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A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission

Q: A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission

A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission but when i give it system permission it still doesnt let me delete it, it bother me, ive scanned it with 3 virus programs and it's not a virus.

Preferred Solution: A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission

Have you tried right-clicking that file and choosing Take Ownership then afterwards, try to delete it? That's what I would do first.

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What I am trying to do is sort my favorites for the IE10 app. So far there seems to be no way to manually arrange the favorites so what I tried to do was change the sort in the favorites folder under C/USERS/myname etc. I was going to add a 1 to the detail tab in the file properties but I get an error message reading "You need to provide administrator permission to apply properties to this file." If I select continue the message reads "You need permission to perform this action" "You require permission from ME\Me to make changes to this file"

I am the only user and set up as the system administrator. I have tried completely disabling UAC and installed "Take Ownsership" Nothing has allowed me to do this. Now my problem is there is no reason why I can't add a 1 to the detail description to a file for sorting. What harm could possibly come from editing that field. Most importantly, if I am the system administrator why am I fighting for permission from myself? Does anyone have a problem like this or know a solution?

A:Edit file details - Requires my own permission.

Hummmmm! I have no problem doing what you want--as you indicated should be the case. I looked at my permissions on my Favorites folder, and they look strange. For most users, all the checks are present, but they are greyed out except for "Account Unknown." For this user, the first two items are not checked. I don't know what's up here. What do your permissions look like on Favorites?

Edit: I just noticed that I have several folders with greyed permissions. After noticing, I bumped into this thread.

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I mistakenly changed the user access permissions to a folder in order to fix a problem where an update to a program would not install as it did not have the required permissions. I'm pretty much inept at this, so I have no idea what the permissions should look like for the folder in question.

I was told that I could simply delete the file and reinstall the application completely to reset the access permissions by a friend of mine, but I now cannot delete the file. It asks for permission from DESKTOP-H8EAS90\User to delete, but I have no idea what this is and cannot find out through google.

If any information is required to give advice on what is happening feel free to ask.


A:Deleting a file requires permission from a user that is not on this computer?

If you do not know what you are doing, it is best to leave the Permissions alone. As you have seen, this can cause great harm.
For this one file you can Take Ownership of it

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My resumes and letters are saved on a usb portable device that is only half utilized. I was trying to do a save as on a resume file and I got the message; cannot save due to file permission error. I got this message while using both a friend's computer and the library computer. What is the problem? Is it my portable device, or something else? I use the save as menu option alot to customize my resumes and cover letters. Everyone uses the XP operating system.

Anyone's help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.



A:USB portable drive: File permission error

How large is the device? How is it formatted?

Can the file be saved elsewhere?

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I use a few portable USB drives with my Zinwell media player. I safely remove the drive from the player. When I plug in back into the pc, I get a message asking if I want to scan for errors. It does this each time I plug it back into the pc. I had a Seagate player and the same thing happened.

Tried plugging the same drives into an XP pc and the check errors message did not appear. Is this just a Windows 7 thing?

A:Portable Hard Drives

Sounds like you have some security option enabled to scan removable drives. It's not inherent to Win7. Check your security suite for the setting.

And welcome to Seven forums.

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I need a portable hard drive to backup picures an movies & files ,Does any body no of a good one at lease 1 TB , i have 2.0 usb ports . Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance

A:portable hard drives

I personally like to buy a regular 2.5" laptop drive and a case to go with it. Saves you about $20 compared to the factory made and takes about two minutes to put together.

Newegg.com - Vantec NexStar CX 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0 External Hard Drive/SSD Enclosure (Supports 7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm HDD/SSD) - Model NST-200S2-BK

Pick a drive with the capacity you need. I wouldn't pay extra for a super fast drive since it's going to be running off a USB port anyway.

Newegg.com - Notebook Hard Drives, Laptop Hard Drives

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Hi There,

I have recently copied all my CDs on to my itunes.
I'm thinking now it would be a good idea to be able to quickly back up the itunes folder.
At present I have it all on an external hard drive.
Should anything happen to this I'd lost all my music - not good.

So I'm after a portable external hard drive, approx 20G.
Doesn't have to be particularly fast transfer, as I'd only be backing up about once a week.
Also, I'd rather it be USB power based as I can't really be bothered to scramble around behind the desk plugging things in.

Any suggestions?

