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XP Application Switcher = Black Rectangle

Q: XP Application Switcher = Black Rectangle

Hi everyone - newbie poster here.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
I have a Windows XP machine with a roaming profile served by Windows Server 2007.  Some time ago, the application switcher pop-up, which normally shows icons for all open applications, turned into a solid black rectangle (size adjusts, depending on the number of apps open).  This is true no matter what machine I use with my profile so it would appear that it is some sort of corruption at the profile level.
This is a work machine and I do have an IT company that I could have look at this for me, but something like this would come with an hourly charge so I'd prefer to figure out how to solve it myself as it's certainly not mission critical, just annoying.
FYI, I would call my self an intermediary Windows user.  I'm not a novice by any stretch (have been using PCs since the DOS days), but despite by computer geek leanings have never put the time into being true power user so please tailor any suggestions accordingly.

Preferred Solution: XP Application Switcher = Black Rectangle

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XP Application Switcher = Black Rectangle

Do what is says here: How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP.

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Hey everyone,
Just discovered a bizarre application switcher from microsoft, somewhat similar to Apple's Expose.
Here's the screenshot

The thing came up when I clicked the mouse wheel. The mouse is Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000. Microsoft software that came with the mouse is installed. Checked the mouse buttons config, and it says that clicking the wheel brings up the Flip 3D.

But, since I use the basic vista theme with Aero disabled (like it more this way), there is no Flip 3D on my machine. When I enable the Aero, clicking the mouse wheel brings up Flip 3D.

Anyone got any idea what is this thing?
Actually i quite like it, because it is fast as hell, way faster and more useful than other third party "expose on windows" third party solutions I tried some time before.
I was wondering how to bring up this thing from my keyboard, but win+tab does nothing. As for now, only clicking the mouse wheel works.
Tried to google this, but didn't find any solutions. Any ideas?

Also, hi to everyone, fisrt post here.

A:Strange application switcher

Hello BGSH, and welcome to Vista Forums.

When Aero is enabled you get the Flip 3D affect. When it is not, you get the standard select open window instead. See the tutorial below to see if this is what you are seeing.

Flip 3D

Hope this helps,

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Please help. I'm going insane.

Why, when I hit Alt+Tab, does any application show more than once on the selection pane?????

Please see the attached .jpeg for better explanation.

Thanks in advance!!

A:Alt+Tab Switcher Showing More Than 1 Option for the Same Application!!


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too long; didn't read: I (2nd year CS Student) am looking for a way to increase the animation speed or disable the animation of the Logitech SetPoint "Application Switcher" Button on windows 7?

Hi All!

First off, I found this community by accident while looking for some tips and tricks! I registered and am curious to see if maybe I can receive some help or a pointer in the right direction with my issue (because it's not really a problem).

So, at home I have my windows 10 and use the M705 Logitech Mouse with the thumb-button configured to show my application switcher (Shows open Applications on current desktop and at the bottom a list of virtual desktops), which I LOVE.

Que coming to work. "Here's your windows 7 laptop."

... "thank you?" I do get it, security is important and they have it set up specifically to tailor their needs, so, while a tad disappointing, I understand why.

Anyway, I'm setting things up the way I like it and found that the windows 7 application switcher (ALT+Tab) isn't really that fantastic. I installed the SetPoint from Logitech because my mouse is more comfortable and was surprised to find that they had implemented a type of application switcher for windows 7! All in all, it works like a charm. The only downside being is that the animation is quite slow.

I've been souring the Interwebs for a secret setting and the install files for a config file to adjust but with little (I mean none at this point) ... Read more

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whenever I open a pdf for the last few days, a black bar has appeared on the left side. 
Here is the screenshot:
I have installed a few programs over the last few days, including QuickTime. 
I have a fairly powerful graphics driver from G-Force. I don't know if that is relevant. 
Is there any way to analyze this and remove it?

A:black rectangle appearing in pdf's

What are you using to open the PDF's? Adobe, Foxit?

