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presario 2500 keyboard dead

Q: presario 2500 keyboard dead

presario 2500. Boots AOK, no error messages but the keyboard does not work at all even during boot. Computer works aok all except keyboard.. If keyboard is removed from the laptop it will still do an errorless boot and windows xp will show a keyboard plugged in and working fine. How does BIOS check out a keyboard that is not attached? What is going on and what can be done to get keyboard working? (It is a new kb from HP, same results with old one.) External keyboard aok and on screen keyboard aok. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: presario 2500 keyboard dead

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



During the last few months, my laptop has been used a considerable amount. Unfortunately, my sister borrowed it while I was away at my orientation for college. She broke parts of the keyboard (the parts holding the key into place, and some other things), and I am currently using it mostly taped together. Lucky for me, the tape is holding and still working...

However, my dad who has been a computer guy for many years, wants to replace the keyboard unit, so that way when I get to college it won't be as bad.

The laptop itself is a couple years old, and I don't want to get a new one.

So I was wondering if there are any step by step tutorials for a Compaq Presario 2500. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Replacing Keyboard on a Compaq Presario 2500

might help

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does the rear fan very rarely come on?

I havent seen mine come on ever, so im assuming its dead?

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the DVD drive stopped working and now the hard drive has errors.

I got an external USB DVD drive on it, but chkdsk cannot seem to repair the hard drive.

Anyone got any idea how to fix it or recover data off of the hard drive. I got a year's worth of work on it, and none of my files show up. Just "File record segment XXXXX is unreadable" errors about a million of them.

A:Compaq Presario 2500

Suggest you stop using the drive until you can recover the data.
It is likely that drive has failed or is going into total failure.
You can purchase a replacement drive for $42 to $75 depending on size and whether you get the 5400 rpm or the 7200 rpm in a 40, 60, or 80 GB model.
You can obtain an adapter to put the drive into a desktop unit as a slave. The adapter converts the mobile 2.5" hard drive by adapting the pin set for the desktop EIDE cable. Adapters are available many places, including www.geeks.com, www.cyberguys.com, www.frys.com, www.outpost.com, and others... cheaply at $2.45 to $9.99 depending on where you get one.
Then you can usually drag and drop the data from the mobile drive to a desktop drive, or use drive recovery software, then you can burn a CD to then migrate it to your new drive... or just use a USB transfer.
( We work on a great number of the Presario 2500's with identical problems. Did you know there are 434 different models of the Presario 2500 series of laptops?)
With the new drive, you just use the recovery set that came with your laptop, or buy the set for about $30, including shipping, from the Compaq parts department.
But you likely will not ever be able to use that drive again. Thus, you do not want to stress it further by more restart or rescue attempts.

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I have a presario 2500

the touchpad works fine until I plug in the A/C adapter. after that the cursor does not move correctly at all.

when I unplug the A/C adapter it works fine right away.

I installed a replacement touchpad and nothing changed

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Hi all,

Can anyone suggest how to stop my CPU running intermittently at 100% please. I have scanned PC with MS Security Essentials, A-Squared Free, Spybot S&D and am running Windows Defender - nothing malicious found. Using Process Explorer, it showed many high SVCHost.EXEs running. I have manually turned some of these off now and CPU running at 30-60%. Not realy sure what I am doing and how to turn things off permanently - any suggestions greatly accepted!

PC has 1G of RAM and use an Intel 2.6Ghz Celeron processor - it's an old but useful laptop and would like to use it at it's normal speed again.

Many thanks.


A:Compaq Presario 2500 CPU Running at 100%

Click start, run, type msconfig and press enter.

Under Startups, uncheck everything BUT your antivirus/firewall (if there)and close out.

Reboot and see how it operates for a day.

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Hello people.

I have some problems with my Compaq Presario 2500 (laptop); first, is hard to find information about its components making hard to find drivers; second, the BIOS setup lacks options (it only has 3 or 4) so I can't change almost anything important.
The probles started when I tried to play NFSPU2, I had only 256 ram back then, so the game ran slow in some situations, so I installed another 256 but the game stays the same, I know I have the required system because of the info with the game and the tool that searchs information on your pc so I don't know what's the problem. I did some test with some benchmark tools and everyone tells me that my memory has a discrepancy between what BIOS says and what Windows says; also, the CPU is like running very low for its specifications.
I put the results of the tool within the game for information:

Operating System Information
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
Internet Explorer Information
Version 6.00.2800.1106
System Device Information
Intel Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz 2392.5 Mhz
System Total 504.0
Virtual Total 2047.9
Pagefile Total 846.5

