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Is 980M SLI a waste at 1080p with 60Hz display?

Q: Is 980M SLI a waste at 1080p with 60Hz display?

Unfortunately I don't have the liberty to build or use a desktop so I'm considering a new laptop. I like the Sager NP9377 but unfortunately it uses a 60Hz display at 1080p. Is 980M SLI worth it at all or should I stick to a single 980M and put the rest of the budget somewhere else? Here's what I was thinking.

CPU: i7-4810MQ
SSD: 250GB Samsung 850 EVO Series mSATA SSD
HDD: Two 1TB 7200 HDD in Raid 0


CPU: i7-4810MQ
GPU: 980M
SSD: 1TB Samsung 850 EVO Series mSATA SSD
HDD: Two 1TB 7200 HDD in Raid 0

Preferred Solution: Is 980M SLI a waste at 1080p with 60Hz display?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is 980M SLI a waste at 1080p with 60Hz display?

StevenMal said:

Is 980M SLI worth it at all or should I stick to a single 980M and put the rest of the budget somewhere else?Click to expand...

That depends on what you plan on doing with this system. Given your planned specs, I'm going to assume gaming or video editing/rendering.

SLI/Crossfire only give marginal improvements in comparison to a better, single graphics card. That being said, if the 980M is the only graphics card available, it may be worth getting two in SLI.

I've never seen a laptop offer SLI graphics...though I've never been in the market for a gaming laptop, so I haven't done too much research on them.

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I have my IdeaPad 720s connected to a Samsun HDTV via the hdmi port and it will only output at 30hz for any resolution above 720p. I am given the option in the Intel Graphics settings panel but when I select 60hz the screen goes black. My older Flex 4 can output 1080p at 60hz, so it is very frustrating that this newer machine with dedicated mx150 graphics is unable to do the same. Is there something that I'm missing?

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Hello, I use a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen notebook with the Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docking station. Since the HDMI output of the yoga can only output 30Hz in 4K, my question is: Can this output output at FullHD resolution of the TV 60Hz or not? Would it otherwise be possible to expand the USB C/Thunderbold connection on the laptop or docking station 1080p/4K 60Hz to TV via HDMI using an adapter/cable? Or would it be possible to connect the DisplayPort docking station port on HDMI to the TV in 1080p/4K 60Hz? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I use a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen notebook with the Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docking station. Since the HDMI output of the yoga can only output 30Hz in 4K, my question is: Can this output output at FullHD resolution of the TV 60Hz or not? Would it otherwise be possible to expand the USB C/Thunderbold connection on the laptop or docking station 1080p/4K 60Hz to TV via HDMI using an adapter/cable? Or would it be possible to connect the DisplayPort docking station port on HDMI to the TV in 1080p/4K 60Hz? Thanks in advance.

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Hi,  Can someone from Lenovo officially confirm or someone who has bought this laptop test this and confirm, can the new Yoga 900 output 4k resolution @ 60hz to an external monitor, such as Dell P2715Q?  What I see in the specs, it has Intel HD 520, and the spec sheet says DisplayPort 1.2 via USB-C can drive4096x2304 @60Hz However, there's no confirmation anywhere of this, neither from Lenovo, nor from users. Most USB-C to DP cable makers haven't tested this yet.  I'm seriously considering the new Yoga 900 as a replacement for my T410. Main use is business and photo editing, and looks like an awesome laptop. The ability to hook up 1 external monitor at 4k @60hz is critical for me, otherwise, it's a Dell XPS 13. Thanks in advance,Vele

A:Can Yoga 900 drive external display 4k @ 60hz via ...

Do you think that the platform specifications by Lenovo are untrustworthy?

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Hello, we plan to use the zBook 15 G3 (FHD 1920 x 1080) together with 2 external 4k displays (3840 x 2160) at the Thunderbolt3 dock. Will any of the offered graphic cards do the job at 60Hz? Main usage for software development and measurement data analysis; no games or 3D.  Thanks

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I've been searching this and other forums looking for answers. Any help is appreciated. I've got a ThinkPad P50 and I'm attempting to connect it to a Sceptre U405CV-UMS 40" 4K HDTV and get a 60Hz refresh rate. Currently, all I get 30Hz. Some more details;The HDTV has HDMI v2.0 PortsI've tried a variety of cables, and am currently using a USB C to HDMI Converter, plugged into the Thunderbolt port.I'm using a new HDMI Cable rated High Speed with EthernetI've seen people looking to get dual external displays working (at 4k 60Hz). But, haven't seen any problems with just one. Am I being greedy trying to get a HDTV working as an external monitor? Thanks for any help.

