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Fan/light blink, no startup

Q: Fan/light blink, no startup

I ordered some new stuff, sound card, headset. So, i wanted to clean up my

computer before it got to the house. so i cleaned out everything, looking nice. i

put in the new Asus D2X and connect the Roccat Kave headset and the computer

only started for a split second. at this point only the fans and such connected

directly to my PSU would jitter / light up. So i took out my g

GFX card and...waaala. It worked, so i messed around playing with the cool Asus

software listening to 5.1 demos. Anyway I Talked to one of my friends who told me

to reconnect the video card into the primary slot instead. So i tried it and it did the

same thing again. Also i tried my backup video card with nothing doing. blinked

and stutterd for a millisecond and stopped, as it did before. Now, it is clear, i felt

relieved all it was, was the video card. so i can just use onboard until i find a good

deal, because my audio setup cost me 260$. Basically the question here is

why does it not work now as it did before i tried to setup the GFX card again. It

acts like the graphics card is still in there shorting it out or something.

please help, Thank you,

Matt "eb3" Eberhardt

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Preferred Solution: Fan/light blink, no startup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My Dell Inspiron 5558 Battery light continuely blink Amber and then white light just 1 time for each and can't find what mean by that light code

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My laptop is HP 650 and the problem is capslock light blinking,wireless light is orange and the charging light is automatically ON without putting charger

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Machine won't power on.I have an HP DV6000, and the thing wont power on. I have had it for over a year, and my warranty is up. I press the power button, and the Power and HDD Indicators and touch controls turn on for about a second, and then turn back off. I have tried this with and without the power adapter. When i plug in the power adapter, the machineindicates that the battery is charging (it indicates through the charging indicator light (Looks like a Lightning Bolt).Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you

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fter connecting the AC power supply to CPU and on pressing start button , CPU light does not blink spontaneously ,It took 3 to 5 minutes to start blinking and window start immediately as light start blinking on start button .Reliability report does not show any error.Pl suggest me some remedial action

A:CPU light does not blink spontaneously

Ehm, CPU is "central processing unit", a computer component. It does not have a light linked to its operation. If by CPU you mean the whole machine, call it "computer".

If that led is close to a symbol that resembles a lightbulb, then it's the power led, and tells if your computer is actually getting power or not. It should go on when you press the power switch and remain on until you shut down the computer.
If it is close to a cylinder symbol, it is the memory usage led, and tells if your computer is reading from its main internal memory device. It does blink randomly when in normal operation and if you don't experience other issues you can safely disregard it.

Other leds can indicate the wifi connection or whatever the maufacturer thought to place there, if it's not one of the above, try to describe it or find an image of it from google.

Please follow this tutorial to fill your system specs (step 7 to do it automatically), so we can know what is the thing you have in your hands. Without knowing more, help provided will be limited.

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my modem the dsl light blink on and off , and default gateway is empty,

i have try direct connection
reset hardly the modem

none of them working ......need help!!!!!!

A:Solved: modem dsl light blink on and off , need help!

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I had previously hooked this up to my big screen via the hdmi.  The next morning I went to turn it on and got nothing.  Holding the power button down with power plugged in, not plugged in any combination for 1 - 120 seconds produces the same exact result.  The little light on the " i " lights up for exactly 4 seconds and then nothing.  I have tried a different power cord and get the exact same result.  I have tried using the emergency reset with a needle on the back of the device...same result. Any help would be great.

A:Yoga won't boot. Red light comes on for 4 seconds no blink.

Can you clarify when you say it "lights up for exactly 4 seconds", is it a solid light or a blinking light?

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I have a thinkpad T460. The LED light in the "i" of the Thinkpad words on the lid keeps blinking at the sleep mode. How to disable it? It is very anoying and drain the battery. 

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Hi,So my laptop has been having some the same issue. All the other LED lights will turn on except for the charger light. I thought it was the charger so I replaced it, still nothing. Sometimes I have to open it up and move it, ove checked the wiring but everything's fine. Anyone else ever had this issue?