A:portable hard drives

You have a huge pool to choose from and it keeps changing all the time.
I have a couple of little 40GB Smartdisk Firelite external drives which have worked without problems. They have both USB and Firewire versions, but I've never tried the Firewire. They run on a single USB cable but you can buy an optional mains adapter if you wish.
The only niggle was that they were both bought from Staples, a few months apart, yet they use different drivers for Windows 98SE.

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For use with my laptop, which has a rather small hard drive, can I load programs such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. to my portable hard drive and run them from there, like haveing 2 hard drives in my computer?

A:Programs on Portable Hard Drives?

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i bought a 200G portable hard drive so i could transfer files form my home pc to my work g4 apple mac. but i did the stupid thing of formatting it on my pc so now it refuses to work on the g4. is there any way to deformat the disk or install a new driver that enables use on both. please help me as i have to complete a contract in the next week and this is killing me.

A:unformatting portable hard drives

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I run a computer repair business, and my customers really appreciate it when coming to their homes is an option. They simply dont want to bring the tower to my home shop. As such, I thought it would be a great idea to become completely mobile, where I could carry everything I normally would need or use in a single bag to solve or repair most computer problems. This has worked very successfully, until I decided to purchase a western digital portable hard drive from ebay. Everything was fine until a couple weeks ago, when it started emitting a general clicking sound, and continuous spin and stopping sound. I hadnt even had the hard drive for 2 months yet. Obviously the last thing I wanted to hear on a hard drive (I had just backed up a customers data after reformatting their system too). Did an RMA on the thing, sent it to western digital for replacement. So in the meantime, I still needed something to back up customers data with. I bought a seagate portable Freeagent go 250 gig from walmart. Pulled it out to back up a systems files, and wont even show up when I plug it in. Listened to the hard drive up close, and sure enough its doing the same thing as the western digital drive. Just not the clicking this time. I've only had this one for a little over a week. And so, I'm in a dilemma of sorts, as what I should do about this situation. Seems to me that although portable, which is very nice, packing these skimpy portable drives in with my other gear doesn... Read more

A:Portable hard drives unreliable?

I have had this happen with my WD Passport drive if it was not getting enough power from the USB port. My university has those Dell monitors with USB ports in them and whenever I connect the drive to those I get this. The USB ports in the chassis work fine though. The drive light is usually dim if it isn't getting enough power.

Tried another USB port or cable to see if that fixes the problem?

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I just wanted to know what software is good for use on a Portable Hard Drive?


A:Software For Portable Hard Drives

You need to be more specific on what you mean by program. I can only guess you're talking about back-up software. The 2 more popular ones are Acronis Tru Image and Norton GhostAlso take a look at our Freeware Applications thread

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My computer is having trouble reading more than 1 portable external hard drive at the same time.

It will read my ac powered external hard drive (3.5') and 1 other portable hard drive(2.5') just fine, but when I try to plug in two portable hard drives, my computer only reads one of them. Both drives are powered on when they connect (Both light up and I can feel both of them running), but only one shows up in My Computer.

Note: Occasionally both drives show up when I plug them both in, but then eventually one of the drives becomes unreadable; All I see are bunch of empty folders (which are suppose to be filled with my stuff).

Note 2: Both drives are western digital. I've tried a toshiba one in the mix, but still get the same problem

Anybody know what's going on? Is this common with the new usb 3.0 portable hard drives? (i'm only using the usb 2.0 ports though)

A:Cannot read multiple portable hard drives

Have you tried different USB ports or tried a repeater. USB only gives out so much voltage. I still have USB DVD drives that have a double ended USB cable so it could pull power from two ports.

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I've been receiving BSODs and after failing to resolve it, I am going to do a clean install, but I want to transfer all my files to an external which I am going to buy later today.

Regarding 1TB hard drives, are they more sensitive than devices that hold less storage space, more fragile? I have been looking at a toshiba brand and WD. Both are 1TB and have 2.0 and 3.0 capability. Despite my research and due to my indecisiveness it is hard to pick between the two. I just don't want a drive to fail on me.

Thinking more about it, would a smaller hard drive be more reliable? I am open to getting a seagate or WD at 250 or 320 gb.

I don't know too much about portable hard drives besides the obvious, so if you could help clear up my confusion, I will greatly appreciate.


