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Google Chrome Show Apps & Show Apps In New Tab

Q: Google Chrome Show Apps & Show Apps In New Tab

When I ciick on the new tab that shows apps three out of four apps I have selected are showing generic icons rather than the normal icons, also three out of the four are grey; they are as follows:-
1] Web Store-----------color
2] YouTube-------------grey
3] Google Search-----grey
4] Gmail-----------------grey
I have run the Chrome Cleaner, uninstalled/re-installed Chrome, deleted the app extension, reinstalled the app extension to no avail. Each time the grey icons appear and on the last go round they appeared as generic cubes. To boot the same condition applies to my other two computers. It seems when I install Chrome each time this condition manifests itself no matter where I install it; it's like it's locked in to any install on any machine be it laptop or desktop, like I inherit it. I was given these instructions but am unclear on exactly what they mean and how to go about doing it and that is to remove the following.
CHR NewTab: Default -> "chrome-extension://nohbdifokmdgjcbbeobglcbaifinhfip/go.html"   (don't know how to apply this or where it is)
I have gone to the C:\Users\Trixie\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\nohbdifokmdgjcbbeobglcbaifinhfip and removed it.
I have posted in Chrome forums only to receive one response that didn't help they gave me the boiler plate ''check for malware' and just recently ran the FRST here on BleepingComputer (thanks nasdaq)
Any ideas are open. thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Google Chrome Show Apps & Show Apps In New Tab

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello to everyone,

I have very annoying problem with Windows 8. The problem is in metro control panel "PC Settings".
I don't know what is the reason for removing all apps control in the Notifications menu.

I had this problem so many times and the only fix for this that I know - is to create a new microsoft account or to do clean install (which I don't like to try those suggestions anymore).

Any other solution mates?

A:"Show notifications from these apps" error, no apps listed

Hello, minomk. Welcome to Windows EightForums.

Not sure why you have to create a new microsoft account or to do clean install. Apps can notify a user when new content arrives. Not quite sure what your problem is. Do you want to shut notifications off for all your apps? Perhaps particular apps?

Push "Show notifications from these apps" to pick on/off individually.

I hope that helps you.

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Random apps are not showing up in the "All Apps" section of the Start Menu after installing a clean version of Windows 10 (not an upgrade), and re-installing all my favorite software, In other words, finding a launcher to countless programs now means visiting "C:/Program Files/WhateverRandomSoftware/launcher.exe." Well, that;'s no fun.

Is there any better way to do this. Anyone know of a fix or have others experienced this problem?


A:"All Apps" Doesn't Show All Apps Installed

Hello flowingfire, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If you like, you could manually add and remove items from your All apps to help.

All apps in Start menu - Add or Remove Items in Windows 10

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I went to "Turn notifications on or off". Then to PC settings. And it says "Show notifications from these apps".
It lists Calendar, games, mail, messaging, music, Outlook 2013, store and video. But the icon for Outlook 2013 is missing. How can I fix this?

A:Show notifications from these apps

This article may help to answer your question; however, I cannot verify its accuracy because I don't use Outlook 2013. Anyway here it is and good luck:
Outlook 2013 and Live Tile support in Windows 8 - Slipstick Systems

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Is there a awy to make it so Windows 8.1 does not show any of the Modern Apps in the taskbar?

For instance, I like to keep NotePad8, Weather and some others running, but I don't want them taking up Taskbar realestate since (as far as I'm aware at least), those Modern apps will remain open until I close them for good by moving to the upper left part of the screen.

So, if anyone knows of any methods I could try to do this, I would be all ears! I suspect there's probably something I could do in the registry, and if there is, maybe someone could attach a .reg file for me.

I'm also attaching a screencap of what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

A:Is there a way to not show Modern Apps in the Taskbar?

This might be what you want---

Right click Taskbar & click Properties---

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Hi All,

This is becoming INCREDIBLY Frustrating - I have been downloading Apps from the "store" and everytime I install a new one, it never shows up on the actual start screen. When I search for the app, click it and choose "Pin", it still does NOT show up on the Start screen.

How frustrating - can't seem to find anything online that helps me resolve this. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a setting somewhere that locks what can/cant be added to the start screen?


A:Help: New Apps I install never show up on Start Screen

Some third party anti-virus programs interfere with certain apps working correctly.

