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[SOLVED] Multiple Operating System Problem

Q: [SOLVED] Multiple Operating System Problem

HY ALL. I have a strange problem to which i cannot find a solution. i have a dell pc, 2 hard drives. i had before 2 operating systems (XP both..one russian and one greek, each one on one hard drive). i formated the first one (greek XP), i install it again on the same HDD, but now the ocmputer only boots from this one (Greek XP), not giving me the oportunity to boot from the second hard drive. so... how can i set the boot sequence to allow me chooosing wich windows i want to boot from?

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Multiple Operating System Problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Multiple Operating System Problem

Hi mossanta, Welcome to TSF!

Depending on which one you want to boot first, will depend on how you rewrite the boot file.

Presuming that you wish to boot from Windows? XP [Greek] first, and Windows? XP [Russian] second, the boot ini file will read like this....

[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows="Greek: [d:0,p:1] \windows" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\windows="Russian: [d:1,p:1] \windows" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

Hopefully this will cure your problem.
Post back with the results.

Kind Regards,

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hi. i have 2 hard drives. and and windows xp home one each one of them. how do i uninstall one of them without causing problems with the other operating system.

A:How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

could format one drive from another...take all data needed from one to another

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One day few weeks back I turned on my home built comp. and It stated that there was a file missing. And this wasn't the first time I got this error. But I knew what to do, format and re-install windows. (kept a back up hard drive for all my files since this happens every 3- 4 months) But this time, when I try to install it, the setup procedure stated that there was a file that I couldn't install, actually there were several. It gave me an option to either retry or skip this file which could result in a malfunctioning os. I had no option but to skip it. And when it was done, it rebooted and a blue error screen message came up. I have re-formatted and re-installed at least 4 to 5 times, the hard drive is not the problem and neither is the disc. I have a dell laptop, and I used the os disc that came with it, the same error came up. I even changed the cd-drive from which it was reading the cd from, but no luck or results, techguy please help

A:Solved: Operating system problem

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I would like to say thank you to all of the people who help make this site so great. You know who you are. Ok, on with my issue. I want to have to os on my pc i have a 80 gig hd. my question is if i do this can i use windows xp on each of my partitions. what i am trying to do is i want to have an os for just surfing the internet, word documents and so on then i want to use the 2nd i want to have the other operating system to store all of my downloads. my thought process is if i do it this way it will help to keep my internet surfing faster if i have somewhere to store my downloades. I am not suer if this is possible and if so does anyone have any ideas of how to do so? ty in advance

A:multiple operating system

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I am building a second computer. To spare the expense of duplicate software, I was wondering if I can use win xp on my second computer without registering it? Yes-No-Maybe so, what are the implications?

A:Multiple use of operating system

You can not use windows xp on more than 1 Machine !!! PERIOD

This thread will be closed due to the nature of the subject

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Hello Everyone
I am new to this forum and it seems I will be needing quite a bit of help in the future with Windows XP Home.

I am running Windows XP Home and would like to know if it is possible to run multiple operating systems without removing XP. Also have a 80 G. removable hard drive in addition to my original 60 G. hard drive.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:Multiple operating system

Depends on how you want to achieve this.
I have partitions on a 40G hard drive and have Win ME, then Win 2000 Pro and Win XP.
Best advise is install the operating systems in order, oldest first.
Install Win 98, then install XP and it will create a boot log for you.

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Hi guys, i have installed two operating systems in my computer. Windows xp(hard-disk 1) and Windows 7(hard-disk 2).
I have two hard disk, I have installed Windows xp on one hard disk and windows 7 on another hard disk..
Recently My windows Xp got corrupt so i re-installed Windows Xp. After installing Windows xp, i'm not getting the option to choose which operating system i want to boot, Earlier i was getting the option to choose between Xp and Win 7, after re-installing my XP, i'm not getting this option, it just directly boots up Win Xp, Can any one help to get these option to choose between Xp and Win 7.

P.S. Win 7 is still installed on the 2nd hard drive.

A:Need help..Multiple Operating System/Boot ?

