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X250 Sim card not recognized (again)

Q: X250 Sim card not recognized (again)

I have recently acquired an X250 Thinkpad for work. As said work takes me well outside of Wifi areas, I have also acquired a SIM card to use with the built-in EM7345. However, while that worked originally (I inserted the card, it was recognized, I changed the PIN), the laptop no longer recognizes the sim when inserted.The solution suggested in another thread (enable WWAN in BIOS) does not apply to me, as it is enabled.My SIM card works in other devices, however, different SIM cards are also not recognized. Any ideas?I've switched the pre-installed Windows 7 for Windows 10, but the changed of PIN was already in Windows 10, so I doubt it had anything to do with that.

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Preferred Solution: X250 Sim card not recognized (again)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I just finished installing an EM7345 WWAN card in my X250 running Win 7 and when I launch Lenovo Mobile Broadband Activation I receive an error that the SIM cannot be read.  The support info for the error tells me that the SIM is not found. When I use netsh mbn sh read int=* from command prompt I also see that SIM is not inserted. I have verified SIM is correctly inserted.I have verified SIM works in another device. Any thoughts?  I have been scouring for guidance on this for quite a while now.

A:X250 SIM Not Recognized

HelloMake sure the wwan card is enabled in the BIOS Setup (Security -> I/O Port Access).

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Bonjour à tous,
Windows 10 only recognizes the X20 built-in battery, not the removable one
Only getting 2hrs 5min run time... vs what should be 20hrs+ if both batteries were working
Has anyone seen this problem?
Is there a fix coming from Microsoft or Lenovo?
Windows 10 ne reconnait pas d'autre batterie que l'interne sur ce x250.
Autonomie de 2h5 environ .... contre + de 20h si les 2 batteries fonctionnaient en duo.
Avez vous ce probleme de votre côté ?
Faut-il attendre une mise a jour du coté de Microsoft ou Lenovo ?
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A:X250 removable battery not recognized

Hi durieu,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
Can you please perform the below troubleshooting steps and confirm with the same.
1) Please confirm that you are using an original Lenovo battery.  It is possible that 3rd party battery firmware may be     different / incompatible.
2) Clear CMOS values - shut the system down, unplug AC and remove battery.  Press and hold power button                  several times for several seconds each time.   Then re-install battery and AC and restart and see if battery now             reports.
3) Uninstall / Reinstall the latest power manager version.
4) Check available BIOS updates or tips on support site for battery firmware updates.
Please find the support site link to get the latest drivers for your laptop.
To get the drivers for your laptop, click on Drivers and software in the product support page and under the option component select the latest version of driver which you want to update with the help of drop down option.
Please let me know whether the above steps helped you.
Thank you, have a good day.
Did someone help you today? Click on the ?upper half star? at the left side of the post to thank them with a Kudo!

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Hi, I recently purchased Sierra AirPrime EM7345 for my ThinkPad X250 & when opening the chassis to find already installed in the M.2 slot was a SanDisk 16GB SSD Sata card. There was only one slot for either momery card or WWAN card, I choose to install WWAN card but would also need memory card. How to have both at the sometime? Is it possible to add another M.2 slot or will have to use an external SSD M.2? Thanks.
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Go to Solution.

A:X250: possible to have BOTH M.2 SSD and WWAN card?

wilson638,there isn't separate slot for small SSD. This laptop can be equipped by the 2nd 2.5" drive (SSD including) in the DVD bay via adapter.Note, you have to remove cache application (Express Cache) before removing of the m.2 SSD.
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Currently have an Intel 8260. Seeing as these things are so cheap to aquire like 10USD here in China Is there any point to upgrade one of the latest models? What is the best of the best i can get to work in the x250? I see there are mostly improvements in stability, the triband cards are a little wider, not sure if that would fit but there is some space on the sides.  any thought?

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Hi, I have purchased my laptop with WWAN card upgradable, which as I read means that a WWAN can be installed, in order to have access to mobile networks. Which WWAN devices are supported by X250 ? Can I purchase it and install it myself without voiding the warranty?

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Can someone with x250 test some random non-Lenovo mpcie wifi card that is it working or not. I want to buy x250 but i have no clear answer still and i beg community help to really test wifi cards.

