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Ending Support for older Windows

Q: Ending Support for older Windows

I have just had a pop up telling me Microsoft are ending support for older versions of windows - and I am sure I have an old one but I can't remember how to find out which.

How do I update to one that will be supported? Do I have to buy a disc or do it online?

Many thanks and kind regards..........Margaret

Preferred Solution: Ending Support for older Windows

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ending Support for older Windows

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When support for XP ends this April, I can understand that no further Security/Enhancement updates will be coming down the pipe. My question is this - If I have to reload my Windows XP SP1 system, will updates prior to April 2014 still be available to download & install. IE: Sp2, Sp3 etc.
Or does no support mean exactly that - zero updates available ever?
Regards all

A:Support for WINDOWS XP ending April 2014

I would think that April will be a great time for Macrium Reflect. That will be my security blanket.


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At a time when many software makers are treating Vista like XP's ugly little brother, this is a pleasant surprise: https://www.dropbox.com/help/9227.

Those running Windows XP are actually advised to "update to Windows Vista or a later version."

That makes me feel somewhat better about purchasing this expensive rig in 2008 to replace my pitiful XP machine.

As far as I know, the only other product that supports Vista but not XP is Pale Moon: https://www.palemoon.org/PM_end_of_WinXP_support.shtml. (Well there's also IE 9 and the latest versions of MSE.)

Thank you Dropbox!

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  My System Specs
You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ...

System Manufacturer/Model Number HP Pavilion Elite m9150f
OS Vista Home Premium 32bit
CPU I... Read more

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At a time when many software makers are treating Vista like XP's ugly little brother, this is a pleasant surprise: https://www.dropbox.com/help/9227.

Those running Windows XP are actually advised to "update to Windows Vista or a later version."

That makes me feel somewhat better about purchasing this expensive rig in 2008 to replace my pitiful XP machine.

As far as I know, the only other product that supports Vista but not XP is Pale Moon: https://www.palemoon.org/PM_end_of_WinXP_support.shtml. (Well there's also IE 9 and the latest versions of MSE.)

Thank you Dropbox!

{Edit] I meant to post this in the Software forum. Can a moderator please move this?

  My System Specs
You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ...

System Manufacturer/Model Number HP Pavilion Elite m9150f
OS Vista Home Premium 32bit
CPU I... Read more

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How true is this?

A:Microsoft Ending Mainstream Support for Windows 7 in January 2015


By definition:

Mainstream support—Microsoft will offer mainstream support for a minimum of 5 years from the date of a product's general availability, or for 2 years after the successor product is released, whichever is longer. For example, if you buy a new version of Windows and five years later another version is released, you will still have two years of support left for the previous version.

Extended support—Microsoft will offer extended support for either a minimum of 5 years from the date of a product's general availability, or for 2 years after the second successor product (two versions later) is released, whichever is longer.

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Hmmmmmmmmmm.........does that mean they don't care what happens to it? Just occurred to me that Microsoft ending support for XP might be a golden opportunity! Stay tuned.

A:MS support ending.............

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When they say that support for WinXP (MSE, etc.) will end on 4/8/2014, does that mean it ends at midnight on 4/7/2014 or does it mean support ends at midnight on 4/8/2014?
Can i use this desktop WinXP all day Tuesday, April 8th up until 12 midnight?
Anyone know?

A:WinXP Support Ending 4/8

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Hello All

We all know that Microsoft are ending support for XP in April 2014 however, earlier today I was about to purchase F-secure. I noticed on their site that listed versions of Windows supported all XP versions had an asterisk next to them. Before parting with my money I emailed them and, asked 'Why the asterisks? - does this mean you will be ending support for XP in April?'. they replied. A final decision had not yet been made. Decided not to purchase the program if updates would only be available for four months.

Regards SilverSurf

A:XP Support Ending and F-secure?????

The asterisk appears to mean
*32-bit, Service Pack 3 or later
However at least they were honest enough to say, that they do not know if they will continue to support XP
The problem with any anti-virus program and XP is that many of the reports of newly discovered security weaknesses are promulgated by Microsoft and then the update to the respective virus definitions and fixes are included in the updates for the respective anti-virus product.
When of course the day arrives - Microsoft have already made it clear that such information will no longer be issued.