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CPU usage is nil and the light keeps working and you can hear the drive working when the light is blinking. I am running a RAID mirror using the Intel chip on my Asus board. This system has no virus.

A:Why does my hard drive light blink all the time?

Problem solved. MSCONFIG showed an Epson printer service running. Turned it off and everything is good.

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I upgraded my HP Pavilion a1540n Desktop to Windows 7 a week ago. Ever since, my hard drive light constantly blinks. After looking at the disk activity in the Windows Resource Monitor and doing some research I am leaning towards the page file as the problem. I am not sure if that is in fact the problem as there seems to be quite a few processes creating high disk activity, including Firefox profile cache, $Logfile, and MpWppTracing.bin. I only have 1GB of RAM. Would I be better served to add RAM before doing anything else like using Cacheman?

A:Why does my Hard Drive Activity Light Constantly Blink

Do you actually have constant hard drive activity, or is the light just blinking?


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Black screen, caps lock light is blinking once blink every five seconds. Was just using it not ten minutes ago. Please help. I've tried removing the batterie with no success

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My Yoga 3 was bought 3 months ago at a local retailer. It had been an open box model. A couple of nights ago while using it, my wife got a Blue Screen of some variety. Since then, the machine doesn't work at all. When I push the power button (or the reset button next to it), the KB backlight comes on and power light comes on for about a second and then they both shut off. This cycle is repeated indefinitely until I hold down the power button at which time everything goes off. That is the only response I get from the thing. This machine is only 3 months old but I cannot find any way to get in touch with Lenovo for any kind of support, so I thought I would try here first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Yoga 3 Pro 1370 - KB Backlight and power light blink - no other response

Hi RobReid , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
It would be best to have technical support assist you on this.
As the way you have described the issue, there may be an internal issue that needs further checking .
You can call them at : 877-4-Lenovo,877-453-6686  choose option 1 for hardware techSchedule a Callback for faster support 
From the support site click on "contact us" as there is also chat support available for you.
Hope this help answer your query on best to proceed.

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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

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Hi i have a issue with my  HP Pavilion g6-2231ec. I used it without battery because battery is dead, just power connector.  Notebook works normaly but on a next day it won't turn on. It only blink one time near power plugin. When pressing the power button the button light doesn't even light.I tried to test it with friend power adapter but won't turn on. But we tried to get battery to it (without adapter), and everything works. I decided to change power DC Jack Power Cable and it doesn't help. It is the same. I don't understand what's wrong. Thanks for reply.

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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

A:hp i core 3 laptop blink light 3 times on vaps lock and no d...

@Jyoti9?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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This problem ariseed in the morning, please help! I can connect to the router via ethernet (my computer recognizes it as unidentified network with a 100mbps rate), but the internet and don't work. As for wifi no networks are availible. Could my router be dead?

A:Linksys EA6400 ethernet lights working, green light doesnt start or blink at all

Sure, it could be dead...or not. Have you rebooted the router? Pull the power and let if sit off for a minute then power it back on. You can also try resetting the router back to factory defaults, instructions here along with other info: http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/GetAr...dd9133a8b_KBxxxx_EN_v1.xml&pid=80&converted=0

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I did a new build with my son. We get everything together and turn it on..... no post.

Just a solid red cpu light.

I am using a ryzen 5 2600
MSI x470 gaming plus board.
Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2666 MT/s (PC4-21300) DR x8 DIMM 288-Pin Memory - BLS8G4D26BFSE I have two of these.

When I power up with one or both sticks of RAM I get the CPU light.
When I power up with no RAM then the ram light comes on and not the CPU light.

Please help me. We want to play some games and can?t wven get a display.