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I have an 8GB sd card i used while traveling and upon trying to get the pictures from it the computer does not recognize the card at all, no prompts, nothing. I have tried it in multiple pcs and macs and no response. My Cannon Rebel XS camera says no images found. However, when I plug it into my brother's Cannon PowerShot it actually recognizes and shows all pictures on the card. Does anyone have any reason why this is happening and how I can recover the pictures? I am not willing to just format to make the card work again, I must have these pictures.

A:SD Card not recognized in computer but recognized on camera

Have you tried leaving the card in the camera and attaching to the computer to d/l the pictures that way. I have an Olympus camera and the pictures will d/l fine with the card left in the camera.

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I'm adding a video card (a Geforce 9400GT 512MB pci-e 2.0 to a Dell Optiplex 320 computer. This should have been a 10-15 minute job but I've spent a good 8 hours or so trying to resolve this issue.

The computer had on-board integrated video so I disabled those drivers, turned off the computer, plugged in the new video card into the pci-e slot, fired it up, video showed up while plugged into the video card so I logged into windows and then tried to install the drivers. The disc that came with the video card says "No supported hardware is found in your system." I downloaded the most recent drivers from the NVidia site and it said the same thing. I checked the current video adapter being used and it said "VGAsave" so I looked in device manager and there's an ! next to "PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge." I figure this is the problem and why the video card isn't recognized so I look at the properties for that and it says "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)"

I've done a lot of research and reading but I can't find any solution to this. I tried to uninstall the integrated video and completely get rid of the drivers using a driver sweeper program and that didn't work. The only setting in the BIOS for video is to either have "Auto" or "Onboard". I have it set to Auto but there is no way to disable the onboard video card within the BIOS. I've u... Read more

A:Video card Hell. VGAsave, code 12, card not recognized

Instead of deleting the onboard, try to disable it in device manager.

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"The card supplied was not recognized. Please check that the card is inserted correctly, and tightly."

I ran some updates on an employee's computer and now when I start it up, I receive this error if the aircard is in the PC Card slot. I understand it's misinterpreting it as being a security card or whatever the case may be but I don't understand why or how to remedy it.

Anyone with a similar experience or that can shine a guiding light?

A:"The card supplied was not recognized..." Login issue w/ Aircard in PC-Card slot

What are some other good tech support sites? I work in IT myself and don't use forums for them nearly as much as I should.


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I've removed all traces of my old nVidia card's software. (My 9500 gave up the ghost not long ago when the fan failed and the GPU burned up) My computer did not recognize the new card, an ATI. I manually installed the drivers from the disk that came with the new card, but the computer refuses to acknowledge that there's even a card connected. The Device Manager can't see it. The cooling fan runs, but the monitor remains stubbornly blank whenever I reboot. It is indeed seated properly, before you ask. My question is this--what might cause a computer to fail to recognize hardware? A BIOS error, maybe? Motherboard failure? Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Oh, here are my basic system specs:
ASUS m2n68-am motherboard,

A:New card not recognized

Might be a dumb question, but I have to assume the worst in people here sometimes. Does this card require a power source of any kind? 4 or 6 pin connector?

You didn't give much detail on what gpu you have now

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My 2GB SD Digital Media memory card is not being recognized in "My Computer". I have try taking it out and putting it back in. It doesn't work. I also did some researching and looked into uninstalling the SD card program, there was no such program. I really don't know what to do. Help!

A:SD card not recognized.

Did you try your SD card in another computer to see if it works?

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I have an ATI Radeon 4650 card (dual DVI ports) which is working perfectly. That is in a PCIe slot on the board. I have two monitors running well. I also have third monitor which I'm trying to get running but can't. I've installed one card in the second slot (PCI slot) that is the NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS PCI card. It too has a DVI port and also a VGA port. I'm aslo running Win7 enterprise 32-bit.

The problem is that the PCI card is not even being recognized as being connected to the system. It's fan is spinning, but Windows refuses to show it in the Display Adapter listing. I've also tried placing it in the other available PCI slot on the board and it's not being recognized there either.

I've scanned for hardware changes and nothing shows. I try installing the latest driver version from NVIDIA but it refuses to install b/c it doesn't see any card that the drivers would work for. I've even tried unzipping the driver package, and then manually installing the drivers as "legacy hardware" and it still will not see the drivers or card.

