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Qosmio F10 Main Board Replacement - Update BIOS etc

Q: Qosmio F10 Main Board Replacement - Update BIOS etc


I have just installed a new motherboard on my F10-124.
This was the upgraded PCB P000415760 (Part number P000454980) as the graphics card failed - again!!

The documents that came with it tell me to update the Bios, EC/KBC (SVP Parameters) and write the new DMI. At the moment the VGA controller is not recognised, and no CD drive is listed.

Can this be updated by myself, without having to send it away to an ASP, as its not worth the money if I do. I just want to use this as an additonal PC for my daughter to use.

Surely I should be able to update the Bios from a download or something from the toshiba support site.

Any help appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Qosmio F10 Main Board Replacement - Update BIOS etc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Qosmio F10 Main Board Replacement - Update BIOS etc

The new BIOS is on the Toshiba website, and I believe a different Recovery Disc needs to be used.

Or you can simply install Ubuntu, which should detect the hardware automatically. http://www.ubuntu.com/

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Hi, Can you help me? I need to find out the part number and where to order a motherboard for a HP Pavilion G6-2291sa model. I realise these might be hard to find nowadays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Kenneth

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Need to update mu Toshiba Qosmio F10 BIOS, from 1.00 to 1.20. But, i have a problem and i cannot update, i receive this error: the user is not authorized to update bios

I have Windows XP Home Edition SP2, clean install. Tryed in safe mode, but there i receive that i don't have AC plugged in, and the AC is plugged.

Need help guys!

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Hi, I have a problem with updating the BIOS on a Qosmio G30-162 which appears to be running the following version: -
Version 1.20
DMI Version 2.3
BIOS date 01/21/06

Every time I run the V3.90 update it says that it is not valid for this machine.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks

The BIOS update I am trying to run is V3.2.9 (P0038v390.exe)

When I run the files the update says that "This computer is not supported".

Many thanks

A:Qosmio G30-162 - BIOS update problem


What Windows OS did you install?
If you have installed Win XP then the Common Module should be installed before trying to update the BIOS.
If Vista is installed, the VAP (value added package) should run.

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I've downloaded the bios update QF750B200_EC120_WIN.exe for my F750 and when I attempted to run the update, it fails & I received the message:

"The AC adapter is not connected, or battery power is not enough.
Please connect the AC adapter, and charge the battery."

However the AC adapter is connected & the battery is also fully charged. Does anyone have any ideas for making this work?


A:Cannot install BIOS update for my Qosmio F750

Hi again,

I've solved it but thought I'd put the solution here in case anyone else had a similar problem. Basically I had to:

1 - Uninstall "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" using Device Manager
2 - In Device Manger, go to Action>Scan For Hardware Changes
3 - Close Lid & Remove Battery
4 - Reboot without battery
5 - Insert battery

That seemed to sort it out so it was probably a problem witth the ACPI-Compiant Control Method Battery Driver or something like that. I think I'd disabled it & re-enabled it a while back so something probably went awry then.


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I have a Qosmio F50-10Z and as prompted by toshiba I downloaded the Bios update and began to install.
My screensaver came on and the whole thing crashed.

Would not turn off (even after holding down power button for 15 secs).
Took battery out and then put it back in. Computer powers on but screen is blank and won't boot up.

Tried to take it apart to flash the bios by taking out rtc/cmos battery (whatever it's called) but can't find the battery and got to the point where I wasn't willing to take it apart any further (has no-one else ever taken one apart?

Couldn't find information or diagram or photo of where the battery was on net...manual for laptop really unhelpful)

Have found comments about crisis disks but I don't know what this means.

So, how to I reset bios?

Please help - you are my only hope.

A:Qosmio F50-10Z Bios update crashed - how do I reset cmos?

So, now I've located the rtc/cmos battery (turns out it's rechargeable so explains why not easily located) removed it, soldiered it back on in a more accessible place - still did not reset BIOS.

Or else, that wasn't the problem in the first place.

Any ideas? Perhaps if anyone knows where the CMOS jumper is located that might help?