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We have been advised that Lavasoft R&D is working on one of the last Reference File Updates for Ad-Aware 6. The plan is that support for Ad-Aware 6 is to be phased out the first week of November.

If you have not upgraded to Ad-Aware SE, please do so as soon as possible. Please see the following for upgrade information.

Ad-Aware Professional or Plus Upgrade Information

Anyone needing the latest Ad-Aware SE Professional or Plus build update, can get it via the website: http://www.lavasoft.de

Under resouces is:Upgrade Center

If you do not have your order (reference) number:

If you registered via Element 5 or ShareIt!

If you have questions about your order, payment, or the delivery of your product, please click on the following link to find answers to the most frequently asked questions, your order data, and the contact form of our customer service: http://esales.element5.com/ccc/

Or phone them at:
+1 800-903-4152 for US customers 9.00 am- 5 pm EST
+49 221 310 88 30 International Orders 9 am- 7 pm

If you registered via RegNet

You can find RegNet's contact form here: http://www.reg.net/email.asp
Or phone them at:
U.S. Orders 1 800 WWW 2 REG (1 800 999-2734)
International Orders +1 719 576-0123
Ad-Aware Personal/FREE Upgrade Information

Please download Ad-Aware SE from one of the mirror sites here: http://lavasoft.element5.com/support/download/

or post a request for help in the Lavasoft support forums

A:Adaware 6 support ending

I am only intending to stick this for a maximum of 2 weeks to give everybody a chance to see it and update if they haven't already

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I have read that support will be ending for win 8 and everyone is urged to upgrade to 8.1 now but, I haven't seen anything about win 7 home ver. Thanks!

A:will support for win 7 home be ending in near future?

Is this what you want to know?
Windows lifecycle fact sheet - Windows Help

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I have read so many different opinions (by computer tech people) on this issue that I am unsure who to believe. Some say if you don't go to 'dodgey sites' you are at no more risk than you are now, others say that you are at huge risk for when the XP support ends.

I only use the internet for email, facebook, a local E-Bay like site where you can buy and sell things and a bit of web browsing.... you tube, online newspaper, online forum groups I belong to (like this one) , and that's pretty much it. I don't download movies or music. I have avast anti-virus, malwarebytes, and super antispyware installed, and the windows Firewall.

Do I need to panic and buy a whole new computer?

A:Confused re XP support ending in April 14

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Starting April 2016, Chrome will continue to function on these platforms but will no longer receive updates and security fixes.
Remarks:  1) Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in 2014, and Vista's support will stop on April 11, 2017.
2) Pale Moon (special build for Intel Atom™ processors) and Firefox browsers still support XP.

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When I start my computer I get a messege from AVG that AVG 7.5 will no longer be supported as of March 18. On their website they say you can download AVG Free V8.5 but, they offer no support, which I take to mean they won't be updating real time protection. What are my options here? Should I try another company? If so, what can you reccommend? Should I delete AVG V7.5before downloading another AV program?

A:Solved: AVG Anti-virus Ending support March 18

When they say no support for free 8.5 they mean technical support as with all their free versions. There will be updates of virus definitions etc.

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Hello....I have learned that support for MSE will be ending in a few months.  Since I still have Vista, can you folks recommend the best alternative anti-virus/anti-malware software that is FREE?  Thanks in advance for your prompt replies....

A:Support for Microsoft Essentials For Vista ending April 2017...

I have had very good experiences with the free version of Panda Cloud Antivirus on home user's machines, including my own before they went to Windows 10 and I switched to the built-in new version of Windows Defender.
Unless they've changed something, and since my clients whose machines I've installed it on haven't been in touch to complain I have to believe they haven't, you don't even get the little pop-up in the lower righthand corner of the screen asking you if you want to upgrade to the paid version very often at all.  When you do, either dismiss it or it quickly dismisses itself.

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After April 11, 2017, Microsoft is ending support for the Windows Vista operating system. After this date, this product will no longer receive:

Security updates,
Non-security hotfixes,
Free or paid assisted support options, or
Online technical content updates from Microsoft.

Computers running the Windows Vista operating system will continue to work even after support ends. However, using unsupported software may increase the risks of viruses and other security threats.
Remark:   Due to negative reviews and extreme LACK of popularity, there are relatively few Vista users still remaining (percentagewise).  

