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Network Drives disappearing after rebooting

Q: Network Drives disappearing after rebooting

Recently I have changed my server (2012) & joined all of my clients in new domain.
MAP the share folder in all client PC, but strangely few "Win 7" users asking that, every time after rebooting their PC, MAPPed drive disappear & a question mark showing in the short cut icon in the desktop.
Then if they open the share folder from short cut icon from desktop, then MAPPed drives appearing automatically OR then need to re-map derives again.

Any Guess....please?


Preferred Solution: Network Drives disappearing after rebooting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Network Drives disappearing after rebooting

When mapping a drive, be sure that Reconnect at Logon is checked.

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I have a window desktop 64 bit that I joined to a domain and migrated the profile from a workgroup to a domain using profwiz.exe

Everything is fine except for the network drives which disappeared a few times.

Whether I am logging off or the user just sits there, it wouild disappear and I have no idea why this is happening.

Can anyone help me with a possible solution or reasonf or this to be happening?

Event viewer does not show any problems related to this.

I managed to create a quick .bat file to remapped the drive on login and on the user desktop that she can run when she can't get into them.

A:Network Drives Disappearing on Win7 Workstation After Joining It To a Domain

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OK, so here's the story.

On October 30, I started to download .torrent files which are videos.

So that day is finished and it is now October 31. After download all the .torrent files, I used BitTorrent to finish it. When the download was in progress, I started to download installation files which were; Object dock, Desktop tray play[something like that], Cube desktop and many more. After downloading it, I installed them, all of them. When it was around 11PM-12AM, my dad told me to shut down my Netbook, so I did.

(November 1) After that day, I opened my netbook, after signing in to my profile I was shocked to see my Windows XP back on its style ( I had Win7 pack that makes your XP look like Win7. ). All of my files are now GONE. I searched everywhere and seems that it REALLY is GONE. But the files that ' disappeared ' still covers the size of my Hard Drive. I then redownloaded one of the movie. After that, I closed my Netbook.

November 2, I reopened my Netbook to watch that movie, Yipee! After signing in .. I saw my Windows XP back on the Win7 style[o_O]. I then went to the folder where that movie was being held. When I went there, the folder was empty. Same as before, I searched for it but still, none. Even the files that disappeared on Nov. 1. I tried to system restore my netbook to October 31 for November 1 has not available. I started to search at google for a solution, but wasn't able to see some.

Have anyone of you got this problem?
Please help me! :(

A:Files disappearing after rebooting

This only happened to me for 2 times. And yeah, I think they are still covering the size of my HD. :/ I have no ' Found.000 ' files neither. :/

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Ok, through the past 5 or so days i've been having trouble with my computer, it started with an update to SP3 from SP2 to fix a bug with a game (another story).

After I did this, I got an unmountable boot volume crash, to check if my HDD was dead I installed linux, everything was working fine, I then installed XP SP3 again from disc, it works fine for the first day, then the 2nd day the PC suddenly becomes very sluggish and eventually I need to restart it.

The first time I restarted I got a 7A BSOD and couldn't get back into the PC. So, I formatted and reinstalled again, then again it became sluggish and I eventually restarted, this time though I got an error saying System32/System is missing or corrupt.

I'm now going to try and repair it through the recovery console and see what happens.

I can't get the minidumps since I've formatted the computer since I couldn't get back into it.

EDIT: Ok, the 2nd line of help from MS to recover the registry doesn't work, I'm meant to type "copy c:\windows\system32\config\system ", I get the response, "could not copy", great.

Does anybody know what could cause these errors/what I could do to solve them?

A:XPS P3, rebooting, System32 disappearing, unmountable boot volume, 7A BSODs

It could very well be the harddrive itself particularly by the fact that you have reformatted and thus the OS file system shouldn't be corrupt.

Can you boot into Normal at all?

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All of a sudden I am having issues with H drive which is the home drive disappear, have to log off and back on again or I can re map it and it will map back. It seems to happen on XP machines. I recently installed Windows server 2003, do you think it has anything to do with the server 2003 and permissions. I made sure the applications where in the exact same location as the old server and I used the same name and IP as the old server.

Any Suggestions would be great!!!

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Recently I purchased a Western Ditigital 80GB external hard drive to store files. I followed the plug-and-play instructions exact and windows installed it via USB and all was working fine. I didn't use my computer for a few days. When I next used it both my CDRW and DVD drives were no longer recognized by my system. I have checked the ribbong cable and it is not that. I have unplugged all the devices and replugged them and still nothing. I contacted Wester Digital and they say their device is plug-and-play and has no bearing on anything else. I tend to think it is some kind of driver conflict. If I uninstall the external drive and uninstall the drivers and reboot both the CDRW and DVD drive are recognized by my system and work just fine. When I plug back in the external drive the CDRW and DVD will disappear shortly after. I am running WXP home, AMD athalon 1600+, 512MB ram. The CDRW is pluged into the DVD drive which is plugged into the motherboard. If I plug in the DVD drive only it is always recognized even when the external drive is up and running. The problem only occurs when the CDRW drive is in the mix. I checked the system event viewer and found some items listed at the exact time the drives disappear. First I get a message that says "The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period." That error appears several time in a row. Then I get "The device 'IDE DVD-ROM 16X' [IDE\CdRomIDE_DVD-ROM_16X_______3:10__\5&2c... Read more

A:Disappearing CD & DVD drives! HELP!

