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Tecra M10 - how to display DVI?

Q: Tecra M10 - how to display DVI?

We have recently purchased 4 new m10 laptops with the intel graphics

We wanted to have dual monitors using a port replicator but it has come to our attention that the intel graphics is unable to display DVI

We were wondering if there was any way around this issue? Without having to buy a new laptop.

For example is it possible at all to upgrade the graphics card?


Preferred Solution: Tecra M10 - how to display DVI?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Tecra M10 - how to display DVI?

Generally speaking graphic card upgrade on notebooks is not supported and I think not possible. http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

Back to your problem:
In user?s manuals is written
As the port operation of all DVI (Digital Visual interface) monitors has not been confirmed, some DVI monitors may not function properly.

Page 86.

Have you tested it with different monitors? I mean from different manufacturers?

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Dear guys,

I have a Tecra R850 laptop (the graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD 6450M) with a PA3916A-1PRP port replicator.

I already have a 23" running at 1920x1080 connected via HDMI.
I would like to buy a 27" to run it at 2560 x 1440.

So my ideal configuration would be the 27" at 2560 as main monitor and the 23" at 1920 as second monitor. One monitor (the 23") has Display Port, DVI and VGA input, the other one has DVI, Display Port 1.2, Mini Display Port 1.2, HDMI.

Is it possible to connect them as I wish (I would love to avoid the use of VGA)?
Do I need other stuff (another docking for example) to accomplish that?

Any idea is good for me!

Thanks a lot


A:Tecra R850 with 27" display at 2560 x 1440 and 23" display at 1920x1080


Generally speaking you may be able to connect two external monitors at a time depending on your notebook model.

In user manual of Tecra R850 you can read that when the Toshiba HI-Speed Port Replicator II is connected to the notebook, you cannot use _notebook?s_ external RGB (VGA) port.
This port will not work.

Furthermore you cannot use port replicator?s HDMI port and Display Port at the same time.
The hi-speed port replicator II contains a slider which can be moved to choose either the HDMI port or Display Port.

So it seems that you have one option to connect two externa monitors: (VGA + HDMI)
one monitor to HDMI/Display port and other to VGA/RGB port (port replicator's RGB port)

Another option to connect two external monitors at the same time, you should use another docking solution like for example Dynadock U3. It supports an HDMI and DVI port which can be used at the same time.

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Hi all,
I'm using a Tecra S11 with Windows 7 64bit.
By pressing "crtl + alt + down-arrow" my display rotates 180? degrees.
Unfortunately this hotkey is one of my favorite hotkey in Eclipse, so I need to disable the display rotation hotkey.
after a long time searching I haven?t found a solution.

does anybody know how I may disable the display rotation hotkey ?

Thanks for any tips


A:Tecra S11 - Display display rotation on hotkey

I don?t know exactly how to do this on your Tecra but this option must be available in advanced display settings.

Check also graphic card settings (for instance NVIDIA settings).

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does anybody know whether the display panel in the cheaper Tecra Z50 A-13J is the same as in higher priced ones like the A-12K (thus an IPS panel)?

For me and colleagues good vertical viewing angles are really important.

A:Display Panels on Tecra Z50-A


The Tecra Z50 A-13J was equipped with an TFT Color LCD (non CSV) IPS 15.6" (Full HD 1920 x 1080) sidelight LED display.

The same display has been built in the Tecra Z50-A-12K as well as in other Tecra Z50-A models.

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Hi guys and gals.

Looking for some help or technical advice with regards my nephew's Tecra S1 that has had an unusual screen issue for a few weeks.

The laptop was working fine up to about 6 weeks ago, when all of a sudden, the screen failed to operate on boot-up. The exact symtoms are as follows:

1. Screen went from black (power off state) to a dark grey on boot with no beeps reported on boot. Indicating that backlight was operational?

2. External monitor was attached and laptop booted with picture as normal. However, picture could not be changed between laptop and external monitor via "Fn"+"F5" and Laptop monitor just went to dull grey screen as previously mentioned.

3. Battery was taken out and replaced after some time. Mains pack was plugged into Laptop. Still failed to boot screen.

The Laptop was then left for a couple of weeks and I started to investigate further today. On booting up, I found that the battery was dead, so inserted the mains charger unit to find............the Laptop booted up on the screen first time!!

Could this purely be a display ribbon issue? I am aware that ribbons within most Laptops can be affected due to them running through the hinge that connects the main body and display case.