When you formatted and installed XP, it probably overwrote/deleted the boot information for W7 on XP`s drive and therefore XP doesn`t `see` it any more.

Maybe a techy guy could jump in here and advise but I reckon if you ran a repair on W7 using the installation disk, that should put the boot info back on the XP drive, giving you the option of either OS.


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hi, first post.
dell studio 1747, win 7 pro x64, intel i7 1.73, 8gb ram, norton int. security; 4 computer home network, protected linkysys router

a while ago the computer would suddenly slow extremely, almost freeze. i would power off and restart until that occurred again, then repeat. after some weeks (?) the computer made some croaking sounds and froze. on powering up after the initial screen shot w/bios and setup, a black screen with 'no operating system' appeared. using windows repair disc via cd boot, no problem was found, so i retrieved a recent image from the backup lacie drive. when rebooted, the same 'nos' appeared. using a norton bootable recovery disc i am able to write this on the computer and do all functions, and i find that the image of a few days ago is what i'm working with. the computer can still slow and almost freeze at times

i ran full norton scan including rootkit (tho on reboot had to go from the recovery disc) and norton power eraser, as well as malwarebytes, with no infection found.

once before and this am i received a msg that windows detected an ip address conflict, that there was another computer on the network with the same ip address.

when i look at the network connections i see all 4 of the computers including this one. none share with this one. the other three show a single ip (related) address to one on my computer. however, mine shows 2 additional ip addresses if i look at my wireless connection: 1) fe80::90e:52... Read more

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This whole issue only started today when I realized I couldn't open any images with the Windows 10 "Photos" app.

When I boot up my computer, everything seems fine until the user login page where instead of my chosen background and a text entry box for my password there is just a black screen with what looks like a command prompt box in the left corner with the name "C:/WINDOWS/System32/LogonUI.exe" where it asks me to use ctrl+alt+del to unlock, then asks for my password.

After I do this, it appears to load up my desktop normally. However, clicking my start button or Cortana search box ends with no response and attempting to run anything as an admin results in a blue error message saying, "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software developer." It even says this for Windows programs, for example I tried running WindowsPowershell as admin while following a guide and got this same message.

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Hi guys, i have installed two operating systems in my computer. Windows xp(hard-disk 1) and Windows 7(hard-disk 2).
I have two hard disk, I have installed Windows xp on one hard disk and windows 7 on another hard disk..
Recently My windows Xp got corrupt so i re-installed Windows Xp. After installing Windows xp, i'm not getting the option to choose which operating system i want to boot, Earlier i was getting the option to choose between Xp and Win 7, after re-installing my XP, i'm not getting this option, it just directly boots up Win Xp, Can any one help to get these option to choose between Xp and Win 7.

P.S. Win 7 is still installed on the 2nd hard drive.

A:Need help..Multiple Operating System/Boot ?

Download EasyBCD from here -


Then you can read about how to get the W7 bootloader back (see:Setting Up The Dual Boot) here -


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Hey gang,

I'm having issues disabling the option to choose which operating system to log into every time I turn on my computer. I previously had windows 7 installed on my primary drive. I had formatted the drive before installing windows 8 but I am still presented with the option to log in to Windows 7 (recovered) before loading to my desktop. I would really like to remove this option.

I have gone through the options to select a default operating system to log in to but even after I select windows 8 and save the settings it still presents me with this choice to log in to windows 8 or 7 (recovered).

Could anyone help me in disabling this or possibly removing the old windows 7 altogether?

Thanks for any advice!

A:Multiple Windows Operating System Issue

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management & msconfig?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I relied heavily on this forum about a month ago when my laptop wouldn't load my OS (Vista Home Premium)- I was getting a message of "operating system not found". After some research, I used rkill and MBAM to clean off the bankerfox.a and nuqel viruses. This seemed to due the trick. However, on Wed, when trying to start the laptop, Windows didn't load and I got the message "invalid system disk, replace the disk, then continue". After several attempts to get into safe mode produced no results, I was able to get in and select a previous restore point. Unfortunately, when I did this, I restored to a point when Vista SP2 was installed.