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I don't understand this, so apparently there are to ways to view info from certain apps on the Lock Screen but there are bugs that don't make it work:

1. A Detailed status; selecting the Mail app as for the detailed status doesn't show anything at all. All other apps shown in a detailed status work fine. When viewing the Lockscreen I can see that the Internet connection status in the right below corner has a circle in front of it.

2. A Quick status: NONE of my apps show any info (Mail, Weather, Calendar, messages) when I select them to show a quick status on my Lockscreen.

The Lockscreen I'm checking out is the one you get when pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then choosing the "Lock" option.

What's the problem here and how can I solve this?

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Hi everybody,New to Lenovo, have a sily question. Purchased secondhand Lenovo x250, after registration with Microsoft as the notebook asked (previous owner deleted everything and cleaned, put back to a factory status) but after shut down and turning on again a rainbow colored picture shows , with date and time on it, but it wont change no matter what key I press. It would disappear shortly, showing  a display of "Please wait" , but after that the previous colored display would show up again. So there is nothing happening. No apps nothing. Any idea what I should do? Thanks a lot. 

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Hi everybody,New to Lenovo, have a sily question. Purchased secondhand Lenovo x250, after registration with Microsoft as the notebook asked (previous owner deleted everything and cleaned, put back to a factory status) but after shut down and turning on again a rainbow colored picture shows , with date and time on it, but it wont change no matter what key I press. It would disappear shortly, showing  a display of "Please wait" , but after that the previous colored display would show up again. So there is nothing happening. No apps nothing. Any idea what I should do? Thanks a lot. 

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I only have a few examples of this, but Mozilla firefox is a big one. I am currently typing this forum post in the application, while at the same time I have the task manager up on the app history tab. Firefox is no where to be seen. I think the only apps that show up there, are Metro apps... Is this true, and if it is, is there a way around it?

A:Why don't some apps show up in Task manager, app history?

I see it under processes, but not under app history.. I am guess that is because it is not a metro app..

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Hi guys/gals, I am very experienced systems administrator and have run into a very perplexing issue.

I have many media files that work fine when accessed via Windows Explorer (they show up fine, display fine, play in their requisite application fine), but if I try to add (index) them to an application such as Windows Media Player, Zune, WinAmp, or even WASTE (an encrypted file sharing app) some of the files do not show up.

Salient points:
• I am adding the top level directory (e.g. d:\music or d:\video)
• The problem DOES NOT occur when I add the problematic files/directories explicitly (e.g. d:\music\%artist%\%album%)
• The problem does not appear to be a file path length issue (some longer paths work, some shorter ones do not)
• I cannot find a correlation amongst the files that do not show up
• The problem persists across HDDs (I have tried 3)
• The problem persists across operations systems (I have tried XP SP3 and Vista SP1)
• The problem doesn't appear to be permissions related (I have reset them several times)
• I have turned off indexing on the hard drives as I thought that may be part and parcel of the problem but it did not affect the problem

Originally I thought this affected many file types but it does appear to affect only mp3s, but I cannot find a common issue with the ones that aren't working.

Anyway, any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks for readin... Read more

A:Solved: MP3s show up in explorer but not in other apps

I finally managed to fix this..from a command prompt.

attrib /S /D -s -h

The folders were set as system and hidden (I noticed that they were showing up in Windows Explorer but not in DOS).

Simply setting the attributes in windows explorer was not working -- you can't set system and read only applied only to files.

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Hi all!
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category, but my Add/Remove programs isn't showing all of my applications!!! I have about 120 programs of which only 14 show up!!! They don't even have icons.... This just started, I don't know what I did... I tried system restore, but I got nothing. Any Ideas???

A:Add/Remove Programs doesn't show all my apps!

Quote: Originally Posted by dw96

Hi all!
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category, but my Add/Remove programs isn't showing all of my applications!!! I have about 120 programs of which only 14 show up!!! They don't even have icons.... This just started, I don't know what I did... I tried system restore, but I got nothing. Any Ideas???

It has been a while, since you posted your question. I waited, with the hope that a better solution would come along, so that I could learn and it would help you, this does not seem to be the case. This is what I suggest.

would use CCleaner found HERE. Simply download CCleaner, install, Right-click on the CCleaner icon, Select "Run as Administrator", select "Tools" (left side - center), and a list of installed programs should appear.