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i have a BLACK RECTANGLE UNDER my taskbar :S and cant fix it please help!


the screenshot shows nothing so i took the piccture whit my webcam:

please help me!

A:Black rectangle under my taskbar!

Does your monitor have an Auto Adjust button? If not, you may need to manually adjust it with those buttons there in the bottom-right. Let us know if that fixes it.

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Hi! So, when I type, there's this weird black rectangle when I type. What should I do? Thanks

A:There's a black rectangle when I type.

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Make the computer easier to see

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Ok so I noticed there is black vertical rectangle on the bottom right corner of the sreen just above the clock to the left of it. I drag it and it is there. I can't close it or expand it and right clicking on it does nothing. What is this? Hopefully it is not a hacking tool or a rootkit or something.

I don't know where it came from.. it might have come from a site I watched an animated cartoon show on. So anyone know what this is? I am attaching a screen shot and then restarting to see if it disappears but hopefully someone can identify it and tell me what it is or what does it do cuz this has me worried.

A:Black Rectangle on Screen

If you put the cursor on the rectangle and right click, do you get properties?
Properties will give a lot of information.

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I hit f1 by accident because laptop was freezing up and now I can't log on since that space is covered with a back rectangle. What should I do.

A:Have a blue screen with black rectangle

Never mind, problem fixed! Amen!

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All documents scanned using the ADF are fine. But when placing a document on the glass the scanner leaves a black rectangle on the bottom corner. When the paper is moved down a little the black rectangle disappears. When the paper is moved further down, I get a black rectangle on the upper corner. An 8.5x12 normal sized document has a black rectangle a .5"x.25". A larger document will leave a 2.5"x.5" black rectangle.

Is there a part I can replace that could fix this issue? I have already troubleshot the driver by installing a newer one, and the scanner has been completely cleaned(in and out). Kinda at a loss here, any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

A:Ricoh IS 420, black rectangle on documents

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Hi guys
recently I've noticed if i lock my pc and then unlock when i come back to my workstation, a dark grey square with inactive arrows appears in the top left of the screen, i cant move it, click on it or close it! It doesn't seem to have any "always on top" setting as i can put any program or explorer window above it and it stays happily on the desktop behind the window.
A restart of the PC removes it but that's not always practical to do
Have a look at the screenshot attached and let me know what you think it could be and how i can remove it!

A:Black Rectangle appears on desktop after locking PC

It would appear an tray application or some background app you have is not loading properly when you unlock the machine. It's possible the act of locking it actually causes the problem with the specific program in question.
If it happens all the time I would guess it's something in your startup programs.

If you go to the search box and type msconfig and hit enter then go over to the startup tab, could you screen and post that ... just the one tab.

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Hi, The laptop hasn't been dropped or anything. This rectangular just shown up in the middle of the screen as it noticeable. The touch screen works fine, but when I'm using it on low brightness, it's quite annoying. Is there any solution to solve this? I would really appreciate any kind of help.  Cheers, Mark. 

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I have a latitude E6440 running the latest Win 10. In the last few days, every time I start my laptop from sleep or off, a black block (see pic) appears on screen but otherwise the function of laptop is unaffected (I can click behind it etc). 
The block goes away after anything from a few seconds to a few minutes, not seemingly after any particular actions. Occasionally the block has gone grey or to flashing lines.
I updated to latest intel graphics driver but have seen no change.
Any thoughts very welcome.

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Many of my application icons (exe) have changed to default blue rectangle,
and other applications icons changed to unknown type (e.g. pdf icons)

I have tried windows restore - that wont work
I have tried changing from 32 bit to 16 bit and back that wont work either.

It has nothing to do with resolution. I am attaching a snapshot of what i mean.

Please help me restore them back or let me know if this is due to a virus or trojan.