I used rkill and MBAM, but this didn't solve the problem. There may have been some things that showed up on rkill and MBAM the first time, but it didn't fix the problem. Rkill continues to identify "C:\Windows\system32\DllHost.exe" when run (it lists it twice) and MBAM shows nothing. Also, I ran Superantispyware and Spybot more than once, but they're not showing any results either (other than tracking cookies).

I've downloaded Hijack This and have a recent log if necessary. The problems have varied....at times it runs slow, other times (as now) not so much. Upon shut down, I often have a hard time getting the system back up. Yesterday I had significant problems getting into safe mode but not booting normally. At other times, I've not been able to boot normal... Read more

A:multiple issues, including "operating system not found"

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm still having problems....when I booted up this morning, I got "operating system not found" again. The first screen that comes up (the one that shows HP and the options - F1, etc.) hung and I had to power off and restart. After a few attempts, and a long boot up cycle, I was able to get in (wasn't able to get to safe mode, but could boot normally). I ran rkill (it showed the same results that it did in my previous post) and then MBAM found "C:\Users\Craig\AppData\Local\Temp\svchost.exe (Trojan.Agent) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully." I ran Superspyware and it found an adware tracking cookie and a flash tracking cookie. Spybot found nothing. I seem to have the most problems when booting up first thing in the morning. Please help.

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Hi everyone - I am new so dont laugh at the lingo etc.

Have several problems with computer at home (on my work computer now) details are below.

It is a desk top PC - has a external hardrive attached via usb - I use mozilla and internet explorer when mozilla not working.(rarley happens) have an external 4 slot USB hub plugged in at the back of computer.


Had to use a recovery disk 1 - 1.5 weeks ago as computer was saying system error config 32 (something like that anyway) used neighbours disk as lost mine when moving house - their disk was in Japanese so she did it for me - as far as I know this worked.
Bought a new IPOD - installed Itunes and Quick time player this where pros started. 2 days ago
first setup got stuck so cancelled it - would not let me select certain tick boxes so had to ctrl alt delete as setup froze.
reinstalled itunes deleted the half set up one that didnt work - played around with new one which seemed to work
turned off computer as per normal - shut down and turn off at wall
opened windows that night (yes it was 2am and I was a wee bit drunk but we just wanted some music) this is when massive prob occured.
START button gets stuck keeps opening the menu over and over really fast cant stop it unless press ctrl alt (no delete)
Can not right click
can not type in internet to down load anything to fix prob
managed to remove itunes and quick player buy holding down ctrl alt when in remove programs - thought they may have been carrying a virus.
Als... Read more

A:Massive Multiple operating problem - please help :(

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Hi!! I'm running an IBM Thinkpad 1834.

Was trying to install XP onto a bootable flash drive, which failed twice (gave up after that). Problem I'm having now, is when the laptop starts, I get a multiple operating system bootup option (ie it gives me a screen to boot from diff operating systems), except, all three available options are XP.

Trying to select the bottom two "XP's" tell me it cant find the path (I guess this is becasue its looking for the flash drive), top "XP" obviously works, as its the current operating system.

How do I get rid of the other two failed options?? Tried reformatting the hard drive, no effect, I guess that particular information isnt stored there. Tried resetting the BIOS to its default options, no effect either.

Where is the multiple operating system info stored?? In the BIOS's flash ROM??

Anyone got any idea how to make this annoyance dissapear??


A:Multiple Operating Systems Bootup Problem


The information is stored in C:\Boot.ini on your primary HDD. And a format will delete it along with any OS on the HDD.

Ntloader will look to Boot.ini at system startup to display a list of Operating systems to start. Thats where the information is stored.

With the XP that is working, go into "My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery>Settings>System Startup>Edit"

Copy what you have there and post it back here.

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I had some problems a while ago and reinstalled XP. I now have 2 hard drives with XP home installed on each of them and each one works fine, only problem is every time I have installed windows it created another operating system choice entry on the start page (the one after the bios page). I wish to keep the first entry choice as is, delete the second one and rename the third one. How do I do this?
Thanks for any help, oldaz.