System Available 270.5
Virtual Available 2011.8
Pagefile Available 665.1
Monitor Information
Monitor Name Panel plano digital (1024x768)
Refresh Rate 60 Hz

Network Card Information
Name Adaptador de Fast Ethernet PCI basado en National Semiconductor DP83815 - Minipuerto del administrador de paquetes
IP... Read more

A:Presario 2500 BIOS settings

You have a laptop computer, you are pretty much stuck with what you bought as what you will have for the life of the laptop. I have a Presario R3240US. Basically the only thing that I can "upgrade" is the memory. I can add more memory but that is about the only thing that can be changed. There are VERY few laptop computers that feature upgradable components such as video upgrades. Creative now has a sound card that you can use if you have a USB port and another that plugs in the PC card slot. That will not help speed up the computer however. You have two options, purchase another laptop with better specs (you will likely still have problems running most of the "high end" games) or use a desktop with upgrade capability to add what you need for gaming. I have a friend at work who is considering a "shuttle" sized computer that I told him about. It is small enough to be portable. It is still larger than a laptop and heavier. They can and do use mostly normal devices, sound card, video card etc.
P.S. I have been to Barcelona several times. Love the city and the country.

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Trying to F DIsk and format H/D . Message reads " an internal stack overflow has caused this session to be halted. Change the stacks
setting in your Config.Sys. file and start again."

I cannot get this installed program XP PRO to start.I only get a blank sceen and blinking curser. also the Keyboard will not work, and was replaced.I still have to use an external keybd.

The BIOS, also does not respond readily to the K/BD ,works sometimes but intermittent. I know its a mess but id like to get it sorted

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My Windows laptop PC Compaq Presario 2500 runs very slow. There aren't that many programs but things like opening folders, opening programs, even right clicking take a long time. Starting up takes forever as well.

I have tried doing a full system adware/virus scan, deleting the temp. internet files, and the temp. computer files that show up in the WINDOWS folder of the hard drive. Is there a program that can make a computer run faster? Perhaps there are something that I'm missing. Or is this model laptop such a slow computer that no matter what I do it's always going to be this way?

I was thinking of getting an apple mac laptop but I want to try and see if I can do some simple steps to get this running faster than this. Internet surfing in Firefox is actually fast at least. The keyboard isn't bad in any way and besides a mouse hub hardware problem (can't be fixed) it's in great shape. Please let me know what I can do here, thank you much.

A:Compaq Presario 2500 is generally slow all over

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Laptop turns on but nothing on screen, it doesnt turn on at all.

I tried connecting a monitor to the laptop but still nothing

it powers up fine?

What could it be? What steps can i take next?

I have seen people offering to repair laptops such as mine for about 70-80 on Ebay but i am unsure if my symptoms qualify.

Please can someone offer me advice? Im willing to try a number of things as need this for 2nd year of Uni (computing)

Thanks in advance


A:Compaq Presario 2500 Blank Screen

You may have to press a keyboard key to enable an external monitor. If you have already done this, the motherboard or CPU may be fried. Laptop motherboards and CPU are constantly subjected to overheating, specially if you place an operating laptop on a bed or carpeted floor often

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Upgraded my Presario 2568 to WinXP, everything works, except the on/off button for the integrated wireless lan (front right side near blue LED and IR). This worked before the upgrade from XPhome. There is a heading under Start Menu called Utilities:

Start Menu>Utilities>Wireless Configuration

There is a dialogue box that opens, and says "The following devices are controlled by the wireless on/off button. Click an icon below to turn one device on or off."

There is nothing in this list. Anyone know how to get the HP WLan 54g device listed in there?

A:Compaq Presario 2500 WLAN On/Off Button

Have you gone to the HP website and download all the updated XP Device Drivers? You may also want to check the FAQ on that site to see if its a known issue.

One last thing, Go into Control Panel -> System -> device manager and see if there's any missing drivers or errors.

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hi, i have a compaq presario 2500 and for some reason no username appears. i dont no why. the only way to get onto the computer is to sing into an account but there is no account and no way to get one because i have to sign into an account to make one. please help. i know i didnt give much information but i have none to give.

A:compaq presario 2500: no username appears.

What comes up on the screen when you turn it on? Can you get into safe mode?