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Hello all I came across this forum searching from google, and it looks like a friendly community. I know this is my first post(and it's a Help me!! post), but I look forward to contributing where I can: I don't plan on running off once people help me

Anywho, I have two symptoms:
1. When the hard disk is not being accessed, the hdd light goes dim (partially on, but not fully bright) rather than off.
2. Soon after starting up, it freezes. More specifically: at the xp login screen, if I wiggle the mouse for a while, after a few seconds it'll stop moving and neither it or the keyboard will respond. If I just go ahead and log in, I can usually get to my desktop and click on an icon before it freezes. Once it freezes, the HDD light stays full-on, but no accessing noises from the hdd.

The system specs are listed in my profile (it's the desktop computer), and to that I would add:
* Windows XP Pro
* 400W PSU (only ~2 months old)
* The graphics card (Radeon X700) is only 1 month old.

Here are some of the things I have tried:
* Swapping out the hard disks and the graphics card in many combinations.
* I tested the ram with MemTest86. Passed with flying colours.
* System Restore, just in case a rogue driver or such had found it's way in. (Safe more works without any problems!)
* The voltage and temperature readings in the bios seem fine.
* With no hard disks or expansion cards save for a Nvidia Riva TNT2 and cd drive, Ubuntu Live CD works fi... Read more

A:dim hdd light & freezing soon after startup..

Hello and welcome,
What brand psu do you have?
What are it's specs?

You might want to check this thread out, just the first post or so, not all the pages .

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When I power up the computer the monitor will not light up. I know the monitor is on b/c I can turn it off/on and get a brief message onscreen that it is not receiving a signal. I know the computer is working b/c after turning on the power and waiting a minute I hear the brief music Windows plays when the opening screen appears.
The problem is the display remains dark. How do I diagnose this? I assume it is either tihe video cable or the video card. How do I figure out which it might be? Or is something else going on?
Any help will be appreciated.

A:Display will not light up on startup

one word "CABLE" had that before

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Please help me. Have no computer terms smarts. I have a HP Pavilion labtop that on startup it shows a light blue blank screen. Please help me.  It has happened before and I found a fix with one of the f keys repeatedly being pushed on startup.  Then is went to a diagnostics screen, ( I think)  Sorry for not having more info.  It is windows 8.

A:Blank light blue screen on startup

I now have more info.   pressed f2 on startup and it took me to a black screen where I could do some tests.  The long hard drive failed

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Good day to everyone, I have reinstalled the Beats audio software & after the install this keypad light works however,  after shutdown and then startup this function is lost? Why? How do I fix permanantly? thanx in advance for your help! Kathy

A:audio mute light on keyboard disabled at startup

Hello @peace4q1, Welcome back to the Support Forum Community! I read all of your posts on the HP Support Forums and wanted to reach out to help you! I understand you are having issues with the audio software/settings being lost on your Pavilion dv7 notebook When was the software last working correctly for you? What led you to reinstall it? When you reinstalled the software did you use the recovery manager? To begin with you will want to make sure all of your drivers for your notebook are up to date. I have found this document has quite detailed troubleshooting for various audio driver or software issues. Please get back to me how this goes. To show that you like, or are thankful of my post, kindly click the Thumbs up below. Thanks!

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 ??My lenovo g560 has been upgrade to intel core i5 and 3 gb ram.now after 7 days it not boot.i.e not start..when i press power botton its on but no subject on screen ,i.e fully blank no boot no bios even lenovo logo not appair.i do of on several time..also do unplug ac cord and battery and ram hdd and reinsert it but it not fix..only same .only display light on ..no subject i.e no boot no bios no lenovo logo appair.After turning on 30min and then press ese botton i heard windown open sound but no display on screen as shown as photo...ples help

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Good day to everyone, I have reinstalled the Beats audio software & after the install this keypad light works however,  after shutdown and then startup this function is lost? Why? How do I fix permanantly? thanx in advance for your help! Kathy

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I'm trying to get this Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop to start. I get a black screen with the cap lock light blinking when I turn it on. Occasionally it starts up normally but then returns to no start with the above described problem. I have removed the memory and the hard drive and reset them. Tried each memory stick individually in each memory location. I removed the battery and held the power button down. Several times I tried it and let the battery discharge while it was trying to start, then when the battery was dead, I plugged in the power and it started. I then removed the battery and started it 3 or 4 times and all was well. The next time, no start. I really could use some suggestions as I'm starting to pull my hair out and I don't have much left.