Any thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

A:Tecra S1 display issues

It might just be a loose connection behind the screen, reseating the cable may get it working again.

If it doesn't, it may be a hardware problem such as a faulty LCD or Mainboard. A Toshiba Repair Center can give you a quote for repair.

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HI, I've red a good review about the Tecra W50-A-104 on notebookcheck and they say it mounts this panel and that is a really good display:

*15.6 pollici 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel, TOS508F, IPS LED, 92% sRGB, glossy: no*

But if I go on the Toshiba.de I see that the specs are:

*type: anti-reflective Toshiba Full HD TFT High Brightness eDP ? display with LED backlighting, 16: 9 aspect ratio*

A TFT instead of IPS

They are the same specs as the W50-A-116 that is available in my country, Italy. I'm interested in the W50-A-116 obviously and I wanna know if the 116 and 104 both mount the same IPS panel as the review says.

Haitham Jaber

A:Question about display on Tecra W50-A-104

Both Tecra models have identical part number - PT640E so I?m 100% sure that both models have identical display. It is 15.6 FHD 300 NCSV LD-FLAT EDP (TFT Color LCD IPS) Full HD.
I can just imagine that description on Toshiba page and some independent webpage is not the same.

Tecra W50-A-116 with part number PT640E-06603KIT is offered in Italy.

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Hi everyone and thanks again with helping my hard drive. Okay now the problem is with the display T.T;; I keep seeing hundreds of vertical lines across my screen flickering with random colors and it's not a software problem because when I start my laptop, the colors are all messed up and the dos mode backgroud at start is all red instead of black. This happened yesterday while playing a game on my computer. I can still use the computer fine but these annoying flickering lines are everywhere. =( Thanks again.

Edit: Okay so I tested out my laptop if it was the LCD problem but it's not. I plugged my laptop to my other desktop monitor and still had the same problem and tried the same thing with the tv and still the same problem. The lines are very thin and the screen looks like it kind of crashed of some sort but the images are somewhat clear.

A:Problem with display, Tecra S1

It should be the VGA card defect instead. I suggest you to update your VGA driver (if possible) and reset any settings to default (including in BIOS).

May i know your system specs? I can't just see tecra S1 as there's lot of type in that series

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My TOSHIBA TECRA S1 has no display at all, I have it connected to a stand alone monitor and the laptop itself is operating perfectly, just have no display. Does anybody know if there is a way to troubleshoot the screen display to find out if it is good or bad, or what the problem might be? Thanks!



So when you turn it on you get nothing, could be a bad connection from the board to the screen, or the screen itself is faulty.

There are no methods to trouble shoot the problem all you can do is swap the screen from a working laptop and see if that works.

Best advice back up, format and stick it on Ebay as a faulty unit and use the money to buy a new one.


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I was wondering if you could help me.

I am running windows 7 and I am trying to connect a Second monitor to my laptop Tecra M5 but for some reason it detects it but it will not display anything.

What can I do?

A:Tecra M5 - Second Monitor Wont Display Anything

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have, which port and cable you use and is Win7 original OS version that you got with your notebook?

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My laptop-> Reference (P/N): PS579E-00V00CEP

I contacted support and they said that they where aware of the problem(two months) and that i should wait for a new graphics driver release.

This is very anoying, every time i have to place my laptop at the dock i have to shutdown the computer. Every time i have to remove it from the dock, i have to shut down the computer...

Hope you'll release the driver soon enough.

Best regards,


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Unfortnately my tecra s1 was knocked from the coffee table onto the floor, the display immediately turned white. When I rebooted there was no display at all (just black)
The computer is working as I connected it to an external display and that was fine. I tried to folow various trouble shooting guides online showing how to take the notebook apart and to reseat the display connector onto the motherboard however this did not cure the problem.

I did notice that coming from the display was a large bunch of wires going into a connector which is the one I reseated, on the right hand side of the display is a white and black wire going to a connector and a pink wire which just seemed to be floating, I could not see where it had come from. Does anyone have any ideas regarding this wire or any other tips which may help me.