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Hi Guys,

I have a really old notebook machine, manufactured in 2005. Its an Acer TravelMate 4270 with an ATI Mobility Radeon x1600 graphic card. I know that its too old to a win8 but I am very corious about the new OPsystem, as always. Everything worked fine with the main installation, but the VGA... you know, the old driver cant be installed, the system says that the driver is not up to date. But AMD wrote in news at 13th sept that they released a win8 compaitble driver for all of their products.

I tried every way to install the driver, also Catalyst Center 10.2 and 11.8, then changed in the properties menu the compatibility mode to win7 and xp - without success. Have You got any tips what to do now? I have in this way only sh*t resolution, and my video performance is really "unpalatable". Where can I find a good solution to have the x1600 driver on win8?

Thanx, Regards:

A:Older ATI card, no support... Pls help!

Try to Download driver ATI X2500 on http://global-download.acer.com/GDFi...=Acer&SC=AAP_8

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I have an older, quad-core HP Pavilion d4990y (desktop) that originally shipped with 32-bit Vista and 4 Gbytes RAM. After about a week of research I reasonably certain that I can run Win7 Pro, 64-bit with 4 x 2 Gbytes RAM (= 8 Gbytes). Given the anticipated performance increase, his seems like an upgrade worth doing to me, but I'd like more experienced and better informed people to give my plan a once-over.

1) HP shipped this model with 64-bit Vista, so 64-bit drivers are available, and I assume that if they work for Vista, they will also work for Win7.

HP Pavilion Ultimate d4990y CTO Desktop PC Drivers & Downloads | HP? Support

2) According the specs for this machine, it can take 8 Gbytes RAM:

Contact HP Support and Customer Service | HP?*Support


Maximum memory:
8 GB (4 x 2 GB) (64-bit OS)


I've also purchased a 2 Tbyte HD from NewEgg, and somewhere I read that the hard drive must be "formated" GPT, which I had never heard of before, so I went reading up on it:


At first I thought GPT was some sort of "upgrade" from NTFS because statements about it were phrased that you "format GPT", like you "format NTFS", but someone on another forum has told me that GPT is an alternative to MBR (Master Boot Record), and so I assume that you can have a NTFS-formatted hard drive that can either be formatted in... Read more

A:Does Older Hardware Not Support GPT?

You cannot install Windows OS on a GPT initialized drive unless your motherboard supports new UEFI Bios, and you are installing Windows 8.0 or 8.1. Which yours does not support. You can install a GPT initialized drive as a storage drive, just not as a bootable Windows drive.
A 2TB drive does not need to be Initialized GPT, it still can be MBR and Formatted NTFS. Anything larger the 2.2TB would need to be Initialized GPT.
According to your specs, you should be able to instal 8GB or RAM if you are running a Windows 64 bit OS

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At the end of this month, Avast will end support for our older consumer versions of Avast Antivirus. Those are: Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier.

A good antivirus program is a necessity to protect your Windows PC from malware attacks, to keep your computer running smoothly, and to protect your online identity and personal data. Over the past 3 years, Avast engineers have improved our database of known virus definitions, themechanism in which zero- day and widespread malware are detected, and the frequency of streaming updates sent to our customers. Avast 2015, with its unique Home Network Securityfeature which scans your home network for potential risks, is our best performing security product yet.

After May 31st, 2015, Avast will no longer provide security patches or technical support for versions 8.0.1497 and lower. Security updates patch vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malware, endangering your machine and the data on it. Please update to the latest version so you can receive regular security updates and benefit from the enhanced features and higher detection rates that protect your computer from malicious attacks. This update is also recommended because the latest version is compatible with Windows 10.

If you are running an older version of Avast, you can easily move to the latest version of Avast 2015.

How to check for the latest version and do a program update
If you need to update later, here?s a qu... Read more

A:Support for older Avast versions will end

In the blog post it shows how to upgrade avast v9 (2014), but it's noted that v8 and below will be unsupported.