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I've connected an LG31MU97B 4k external display at 4096 x 2160. The display is capable of 60Hz at this resolution however the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel only offers up 23 and 24Hz options. I've got it connected from the HDMI port as the USB-C to DP on two separate cables is not detected by the monitor. Does anyone know how to get it going at 60Hz?

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im using a 1080p tv screen as a secondary display, when it is set to 1920x1080 it displays correctly, but everything is slighty blurry, when i set it to duplicate, it is still blurry, when i set it to the recommended resolution, which is 1920x1200 it does this weird thing as shown in the picture attached
im using windows 7 64 bit
i have an amd radeon HD5470
intel i3
4gb ram


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Hello, I bought P50 last July with: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80GHzNVIDIA Quadro M2000M3840x2160 non-touch Display When I was buying this laptop, I saw that a few people complaining the color of 1080P display was bad, therefore I chose the 4K display. But during this half year I found 4K hasn?t really had a compatible solution with all software, specially I have to use various types of apps. Then the 4K really becomes a burden to me since some apps looks very bad and I often have to switch resolutions for different apps. I just want to know if it?s possible to change my display to 1080P. I don?t care about the color that much, but more the compatibility. I?m still in warranty and want to change display by Lenovo?s after-sales service. Has anyone had similar experience changing it? Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.Best,Chen

A:Can I change my 4K display to 1080P on P50?

Sorry, I posted at wrong place. Please ignore this post...

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 948416 MB, Free - 422110 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, A960D+
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
Hi, I'm trying to use my TV as a monitor with HDMI but I am having problems. I have a 32" 1080p Insignia TV (model number ns-32l450a11) whose native resolution is reported to be 1920x1080 on all specs listings I could find on the internet. However, the 1920x1080 option only outputs in 30Hz, with considerable latency. The color quality and image clarity is fine, but the image needs to be overscanned. I was able to find a workaround in the form of a custom driver someone made, and unlocked it to 60Hz. With this, the TV maintains the high input lag. I tried changing to any available option and I found that 1280x768 operates with very little lag , comparable to my other monitor. Does this mean that this TV actually has a 5:3 native aspect ratio? What I want to know is, is there any way to get 1080p to happen with the same small amount of lag as 1280x768, or perhaps if there is a way I can use a higher resolution in 5:3 ratio? Do Nvidia/Intel based machines have this issue?

A:1080p TV display latency in 16:9?

It's not a PC (ie: nVidia or Intel) issue. It's a TV issue. This is a common problem when using TV's as a monitor. Most TV's suffer from the same problem. They aren't designed to function for your intended use. Hence the reason monitors cost more than a comparable sized TV, even though a TV has additional hardware to meet it's function (as a TV).

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I am trying to get my home theater system to play Blu-Ray disks via my HTPC (Home Theater PC) I have just upgraded the ATI drivers for the video card and I still have two issues. First when I play a BRD via PowerDVD Ultra V7.3 the program opens Ok but when I put in a BRD I get a message saying the color scheme is being changed to Windows basic. The BRD plays fine on the PC but on the video display the PowerDVD interface comes up but the picture area is black, no movie, nothing. The cloned PC display showes just fine on the 1080p video display.