A:[SOLVED] Multiple operating systems

I haven't used Windows for quite some time, but from memory: Click Start, Run then in the box type msconfig. Click on wini.ini. You will see all the installed versions of Windows. Select one and delete it.

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A friend of mine asked me to fix their laptop, there was two main issues, the first was the battery was dead, unplugging the machine caused it to power off. So I got a new battery and that issue was solved.

The second issue was that Windows Vista install would constantly sit at the loading screen. Not a big deal I thought, I've dealt with that sort of issue many times. So I tried Last Known Good Configuration and Safe Mode. No joy. So I tried both a recovery and install CD and the same thing would happen, it would sit at the loading screen never booting into the recovery options. So I tried a USB. Same thing again with both the Windows Recovery Disk on USB and with an Ubuntu Live USB.

Having the same issue across multiple OS's suggests to me a hardware issue, but what?

Any help you guys could offer would be great.

A:Solved: Multiple Operating Systems Stuck at Loading Screen

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So, I was getting bored and decided to follow up on some of the performance tweeking I've been doing. Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked and decided to go to the "Reboot Time" tread, which them prompted me to go ahead and diable some of my useless startup processes. Thing is, something strange kind of popped out at me... Why are there two "Microsoft Windows Operating System" processes when as far as I can tell from the reboot thread, people have 1?

I'm assuming it isn't smart to randomly diable either, so I came here to ask.

A:Multiple "Windows Operating System" Startup Processes?

It has to do with your Sidebar/gadgets. But I don't know why you would have two though. You might expand it to look at what it all says and post it. It's best not to start disabling services and startup items if you're not fully aware of what they do. If you want to speed up performance then I suggest reading thru Brinks tutorial on how to speed things up.

Speed Up the Performance of Vista

This tab would show your OS/OS's

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


A:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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I have everything up on my desktop, but seemingly cannot open any programs that require to go online. When trying to open explorer, I get promted with
"Choose the program you want to use to open this file". "Do you want to run or save this file" then it asks Do you want to run this software. I select run, then it reverts back to "Choose the program you want to use to open this file"
also for example
If I open "Action Centre" and select "troubleshooting" I get
Application not found
a lot of times I get
Application not found
This all started after I was advised my computer is infected with a virus.
I can't download any program that I want to use to fix the problem.
I am using my 2nd old slow laptop to access this forum.
Can any-one offer advise on what to do please

A:Operating system problem

If you have access to another computer:

1. Download Malwarebytes:

2. Uninstall your current anti-virus software and replace with MS Security Essentials:

Put the installation file onto a USB stick, or CD. If you don't have any of those, you may put it on Windows SkyDrive (if you have a Windows Live Messenger).

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My laptop model is hp pavallion 15e039tx .my problem is that operating system does not work window not open .laptop screen show stop code INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE.please solve my problem

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Hello there (exuse me for my english )My friend has a Sonny Vaio PC, he uses WIndows XP. But, lately the PC doesn't wanna start !! when he click the button to start the Computer we see the bios normally, then a black screen appears with this written on top left " Operating System not found " !!

A:Operating System Problem !!

Good morning .See Microsoft General Guidance.Louis

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Earlier today i got the bright idea to wipeout my c:/ drive and i used the system restore to attempt to restore it back to the factory programs and all that...during the restore and error came up and it restarted itself and then went back through the restore...now once the restore was done it went ahead and started up but when it did it came up with the windows error recovery and says... windows failed to s tart. a recent hardware or software change mightbe the cause..then it says insert your windows instilation disk..but i do not have one? does anyone know what i am supposed to do? or what i can do? im running vista basic on a sony vaio

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I recently bought a new computer with windows 7 operating system and tried to run my dbase program.
To do that I first ran cmd.com to get a dos prompt.
It read the following way:
I received following message:
'dbase.exe' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I was able to run edbase.exe quite easily on windows xp and vista. Can any one help me solve this problem, so that I can run the program on windows 7. I understand it should be able to run 32 bit programs.
Best regards,
Gulab Gidwani