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I had another (yet another) round of virus scares with my mom this evening, and I thought I'd pop in here to see if anyone has any suggestions or things that worked for them in helping older relatives deal with the scary world of computers.
My mom is the most technophobe person I can imagine.  She uses the computer for only a handful of things - posting on Facebook, playing Words with Friends with *her* mother on Facebook, organizing photo albums on Snapfish, and answering emails.  An occasional google search when she's feeling daring.   Despite years of doing these activities fairly regularly, she still has *no* concept of how file storage works (I tell her to go to her "C:" drive and get a blank stare, and the multiple layouts you might get when browsing for a file in different places within Windows is an unending headache for me.
So, I get a lot of "this random window popped up" calls and trying to talk her through figuring out if it's a serious malware threat vs. some stupid ad-designed-to-look-like-malware is always an exercise in frustration for me and her asking me over and over "Who can I call so I don't bother you?" and me having to reassure her that my frustration is at my own inability to help more easily and not at her for calling. 
So, my question:  I'm not any huge tech expert myself, so my ability to help her with this sort of thing over the phone is always limited when I can't see the screen.  Looking for... Read more

A:Being tech support for older relatives

The one thing I'd definitely recommend, given what you've offered, is that you create an account on that computer for yourself with administrator privileges and then use it to remove administrator privileges from your Mom's account (and any others that might be on that machine where the user of said account falls into the same broad "tech illiterate" category as your Mom).
For yourself, if you have two computers handy, I'd start practicing with Windows Remote Assistance so that you not only see what it's like to remote in using it but also know how to walk your Mom through issuing you an invitation (make a set of step-by-step instructions you can read off to her so that you know you don't skip any steps) if it becomes necessary.  Of course, if a machine is actually frozen then it's frozen and the usual "fix" for that is the hard shutdown done by holding the power button in until the power is cut.
The fact of the matter is that most infections whether from viruses, adware, or malware of any sort do not "sneak on" to a computer but are directly invited in by user action (and very often involve having to install something - which a standard account cannot do - thus heading off a lot of issues).  It is clear that your Mom is doing the fairly typical panic clicking on buttons and links when things pop up (and is probably denying having done so afterward or just gets so flustered she actually doesn't remember exactly what she's done).
The fewer p... Read more

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Nvidia has announced that it is going to be dropping driver support for a large number of its old graphics cards, including essentially the entire 8-series, 9-series, 100-series, 200-series, 300-series, and one card (the GeForce 405) from its 400-series. This includes mobileand desktop products. Support for a number of professional workstation products is also being terminated.


A:Nvidia dropping support for older gen cards

It happens. They can't waste resources on legacy cards/chips. Heck, I have some really old cards in a box somewhere, don't expect to pull them out and install on Windows 8.

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I have several Kingston flash drives which are older only says it supports
Windows XP and VIsta. Is it possible to make it so can use it on a Windows 7
computer ? At the moment when I try to use it on Windows 7 it doesn't recognize the drive AND doesn't show up on right bottom system tray.
Is there a way to convert the Kingston Flash drive so can be used for
Windows 7 as well ?


A:Support for Older Kingston Flash Drives

Does the drive show up in "Explorer"?

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Hi, i can't find any information on wheither this particular model supports pcie ssd, for example a  http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/memory-storage/ssd/950-pro/MZ-V5P512BW i did find notes inthe bios update page which says: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5286856&swItemId=wk_171796_1&swEnvOid=419...Version:3.90 Rev.A (8 Aug 2016)FixesThe following fix has been made in BIOS version 03.90:? Fixes an issue where system would not boot when cards with large MMIO are installed. i think MMIO has something to do with pcie drive but i'm not in IT so i don't really know too much about this. so in summary: Will i be able to install and boot from a samsung 950 pro nvme m.2 ssd (or equvalent) using a z620 equipped with 2 xeon e5 - 2670 v1( i dont think it has a m2 slot but can't you just use a pci-e slot)  

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As time goes on and a product catalog grows, it's not unusual for a company to reduce and eventually eliminate support for older products. In the case of ATI, AMD's graphics division, a new decision to reduce support for older graphics chips is about to take effect. To date, ATI has provided a new WHQL certified driver every month to nearly every graphics card capable of DirectX 9 acceleration. That includes cards all the way back to 2002's Radeon 9700 Pro. After this month's Catalyst 9.3 release, that will not be the case.
After Catalyst 9.3, products prior to the R6xx generation of graphics cards (that go by the Radeon HD 2000 series brand names) will be changed to "legacy support status." This means that these products will get quarterly WHQL driver updates, instead of monthly updates. AMD assures us that these products will still receive critical "hotfix" drivers if high-priority fixes are needed.

more: ExtremeTech

A:ATI Reduces Support for Older Graphics Cards

Oh i hate you ATi!