A:Questions on portable hard drives (1TB and various brands)

There really is no difference in hard drive brands so I wouldn't get too hung up on which brand to buy. I don't think there is any benefit to getting a smaller drive now over a 1TB. 1TB drives have been out for a long time now, the only time you want to be a bit cautious on buying a big drive is if its the biggest that company offers at that point in time.

For example, a few years back someone (I forget who right now) made a 1.5TB drive and it released with bad firmware causing very early failures - that got 'fixed' with a firmware update, but drives still had an abnormally high failure rate so I think there was something really wrong with those drives initially. Later releases of the same drive were fine. So, don't buy the biggest you can find and things will be fine.

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I have always imaged my Windows 7 laptop using the in built Windows system image back up and it works great. A couple of times I have restored the image to get me out of a hole and it worked every time.

Anyway over the weekend I went to take an up to date image onto my USB 3.0 WD My Book Hard drive. I plugged the USB drive into the power strip and heard a loud bang like a balloon being burst. I quickly unplugged the USB drive. After a change of underwear I flipped the breaker back up to restore upstairs power. Everything came back to life indicating the problem must of been with the USB hard drive. But bizarrely when I tested the WD drive at another power strip it lit up and seemed to still be alive!!! So I put it down to one of those unexplained things and proceeded to start the windows image of the laptop. It took a while because it was backing up 650 gb of data and hadn't been done for nearly 6 months. After about 2 or 3 hours it was nearing the end of finishing the image backup when suddenly I got BSOD on Windows 7. Pretty annoying. I force powered off the laptop and rebooted windows. I decided to try and start the imaging off again but now the USB HD isn't detected by windows when I plug it into any of the USB ports. I tested the ports with a couple of small USB flash drives and they were detected just fine. So the problem obviously lies with the WD drive. I am just worried by the BSOD and whether that may of risked damage to my windows installation being disrupted dur... Read more

A:Are portable USB hard drives ok to use for Windows Image?

Yes, no problem. The external drives that require their own power supply are generally 3.5" drives while the smaller drives that can be powered via the USB port are generally 2.5" drives. Neither is "safer" or more reliable so it's simply a matter of personal preference which you use. As long as the smaller drive is large enough disk space wise to handle your backup needs then it is certainly much handier since there's no need to plug in for additional power.

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I have 2 USB powered portable hard drives (1 is a WD 2TB drive and the other is a WD 3TB drive. My problem is it will only let me transfer one video file at a time from the 2TB to the 3TB drive. When I click on multiple video files nothing happens. When I only try one it transfers over. Both drives are NTFS. Is there something I can change to allow it to move multiple files? Thanks in advance for everyone's help!!

A:Tansfer Files from portable Hard Drives

Might help if you told us the operating system you are running and how you are trying to transfer them? Are you trying to move them or copy them? Are your trying to drag the selected files from one open folder to another? Are you doing a copy and paste between folders?

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A local business has a computer that was being used a server that had a total of 3 HHD hard drives in it and the filing NTF system appears to have been wiped but the is still a old FAT system was left on one of the drives moreover the partitions and still there. Also when going through a external back-up drive that was not directly connected to the computer but to the network and has the same problem on one of the drives and the other was dead.
We are mainly trying to recovery all the files that were lost but also if possible the cause of the problem for example a virus or hacking or mechanical so this problem will not occur again !
Thanks James

A:All server Hard Drives Including Back Up dives have no file system (NTF)

Hi James,Thank you for your patience. Since there is no clear or compelling evidence this is malware related I believe you might be better served in the Forum focused on your Operating System. I am not sure that is the best place to start but with the limited information you have posted at least you can begin there.Sorry for the delay, we are quite busy these days.

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Just as I finished getting my system installed, my Control Panel started hanging.
When I try to open it, I can do nothing on the sytem, I can not even get to the Task Manager to end task. I have to Hard Reboot. Control Panel does open in Safe Mode.

I can not believe Vista is this unstable. I have nothing but Microsoft Products installed. Of course, incompatibilities and embarassing (for MS) bugs abound...it is very disheartening. I think I have had to hard reboot this system more in the past 2 weeks then in the last 10 years on w2k and xp.

The system is 2 weeks old. There are no prior versions to restore from.

I have tried refreshing licenses, creating a new user, rebuilding icon cache, I have no idea what else to try.