The other issue is the desktop freezing ...kind of. If the system sits idle for a while the display freezes, but the system is still working OK, it's as if I took a screen capture and set it as a background. The mouse moves but nothing is clickable. To get out of the I have to do a Ctrl, Alt, Delete and when the window opens close it and all is well till the system sits for a will and it's the same thing.
Computer system:

Intel 6600 2.40 GHz

2 GB memory

Video card ATI Radeon HD 4670 1 GB of memory

Video Display:

Sony VPL-VW40 1080p connected to the PC via HDMI



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Hi! I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and the built-in screen is 4k. I need to use the lower 1920x1080 resolution quite often, because most of the applications I use won't scale to 4k (for example GIMP).  When I right-click Graphic settings (Intel) -> Resolution -> 1920 x 1080 on the desktop, the display is all blurry, even after I log out and log back in. Everything looks blurry, not just some apps, all of them. Also the Windows 10 UI is blurry. Also, if I turn off my computer when using 1920 x 1080 the display won't turn on next time. I have to close the lid, open it and press the power button (wake from sleep) at least three times before the display turns on. After I log in there's always some message saying "You are not using recommended resolutio..." etc. This is very annoying, what should I do? Looking forward to your reply.Best regards,SankoWeb

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Hey I just ordered this laptop from dell through online support.I gave him a specific detail I would like 1080p output quality to my tv.this is what he sold me Inspiron 15 5000 7th Generation Intel® Core? i5-7300HQ Quad Core (6MB Cache, up to 3.5 GHz)
Windows 10 Home 64-bit English
8GB, 2400MHz, DDR4; up to 32GB (additional memory sold separately)
128GB Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive (Storage)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display, Non-touch
802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2, Dual Band 2.4 & 5 GHz, 1x1
74WHr, 6-Cell Battery (Integrated)
Microsoft Office 30 Day Trial
McAfee LiveSafe 12 Month Subscription
1 Year Basic Hardware Warranty Repair: 5x10 HW-Only,5x10 NBD Onsite
18:01:24   Agent Sandeep K4
Ports and slots
1. SD Card Reader | 2. USB 3.0 with PowerShare | 3. HDMI | 4. RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet | 5. Kensington Security Lock | 6. DC power-in connector | 7. USB 3.0 | 8. USB 3.0 | 9. Headphone
18:01:44   Agent Sandeep K4
Price : $999.99 + Taxes only .

A:Display output to tv 1080p quality

Any PC that has any type of external display connector can handle 1080p. VGA might have been a problem since not all TVs accept VGA (and not always 1080p when they do), but DisplayPort and HDMI have supported 1080p since they were introduced on laptops around 2009.

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Ok, so our math skills tells us that 1080p on a 4K screen SHOULD be as sharp as a native 1080p screen. However I can't seem to make that happen unless I use a virtual machine (VMware) and set it to 1080p. In this case Windows thinks the screen is 1080p and there's no blurriness whatsoever.If you set the screen to 1080p without using VMware then Windows will use anti-aliasing which results in a blurry screen.We know the hardware can do it... so the question is: How can we make Windows think the 4K display is 1080p (so that anti-aliasing is not used)?Brgds... /Thomas

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Hello, I bought P50 last July with: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80GHzNVIDIA Quadro M2000M3840x2160 non-touch Display When I was buying this laptop, I saw that a few people complaining the color of 1080P display was bad, therefore I chose the 4K display. But during this half year I found 4K hasn?t really had a compatible solution with all software, specially I have to use various types of apps. Then the 4K really becomes a burden to me since some apps looks very bad and I often have to switch resolutions for different apps. I just want to know if it?s possible to change my display to 1080P. I don?t care about the color that much, but more the compatibility. I?m still in warranty and want to change display by Lenovo?s after-sales service. Has anyone had similar experience changing it? Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.Best,Chen

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Hi, I have an HP Envy Touchsmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition Laptop, running Windows 8.1.

When I finished the setup process, I immediately download Chrome, since IE was the only browser pre-installed. Now, I've never used Windows 8.1 or 8 before and am totally new to this new Metro UI and Charms thing (so far I hate it) so as you can imagine I ran into problems immediately.

I will post the full specs of my laptop below, but just know that it has a 1920x1080 display and an Nvidia GeForce GT 740M graphics card.

When I opened Chrome for the first time, it launched as an app. Everything was okay about it, except I didn't like the new concept of "Apps" and Microsoft's idea of multitasking. So naturally I relaunched it in Desktop Mode. However, I noticed that the text (on the URL bar, the buttons, and the tabs, as well as web content) looked much blurrier than it had in Windows 8 mode.

I looked around for a while for a solution, and found it. You simply had to go to the Chrome properties, go to Compatibility, and check "disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Now, of course I had no idea what that meant, but when I relaunched Chrome everything was fine again, except for one problem.