New card for me then...

It says "After Catalyst 9.3" does this mean 9.3 will support them?

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What is end of support?
Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical supports and security updates. Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of Internet Explorer, and will continue to receive security updates, compatibility fixes, and technical support on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
Internet Explorer 11 offers improved security, increased performance, better backward compatibility, and support for the web standards that power today’s websites and services. Microsoft encourages customers to upgrade and stay up-to-date on the latest browser for a faster, more secure browsing experience.

What does this mean?
It means you should take action. After January 12, 2016, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware, helping to keep users and their data safer. Regular security updates help protect computers from malicious attacks, so upgrading and staying current is important.

Read the Windows lifecycle FAQ sheet to learn more.

A:Support for older versions of Internet Explorer ends

I found out about that earlier when I reinstalled Vista. Tried to update it past ie 9 but it will not install ie 10 or ie 11.  So I guess I will have to use a different browser until vista support also ends which will not be much longer itself.

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(Please pardon my redundancy - I have posted this to the Customer Care Board and Client Service forums - just hoping to correct what I hope was an accidental change in support policy.)
This is not a technical comment but it is a comment about Dell's Technology Support. Recently the support site for laptops, and I presume other areas though I have not checked, was revised to change its structure. In the process many items were removed notably having to do with drivers for older systems. Even if a system is past warranty that does not remove the responsibility for Dell to continue to provide the most recent (even if old) drivers especially since the cost of doing so is trivial. This is especially the case when Dell is the only source for specific drivers. A specific example is a Dell Vostro 3700 laptop which uses the embedded GPU in the CPU as well as outboard nVidia GPU; the hybrid video architecture is such that NVidia provides no driver and re-directs users to Dell's site. In the case of this specific model, most of the drivers that were present a month ago are now gone.
Dell laptops have two things going for them - good products at a good price and a great support site. This has prompted me to continue focusing upon Dell - e.g. two new 5759's in 2017, and to recommend Dell to colleagues and friends. I have had recent occasion to review some very old systems on HP's support site - all relevant drivers continue to be available. I strongly recommend that Dell c... Read more

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I have purchased Dell products for the last 25 years and – until this experience – was a big fan of both Dell products and Dell IT support.
In October of 2016, I purchased a Precision 7710 with the Advance E-Port Plus docking station. I already had two HD Ultrasharp Dell Monitors. Despite misgivings about Windows 10 I ordered the computer with the Windows 10 OS.
The computer had display issues, so that my HD monitors looked fuzzy and pixelated. (This was not related to any particular app, as even the desktop icons looked bad.)
After several calls to Pro Support, I was told to return the computer for a refund and purchase the same computer again, which I did. (I was hesitant, because the computer is very expensive, and I had already experienced a high level of confusing around the order - for example, I never received an invoice, and the computer arrived with no paperwork - no invoice, packing slip - nothing. As a small business owner, that we very worrisome.)
Right after receiving the new computer, I had major surgery, and did not use the docking station for several weeks, because I could not sit at a desk. (This was my one major mistake, because it meant that I missed the deadline for a straight return.) When I finally did attempt to use my external monitors, the computer had the same problem. There were other, seemingly associated problems, such as the fact that the NVIDIA control panel and the Intel control panel could not detect more than one monitor. There we... Read more

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I was using myspace and saw someone posted a comment about a new group. I went to the myspace page and joined the group. Immediately afterwards new IE windows starting popping up really fast and I could only close 1 before another 2 would come up. I tried ctrl alt del and then end task, but the program wouldn't shut down. Finally I pulled the internet cable from my computer and then retried ctrl alt del and it worked. I'm running ad aware and spybot right now, and will try to run an antivirus tomorrow. What exactly happened, should I be worried, and is there anything else I should do?

A:Never ending pop up windows

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Microsoft will end Windows Live operation at the end of April. I do not wish to transfer to a paid product. I will move my website to a hosted environment before then and I have all emails in Outlook so I will not loose them. I am concerned as to how I transfer my email address. Although it is linked to my domain i.e. @Qansys.net the real address is a hotmail address. If I start a new POP account on my hosted server and give it the same name will I continue to receive my emails or will there be a conflict?