I would very much like to not have to waste another week rebuilding my brand new Laptop (Dell XPS).

I tried reinstalling from OS. That did not work. Said 'Checking Configuration' all night.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi Seven Forums

Have a strange recurring issue and hopefully you guys can help me home in on the problem! Not 100% sure it's software over hardware though.

Situation is - saving a file in Visual Studio 2013 to my external hard drive (usb, exFAT, hardware encrypted) always causes an AppHang. The program stops responding, and any other program which tries to access that location on the drive does the same. These processes refuse to be killed and the only way out is to hard shut down the computer (regular shut down just sits there..). After doing so, chkdsk reveals that the location on the drive has corruption issues, which it then fixes and all is fine. Until the next time I try to save a file that is.

Some more information:

Only started happening about a month ago, before that the files saved fine.
Doesn't happen if I use the drive on another computer running similar Visual Studio
Other programs can save the same files fine. The problem did once occur with P4V, but I can't say with 100% certainty that it wasn't due to forgetting to fix with chkdsk following one of the reboots.
Tried saving files to other USB hard drives (FAT32 and NTFS, yet to try another exFAT) works fine.
My initial thought was PSU not being quite up to powering the drive, as I was already concerned that the wattage wasn't high enough for the machine. Beefier one made no difference though.
Some googling suggested system file corruption, ran System File Checker and there were indeed some corrupted files,... Read more

A:Saving file to external USB requires hard reboot & corrupts every time

If it helps anyone who gets here via google:

It turned out the issue was strongly linked to the drive being exFAT. A USB stick I formatted to exFAT also had the same issues. My conclusion was that it was likely a bug in the latest Visual Studio. Have reformatted my drives to NTFS and all is well.

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Does anybody know if it is possible to install a Windows on a portable USB hard disk?

A:System on a portable hard disk

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Computer OS: Windows 7

Hello, I have a Toshiba Canvio 3.0 portable hard drive, and am wondering how to restore a specific file from one of my previous backups. The file is an HTML file of my Google Chrome Bookmarks that I exported to keep as a backup. I didn't save all of them on my computer hard drive, and I only kept the most current exported HTML bookmarks file that I created (now I'll start saving all of them to avoid my current predicament).

So I figured that I could just hook up my portable hard drive and restore the specific file I want from a previous backup. Once I hooked it up, I went to Windows Explorer > Computer > Toshiba Canvio Hard Drive ( E: ) > restore (File folder) > RestoreStarter (Application)

When I open the RestoreStarter Application, it comes up with the NTI Backup Now EZ program, and another message over that, saying "Warning! Backup Now EZ was unable to find your backup data set in the original location. If you have moved the files you can search for your backup set using the browse function below."

I don't recall ever moving my backup data set from its original location. I don't even know what or where that backup data set is...

Here's a link to the screen shot of what comes up when I opened the RestoreStarter Application:


What should I do to get the HTML file that I want? Is it still somewhere on my portable hard drive or did I accidentally delete it?... Read more

A:Restore file from portable hard drive

Closing duplicate thread too: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-7/1106093-restore-file-portable-hard-drive.html

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Computer OS: Windows 7

Hello, I have a Toshiba Canvio 3.0 portable hard drive, and am wondering how to restore a specific file from one of my previous backups. The file is an HTML file of my Google Chrome Bookmarks that I exported to keep as a backup. I didn't save all of them on my computer hard drive, and I only kept the most current exported HTML bookmarks file that I created (now I'll start saving all of them to avoid my current predicament).

So I figured that I could just hook up my portable hard drive and restore the specific file I want from a previous backup. Once I hooked it up, I went to Windows Explorer >

Computer > Toshiba Canvio Hard Drive ( E: ) > restore (File folder) > RestoreStarter (Application)

When I open the RestoreStarter Application, it comes up with the NTI Backup Now EZ program, and another message over that, saying "Warning! Backup Now EZ was unable to find your backup data set in the original location. If you have moved the files you can search for your backup set using the browse function below."

I don't recall ever moving my backup data set from its original location. I don't even know what or where that backup data set is...

