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on board video memory

Q: on board video memory

greetings all,

I have a PC Chips motherboard, (m756mrt), with 750 p111 and 512 mbs of pc133.
the manual says the onboard video can use 64 mbs of ram....I have it set that way in the bios, but it only shows up using 32 mbs, (system and sysoft sandra) any ideas?

thanks much

Preferred Solution: on board video memory

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: on board video memory

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First, my specs. P51 with Xeon processor, 64GB of ram, Win 10 Pro, NVIDIA Quadro M2200 Video, Intel HDGraphics P630 Video, Docking Station.  I have two external monitors via my docking station, one on the VGA other on the HDMI port. I also have two monitors via Sabrent USB to VGA devices. While I was out of town last week, Windows delivered an update to the Intel P630 graphics. Got home, put my P51 in the docking station. Bam, video driver keeps crashing, reverting to the basic driver and disabling all my external monitors.  I finally tracked it to the Intel P630 driver, I can uninstall it and reboot and it works fine for a while, but then after a reboot it crashes again.  I've tried reinstalling the NVIDIA driver from both their site and the Lenvo support site, no change. I looked for the P630 driver, but couldn't find it on the Lenovo site, at least as an independant download. It may be included in some other download. I did try getting the P630 from the Intel site, but what I downloaded said it wasn't compaitble with my machine.  Right now it has the same image on the internal monitor and the two monitors hooked to the docking station. Yes, the exact same image on three monitors, which shouldn't be possible under Windows. The two monitors coming in over USB seem to be OK and not have the "same desktop everywhere" issue.  I actually have two docking stations with external monitors, I have an office upstairs in my h... Read more

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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam

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ok heres the deal, i got a cheap-o pci-e card to put in my box so i can run it into my tv. the problem is that i need to use my on board video as well for my monitor is there settings or something out there i can change to make this work, because when i just hook them up i get no video on ither monitor or tv.

A:runing on board video and video card in my pci-e slot

It can only be one of the two enabled at a time. For most systems, as soon as you put the pci-card in the slot, it disables the on board video.

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somehow my vista home premium box system properties dialogue box reported a gig of ram.. now it reports 767 MB of ram.

with 767, my pc has slowed down quite a bit since my video card hijacked my memory without my permission.

checked bios chipset, and video configurations.. there's nowhere to adjust shared video memory there. checked harware manager properties for all video devices.. not there either...

when this happened my windows vista rating dropped from a 4.0 to a 3.0 too.


pc: acer t180

A:Vista video memory hog? shared video memory issue. only 767 MB RAM (1 gig istalled)

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I just got a new computer and it has a PCi express 16 slot on it and my old video card is agp 8x

what is a good ati card that i could play WoW and CS with for around 150$

A:New computer(on board video) want video card

Great Price here:

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Hi all,
I have a dell here with on board video that has failed (someone literally pulled the connector off of the motherboard). The system should be fine otherwise, therefore I was wondering if I could put in a old style PCI video card into one of the PCI slots (it does not have a video slot) and have it work. Or would the onboard video cause conflicts? I know that with some BIOS's you can turn off the onboard video, and this is usually a option if the motherboard has a video slot available (agp, PCI Express). Of course this motherboard does not and is a dell cheapo.

I am thinking it will probably work but thought I would ask before getting a card for it.


A:Can a dell use a pci video card if it has on board video?

Will a PCI video card work? Possibly!

Attached is a pic of a board where the Sub-D connector was pulled from the board, and when it was pulled it shorted out the board, and a PCI card would not work.

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I have this board
with this memory Patriot
2000LL series 2gig dimm ddr3

pc3-16000U DDr3-1066
can i place the ram into a P5P41T LE

will it work. Cause i want to use
this stick. its a waste of money if not using it

thank you

A:can i use this memory in other board

According to what I havew been able to find on that motherboard it should work. This might be dependant on what you already have on that Motherboard for Ram

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I will be upgrading my system in july and was wondering if anyone can recomend a new cpu, motherboard and DDR3 sims. I currently have an E8500, ASUS P5N-32E, GTX275, Corsair TX650 PSU and 4gig of DDR2. I was thinking of going with the an Intel Core i7 930 2.80Ghz (Bloomfield) (Socket LGA1366). Can anyone recomend a good board around 150-180 that will fit this CPU and also some DDR3 sims?