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I have a compaq presario 2500, which was making alot of fan noise (usual) and cutting off unexpectedly (not usual), presumably due to heat, my CPU usage was constantly at 100% due to IE and computer running very slow

Before I get into what I have performed, I'll describe the computer's function now (after going through 5 steps)
-Computer now thinks the date is Thursday November 1,2007
-Whenever I would run a program the publisher would be unknown
-The settings on my computer keep resetting for example (and the only one I have noticed) the tapping function on the touchpad keeps getting turned back on upon restart although I manually turn it off, and I have never had that enabled
-Computer still shutting off,CPU will spike to 100% but relatively low CPU usage with one iexplorer running
-when I tried to run the dss.exe the program would have a problem and need to close, always when it was performing "packing up registry hives"

1) First I ran Spycatcher, which provided the following alerts as serious (or the equivalent; there were other less serious ones I won't list):

-Casino on Net (never heard of or installed program)
hkey_current_user\software\vhld Riviera Gold Casino Inc.

microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{1e796980-9cc5-11d1-a83f-00c04fc99d61\



-Adware Casino ... Read more

A:Hijackthis log: CPU usage at 100% and computer shuts off; Presario 2500

-downloaded and ran combofix, can post log

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Hi all. I'm new here but not what you would call new to computers. I have a Compaq Presarion laptop sitting behind me that is giving me fits! A friend of mine got it as a gift. Its got a 1.5 ghz celeron processor, 256 mb of ram, and a 40 gig hard drive.

Here's the problem. When he got it, windows was corrupted and wouldn't boot to windows without a ton of error messages. He told me to wipe the drive clean and re-install XP. He handed me a fresh, recently purchased version of Win XP home and told me to do away with HP's proprietary version of XP. I figured, easy enough. I've done this kind of thing many times with many older computers.

Well, here's the problem. It won't let me do a full format from the XP CD during the first few pages of setup. I can do a quick format of the drive and continue on. However, during setup, I get errors. I've formatted and reinstalled the OS several different times, not always getting the same error message. I completed the install once (with errors) and when I got to the desktop, there was no start button or system clock .... or even the usual recycle bin icon. Nothing was there .... I could ctrl+alt+delete to reboot, but that was the only way to shut the system down.

What is different about these compaq presario notebooks. How can you do a low level format .... or a full format for that matter. How can you get it to take a regular microsoft version of windows XP? I've already wasted countless hours fighting with this laptop.

A:Problems installing Win XP on Compaq Presario 2500 Laptop

Bump ... there appears to be no pattern to the errors I'm experiencing. Can anyone help?

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Hi i was building up my new system yesterday and most of it went fine. I succeded to start the computer, went into the bios to look at the cpu temp, to be secure the fan was connected as it should and working proberbly.
But i saw that i had connecter the cpufan to the chassis fan connector so i turned of the computer and connected it to the cpu fan connector were it should be. Now the computer do not start.
Sometimes without beepes and other times with 1 long and 2 short beepes.

I have tried different memory and AGP card but nothing help. and in the manual it does not say what the beepes mean.

Anybody know what may cause this problems?

A:Barton 2500+ on a A7N8X-X is dead

When you installed the CPU fan to the CHA_FAN1 connector, did you not get an error message saying no RPM detected for the CPU fan ?

Is connecting the CPU fan to the CPU_FAN the only modification you did ?

Try holding down the INSERT key while powering on the machine, if that doesn't work try a clear CMOS ( follow instructions in the manual ).

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i dont know anything about computers so i will need a detailed explanation and i need to know how to fix it!! it just stays on the compaq screen

A:My Compaq Presario 2500 wont go pass the compaq screen

Hello lilevee22,

Before the problem started was anything added to or installed on the system?

Try booting to Last Known Good or Safe Mode.

Restart the computer during the boot process repeatedly tap "F8" you should get

the Advanced Options.

Let us know if able to get the system to boot with either option.

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first the disclaimer: I am not a hardware expert; learned how to take apart a 386 a million years ago. anyway, here's the question. a compaq presario worked fine yesterday, last night it won't boot, gives continuous beep (not short beeps, more like a constant whine), and gets to the screen that says F1 for setup/F10 for recovery. however it doesn't detect the keyboard so can't proceed. yes, tried another keyboard. opened the case and made sure everything was properly connected. HP tech told me via chatline to try reseating the memory and remove and reinstall CMOS battery - then the beeping changed from a wail to a continuous serious of long beeps (and now the monitor isn't detected as well as no kb). does it sound like the motherboard is just fried? any opinions appreciated. thanks!


A:dead Presario

Sounds to me like the video card is offset and/or possibly the ram. Can you reseat the video card?