A:Windows Live ending

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i get this message when i shut down windows after playing the sims 2.


the file is located...
Program files\common files\symantec shared\ccApp.exe

anyone please help.

A:Ending Program comes up when shut down windows

From the BC start up application database, one understands that this is a part of the Norton AV, needed for Email check and auto-protect. I suspect the message was just an FYI type of thing, and is nothing to become concerned about.

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Just had this email from Microsoft.Anyone else had similar.

Dear User,

Earlier this year we introduced a new Outl*ook*.*com that will help you collaborate with others, focus on what matters, and get more done. The new Outlo*ok*.*com delivers an exciting set of new experiences across web, phone, and desktop, and we?re eager for you to start using it.

It appears that you are currently using Windows Live Mail 2012 to connect to your Out*look*.*com account. Windows Live Mail 2012 does not support the synchronization technologies used by the new Outl*ook*.*com. When account upgrades begin at the end of June, you will no longer be able to receive email sent to your Out*look*.*com account in Windows Live Mail 2012. Rest assured, you can always access your email by logging into Out*look*.*com from any web browser, and you will continue to have access to all your data that is currently in Windows Live Mail 2012.

If you currently use Windows Live Mail 2012, we recommend that you switch to the Mail app in Windows to*day. The Mail app is built in to Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, and has a more modern design. To begin using it, simply launch the app and add your Out*look*.*com account.

If you are using Windows 7, you can upgrade to a newer version of Windows to enjoy the Mail app and the other benefits. If you do not wish to upgrade, you can access your account via a web browser, or, you can take advantage of a free one-year subscription ... Read more

A:Windows live mail ending

Here is an article posted in Windows 10 News forum....................

Windows Live Mail 2012 will not connect to Outlook.com

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Greetings everyone: How can I remove or at least tone down the welcoming and ending sound wave that windows XP produces when I start and shutdown Win XP. Thank you.

A:Windows start and ending wave

Go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Sounds tab > under Program Events, click on Start Windows, then select None > do the same thing for Exit Windows > then clic on Save As up above

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April 8th is the death of XP, thanks to Microsoft yet again. http://www.sfgate.com/technology/article/Microsoft-to-end-Windows-XP-support-April-8-5298608.php They've announced they are officially ending security updates.
This being the hard reality, I've not wanted to upgrade for a variety of reasons, including:
- all clones and history of entire site backup images are on XP, which would have to be trashed.
multiple XP pcs are in our household
- older applications like Outlook 2000 and Excell 2000 are not supported. Have DreamweaverMX to Photoshop7 and Illustrator10 and others I believe aren't compatibile with 7, though they might be made 'compatible' which puts this all on shakey ground. Probably over $1500 in software to replace.
- accessing the folder structure doesn't look so straightforward.

They say "Windows XP mode allows you to run a variety of Windows XP productivity programs for enhanced flexibility (download required, included)" but does this mean you can use applications that were compatible with XP or only certain ones? I've heard that with their other OS's - XP virtual mode may or may not work.
- Can the older programs even be installed on 7 and run in XP mode?

Microsoft isn't exactly the common sense genius when it comes to compatibility.

With about 30% of all users still on XP this is sure to put the masses in a bind. But great for microsoft, maybe it'll increase their bottom line.... Read more

A:With XP ending - Questions running for thru Windows 7

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i am using a laptop few days when i login something new & when signout something new. i don't know what is this messages!!

A:Windows 7 Ultimate Starting & Ending

this is animated


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I have recurring activities on my calendar, however they end at a certain time of the year, but i don't know how to end the recurrence. how do you do so?