Typically, CCleaner lists more installed programs than Windows Uninstall Programs does.

Hope it helps


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 Good afternoon  When I'm on tablet mode and try to split on two different apps - the screen  makes  flickers and flips  and then goes back to full screen. No way to make a split screen with two apps simultaneus at the same time. Any help thanks 

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I have searched far and wide over google, But I cannot find the solution to this issue. I even opened the help document for windows and even it tells me to go to Taskbar and Navigation to show metro apps on the taskbar. Well this is what it looks like for me:

Apparently there's supposed to be a checkbox that reads "Show store apps on taskbar" but that isn't there! I have a version of Windows 8.1 that doesn't have this option. Any help? I really liked this feature. This worked for me until I installed a fresh installation of Windows 8.1.

A:Option to show metro apps in taskbar missing

Hello Enitoni, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Did you install the Windows 8.1 Update yet?

That option is only available after the Windows 8.1 Update has been installed via Windows Update.

Taskbar - Hide or Show Store Apps in Windows 8.1 Update

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I've been having this issue since I have installed windows 8.1 that sometimes that opened video games such as Dota 2 would not show on taskbar and I have to alt+tab to get back to see them. I was hoping to find a solution with regard in how to fix this issue.

A:Windows 8 taskbar issue (Apps wont show)

Some programs open with Hidden Icons. You can fix it by going to Hidden Icons / Customize / and choose Show Icon and Notifications.

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I have a question i have searched high and low and I cant find any info. Im sure im just using the wrong words in the search but here goes. When i install programs on win 7 they show up in my win7 partition under %\users\username but they are also duplicated on my vista partition under %\documents and settings\username. The Same is true with my temp. internet files. I was wondering what is the mechanism behind this and how do I find more information about the two os's sharing profile info and other things with each other. I found some info about roaming profiles but as far as i can tell that is a network feature not a partition feature.

Thanks in advance..

A:installed apps on win7 show up in vista doc&set folder

Ideally, the best option would be to delete the vista partiton and extend the 7 partition. As to why that happens, is this for every program you have installed? Can you post a screenshot of your installed apps? Search for snip in the start menu.

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Hey all,

So as the title says, Im unable to remove the icons from the Start menu "app" section, not a huge deal, but makes it look ugly having a whole bunch of unusable tiles there

so I followed Brink's walk-through

"Apps" Screen - Add or Remove Items in Windows 8

and still having them there and not able to be deleted..

so any ideas of what I can do?

A:Uninstalled Apps still show in Metro start menu

when you right click the icon - choose Open FIle Location - then delete the shortcut or folder from start menu
may have to do it for %user% and %allusers%

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Newbie here.
Running Win 8 Pro Using Music Tile it displays xbox music and a whole bunch of titles I didn't ask for or want
How do I display only my music and get rid of the titles I don't want!
Same issue applies to Video.
Appreciate any suggestion and help with this issue

A:Music and Video Apps show titles not asked for or wanted

I despise that app, so I don't use it at all. I set WMP as default music and it acts the same as in 7. Personally I'm not an app guy but I did play around with it some.

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Hello there. After I unusually lost my internet connection (wired) about a week and half ago, but when went to my brother's computer (wireless) it was working fine, (after reboot of modem a short while access was returned to me), I ran a disk defragmenter, and netstat it traced connections to facebook, and other things I hadn't accessed (from IE5 - I unhid temporary folders) but, rebooted modem and a while after I was able to access the web. (We switched our ISP several weeks prior-never had such a problem in my life). Needless to say I updated/ran both Malwarebytes and Spybot and they found nothing wrong with my computer. Downloaded Spyware Doctor (trial) and scan and it had found 30 problems or so a couple of trojans and what not within 10 minutes, just out of their scanner, so I decided to clean my Temporary Internet files and install Kaspersky for the 30-day trial, updated the signature list, ran the Crucial Areas Scan got nothing from Kaspersky after their quickscans etc, and a partially finished 5-hour long Full-scan because I thought it was useless to continue this when GMER, and Spyware Doctor had given me results instantly I essentially felt, the network and several registries, were infected with rootkits embedded into the computer. Just curious as to why Spyware Doctor found some and Kaspersky did not. Regardless I did research and ran DDS and here is the log from it, thanks in advance. By the way, Spyware Dr. found: Trojan-Downloader.Murlo (23 inst... Read more

A:Malwarebytes/Kaspersky unable to detect, but rootkit apps show otherwise

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:

/m... Read more

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How do I get the bar at the top above the tabs to show?