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I have a Compaq Presario 700 Notebook (XP Pro OS) that was working fine yesterday and this morning NOTHING! No warnings--no error messages. When I hit the power-on button, the LCD lights up, but nothing else happens--no fan, no hard drive spinning, nothing on screen--no activity at all. If I plug the power cord in, the orange (power connected) LCD lights on the laptop and the separate laptop cooling board connected to the laptop's rear USB port comes on. So there is definitely power getting to the laptop. But I cannot open the CD drive--even when the LCD power light is lit. Does this mean the mother board is fried--or could it just be a bad fan? Help!

A:Presario 700 Dead-Help!

Check and reseat the battery in the laptop. Then, plug it in the wall and let it sit for awhile. Then try to start it up again.

If that fails, it looks like you might have to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to see about possibly exchanging the laptop or sending it in for repair.

The real pain of a laptop is that they aren't upgradeable like desktops and the components are proprietary...So what might be a fixable problem swapping a component from home on a desktop is a big time-consuming RMA hassle on a laptop!

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Recently took some hits on my Compaq Presario 7478 system. Got two or three nasties via the 'Net. After McAfee's virus scan and removal, began experiencing weird happenings, such as system closing down and restarting. Then just not starting. Tried a few remedies [probably inadvisedly], and finally the system seemed to hang on my restore at the same place repeatedly.
Ultimately the system could no longer establish my OS. Restore failed.
Bottom line: Could not invoke computer restore. Could do nothing with this computer.
Q... Being compaq is the BIOS set to a certain condition that would prevent my reformatting the hard drive and restablishing an OS? Is this an option I can override? If I were to piggy-back the existing hard drive onto an operating hard-drive and reformat would that solve this problem and permit me to then create or repair the hard drive subsequently to get my compaq back?
Sorry this is so wordy...

A:Compaq Presario dead

Have you tried disabling System Restore; then re-enable for a fresh start?

Failing that, format and install OS per instructions in your manual or the CD which came with your computer. If no CD, the OS should be installed in .cab files in Windows Explorer.

The BIOS should already be properly set

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So my friend asked me to take a look at her laptop. Its in the title and turns on but I don't hear any fan noises. The dvdrive will open and close but there is no image on her lcd screen. I cannot get it to work on a CRT either. I tried restarting it with it hooked up and the Fn+screen key combo but nothin'! Any ideas on whats wrong? Maybe the ps will supply some power but messed up?

A:Presario 700 dead screen

motherboard or videocard givin some problems there man, take it to a shop and get some professional advice, do you hear any beeps when you turn it on? and if so what bios do you have?

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When the computer is turned on it doesn't show any post and the display is white and nothing shows up on the screen.

There is power in the unit, but nothing happens on screen

It a Compaq Presario 7462.

Thanks for your help

A:dead compaq presario 7462

Sounds like the monitor isnt plugged in correctly.

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hi! i have a compaq presario 7470, used to intermittently not boot up. We thought it could be a faulty power supply, changed that, then changed the Hard drive, reinstalled OS ( win2k), everything was fine and happy but on and off when my son played his games it would freeze and reboot. Now all of a sudden the PC is dead, ( was working on saturday, dead on sunday) I have tried pressing F10, even the Bios does not come up. The power light comes on, I hear the fan, i see the compaq logo on the screen but that's it. Problem is all our digital pics are on this machine & i had not had a chance to back it up on CD. Any thoughts anyone.. please help.

A:compaq presario 7470 dead

bummer about your pix srivi. dont give up, if the hd didnt take a dump they're probably still salvageable.
you changed out the psu. was it a new one ? if it was,you might try replacing the cmos battery, althought the bats usually last longer than the 4 years im guessing your machine is. open the box back up and examine all your connections again (very important). and that will bring us to the motherboard. hopefully someone will jump in with the solution before you get that far...good luck...

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I have a HP Presario CQ62 notebook that just totally died.
I closed it up after using it normally, came back and opened the lid and it was dead. No lights, not even power supply indicator light. Nothing happens when the power button is pushed of course.
I thought and hoped it was a faulty power supply and a flat battery, but I have a spare power supply so this was able to be ruled out.
Not that it's relevant here, but it's running Windows 7 64 bit.
Anyone got any ideas where to look for a solution to this? As it won't fire up on battery or power it has to be after those.

A:Dead HP Presario CQ62 notebook

Remove the memory and re install it... Remove the battery and try AC power only. With the battery out and AC out, hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Re install the battery and see if the laptop powers up

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hi! i have a compaq presario 7470, used to intermittently not boot up. We thought it could be a faulty power supply, changed that, then changed the Hard drive, reinstalled OS ( win2k), everything was fine and happy but on and off when my son played his games it would freeze and reboot. Now all of a sudden the PC is dead, ( was working on saturday, dead on sunday) I have tried pressing F10, even the Bios does not come up. The power light comes on, I hear the fan, No beeps , I see the compaq logo on the screen but that's it. Problem is all our digital pics are on this machine & i had not had a chance to back it up on CD. Any thoughts anyone.. please help.