Everything was unnaturally small. The tabs, the URL bar, the refresh, back/forward buttons, menu button, and extensions were all smaller than they were in Windows 8 mode and in desktop mode with display scaling.

Compare the 2 screenshots below:

Chrome with display scaling:

... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 1080p Display Issue

its because of windows 8.1 new dpi setting for all displays as one so you need to go right click your desktop then choose screen resolution then on the left pick make things bigger or larger and then check the box in that new window for setting it for all displays then apply it and log off(sign out) on next log in you should be all good also make sure you have the latest drivers for your gpu off nvidia's site. here's a guide for it too [Fix] Bold, Blurry or Hard to Read Font Problem in Windows 8.1 - AskVG

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Hey guys,

So I recently switched to a 1080p Display... a Dynex television. When I first plugged my HDMI in, I noticed that the resolution was very poor and most of the images (especially text) were very blurry. So, I simply forced 1080p using the Intel Graphics panel, made a custom aspect ratio, and voila, things are now scaling properly. However, for some reason, the text seems to be very hazy. More specifically, the text has this sort of "glowing" effect, where each character is border by a shade slightly brighter than the background color. This is causing the text to look cloudy, and is agonizing to read. Besides this the quality seems to refuse to get any better no matter how high I make the resolution. Even though everything scales properly now, the quality is to poor to bear. My television does not have an Overscan or Autoscan feature, and it does not have an option to change the aspect ratio (it's sort of an old tv).

DPI scaling is already at its lowest setting and all my other windows scaling settings are at their minimum.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Andrew M

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Hello, can X1 Yoga drive a 4K TV/display at 60Hz with Chroma 4:4:4 using one port and get charged using another port at the same time? Are all the USB-C of the X1 Yoga running independently at max 40GHz?

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I have a problem that when I use either of my HD 1080p TVs,
the desktop seems to be cropped by about 40 pixels on all four sides of the screen.
It happens on both my Sony Bravia LCD TV and my Sharp Aquos TV.
I do not think it is a driver or Windows problem per se, as if I plug the HDMI into
my 1080p ASUS monitor, all is fine (all pixels are shown). On the Sony, I can also
adjust Horizontal Center up to 5 pixels but of coarse I lose a pixel on the right for
every pixel I gain on the left.

Therefore, I think the display is actually something like 1880 x 1040
instead of 1920 x 1080. While this is not a problem with pictures, it is a big
problem with a Windows Desktop, as the Start Menu is hard to use.

Is there any simple way in Windows 7 to tell it not to use the edges of the screen?

A:Display cropped on 1080p TV using HDMI cable?

This is the answer I found using
"Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" Other graphic
drivers will probably have a completely different terminology.
OK. I finally found the setting you were talking about under
<Right-click the desktop> / Graphic Properties ... / Advanced Mode - OK
Under "Custom Resolution" and answering yes to the very scary
warning about how this could cause your computer to blow up.
I set width 1920  height 1080 refresh rate 59 color depth 32
Underscan percentage 20% (I left interlace off and Timing GTF)
I think (hope) "Timing Standard" is ignored using HDMI.
I then added the Custom resolution 1862 x 1048, 32 bit, 59 Hz
I then switched to "General Settings", Select the "Resolution" as
the custom one of 1862x1048 AND set "Scaling" to "Center Image".
The last bit is very important as none of the other settings seem to have
an affect unless "Center Image" is chosen. It still Chops off
some pixels around the edged but Underscan percentage 20% was the
highest I could set when I apparently needed 30-40%. But at least
now I can see the speaker control and the time.
Thanks everyone for their help.
PS. Some more official info can be found at

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Hello Everyone,
I'm building a computer and have all of the components (just need to finish putting them together). Now, I have a Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 card and was hoping to watch Blu-Ray videos on my current monitor which is an HP w19b. The monitor has a maximum resolution of 1440x900.

From what I understand of HD technology, this would mean that no, the monitor would not be able to handle the full 1080p resolution, but it should be able to display 720p.

But here is the question, will my current monitor be able to display ANYTHING from the Blu-Ray player?