Thanks a lot for your help

A:application icons changed to default blue rectangle, applications icons to unknown ty

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I tried adaware but it will not remove it and I also have a red X in my taskbar tray saying my computer is infected. Here is my hijackthis log. Please Help!!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:36:57 PM, on 12/27/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\type32.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec_Client_Security\Symantec AntiVirus\vptray.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\CursorXP\CursorXP.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VCClient\VCClient.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VCClient\VCMain.exe
C:\Program Files\ssos\csos.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\rnathchk.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\default\Desktop\hijackthis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://desktop.presario.net/script... Read more

A:Solved: Black rectangle in center "SPYWARE INFECTION"

Triplicate closed.

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Not available DISPLAY\NVXBAR\5&13D42385&0&CA000003&02&00 These device's drivers are not installed.

What does this mean ? I surely has a link with the fact that with any game my computer reboots after a while. Please help.

A:Drivers problem makes my 3d application go black

Have you any info on what NVXBAR is? Is it a program with an Nvidia card? Have you tried installing the latest drivers from the Nvidia site?

Just posting the error message doesn't help that much.

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I noticed this Alt-Tab replacement for Vista. Anyone tried it?

Switcher for Windows Vista

I'm searching for reviews but so far I haven't come up with any info.

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I'm quite knowledge when it comes to computers, however I'm coming here for second opinions and advise to my problem.

It started about a month ago with dxgkrnl.sys+5d000 causing a black BSOD, would just randomly reset my system (all fans 100% exhaust for a few seconds, then boot back up)

My specs:
Intel i5 3570k @ 4.2ghz using MSI OC Turbo Genie. (With corsair H80 cooler)
8GB of 2133mhz G.Skill ram
MSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard
Gigabyte Windforce x3 GTX 670
850W OCZ ZX 80+ Gold PSU

Firstly when this was happening, it only happened inside games... at 99% GPU usage. So after testing the drivers, reinstalling the OS, running memtest, reseating ram, changing PCI-E slots, changing my power extender lead from a cheap 10bar to an expensive 4bar plug, making sure both CPU and GPU temps don't go above 60c... I was out of ideas and sent the GPU back for RMA. RMA was accepted as faulty, a new one was sent out 3 days later, put it in... had some issues with PEG in the BIOS, but got it sorted and a video link was picked up. Worked fine for the last week, now the same exact problem is back.

However this time it just happens randomly, even when I'm idling. Done more stress testing on the GPU, did 10hours at 99% usage under furmark with no problems. I'm sceptical about it being another GPU issue due to the data I've gathered.

However, the system works fine with onboard graphics... nothing crashes randomly. I've exhausted all tests to no avail, I'm thinking the motherboard is faulty, however... Read more

A:Black BSOD, dxgkrnl.sys+5d000 while PC is in any application or idling


Any advice? thank you.

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Hi guys

Some help is needed if thats ok... first off, I am no computer expert so go easy on!

So last night, my girlfriend switched the netbook off by holding the on/off button. this morning while starting up is started some scan thing... that took about 5 minutes, was checking lots of files!

Everything, went as normal. When logging in, the minute i put my pasword in. a box flashed up saying title "explorer.exe - apllication error"followed with "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click ok to close the application.

After pressing ok, there is just a black screen... and the cursor... nothing else.

I had to swtich off. after restarting, my "asus express gate cloud" started worked as normal, i can browse etc.
I then thought to try safe mode... worked fine. with networks etc too.

I googled a bit and found a post saying the same and some guy said to run "cmd scannow" so did that, when i did that it said there were files that could not be fixed and to check the log. I had a look and its just stuff i dont understand

Anyone able to help me at all? I dont have a virus protect on here and installed ccleaner it founf lots of DLL files and deleted them.... i dunno.

After this someone told me to restore to a previous point... did that.. and it said failed to restore due to a number of errors.


A:EXPLORER.EXE application error after logging in, now black screen

One of our Forum experts created this tutorial that may help.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

When using some of the native Windows 7 tools like Startup Repair and SFC (system file checker), if problems are found it's necessary to run the tool 3 times, rebooting in between each run.