A:Toshiba tecra s1 display problem

You may have knocked the inverter lose. It is difficult to fix, as it rests behing the screen at the bottom... and you have to remove as many as 22 screws to get to it.
Or you may have dislodged the ribbon cable that goes from the system board to the screen at a hinge point.
That is easier to repair. Remove the keyboard by removing all the screws from the bottom of the computer, then remove the bezel and other parts around the keyboard. You will find a wide flat cable that is very thin. unplug and reseat that cable and all others.
Sometimes you will get lucky. But you really need a friend or a tech who is familiar with screen problems, and all the components in the computer...
As you probably know, it costs about $150 to have it repaired because of the time involved in doing the work... and the possible parts neede.

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I'm not very technically savvy so forgive me for not using the correct terms, but My desktop has changed and I don't know why. All of my desktop icons now have a box surrounding the title. Also, the desktop background looks chopped up. I can't think of anything I've added or changed recently, so I don't know what the problem is.
1.85 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo

A:Desktop display changes Toshiba Tecra A8

Double-Click on the System icon inside the control panel. Click the Advanced tab. Under the "Performance" section (header at the top) click the Settings button. Is the bullet in the top option "Let Windows choose what's best for my computer"? If not, click there to select it, then click Apply and "OK" your way out. Close the System Properties box, close the control panel, then reboot. Does the issue persist?

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I've got Tecra Z50-A-11C and an external display connected to VGA port.
I set up Power Management plan to power off display after 10 minutes.

The monitor turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
The problem is it doesn't wake up on mouse mouse or key press.

I have to restart the laptop to get the picture back on the external screen.
The internal display works fine.

To me it seems like a BIOS problem but I've got the latest BIOS.
Any ideas?


A:Tecra Z50-A-11C: external display does not wake up

What happens if you press the function key (Fn + F5) in order to change the display output? Does this combination activate the external monitor again?
Did you notice the same issue using the hibernation or sleep mode?

I?m not quite sure if it really a notebook issue.
I mean the internal display is still working fine and it would be advisable to check this issue using different external monitors.

By the way: the notebook supports the Intel HD Graphics 4400. Try to install the latest Intel GPU driver:

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I recently got a Tecra 9000 for cheap off eBay. I am experienced with building and repairing computers, but not so much with laptops.

The problem with this laptop is there is no display at all on the LCD when turning on. It's just black, no backlight, nothing. I took the laptop all apart, found no obvious problems. I did get it to turn on and the display to come on a couple times when trying to figure out the problem. Could it be a bad connection? Or something else?

After getting it to start working, I would try to start putting it back together and it would stop working again. I still haven't been able to narrow it down to whether it is a bad connection, or a board problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? Has this been a problem for other people here?

A:Tecra 9000 - no display on the LCD when turning on

As you describe this issue, I think it is somehow a bad connection or a damaged cable, because it is working after you have disassembled the screen.
Maybe you should check all cables, which leads from mainboard to the LCD and take a close look maybe for some scratches or sharp bend.

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Good day,

+First of all sorry for my english.+

I have issues with display on my tecra w50-a-114. *Display sometimes (ca in 5min. period) blink (brightness go on 100% and then back to the current settings).*

I dont know whats happened. I am not aware that I changed some settings. I check all power management settings, but every setting is in my opinion alright.
Have any of you Idea what's happened?

_Thank for all suggestions._

A:Tecra W50-A-114 - blinking display - brightness go up and down


I guess the display brightness level changes no matter if the notebook is connected to the AC adaptor or battery mode? Is this correct?

Usually the function keys FN + F7 and FN + F8 increases and decreases the computers brightness.
But I don?t think that theses function could be related to your issue.

To me it sounds a little bit like display panel hardware problem? but this is only my personal opinion?

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I have two problems.

1st. If I use the S11-128 with the supplied power supply and an external LCD monitor, an annoying flickering effect is visible. It disappears if I run the laptop out of the battery or with an old Tecra M2 supply (2004, electrically equivalent). Is my supply defective or is it a common behavior?

2nd. I composed a detailed and polite message, but the forum language filter doesn't let it through, so you get a condensed version X-( X-(


A:Tecra S11-128 flickers on external display

> 1st. If I use the S11-128 with the supplied power supply and an external LCD monitor, an annoying flickering effect is visible. It disappears if I run the laptop out of the battery or with an old Tecra M2 supply (2004, electrically equivalent). Is my supply defective or is it a common behavior?

These symptoms are typical for grounding issue.
I read a lot about flickering on external monitors while notebook is connected to AC adaptor.
In most cases an 3 pin adapter cable could solve this issue.