You say the devices are not recognized by the system? Are they simply not available in your Windows Explorer or are you saying the devices do not appear in the device manager? Maybe you have an IRQ conflict between the devices when they are all connected?


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I have a Sony Vaio. I took it to Best Buy to have the hard drives merged. Upon return, it seems the disk drives have disappeared. They don't read anything! Is there a way to reinstall them?

A:Disappearing Drives

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I recently installed some more ram in my computer. After installing I turned cpu back on and it started beeping on and off. I took out the 512mb of ram and left the 1g of ram in there (they are same type of ram just bigger size). turned the cpu back on and it booted up like normal. I went to put a dvd in but both of my dvd drives had vanished and my cpu is not recognizing them. Any knowledge on this situation would be greatly appreciated

A:Disappearing DVD Drives

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I Appear To Have Lost My CD Drives?....They Were There Yesterday But Today Theyre Not?

I Am Running Windows XP And My Drives Are A Toshiba DVD Rom And A Plextor CDRW.

I Am Also Using A Removable Hard Drive For Back Up Purposes Which Inserts Into A CD Bay.

When The External Hard Drive Is Added To The System It Becomes Drive "F"

The Other Drives Are As Normal:

A: Floppy
C: Main Drive
d: Plextor
C: DVD Rom

When I Insert The External Hard Drive I Get A Warning On Start Up Saying The Drive Configuration Has Changed And To Press f1

This Usually Works And All The Drives Appear In Explore.

However I Have Removed My External Hard Drive And The CDS Have Gone With It?

In Device Manager They Appear With The Yellow Question Mark And This Error Message:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I Have Uninstalled And Reinstalled Both Drives And XP Finds Them But Installs Them With The Same Error Message Everytime.

I Have Removed Both Drives And Run The System Without Them Then Reinstalled Them And The Error Reappears?

How Can I Alter My Registry To Find My Drives?

A:Disappearing Drives?

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I have a Samsung 1 TB SATA drive and a wd 500GB as drives 0 and 1. Bios detects the drives showing the WD as the master and the samsung as the slave.
My computer shows all the drives b-f as I have partirioned the physical drives.
My regular backup crapped out and tells me it can't find my BU device (1 TB My Book external.)
Drive Management will only display drives 1 to drive 3, no drive 0.
When I do the device manager and check properties on the Samsung it says its fine but cannot display the volume details.
Can someone help find my missing drives?

A:Disappearing Drives

an update, apparently disk management runs on volume info provided by the drives themselves, my samsung does not provide this info anymore, so the drive is unavailable to disk management.

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I have a pc that whenever I try to boot up it does not see the a: (floppy) or the d: drive (cd-rom) it says that there are no drivers for these devices. How can I load the drivers for these drives if neither one of them work?

A:disappearing drives

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Win2000. When I started it. drive A and D had suddenly disappeared.What can I do?

A:disappearing drives

Boot into safe mode, press F8 during boot to see if they show up there.

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Hello everyone, here's my situation:
I just got a new computer and gave my old one to my dad. I set it up at his house last night and when I started it up, it is not reading the two CD-rom drives. The drives open but do not play any CD's. Icons for the drives do not show in Windows explorer.
In the hardware manager, both drives are listed but have yellow exclamation points next to them. It says that both drives are installed but not able to be located.
We tried uninstalling them and letting the new hardware detect and install it. It again says it's been installed but is not working properly.

We've opened up the tower and checked the connections.

One is a Sony regular cd-rom and the other is a Samsung cd-rw. The computer is running Win XP. i do not have the windows disc for this computer, i do have the one that came with my new computer if that could be any help.

Unfortunately i do not have easy access to the machine right now, but i will try my best to remember anything or get the info necessary.

thanks so much for any help.

A:Disappearing CD-rom drives

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Hi guys Can i get some help with a problem I have ? I have just vvisited My Computer and I notice that my dvd rom drive and dvdrw drive are no longer showing. I have been to device manager and there are exclamation marks on both drives. I uninstalled them both and reinstalled but to no avail. The explamation marks are still there. Any help or ideas please? Regards, John.

A:Disappearing Drives

See here

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hello, I installed windows xp about 9 days ago. everything was working fine including the cdr and dvd and today they are gone no where to be found. I checked all cables, they don't show up anywhere, not in my computer and not in device manager, I don't even see them in the bios anywhere . I have read all the posts I could find but I still did not solve this problem,thanks for your help

A:more disappearing drives

If the drives are not even in BIOS then either the connection to the drives is bad. The Ide cable needs replacing. The MB IDE connector went.

You've checked some of these things. Hook up one drive at a time observing proper master/jumper or cable select postioning choices.

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My cd rom was the first drive to periodically disappear, so I disconnected it as I have 2 others. Now my slave sata drive (not partitioned with c: - totally independent hard drive) disappears from my computer & I can't access anything off of it until I reboot system. Slave drive is still showing under device manager with no problems! I have tried various things but am leaning towards purchasing a new power supply. Any suggestions??