Here's a link to the screen shot of what comes up when I opened the RestoreStarter Application:


What should I do to get the HTML file that I want? Is it still somewhere on my portable hard drive or did I accidentally delete it... Read more

A:Restore file from portable hard drive

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If anyone could help I would be so grateful!! I recently had my laptop rebooted as nothing would load, when I got it back it was as good as new, I then used the laptop to write some university assignements and saved them as I usually would, (this was
AFTER the reboot) however now I cant open any of the documents and keep being met with the above message, even though there is only one account one the laptop which is mine. Ive already read several answers discussing how to change ownership within the properties
of the files, however when I try to do this (following the step by step instructions) I am simply shown a message saying 'access denied' Please someone help! Im in my last year of nurse training and Im stressed enough as it is! haha xx

A:PLEASE HELP!! windows 7 'you dont have permission to open this file' contact the file owner to obtain permission

Thanks for your post.
Regarding your question, we wonder whether you encountered the ?Access Denied? message for every document in your computer or just part of these documents?
Here are some options you can try to solve the problem:

Right-click the file or folder, and then click Properties.Click the Security tab.Under Group or user names, click your name to see the permissions you have.
Click Edit, then click the check boxes for the permissions that you need. Click
You may need to be logged on as an administrator to change file and folder permissions)
If method above failed, Please try following:
Since you have recently rebooted your computer, some of your account information may have changed and you may no longer have ownership of your files or folders. To take ownership of a folder:

Right-click the folder that you want to take ownership of, and then click
Properties.Click the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the
Owner tab.Click Edit. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Click the name of the person you want to give ownership to.If you want that person to be the owner of files and subfolders in this folder, select the
Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.Click OK.
Does it work?
Sometimes, this issue may occur if the file is encrypted, becomes corrupt or your user profile corrupts that windows might not read your user profile correctly, In th... Read more

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I have a desktop icon for opening CorelPaint Shop Pro Photo XI that has a yellow security sheild on it (not the case for 10 other program shortcuts). Executing the shortcut brings up an "Unknown Publisher" UAC warning. Not a show stopper but annoying as all get out. I have been playing with the Security properties for the shortcut and the exe file to get this to go away but no joy.
Does anyone have a step by step to stop this behavior?

A:Program shortcut requires UAC permission?

Select your product from the Corel Website and see if there is an update for your operating system. It might resolve compatibility issues.

http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite/gb/en/Content/1153321224268 - Corel Updates

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I installed software but now I see no benefit. Although it seeemed to uninstall there are folders that remained that I cannot delete because I do not have the proper ?permission?. But I?m running as Administrator so why is that? Any help you can provide in deleting these files would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance to any and all replies,

A:deleting a folder that requires permission

You need permission to delete the folders
Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups - Windows 7 Forums

If that does not work, but I think that it will, give this a try. Both links are equally applicable to Vista

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I have a Maxtor One Touch4 portable HD. I am not sure how it went from a NTFS to a RAW format. Is there a way i can force it or recover it back to NTFS with no data loss? Or a way to access to copy into my laptop/desktop?

OS is windows 7

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Greetings all - could use some help:

I have an 80GB I/O Magic USB drive. Not sure what happened, but under properties it is showing this drive as having the RAW file system. There was no data on this disk, but I am currently unable to use it because of the file system. It will not format and I also tried to convert it to NTFS via the command prompt.

Any suggestions?

A:Portable Drive - RAW file system?

The "RAW" file system is being reported as the disk is either dead or badly corrupted, in that no recognisable file system exists.

What happens when you try formatting the drive?

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I have a WD Passport portable hard drive. I can backup my files to it on Windows 7 with no problem. However, it will not let me make a system image disc because it says the Passport is not formatted with NTFS. The properties tab on the Passport says it is formatted with NTFS as the default. How can I make a system image disc on the Passport without a cd/dvd drive or get it to recognize the Passport has NTFS formatting? Please help!

A:How to make a system image disc with a portable hard drive?

Go to Disk Management and re-format the drive.
START | type diskmgmt.msc

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Hi guys,

Today a friend of mine came to get some files from my computer and we ran into a bit of a problem.

We were copying some huge files using windows explorer, some were around 10GB in size. Total size of about 90GB. Check system specs please. We were copying from the RAID spindle drives to the USB. Write caching enabled from Intel Rapid Storage driver ver.