Since you have a netbook, and I'm guessing no CD/DVD player readily available, it's going to limit your repair options if you have to "insert CD" or "burn to CD", etc. You might be able to use a USB flash drive instead but you'd also have to make sure that the BIOS is set to read from the flash drive as first option (the BIOS may be set to a default to read from hard drive first.)

Depending on what files got damaged or corrupted, or what else might have happened, you may have a hidden recovery partition on the hard drive that could return the netbook to factory settings. But this option would also erase everything else from the hard drive.

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I'm having a problem called "audio switcher out", i'm unable to play music and watch movies with sound. Is there anything i can do to fix this?


A:audio switcher out

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Is it possible to show the App Switcher (left bar) permanently? I exploit Metro as an additional environment for non-professional issues, but I easily lose track of what apps remain open, which isn't always favorable. However, I would prefer to not include apps in the taskbar, because my taskbar buttons have labels.

I'm probably doing a poor request, constantly having the left bar open would typically overlap Metro's tiles.

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C:\Documents and Settings\mike\My Documents\Downloads\28.Weeks.Later.2007.CAM.SN\28.CAM.MovieX.mp4::Elecard MP4 Audio Handler (ehs)
AAC Decoder::Out
Audio Switcher::Out​
Media Type 0:
Audio: PCM 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps

majortype: MEDIATYPE_Audio {73647561-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_PCM {00000001-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
formattype: FORMAT_WaveFormatEx {05589F81-C356-11CE-BF01-00AA0055595A}
bFixedSizeSamples: 1
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 1
cbFormat: 18

wFormatTag: 0x0001
nChannels: 2
nSamplesPerSec: 48000
nAvgBytesPerSec: 192000
nBlockAlign: 4
wBitsPerSample: 16
cbSize: 0 (extra bytes)

0000: 01 00 02 00 80 bb 00 00 00 ee 02 00 04 00 10 00 .............
0010: 00 00 ..

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I received a series of video files of mixed types ? flv and mp4. They open correctly but without soud? and sometimes a receive first a warning shield saying ?audio switcher: out?.
Please advise what can be done to receive the sound.

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Hey guys, I am using switcher, and I'm wondering if I can make it so that I can press my shortcut button, expose will stay on, then to close it I press my shortcut button again. Don't really like how I have to hold down my shortcut to see the expose. Thanks

A:Switcher question

Switcher means Win+Tab ? Then there is a way .

Switch Between Windows - Flip 3D Shortcut

Right click on the desktop > New > Shortcut

In the create shortcut dialog box , write "%systemroot%\System32\rundll32.exe DwmApi #105" (copy & paste)

For the icon, Right click on the new shortcut > Properties > Change icon

In the box write "%Windir%\explorer.exe" and you will get your desired icon there . Press OK , Apply , and again OK .

Now right click on it , and select " Pin to the Taskbar " and delete the original . One click, it will stay on, next click, you are back .

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I've just recently re-installed everything on my pc, but still I have a minor problem. If I leave my pc, with open programs or browser windows for a period of time, the program switcher appears, as though I have pressed Alt+Tab, and stays visible. If I then click on any icons to open a program or folder, my pc acts as though I have right clicked, and brings up a menu, or properties. I have to re-boot to get things back to normal. Could anyone tell me what the problem could be, and how I could solve it. Thanks in advance.

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I accidently moved the Windows Switcher Icon from the Taskbar to the desktop and cant get it to drag back. Of course this renders it usless because I cant see it with other windows open. How can I get it back on the taskbar?

A:Windows Switcher

Hello Supersebe, if you click on this link it will give you your answers;
Flip 3D
Once you sort it out you may like this other option or you may prefer it to a quick launch icon;
Flip 3D - Add to Context Menu

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Issue: the 'Winder Switcher'
Location: lower left corner of the bottom tool bar
In the past: you can scroll though the open windows, as they appear on your screen visually, at a nice 45? angle, and you pick the window you wish to return to.
Today: This scrolling is no longer there... just a a box comes up and shows you via a 'flat screen look' what apps are open by name and box, no view of the application itself.