I think the confusion comes in when I see these monitors that advertise HD capable, but I thought all monitors were HD capable, you just need to know what resolution you are trying to display the HD at, 720p or 1080p.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

A:Display 1080P with Sapphire Radeon HD 4850

You will be able to watch your Blu-Ray movies on your computer in full screen with no problems assuming, of course, that you have a Blu-Ray drive in your computer. Since you monitor supports a resolution up to 1440*900, the image of a 1080p movie will be scaled down a bit to fit your screen, but the image itself won''t be cut off or distorted in any way.

Hope this helps and welcome to the forums

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Hi everybody! I have read some topics and according to them on display port w510should be able to support 1080p resolution even higher, but not in my case. I have W510, LCD Iyamya prolite x2783hsu , I also bought at ebay cable displayport to hdmi and the maximum resolution that I am able to get is the highest resolution of build-in laptop LCD namely 1600x900. I installed the latest drivers for FX880M - 342.00 , but it is no use. What should I do or what lead should I buy to get dreamed 1920x1080 ? It seems to me that I can't set up different resolution for Lenovo laptop and for monitor . I added two pictures to clarify that problem. system windows 7 but will be changed soon to windows 8.1 if it mattersthanks in advance for any helpMarcin

rtyu.jpg ?111 KB

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Since I discovered my Thinkpad T540p has the standard display which is not that great for designing (colours look totally less true and in and escpecially on different angles) I was looking around for an IPS screen. Is it possible to just swap my screen for the IPS 3K version? 

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Hi - I just got a new T460 laptop from my company.  However, the extended desktop monitor that I have currently (Dell P1911) will not auto-size correctly with the new laptop.  If the text size is large enough to read on the laptop, the display size is WAAAY too big on the extended desktop and I can't even scroll to everything I need to see (bottom of screens, etc).  However, when I decrease size to fit the Dell extended desktop, the type on the laptop screen is so small as to be nearly unreadable.  Have discussed this with IT and they say there's "no good solution - it's how the new laptop works."  Can someone suggest a extended desktop screen that would work better with this model Lenovo, so that the screen sizes will transfer properly?  Thanks!

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Hello. I just bough a screen for my computer.
I am using Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
Radeon HD5850 1GB graphic card.
Using HDMI cable

And I was hoping to get a great screen in 1920x1080 resolution by buying this screen. After reading like 10 reviews on google search it was a great match to my demands.

Then I got the screen, and tested it. However when I selected to run in 1920x1080, the quality was horrible!
I try to do print screen, but only the analog display is horrible, not the results on the computer.

However if I tune this down to 1600x1200 resolution, it looks great. But I want to have the full 1920x1080 effect not the 1600x1200 effect.

I checked the drivers, and it says my latest driver is "2009/10/29_001003". Witch looks like a recent date.

I have tried to google any specific drivers for this screen for vista/Win7 that got a newer date than my drivers. Without any luck.

I try to google other people who have same problem as me, however, I only get to 1000x different reviews of this monitor, fake driver download/repair sites and such things.

I got very mixed up feelings about this. I do not know if I shall try to deliver back the screen, or that 1920x1080p isn't for computers? Or maybe HDMI cant run 1920x1080p? Is it a malefactor fault? Shall i just stick to the screen and appreciate that it works good in 1600x1200, I mean it isn't that much lower. But I keep dreaming that the screen is originally made for 1080p and that the screen quality wil... Read more

A:Monitor SyncMaster P2370HD 1080p don't work properly in 1080p.

the latest driver on AMD's website is dated 9/15/2010. it probably wont solve your problem, but it cant hurt to try.

ATI Radeon

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I have a dell 7567 Gamimg laptop with a 1080P TN Panel that I own since 1/23/17 (ordered since 1/12/17) and I'm wondering if it's possible to have the display upgraded to a 1080P IPS, if it's not possible then I'm having a tough decision on upgrading the Display to a IPS Panel to void my 2 year premium display warranty when I have the money or wait until the warranty expires 

A:Dell 7567 Gaming 1080P IPS display upgrade option available after order possible?

It isn't possible to upgrade parts through Dell -- or to keep the warranty intact if you do the upgrade yourself.

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Anyone know how to the waste toner so there no waste?