A:Compaq Presario 7470 Dead

Duplicate post see http://forums.techguy.org/t277327.html

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I have a major crack on the right side of my panel surrounding my LCD screen on my compaq presario 1700 laptop. I just so happen to have another compaq presario 1700 laptop, with a perfect lcd panel....how could i switch them??? what is the process so I dont have to worry about breaking my panel completely apart from the laptop?? (its a pretty bad crack) MUCHHHh thanks!

A:Help with my dead compaq presario 1700 lcd panel

I take it that the "other" laptop is totally dead??

The way to do this is to completely remove the "LID" (with LCD) and install it on the "good" laptop.

This will, of course, require considerable disassembly of the BASE in order to undo the hinges that hold the lid on the base.

The good news is that you won't have to take the LCD assembly apart. There will be a couple of cables that connect the LCD assembly to the MOBO, but that's it.

If I were you, I'd start on the 'donor' unit to gain a little confidence, and move up the learning curve.

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I am not a computer hardware geek and looking for help. I have this presario 1516 model laptop which was working OK till yesterday and yesterday when i switched it on, no display is coming in the monitor. IOW, monitor is like, as if, it was OFF. But I can hear the typcial Compaq/hp humming sounds from inside, indicating that it is ON. But If i hold the power button for 6 seconds it will go OFF (No humming sound). Again If I switch it on, nothing. No display in the monitor at all..

Could some one help to trouble shoot the issue OR what all should I do before taking it to a technician ? Recently I had aded a USB hub and wieless monitor to it. Does that makes all these mess. Please help.

A:HELP : My Presario 1516 US laptop monitor is dead

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hello everyone.i have very little knowledge about laptop hardware and this is why i am posting here.
i have a compaq presario v6000 and it has been running fine for the past couple of years.a while back it started making noises and started heating up,but it never self booted or shutdown by itself.i had planned to get it serviced and clean its fan etc but it got delayed..2 days back,when i tried turning it on, it just wouldn't.i mean i switch on the power,i see the volume and power LEDs turned on but the screen wont appear.
i believe its graphics card has burned up or something. i have dropped it off the repair shop and all that they are doing is just scaring me saying that the graphics card can't be replaced as it is;the entire motherboard has to be changed.and even if the card could be changed,it wouldn't give any guarantee of not burning up again
so guyz here is my question: can the graphics card of a Compaq Presario V6000 notebook be replaced?i donot know which model it is but i guess its the default card that comes with every notebook of the said model.
i would really appreciate a quick response as i need an urgent verdict.i can not afford an entire new motherboard at this time but i need to work on the laptop..

A:Dead graphics card on Compaq Presario V6000

I think the shops advise is most probably correct. I've been unable to confirm this for certain but in general 90% of laptops have the graphics card integrated into the motherboard, so if the graphics have failed then it has to be a new mobo.

The overheating was probably caused by a faulty fan or dust build up. This could also have damaged the CPU. Considering the cost of replacement your best bet would be a new PC.

I have read some reports that the V6000 had known problems with faulty soldering on the graphics chips. So, there is just a slim chance you might be able to find an electronics expert who could check the solderiing but it is micro soldering to say the least.

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I own a Compaq Presario 1247 laptop (AMD K6II/400MHz, 2.2V, 160 MB RAM, 30GB HDD, 24x CDROM, model number 1456VQLIN, 3 or 4 years old I think...), and the darn thing won't power on. I gave it to my sis and it came back dead. She had taken it to compusa I believe, where the guy told her to replace the battery. When I plug it into the wall socket, the LED to indicate it's plugged in comes on, but the one that indicates the battery is charging doesn't. The battery has a light indicator to say how much charge is in it, and none of the leds come on (0% I guess). Pressing the power button has no effect, whether or not the battery is inserted into its bay. I'd bring it to compusa here, but they charge $140 just to look at the machine... since a battery costs less, I thought I'd try getting a new one first, but it seems strange to me that the computer won't boot when the battery is out of the bay. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Should I be looking for other causes? (fried motherboard, maybe, I dunno?) Thanks mucho for any help at all (or even sympathy )!

- FaxData

A:Dead laptop - bad battery? Compaq Presario 1247

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Hello all! My name is Paul and I am new to this website. Obviously here because I need help.... I am working on my neighbor's laptop, It is a Compaq Presario CQ43-176LA. Running Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 64-bit.