What changed - I had Speedup my PC and their Tweaker program ( this is offered Uniblue) on my system. I removed it as it caused more grief then good.

How to: Now, where can I find the 'switch' that allows for this scrolling to work as it did out of the box? It is not an option that I see in the Winder Switcher Properties section of the app.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Window Switcher

Solved the problem via the recommendaton from Brink:

" You must have the Windows Aero color scheme turned on for 3D Filp to work"

I thought this was a std. feature. Guess not.


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Reference to post http://forums.techguy.org/multimedia/565002-audio-switcher-out.html

The cd that i got it tell me, dont have the right info to install it.

My info of motherboard and chip are...
General Information :
Manufacturer : MSI
Product : 915GVM3-V
Model : MS-7223
Version : 1.0
Serial Number : To be filled by O.E.M.
Support MP : Yes, 1 CPU(s)
Version MPS : 1.4

General Information :
NorthBridge : Intel i915GV
SouthBridge : 82801FB/FR (ICH6/ICH6R) LPC Interface Bridge

The multi media audio is on yellow ? in hardware device, can someone help me find that nessesary update for this audio problem?

A:audio switcher out

What does device manger say ???
lets start there first...

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I've seen some HDMI switchers - very cheap

Can I use these to control 2 PC's using one display?

Just wondering how I can use my wireless keyboard?
I do have an old switcher lying around somewhere - this was really poor - the graphics on the second machine very bad AND the worst thing was havig loads and loads of cables!

Any ideas?


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I'm thinking of replacing alt tab entirely with the 3-d version. The only downside I see is that you can't use just 1 alt-tab to quickly switch to your last active window. Is there another reason to use the old alt-tab other than personal preference?

It is quite a thumb cramper to curl under extra far to hit the windows key, but other than that I love the new feature.

A:Window switcher instead of Alt tab?

Here's a good look if you don't like the windows key

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I have the window switcher icon on my taskbar but get no actions when I click on it. Any ideas on how to get it working again would be greatly appreciated. Please keep any remedies you might have as simple as possible. I'm an novice to cyberworld and slow at best. Thx.

A:window switcher (inoperable)

Welcome to the forums, try removing flip3D using the method one step2 or method two step6, then install again using either method one or two. HTH.
Flip 3D - Add to Context Menu

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Is there any software which will allow you to switch between any keyboard layout you want on the fly? I mean, the one built into windows honestly sucks. It will randomly switch back to the default layout whenever you stop typing. So, can anyone point me towards a good piece of software, or can anyone tell me why the built in one doesn't work properly?


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Today in IE 8.0 I had a message supposedly from microsoft that I need to download the microsoft online protection tool. I went to save the file but noticed a weird domain so i did not save or open the file. I ran malwarebytes and combo fix and got a BSOD. Now I am in safemode. Everything seems to work fine in safe mode. Any help would be appreciated.Edit: I just got the "Windows Internet Security" message in Safe Mode. It says: "Your browser is under the threat of infection. Windows requires your permission to install online protection tool."Thanks,-JesseDDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Jesse at 16:53:21.47 on Mon 03/22/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18882Microsoft? Windows Vista? Ultimate 6.0.6001.1.1252.1.1033.18.3312.1959 [GMT -7:00]SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}============== Running Processes ===============C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exeC:\Windows\system32\lsm.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunchC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcssC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcsC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroupC:\Windows\system32\SLsvc.exeC:\Windows ... Read more

A:BSOD and Malware, DNS switcher?

Fixed, problem was that something infected my router from a different computer which constantly changed dns.

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I switched to a Mac Pro three years ago and with Tiger it was Great, with Leopard it slowly gums up with crud and I have to keep doing a reinstall from scratch. I tried Snow Leopard upgrade but the same "permission" problem is still there. Will have to do a completely formatted new install of the system -- again. Lots of users are having problems with Snow Leopard, by the way.