I recommend getting in contact with an local ASP and to order such cable.

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I have a problem with the S11 Tecra serie.

When I press the FN+F5 button to switch displays the system refuses to respond to my request and automatically falls back on the LCD display. (Or in case of an external connected VGA monitor, to the monitor).

Due to this issue I'm unable to switch between my laptop screen and my VGA monitor when I want to work at my desk.

I've found a few ways around this issue, like using the presentation mode, but this isn't the way it's intended.

Can anyone help me with this issue?
I've already tried installing either the "Hotkey Utilities for Display Devices" and "Display Device Change". Both packages try to start, give the cmd.exe window and then exit with an "Error; Installation Failed." message.

Some more information about the system used:
Toshiba Tecra S11-11G (PTSE3E)
Operating system: Windows XP (Company policy).
Bios version: 2.20
EC version: 1.70

I do hope anyone has some insight in this issue.

With regards,

A:Tecra S11 - FN+F5 doesn't switch to VGA display

According notebook documentation this notebook was delivered with WXP installation disc.
Is this Toshiba WXP recovery image installed on your Tecra or company?s own WXP installation?

Generally speaking what do you need is:
# TOSHIBA Common Modules V6.06.03
# TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility for Display Devices V3.5.1.0
# TOSHIBA Display Device Change Utility V3.2.1.0

These three tools are important for FN+F5 functionality.
Do you use VGA to VGA cable or some adaptor?

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One day I was using the laptop surfing the net normally, everything was fine and suddenly the display gone wrong...(pic below). I tried using an external monitor and still the same, so I am quite sure that my monitor is fine and it's probably a display card problem?
I tried to update my display card driver and no luck, so I decided to use the recovery CD to restore the system, and no luck again.

Here is a screenshot after the system restore...is there a way to repair this without taking it to a service centre??
Link: [http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p262/ctb205/mon.jpg]

A:Tecra S1 - Display issue, even on external monitor

Hi borist,

It?s really great that you could post a picture of your problem. Thank you!
Furthermore you tried already a lot of like recovery installation and an external monitor.

Unfortunately it seems to be a hardware malfunction of graphic card. :(

So that means you have to exchange the mainboard because the graphic card is fixed on it. Mainboard is pretty expensive part and Tecra S1 is old notebook so maybe you can get a second hand mainboard or notebook on eBay and exchange it yourself.

Good luck! :)

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I have a problem with my laptop (Tecra S5 series).
Every time when I start or restart my laptop, the display is moving too slow, it has yellow stripes and sometimes is blinking.
When I open the Device manager I can see the Display Adapter (NVIDIA Quadro NVS 130M) with yellow circuit with a extension mark. When I go inside it says: The device cannot start. Code 10.

Then I have to go in Safe Mode, uninstall the drivers for NVIDIA Quadro NVS 130M, install again and restart. I have noticed that when this Display Adapter is OK, then I don't have problems with my laptop screen.

Can anyone help me?

A:Tecra S5 - Display Adapter cannot start - Code 10

Which operating system do you use?
I don?t know since when do you have this problem but if this happen again and again I recommend you to install original OS that you got with your notebook. It contains original drivers, including display driver and something like this should not happen.

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I'm trying to locate a display driver for a Toshiba Tecra 8100 with XP(OS), the adapter is s3 inc mx/ix. I went to Toshiba's site and the XP version is not there, can someone tell me where I can get this driver?

A:display driver for Toshiba Tecra 8100 with XP

This is in the wrong forum


Never expect your machine vendor to support you. Go to the hardware maker, in this case S3

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Previously my Tecra laptop would not start up. A friend finally got it to boot by basically twisting the base of it over the corner of a table. Will now boot but randomly will lock up/freeze etc. Took it apart (luckily no parts leftover when put back together) and reseated all connectors. Same intermittent problem May be a cold solder joint but could not visually see any. There are 1000's of course.

Has anybody seen a similar problem ? Would appreciate a direction to follow. I do get the bunch of horizontal and vertical lines on the display intermittently as well, especially if I press down hard on any key.

A:Intermittent Toshiba Tecra S1 display/lockup

It being a lappy, you need to seek professional help really.

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I want to ask question about Tecra W50-A-114. My boss bought this tecra because in specifications was listed it has Intel Wireless Display.
But now he want to use it, connect to projector, but there is missing buttons or aplications for it.
OS is Win 8.1

I tried to install Intel WiDi driver software from toshiba support pages for his Tecra w50, but installation finished with error that there is no supported graphics???

