended in any case): Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Besides, I would make an image after the initial installation - and also later. That is a lot less painful: Imaging with free Macrium

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i have a question. I downloaded the windows 7 upgrade and i want to do a clean install. is it possible to burn the files onto a dvd? or do i have to put them on a portable usb? the files that are on my desktop are setup1.box and setup2.box and Win7-HP-Retail-en-us-x86.exe

what and how do i burn these files? i need to boot with the files to do a clean install

A:Windows 7 Upgrade download question

Make bootable iso from student d/l

check here

I have seen other methods with a usb key try a search I can't seem to find the thread

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Hello I own a Compaq Presario 2100 Intel NoteBook. It came with Windows XP Home edition, and to tell you the truth im disgusted with home edition. So I've decided to upgrade to Windows XP Pro Corporate Edition.
I have done the following things:

1. Downloaded all drivers for my lappy from the compaq website.
2. Set the CD drive to Boot at startup, and checked the windows xp pro cd (it boots)
3. Burned all the files I want to keep on CD.

Is there anything else you good techies out there can recomend I do before I do the clean-install of windows xp pro?

Many Sincere Thanks, John Westlund AKA Lilmeanman

A:Quick Windows XP Pro Upgrade Question

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I am running a home built Vista Ultimate Machine that has a builders version of Vista Ultimate. Can I do an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate and will it still be considered a builders version. If it is I will not be able to move the Windows 7 to another machine. Please let me know.

A:Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate Question

If it's not an OEM version, then you can use it on another system. Be aware that you can only use the OS on one system at a time.

Also, I recommend a 'clean' install.

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In a few weeks I'm going to be buying a laptop and wanted to install windows 7 on it. Since the lap top will come with a free windows 7 upgrade offer and I want to know if I can upgrade the RC version to the retail version when I get it?

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 upgrade question

According to the following article you will be able to do an installation of Windows 7 from an upgrade disk but it will have to be a clean install. In other words you will not have to install an earlier version of Windows, it will run from Windows 7 RC as a clean install. A folder windows.old will be created with the files from your previous install.


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I've got a code that allows me to upgrade to Ultimate, just wondering I am current running Home premium 64-bit, if I upgrade will it delete any of my files or restore to factory settings or do a master reboot ? or will it upgrade and be the same as before just running Ultimate instead ?
And Is ultimate worth upgrading to ? does it make my computer better ?

A:Windows 7 Upgrade to Ultimate question

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