That was basically why I switched from Windows. It sounds as though Win7 might have improved things? I have an old laptop with XP2 that I use on rare occasions, but am pretty much out of touch.

I am ready to buy a new machine and am seriously considering going back to Windows. Actually I started with Dos -- really dating myself.

When I switched to the Mac there was a forum to help; Is there any forum aimed specifically for those who switch to Windows?

Maybe you can help me with some answers:

1. The Mac Pro interiors are clean and easy to swap out drives, add ram and cards. No tangle of cords. I don't suppose the Windows PCs have improved that way?

2. I read that only with Win 7 Pro, can you get older XP programs to run. But does that mean limiting some of the function or power of Win 7?

3. The restore feature never seemed to work. The old Roxio "Go Back" was a lot more helpful for me. Is the new restore better? I used Acronis and was able to restore my drive with that, but wonder if the OS restore has improved.

4. On the Mac I had all four hard drive slots filled (interior) ... Read more

A:Potential Mac Switcher -advice?

Hi marliz and a warm welcome to the Forum,
I have no experience of Macs so cannot really help on most of your questions but I don't like to see a post that gets no response at all.
I can answer one point though, It is No1 above . "The Mac Pro interiors are clean and easy to swap out drives, add ram and cards. No tangle of cords. I don't suppose the Windows PCs have improved that way?"

That depends entirely what make you intend buying. Why not build your own or go to a company that will build for you to your exact specifications. You can then specify exactly how you want the interior to look so far as cable tidies etc are concerned. There is a Tidy Cable enthusiast on this Forum. Perhaps he will read this and comment. Meantime I will try to find him as his signature showed his passion for tidy insides. Plenty of screenshots too if I recall!

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I constantly get this error recently when alttabbing

It just goes on random. Tried google searches but no help.

Can anybody give tips how to avoid this? (Also before modding my explorer.exe with start orbs this already happened)

A:Task Switcher (Alt+tab) problem


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Elite proxy Switcher.....Hmmm

I dont know much about proxies but wanted to try using one.
some one here said to download elite proxy server which i did. I scanned a heap of IPs in it, but most came up dead ( not working ) there was about 3 that were working, and they were level 1 highly annonymous ones.

I selected on of the working ones and double clicked on it to activate it in elite proxy switcher..

once its activated i can no longer searh in google. if i try it just says

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.....

as soon as i disable the proxy it works fine....whats going on ? ? ?

why is this happening....whats the point of using a proxy if you can no longer use the internet . Im confused, what am i doing wrong ? or is the elite proxy switcher programm thats the problem ?

Im using vista by the way.

pls help me solve this.



A:Elite proxy switcher

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At first I have to say that I'm not looking for a desktop switch, which switches between two or more desktops with windows on it.
I am looking for a application which allows to switch between two or more desktops. With "desktop" i simply mean the wallpaper with the desktop icons on it.
Mine is very overcrowded and so I searched for a solution that allows to adapt my workplace to the thing I'm doing. If I'm programming i want links to all my compilers and tools, if I'm gaming I want all my games at the desktop.
Thanks a lot for helpful ideas!

A:Desktop Switcher (read before you think you know what i mean!)

Hi Male and welcome to Vista Forums

Have a look at this Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager - Download

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Originally Posted by Airbot

Beta Version 1.0.2 (September 20, 2009)

Added support of new wallpaper styles of Windows 7Fixed "Tile" and "Center" wallpaper styles on Vista and XPAdded "Show task numbers" option (Appearance tab)Added "Check for new versions of VistaSwitcher online" optionPressing the number key twice switches to the selected taskImproved performance and memory usageSome other bugfixes and improvements


A:Vista Switcher Beta 1.0.2

Thanks mate, quite nice little application.