A:Drives keep disappearing

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help please
Ok, i will try my best to describe my problem the best I can.
I have windows 98. I dont have an antivirus or a firewall, because I didnt think i had anything important that anyone would want. or i figured i could always reformat. Well, I moved into another home and I misplaced ALL my cd's, and I have boxes and boxes yet to go through. I did have that love letter virus, but i ran a scan that someone here recommended, it found it and supposedly got rid of it. Now......I am downloading all my drivers off the net, but next to c drive, it shows the logo of my modem ????I have us robotics, and i cant get to the stuff in my c drive, Now, i know i most also be getting hacked, because i went to get an address that i kept in my documents, and my documents were all missing, when i finally went into my paint shop pro and found some of them...i noticed, that the addresses had mean things wrote in them...Like Jen the Ho, and sally the slutt, stuff like that. So...My question is...What can I do exactly?

A:disappearing drives

Kimberly, I split your post off from the other thread that you posted in. You'll get better response also in the Security forums, so that's where I've moved you.

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My computer has 3 hard drives mounted - an SSD for windows and boot, and two WD500GB SATA drives; one for programs and data, and the other for backups.

Recently, the backup drive failed to be detected by the system. After basically jiggling the BIOS handles a few times, it reappeared ... but the program drive was now not present. I reordered the drives in the BIOS and then they were all back. Then the program drive was gone ... reboot and it is back but the backup is not.

Making matters worse, MS Office now requires reinstallation becasue it can't find components to operate or repair. Gah!

Not overclocked, no customizations in the bios. Computer has been running essentially as-is for years. WTF?

A:Disappearing hard drives

What BIOS' handles?

Another reason to never separate programs from the OS drive, where they write registry keys and should remain until properly uninstalled.

Test the cables and connections.

Test the hard drives with the maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan followed by a full Disk Check.

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I am running Windows XP SP2 on an IBM NeVista that has a CD drive and a DVD multi drive. These used to be drive D and E. Just recently, for some unknown reason, it seems that Windows no longer 'sees' the CD drive and only 'sees' the DVD drive, which (I'm positive) used to be drive E but now shows up as drive D. This is weird enough but the really weird thing is that I cannot play or load anything in either. If I put a CD or DVD in drive d (the DVD drive that XP can see in 'My Computer), nothinh happens. It doesn't play or autostart and if I hit 'open' on the drive, it says to please insert a disk. ugh!

I desperatly need to relaod some software and of course now, neither one of the droves work. I considered deleting the drivers of each of them and then (I assume) have Windows try to re-find the drivers but at this point, XP, nor the hardware device manager in system properties, even 'see; the CD drive.

I am at a loss as to what to do to try and get these drives back. I'm not aware of anything 'weird' happening recently (I think this problem has been going on for a few months now) and everything else seems to be working ok for the most part. I thought about actually physically removing both drives and then physically re-installing them again but I really don't want to have to go take everything apart unless I have to.

Any help, suggestions, thoughts, would be greatlyt appreciated. It's about time I ... Read more

A:Case of the Disappearing CD/DVD drives

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First, here's the Sysinfo from your app -

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16319 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 148 GB (15 GB Free); F: 1006 GB (82 GB Free); G: 298 GB (160 GB Free); H: 195 GB (47 GB Free); I: 732 GB (573 GB Free); J: 199 GB (106 GB Free); K: 195 GB (37 GB Free); L: 3726 GB (2372 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASRock, H97M Pro4
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Also attached are 4 screenshots from about 10 minutes ago, when the drive was there. (E:\ALL DOWNLOADS drive, which doesn't even show up in your sysinfo utility.)

I checked cables. My drivers are up to date. I rebooted. At first, on reboot, the drive was there, and then it disappeared again. I rebooted again, checked my Device Manager and it was there. Then it wasn't. What do I do now?

Thank you!

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i7 860/ GA P55 UD4/ 16GB ballistix/ MSI 970/ TX 750 PS/ 2x1TB HD....1x2TB HD

My hard drives have a habit of disappearing & reappearing with a reboot, dont know why but its causing no end of grief, least not corrupted pathways..
I recently lost my 2 TB after a couple of hours gaming, it wont reappear after reboot, it now shows up on the start screen as BzBzBzBz and tries to load the driver but cant, and this is my 3rd storage drive this has happened to.
If someone could help me get to the root of this problem it would be much appreciated , i have however, tried a lot of suggestions but not a thing has worked ...

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Hey guys

I have run into a new problem with my win7 box.

I have 20 harddrives in a win7 64b box i use as file storage, and i run flexraid on this. However, whenever the box is idle for an unspecified time, drives will dissapear.

IT is ALWAYS the same 2 drives,and they are connected to different controllers,1 is brand new,the other old.

I have tried changing cables,controllers,switched all the drives around, changed backplane on the drive cages,nothing seems to help.

I had drive dropout problems using my supermicro oac-saslpmv8,which i have now exchanged for an ibm 1015m flashed to IT mode, but the dropouts seem to continue,although different drives from when i used the supermicro.

All i can thing of that is the culprit,would be the power management in windows,as the drives in question are 2 different types WD20EARS and WD20EARX, i have disabled green function on the EARS with WDidle3,so power management should ONLY run in windows..

I have for the moment disabled win power man. to be certain this is the culprit,however,i do not like to have my drives spinning full speed when there is no traffic.

I have to shut down server completely, pull the drive,let windows boot,hot swap the drive in again,shutdown pc to get it running again. Mind you, my controller sees the drives fine,both the one connected to the IBM,and the drive connected to an Asrock 2 port SATA controller.

All hardware specs are in my signature

Anyone have any idea what the hell is happening?