A:New CPU, board and memory time

The Asus P6X58D-E is a great motherboard at your price point.

Are you planning on going with 6GB of DDR3 memory to utilise the CPU's triple channel memory controller? What's your budget for the memory?

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Out of curiosity I was wondering on average how much memory on board sound uses when playing games at the highest sound setting. I wondered if a sound card with it's own memory would boost performance by freeing up memory?

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I want to upgrade my PC as some components are getting pretty old, i.e. the mobo, cpu and memory. I want to get a Core 2 duo CPU and motherboard, only I don't want to have to buy the RAM, cpu and mobo all at once.

So my question is can ddr be in a ddr2 core 2 duo mobo?


A:DDR memory in a Core 2 Duo Board

You may be able to find a board with two sets of slots - one for each type.

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Yet another problem needing a solution. I was given yet another PC assembled by my brother (part of the problem). I have everything working except for needing better video. The on-board video only gives me the options of 2 or 16 color @640 x 480 pixel . I obviously need better graphics capability for many of the programs and games we would be using. I have a PCI video card left from a former AGP upgrade on another system that I think should work. I need someone to walk me thru the procedures to deactivate the on board video and install and activate the PCI replacement. All I know about the mother board is what the owners manual tells me. I see no specific instructions on this particular procedure.

The MOBO is a Micro ATX Socket 370 1st Mainboard FR33 with a 733 mHz processor (Cyrix.... I think)....Award BIOS

I've looked all over in the BIOS for a enable/disable on board video...no luck

Any help would be appreciated

A:Replacing On-Board Video with PCI Video

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What is better a run-of-the-mill on-board video made in 2000 with 1 mb of video ram, or a pci video card that is made in 1995 and has 4 mb of video ram?

A:Video Card Vs On-board Video

Did you look into the BIOS to see if you can allocate more RAM to the onboard?

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Hello everyone: A few weeks ago I pushed the button to start my PC. It started with its usual routine but then stopped booting up and just started beeping at me. After several attempts at forcing it to shut down then starting it again only to have it beep at me I just left it off and used the laptop to do some research about the beeping. Seems it had to do with a memory problem which I managed to locate by removing the memory modules one at a time and replacing them in the same location they came from. I managed to isolate one module that when installed, caused the machine to beep and boot no further, and when removed, the machine booted up o.k. although it was a bit sluggish and acted like it wasn't to sure about what it was supposed to do with itself. It just so happened that it was in an end socket and when I removed a module from the opposite end and placed it in the suspect socket, the beeping started again, so I put that module back in it's place at the other end and left the other socket empty. I'm actually using the PC in question to make this post, it seems to run satisfactorily without the one module in place, but at times seems to loose its bearings. Sorry about running on, my question is. "Is the the memory module the problem, or is it the socket that the memory module plugs into the problem, and what is the solution either way? On this particular machine a H.P. a1250n Media Center desktop; I can install up to 4 1-gig modules, I'm using the 2 512 MB modules i... Read more

A:Memory Module or System Board?


Since the beeping starts when using a known good module in the "suspect" slot it

would seem to indicate a problem with the slot.

You can try testing using one working module in all slots to make sure that the issue is the slot.

If the slot is determined to be defective the board would have to be replaced.

This can be an issue with OEM unless the board is replaced with the same board.

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Hello. I was wondering whether it is better to have more memory on board or in a graphic card. I have 4 gig of memory on the board but when I put a 512mb video PCI-e card in the motherboard, it only shows as 3gb usable but if I only put a 256mb video card, it will show 3.5 gig usable. I imagine someone will probably say, it depends on what you are doing but I wondered which setup is better. I am thinking that more memory on board is better overall for the system but more video ram is better for more intensive games or graphic intensive apps. One thing is clear, that a 64 bit system for larger graphic cards in newer computers that recognizes more than 4 gig memory will be better. Unfortunately, this Dell Optiplex gx620 Pentium D 3.6ghz, even though it runs Windows 7 64bit very well, it will not recognized more than 3.5 gigs of memory. I dual boot WinXP & Win7 but I'm not sure this computer really profits from a 64 bit system. I'm not even sure what real advantages there are to Win7 with either 32/64bit at this point in time; of course eventually there will be. Windows 7 is nice and actually boots faster but definitely a memory hog.