I'm stumped. I also had a problem getting Win7 to recognize an older VGA card at the same time with the ATI Radeon card. Well, it saw both cards, but would not turn them both on at the same time. If the VGA card was in it would only display on that adapter and not the ATI one. If you took the VGA card out then it would display on the ATI one. But it won't show to all the displays. It's almost as if you can only have one graphics card ... Read more

A:Card not being recognized at all

Could the problem be that I'm trying to run an ATI card and an NVIDIA card at the same time (two different manufacturers)?

Are they any ATI cards or NVIDIA cards that are PCIe that run at least 3 displays at 1920x1200 and fit within a minitower (Dell Optiplex 745)?

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I installed this USB PCI card:

5 Ports High Speed USB 2 0 PCI Card Expansion Kit 4 External 1 Internal for PC | eBay

when I booted, I didn't get any alert that new hardware was installed.

I think I installed it correctly into the motherboard.

Is there a driver that I need to install? or it's probably becuase it is not installed correctly?


A:USB PCI card not recognized

The best way to see if it's working is to try it. If it isn't working, then yeah you need drivers. As to which ones, well you'll have to figure that out since I can't tell what card it is. You should have gotten some documentation with the card telling you where to at least look for drivers.

Good luck.

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I have a 4 gig Kingston HC SD card that I use in my camera. However, neither of my 2 computers, Dell Demension E521 running Windows XP SP2 nor my Acer laptop running Windows XP Pro nor 2 computers belonging to 2 of my friends, will recognized the card.

The card records photos just fine and I can download them to my computer via USB connection.

All of the above computers will recognize cards of 2 gig or less capacity.

I purchased another 4 gig SD card manufactured by Sandisk but it, too, was not recognized by the above computers.

What is wrong ?? Is there some software switch that I must activate ??

Thank You, Gary

A:4 gig SD card not recognized

You are probably running into a size limitation in your older computer card readers. Confirm the specs of the readers on your systems to see if that is true or not.

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I installed the Promise ultra 100 card and its drivers. There's no yellow mark beside it in Device Manager and no hareware problems in system tools. I installed the Maxtor 40 HD with the ATA 80 wire cable and tried to fdisk it to partition. Comp could not locate a fixed disk. I went to Promise support site and it suggested changing HD in cmos from auto to none. However, on this site, one of your threads on pci controller cards, it was suggested that the onboard pci controllers be disabled.

I haven't tried Promise suggestion yet because I was down for most of the day after trying to reboot with the original HD re-installed. I had to make changes in the bios to finally solve the problem. What steps would you recommend me taking to determine origin of non-disk recognition problem?

Thank you, Don

A:HD not recognized on PCI 100 card

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I have an 8gb PNY SDHC card that I use to transfer pictures between my Canon DSLR and my Dell XPS m1530 laptop, which runs Win 7 Pro. I take pictures with the camera, pull out the card, pop it into my laptop's built-in card reader, and download the images. The card/camera/laptop setup has worked great for me over the past few months.

Long story short, I took some pictures with the camera this morning and tried to get my desktop computer (running windows xp media center) to read the card with it's own built-in reader. Nothing. The card doesn't even get recognized and whenever I click on the correct drive in 'My computer' the window freezes. So I try putting it in a USB card reader...and it worked! But as soon as I tried to get the card to read on my windows 7 laptop, it stopped working completely. Now it won't read on either computer, or the camera. It's as if I'm not plugging in anything at all! I've tried restarting both machines, but it's no use. I can't even format it from my camera. I'm at a total loss here.

I've got more than 400 images on the card that I really want to save here...can anyone help me?

A:Help! SD card no longer recognized!

Hi -

The card may be bad. If you can read it with USB reader, I would copy the images off the SD card, get a new one and see if it works in the various systems.

Regards. . .



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Today, I downloaded and installed build 7100 of Windows 7 after a great experience with build 7000. However, I do the WEI and it tells me I have no graphics card, even though I do. It's an older 128MB ATI Mobility RADEON X1400, and it ran Aero just fine with build 7000 with no problems. Should I try using a newer driver, or something else?

A:Graphics card not recognized

I have a similar setup and similar conditions. Aero ran just fine under 7000 now 7100 is telling me that I have standard VGA card. I have tried everything from Vista OS drivers to compatibility mode and Windows Update.
If there is anyway with knowledge on how to fix please update!