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G'day all,

As a favour to a friend, I upgraded her laptop's (model above) RAM (to 8GB) and her HDD to an 256GB SSD. After physically installing the new devices, restoring using the recovery disk, upgrading her Windows 7 x64 to Professional everything seemed fine. So I decided to apply the Toshiba Service Station recommended updates, one of which was the BIOS 2.70. Downloaded it, and pressed install... stepped through - restarted and got into the wizard where it warns me that there may be no screen, and only the blinking power indicator as activity - I then initiated the BIOS upgrade.


After 60 minutes of waiting, I powered the machine off but it won't boot - it powers up the drives but absolutely no beep codes or display - still flashing the power indicator. Bricked.

Ok - so now I google desperately for the model specific secret key codes and disk layout that will allow BIOS recovery from a USB flash drive or CD-ROM - NOTHING!

Anyone have any ideas about how to re-initiate the BIOS upgrade for this model from any of a) USB floppy, b) flash drive or c) CD-ROM?

Thanks in advance!


A:Qosmio F60 - PQF65A-05E02W - BIOS update failed!

It is really bad situation now. To be honest I?m sceptic with repair possibilities. I presume BIOS is screwed up now.

Anyway, check please http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=54395 thread. Maybe you will be able to do anything about that.
Please send some feedback.

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Hi Guys,

I have no idea what happened. I Installed the biosupdate (Downloaded from the Toshiba drivers Page) and installed it completely (no complications).
Now the Notebook is shutting of regularly whil booting after the first 3-30 seconds. But sometimes I can boot Windows. It's very odd, that it does not seem to do the same every time. DO you have any Ide what I could do? WIndows even shut down once. I just freshly Installed Windows btw.

Help or a hint would be really appreciated.


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I tried to do a BIOS update on my DX1210 last night to version 1.5,
During the update there was a write failed error message and now the system won't boot.
Is there a way to reflash the bios when a bios update fails?
I've got all the bios files extracted on to a USB key but I'm not sure what to do to initate a bios recovery?

A:Qosmio DX1210 wont boot - Bios update failed

Well, BIOS problems can be solved only by an Toshiba authorized service partner.
I assume the ROM module where the BIOS is stored, has not been flashed properly.
The Rom module can be flashed again using an special crisis disk.

Therefore I see just one real option for you: get in contact with the service guy to get it fixed.

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I have a board here that recognizes but will not use a hard disk. What I mean is that it identifies it on the POST screen but gives "no fixed disks present" error with FDisk.

As a last-ditch effort before donating it to the local landfill, I thought I would try a BIOS reflash; but, I cannot find a BIOS file for it at any site--and I have really searched.

The board is marked PCChips M810DLU version 5.2c.

I have discovered that this is also identical to an ECS K7SOM+ version 5.2c; but, there isn't a BIOS file anywhere I can find for either of these.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Can't find BIOS Update for this PCChips/ECS board

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I am having problem updating my biosI recently downloaded the bios firmware given by hp support website under my hp 14-ac110la notebookEverything is doing fine i created usb image to update my bios on system diagnosticBut there are no 80bc -system board id on the file given by hp.Only 80bb, 80bd, 80bfI am just updating bios because my battery is not charging when i am using my computer which happened recently when my battery drains. I can only charge when my computer is off or sleeping.I've tried too many methods and nothing works so upgrading bios is my last chance but the 80bc file was not presented on the file i download on hp websiteI hope someone can help me thanks in advanced!Bios Insyde v. F.14

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I downloaded the F.43 bios update from the support page, but in Firmware management, my board ID is not listed. System ID is 2290, but the update folder only has 0227D, 02291, 0227A, 02299, and 02292. My current version is F.34.

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Hi,I'm trying to update BIOS using flash drive. I've downloaded the BIOS update and created the Recovery USB flash drive. Now when I boot into Flash drive and select the option "Select BIOS Image To Apply" it shows the list of Images. But none of them matches with my System board IDThe images I can see are: 080C1, 080C6, 080CD and 08135.Where as my System Board ID is 80C2. So I need image 080C2 in list.I am following instructions from this URLThanks

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Do you guys know of any reliable free utility that can find a bios update for above without requiring a thirty dollar subscription? It's for an old laptop from college days that I'm going to use to give skype capabilities to my kitchen table, amongst other things


A:insyde software corp bios update for r1.00b on an mtc board

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I was able to create a bootable USB drive with the Maintenance Utility files. When I boot from the drive the Thinkpad Serial Number Update Utilities screen appears. After choosing the option to change the serial number the screen request a long serial number starting with 1S. For our T440 laptop, I been using 1S20B7S0XXUSPF00ACZZ. (20B7S0XX is the machine and model type, US is the country code, and PF00ACZZ is the serial number) When I try to enter this number the message appears ? Data of the same device type is already in EEPROM?. When I choose the option to delete the EEPROM the message appears ?C0TpREADEEPROMBlock: Write access to Block#84 is denied Status=0xf, EEPROM fail when reading or writing data? How do I update the serial number in the BIOS? I have the maintenance key.