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I just bought a radeon express motherboard for a computer i am building as a house media server thing. But it cant seem to find the sdram. I have ram in there and im pretty sure it is sd but i cant get the computer to start and all i get is the beep telling me it cant find it. Can someone help?

Link to the motherboard


Link to the Ram


A:Mother board cant find memory.

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I just came from a retail store to check on prices but most of their parts weren't available anymore. Instead of a G. Skill Ripjaws 2x4 8gb DDR-3 1600, the clerk offered me a Crucial Ballistix 2x4 8gb DDR-3 1866 memory. The board I'm gonna buy is an Asrock H77 Pro4/Mvp but looking at their memory support list http://www.asrock.com/mb/memory.asp?Model=H77 Pro4/MVP, it doesn't seem compatible.

The clerk had told me it was compatible and that he had tried it before but I'm not sure if it'd have unwanted effects over some period of time. (I got drawn in by how the memory looks and its LED so I'm including it as a choice). Thanks.

A:Is a 1866 memory compatible with an H77 board?

It will be compatible, worst case scenario is just setting your 1866Mhz RAM to run at 1600Mhz. You're getting quicker RAM for free.

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Could someone please help me? I am looking to upgrade my pc but have a conundrum.

I am torn between an

Intel Q9550 Core 2 Quad Proccessor - 2.83 GHz,12MB L2 Cache,1333MHz and

the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad-Core Processor - 3.20 GHz,8MB Cache,Socket AM3,125W,45 nm

Which is better do you think?

If I opt for the AMD the I have to revamp the memory to DDR3 to go with the AM3 motherboard (790gx has been recommended). I have seen ddr3 advertised "for i7 motherboards" in the blurb. Is it true that all ddr3s will fit in any ddr3 compatible motherboard or are there specific types for specific boards and processors?

I know that the intel will need a new motherboard (775 socket-ish?) but assuming that it will still use ddr2 mem. - the memory i already have...

Though i know very little about the subject I am rather interested in your opinions and facts etc.
Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Which processor... memory... board?

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One of my motherboards is flaking out and I am contemplating replacing it with an ASUS/AMD Sempron 2800+ Motherboard Bundle. The motherboard supports DDR400 (PC3200) memory. I have 756MB of DDR226 (PC2100). Will that memory work on the new motherboard?

A:PS2100 Memory on a PC3200 board

It might, if it did it would drag your cpu down to a crawl.

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Here is my specs -
CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
Motherboard Name Foxconn 6617MX-S / 661FX4MR-ES / 661FX7MF-(E)S / 661FXME(-E) / 661GX7MI-S / 661M03-G / 661M04-MX / 661MX (Pro)
Motherboard Chipset SiS 661FX/GX
System Memory 512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type Award (11/06/04)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port Printer Port (LPT1)

I have just brought these from e-bay -


I have ran a test at crucial and it says my computer can take upto 4gb......
I have 2 slots which I intend to use 1gb in each.......

Will these work????

It says on the ebay seller's screen that they work with sis611/sis611fx so I should be ok shouldn't I.....

A:Memory/Mother Board Problem....

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Hello people:
can somebody tell me how to know which is deffective? motherboard or my memory?......i turn on my pc but i just see the power light on, my cpu fun is running but my monitor dont have inputs at all, or no display, sometime when i turn it of and back on agian, it starts but there is this numbers keep running for long before it start to dettect the hard drive. but must of the time i realy dont have any input comming from my system unit,,no desply at all...please give me idea anyone.

A:how will i know if my mother board or memory is defective?

what makes you think the mobo or the ram is defective?
Have you tried a bios re-set yet?