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hi, i bought a new sound card and it is not at all being recognised, the onboard audio has been disabled in bios, and no its not to do with the drivers, because when i put in the driver cd it says "audigy 2 sb card not found" or something like that, i'm fairly certain the pci slot is ok because my previous audio card was there, and i've tried moving it around. suggestions? cheers.

oh and i've checked device manager etc, its not listed, and there is no ! or ? or anything.

A:Sound card not being recognized

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Win 98, 12Ghz AMD, 128MB RAM 120GHD Windows media 7.12 player or realplayer V10 cant find my audio hardware. Winamp plays OK. I get sound from winamp but not the other 2. This is a fresh install of media player and winamp v5. My sound card is soundblaster live 5.1. In system properties on the device list it says sound video and gamecontrollers are working properly, but under other devices it shows unknown pci card multimedia audio devices.
When I try to run the sounblaster setup cd it can't find any soundblaster devices.

Thanx in acvance for your help.


A:Sound Card not recognized

Interesting that WinAmp isn't having a problem!

I guess I'd remove the Sound Card, and Boot the sytem.

Go to Device Mgr and see if the Sound Card's entry(s) are still there.

If yes, Remove them.

Shutdn the system.

Reinstall the Sound Card and re-boot.

When the Card is found by Windows...install it using the CD if available.

Check Device Mgr, making sure that all entries are correct.

Either go directly to test the Player applications OR re-install them (preferably).

Report back on results.

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This is with reference to an earlier post that is now locked:

I recently tried to access an old Compact Flash card using the same card reader as the post above (green light on reader for CF option, Windows XP), and had the same problem. Had not accessed/used both the card or reader in a while but the last I used both (about 5 years ago) they seemed to work fine. I tried the workaround suggested at the end of the above thread but my device does not show up under 'Disk Management' (neither in the top or bottom windows). I've also tried plugging in the reader & card into a Windows 7 machine and a Macbook, both with same results (CF light on card reader is green, but neither machine recognizes the USB device). Help appreciated. Thanks!

A:Card Reader not recognized

waste of time trying further - card reader is faulty as shown here
I tried the workaround suggested at the end of the above thread but my device does not show up under 'Disk Management' (neither in the top or bottom windows). I've also tried plugging in the reader & card into a Windows 7 machine and a Macbook, both with same resultsClick to expand...

UNLESS with no card inserted in device manager card reader shows as on my screenshot

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-HP Pavilion p6750z Desktop PC
-AMD Athlon(TM) II 250 dual-core processor
-512MB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6450 (PCIE)
-Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Hi. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!

So, two weeks ago I bought a desktop PC from HP. I wiped the drive to get all their vapor ware off, installed my software and everything went fine. Windows Update recognized the hardware on my machine and downloaded and installed the appropriate drivers after the wipe.

Here's the problem. My girlfriend followed suit two weeks later and asked me to do the same thing for her. Our machines were slightly different but for the most part I expected a similar experience. Except it wasn't. This time Windows Update failed to recognize the Video Card after the wipe.

So now she has this nice video card sitting in her machine using a Standard VGA Adapter instead of the Radeon drivers it needs. No matter how many times I download and install the Catalyst software from ATI's site it doesn't catch. What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to flash the BIOS? Is that too drastic? If so, is there a place I can go with instructions on how to do it?

Thanks again for any help you can offer. Over the years I've done this fresh wipe routine for friends and family many times and this is the first time I've had this happen!

A:Video Card not recognized

Have you tried getting the latest driver from AMD for your card and Windows 7 64 bit?

If not, please get it and try to install it.


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Friends: I am trying to install a ATI Radeon X300SE PCI express graphics card into a IBM ThinkCentre S51 computer to give me SVIDEO out. After installation, the computer refused to boot up and gave a set of beeps. After browsing a few sites, I was told I had to cover some pins with cellophane tape (from pin 8 through the rest on the larger leg of the card). I did this and now the computer would boot but the card is not recognized at all. I loaded the drivers and updated the BIOS but same result. Has anyone been down this road before? Thanks for any help. Windows XP Pro.

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Hi all,

I'm really glad I stumbled across this forum whilst on a mad scramble to find an answer to my question.

I installed the 7022 x86 version of Windows 7. Everything installed fine and there were driver issues which I anticipated but my Ethernet port is not working on W7 or any other OS for that matter.

It?s a very strange situation. After it was not seen I W7 I booted from my 2nd drive which has Vista on it and it was not seen there so I booted from my XP drive and it was not seen on there either.....