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Hello All

Would anyone have any idea what is causing a flash of light (a very thin line~~kinda in a square shape) to go across my screen once at startup just as the desktop finishes loading? See it once at every startup, but only at startup, and only at the end of the desktop loading.

Been happening for a few weeks now. It appeared a few times while I still had ME, but appears at every startup since installing XP SP2, which is about 3 weeks ago. My Screen Resolution is set at 1024 by 768 pixels, and my Color Quality is set on high (24 bit). My screen resolution is set at 75 Hertz.

Here's what I have done so far~~I ran all the tests (on all the tabs) on the DIRECT X DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS, and passed them all~~no problems found.

Don't know where to go from here~~help would be greatly appreciated!!

Dizzy Blonde

A:Solved: Thn lineof light flashes across desktop at startup

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black screen on startup, monitor standby light is on

I have a dual boot macintosh/vista machine and it has worked fine for a long time until recently. when i switch the computer on the monitor is black and the standby light is on. i made sure the cables are all plugged in correctly! when i unplug the monitor from pc it states that an "input is not detected" but when i plug it back in, it's just black. i swapped the monitor with a working one and same thing. black. so i assume it is the computer itself, but dont know where to start! help!

A:black screen on startup, monitor standby light is on

Are you comfortable with opening up your computer?

If so, remove the graphics card and reseat it. To remove the graphics card, you will need to push on the two clasps that hold the graphics card in; they should be on the sides of where the graphics card meets with the motherboard.

If that does not resolve it, try removing the graphics card and

[u]se an ink eraser or an electrical contact treatment, available at electronics supply stores, to ensure adapter card contacts are clean

The above was taken from: Bug Check 0x7A: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR.

As you add and remove hardware, follow these steps for ESD safety:Shut down and turn off your computer.
Unplug all power supplies to the computer (AC Power then battery for laptops, AC power for desktops)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and ensure all power drains from components.
Make sure you are grounded by using proper grounding techniques, i.e. work on an anti-static workbench, anti-static desk, or an anti-static pad. Hold something metallic while touching it to the anti-static surface, or use an anti-static wristband to attach to the anti-static material while working. If you do not have an anti-static workbench, desk, or pad, you can use your computer tower/case by finding a metal hold in it, such as a drive bay.
Once these steps have been followed, it is safe to remove and replace components within your computer.

You may also need t... Read more

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I am posting for my grandfather...he has an older gateway laptop that's giving him a bit of trouble. Whenever we try to boot it up, it shows the regular screen for about 2 seconds, but then there is a all white screen and the web cam light is on. I've tried the (esc) button and the task manager hoping that its the webcam software, but it does not work.

So the only time he can access his computer is if I go to shut it down, and then press the "cancel' button if it gives me the option, which is usually only when there is a program running.

His laptop has windows vista, which I hear tends to produce a multitude of technical issues...but is there any way that we can fix this issue without having to pay to upgrade it or pay to have it fixed?


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Following a Dell Update process last night, the system failed to restart or re-enter operational mode when it more than likely rebooted. Power indicator is now red and the system will not start up when pressed.

A:Inspiron 20-3052, Dell update, red power light - no startup

Inspiron 20 3052 all-in-one

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i am noticing that when my pc starts up as the C drive is encrypted with bitlocker when i enter the password the bitlocker screen is only light blue yet i am still able to enter my password and login the screen just displays light blue, picture is in below link


any help to make it show the normal screen would be appreciated.

A:Bitlocker displays light blue screen on system startup

Can you do a print screen and post it. The link you provided states it is forbidden.

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i am noticing that when my pc starts up as the C drive is encrypted with bitlocker when i enter the password the bitlocker screen is only light blue yet i am still able to enter my password and login the screen just displays light blue, picture is in below link


any help to make it show the normal screen would be appreciated.