A:How to show the bar at the top on Google Chrome

Unlike other browsers, Chrome doesn't have a bar above the tabs.

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Whats going with chrome? today i was taking a look in task man for something and i see 7 different chrome running and all total they are using up over 200mb. i saw them before and thought nothing of it but this is ridicules.

A:google chrome back round apps ??

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Hi there,

I have Windows 7 Home Premium. I can connect to and browse the internet using Google Chrome. Internet Explorer times out. I noticed the problem because my AVG update is not updating. I also have not received any Windows updates and when I tell Windows to check, it takes a long while to say that there are none - my assumption is that it cannot get a connection and is timing out.

Can anyone help?

A:IE and update apps not getting connections; Google Chrome is

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

This link may help:

Support for Windows Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, and 9

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I'm using Windows 7 and Google Chrome.
For the last few days when I click on the menu button on the right and go to Bookmarks, I only get the first 10 folders of bookmarks. I can still access all of my bookmarks from the bookmarks bar, but I prefer to use the menu. Please can someone tell me how to get all my bookmarks showing in the menu again?

A:Not All Bookmarks Show On Menu In Google Chrome

When you have the sub-menu open with the list of bookmarks, there should be a tiny down-arrow at the bottom.  Click on that to display the rest of your bookmarks.

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halo!i have some problem in webpage.
i use google chrome now, all are good
but, i cannot read chinese word.the encoding i had use is Unicode(UTF-8).i also had use other chinese unicode but all are failed!
in fact,when i open chinese webpage,the title can show the chinese word correctly, but in the webpage the chinese word become square.
i also had use other browsers like firefox and IE,but i get same situation.haiz...
can anyone help me solve this question?thank you!

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Hej, i have an annoying issue, both with x32 & x64 : If i launch the actual apps* before i launch chrome, asian language shows fine, however if i launch them after chrome, some of those language won't show normally, there will be something like ㅁㅁㅁㅁ instead of them. This happens with few different apps but also with windows explorer sometimes (?) so i'd really like to undestand why, maybe there's just something to turn on/off?

A:Google Chrome causing annoying unicode character bug to some apps

Made a mistake : This should be in the APPLICATIONS section, please move it

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Google chrome shows source codes instead of website
its doing that for few websites like as youtube , not all websites
this problem was happening since 2-3days ago
please guide me how to fix it


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Hi everyone,

I couldn't find a solution to my problem so far and I will be really grateful if someone can help me. After installing all available updates of windows 8.1, my checkbox for "Show windows Store apps on taskbar" simply disappeared from the taskbar properties. Moreover, the on and off option from Settings -> Change PC settings -> PC and devices -> Corners and edges -> App switching also seems to be forever gone. In other words when I open an app I can't close it (Esc isn't working any more or X option) and I can't see it on the taskbar Please HELP. Thank you in advance!

A:windows 8.1 missing show windows store apps on taskbar

Hello Geryga, and welcome to Eight Forms.

The show Store apps on the taskbar option was part of the April 8th updates. Please check to make sure that you have all available Windows Updates installed, then check to see if you have the option afterwards. If you did install them all, then see if restarting the computer may help.

Windows Update - Check for and Install in Windows 8

Taskbar - Hide or Show Store Apps in Windows 8.1 Update

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Internet Explorer - Will download anything with no problem. Everything works like normal but when you go and check where your file is where you had put it, nothing is there. I did a computer search and it finds the file where it is suppose to be but Its not there O_O. When I try and drag the file from the search it just becomes a shortcut that leads no where.
Google Chrome - Won't download a single thing. Everything fails it's "Virus Scan". 
I've tried Googling both problems and found lots of people with both of the same problems I'm having and tried there solutions and it's gotten me no where. I also ran Malwarebytes and it said I was clean. Not sure what to do here . Any help is appreciated. thanks
EDIT: Also I have Windows Vista

A:IE downloads wont show up in destination and Google Chrome wont download

bump can someone please help?