I have re-downloaded all the drivers for each version of the OS but none are making the NIC discoverable.

I have an nVidia 680i SLi & I am using the on board port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would love to get into W7 and start using it fully.

Thanks very much.

A:Ethernet card not being recognized...

Hello Milan0, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check in the BIOS to make sure that the LAN port is enabled.

Hope this helps,

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I just acquire a Z30-B-12E, updated with Windows 10, and I installed the sim card from my smartphone, but Windows does not recognize and told me there is no card sim.

By the way, I take this opportunity to ask if people have managed to reverse the scroll of the touchpad.

Thank you

A:Portege Z30-B-12E - 3G/4G Sim card not recognized

This can happen because of the windows hybrid shutdown. Try to use reboot instead of shutdown and manual power-on. If this does not work, try to shut down your Notebook and go directly into the bios. Then perform a reboot. It should detect your card after some tries.

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Hi Everyone,
i havent been able to find a solution on the web about the issue i am experiencing,
The issue is following:
The Notebook has a SIM Card Slot and we installed a Sim in it, installed the current Driver and everything. Unfortunatly i am not able to Access it in any way. It doesn't Show up on the WiFi networklist at all.
So i cant even unlock it with the pin.
Anyone have a succetion i might try?

Thanks in andvance.

A:E5570 LTE Sim Card not recognized

Did you install a WWAN card that is compatible with your service provider's network?  The SIM card by itself will not connect to the network - you must have a WWAN card in the system for it to function.

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Recently ran a bunch of malware / antivirus programs to get rid of a zeroaccess trojan. (malwarebytes, mcafee, cccleanter, eset, hitman). Was finally able to get rid of the viruses in the services.exe and desktop.ini files. However once they were cleaned and got everything back to normal, I'm having problems with my video card being recognized by anything. Only recognizing the Intel® and not my Nvidia gtx 560M. It's not listed on the dxdiag page, not showing up as a selectable option for The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Was working fine a few hours ago. It's listed under device manager just not showing up anywhere else. Just wondering if getting rid of those viruses might have deleted some needed .dll or something. Already tried re-installing the updated drivers and updated my bios. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Video Card not recognized

Hi tbcollins,I understand that your card is not being recognized correctly. This could have been from the payload of the malware. The malware may have deleted the driver files, or registry entries. Could you please press (Windows+R) and type "mmc devmgmt.msc" then locate your Nvidia GTX 560M under (Display Adapters >>Your Card) if it is there, and has a yellow or red exclamation mark or X mark, then right click the device and select "Properties" and copy the contents in "Device Status" in this forum using the <> button at the top of the editor. If there is no device, please report. Also, because this is a mobile graphics card, it indicates that you are using a laptop. Could you please specify which laptop you are currently using so I can better identify the issue?


Eric Bennett


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Hi there folks,

Today I went out happy to buy my new graphics card (Nvidia 9600GT) -> this was an overclocked version (by Nvidia) so it was called the 9600OC.
I came home (still happy) took out the old (and dusted) 7600GS and replaced it with my shining beauty. I fired up my pc and I got a monitor message saying -> No Signal (then my happyness was gone)! I tried plugging it into another monitor, still no signal, so I used my onboard Graph Card and I had an image again, I went to device manager in the control panel and I couldn't find my new Graph card (It was still in my PCI Express thingy), I tried installing the drivers which came with the box and still nothing (after rebooting of course).
How can I resolve this?

Thanks alot,


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Machine specs: Antec 900 ATX case, Tyan Tiger K8WE S2877-G2NR mobo, Dual AMD Opteron 275 dual-core @ 2.2GHz, 3 GB Ram, 2x BFG Nvidia GeForce 9600GT, in SLI config, 2x Seagate 750GB 7200RPM SATA HDD's Thermaltake Black Widow 850 W power. LG CD/DVD/RW Creative Sound Blaster SE (model SB0570)

Dual Boot

OS Drive 1 Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

OS Drive 2 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Problem: Sound card works fine in 32 bit, but is unrecognized in 64 bit. All other systems nominal

Solutions tried to date. (1) Sound card un and re-installed. (2) SB solution SID 82669 (force detection through LGPE, D/L and install new drivers)Failed.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Karma

A:Sound card not recognized by 7 x64

My PC specs in 32 bitMy PC specs in 64 bit

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I have Windows 8.1 on an HP Pavilion. I try to insert an SD Card into the sd card slot and it lights up like it is supposed to and appears in Windows Explorer. However, when I try to open it from Windows Explorer I get the message: "Please insert a disk into SD Card (F: )."