A:INT. SATA drives keep disappearing

Have you checked this setting in Power Management?:

Control Panel > Power Options > (For the power plan selected) Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Plan Settings > Click + next to Hard Disks > Turn Off Hard Disk After: > and set that to "Never".

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Two internal drives disappeared from 'My Computer'. I was able to get them back previously by uninstall/reinstall, but this no longer works. It suggests I put in the cd (which I do not have and can't do anyway). The drives are: E:Atapi DVD-A-DH3H20A
F:Liteon DVD ROM LTD 163
System info: Dell DIMM 4550, Pentium 4, 2.0ghz, 512 ram
Windows XP Home 02, Svc Pk 3
I have performed a system restore in the past to 'bring back' these drives but I do not want to continue to do this.
Other (possibly related issues) are an error 1706...On computer restarts, Windows installer attempts to run Photogallery Installer and requests that I insert a disc (that I do not have). I do have a newer printer (HP Officejet All-in-one 4315). Also had a problem with Kodak Easyshare software around the same time...I was unable to print to the printer dock (series 3) because it couldn't be found. I ran a Clear Utility program that Kodak recommended to remove all components of previously installed Easyshare Software to attempt to correct this problem (to no avail). I gave up on the Kodak problem after reinstalling the original version that the camera came with and still could not print to the printer dock. I think all of these problems occurred around the same time, but cannot be positive about this.
SUMMARY: For now, I just need my 2 internal drives back, I can re-post for the 1706 Photogallery issue later

A:Solved: Disappearing Drives

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My PC (Windows XP) has two disc drives - a CD-RW & DVD-ROM. Up until the last day or two I've had no problems, but the drives have now suddenly disappeared. They no longer appear under My Computer, and no longer autoplay and discs when I load something into either drive.

Does anyone please have any suggestions?

A:Disappearing Disc Drives

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I have Windows Vista in HP TouchSmart. A few days ago the cd-dvd drive recognition disappeared (error 39). When I insert a disk it will say "please insert disk..." although the disk is in. I've tried everything to no avail, including going back in the pc to a few days before.
Thanks for your help.

A:Error 39 disappearing cd.drives

Righty, I had a problem similar to this when my sis' pc's dvd drive broke.
We phoned up the fujitsu techs and this is what they told us to do:
1) Click on start -> run. type in REGEDIT and click ok
2) Click the + sign on each of the following, in logical order:
4) Once you have done this, you should see one or more of the following filters:
5) If any of the above are showing, right click on them and click delete
6) Close regedit and reboot your pc

This should work. Deleting the filters will not harm your pc- the pc will replace them when it boots up

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While formatting an external drive, the drive letters of my two DVD burners were assigned to the partitions of the new disk drive. As a result, the box no longer sees the burners. I've tried going through "Computer Managemment" but there's nothing there to assign a letter to. I have the install disks, but I can't use a drive that the computer doesn't see.

Is there an answer to this short of throwing the darned thing out the window?

A:Solved: disappearing dvd drives

Try the filter fix:

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Hi, i've got this really annoying problem with my cd drives. Sometimes when I leave my computer on for an hour or so or when im watching dvds, a message pops up telling me that I've disconnected my cd drives, and they'll just dissappear from my computer. I've also noticed that this sometimes happens when I'm running a program that takes up a lot of memory. When I restart my computer, 9 times out of 10 my cd/dvd drive pops back up and i can use it again, but very rarely does my cd-r drive come back. Iv had some problems with the registry before (code 19) but i've fixed that, or i think i have and have run a few registry/virus scans recently and nothing has been detected. What the hell is wrong with my computer?!?

A:CD drives disappearing!! AHHHHH!!!

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Just today, I've been having a problem where my 1tb WD hard drive and a 160gb WD hard drive keep disappearing. I could be wrong here, but its seems as though it happens when I launch Battlefield 1, and if I restart my PC they are both there again. I've been inside my PC several times to make sure all cables are secure to no avail. I've actually tried Crystaldisk recently because I was getting a bluescreen which was hard drive related, and it said that all of my hard drives were in good condition. I've also done CHKDSK /f /r on all my hard drives. One of my hard drives is out because I was testing to see which on was causing the blue screen and I haven't had it since (the blue screen was 0x00007A KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR). Please help.

Here are my specs:

-MSI GTX 970
-750w Corsair Psu
-MSI Z87-G45
-i7 4790K w/ stock cooler
-8gb of RAM
-a 160gb HDD
- a 120gb SSD
- I am running a 64 bit Windows 7

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Hi. I'm running Windows XP Pro and I'm having a strange problem with my cdrom drive. I had the Blaster worm, so I downloaded the "fixblast tool" from Symantecs site and ran it (after installing patch from Microsoft). After I completed the scan it gave me the message that I had to restart my computer, so I did so. When everything loaded up again I realized my Cdrom drive and also my cd-rw drive were not functioning. I was able to open the cd-rw drive, but my cdrom drive wouldn't open. In My Computer the drives weren't showing up, but in device manager it said that both of these drives were operating correctly. I did a couple of system restores, but that didn't help. I finally opened my computer and switched the cables around a bit. Finally, my cd-rw drive started working, but my cdrom drive never would. I've tried reinstalling the drivers for it also, to no avail. I've read that EZ CD Creator can cause this type of problem, but I've never had this program on my computer. If anyone has any ideas about what may have caused this or how to fix it, I'd really appreciate it!!