A:Ending a Reccurance on Windows Calendar

If you open Windows Calendar (or Outlook Calendar, or wherever you have set the appointment), click on the appointment, you should see a Recurrence button. Click on this and set it to None

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Microsoft Windows Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-723-4210
Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-421Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210Dial now 1-800-723-4210. We are certified technician from microsoft you can call us for any query related to microsoft product. 1-800-723-4210We are here to help you Call us for outlook and Hotmail support Microsoft Outlook 365 Customer Service Phone Number 1 800 723 4210 United States Super Support 1800.723.4210 Microsoft Outlook 365 Customer Service Phone Number 1 800-723-4210 United States Microsoft tech support phone number Microsoft office tech support phone number1-800-723-4210 windows tech support phone number Microsoft tech support phone number usa Microsoft windows tech support phone number Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-4210Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support phone Number 1-800-723-421Microsoft Windows 10 Technical... Read more

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When shutting down Windows, often but not always, a box appears saying "Ending program
KZUmAZIRmAByodluEyMZoQ24+defaultCfg+eeapp_antiSpywareApp_2.0.12" It then disappears and Windows shuts down or I click the "end now" option and shutdown proceeds.
I was infected with SpyFalcon then SpywareQuake a while back and got rid of them after a great deal of trouble. None of my free spyware programs Windows Defender, AOL Spyware protection, Lavasoft, Spybot, Ewido superseded by AVG AntiSpyware 7.5 report any spyware apart from tracking cookies. Does anyone know what this is and how I can get rid of it? My computer is a bit slow but I put that down to Processor speed 1.0GHz and only 256 Mb RAM with probably an unnecessarily large number of applications running.

A:Ending Really Strange Program On Windows Shutdown

Run the folllowing free Microsoft scan using Internet Explorer:Go to Windows Live Onecare Free Scan It will say "Get a free PC safety scan"http://safety.live.com/site/en-us/default.htmMake sure you click "Full Service Scan" in the middle of the page and not the "Try It Now Free" on the right side.Allow it to download an Active X component.Choose "Complete Scan" in the window that opensClick "Next"Do not click on anything else that offers you a free trial or to sign up if you live in the US.Allow it to scan - it may take quite, maybe two hours or so depending on how big your hard drive is and how fragmented your registry and drive are.Let us know the results

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Hi thereAbout eight or nine days ago my computer was overridden with the AV Suite pop up. I ran rlkill (i think it was called) and then Malwarebytes Anti Malware program. It seemed to clean up about a dozen files. However I was still geting redirected when I made searches in google to sites like k directory and I was constantly having the Host Processes for Window Services stop working and becoming disconnected from the internet. I'd then have to restart the computer to be able to reconnect.I've since run Spybot search and destroy. A few times both Malwarebytes and Spybot have come up as finding no errors. However a couple of days later they are finding problems again.Any help would be much appreciated.Log is as followsDDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 Run by User at 23:09:56.69 on Mon 19/07/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18928 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_14Microsoft? Windows Vista? Ultimate 6.0.6002.2.1252.61.1033.18.3581.2177 [GMT 10:00]AV: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise *On-access scanning enabled* (Outdated) {918A2B0B-2C60-4016-A4AB-E868DEABF7F0}SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}SP: SUPERAntiSpyware *enabled* (Updated) {222A897C-5018-402e-943F-7E7AC8560DA7}============== Running Processes ===============C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exeC:\Windows\system32\lsm.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunchC:\Windows\system32\nvvsvc.exeC:\Windows\system3... Read more

A:Never ending malware and Host Services for Windows

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEmsconfigsafebootminimalactivexdrivers32netsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exe/md5st... Read more

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When I'm at my Windows Live home page, h t t p://home.live.com/ the "Checking for new messages..." never stops. I deleted all messages in all folders too thinking maybe one of them was the cause of the problem but the check goes on. The Windows Live help isn't much help either, I've searched and can't find anything about the never ending check for new messages. What do I have to do to make it finally give up the search or is this normal behavior?

thanks in advance,



I just figured out it has something to do with IE 8's security settings. I keep security for the Internet, Local intranet & Resstricted sites zones set to High, the Trusted sites zone set to Medium-high, and add sites as needed to to the Trusted sites zone when I need them to work. I have *.live.com, *.msn.com, *.hotmail.com, *.passport.com, & *.microsoft.com in Trusted sites already but obviously I'm still missing something. Anyone have any idea what I need in Trusted sites for my mail to work as it should?

Thanks again,


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Customers running Win 7 SP1 or Win 8.1, who have not yet scheduled an upgrade till date, may start seeing a full screen notification as soon as they unlock their PC

KB 3163589 “Your PC is running an outdated version of Windows” notification
KB 3095675 : Windows 10 upgrade: How-to information on scheduling and notifications
KB 3164060: How to manually decline the free Windows 10 upgrade offer from the Get Windows 10 app
KB 3173040 : Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 End of Free Upgrade Offer Notification

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum as well as to troubleshooting operating systems.