A:Operating system problem


you should that program using DIR c:\windows.old\windows\system32\dbase.exe

The message is telling you that DBASE.EXE is not found in your PATH
echo %PATH%​
You might try
c:\windows.old\windows\system32> ./dbase.exe

Why \Windows.old\windows\... looks like you are attempting to run an OLD program from another system without first installing it on this system

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Hi, I'm in need of figuring out if my laptop was infected by a trojan, the operating system went kapoot and i need to reinstall it, or if its hardware failure. I used it last night and my AVG caught a "small trojan horse" called cryptbase.dll and after removing it i believe is where it began. My computer restarted and ended up starting up with the acer splash with me able to click f2 for setup. But f8 doesn't work and causes a long beeping noise if i leave it alone it goes to a black screen with a underscore blinking at the top left. i've done some research but, im unsure which route to take without taking some advice for my own laptop. My laptop is a Acer Aspire 5741-3541, Windows 7,intel core i5-450 processor, 4 GB DDR memory, 500 GB HDD. if you need more information please ask because im unsure with what is needed to fix the problem. The solutions i've heard is reinstalling windows 7, or it might be a HDD problem. Thank you.

A:Unsure if virus, operating system problem, or hardware problem

Let ma ask someone to look here.

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Hello everyone. Ive been having a sustained and frustrating problem with my PC. To cut a long and very infuriating story short the drive letter was changed on my pc meaning that windows xp professional wouldnt load up. Ive tried a number of different fixes but in the end backed up my hard drive to a friends pc and then decided to start from scratch.

I ran the windows 98 boot disk to format the drive so that I could then reintall windows. When I used that floppy disk it made me partition the drive. After doing this I now only get a message saying 'Problem loading operating system'. This happens with the xp cd in as well. I have checked the boot priority in the bios and everything is fine there. At no point do I get the 'press enter to boot from CD' message either. I just want to reinstall xp and start again, Im not bothered about losing anything on there as Ive backed it all up. Any suggestions?

A:Problem loading operating system

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i am using Dell All in One.
Since morning of 03 August, when i start PC it says Preparing Windows and once started it shows
You have been signed in with a temperory profile 
You cant access your files and files created in this profile will be deleted when you sign out. To fix this, sign out and try signing in later. Please see the event log for details or contact your system administrator
Everything saved on Desktop is missing
please help to restore the problem
Even it is not taking connection of broad band line via wifi.

Vikram Vaghela
M 9377890090

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Thanks for reading this post.I am trying to resolve some problems with an XP Pro (updated to SP2 via a retail upgrade disc about 2 months ago) PC. In recent months, several problems have been encountered. Unfortunately, I have not taken any notes, so I will be working from memory. I will provide any additional information that is needed as quickly as I can.Antec server case and power supplyIntel mother boardP2000 processor512 MB RAM with 200 MB currently availableDual WD Caviar drivesLite-On CD/DVDZip driveFloppy driveNvidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 video cardEcho MIA sound cardADS Firewire & USB 2.0 adapterAPC UPS "BackUpPro"The PC has been operational for approximately 3 years. It has been powered down fewer than 20 times during that period. It is restarted daily. No restart problems have been encountered.All drivers were updated since the upgrade to SP2.The BIOS has never been updated.Three internal modems have suffered "hardware failures" within the past five months. The first MAY have been related to a lightning strike. The most recent two, which occurred within 6 weeks of each other, were definitely not related to lightning.No other hardware failures have occurred.I use WinAmp with DFX for listening to MP3s. Playback would skip slightly when the original modem (Compaq server component) was activated. Now, playback skips very badly when any application is started.Shortly after the most second modem failure, PC-Cillin stopped running. I attempted to reinst... Read more

A:Malware Or Xp Pro Operating System Problem?