While the copying was going on, the system was getting pauses. Getting unresponsive. I got a Skype call, and the video froze while I could hear the audio. We stopped the copying, and then PC was back to normal. Then we resumed copying and while it was taking a long time, we tried to play Crysis 2. And it was getting pauses of like 5 seconds after every 30 seconds or so. The game is installed on the SSD array. There was no direct intervention between the copying and the game, as far as the drives were concerned.

While the copying was going on, we noticed another thing. The activity LED would not light up continuously. It would light up for about 5 seconds, and then turn off. But the USB drive was busy.

I checked with my portable drive and it was also same.

Then we tried copying from the backup drive as I had the same stuff there too, and again it was the same result.

I googled for this problem, but could not find out a solid answer. Some were saying that the problem was with Windows 7, some were saying it was the Intel AHCI driver, some were saying it is a problem with explorer.

Then I tried Tera... Read more

A:Copying files to USB Portable Hard Drive stalls system

Teracopy (and technically robocopy or xcopy) would not use the same exact API call tree to copy a file from one drive to another, so I'd bet if you used xcopy or robocopy they'd work properly. If that is the case, it would sound like either a filesystem filter driver issue, or perhaps an explorer shell extension (perhaps antivirus?) that would be something to look at.

A procmon running while the file copy was going (slowly especially) might yeild clues too. You could always use the keyboard to crash the machine and generate a kernel dump to be completely sure (you'd have to change the default dump type in sysdm.cpl from minidump to kernel, though, before doing so, and reboot).

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Hi guys

I've got a mac g4 and a lacie 250 gig portable hard drive.

on my macs hd i've got a number of mpeg4 files which I want to move onto the portable drive, each file is in excess of 5 gigs.
Each time I try to copy a file over I get an error code 36 which states data cannot be read from or written to

the portable hard drive is running fat 32 as it needs to be viewable by a PC

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how to get these files on the portable hard drive?

Many thanks!

A:Problems copying a large file from hard disk to portable drive

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I was wondering what the best way to make sure your external drive is functioning as it should?

Also, how much damage is done if your drive loses power abruptly?

Also, why would someone want a larger drive that needs an additional power source compared to a portable drive?

A:Checking Drives for errors and difference between portable and large external drives

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i am using an admin account, but for some reason i have lost control of my desktop.
screenshots below:

i am now unable to save/create files/folders/shortcuts on my desktop.
i have already re-disabled uac from control panel,
i have also set:

to 0
i ran a malwarebyte scan but it came out clean.
i am running windows vista Windows 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2

any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] [vista]admin user requires permission for desktop

Please attach screenshots to your next post. The amazon clouddrive pics are not showing.

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Basically when I try to delete some folders, an error message pops up saying "You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this file".

My knowledge only stretches so far so any help will be much appreciated...cheers

A:You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this file?

Hello Leroy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

What's the full path of the folders that you are trying to delete?

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hi all

i m managing file server on windows 2003 server. in a directory i want to give all permission except file or folder delete permission to domain user.

please make reply as soon as possible.

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I am using a 120GB portable hard drive for back ups and additional file storage. When defragging this drive, you are able to see how much space is actually "reserved for system files". Since this is not a bootable drive with no operating system on it, is there a way to recover this space that is reserved for system files? On this drive it amounts to about 10GB of space. If possible, how is this done?

A:Portable Hard Drive "reserved system space"

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I have a Maxtor 5T060H6 (primary master) and a
Quantum Fireball As30.0 (primary slave)

Whenever I reboot and click on "My Computer" the search light appears and it takes about 2 - 3 minutes before my drives are seen.
After they appear, everything is fine.
I replaced the ribbon cable and checked the BIOS. My floppy is first and HD0 is second, reader third.

I also have a DVD reader and a CDR writer set as secondary master and slave.

I ran Power Max too.

It was not alway like this. I have had this set up for over a year. It just started a few months ago.

Is this something the computer is searching for in Boot Up that is no longer there?

Can you help?

Thank you,


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I have searched around here for my problem and can't find a solution to my problem.

I have two SATA HDD's plugged into my computer, one of them has the operating system on it and the other one has my old XP installation and loads of others, although might have been formatted.

When I tried removing the old XP one the computer does not boot up after bios, with the error along the lines of:

"Can not find the boot device, please insert..."

Any ideas?

It'll be nice not to have a Hard drive in there that I am not using, cheers!