A:Disappearing Cdrom Drives

if they are showing in the bios,delete them from the device manager reboot and let windows reinstall them,there are no drivers to be loaded for them they are run by windows

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Hi. I've read the posts on this topic, and mine shares elements but differs. I have had a new machine built for me with an ASUS mother board and running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. My previous one had Windows XP Professional and the adjustment has not been easy.

Using "My Computer/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management"; the following always shows up:
Disk 0 Internal Main Drive C: 2TB with Windows 7 Professional
Disk 1 internal SATA slave drive E: 150GB (ex Dell machine HDD, partition removed and reformatted)
Disk 2 internal SATA slave drive F: 185GB (ex Sony machine HDD, partition removed and reformatted)
Disk 3 external USB back-up drive G: 2TB Western Digital My Book 1130

I have always been in the habit of shutting down my machine when it is not in use. This is primarily because I live in the country, and power bumps are quite common. I believe this is what killed my last machine.

Whenever I start the machine, Disks 1,2,3 always show up in Computer Management , but not always in Windows Explorer. I am usually missing at list one, and often two of the drives. It seems to change randomly. I re-start, and get a different configuration. About one in ten start-ups, all drives appear, and function normally.

I will try switching SATA drive cables. One poster suggested that the main drive needs to be either disk 1 or disk 2, and slave drives should be disk 3 & disk 4.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

PS I don't have my new m... Read more

A:randomly disappearing slave drives

Well, the journey is finally over. It was the WD backup drive that was the problem. It worked fine in the XP environment, but bogged everything down in the Windows 7 environment. I tried many hotfixes and other suggestions to no avail. When I finally opened the WD external drive using another XP machine, removed the Password Protection, and completely reformatted the drive, removing all WD software, the Windows 7 machine began behaving as it should.


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My hdds randomly disappear from os . I have to reboot to gain access. Failing sata ports or build issue?

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Windows 7, Intel Quadcore, 3 HDD (2 1T Sata & 1 500G IDE)

I opened my computer to add a another disk drive. I installed the IDE driver (which I had taken out to check) and checked all the power and cable connections. When I restarted the computer the SATA drives (including the DVD drive) have disappeared.

The only drive showing on the CMOS is the IDE drive that I just installed. I removed the IDE drive again but now the CMOS does not see any dives.

I have checked and rechecked my cable connections. They are all good and I am using SATA cables with clips to hold them.

Where, oh where, have my drives gone?

A:Solved: Disappearing Disk Drives

No driver should be installed for any IDE drive. Where did that driver some from?

Try putting things back the way they were.

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I have 1 SATA Hard drive as my main drive and two IDE harddrives on the primary IDE channel. I starting noticing the two secondary IDE drives disappearing for no reason (they basically shutdown like they got uninstalled). I have to restart the computer for them to come back. I'm running windows XP SP2. Does anybody no what is causing this problem?


A:My secondary Hard Drives are Disappearing

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Three pc's all with the same issue. All are Dells, two are Optiplex 780's. On a domain with at least 60 other computers and well over 100 users, local and remote. All three PC's are local, running win7 pro. The two optiplex's started this on Monday, the third started doing it about an hour ago.

On boot, all drives are listed in my computer and Explorer. After a few minutes, all drives, local and mapped, disappear from my computer and explorer. After a few minutes or a reboot, the drives will reappear. Any drive is able to be opened by typing its drive letter in the address bar, whether it can be seen or not.. At the same time the drives have gone missing, the control panel will also not populate. This is very random. It can be two minutes from populated to unpopulated, or it can be 20 minutes. Lets ad into this mix, thumbnails on .jpg, .pdf and other files are not showing up, where until this problem started, they were.

I am pretty confident that the drives are not going to sleep as this happens whether the computer is in use or not. I am also pretty confident that its not a sata driver, as the mapped drives disappear also.

One more thing to add: if the computers are unplugged from the network, the problem seems to go away. Possibly an issue with the domain policy?

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for your time.

A:All drives randomly disappearing from my computer.


I have the exact same problem since about 2 days ago, and I don't know why. Did you find out what the problem was? I did turn off a few services, but they all seem completely unrelated to drives.

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I've been having this issue for several weeks now, but it never happened before I upgrading to windows 7. I have 4 physical hard drives, with one partitioned into 3 parts, making 6 drives in my computer. Lately drives have been randomly disappearing from the list. I've noticed that most frequently it's the IDE drives that disappear, but I've had my 1 TB drive go away once and even one of the partitions and my sata bluray drive. I cannot figure out why this is happening. The drives still show up in device manager and disk management, but they appear as uninitialized. I'm scared to initialize them because I don't know if it'll format them, and a quick restart always fixes the problem, it's just very annoying because it always seems that it's the disk that I need that disappears. I'm sure the drives aren't going bad because it's happened to all of them and the bluray drive, my only thought is that it might be my power supply, but it always worked on xp and vista. I have a 500W PSU, and it's always been enough, though I have been looking at upgrading sometime soon.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening? It's very frustrating having to restart so often.

A:Hard drives disappearing from my computer

To help achieve maximum system energy efficiency, the Windows® power manager cooperates with various software drivers to automatically power down devices when they are not in use. This mechanism?called "device idle detection"?allows devices to change their power state automatically based on system environment, power policy, and current device usage. Source: MS

Also, if thats what is at work; you may go through power management settings of your system and see what are the default settings for various hardware components e.g. CPU/HDD/VGA etc.