Go to Solution.

A:System Update doesn't work after System Board Replacement

Version 2.02 of the Maintenance Utily does not give the options shown in the T440 Maintenance manual.Using version 1.83 gives option compatible with the manual but it is requesting a serial starting with 1S and has 16 charactersWould appreciate some help

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My Hard Disk in Tecra S11 died, and I have purchased a new SSD.
Everything work OK, but I can not update BIOS any more. Update utility show an error:

Error: Preparing to update was failed.
You have not given permission to execute the update.

What to do? Please help.

A:Tecra S11 - After HDD replacement I can't update BIOS

> Error: Preparing to update was failed.
> You have not given permission to execute the update.

Do you have Admin rights?
Sounds like the issue could be related to missing privileges which are needed to run a update.

You could enable the admin account following these steps:
Choose command prompt (the black box cmd)
In the box type net user administrator /active:yes
Then log out. Usually an additional user account should be visible ?Administrator?.

Now log in using this account and try to execute the BIOS update.

Note: in many cases the VAP (value added package) is needed to run the update BIOS.
Be sure also, that package has been unzipped correctly before running the exe file.

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Hello. After some troubles with picture displaying my local service center replaced original motherboard with Quanta DAOR62MB6E1 REV.E (as they said, it's for HP Pavilion 15-e053sr) and my discrete videocard AMD HD 6550(M) with AMD HD 6370(M).And the problem is that my notebook is overheating. 60? standby and up to 100C for heavy tasks. Sometimes I turns off with overheating error. Also I have one of my USB ports disabled. Service manager said that it is a bios problem.I've already tried F.23 Rev.A and F. 29 for 3302er and Im not sure if 15-e053sr bios is the proper one. Which bios version should I install?

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I recently had my mainboard replaced by a lenovo technician after my thinkpad T460p switched off and refused to turn on again.The new mainboard has BIOS version 2.15 installed, which is fairly ancient.I now wanted to update to the latest BIOS (2.26) via the bootable CD method.I can successfully boot from a usb stick with the aforementioned image installed and start the bios update.However, ~5 seconds after the installer says it is now updating the firmware, I get the following error, claiming that I can't update the BIOS because BIOS Guard is enabled:Now my question is: How can I disable this BIOS guard to be able to update my BIOS? I can't seem to find a setting named something like that in my BIOS.I have full access to the machine and its BIOS. Secure Boot is disabled, CSM boot is enabled, a harddrive password is set.Any more information that I can provide to solve this issue?Thanks and greetingsMartin

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Hello everyone, 1st in here,
My ECS K7S5A mobo gave me lots of problems 8 months after I bought the base unit, i can't return the base unit to the company I bought it from as the company went bust however, I have bought a new motherboard, an MSI KTA (MS-6590) to be precise. The CPU which is on the K7S5A is an AMDXP 2000, the ram is 184 pin pc2100 DDR, Ge force 4 440MX, HDD is barracuda 80g with CD writer and DVD drive and 1.44 floppy. What I want to know if anyone will be so kind enough to help me is, will all the components out of the K7S5A go right into the MSI KT4????, I am mainly bothered what I need to do to fit the CPU properly as I have looked on the MSI web site and the other stuff "should" go in ok!
Any help will be gratefully excpeted,
Liza and thanks!

A:New main board from ECS TO MSI, help!

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Hi guys

i have a dell precision M65 that booted ok yesterday
and today it just sits on the Dell Splash screen
i took the hard drive out and ran a long generic test on it with seatools...it was a hatachi drive.
and it passed, yet when i put the hard drive in it just hangs on splash screen
i went into bios and reset to default but this didnt help.
i am going to upgrade the BIOS now...but i remember reading that this wouldnt help either.
any ideas appreciated.