A:Windows 7 requires both HDD drives plugged in to boot up

Remove the old drive.
Then boot to your Windows 7 DVD and perform a startup repair.
Startup Repair

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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Correct Forum? - I have a computer that cannot get to the windows logon screen. It is missing a file. I need to do a complete system restore, but I would like to get the files off the computer first. If I have another computer (I already found out a laptop won't work), how would I go about connecting the computers and then what would I do to get the information from the "Bad one" to the "Good One"?

A:Connect hard drives for file transfer

Actually the easiest way to do this is to pull that drive from the machine and make it a slave drive on another machine. There are other ways but let me ask, how many files and how much disk space are you trying to recover? If it's small then you needn't go through that hassle.

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Hi, I installed a second drive into my PC yesterday. The drive shows up in both device manager and My computer. There seems to be a problem when i try to transfer files to it. If i copy a small file such as a photo it is slow but the file will copy across. Any file bigger will cause my PC to hang and i am forced to reboot.

Can anyone suggets what could be causing this?

I have checked in Device Manager and under the Primary IDE Channel Properties on the Advance Settings and it shows 'Device's Current Trasfer Mode: Not Applicable'.

My drives are Maxtor DiamondMax + 10 160GB S150 and my new drive is Maxtor DiamondMax10 200GB S300.

Any suggestions would be greatly recieved

A:Slow file transfer between Hard Drives

are they connected to the same ide channel? if so try putting on seperate.

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when i first got my computer i came up with a lofty way of partitioning my 16o gb hard drive into different sections for different purposes like media partition and a system and a possible linux/ UNIX partition. but i haven't followed my plan and my f ( 60 g's) drive is almost full and my E drive ( 50 g's ) is completely empty can i combine the drives without messing up all of my file paths? maybe if i named the new drive f it would change anything? e is completely empty though

A:Partitioning hard drives and file paths

Well, yes if you use a program like Partition Magic that does non-destructive partitioning you can then id the partition as F, and not have lost your paths.

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Yesterday I installed a new SSD and re-installed my OS and a bunch of non-game programs onto it, then formatted my 500GB WD HDD which used to hold the OS and all programs and games, while leaving my remaining 250 WD HDD untouched as it had file backups and media on it.

All the controllers are running in AHCI mode in both the BIOS and Windows 7

Yesterday all the drives were running fine, plus I installed 2 games onto the 500GB HDD and I shut down and rebooted many times during update installs yesterday, with all drives showing up fine.

Today, however, the 500GB HDD does not show up in either the BIOS (using auto-detect) or on "My Computer" in Windows.

So I checked the cables - all seemed ok. I changed the SATA port from SATA_2 to SATA_4 but still no luck. I updated the motherboard BIOS from F6 to F8 - no change. I tried to change SATA ports 4&5 to IDE mode and run it in SATA_4 - no luck (reverted to AHCI). I checked to see if the platter was spinning by vibration - I feel vibration but I don't know if it's from the HDD or from the 250GB one below it as the 250GB drive is warm, whereas the 500GB one is not!

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P (AM3) Revision 1.0 BIOS F8
Drive configuation:

SATA_1 (AHCI) Corsair 60GB Force 3 SATA III SSD (Forceware 1.3.3)
SATA_2 (AHCI) Empty (used to hold Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB SATA II 7,200rpm, 16MB Cache 3.5" HDD)
SATA_3 (AHCI) Empty (used to hold Western Digital Caviar Blue 250G... Read more

A:One of my hard drives have disappeared from the system

My 250GB drive went into idle and now (20 mins idle) there are no vibrations, so I guess that the 500GB drive wasn't spinning anyway

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I just finished building my new system. I had been planning to replace my old one, then it finally died, I think windows got corrupted or something. The point is that my new system has two Western Digital Caviar SATA HDDs (I also will be running my old Seagate 320gb IDE drive.) I have a 160gb WD for the windows drive, and I have a 500gb WD for data. I have a fourth HDD, its an old Maxtor that acted as the C(windows) and D (empty) partitions of my old computer.

My computer posted perfectly after I saved my CMOS settings for the first time. When I installed windows I only had my 160gb (new windows) drive installed. Windows XP installed fine, I installed the drivers on my Mother board disc and video card disc. After all that was finished I shut down my computer and connected the old Maxtor and new 500 gb drive. My goal was to simply transfer a couple of files (documents, pictures, and a few other pieces for various programs). Except windows wouldn't load it just kept loading and loading. So I powered off and unplugged the old Maxtor. Windows then loaded fine except my 500 gb drive was un partitioned. (In hind-sight I should have plugged it in before I installed windows.) I retryed startup with the Maxtor plugged in, and it failed to load again.