Another issue can be device idle detection, several components actively participate in this, helping in conserving energy etc. However, as Disk idle detection is a cooperative arrangement between the Windows power manager and the disk software driver stack, your old devices may have some issues with this OS functionality.

The Windows power manager uses disk activity, power policy, and/or system power source (AC/DC) to determine when to spin down and when to spin up the disk device. Power policy configures the time interval between the last disk access and spin-down of the device, as well as any amount of disk activity that should be ignored to be more aggressive in entering the spin-down state.

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Working with a customer:
Finished a complete re-install of XP/SP3.
Now the DVD and CDROM drives automatically start a re-boot sequence no matter
what kind of media (music, data, etc) is loaded in the tray. I have gone into the BIOS and
and removed any other boot parms other than the HDD. This did not correct the issue.
I was thinking of disconnecting the DVD and CD and go thru a process of rediscovery with Plug and Play.

Any help appreciated.

A:cd and dvd drives auto-rebooting

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To start with, about 3 weeks ago I installed a new wireless adapter, Asus PCE-N53 Dual-Band Wireless-N600 Adapter. My computer froze up while installing the driver, but after I rebooted everything seemed fine, so I tried to install the drivers again. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I ended up doing a system restore to before I tried installing, and was able to get the adapter working fine.

After that I found that my second HDD, WD2003FZEX 2TV 7200 RPM, would suddenly disappear, along with my dvd drive. Sometimes going to disk management and rescanning would fix it, otherwise I had to do a full reboot. The issue went away when I moved the wireless adapter to a new slot, but came back a few days ago. I tried everything I could think of or find online to fix it, including buying a new hard drive, Samsung SSD 850 Evo 500gb. Problem still persists, except now even the new ssd disappears too, and my computer has started locking up for 3-5 minutes at a time before they disappear.

Things I've tried so far are

Changing out cables and ports
Reseating all of the drives
Taking out wireless adapter
Reformatted both boot drive (adata 64gb ssd) and the WD drive
Updated bios to latest version
Installed sata drivers from the motherboard website, seemed to fix it for a day but then came back again.

At this point I'm just considering buying a new motherboard, but I'd prefer not to fork out the money for that and have to rebuild it myself if I don't have to.

Intel i5-4670K Hasw... Read more

A:All hard drives and dvd drive disappearing randomly

Hi Cllex,

Welcome to Seven Forums! I hope we will be of assistance.

Firstly this could be a number of issues but seen as though you have changed and swapped some of the hardware and the problem still persists; I think we should try look at what has gone wrong in the software.

In the way you have described it, am I right in saying this issue first came about when you failed to install a network card?


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My specs:
MB: Asus P8P67Pro
CPU: i7 2600k
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw (2x4GB)
PSU: PC and Power Cooling 750W
Cooler: Artic Cooler Freezer 13
Sound: HDA XPlosion'
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6870

DVD: Pioneer DVD-RW/DVD-R 212D
HDD: Western Digital Raptor (150GB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (400GB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (750GB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (1TB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (1TB)

STOP: 0xF4 (most frequent)
STOP: 0x7E
STOP: 0x7A
missing %hs

I recently built a new computer. There were no problems putting it together but when I tried to install Windows my drive kept disappearing. I only had one drive plugged in at the time (Western Digital 150GB) because I heard about people having trouble installing Windows with multiple SATA drives.
Eventually, I got the system to recognize the drive long enough to install Windows and l was up and running for a while. However, over the past few days I have had countless crashes all resulting in Blue Screens, different ones at that.
I reckon the problem is that the C: drive keeps disappearing and Windows can't find it so it throws out a BsoD relevant to it at the time.
The weirdest part is sometimes when I go into the Bios any number of my drives will not be detected but after a Simple reboot they'll be there again. The only drive that is always there is my DVD drive. The only problem with that is I can't seem to boot from my DVD drive at all, not even to boot from my Windows disc.
The problems have been getting worse. lt is ... Read more

A:Drives keep disappearing and constant BSoDs (difficult)

Quote: Originally Posted by nyandaber

My specs:
MB: Asus P8P67Pro
CPU: i7 2600k
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw (2x4GB)
PSU: PC and Power Cooling 750W
Cooler: Artic Cooler Freezer 13
Sound: HDA XPlosion'
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6870

DVD: Pioneer DVD-RW/DVD-R 212D
HDD: Western Digital Raptor (150GB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (400GB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (750GB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (1TB)
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar (1TB)

STOP: 0xF4 (most frequent)
STOP: 0x7E
STOP: 0x7A
missing %hs

I recently built a new computer. There were no problems putting it together but when I tried to install Windows my drive kept disappearing. I only had one drive plugged in at the time (Western Digital 150GB) because I heard about people having trouble installing Windows with multiple SATA drives.
Eventually, I got the system to recognize the drive long enough to install Windows and l was up and running for a while. However, over the past few days I have had countless crashes all resulting in Blue Screens, different ones at that.
I reckon the problem is that the C: drive keeps disappearing and Windows can't find it so it throws out a BsoD relevant to it at the time.
The weirdest part is sometimes when I go into the Bios any number of my drives will not be detected but after a Simple reboot they'll be there again. The only drive that is always there is my DVD drive. The only problem with that is I can't seem to boot from my DVD drive at all, not even to boot from my Windows d... Read more

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Not sure what the problem is , I need help

--short story long...
Been on Win7 for a couple years. (On Win7 HomePremium)
Win7 on partition of my main HD (sata) (Western Digital- have had good luck with them over the years)
had a second 320 gig HD (sata) (WD)
and a third 12 year old WD ide 40 gig (scuzzy, mainly just backups)
Abit IP35Pro mobo (was suspecting sata connects)

It's been fine. Until maybe a few months ago when my 320 gig hd blinked out once. I ended up clean reinstal windows, wiped it, lost some data. changing the sata connections brought it back. Might've happened twice.