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I noticed an issue when I searched in Google, but the search engine switched to Yahoo. So I opened Chrome Settings to hopefully remove Yahoo as a default search engine. When Chrome Settings opened, it immediately switched to Chrome Apps. It does this every time I try to open Chrome Settings.

A:Cannot open Chrome Settings - Switches to Chrome Apps

Please download Zemana AntiMalware and save it to your Desktop.

Install the program and once the installation is complete it will start automatically.
Without changing any options, press Scan to begin.
After the short scan is finished, if threats are detected press Next to remove them.
Note: If restart is required to finish the cleaning process, you should click Reboot. If reboot isn't required, please restart your computer manually.​
Open Zemana AntiMalware again.
Click on icon and double click the latest report.
Now click File > Save As and choose your Desktop before pressing Save.
The only left thing is to attach saved report in your next message.


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As the post title suggests, I am having trouble with the modern apps and connectivity. It feels like half my computer will connect to the internet, and the other half won't. Desktop apps like Chrome, Steam, Outlook, iTunes etc. all connect to the internet fine, but any of the Windows apps like Xbox, Store and (most frustratingly) Settings will not connect.

In my network and sharing centre in the control panel it says 'You are not connected to any networks' - but in the system tray, and in the settings app it shows me as connected to my home wi-fi. I am on a desktop, and using a USB wireless adapter. I don't think the adapter is the problem as I have tried it on another desktop in our house on Windows 10 and it worked fine. Curiously also, when I click 'Adapter settings' in the control panel, it shows the wifi connection.

I've tried updating the drivers for the wireless adapter, both through the Windows update and adapter website but to no avail (and as I mentioned, it seems the adapter works fine elsewhere). I've updated manually to the latest Windows 10 Pro build, i've done a DNS flush, I've tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus, I've tried disabling startup apps, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and still am unable to fix the issue.

If anyone has any ideas that might help that would be great. I'm happy to provide any more information if people need it.

Thanks very much.

A:Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine.

Is your DNS client service running on your system .

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.In the list of services, click DNS Client.Make sure that the Status column displays Started and that the Startup Type column displays Automatic.If the service is not set to Started or if the startup type for the DNS Client service is not set to Automatic, follow these steps:
Right-click DNS Client, and then click Properties.In the DNS Client Properties dialog box, click the General tab, and then click Automatic in the Startup type list.Click Start, click Apply, and then click OK.

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Full Article: http://androidcentral.com/why-android-malware-scares-are-almost-never-bad-they-seem

On the iPhone, everything that matters lives inside the OS. On Android, it's split between the OS and Play Services.

Google Play Services is a system-level app, which is updated in the background by Google on every Android phone going back to 2010's Gingerbread release. As well as providing APIs that let developers interact with Google services, and porting many features back to older versions of Android, Play Services has an important role in Android security.

The "Verify Apps" feature of Play Services is Google's firewall against app-based malware. It was introduced in 2012, and first enabled by default in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. At the time of writing, 92.4% of active Android devices are running version 4.2 and up, and older versions can manually enable it in the Google Settings app.

Verify Apps works similarly to a traditional PC virus scanner:
Whenever the user installs an app, Verify Apps looks for malicious code and known exploits. If they're there, the app are blocked outright ? a message is displayed saying "Installation has been blocked." In other, less suspicious cases, a warning message may be displayed instead, with the option to install anyway. (And Verify Apps can also help remove known malware that's already been installed.)

While the underlying exploit may still be there, this makes it impossible for the bad guy... Read more

A:Android Security; How Verify Apps protects you against Potentially Harmful Apps

More information about Potential Harmful Apps; Android Security.

Feb'17 Blog: Shielding you from Potentially Harmful Applications
Support: Protect against harmful apps - Accounts Help
Documentation: PDF: Potentially Harmful Apps classifications


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Newly installed apps. ot appearing in program menu unable to pin apps to start menu.

This happened to me previously and I could find no solution....I eventually created a new admin profile, where newly installed apps appeared in the program menu and I could pin apps tomthe start menu feom a desktopmshortxut etc.

I copied over my video docs pictures and music folders to the new profile. Now a few months later the same thing is happening again. I have created a new admin profile and it all,works fine there. I have searched on the internet and others have the same issue, but of course anything you search for always finds someone else with the same issue...