A bios re-set can be very important and can be the difference between the pc starting up or not starting up.
You should always check the motherboard manual as there is a standard method of re-setting the bios but some mobo(motherboard) mfgrs differ a bit, for instance some Pc chips mobos are different.
Standard method: Unhook your pc so there is no power going to it. Then take out the coin battery. Near the coin battery you will find 3 pins with one jumper. Move the jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3. In other words, move the jumper up one pin.
Leave it there for a few minutes, then put everything back the way it was.
You can always tell if the bios re-set has taken place properly, you should have to re-set the time and date. It not done automatically then the fsb settings have to be set up again.
Another way to re-set the bios, not fully, but to at least affect a few changes would be to use the setting that says "default" or "minimum" or "standard" or "basic" settings. You only have to click on that and save and exit. This is not the same as a full and proper bios re-set but sometimes it can help.
There are many individual settings inside your bios that can make your mobo work or stop working, and some settings that do little to nothing.
You should always read your mobo manual first. If you dont have one then use goog... Read more

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that was hard to phrase in the subject, but my question is:
can a pc3200 400mhz ddr stick work on a board that supports up to pc2700 333mhz or will it not get recognized? the reason i ask is because my board has gone south and i need to replace it.

A:Quick Q: Can memory exceed board rating?

Yes it will work. It will just run at the slower speed. Usually when it does that you can tighten the timings, which is a good thing.

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dell computer, windows vista,running internet exployer8
with service pack2, use foxfire 3.6.6 web browser.
computer scan shows memory checker board test failed what is that and what do i need to do to fix the problem.are is it OK to ignore this if computer seems to be working OK

A:memory checker board test failed

What memory checker? If it the physical memory (RAM) in your system it's not OK to ignore this.

Memory is sorta like your checkbook. You won't notice little errors - a penny here or a penny there - but what are you going to do when it's a $1,000.00 error?

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I currently have a Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P. It supports the following:

4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 32 GB of system memory
Dual channel memory architecture
Support for DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules
Support for Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) memory modules
(a note at the bottom of the site specs on the board says (Note 2) To support a DDR3 1866 MHz (and above) memory, you must install an AM3+ CPU first.)

I also have an AMD FX 6300 (AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor, Socket AM3+ (942)

Right now I have 2 of the 4 slots taken up by 4 GB, 2 per slot. I have DDR3 memory running at 669.7 MHz (eachI assume).
A friend told me in the past I have to install in pairs or some kind of specific. What size should I get and can it be a higher speed than I have currently (which I think is 1333)? If I can, will it take advantage of the higher speed? Can I just get ONE extra stick, or do I have to get 2?


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Greetings all. I am currently running an AMD 64 +3200 on an Asus a8v board. I am wondering what type of memory is best. (That is between 3200 & 2700, and ECC over non-ECC.) I can support upto 4 GB of 2700, and only 2 of 3200 ram.

I have heard other people having problems with the A8V in regards to the AGP settings from ATI as well.


A:Seeking memory advice on an ASUS A8V board

I don't use that board, but I use the K8V Deluxe with the same setup. I currently running a gig of Kingston PC3200 (2 x 512) and am thinking about adding another half-gig but currently, it's rock-solid. You may not need that much memory depending on the applications you're using. BTW, the mem I'm using is non-ECC.

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I got this dreaded error when ordering a CPU2 riser board to my T5500.
I've tried everything, including reset bios and replacing the battery, with no luck.
I can see that others have had luck returning the shipment to the supplier, but I'm not going to do that, as it takes to long to get a replacement, and it really doesn't address the real problem.
I think this is a bios failure with Dell, and I'm probably going to buy a z800 machine to get my two cpu's for my new esxi server.
I don't have the time to try all other solutions getting it to work, and the computer is running great in 1-cpu mode.
I just wanted to post this message to help others avoid any extra spending on a cpu upgrade, your pc might reject it, and it's possibly Dell's fault due to a faulty bios.My 2'nd cpu came with parts (fans and such) made in China, but I don't know if this is the problem.
All I know is that my cpu riser board doesn't work.

A:CPU2 memory fan failure - riser board

Do you have the latest version of BIOS, A16?
Did you connect the dual processor power cable, the dual processor fan cable, and the dual processor heat sink fan cable to the dual processor board during the installation?
Manual here: downloads.dell.com/.../precision-t5500_setup guide_en-us.pdf

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I want to upgrade my T450s to 8Gb.  I currently have 4Gb.  Is the first 4Gb always soldered to the main circuit board (i.e. my single slot is open to insert a new 4Gb card).  Also, can you confirm the specs on the card I need to get?  Thanks.