It's been fine since.

Last week I'm playing L4D2 and lock up. Have to kill it with the restart button. Boot up and my 2nd and 3rd HD's are gone. Eventually after reboots and screwing with them they come back. For a little while. Gone again.

Get my 320 gig to come back, leave my computer idling and run off to buy a new HD. Guy at store drops the last one on the ground in front of me. I buy it anyway , get home and my 320 Gig is gone again. At least i backed up the one file i needed.

So I plug in the dropped HD (Seagate) and win7 doesn't see it, neither does BIOS. I take it back for refund.

Have to mail order one (WD)... put it in last night. Showed up on first boot. Formatted it (slow format). Started coping files over...
Bam! gone. Now I can't see it anymore.
I have:

* run windows repair.
* tried every sata connection. (my main hd and DVD show up on EVERY sata conne... Read more

A:internal Houdini Drives not being recognized (disappearing act)

No ideas? Sorry 'bout the double post but i spent all last weekend just trying to get a new HDD, and this weekend trying to figure out what's wrong.

Real bummer.

WD is sending me a new disc, but I'm almost afraid to even try it out.

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Intel i5 3570K @ stock
GIGABYTE Geforce 670 Windforce 2gb @ stock
Seasonic M12II 520 Watt Bronze
2x G.SKILL Ripjaws X 4GB 1600 @ stock
2x G.SKILL Ares 4GB 1600 @ stock
Win 10 x64 Pro
Win 7 x64 Ultimate
Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120GB MKNSSDCR120GB
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
Seagate ST1000DM003 1TB
Hitachi Ultrastar HUA723020ALA641 2TB


So I've been having issues with my computer ever since I did the upgrade to Win10. After upgrading, I never received my entitlement, and system was slow and unresponsive, had constant crashes and drives disappearing. I also reseated my cpu cooler and updated my bios from F18 to F20e at the time (since reverted).

I've tried:
-Clean install of W10, fixed most of my instability issues. This led me to discover that my USB 3.0 ports are malfunctioning; will freeze for a second or two every few minutes.
-drives continue to disappear after several hours. no clear pattern, sometimes will BSOD immediately after boot
-resuming from sleep only seems to aggravate issues. have stopped sleeping

-reverted overclock on cpu
-installed modded intel usb 3.0 drivers from WIN-RAID, has fixed issue for intel ports only (via modded drivers do not fix the issue). gigabyte website does not have up-to-date drivers for my board
-ran memtest86 to completion, no errors
-bought new hard drives (samsung and hitachi), cloned windows 10 to samsung from mushkin drive, installed win 7 onto mush... Read more

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Starting a new post to avoid confusion...

I'm having a strange problem with external USB drives. I'm using two Seagate 9120821A 500 GB internal ATA drives mounted in Rocketfish external drive enclosures via a Belkin 7 port USB hub and one Seagate 9120821A 500 GB internal ATA drives also mounted in a Rocketfish external drive enclosure connected directly to a USB port on the computer. Virtually every time I boot the computer at least one of the drives fail to mount. Sometimes the light on the enclosure fails to illuminate, sometimes it stays illuminated and sometimes the light slowly flashes off and on.

Also, I replaced the USB hub and one of the suspect drive enclosures. Same results.

The machine is a DELL Latitude D600, 2GB RAM running XP Pro SP2.

Very strange...

A:External USB drives disappearing in DELL Laptop

Have you tried booting with the drives turned off.
Are all the drives and the hub powered?

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Hi all,
I have this weird Win problem with my optical drives.  Both are DVD drives (plextor DVD writer & Asus DVD Blue Ray writer).
When I'm in Win Explorer both drives are non-existant (they disappear).  When I'm in My Computer, however, both drives are present....
Attached are the screen caps that show this.
This all started after installing a new CPU cooler last week. Before that I had no problems whatsoever with either drive.  This system's been running about two & a half years now.
My System:
Win 7 Pro (64)
Asus MoBo M5A99x w/ AMD 4170 CPU
8 gb DDR3 RAM
1 gb Nvidia GE Force 550 ti by Asus in a PCIe x16 slot
2 Western Digital 1 tb drives (black) (SATA III) {both single partitioned}
1 120 gb SSD (SATA III) {originally, single partitioned, W mysteriously added a 2nd partition on a re-install? [drive E:])}
1 Plextor DVD drive (SATA III)
1 Asus blue ray DVD drive (SATA III)
When I ran WinRepair (Tweaking.com) Wednesday, I seen that it detected both optical drives as hidden, so I made sure the boxes to unhide them were checked.  I was pleased, I thought WR was going to fix my hidden drives problem.  Sadly though, both drives were still hidden after rebooting.  
Sadly I had to restore the registry Thursday due to a lag issue with my sound (built-in on MoBo) that appeared after running WR yesterday. The sound lag disappeared after restoring the registry
I ran WR wi... Read more

A:Disappearing optical drives (DVDs) in certain parts of Win 7

By default Windows 7 hides a empty optical drive.  You can confirm if this is the case by inserting a disc in both drive, if this is the case both drives should now be visible.
You can change this to that the drive will always be visible by using the directions below.
1.  Click Start, Control Panel and then Tools.
2.  Click Folder options, and then select the View tab.
3.  Clear the Hide empty drives in the Computer folder check box and click OK.