A:do you think its the main board?

So it boots further without the hard drive connected?

Hitachi has their own diagnostics: http://www.hitachigst.com/support/downloads/

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I would be thankful if anyone can help me in finding one.
My laptop is dead now and need a mother board replacement.

Please also provide you best suggestions for finding the online store for the system board. I searched for the part but unable to find it.
Thanks in advance.

P.S Many people have serious problems with this type of model, mainly with the cooling system! It is my first pc/laptop and I want to see it working again!
Motherboard: fnn 2s1 a5a001404010

A:Re: Need Motherboard / system board for Qosmio G20-106


All parts can be ordered from local Toshiba ASP.
Get in contact with Toshiba service provider in your country and order such compatible part.

But note; it?s not cheap part! The motherboard replacement is always a costly procedure?

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IC RTD2132 in the main board get burned, should i replace it Or I habe to change all the main board?Thanks ALl 

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Hi everyone.

It's been a while since my last visit. I hope your all doing good!

I would like to ask for some advice regarding a Pavilion Slimline S3435uk.

The unit will power on but there is no display. None of the front LED's light up and I get no BIOS error beeps.
(The main board does not appear to have a speaker).

The PSU LED does light up and if a HDD is connected it spins up.

I have also disconnected every PCI card and all other components including the DIMM's from main board except the CPU its self and the PSU cable. I still get no front LED activity.

I have tried using both the on board Video and a PCI video card together and independently

I have also tried each DIMM on their own and independently.

No matter what combination of components used or not used I still get no LED's, no BIOS beeps and no display. (The display unit is a good working unit).

I have had systems with dead CPU's before and those times the CPU's did not get warm. As the CPU is getting warm to the touch and getting hotter when left on for longer, am I correct to assume that the fault is with the main board? Or does the fact that the CPU is getting hot not necessarily mean that the CPU is working?

I think it would be worth replacing the main board or the CPU but do not think that it is cost effective to replace both.

I'd really appreciate any help you guys/gals can give.
Many thanks in advance.


A:CPU or Main Board at fault?

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my main board wont load when powered. when i apply power, the keyboard lights, and the CPU/sink fan starts, but the monitor does not reflect any activity. i pused the num lock key, to see if that would work, but it didn't respond.

the board is a "PC100 Systemboard, Slot 1/socket 370". the processoer is a pentium celeron.

so far, i have:

changed memory, changed CPU, checked and confirmed jumper settings, replaced the bios battery, replaced the BIOS chip itself, swaped power supplies, striped periphials, and even changed the system speaker to see if there was an "error beep" i was missing.

the results:

the VGA "card" is onboard, with a ribbon cable "dongle"

i think that somthing is bad in the electronics of the board itself.

the system was functional before, then i put it aside, while i worked with another machine. now it just "doesn't work".

if anyone has sugguestions (can't spell that word), or knows how to check the board itself, let me know.

my email is:

[email protected]

my AIM handle is:




A:main board problem

strainge that you dont get any beep code , not even the single beep . i assume that you have tried another monitor .

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I bought a main board tester from www.stw.hk
I would like to use it but do not know how to read
the results. I contacted the company direct but they
are a chinese company and not sure they can understand
what I am saying. Hoping someone has the codes for the
device. I have enclosed a pic of the device.


A:How do I use my new main board tester STW

I think I am correct in saying that the average cost is about 4 UK GBP
If the computer on which you intend to use it is by any chance your dell dimension 4600
see this
http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_desktop/esuprt_dimension_desktops/dimension-4600_service manual_en-us.pdf
it lists the beep codes and the leds - faults
see pages 2, 3 and 4

I would think that such a cheap tester can only display the BIOS error codes and the led fault codes
I VERY MUCH doubt it is capable of generating any of its own error codes

You are very unlikely to have anyone answer who can supply the devices OWN error codes if they exist

Surely however Chinese the English user guide, it must offer some explanation of what codes it displays
If not perhaps an email in Chinese using an online translator may assist
"what codes does the motherboard tester display please"

In simplified Chinese

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I have a toshiba Qosmio but the Board is Broken and i was wondering how much will it be if i wanted to sell this laptop? (Info of the laptop Down..)