A:T450s - Is all 4Gb memory soldered to main board

4 GB soldered.   1 memory socket up to 8GB, thus 12 GB total. 12GB max / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L, non-parity, dual-channel capable, 4GB memory soldered to systemboard, one 204-pin SO-DIMM socket http://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad_T450s http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad%20T450s/ThinkPad_T450s_Platform_Specificat... Check:www.crucial.com 

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my specs are:
intel 845ebg2 with 2.4 pentium procesor
my current memory is two 256 sticks of pc-2100 266hz

my question is what is the fastest, best memory for that board
(intels states this board can handle 2 of 1gig sticks)
please be specific because i know next to nothing on memory (always took what the sales person gave me)

A:memory upgrade for intel 845 ebg2 board

Here is the manual for your motherboard:

Have a look at page 12, some very specific details on the ram you need.

DDR 266
2.5V only

So it looks like two sticks of these:
or these:

should work nicely in your system.

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Hi..Im helping my neighbor with his computer and it is extremely old.he wants me to put some more memory in it..any one know what kind of memory that this possibly uses ? any help is appreciated

A:Any one know what kind of memory a Pentium 1 mother board uses ??

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My computer locks up after I have captured video in Studio DV. The troubleshooting part of the manual offers a suggestion if your computer "crashes during capture" (I suppose that might be the same thing) to move the graphics board memory resources to a different area. All the F000000-F1FFFFF stuff is pretty confusing to begin with, but when I do try to change those designations I get a "No modifications box" that says "This resource setting cannot be modified" Can somebody offer a step by step and kind of explain what I'm looking at when I see the resource settings? I just don't know how to move which ones. Thanks in advance. Marsh

A:Moving graphics board memory resources

Gotta be honest, Marsh, I've never seen questions like this one here at TSG, but don't give up. Every so often, just reply to your own question and put something dumb like "anybody have any ideas yet?"

Put anything--just replying will bring your question back up to the top. Maybe somebody will get sick of it and try to help you out.

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I think I have a problem with my on-board video but I'm not 100% sure. Last night while on my computer, my monitor would go black and the power light on the monitor would go from green to amber. This happened several times. The only thing I could do was to turn off the computer and turn it back on. It's an Emachine and I don't know if I could disable the on-board video. But that doesn't matter because I don't have any available slots open to install a video card anyway. What do you think the problem could be?

A:on-board video

It could be the graphics chipset is over-heating, but that would be unusual in a system that has it onboard, as those GPUs are pretty low powered. Unless you over-taxing it with a high-power game or similar at the time?

Its more likely that the connection between PC and monitor is dodgy. Check that the monitor lead is really securely fixed in place, that there are no bent pins either end of the connector lead, and also that the connector to the motherboard is also secure.

Has anyone trodden on the monitor data cable, or could it have got damaged in some other way?

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I have an ARK Logic 2000-pv2m video board. I don't want to install it until I can determine what the resolution is. I've search PCWORLD, PCMAG, ZDNET, CNET, and the ARK LOGIC sites. I can find no specs on this item. Apparently ARK LOGIC has been sold but I don't know to whom. Can anyone help?

A:video board

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I managed to disable on-board video for my pc in order to use a ATI Radeon 7000. Im having problems with it so i wanted to know how do i get on board video to work again, b/c eveytime i connect the screen to the onboard video it doesn/t show anything.(i know im posting alot about video cards but I really need the help. I really appreciate it )

A:on-board video

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HELP!!! I am working on an older computer with a soyo mother board sy-7IWM/L V1/0 500 mhz celron with 128 meg ram. It has on board graphics that i cant seem to get to work. First i looked for drivers, but none of them seem to work i constatnly get error messages when i try to install them, even the ones i downloaded form intel. so i tried to install my own graphics card. and old diamond multimedia dm975. well this created a conflict even though i disabled the on board vga controller it automatically enables itself. It is driving me crazy. ANy ehlp is appreciated.

A:on board video

Try installing the mobo's chipset drivers first then do the video/agp drivers.

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Hi all, question please. I have a PIII 700mhz board with on-board video which I have established is not working. How is this fixed, do I have to replace the mainboard or buy a new PC altogether. Or is there a way to test it.
Thanks Andy.