Ghaphics is Nvidia Quadro K2100.

Why I get error message there is no supported graphics when I use driver from autodetected toshiba support page, and also its in specifications that notebook has Intel Wireless Dispaly?
How can I make it work?

thank you for help.

A:Tecra w50-a-114 - Intel Wireless Display not working/available

Try the latest Wifi software from intel.com

Updating the Intel display driver may also help (from intel.com)

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I'm trying to locate a display driver for a Toshiba Tecra 8100 with XP(OS), the adapter is s3 inc mx/ix. I went to Toshiba's site and the XP version is not there, can someone tell me where I can get this driver?

A:display driver Toshiba Tecra 8100 with XP(OS)?

Have you e-mailed Toshiba support for the driver?

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I had problems with the display driver last month after new updates, the original driver of the display was gone.
After some restores of the old versions the display was working but not with the original display driver. I had fount the driver on the notebook and trait to install this again, but something is gone wrong.
When i start the PC than the bios password is ask, filled in, windows XP is started and than the display is dark without courser. Look of the display drive is not started automatically by start up off windows XP.

What can i do? Is te only option run the recovering CD's of the PC?

A:Tecra S5 - Black display after startup of windows XP

Can you start notebook properly using safe mode option (F8 at start-up)?

What can you do?
In my opinion you have two options only: to install Toshiba display driver or install OS again using original recovery disc (radical but better option).

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At 1024 ? 768, the screen is full, but on changing to 800?600 and 640?480, the visible screen shrinks slightly and drastically in that order. Is it possible to get a lower resolution screen to completely fill the display area?
I've already got the BIOS to stretch text, but there is no setting to stretch graphics.

If someone has got this working, can they send me the name of the driver file, and I will hopefully find it somewhere to install it?

A:Tecra 730XCDT display size problem - possible to fix?

Sorry mate but could you please start with some details by providing more info about your Tecra Model and about the preinstalled Windows system?

The XCDT series seems to be old? and I mean very, very old? so not quite sure if the community would be able to help you? however, please post the info required above.

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I own a Tecra R850 with the ATI HD 6450M, and every now and again it hangs and BSOD appears.
I've observed that mainly it happens when reproducing flash videos.
After checking System Events I've discovered it's a problem with the display card driver.

The event system says that may be a solution [here|http://wer.microsoft.com/Responses/Response.aspx/21682/en/5.1.2600.0.00000000.9.9?SGD=13feb1cd-4c8b-4c3a-aeee-ca4ca2c99729]

This webpage indicates that it is a bug in the driver and I must upgrade to the latest driver to solve de problem, and it provides a link to ATI webpage.

I've downloaded the drivers from ATI webpage and the installation program says that it is not compatible with Toshiba laptops.
I've checked Toshiba webpage and I already have the latest (and unique) driver for my display card.

As it appears on the webpage it's a driver bug, but Toshiba seems not to have released any update in the driver despite Ati has...

Any one can help?


A:Tecra R850 - Display driver problem - BSOD

Hi Jose

Do you use original Toshiba preinstalled Windows or your own version?
Original display driver included in original recovery image is tested so you should not have some troubles with basic stuff like playing flash videos.

Since when have you noticed this issue? Can you give us one example when this happen?
Have you installed some updates?
To be honest I cannot imagine this issue is from the first day of usage.

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Hey there.

I've got a user that has a Tecra M9 on a docking station.
There are 2 monitors connected to the docking station, one with VGA, the other with DVI. I use the Nvidia control panel and set up the displays and all is good in the world.
That is until the user undocks the laptop, does some work at home, then brings the laptop back in.

From that point, only one monitor is working, with the second out of action.
I can go back in and reset the setup, but the user doesn't want that to happen everyday.

Any suggestions on how to get the laptop to save the settings depending on if it's docked or undocked?


A:Tecra M9 - save display settings with docking station

>That is until the user undocks the laptop, does some work at home, then brings the laptop back in.
Do you know what the user did in the past?
In my knowledge there is no any special option which could save this. If you click on button (Apply) then the changes are made and saved.

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Is there a BIOS update that allows me to select "BOTH" as an option for the Power On Display?
Currently it only lists Auto-Select and Internal.

Auto-Select only outputs to the external screen if one is connected.
I need to set the default as output on both screens.