I have opened Device Manager and located "SD Card" there and tried to update the driver but it tells me my driver is already up to date.

A:SD Card recognized but not readable

Is this SD card readable in a different machine?

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I have an asus A8n-sli board with the Nforce4 chipset. I have creative x-fi xtreme music installed on the board and the sound works fine in XP.

The issue is that the when I try to install the drivers it keeps telling me that there is no compatible hardware installed. In device manager it shows an audio device but no available info for it. I tried the reinstall method and moving it from one slot to the other.

I am running 4 gb of ram, W7 64bit and do have the onboard audio turned off via the bios.

I have tried installing drivers for the nforce4 chipset but they will not work, Is that the issue? Are there a compatible set for this, I have tried the xp64 and vista 64 drivers but with no luck.

A:Sound Card not recognized in W7

Sorry, don't have a solution ... but just to show you that you're not alone, I have an ASUS nForce 4 board too, installed Win7 64-bit, and like you, could not install my audio drivers because it said there was no card connected.

I checked with the card vendor and they said (1) I had the latest drivers and (2) the drivers should work.

I removed 64-bit, installed 32-bit (and yes, I have a 64-bit, dual-core processor), and everything worked OK. Sound card detected, drivers loaded, audo config app works fine.

So, maybe there's a more general problem with ASUS nForce 4 boards, WIn7 64-bit, and plugin sound cards.

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Hello, I'm back

I have two hard drives and both of them have Windows XP installed on them.. I cannot access my account on the bigger hard drive nor can I for some reason reinstall it on either of them due to a problem with the bios or whatever. So I'm currently running with the small hard drive which still works and all, but it seems as though my sound card is not being recognized. For example, I have my speakers plugged in and nothing is going through.. I also cannot edit the volume of sound and when I hit back space or a message appears (like someone contacting you on messenger) my computer makes a sound as if I have no sound card. On my big hard drive, my sound card works perfectly. I'm confused as to why it works on one and then doesn't work on the other..

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


A:Sound Card Not Being Recognized?

Are your sound card drivers installed on the secondary hard drive? If not find them and install them again.

As for getting your normal OS working again, you should be able to run the installed from windows no matter if the bios is recognizing the disc or not. If you provide more information on the problems with the bios and other hard disk, I would be glad to help you with that.

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So one morning I put some music on my microSD card. The card was inserted in my Samsung Galaxy SII Android phone (it has been in there since Christmas) and the phone was connected to my Windows 8 PC via a USB cable.

I transferred the music directly to the card as it has always came up as a separate drive when I plugged my phone into the computer.

When the transfer was done, I right clicked on the drive and ejected it as I have always done. I verified that the music was on the phone and went to work.

I am not sure what my phone was doing that day, but it felt really hot and the battery drained really fast.

When I tried to listen to the music on my break, but the music was not listed on my list of songs/artists, but the music was still available in the file browser.

Then later all my apps that were saved on the SD card were not there, nor my pictures or music that was on the SD card...

I connected my phone to the computer and it recognized the phone internal storage, but the SD card did not appear. I tried putting the SD card in my Motorola Xoom table (also Android) and it did not recognize it. I tried putting the card in my wife's BlackBerry and it did not recognize it.

I put the card in a Multi card reader and tried it in every USB slot in the computer and it is not recognized (other microSD cards are recognized when used in the card reader).

My assumption is that my phone must have fried the microSD card? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there... Read more

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I've just taken some photos on my digital camera and want to upload the to the computer.

I normally use my Advent ade-rdr01 all in 1 card reader, which you plug into the front USB ports, install your card and you can access the SD card.

I did this just now and it popped up saying "usb device not recognised" i thought ok. I tried another port and had the same problem.

So i took the card out, and tried again on another port, this time one round the back and still had the same problem. Theres no device being shown in my computer and the light isn't flashing on the reader to say its connected to the computer like it normally says.

I have tried a restart and a disk clean up and a Registry sweep, but i still have the problems.

Any idea what the problem could be? Rather frustrating.


A:Card Reader Not Recognized.