Hi wizard509 and Welcome to the Bleeping Computer!I dont see much from the HijackThis log so lets look a bit deeper!Download WinPFind: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/files/winpfind.phpRight Click the Zip Folder and Select "Extract All"Don't use it yetReboot into SAFE MODE(Tap F8 when restarting)Here is a link on how to boot into Safe Mode:http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/tsgen...src=sec_doc_namFrom the WinPFind folder-> Doubleclick WinPFind.exe and Click "Start Scan"It will scan the entire System, so please be patientOne you see "Scan Complete"-> a log (WinPFind.txt) will be automatically generated in the WinPFind folderRun MSCONFIG and enable everything in the startup area. To get to MSCONFIG, click on Start -> Run -> type in MSCONFIG -> click OK!Under the "General" TabMake Sure "Normal Startup-load all device drivers and services" has a green tick by itClick Apply->Close->Follow the Prompts to RestartRestart Normal and Download and Save Blacklight to your desktop:Double-click blbeta.exe then accept the agreement, leave [X]scan through Windows Explorer checked, click > scan then > nextYou'll see a list of all items found. There will also be a log on your desktop with the name fsbl.xxxxxxx.log (the xxxxxxx stand for numbers).Copy and paste this log in your next reply. Don't choose the rename option yet! I want to see the log first, because legitimate items can also be present the... Read more

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Hello guys.tonight I lost the icons on my operating system.after I use ad aware pro the program tell me if I need to erase something after reboot my system.i click yes.that was my bad move.after reboot the only thing I can see is the screen saver without the files.next the welcome word next to my picture and my name.below the name I read 7 unread mail messages.i click that but the system cant go up.the only thing that said is logging of and saving your personal settings.dont see my system and files.very bad for me.i really care all the thing my hard disc have.any helps are welcome.thanks for the attention.i always admire the brilliant people. i have windows xp.gateway 500xl.2.4gh 256ram

A:problem with my operating system after reboot.

Boot up in Safe Mode.

Use the System Restore function to restore the operating system to a date prior to the event that caused the problem.

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I have windows 7 home basic installed in my laptop. While browsing suddenly i got a blue screen with some information showing - "collecting crash dump...." and the system got restarted automatically. I am facing with this problem more frequently.

Please help me in resolving the problem.

Please its urgent!!!!!!


A:Problem with windows 7 Operating system

Welcome to TSF!

Please carefully follow the BSOD Sticky instructions here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html so that we have some data to work with.

(I'll move the topic into the BSOD area of the forum, don't worry, you'll be automatically redirected there.)

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All of a sudden I am experiencing these failures:
no right-click
no drag & drop
no single click, have to use "open"
cannot work in Excel
system running slower indeed

Have run everything, disc clean up, defrag, AVG, a2suared, Adaware SE, eweido, SpyBot S&D, Keylogger.

Please tell me I need a new mouse!!! I have a Microsoft Intellimouse scroll.

Many thanks


A:Operating System or Mouse Problem?

NEW Mouse!

How often do we spend hours searching eh?

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I own both Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. I had some issues in the past with memory and in troubleshooting sed problem I erased my Professional Edition in place of my Home Edition. Basically the games I was playing had worked in the past on the Home Edition so I thought I had operating system problems. Anyhow, I fixed the memory problem and all games ran fine again. Wanting the newer Professional Edition back on the computer instead of the older Home Edition I decided to do a clean install with my Pro Ed. However, when I loaded up the Pro Ed, I must have skipped a major step and now have both operating systems on the computer. My question is, is there a way to erase the original home operating system and keep the new Pro Ed operating system without doing a compete clean install?

A:Dual Operating System Problem

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I have to point out I know nothing about computers and really need step by step help as I am a student and cannot afford to take my laptop to a shop.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5155. After having it for a short while my laptop slowed right down and had many problems involving the internet. A friend of mine suggested reformatting it. So he lent me a windows xp media disk, as I could not find the original one that came with the computer, and I reformatted my computer. Worked well and the computer seemed to be fine, however my friend did not give me a disk with drivers and system utilities on it, so I was unable to do anything with my computer.