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I am rebooting my computer which has 2 hard drives C and D.
My D has 30 GB of memory and C has 15. I already reformatted D and installed windows XP on it. I don't want to install windows xp on c since it has limited memory. Is there a way I can erase everything I have on C without having to reinstall windows XP on it??

A:Rebooting XP computer with 2 hard drives issue

Definition of System Partition and Boot Partition - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314470 The system and the boot volumes...are generally the same, as long as XP is installed on the C: partition. Installing XP on anything other than the first partition/drive installed...requires more thought than it merits.If you are sure that you have XP now installed on the 30GB drive/partition...the smart thing would be to simply see if it will boot without the other drive. That's what I would do. Simply (temporarily) disconnect the 15GB drive and replace it on the connector with the 30GB drive.If the 30GB drive has XP properly installed, then I would simply add the 15GB file to the connector formerly occupied by the 30GB drive. To remove all files on the 15GB drive, I would then just format the drive, using Disk Management.Disk Management - http://www.theeldergeek.com/disk_management.htm If these are PATA drives (I'm sure they are), then you may also have to adjust the jumpers on each drive before connecting them in their new homes.http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/cabling/deskstar4.htmFWIW: Storage containers are hard drives, they are not RAM/memory. A 30GB hard drive provides 30GB worth of storage.RAM/memory is something totally different. A typical system will have 1-4GB of RAM installed. The RAM does the actual computing work...before depositing files onto the hard drive for storage/future retrieval.Louis

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As you see in the screenshot Explorer just sits there trying to load the folder I've requested. This happens, seemingly, randomly, at least I haven't been able to find a pattern. If I unmount all network drives the problem disappears. Sometimes it loads within a few seconds while some other time it can keep loading for several minutes preventing me from doing anything useful. As you can imagine this is very frustrating. One solution to temporarily bypass this is to cut the network connection and open the folder I need and then reconnect the network.

-Windows 10 Home/Pro.
-ZyXEL NAS540 with latest firmware (I've gone through several firmware updates since purchase).
-Other devices mounted as network drives for easy access (e.g, Android phone, Shield Android TV, etc.).
-Router Netgear WNR3500Lv2 with Tomato firmware 132 by Shibby (Same as NAS, gone through several firmware upgrades/-downgrades, problem persists).

The router is Master Browser and WINS Server and these features are turned off on the NAS. ipconfig /all shows WINS Server as (router).

A:Explorer can't load folders/drives with mounted network drives.

I have 2 WDC NAS drives plugged into my Router and on Windows [XP and later], Linux Minu and Mac OS X computers I just Map a folder on them, usually the one named Public. I can also access them through Wi-Fi/Wireless Networking on Notebooks.

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Hi All,

I have (4) hard drives that already have Windows 7 installed on each. My rig is a custom build, so as for Motherboard, I have:

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.Assassin (has two 6GB/s SATA ports, and four 3 GB/s SATA ports) if not mistaken. I would put eligible drives on the 6 GB/s ports, and the others on the 3 GB/s ports. I know, my MB is ancient now!

The "new" drives are already connected via SATA ports, and both are functional, but one is extremely slow, and I believe it is because I didn't install them correctly. Missing drivers or something, not sure.

Here are my issues, broken down:

1. I have two choices to make, first is to use the "fastest HDD" as my primary, and the other 3 HDD's will be used as storage. Second choice is to induce RAID 10 or whichever is recommended. If I go with RAID, please point me to a site where I can use as a guide on how to do that correctly, as I have never done that before. Unless of course it is a simple process, and can be explained here. I just didn't want to have to go back and forth on this board, while becoming a nuisance.

2. Going with the best recommendation based on #1 above, I need to resolve network recognition issues. I use the WD Mycloud 3TB as my backup. I like it because I travel a lot and I can easily use the app to pull up any document, picture, video, etc., while knowing that I don't need to pay a monthly fee to someone else. However, 50% of the time when I boot up, I see (Cou... Read more

A:Multiple drives, One Desktop, all drives recognized in network

I'll bite:

Why 4 Windows installations?

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Weird issue.

I have 5 drives (of 7) on a Win 7 Pro (64) computer mapped on a Win XP (SP3) computer on my home network ... IT connects to ALL 5 ...

YET, that same Win XP computer will NOT access those same 5 drives (on the Win 7 computer) through the network (unmapped) giving the message "\\hostname\X is not accessible" (but WILL connect to the other 2 drives). All 7 drives have the same sharing and security settings ...

Baffled ... any ideas????
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6141 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 102398 MB, Free - 7068 MB; D: Total - 1328393 MB, Free - 715423 MB; H: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 708331 MB; I: Total - 1430792 MB, Free - 177589 MB; J: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 2689429 MB; K: Total - 305245 MB, Free - 71967 MB; L: Total - 2861458 MB, Free - 734646 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-770T-USB3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Mapped Drives & Drives on Network

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