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Punto switcher is taking up nearly 10x the memory then all other programs combined and there are multiple copies. I have tried to take it off of windows 7 to no avail. I am really good at finding sites in Russian pertaining to how to take care of the problem, but can't find an English one at my level of experience. The computer has gone to blue screen as a result of this program that was built into xp or somehow added later. I think its a windows issue because it is not in control panel under uninstall/change programs. I am also wondering why now after I have had the pc for 3 years do I start seeing this program now that appears to be Russian and came with the PC. Did something change my settings such as a virus? It is used to change English to Russian as a translator. The only reason I can think of it being so high is as a result of something running in the background and changing all of my files to send it off somewhere as part of a trojan or some other hack and that punto is just picking up on it and if thats possible how do I figure that out? Any ideas?

A:Solved: Punto Switcher

>> http://www.shouldiremoveit.com/Punto-Switcher-76988-program.aspx

>> http://www.file.net/process/punto.exe.html
I don't recommend downloading/installing any software to "remove" the app (as noted in the first link).

If it's not listed in Windows, try using CCleaner or RevoUninstaller.

Also, the STOP or ERROR code on the BSOD will indicate the cause of the problem.

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I am looking for some type of plugin or addons that can hide my real IP address. I have tried program called HideIP or is it HideMyIp (Can't remember) it doesn't work good making browser real slow. I once tried Firefox proxy switcher.. It doesn't work very well... are/is there any plugin that can hide my real ip address without causing slow browsing speed for firefox? Help is appreicated.

A:Hide my IP/Proxy Switcher and etc???

A few come to mind:-

Switch Proxy Tool

Foxy Proxy

Fox Tor

Proxy Toolbar

Or Go Here and search through all the security related add-on's.

Good luck!

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anyone know of a way to switch operating systems without having to re-boot my computer to the OS choose screen. My two operating systems are Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows XP Home Edition. Thanks.

A:operating system switcher

I have xp pro and vista on 2 drives-if i want to access the alternate one, i go into my computer and click on the required drive and access it via the user/documents etc settings-from there i can use most of the files that i have on that particular drive. I dont think you can actually open that into a bootable drive via this method-i think that will have to be done by either re-booting into BIOS or rebooting and tapping F8 just after the post screen

i may be wrong but hope this helps

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When I Alt + Tab in a game, there are 4-8 apps with blank icons, like Search, Networks, Snapped Desktop, and Immersive Background. Is there a way to remove them?

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Hi All,

I use my laptop at lots of different locations and some have static addresses... Anywhere decent apps I can get to so i can use for this instead of manually doing it all the time?

Thanks in Advance..

A:Network Profile or Switcher

Sorry but what are you actually asking for?

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Ok so with all the firefox betas, and addons that may or may not work (despite nightly tools) does any one know a decent way of switching on the fly.

A:Firefox Profile switcher

On the fly, no; but you could add the


switch to the shortcut command line, and then it will ask which profile to load on startup. More here (if you haven't seen it),

Managing profiles

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Hi I read another guys post about this as well and saw some one ask for their computer set so heres mine using p
Error is as follows.
Audio Switcher::Out

Media Type 0:
Audio: PCM 22050Hz stereo 705Kbps

majortype: MEDIATYPE_Audio {73647561-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_PCM {00000001-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
formattype: FORMAT_WaveFormatEx {05589F81-C356-11CE-BF01-00AA0055595A}
bFixedSizeSamples: 1
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 1
cbFormat: 18

wFormatTag: 0x0001
nChannels: 2
nSamplesPerSec: 22050
nAvgBytesPerSec: 88200
nBlockAlign: 4
wBitsPerSample: 16
cbSize: 0 (extra bytes)

0000: 01 00 02 00 22 56 00 00 88 58 01 00 04 00 10 00 ...."V..ˆX......
0010: 00 00 ..
Media Type 1:

majortype: MEDIATYPE_Stream {E436EB83-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}
subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_None {E436EB8E-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}
formattype: FORMAT_None {0F6417D6-C318-11D0-A43F-00A0C9223196}
bFixedSizeSamples: 0
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 230400
cbFormat: 0

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