Older Toshibas do this. In fact, every other Toshiba I've used has this feature.
As a presentation/hire/conference laptop, this is an important feature.

And yes, I've updated the BIOS to the latest version.



A:Tecra M11-11L: BIOS udpate to get power on display on both screens?

> Auto-Select only outputs to the external screen if one is connected.
> I need to set the default as output on both screens.

No, there is not such BIOS update which would add this option.

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Good Day !!!

Is it possible to connect a external monitor with Tecra S5-12L and use both display at the same time.

My Laptop details: http://www.toshiba.nl/innovation/jsp...U&ERROR=0#tab7;

OS: Win7 32 bit

I had installed value added package from toshiba but still i cannot able to connect and use laptop display and the 2nd monitor at the same time. i.e my PC is not detecting the 2 monitors at the same time.

If i connect the external monitor and restart the PC then my PC takes the external monitor as a main display and the laptop screen is not detected any more.

If i disconnect the external monitor and restart the PC then the PC monitor acts as a primary monitor and after the booting up in connecting the external monitor the PC is not detecting any more.

Before i used to use to connect it with TV and i can get the TV and the PC monitor to work at the same time but at the time i was using Windows XP. Now connecting to TV, I cannot able to get the TV and the laptop screen working at the same time.

Is it true that we cannot able to use the PC monitor and an external monitor at the same time ? or is there any settings that i should perform to get the dual monitors working ? Please share your view if its know.. thanks...

There is no problem in the cable nor the monitor as i tested it with other PC(ASUS, Win 7 64 bit) and its working fine.

Is there any limitation in hardware or its just software issue/settings.
Please support !!!

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I installed WinXP new and now I have problems with my grafic, I think.
Oftern there comes a blue screen with a warning "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" or sometimes with a failure of a date called like a thing from my grafic card.
And sometimes my system just freezes.

Has anybody help?

A:Tecra 9000 - BSOD after display driver installation


BSOD is a result of serious software issue or hardware malfunction.
You said this BSOD appears after installation of graphic card driver.

First of all; did you install the right graphic driver?
Secondly; did you install the Win XP patches?

The Toshiba driver page provides some Win XP drivers for this notebook model?
The drivers are placed in Archive area because this notebook is an oldie?
Should check it?

If the BSOD will still appear after Windows XP update and after right driver installation then a hardware issue could be the reason for this issue?
By hardware malfunction I mean the graphic chip issue or memory module issue?.

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Does anyone know if there is a update driver for the s3savmx driver that comes with the tecra 8100 laptop computer? I installed windows xp os in my 8100 and the display driver stops responding, is there a update driver out there and if so what's the name of it?

A:Tecra 8100 Laptop S3savmx Display Driver

Have you checked the Toshiba website to see what support they offer?

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I have an Tecra R950-16L for about 3 months now everything works fine. Now since a few days I have the problem, that sometimes, especially after I transported the notebook before, the internal display stays black after I power on the notebook.

I can blindly type my password and see from the disc activity that windows is starting probably, but no display is shown.

After I move the notebook around and shake it a bit it sometimes works again and the it stays working until I move the notebook again somewhere else (at least this is what seems to make the effect occur).

Seems to me like a loose connector to the display or something like that?

Is there any chance to repair this on my own?
I do need my notebook all the time and do not want to send it for repair if not 100% neccessary.

What do you suggest?

Michael Czierwitzki

A:Tecra R950-16L - Display stays dark on power up sometimes

>Seems to me like a loose connector to the display or something like that?

Yes, it looks like there is a loose connection or maybe something wrong with the lid sensor.

>Is there any chance to repair this on my own?
I don?t think so.
You would need to check what?s wrong exactly. After this has been checked, you would need to disassemble the notebook and this is not easy. Last but not least you would need the compatible parts to replace the affected hardware? I don?t think you can do that?

>I do need my notebook all the time and do not want to send it for repair if not 100% necessary.
Well, you could ask the Toshiba authorized service provider for details and how long such repair would take.

Here you can find all ASPs worldwide:

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I want to connect my laptop to a DVI screen and it only has a DisplayPort (and VGA but I do want to get the full resolution) port.
So I need an adapter.
Can I use a passive adapter or do I need to buy an active?