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When I plug a power cord in, the power light instantly (almost) lights up, whether or not I've pressed anything to try powering it up. When I DO press the power button, nothing changes. Nothing sounds like it's running at all. Someone suggested moving the RAM around, so I placed it in a different slot, but that didn't change anything. This was a frankensteined computer that was given to me, so I can't even really provide much in the way of specs. It's an IBM ThinkCentre S50 (shell anyway), but appears to be loaded with a 40GB Seagate HDD, Intel P4, 512MB RAM, and an AcBel power supply. In case this matters, and I don't know enough to know or what I would do about it, but there are a few open plugs for power. The motherboard has a couple plugs running into it, but one still open. The HDD has two empty plugs, but one plugged into it. I would have no idea how to play around with the power supply. Not to say that's the problem. Thanks for any help.

A:Computer shows power light upon plugging in, but no boot, noise, or any startup

It could be the power supply (officially called a "PSU" or Power Supply Unit) that's faulty and needs repalcing, but you were right not to go messing with it as even a faulty one can give you a nasty shock from the power that's stored up inside it. I've worked on fixing & upgrading computers for many years, yet even I draw the line at changing a PSU. I let my local PC shop do it for safety reasons, plus I believe in supporting little independant PC shops whenever possible.

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hi, i have hp laptop from 2 years and it dont power on.
it flash green light and yellow light for 2 second and again green light and yellow.i dont have any battery in my laptop. i work on ac power . do any one know why its not powering on?

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My problem is actually similar to the following:
This thread however had no responses.

I know a little more about my problem and hope it can be solved here.. Sorry for making this post so long, but this problem is a real bugger and I'm giving all the info I can.

The problem: When the computer doesn't start
When I plug in the computer, pressing the power button does nothing. This problem is aggravated in winters (weird but true) and when the D-Link ethernet card is plugged in (whichever slot).

When it does start:
In summers, I leave it powered for sometimes, say 20 min.
Gradually the power light on cabinet starts blinking rapidly (on pressing the power button).. a little later the HDD lights also start blinking. The CPU fan turns in jerks and in sync with these lights. A little later, the computer boots normally and works fine after that.
Also, operating it increases the temperature, and subsequently the computer can be made to start without problems.. till it cools down or I disconnect mains.

How I have to start it when it doesn't:
In winters, the above procedure doesn't work. Then I can try one of two things (I usually avoid turning the comp at all, use my laptop instead, since I don't like either method)
I can point a hairdryer from a safe distance at the motherboard, and keep the power button pressed. It starts in a little while.
OR, this is possibly a worse method..... Read more

A:Computer startup problem: power light flickers, fans turn in jerks

Have you replaced the BIOS battery? after 5 years its is most likely dead or nearly dead by now. Get your multimeter on it and check it's voltage (my money is on this)
Have you tested the CPU fan to see if it spins up OK, test on another PC if you have one?
Have you tried booting up to just the POST with NO drives connected with power?
Tried another PSU? Does this PSU work OK in another PC?

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dell xps m2010 wont start up ,blue power light and bluetooth light stay on,i have been searching posts in other forums as well as this one and i thought i`d narrowed it down to the graphics card,i was right to an effect,my approach was to take the xps apart following dells website documents,while i had the top (dvd drive) off ,i noticed that the graphics card screws were really loose (this was my first job)...i tightened these.The top(dvd drive ) i re-connected ,but propped it up at an angle so i could still see motherboard and parts,(warning!be carefull!!)electric!! ...attached power cable and pressed power button after half a dozen times pressing this it came to life.I noticed my fans were working and thought this might not be my motherboard after all ,no overheating happening...then it froze on windows xp ??it was a start !another 6 to ten times pressing power button it worked again this time not freezing.went into bluetooth with usb mouse and paired keyboard ,made system restore point and restarted .It took maybe 4 times with it being glitchy(freezing ..not powering up) ,but when it does load xp without freezing try restarting windows xp and then it eventually finds its feet!!!my xps 2010 is running ok now.jimb

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I will turn it on and after a minute or two the monitor goes to power save mode and the hard disk light goes from off/blinking to solid on and the power light stays on.