Hopefully someone can help me with this very annoying problem

A:Newly installed apps. ot appearing in program menu unable to pin apps

actually resolved the issue....I turned on windows update and did a massive update, the start menu looks a little different, maybe a different font, pinned items can only be mace smaller or bigger, used to be an option for long ( didnt use this anyway ) but new apps now showing and pin to start menu works.....so MS fixed it, there is some advantage to updating, have backed up with true image and turned off updating, will back up again before updating next time......the update didnt like GPU-Z and temoved it plus a few other apps and turned defender back on i think.......shutup-10 sorted all this out.....

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I was given a Windows 8.1 tablet that once had a detachable keyboard which the guy lost. he reset the whole computer and after I got my information on it instead. After the reset, Windows was no longer activated and I had to reactivate it. which neither of us knows why, it was activated before we did a data factory reset. after I created my user, I installed a bunch of exes. now I go to try to see if I could test out the Windows Store to search for apps. but I search "Windows Store" or "app store" and several other things that may bring it up, but it always says, "no apps match your search" like if the Windows store is missing or somehow magically removed with the reset process. How do I get it back?

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I've been struggling with this problem for a few days now. The problem is that I do NOT have internet access for firefox/chrome/dropbox/etc but i DO have internet access for IE and certain OS apps (like Network Troubleshooter). I've read and tried most of the typical solutions with no avail.

What I've Tried:
Safemode with Networking - same situation, I can use IE but not Firefox/Chrome/etc
Reseting Winsock (netsh winsock reset, etc) - didn't work, possibly just made matters worse?
Flushing DNS (ipconfig /flushdns, etc)
I do NOT have a special proxy, and neither firefox, nor chrome, nor IE are trying to use one
I have added exceptions in Windows Firewall, then just straight up disabled the firewall
I have Avira antivirus, but it does not contain any firewall features and no place that I can see to add any such exception
LSP-Fix.exe (I tried to fix the LSP registery, it found 1 problem from leftover Bonjour dll, and I've repaired it but its changed nothing)
I ran quick-scan on malwarebytes - found nothing
I ran checkdisk and found no errors
I have no system restore point
Also, with firefox, I hve tried it in safe-mode and created a new profile, but that hasn't changed anything. When I try to make a connection with firebug open, it says the request was "aborted"

Because native Microsoft software (IE, OS software) has no problem connecting to the internet, I'm just trying to figure out what bridge was burned between firefox/ch... Read more

A:Solved: Internet works for IE and OS apps, NOT for firefox or 3rd party apps

Ok, so literally nothing was working - I did a "Repair Install" using my windows 7 cd. It took 2 hours, but when it finished up all of my networking was working So, for those of you who are having similar issues, as a last resort I'd give that a shot. Definitely read a few articles about what is required to successfully perform a Repair Install, as you don't want anything going wrong during that process.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to rearrange the apps in Google Chrome?

A:Chrome apps

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I found SOME of my installed Chrome apps when I click on the little ">>" arrows, but that's nowhere NEAR all that I've installed, and I don't see anything I can click to scroll down to see more.

A:Where Are My Chrome Apps

In ">>" those are typically bookmarks, at least in my experience.

What you can do is right click on your bookmark or any other toolbar, then click "Show App shortcut"


Go to chrome://apps/


Download Chrome App Launcher and you can have the app launcher pinned to your start toolbar or an icon on your desktop

I think you can get to them also from the New Tab window as well.

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Ok so I am trying to figure this out. We have the store disabled through group policy, but would like to give access or deploy a store app to a certain set of users. Is there a way to do this through group policy or just by doing a few steps? Ive been searching around but I cant find anything. Any help would be great, thanks!

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Does anyone know how to clear out deleted Windows Store apps from the computer? When you go into the Windows Store and right click and choose 'your apps' the selection 'apps not istalled on this pc' still shows apps that I have deleted. I only installed on one device (unless they auto-install to the xbox360 also?). I cannot see how to clear out previously deleted apps. See attached pic to see what I am talking about.