I tried cleaning it but i dont think i can clean it good

A:Anyone know how to the waste toner so there no waste?

and oh
this is for samsung CLP-500 Waste Toner

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For 6 weeks I have had no problems driving my 30" dell from the W520 displayport at its native 2560x1600 as the single "projector" display. Today, I aroused the laptop from sleep as usual, and was greeted with a blank Monitor and the laptops internal display on, with a fixed unchangeable resolution of 640x480. after about 5 reboots (includring removing power and battery), I found a way to get the W520 panel back to 1080p,but it wont display anything on the external monitor.  The monitor works fine connected to the displayport of my dell laptop, so I dont think its anything to do with the monitor. Interestingly, If I have the monitor plugged in, and do "Detect Displays" in he windows Display->Screen Resolutoin dialogue, I get this: 1. ThinkPad Display 1920x10802. Display Device on: Mobile PC DisplayAvailable Display output on: Nvidia Quadro 2000MAvailable Display output on: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family what on earth is a "Mobile PC Display?" If I disconnect the DisplayPort and detect displays, the "Mobile PC Display" goes away.  During the many attempts to fix this issue, twice I saw the message "Nvidia user experience driver component has stopped working", but I cant find specific steps to reproduce this. I have done no sw updates, nor installed any SW or changed any configuration in the last 2 weeks. I have tried all the combinations of connecting an external Projector:Show desktop on 1Show desktop on 2ExtendDupli... Read more

A:W520 internal 1080p display stuck at 640x480, and freaks when connected to my displayport monitor.

Did you hit Fn (Function) + Spacebar ?   That seems to put the screen in some wierd zoomed in yet low res mode)

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I own a Y530-15ICH with 60Hz Panel and GTX1050Ti and I am wondering if there is a way to upgrade my panel to 144Hz one. Either DIY or official replacement service (if there is). 

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I was looking to buy a Razer Blade laptop, but then read that Nvidia just released a new graphics card for laptops. I was just wondering if anyone knows if Razer usually upgrades there laptops or would I have to wait until the 2015 laptop is released? Thanks for any insight!


A:Solved: New GTX 980M

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. I have no idea as to what Razer`s policy is with integrating new graphic products into their laptops
and even if someone on this site has one of their products and is knowledgeable about the policy - I doubt if anyone other than RAZER can tell you what their intentions are with using the Nvidia card
3. Why not try an enquiry with Razer - that must be IMHO the best approach for a definitive answer

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I'm considering a Eurocom X8 with 980M SLI and the sales rep I'm talking to says I'll need a 660W AC adapter instead of a 330W adapter for 980M SLI. I understand that SLI consumes extra power but both the MSI GT80 and the Sager NP9377 with 980M SLI from xoticpc.com come with 330W AC adapters, without an option for a 660W AC adapter. Is there any reason why? Should I spend the extra $245 for the 660W AC adapter or will the 330W AC adapter be sufficient for 980M SLI? Thanks.

A:330W or 660W AC Adapter for 980M SLI

please post the rest of your system specs? If by AC Adapter do you mean Power Supply? If so then a 330w Power supply would be under powered for an discrete Video Adapter plus the rest of your system. You not only need to provide power to the Video Card but also ALL the other components of your system as well.

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As mentioned in the title, I keep getting that BSOD whenever an application tries to use my GTX 980M. Even DMLog collector triggers it. This is when I boot with the integrated gpu.

If I boot directly with the 980m, I get weird stuff like in this youtube video: GTX 980M 368.22 Driver Update - YouTube

I made that video. I know it's for an older driver, but the symptoms are exactly the same. Weird artifacts upon boot and a auto reboot shortly after.

I have tried the following:
1. Clean installing the 372.90 driver (downloaded from Nvidia) after removing my previous driver with DDU.
2. Updating driver via Geforce Experience

Both also result in the same outcome.

As of now, I'm back on the 365.19 driver. I am keen on updating to 372.90 driver as it is a requirement to play Forza Horizon 3.

Hope someone is able to diagnose my issue.

Thank you.

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Hi all,I  would like to know if I can upgrade my Lenovo Y-700 's Nvidia GTX 960 M 4 GB to 970 M or 980 M, or even the 1050 ti? Please tell me!Thanks in advance!Best regards!