I have a Gateway with Windows Vista x64 and want to upgrade to Windows 7. I've been trying to figure out how to do it by following along to another thread in here but as BarefootKid mentioned, it is probably best that I start my own thread.

After I install Windows 7 and it completes and reboots it takes me to system recovery but it is the system recovery for Windows vista. I've been trying different things like formatting the partition right before the install and making the partition that Windows 7 is going to go on "active" in the .cmd prompt. I keep going in circles: installing Windows 7, getting system recovery and eventually choosing to reformat from Gateway's manufacturer settings...although once I do this I can't actually get back into Windows Vista as that now seems to be messed up. (I don't have the original Vista installation cd). Then I try rebooting and installing from the Windows 7 cd again to try more techniques to get it to work...

I'm at the point of possibly deleting the recovery partition because the Vista remnants seem to be on this partition and taking over once I install Windows 7.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

A:Vista to Windows 7 install ending in system recovery

It looks like there is a mess-up with the MBR. The MBR is still pointing to the Vista partition which you have deleted. Try to fix the MBR (there are several tutorials and threads explaining that on this forum).
Or, if you can get at all into the system, go to msconfig > Boot tab and delete the Vista entry.

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I need some help. I upgraded the laptop to Windows 10, but then for the past few days I've been getting alerts that my Windows activated license expires in 28 March 2016. How is that even possible? Do I have to buy the software then?

Error Code: 0x8007232B

How do I fix this?


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Customers running Win 7 SP1 or Win 8.1, who have not yet scheduled an upgrade till date, may start seeing a full screen notification as soon as they unlock their PC :

KB 3163589 “Your PC is running an outdated version of Windows” notification
KB 3095675 : Windows 10 upgrade: How-to information on scheduling and notifications
KB 3164060: How to manually decline the free Windows 10 upgrade offer from the Get Windows 10 app
KB 3173040 : Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 End of Free Upgrade Offer Notification

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I'm running on a Dell Dimension 4600 and want to burn a couple cds. I tried downloading a bunch of different burning software, but my drive was outdated every time. I was able to burn before, about a year or so ago. I've tried older versions of various software, but no luck.

A:Need older burning software for an older drive.

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My Old Desktop OS is Windows Vista. I need to import files to my new desktop. New OS is Windows 10. OlD HP Model is HP Pavilion m9000. New HP model is HP Pavilion 23 q113w. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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A:importing files from an older HP system and older OS

@Jeff1017 If by "hardwiring" the two PCs together, you mean using a crossover network cable to connect the two, that only overcomes the issue of using a USB stick. You still need third-party software to transfer settings and/or apps -- as that information is stored in lots of different places and it would take you forever to find them all manually and copy them.

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At work I have a PC w/an Athlon XP 1700 chip, 256 meg of ram, and a Radeon AGP w/64 meg memory video card runing Win XP Pro. So my gaming choices are somewhat limited. I've already played Quake 2 and Half-Life (and Opposing Force & Blue Shift). I like playing the FPS style games (single-player mode). So I'm wondering:

Is Counter-Strike single player or only multi-player? Is it free if I own Half-Life?

Is there a site that would list FPS games by release date year to year? Since I know Half-Life was released around 98, I could look for other games released around then that would probably run ok on my system.

Any suggestions for good FPS games that would run on my system would be appreciated. I'm looking into some of the Star-Wars games, also Halo, and Unreal seem to have good reps and might run ok.

Thanks much,

A:A Few Questions re: Older Games on an Older Machine

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I just recently attempted to use GodMode on my Vista Home Premium 64bit machine. Not a good idea. Right after my attempt, Windows Explorer crashes. After I attempt to restart explorer, it crashes again. If I restart my machine, the same thing occurs at startup. I can use the internet in the background, but everything else is completely useless now. I cannot get the crashes to stop, and it is really driving me insane now. The error is an APPCRASH, of course. I do not know why this is happening, so if anyone knows how to solve this, please reply.

A:Windows Explorer Consistent Never-Ending Crashes After Attempting to Use GodMode

The articles that I've read all seem to indicate that there's issues with "God Mode" and 64 bit Vista. Delete the God Mode folders, then reboot to see if that fixes it.

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