A:Clear Deleted Store Apps (ie apps not istalled on this pc)

hope its not too soon to rebump...not critical but I want to figure this out...thx!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm superlulu from France (sorry my English)
I'm installing Windows 10 on new computer for my organization . I try to configurate one with fresh install (package of apps like Libreoffice, VLC, etc. for users) and custom desktop describes in this tutorial:

Default User Profile - Customize in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

It works fine, in audit mode I install apps, drivers, custom desktop and configure default apps like google chrome for internet browser, adobe reader for pdf files etc.

then I run the command line to enter oobe mode generalize. Everything is ok, I continue my install. Then I create new user local account. And when windows starts, I have my custom desktop but default apps are removed (Microsoft Edge replace Chrome, Pdf files are read with Edge, etc.) and Apps Windows like "Weather" or "Actualities" crash . I really don't understand what happened... i try many times for same issue...

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks a lot

A:Sysprep and default apps and windows apps crash

then I run the command line to enter oobe mode generalize. Everything is ok, I continue my install. Then I create new user local account. And when windows starts, I have my custom desktop but default apps are removed (Microsoft Edge replace Chrome, Pdf files are read with Edge, etc.)

I never tried sysprepping 10 but i have faced similar issues with 8.1. Turned out that you need to save the default app associations to an XML file using DISM (before Generalizing the image ) and later import it.

Export or Import Default Application Associations

Configure, export, import App File Associations in Windows 8.1

I have used "Setupcomplete.cmd" to auto import the app associations during the last face of install.

Add a Custom Script to Windows Setup
You may also need to disable the new app notification before generalizing the image.

New App Installed Notification - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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i do prefer a local account
but when i try to install new apps from app store
w8.1 asks me to switch to a microsoft account

can i install apps with a local account?
and how can i understand if i have a local account or microsoft account


A:can i install apps from apps store with a local account?

See the screenshot below for selection you have to make for not to convert your local account to a Microsoft Account:

Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

Screenshot from tutorial Skype App - Use with Local Account in Windows 8.

You of course need an email address (Microsoft Account) but it will only be used for the app in question (Windows Store is also just an app), so in the next dialog either give an existing Microsoft Account credentials or select Sign up for a Microsoft account to create a new one to be used with Store app:

Your Windows sign in account will remain local, it will not be converted to a Microsoft Account.


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OK, i'd like to make it clear that i'm using the so-called "real" Administrator account that is hidden but can be activated, not a regular account with admin privelidges. At first i was trying to figure out if Metro apps can be used by this account, and it appeared that they cant, but managed to find a trick to enable it. i did it by making sure UAC is on, making sure that FilterAdministratorToken is set to a value of 1 in the Registry, and by enabling "User Account Control: Admin approval mode for the built-in Administrator account" (secpol.msc [Local Security Policy]> Local Policies> Security Options).

So i did a bit more research and toying around, only to discover that although i might have found a workaround for running most Metro apps in general, i discovered that syncing, d/l'ing of apps from the Windows Store, etc is not possible unless you're using a Microsoft account.Please note that any other account with admin privelidges can use the apps without a hitch, as well as any Standard account. So it clearly is not a limitation of just having an admin account, alone.

Also, the built-in Admin is the only kind of account that cant be converted from a local account to a MS Account, all other accounts with admin privelidges can do so. If you look in the Control Panel and try to make changes to the account, you will find that the option isnt available, whereas with other accounts it is. This brings about the issue of not being able to sync or d/l... Read more

A:Use Metro Apps As Admin AND Be Able To Sync, d/l Store apps, etc???

Hello Stephen, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Setting that security policy below to be enabled will basically just turn the built-in elevated "Administrator" account into an unelevated administator account that requires UAC approval to open or run anything that requires elevated rights to do so.

This would be why you are able to open the Store afterwards, but you would still need to sign into the Store with any Microsoft account to be able to install any "Metro" Store apps.
Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

You still will not be able to switch the built-in "Administrator" to be a Microsoft account. It can only remain as a local account.

Hope this helps,

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Having lots of problems after Anniversary Update...can someone help with these two following issues as listed in attached pdf:

Required applications are not installed correctly.



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I've BSOD'd on several different apps, the first was on Fallout 4. FO4 hung and I let it try to recover for a while and when I came back, the entire PC was unresponsive, so I hard reset it. Now I BSOD on chrome, sometimes just with my PC sitting on the desktop. I also have had several apps fail to load when windows loads.

Thanks for any help!

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