Problem: The keyboard is not working, It does a faint beep when you push a key but that's about it. It does however work to hit F8 to get into Safe Mode and the arrow keys work up and down to scroll to the word "safe mode". Also i am able to get into the bios and use the arrow keys there. They don't work in safe mode either...

You should know, this PC was full of viruses and I believe I've pretty much taken care of that issue (even though I do think the culprit to this keyboard issue is a virus)

Things I've tried: Malwarebytes, CCleaner, Adwcleaner, Combofix, Avast antivirus, & Revo Uninstaller Pro are some of the software that I've ran on it. Other than that I have tried doing a system restore, resetting to defaults in BIOS, Uninstalling the keyboard in device manager, Plugging in another keyboard into the USB port (didn't work), bought another keyboard and replaced it (acts exactly the same as the old one).

Have I covered pretty much all my bases? Any suggestions other than installing a fresh copy of windows?

Thanks in advance

A:Presario Keyboard NOT WORKING!!!!!

Welcome to the forum. First you should never fun combofix unless told to by an expert as it can do a lot of damage. If the keyboard works in the bios etc the fault is it doesn't have the drivers it won't load them until you login. If it had a PS/2 in try that

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Is it possible to remove the keys or keyboard for cleaning? I haven't found anything about this in the online user's manual that I found. Also, is it possible to replace individual keys?


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Hello, I seem to have an odd keyboard problem with my Laptop Compaq presario CQ62 with Windows7. It simply won't work, not even to put password in. So I use the virtual keyboard to get in (via ease of access.) i go to device manager to see if there's a driver issue with keyboard, and I attempt to update the driver, it says I have the latest, so i completely uninstall it, and try to update it again, same message. I attempt to go into BIOS, via F2 on start up, it wont let me. Stumped.. What do i do? please HELP

A:presario cq62 keyboard not working

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Hi! I have a presario 1200us ( Just a 1200us, not a 12xx series) laptop that I've bought a replacement keyboard for, and while I have replaced a presario 1700XL360 keyboard before, this is different and I need help. If some one could help me with a walk through, (W/pictures hopefully.) Or information, I would appreciate it.


A:How do I install a presario 1200us keyboard?

There are 4 screws under the front and one in the top of the battery compartment you will need the right screw driver you can use a flat screw driver if its small enough. Then the front top part below the keyboard will pop off. You will have to pry it a little in the front but it does pop off. Once that is done your key board should lift up in the front and pull out but you will have to unhook the wires. Once the keyboard is out move it so you can get at each side of the wires going to the circuit board and just pry up each side litely and thats it. I have had the same Presario 1200US laptop apart several times and I also need a new keyboard. If you know where to get a good deal on a keyboard let me know.

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I am having trouble removing the switch cover, supposed to be two screws found under the battery, but the cover does not feel loose enough to remove at one corner.

After removing the battery, the switch cover is supposed to have two screws to remove according to the Maintenance/Service Guide for the V5000 series from Compaq. From there, there are four screws to remove the keyboard, has a broken key.

Can anyone help with the removing the switch cover? The right hand and left hand corner feels too tight, instuctions say to "lift up until the switch
cover disengages from the computer."

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Recently my Presario 2100 keyboard gives me a problem: the G key won't work anymore, but pressing H or ' or the up arrow will also trigger the G key, it can only be stopped by pressing another key:


I did take out the keyboard and spray it with compressed air (in a bike workshop), and it is still the same.

It there any way to solve this problem, without having to pay for a new one?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi all, i have acquired a Compaq Presario 2100 recently, it boots into xp ok but some keys do not work i.e R,D,FG,V they are from the same area of the keyboard and i cant see any signs of damage, other keys work fine. Would you reccommend a keyboard replacement for this matter or other solution? best regards, Lee (sorry if this the wrong forum area for my question.....Noob!)

A:Compaq Presario 2100 keyboard trouble

Cheers Zenosinks, i will try to do this and get back with the results, although i hav'nt done it before it cant be that tricky?...can it........??? ha ha, regards, Lee

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All the (F) keys are acting like the FN key is been held down when it isn't. This just started today. I have a free prog called "keyboard test utility". Now I found out I can get 1 clean tap of F4 and the keyboard test prog only shows F4 lit up. The next time I hit F4 the letter (P) and the Windows key are lit up. Now if I tap the FN button then tap the F4 button. Again F4 is the only 1 that is lit up on the test prog. It is almost like the FN button has flipped over. I just confirmed it. Instead of holding down the FN key to get the things under the (F) keys (like volume -, volume +, mute and so on). Now I have to hold down the FN key to get the regular F1 to F12 keys. The rest of the keyboard is fine. On a regular toggle switch or a push button switch in a radio. The FN key is acting like someone pulled off the wires from the back of the switch and reversed the wires so the switch will work in reverse. Beats me how that can happen to a laptop keyboard. Steve