A:On board Video

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Hello, I recently puchased new Thiankpad P43s which came with 8GB Ram 2400 MHZ DDR4 soldered to the board, and im thinking to add an additional 32GB to have a total of 40GB, thing is i was unable to find 1X32GB at 2400MHZ only 2666MHZ, so my question is will the 2666MHZ work without any comflicts if i install it along with the 1X8GB soldered 2400 MHZ ? Any advise would be highly appreciated. Thank you,VA

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I have an old HP Pavillion model 4440 computer. I need to disable the on board video and audio. How is this done?

A:Disable on board video

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How do I tell what type of onboard video card do I have. When I go under device manager and go too display adapters I get "standard pci graphics adapter (vga)". I am stuck at 640 x 480 and want out. I cannot get the slide bar to move. I believe I have a Amercian Megatrends motherboard. System win98se. Thaks for your help.

A:on board video card

I suggest asking a mod to move the thread to Hardware

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I'm running an old Savage Pro on 32mb RAM and noticed in CMOS that I could associate more. Would there be any adverse affects in pumping that 32 up to 64? I'm running 1Gig of RAM right now.

A:Attributing more RAM to on-board video

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I have a Gateway GT5252 Desktop here at work from one of my co workers friends. The on board video died. She put in a PCI Express Graphics Card. There is still no video. We think we need to go into the BIOS and change the information related to graphics around to do the PCI Express Graphics Card instead of the on board. The problem is that when we boot it up it wont show anything. Any suggestions? If anyone can post by the end of the day (230/245) that would be great that way we can get started on fixing the issue really fast.

thank you

A:On board video issue

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I am on a budget and this is the most I can afford. I want to play Crisis and many of the newer games, but I am on a budged.

I want this card:

but would it work on my motherboard:


My biggest concern is would this PCI Express x16 card work on the PCI slots of my board?

Thank you to anyone who knows for sure and posts back. =)

A:Can I use this Video card with my board??

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I have a PCI video card that I want to install on my motherboard. I am having a problem disabling the existing on-board video.

My system is:

PC Chips M758LMR v 1.0 MB on board sound/ video
256 Meg RAM
20 Gig HD
Celeron 900 mhz Processor FGA-2 #BX80526F900128SL633
Win 98SE
300Watt Power supply

There is not a place in the device manager to disable the SIS 620 Video.

If I put the video card in a slot(there are 3) the computer will not boot up. If I remove the SIS 620 device, windows reinstalls it when I boot up again. I cannot find any program to remove related to video or video drivers.

It dosen't appear that there is a jumper on the board related to video in the manual I found on the internet. The manual does state that a Video card can be installed.

I have searched the forum and found out that this is a common problem, but didn't find anything specific for my motherboard.

Thanks, Al

A:Disable on-board video

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i was just recently working on a xp machine and i left it for about roughly 5 min and coming back i noticed the screen just black out , it was hooked up to a kvm switch so i pluged it in directly and still nothing ... i took apart the pc and put it back together , and i also tried a pci video card.( was originally onboard ) it just amazes me that this can happen like this but what is the fist thing that comes to your mind .... the pc goes on all fans are going .... thank u for feed back

A:on board video died?

Although it's usually something else don't forget to try another monitor. On some MBs with onboard video adding a PCI video card will disable the onboard, but on some it won't so that can still be the problem. Start with everything removed except CPU/HS/Fan, RAM(one stick if you have two) and video. Try resetting BIOS with either the MB jumper or removing the battery. After that it's replacing parts. What make and model do you have for a system?

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I have an old HP Pavilion computer with an Asus Spax Motherboard. It has an on board video (card), SiS Interated video. It was working fine and suddenly disapeared. Does not show as existing in the control panel display propertys.
The display is now the native 640 x 480 VGA. Any ideas?

A:On Board Video adaptor

You probably need to update the drivers for it. Go to the HP website for your specific HP model and see what integrated SIS chip the motherboard uses. HP will also have a driver available for download which you can use. Or you can then go to the SIS website and download the latest driver which be newer then the HP provided driver.

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I want to install a new monitor but I don't know what video board to get
my motherboard is GA-990XA-UD3 (Socket M2)
please help!!!
I am using windows 10

A:New Monitor - What video board?


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Can an nForce220D on board Video support a DVD? I was told it could not and not to buy one because it would be a waste.

Thank you

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