A:Tecra R850-117: Need info about Display Port to DVI adapter


As far as I know the DisplayPort on the left side complies to the V1.1a standard.
This means that the DispplayPort is compatible with DVI and HDMI standards so you can use an DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI adapter.

So you could use something like that:
<img src='http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/3189/captureuqp.jpg' border='0' width='300' height='200px'/>


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Hi, just found this forum.
I'm having problems with my old Tecra 9100 laptop which ive had since new.
I shut it down last night, started it up this morning and it now no longer boots.
It gets past the Toshiba screen, and the windows xp scrolling bar screen appears fine.

But the screen then turns black and doesn't go to the XP login screen.
But windows is working because if i press enter it logs into my profile(i hear the login music theme etc, and the HDD light is on, logging into windows....) Its just i get no display at all?

I also tried an external monitor, still the same, Windows XP scrolling screen always appears, but nothing else comes up on the display.

Any ideas? Hardware fault? (But the toshiba screen and 1st XP screen appears?) , OS fault (even thought i can log in, albeit "blind")???


A:Tecra 9100 wont boot into windows-Black display

This is strange... I don?t think that there is an hardware problem because you can see the Toshiba splash screen and as you said the Windows boots up.

My first thought was that your display was set to external monitor?
It looks like you have tested it and nothing appears on the second display ?:|
That?s really strange?.

Anyway? after the notebook has booted try to use the FN+F5 key combination to switch to another display? maybe it helps.

You could also try to boot in safe mode. Press the F8 at the beginning.
And then choose safe mode.

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I want to replace my screen of my toshiba tecra r950 158, which was broken during transport. What is the part number of the screen so I can buy one?

Thanks in advance

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I possess a tecra A10 complete with Windows Vista Business installed (and backed up to an image file using Easeus Todo backup

However I also have access to a Tecra M10 which came with no operating system, although the COA sticker (product key) is likewise for a windows Vista Business.

My question is: would my Windows Vista Business back up from the A10 work on the M10 (ie would it load onto the M10 hard drive and then work properly

If anyone can advise on this matter I would be appreciative please

Best wishes

A:Can I use Tecra A10 OS disk to install OS on Tecra M10?

At first I must say that Toshiba recovery image is created for each notebook model separately and it is 100% created to work on specific model. Why?
Every notebook model has different hardware platform and all drivers, tools and utilities for certain model are part of recovery image. These recovery images are also tested.

Generally speaking if both models have identical hardware platform (hardware parts) it can be used.

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Dear forum
The above says it all really.

I see the two look similar, but one is smaller. Are these two models different in other ways please.

A:Difference between Tecra A10 and Tecra M10

Of course the both notebooks are different.
There are different Tecra A10 models and there are different Tecra M10 units.

For example:
Tecra *A10-13B* supports an Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2,26 GHz CPU and Intel GM45 chipset.

Tecra *A10-1D2* supports an Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.80Ghz CPU and Intel GM45 chipset

You can find details about different discontinued notebook models here:
Then you can compare all the hardware parts.

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I have Dell Inspiron 5547 laptop (Touch Screen, 15 inches, 16 GB RAM and i7 4th Gen processor, Out of Warranty). Some days back, suddenly the display went dim and anything is hardly visible. After some initial investigation, the display chip (may be VGA or LED display chip) on the motherboard appears to be burnt out (may be due to voltage surge). Even the numbers printed on the chip is not readable because of which it is difficult for the local repairing shops to repair this problem.
I think Dell India Service Center doesn't deal with chip level repair and hence replacing motherboard is the only way they can fix this. This will be very costly (considering that the laptop is not under warranty so will have to pay for warranty extension, motherboard replacement and repair service) and time consuming.
Hence, to avoid all this I have come here to seek some assistance.
If there are anyone using the same laptop (Inspiron 5000 series 5547 Touch Screen Display with i7 4th Gen Processor and 16 GB RAM) then could you please take a clear picture of your laptop's motherboard or if you recognize the display chip then only that should be sufficient. In this case, I can read the chip related number from the image and try to repair it.
What are the charges for buying a warranty for the laptop, motherboard of my laptop and repairing charge? 

Request your response and help.

Rohit Kumar

A:Display Issue - Dim Display for Dell Inspiron 5000 (Model 5547) - Touch Screen Display with i7 4th Gen Processor and 16 GB RAM

You'll have to call Dell about the possibility of a warranty extension;  in the US, it's sometimes possible but will likely run over $300 -- or about what a board replacement would cost.
If you're getting video, the GPU is OK -- and it's more likely the power circuit to the backlight that's bad.  It'll likely cost as much to repair as to replace the board -- though you'll still be putting $300-400 into an out of warranty system, so replacing the system may be a better idea (if you do this, consider buying a 3-year warranty with the next system).