Now that I've explained my situation, here's the actual question. If I were to reinstall windows with all three of these drives (and I guess the fourth one too) plugged in would I be able to install without wiping my two... Read more

A:new system old hard drives -sry for length-

are you running any kind of RAID setup?

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My system drive is C, the drive I want to be the system drive is D.

I have created a system image on D, if I install from the system image, will D "become" C?

A:Swapping system Hard Drives

You may want to post a screen shot of "disk management" so we can see what's going on.

If they are separate disks, or partitions is the question, but it would still be helpful to see disk management.

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My pc have 2 hard drives with operating system xp each one. I installed one as master and the other as slave. I want run the pc with the 2 hard drives and operating system on each one. When i run my pc it runs well but when i want to open the slave hard drive I cant open it because a message say the i have to format the drive. ***How I run my pc with the 2 hard drives with operating system xp on each one?****

A:Help How to Run 2 Hard Drives with operating system on each

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Is it possible to take a hard drive out of one XP machine and put it in another?  I must assume the bios would have to recognize the new HD or am I over simplifying the situation? Thanks.

A:Switching two XP system hard drives

Sure...a hard drive is a hard drive, nothing but a storage container.  Storage containers are compatible with any system.
If your question is whether or not one can remove a hard drive reflecting a Windows install...move it to another system...and expect it to work properly...the answer is no, with the possible exception that the motherboard for the two systems are identical.
The settings and drivers for each motherboard/Windows install...are varied.  That's why PA works...if recorded settings of components do not match the records maintained by PA...the system will not automatically activate, since there will be no match of documented components and Windows license.

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Hello, new here, first post.
The truth is here somewhere, HELP!
Windows 7 home Premium
HP p6320y
AMD Phenom II X4 820 2.8GHz
Radeon HD 4670

I installed Windows 8 on a separate drive and for me to get it to boot I need to change to IDE in the bios. If I want to go back to Windows 7 I need to go to msconfig and change my default OS to Win7 before I leave Win8 and restart. I then need to enter BIOS and change back to AHCI.

While running Win7 in the Registry Editor under System/CurrentControlSet/services I have a

While running Win8 in the Registry Editor under System/CurrentControlSet/services I have a

and not the other two.

Does anyone one know if these values can be added with maybe a hot fix to the win8 registry? And if so would that allow win8 and win 7 to run in ACHI setting? Or would I be left with a smoking conversation piece?

I found this Mr Fixit, but would like a nudge from someone knowledgeable before trying.

Would this Mr fixit do it? Microsoft Fix it 50470
Error message occurs after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive

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I need your help. For the last few days, I have been receiving on start up of my Windows 7 64-bit operating system the message on a black and white DOS like window screen (1 sample):

Checking file system on D:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
Volume label is WORK DESKTOP.
One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue.
To skip disk checking, press any key within 10 second(s).

...with many more of the same messages FOR ALL my internal physical hard drive partitions in my desktop computer.

Okay, let me elaborate -- you need to know this background: Now this ENTIRE issue started OVER a week ago for ONLY ONE drive/partition asking for a disk check for consistency for my newly installed Windows 8 Pro 64-bit partition I created/installed on another physical hard drive from the perspective of Windows 7 64-bit. Yes, I have 2 operating systems on my computer -- Windows 7 64-bit on one physical hard drive partition; I have my Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on another physical hard drive partition; and I have 3 other physical hard drives with several individual drives/partitions on them for GBs of my backed up data and other files and folders I have saved. NOTE: I do NOT dual boot. I use BIOS to switch between the OS drive I wish to boot from for whatever Windows OS I want to use. I have had no problems right along. Okay, enough of the background.

Let me add, this "One of your disk... Read more

A:Windows 7 Requires Disk Check NOW For All My 8 Drives/Partitions?HELP!

This happens because the default mode for Windows 8 is fast startup which essentially is like hibernation and leaves all the drives set in a mode that Windows 7 does not recognize.

You must disable fast startup to avoid the problem.

See this tutorial.

Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Let the disk check complete when you boot into Windows 7.

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