I then found all the original disks, for my computer (which was made by fujitsu and all the disks are official). I decided to try and reformat it with the correct disk, operating systems, twinload cd/dvd. I inserted the disk pressed f12 and it all seemed ok until I got this message:

Twinload Windows XP professional:
-Your configuration is not supported
-none of the required operating systems were found on the hard drive of your system
-remove the dvd and click OK to shut dow the system.

I have no idea what this means. I looked at other threads on this ofrum and I can see that people have had a similar problem, except people were trying to downgrade from Vista to XP, wereas I am trying to load the correct version of XP onto my computer so I can put the drivers and utilities onto it.

Please help!!! If anyone has any idea... Read more

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i have been hit by the bo heap virus. my mcaffes (on demand) said it blocked it from causing a buffer over flow in internet explorer/iexplorer libraryA. i would get the same warning every time i turned on my computer.

i tryed using superspykiller home version now my computer is locked up and will only boot up in safe mode.

my computer is a 2 year old e-machine model w 3410 3200+

A:operating system or virus problem?

Hi Dano50 !

Follow the HJT link in my sig and go through the whole 5 steps process. Post your final log in the HijackThis section where security techs will review it. It can take some time before you get an answer from them as that section is often overcrowded, just be patient. Once they'll start reviewing your log you'll have quick feedback.

You can also check this thread :

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hi all. i have been hit by the bo heap virus. my mcaffes (on demand) said it blocked it from causing a buffer over flow in internet explorer/iexplorer libraryA.

but i would get the same warning every time i turned on my computer.
now When i boot up my computer it is defaulting to safe mode. even when i hit f-8 and tell it to boot normally it still goes to safe mode.

also i cannot add or delete and programs. it tells me that the installer cannot be accessed

i cannot access the internet on the affected computer.

i accessed the 5 steps on my wifes computer and printed them out i cannot complete any steps with the affect unit in its present condition.

one of the mentors directed me to go through the five steps and post results here.

Operating System: Genuine Microsoft? Windows? XP Home (SP2)
CPU: AMD Athlon? 64 3200+ Processor (2.2GHz, 512KB L2 cache, 1600MHz FSB)
Monitor: Includes eMachines? 15" LCD Flat Panel Monitor(E14T)
(15" Viewable, 0.297mm dot pitch)
Chipset: ATI RS480 chipset
Memory: 512MB DDR 400 (1 ? 512MB) SDRAM (PC3200)
Expandable to 2GB
Hard Drive: 100GB HDD (7200rpm)
Optical Drive: DVD?RW 16x multiformat double layer drive
Media Reader: 8-in-1 digital media manager (Secure Digital? (SD), Smart Media, Compact Flash, Micro Drive, Memory Stick?, Memory Stick PRO, Multimedia Card, USB 2.0)
Video: ATI Radeon? Xpress 200 (PCI-Express? )
128MB DDR shared video memory
Sound: AC '97 Audio, Dolby 5.1 (6-Channel)
Network: 10/100... Read more

A:virus problem or operating system?

i was able to run this off a flash drive hope it helps

Deckard's System Scanner v20070729.57
Run by Administrator on 2007-08-03 at 19:51:36
Computer is in Safe Mode.

-- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------

Emulating logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2007-08-03 19:52:11
Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer (7.00.6000.16473)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\dss(2).exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://www.google.com/ie
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.emachines.com/
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard,ShellNext = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=74005
R1 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157
R1 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Pag... Read more

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hi, i just bought a new pc.. it had vista on it so formatted fully.

i booted xp from cd and installed. after the blue screen installation my pc rebooted as normal.

when it loaded up a message says: problem with operating system

nothing else..

any help please.

A:problem with operating system message

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my acer 3680 has lost its operating system and i dont know how to get it back can someone help me ?

A:acer operating system problem

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Got a message that the computer had to restart. When it started again there was a new message that said: Boot device not found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. I can't do anything from this point. Yours sincerely Göran Johansson

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Today I turned on my machine and got the message "No Operating System". I can boot into the Recovery Console" using the XP CD. Chkdsk runs to completion. However, Bootcfg /scan returns the folling message. " Failed so successfully scan disks for Windows installations. This error may be caused by a corrupt file system which would prevent BOOTCFG from successfylly scanning." I was able to supply my admin password and the directory stucture look good. HELP please. I put this disk into another system (as the slave) and I can access it. As a master, the same problem occurs - I can't boot, but instead of getting the message No Operating System, I get a blue screen of Death.
Any suggestions short of reinstalling the works?