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A little history of the laptop: I bought the laptop used from a friends and All the keys work except "O", "L" and the period. I bought a brand new replacement keyboard and those buttons worked fine, for awhile. I finally bought a new Wwindows Vista cd and installed it on the laptop, since it was supposed to have Vista and it had XP for whatever reason. Still nothing, when I unplug the keyboard ribbon and plug it back in, the keys work for a while and then stop. Any answers are greatly appreciated.

A:Compaq Presario C500 keyboard problems

Probably a defective or worn motherboard keyboard connector...

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I have a Presario C700 with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have 2 issues:
1 the touchpad often stops allowing me to scroll and I have to tap it multiple times to make it click on something

2 even more annoying is that when I'm typing the cursor will skip to a random place on the page and keys get typed that I know I didn't touch. At first I thought it was an overly sensitive keyboard, but then I had a friend watch me to see if I was touching other keys and I wasn't!

A:presario c700 keyboard randomly skips

p 18:
1. boot to safe mode by tapping the F8 key once a second during the boot process. Use the up / down arrow keys to high light / select "safe mode". Press "enter".
Does the problem exist?

2. Some of are touch pad challenged.

3. On my IBM laptop, the left click button has begun to inconsistently respond. I think it is wearing out. A similar issue could be occurring w/ your CPQ lappy.

4. Tiny gophers?
What, if anything, have you used to clean your keyboard & touch pad. Use ONLY that which is recommended by CPQ.


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This problem is on a HP Compaq Persario CQ56, OS Win7 Home 32bit. All the (F) keys are acting like the FN key is been held down when it isn't. This just started today. I have a free prog called "keyboard test utility". Now I found out I can get 1 clean tap of F4 and the keyboard test prog only shows F4 lit up. The next time I hit F4 the letter (P) and the Windows key are lit up. Now if I tap the FN button then tap the F4 button. Again F4 is the only 1 that is lit up on the test prog. It is almost like the FN button has flipped over. I just confirmed it. Instead of holding down the FN key to get the things under the (F) keys (like volume -, volume +, mute and so on). Now I have to hold down the FN key to get the regular F1 to F12 keys. The rest of the keyboard is fine. On a regular toggle switch or a push button switch in a radio. The FN key is acting like someone pulled off the wires from the back of the switch and reversed the wires so the switch will work in reverse. Beats me how that can happen to a laptop keyboard.


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Our Compaq Presario v4000US is a decent computer we have had for a while. But all of a sudden the Keyboard stopped working. We don't know why or how. No water or liquid has come in contact with it. We replaced the Keyboard and still nothing working. If you press as many keys as you can occasionally it would type 'H', a comma, or g. Maybe even just typing the same of those three repeatedly. What would cause this to happen? We have reinstalled windows and tried it in safe mode but no dice. the caps lock light and num lock light dont come on. We have plugged in a usb keyboard and that worked for a while. with the Caps and NUM lights working on the laptop itself if pressed from the USB keyboard. But, now the USB keyboard acts funny. When pressing L or M it closes windows or opens my computer. anyone have any ideas?

A:Compaq Presario V4000 Keyboard not working

Has the keyboard even been plugged in or unplugged while the machine was running?

Can you disable the PS/2 keyboard (right-click it in Device Manager and disable) and/or unplug it and try just the USB keyboard?

Can you enter BIOS setup to see if "leagacy" USB is enabled (or it might actually say "USB keyboard") and check that the date/time is correct?

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good day all,
for christmas yesterday i recieved a replacement laptop as a gift it is a compaq presario cq56 and it works great my only problem is that my media player key on my left side of my keyboard runs cyberdvd player, i removed this and installed vlc as i prefer that for my media viewing and now i am unable to run my media player through the keyboard shortcuts.
i have set file associations inside vlc
i have tried to set vlc as my default program using the default programs and features menu but couldnt find vlc player only options were current, windows media centre and windows media player, selecting either of the windows options and clicking on ok resulted in the option being reset to my current one
i cant seem to find a program installed on the machine that allows me to customize my keyboard shortcuts but the laptop was preowned but reconditioned, i have searched for a program but i can not find one for my opearating system (windows 7 home preimum)
there isnt a option to configure the shortcuts in the keyboard section of control panel
and as a last resort i tried to change the fill association that is in the registry location relating to the appkey (the value is 16 and the default file association was .CDA i changed this to .mp3 hoping that that would allow me to load vlc player as default but it didnt work)
i attempted to set the vlc media player shortcut on the desktop to the media key but it wouldnt allow it, windows refused to change the box from non... Read more