I have reinstalled the operating system and i thought that fixed it. I had SP 1 i installed all of my updates and SP2 and it starting to do it again (it will do it in SP1 but not nearly as often or when i run a flash heavy program: PSP Video or even the Scion website).

It will not do it at all in BIOS as i did every test on the diagnostics page for my hard drive (all pass) though if it turns off it usually turns on and runs dskchk and it wont stay on for that

In safe mode it is also fine it will not turn off once

I dont know what i did last as it was fine then i was gone for a month and I had it unplugged etc., came back hooked it up and it started doing it after a little while

I have taken a can of air to every inch, switched the Flat cord going to the HDD from the Motherboard.

All fans run fine

Thats all i can think of right now ask me anything else you need to know

I'll give this forum a couple of days/a week maybe then i'll take it to a local shop to diagnose it

Much thanks to anyone who has any idea's

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the light of power button always not working, is there any way to turn on power button light again?

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Hi I've had the Dell XPS 8700 for over a year now and it's an excellent Desktop.
I've recently moved my tower to a new location and notice there is a solid orange light on all the time inside the PC, I believe it's on the motherboard... should I be worried this is on all the time? It's just I've never noticed it before.
Also on the back of the PC there is a solid green light, I'm guessing this is to just tell me the PC has Power.
I tried a google search but everyone with the orange light seems to have PC issues, my pc is working fine as far as I can tell.

A:Dell XPS 8700 Orange Light inside and Green Light on Back

LED on the motherboard will be on as long as the PC is plugged into a working outlet. It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
If you unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold the power button for ~15 sec, that LED will go off. Again, perfectly normal...
Green LED says there's power to the PSU.

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Hi. Tonight I had a problem with my laptop. It was in sleeping mode, and when I open the lid there were no mouse function and no touch screen function. So the only thing I could do was to press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off, but it didn't completely, because the screen turn off, but the power button light is blinking just like when it is on sleep mode, and I'm not sure if the hard drive light was on, off or blinking before this, but now is blinking. I press the power button and nothing happen, I press it for 3 seconds and nothing happen. I even did the HDMI connection to another monitor, but both monitors don't show anything, not even recognize that something is connected to the HDMI port in the new monitor. There is no sound, nothing, just the 2 blinking lights. What should I do? Thanks PS: I'm not sure if it's Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit. It was upgraded from Windows 8

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I have been using the Blue Light Reduction feature of the Lenovo Settings app for months and it is really useful in cutting down blue light at night and it makes it easier to sleep at night after working on my computer.  Looks like there was a recent software update and I no longer see any option to enable the Blue Light Reduction feature in the Lenovo Settings utility.  Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix this and reenable Blue Light Reduction in the Lenovo Settings app?  

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I have been using the Blue Light Reduction feature of the Lenovo Settings app for months and it is really useful in cutting down blue light at night and it makes it easier to sleep at night after working on my computer.  Looks like there was a recent software update and I no longer see any option to enable the Blue Light Reduction feature in the Lenovo Settings utility.  Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix this and reenable Blue Light Reduction in the Lenovo Settings app?  

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Hello everyone,  I am facing this problem from the past few days in my Lenovo G510. Whenever I plug in the charger for charging the laptop, both the power light and the battery light with orange color, starts flashing and the laptop stops charging.  The color of the battery light changes to orange, even if my laptop is nearly 50% charged.Can't figure out, what is the problem? Any help will be appreciated!

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hi all, all of sudden in my e470 - few keys not working in keyboard and red light in thinkpad is not light up. can somebody help to fix it

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Lenovo Yoga 720 13 inch display keeps changing: Mid afternoon the display switches from the yellow display to the regular bright light dispaly despite the Night light and the autobrightness being off. Any suggestions? Not sure how to turn it off.

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