Hey Dan,

Have you used this device in your PC before? I'm wondering if the drivers aren't working, or have somehow been uninstalled or corrupted. Maybe check the device manager and make sure that your USB ports are all okay. Do your ports read USB flash drives okay?

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Hi there,

We have just bought a radeon 7000 pci video card but when we put into the slot computer freezes on startup. We are running Windows 2000 on an HP Vectra 400. We aren't sure if it's a Windows problem or the computer but have tried everything including disabling all the graphics accelerators and video drivers and nothing works.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A:PCI Video card not recognized

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Hello folks,

I have an HP Pavillion model a1123c running XP Media Center Edition version 2002 with SP3 installed. I had an issue with the system recognizing my DVD drives, so I ran the CDGONE regedit utility to get the system to recognize my DVD drives. All is well with the DVD drives now, but I can not use the memory slots on the front of the system.

Whenever I insert my SD card, the system does not recognize it. The SD card works fine on other systems. I am able to see memory sticks that are inserted into the USB ports without issue (if this matters).

Anyone know what might be causing this issue?


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 230262 MB, Free - 181803 MB; D: Total - 8194 MB, Free - 1412 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Goldfish3, 1.xx, X312345678
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:SD card slot not recognized on XP

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I just bought a new PC last month, and I have upgraded it's power supply and video card. The Galaxy GTX 460 768 mb. It won't show up in device manager, but the fan is runs smoothly. I've got a 900 watt PSU and everything is plugged in correctly

I also have another card, the fan runs but the card isn't recognized by my PC =\

A:Graphics card not being recognized.

Can you check that you plugged the monitor cable into your new GTX 460 and not the motherboard onboard graphics socket. Plus check that the 2 x 6 pin pci-e power cables from the PSU is attached to the card.

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I've been using an integrated video card for a while, then i figured it's time to buy a new GPU. So I've bought a Gainward GeForce GT 610 2GB. I installed it but it didn't work at the beginning... Then I've found something telling me that i have to disable the onboard card first. I went to BIOS and I set it to PCI Ex. The new GPu worked fine for about 3 days, then started showing the No Signal error again ( shows "No Signal" message for 4-5 times then the screen goes black and the led turns orange), so i tried switching to PCi Ex again from BIOS but this time won't work. I don't know what the problem may be since the card was working fine yesterday. Any suggestions?


A:My graphic card is not being recognized!

Hi there.
i have the same problem with the only difference that my gpu never worked..
Even after reseting the bios or changing the options...I got a gt 630 and when i plug it im only able to see my motherboards logo screen in my monitor:/ cant access bios or go to windows screen...

Do you remeber which options did u change from bios that made ur gpu work?

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I have an old Windows 98 SE computer, and I reinstalled Windows without making a backup of all the drivers. (stupid, I know... I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing)

A friend built the computer for us a long time ago and upgraded a lot of it a few years ago. It has an ECS L7VMM3 motherboard and an ASUS V8170 MAGIC graphics/video card. The motherboard has an onboard VGA port, which is what my monitor is connected to. I am trying to install the driver for the graphics card, but I'm having trouble doing so.

It's obvious that it isn't working, mostly because when I plug the monitor into the card it doesn't work. I tried downloading the graphic card's driver from the ASUS website, but whenever I try to install it (by right clicking on the desktop, choosing properties>advanced, then changing the driver), I think it changes the driver for the onboard graphics rather than the graphics card, because it still doesn't work.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might get my graphics card to be recognized?

A:Graphics card not recognized

The video card may have software that needs to be installed as well as the drivers to ensure correct functioning. Asus may provide this software for you to download, as well as additional support on thier website. Also, is it listed in the device manager ?

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Alright everyone... I'm always helping out... now i'm asking for help...

I've dual booted windows 7 onto my computer on a spare hdd... It automatically found most of the drivers for my computer when I hooked it up to the internet so i'm good there...

HOWEVER... I put in my sprint air card (595u) and nothing happens... as if i've never plugged it in... not even so much as "new hardware found"...

I've installed both wwan controller softwares that sprint offers for the air card but nothing... it never recognizes that it's being plugged in...

any ideas? I know it's not a corrupt OS, it was just installed, lol, and it recognizes other things... just not the air card...

maybe it's not compatible with windows 7 yet?

A:Air card not recognized on Windows 7


From this link: http://www.evdoforums.com/thread11349.html

This thread will disuss the compatibility between Windows 7 beta and the Sierra Wireless 595 USB EVDO Modem (also called the 595U).