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Question that I could not find an answer for on Google before I buy. I currently have a Dell 6420 using Win 7 SP1 with a 1366 X 768 display that I have the text set at 125% so I can read it. What display is going to look better on an X1 Carbon if I use that setting, the 2560 x 1440 WQHD IPS LED Display or the 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS LED Display using Win 7 Pro?

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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hi, it is possible to have a functionnaly laptop upgrade with win10
or it is definitively dead ...

it is easy and no time eating for upgrade windows ?


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I'm trying one of this popular caddy's that allows me to put a second hard drive in the optical slot bay, I use a Sata to Sata adapter, so there is not really an adapter besides connecting properly:

[http://www.akasa.co.uk/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&no=181&type=Enclosures&type_sub =2.5%20Enclosure&model=AK-OA2SSA-BK]

My problem is with Toshiba BIOS that is expecting a ODD device in that Sata port and cames out with a "CD-ROM error", disabling the Sata port.

I have a workaround, if I start the PC, after BIOS post with anything in ODD bay, after starting Windows, I insert the second HDD in the ODD bay, go to "Windows Device Manager" do a "Check for hardware changes" and voil?, the second HDD is working fine, to me this proves a BIOS limitation.

Is there any help, a Beta BIOS or something else, I have the last BIOS 3.00 for this machine installed.

A:Tecra M10-17U use second HDD in the ODD bay

Please check this thread:

It seems that Tecra M10 does not support an select bay which would allow you to use an 2nd HDD instead of ODD.
As far as I know select bay is supported on Tecra M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, S1, S2

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do you know, if it possible to install a SSD Driver for my notebook?
And if yes, which manufacturer/brand you would recommand?
I want to install Win7 Prof - Anything to take care of? Drivers, firmware, BIOS Version etc...?

Thanks for tips in advance.

kind regards


A:Can I use SSD for Tecra A8

Generally speaking it should not be a big problem to use an SSD instead of an common HDD.
The notebook supports the SATA interface and you have to use an 2.5? SATA SSD drive.
I cannot recommend any specific brand but in some very rare cases it could be possible that you will need to update the SSD firmware providing by an SSD manufacturer?

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we are encountering unusual problems with one of our Tecra devices.

Background info:

(The Laptop is used mostly in docked mode).

Occasionaly the screen won't turn on (laptop aswell as ext. monitor) while the laptop is used in dock-mode when the system is powered on by the user.

The user is also facing this issue, when the device is used outside the dock (eg. presentations) and reputting it into the docking station.

As said, the issues arrive occasionaly and we can't spot the problem.

Things I've already did:

- Update BIOS/UEFI to newest version
- Check multiple BIOS/ Windows settings e.g. Power-Settings -> disabled most of them that could cause this weird behavior
- Checked display drivers (Intel) and updatet them to the newest (no beta drivers)

The solution now exists of powering off the device via hard reset (pressing the power button for multiple settings), restarting the system and then putting it back into the docking station.

As you can imagine, this problem is very frustrating to us when the user has worked on something important and hasn't saved his progress before leaving meetings, because he knew he will be at his office, putting his device back in, but nothing happens and we have to hard reset it.

I appreciate any kind of help.

Best regards,


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Hi. I've got a failing hard disk in my Tecra, the existing disk is a Fujitsu MHZ2120BH G1. In an ideal world I would swap this disk for a solid state but I'm wary having read of others' problems installing SSDs. Has anyone any experience of successfully (or otherwise!) of doing this. Alternatively, I'm quite content to stick with a HDD but I wonder whether I can increase the size of the disk from the existing 120Gb? I've got some vague memory of having read about a limit on the size this laptop will take. Thanks.

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Thinking of replacing the exiting ram with
G.Skill Ripjaws SO-DIMM F3-1600C11D-8GRSL 1.35V (Low Voltage) 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3 1600

Not sure it is compatible. I doubt it is compatible to 8gb ram.
Please advice.

A:Tecra M11 - RAM compability

Can you please post notebook full model name (M11-xxx)?
Just to check which chipset is inside and RAM compatibility as well.

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