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I have a 250W PS in my current rig (old...yes...) and since I put in my Radeon 9800 Pro I can't overclock it to 994Mhz (700Mhz normal).

I bought a new PS, 350W and I am hoping that will fix it. This may be a useless and dumb question, but will that help it?

Also, I'm new to Power Supplies, how many devices can one connect with a 420W supply compared to a, say, 250W?

A:Waste of $$$ or not?

When it comes to power supply's, wattage is not the only concern. You need to be sure to have a high-quality unit.

As far as the overclock, I don't beleive the supply will help.

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I have the hardware collected to take the old vinyls of yesteryear and put them on Cd's, but I want an easy program to do this that will also let clean up some of the bad noise. Most of the vinyls are in excellent condition and barely have any scratches so the sound on the turntable is good.
Future shop is selling Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition for $20. My OS is windows xp.
Is this software a good one for the beginner like me or am I spending needlessly.

A:is it a waste of $

I cannot say if any programs are good but you may like look around here:



They appear to be free/shareware

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I can see that so far using tech guy was more of waste of time like trying to chat Microsoft. not one person could tell me how to rid my computer of the "inaccessible boot device" cycle that comes after trying to reset window 10 that was error ridden from the start. Then not one person can tell me how to factory restore my Toshiba laptop L655 to out of box state when the rebooting holding zero(0) does not work so once again left to do it my self. thanks for a very unpleasant and time wasting experience.

A:Waste of time

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Update required:  HP! you want me to update whatever, so i hit update and then.......................it works and it works and it works.......................it doesn'twork  alternate installer:  works and works and works and ...................doesn't work,  why is the update process so effin difficult HP????????????? And I have to choose a board  for this, hope I guess right!

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Reformatting has probably no use and because of that it's pretty much not an option.
So I was guided to post this here. Nothing pops up to my eye, and attach.txt definitely contained nothing useful....
Follow up to http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/517946/what-the-is-this/

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.17.2
Run by alias at 19:52:52 on 2013-12-26
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.1.1252.358.1033.18.14324.9262 [GMT 2:00]
AV: COMODO Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {458BB331-2324-0753-3D5F-1472EB102AC0}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: COMODO Defense+ *Disabled/Updated* {FEEA52D5-051E-08DD-07EF-2F009097607D}
FW: COMODO Firewall *Enabled* {7DB03214-694B-060B-1600-BD4715C36DBB}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Program Files (x86)\C... Read more

A:Yeah so... should I now go waste myself or something?

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I am posting to get a little insight as to would it be a bad thing to just fill all my ram slots ?

I mean right now the ram i am using i can get another 8 gigs for 65.00 american

There was also a post about ram prices dropping that is about 25 .00 dollars cheaper i paid 2 months ago

This is the ram here by the way FRYS.com*|*CORSAIR MICROSYSTEMS INC.

I have no issue with just sticking with what i have ,But in all being reasonable should i just roll with it since a have a little extra before my actually Bulldozer chips hits the scene ?

Any and All suggestions will be considered very carefully Thanks in Advanced

A:Should i go for this deal or just be a waste?

So you want a total of 16G of ram? Do you need it? If not then you computer won't use all of that in your daily activities. Unless you just want spares.

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I'm dealing with the same nightmare and no support from hp wat a waste of money