If you a problem OR a solution for win7, please post it to this thread to share with others.
and the answer was:


FIRST be connected to the internet. WIFI ethernet dialup whatever.

Install Sprint Smartview
it will say it doesn't recognize operating system... go ahead and let it finish then restart.

Then install the driver from sierra wireless at the address below


You need to be connected to the internet so that it can download drivers from MS During these installs.


Plug in your card and start Smartview

I hope that works.



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I just upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Pro, added more RAM and a new HD.
MB: XFX MG-63Mi-7159 GeForce 7150 Socket 775 MB (not new, didn't replace)
VC: Nvidia FX 5500 (not replaced either)

error message: need a newer video card or one that is direct 3D compatible. Tried the "hot fix" but message said it wouldn't work on my system.

Tried to load the MB drivers but got a similar message. Is it the Windows 7 Pro maybe?

Need suggestion on a relatively inexpensive VC to replace the old one. I don't do so much gaming. The techs at this forum gave me a shopping list to build my own computer, which I did with no problems.


A:Video card not recognized

Does your motherboard even list drivers for Windows 7 Professional? Are you running a 64bit OS?

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I am completely perplexed at the moment and I would love for someone to share their knowledge of computers with me. Normally I can fix almost anything that comes my way with my already obtained computer smarts and google (haha) but right now I'm lost. I recently reformatted my sisters computer and installed xp and whatnot and she said she wasn't getting any sound. So I told her to try and download her sound drivers and see if that fixed it and it didn't. I started searching myself trying to fix it and it is like the computer doesn't even recognize a sound card. I tried going into the bios to see if the sound was enabled or disabled by some chance and there isn't even a trace of a sound card in the bios so I tried doing everything that I read about and still I cannot seem to get the sound to work. It gives me errors about having the device not found and trying to restart etc etc. If anyone could shed some light or offer me some things to try I would greatly appreciate it. If this wall of text was confusing just ask me the specifics and i'll try to answer them the best I can.


Also the only thing I can think of at this point is possibly reformatting and using a different windows release. I'm sure this site doesn't condone piracy and I am in no way supporting it but I have my reasons so just suffice to leave it at that. The xp release I used for my sister's computer installed fine on another computer but mayb... Read more

A:Sound Card not being recognized

The motherboard has on-board sound. This is in the bios under something like "PCI Devices". It is not uncommon for this to fail over time. Install a simple PCI sound card and disable the on-board audio device

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Hey guys,

I recently installed Windows 7, and most seemed to be fine. However, I just moved to college for the semester and I usually use wireless at school. I have a wireless card/adapter and it used to work fine on XP, but Windows 7 doesn't seem to recognize it at all. I checked device manager and the only network adapter is 'NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller'. Under 'Other devices' is 'Network Controller' with a little '!' next to it. This may be the wireless card, but I don't know how to make it work.

I really need to get this wireless working, otherwise I could be screwed. I never removed the card so it should be in there. Not sure why windows 7 is not recognizing it (in fact, I used to get annoyed when the 'Wireless network detected' bubble popped up on XP. Now I want nothing more!)

A:Wireless Card not recognized

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Hello i just installed Windows 7 RC. but now i have a problem my graphic card is not recognized . The weird thing is i hooked up my graphic card to my pc and monitor and that works . i tried to update the driver 186.18 that is windows 7 compatible but it says "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." Also i got no other drivers installed. I hope i get a solution .


A:graphic card not recognized?

Hello Vaatwassert, wilkommen.

I know the graphics card is compatible (my laptop has one) so that is not an issue. Go to the NVidia Website and download the latest driver and try to install that. If that is what you already did, then go into device manager and find the graphics card. Then right click and select Update driver.


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I had an older Ethernet card in my PC, that I needed for an older computer (From which it originally came)

I reformatted the old computer, installed the Ethernet card then installed Windows.

Well, it lights up, but it isn't recognized, by Windows. When I tried to install the drivers, it also couldn't find it. The Ethernet card is an Intel Pro 100 S

Any ideas?

A:Ethernet card not being recognized

well you probably have to install the drivers for it to work at all, and if you just search for drivers it will most likely look in your hard drive, were chances are they arent there

therefore what you need to do is get on another computer and download the driver, and save it to a flash drive or something like that and take it to the other computer and install the driver that way

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