A:compaq presario cq56 keyboard shortcut help please

See this HP thread. You want to change the registry key shown to the path for VLC.
Cyberlink PowerDVD/Mediasmart Key: HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\MobilePc\HotStartButtons\2  "Application" = "C:\Program File(x86)\Cyberlink\PowerDVD9\PowerDVD9.exe"; Change the string value "C:\Program File(x86)\Cyberlink\PowerDVD9\PowerDVD9.exe"

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Hello all,

Yes I have keyboard driver issues, but i have managed to type this up!.. copied and pasted each character using a mouse!.. lol.

Just kidding, but I know the keyboard works, checked in DOS on startup. its fine. had Vista previously, but got peed off with it and decided to install W7, but in frenzy, i have formatted and installed W7, and for some strange reason, I cannot find the damn keyboard driver, checked HP site. no luck!.

Some general direction would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks all, ah, by the way, the mousepad on the lappy is not working either. I suspect it is linked to keyboard.. Cheers..

A:Problems of keyboard driver on HP Presario C700

Here's the manual for you to find the keyboard.


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My laptop's keyboard doesn't not work, Tomorrow at night work properly

View Solution.

A:My Compaq presario laptop's keyboard doesn't work

What we can do to solve this problem?

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If You hard boot the laptop will it erase everything on the laptop like pictures?

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I was doing my usual work when my Bluetooth mouse scroll wheel suddenly went from scrolling the page to zooming the page for no reason.

This was quickly followed by my laptop keyboard suddenly refusing to work except for a few keys. It was quickly obvious that key function had been remapped (i.e. the M key did what the Enter key was meant to do, etc.).

I tried an USB wired external keyboard and the problem still persisted.

So, I thought it had to be an OS issue. After checking a few things, I decided to reinstall Win7 (Home Edition 64-bit) as I hadn't done that for several months. I hoped it would fix the problem. I checked the BIOS and then wiped the HDD and did a reinstall after backing up my files.

It solved the problem for about 30 minutes, then the problem with the mouse and keyboard returned.

I've checked the Device Manager and there's nothing showing up there. I ran the troubleshooter tool a few times. Most of the keyboard's function has returned to normal, though I have no idea why. I haven't tried the Bluetooth mouse, I'm using the laptop's trackpad instead. But I've noticed the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts aren't working (even though I can still right-click and do it that way, it's annoying as hell).

Any ideas about the source of the issue? Or even how I can get the copy/paste working again?

A:Compaq Presario CO61 keyboard and mouse malfunction

That's really weird. Have you tried updating the drivers for your input devices? What is the make and model of your computer - I can help you find them.

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Help!My keyboard and trackpad on my Compaq Presario CQ60 notebook are not responding and don't have any external devices to see whether this is an internal matter. Cannot restart in Safe Mode as keyboard does not respond, however it allows me to type in my password to access vista! I think I have just locked the computer, but don't know how to unlock it, various forums have specified reinstalling drivers etc. but I am unable to do this with no working keyboard and do not know how whether I have pressed a combination of keys which have caused this. I am not sure whether this is a Vista problem or a Compaq/HP problem.Any help's immensly appreciated!

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A:Keyboard and trackpad not responding Compaq presario CQ60

as far as i know, if you can type in your password on the log-on screen then the keyboard is working, if the problem would appear after logging in or it will appear when you are on your desktop screen then it may be an operating system problem or a user account corruption issue the keyboard would only be a hardware failure if when you turn on your nb, there will be no ligts on teh keyboard, capslock key will not lit or no response at all from the moment you turn on the nb for the touchpad, try to check if its off or on... if there is an orange light above the touchpad then its off, toggle the switch on that light to turn it to blue.. so before anything else.. TRY THIS FIRST!!!!1. remove the battery2. disconnect  the power adapter3. with no power supply at all, press and hold the power button for 1 min.. make sure it will be 1 min... in technical terms we call this HARD RESET.. this process would release static charges that might be contained on the power button bec sometimes those static charges causes harware malfunctionalities..    then it this step will not work.. do this...  try to go to safe mode by continually pressing F8 when booting (press F8 when you see hp invent screen), then you'll be directed to advance boot options... choose last known good config.. then it will boot to last known good settings.... please let me know if this will not work.. if not "choose repair your computer" on the... Read more

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