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until recently i was a console freak, i had a ps2, gc, 2xds, + a psp, until i bought this pc im using for £80. its specs when i got it were: amd athlon 64 3000+ cpu, asrock k8 upgrade vm800 motherboard, 1x 256mb elixir ddr400 pc3200 184 pin ram, 1x 17gb wd170aa hard drive, 2x cd/dvd rewriters (nec + toshiba) 1 of which is dual layer, it also has a floppy disk drive. it came in a grey + silver case with 2 lights 1x red 1xblue on top of the tower. it has 8x usb 2.0( 2 on top, + 6 at the back, it also has a little door on the side that says usb on it, but when you open it there is nothing in it but space for 2 more usb ). !!!!sorry this is so long but please bear with me!!!! i have since bought a samsung sp2504c 250gb 8mb hard drive(£75), harman/kardon soundsticks II(£140) speeze ee-hd01 hard drive cooler with 2 fans(£8), 17in flatscreen tft monitor(£100), usb mouse(£5), belkin serial ata cables that go under black light(£12), logitech quickcam express webcam(£20) + a convertor that plugs into usb + lets me plug in a ps2 control pad(£10).!!!!almost finished!!!! the upgrades i want to make are:asus a8n sli premium socket 939 nvidia nforce4 sli atx motherboard(£?), 4x corsair 512mb ddr400 pc3200 ram(£?), amd athlon 64 x2 4600+ manchester 2000mhz ht2 x512kb l2 cache socket 939 dual core cpu(£?), 2x nvidia geforce 7600gt in sli formation(about £300), lg gsa h10n dual layer drive with nero6(£45), creative sound blaster audigy 2 zs 24bit 192khz 7.1 channel pci soundcard(... Read more

A:was this pc a waste of money or a bargain?!!!

itd be easier to just start fresh...youll probably be needing to bargan off some of your gaming systems though

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Windows 8.1 it's working as hell for me. My laptop it's an i7 @ 2.2 with 16GB DDR3 and a 4GB Nvidia Geforce 750m. 
First of all al the drivers are properly instaled. I use internet via an Enthernet cable, the connection keeps discoenecting every 2 hours. When i try to fix the connection windows sais there is no problem, i try to desable the enthernet card, process which
take around 10 minites, nothing happens, i have to restart the laptop process which takes at least another 15 minutes i can have the connection back for 2 hours. 
I've reinstalled the drivers, i tried to update the drivers, i've used another computer on this connection without a problem. It;s clearly a windows 8.1 problem as if unplug/plug the cable the icon it remains the same.
I'm mostly sure there is no posibility to fix this error, but maybe maybe someone has a better idea than to uninstall windows 8.1.
I will not even start to complain about the application which are slower than ones on a 90's cellphone.

A:Windows 8.1 was a waste of money for me.

If your PC not comes with Windows 8.1 maybe this issue will happen
Is there any changes before this issue happen? your LAN working fine before?
Some of the driver need to be updated in order to HW working fine
First priority, if this PC OEM please find update driver at Manufactured site, most of driver update already tested
If this PC self build, please find driver LAN at Mainboard site or LAN manufactured it self
You already isolate connection issue by testing with other device, lets continue TS

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(Or "Another Native Resolution Problem")

I'm in the process of building a PC, so I thought I'd try the ole Windows Vista 64-bit version for the machine. I've got for the machine, a Philips 22" 220CW8FB/05 LCD wide screen monitor, which has a nice display, really.

As one does, I've calibrated said monitor and saved the settings, everything looked great. Experience tells me to be weary of what might happen, so I restarted the PC to see that my monitor's resolution and setting aren't displayed properly.

The image is stretched vertically, and the Start bar isn't even visible - until - I go Personalize > and adjust the resolution to something else, select No when asked if I'd like to keep it and hey presto, my monitor displays properly now. Problem is, I have to do that every single time I restart the machine.

Currently, I've got just the drivers that come with my components CDs, I haven't been able to check on-line for other versions (but there isn't one for the monitor) for say the motherboard or graphics card, because in one of typically brilliant Windows moments? (like when my mouse stopped working and it prompted me to "click here to fix the problem"), when I tried to install the -Vista compatible- modem, Vista said it wouldn't install it without a digital signature, and that I should go to the manufacturer's website for more information. I would. If I had a modem.

So, in your humble opinion, which is the bigger waste of money currently?... Read more

A:Which was the bigger waste of money...?

Get the latest drivers for the 8800GT.. I'd recommend getting them from the actual Nvidia website. Here's a link to the Newest drivers possible. with Physx included. this will actually make the GFX card work about 15% better or more cuz it's all the improvements.

Here's the link to the exact driver, this is a Vista 64bit intall.

If you have not installed a driver for the GFX card. then that is for sure your problem. As after you install the driver. you should set the Monitors resolution through the Nvidia Control Panel. witch you can access by right clicking your mouse. it will be in the middle. Go there after installing this driver.

GeForce Release 178

Good Luck. post results

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