A:[Solved] No Operating System

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Hi I have an laptop that is a about 5 years old that I replaced with a new desktop this winter. I would like to bring it back to how it was when I bought it. I have done this a few times but I forgot what to do. I think I pressed alt and the f12 key or something during start up. I just want to do this the easy way. Like I said have done in the past and it worked great but have forgotten how to do. Thanks in advance for your help

A:Solved: Operating System

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When I turn on my PC the first screen says Windows XP and the next screen where I log on says Windows 7 Ultimate. Do I have two systems on my PC?

A:Solved: Which operating system do I have?

Is this a new or old computer? I doubt someone used it before and installed windows 7 theme on XP which means most probably it is XP. By the way u can go control panel --> system and check your Operating System. It is definitely not 2 systems.

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Currently i am using windows 7 professional 64bit but i have heard that windows 7 should be use in XP mode since its a great way to move to Windows 7 without giving up full Windows XP compatibility.

So my question is how to use XP mode? i am not getting the clue . Should i format my system and download new OS of windows 7 which has Xp mode embedded in it? or whether there is some app/software/upgrade which need to be installed to run xp mode? Which is it?..please give me the torrent link if any.
Also please tell me if there are any DISADVANTAGES of using XP mode and counter measures for the same.
Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] operating system help

Hi I think you may have some things confused win 7 pro can have a version of win xp running from within it see the info here Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

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I have Win XP SP3. I had just reinstalled XP SP2 on the C drive. When I reboot my PC, it gives me 2 options of Microsoft Windows to choose from. By default the first option is selected which is the latest XP SP2 that I had installed.
I logged in using my old XP SP3 and deleted the windows folder of the new XP SP2 that I installed. Yet I still get the option of 2 Microsoft Windows when I reboot the PC. How can I get rid of this? I want the old Microsoft Windows to be selected by default or maybe totally get rid of the option page. I directly want to get logged in with my old Windows XP3 without any options. Is it possible ? Or do I have to reformat and reinstall XP again ??

A:Solved: Two Operating System

I have Win XP SP3. I had just reinstalled XP SP2 on the C drive.Click to expand...

why ?

it appears you have setup the new version in the same partition - But why did you want to install XP again

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I bought a two gigabyte hard drive for my dell dimension C521 280 watt computer. I had my windows vista 32 bit operating system on two discs but they will not work a message comes up failed to intialise a start engine I think I am mystified.

I also bought a nvidea gtx 460 games card. I was told by the shop assistant at PC world it was compatible with my dell dimension C521. Its not it's too big I was thinking maybe taking out my motherboard and sticking it in a bigger case so that the graphics card would fit any ideas people please. Something cheap with a couple of fans and where to buy please.

A:Solved: operating system

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I`m running XP now.I`m thinking of getting a new computer,which will come with windows 7.I do have,however quite a few programs ,encoders etc,which would not run on W7.
Is it possible to have two operating systems installed on your computer.I`d like access to XP

A:Solved: Operating system

Here you go! How to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP’ with Windows 7 installed first

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Was trying to do a reformat to my Hp a475c with my recovery disks,I put in disk 1 and it says preparing recovery partition-please wait so I waited and waited and nothing...The disk only reads for maybe 8 secs and stops, and now it is telling me I have no operating system which is true...I would like to know if anyone can help me get back my operating system?

A:[SOLVED] No operating system

If you erased your OS, you will need your Windows XP CD to install your OS.

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Here it is, i have my laptop this is what it says operating system not found . Another problem is my dvd player won't load any type of software .Tryiing to load Linux or Xp Pro same problem .
Now i try and go in the bios and it repeats operating system not found . What do i need to do to solve these problems.


A:Problem with my laptop Operating system not found

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