Battery Condition ? Good
Screen Condition ? Good
Other Parts (Keyboard /Mouse) Condition ? Working
Remaining Warranty Period ? Expired
Processor Speed ? 2.4 GHz ? 2.7 GHz
CD Drive ? Blu-Ray ROM
HDD ? 500GB
Processor ? Intel ? Core i7 Extreme (Mar2010)
Graphics Card ? 1GB
Features ? Webcam
? Bluetooth
? 3D
Screen Size ? 12? to 16?
Secondary HDD ? 500GB
Battery Condition ? Good
Screen Condition ? Good
Other Parts (Keyboard /Mouse) Condition ? Working
Remaining Warranty Period ? Expired

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I have an F60-111 and it had a terrible hard disk problem several months ago, it wasn't even a year old and was already lagging and crashing all of the time. I have 3 years international warranty for it, so I sent the laptop back to Saudi Arabia and had the hard disk replaced in January, I just received it now, but I'm disappointed. The laptop works fine sure, but the replacement hard disk was only 100GB which is a big downgrade from it's original capacity of 600GB.

My problem is my laptop was repaired but it was replaced with a lower capacity hard disk. I feel cheated, am I entitled for compensation? Thank you.

A:Qosmio F60-111 - HDD replacement


That?s really unbelievable. Please don?t wait so long and contact this service as soon as possible. Explain the situation and ask for their explanation. Something like this should not happen and defective HDD should be exchanged with the same one.

If they are not cooperative you should blare out a threat contacting Toshiba directly.

What do you think about that?

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I'm having problems with my laptop. I had some problems with my fan, and i have to replace it. I have contacted the supported by Toshiba repair centers on Greece about the replacement, and they said that they don't have a replacement. I want to know what the models of other computer with the same fan as mine so i can find one.

My computer serial is: 69198482k
Thank you.

A:Qosmio F50 - 12L Fan Replacement

To be honest I don?t think anyone here can pick up so many info and say for sure which notebook model has identical hardware parts, especially cooling fan. I can imagine that just using certain part number and searching in databank it can be checked.

To be honest I cannot imagine that Toshiba service provider cannot obtain new fan. In my opinion problem is that they want to replace it for you and make some money.

I?m afraid you are on your own so try to google around and try to find cooling fan for F50. All F50 models have the same one. Check also eBay. With a little bit luck you can find it there too.

By the way: do you want to replace it alone?

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Hello all, Excuse me while I vent for a while here, before asking my questions. Warning - vent starting below: So, my ststem refused to start one day a few months ago.  I think I was waking it up from being in sleep mode.  Note that my system was out of warranty at this point.  So I searched around the internet, but did not find too many solutinos that did not involve opening the bottom cover of the machine.  So, eventually I chatted with Lenovo tech support who mentioned that it sounded like a dead system board.  So, fast forward a few months, my machine has been running fine while it is on, but if I turn it off or put it in sleep or hibernation mode, it will not come back on for several hours.  As of today, it has been off for about three days, so I asume that the board is finally dead.  I did some searching around with new search terms and it looks like this is a very common problem fairly early in the life of the system.  I tried to find out if Lenovo did a recall on this, but could not find any information, so I went to Lenovo's site to find the part number for my system board to see if the cost of it would be worth the repair.  However, the site does not accept my laptop's serial number for some reason.  So, I did a chat with the parts & accessories sales department.  They were able to tell me that they do not have the part in stock, but do not have the part number to give me (what???).  They... Read more

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HelloI recently purchased a HP Spectre x360 Model: 13-4014tu. It is an i7 model with a 5500U and 8GB ram. I purchased itsecond hand and it is out of warranty. I will have to pay out of my pocket to fix it. The problem is: There was a lightning storm and the laptop was plugged into the wall socket being charged. Lightning stuck close by and my laptop turned off and will not turn back on again. I took it to a laptop repair shop to be diagnosed and they found that 6 resistors had blown and they are too tiny to solder by hand, meaning I need to replace the entire main board. I have the part number for my mainboard and it is HP part number: 801505-501. I have found a replacement on eBay and it is an entire mainboard with fan and heatsink with the same specs i7 5500U and 8gb ram and with the same part number 801505-501. The problem is that it is pulled from a 13-4003DX model spectre x360 and mine is a 13-4014tu. What would be the difference and would the mainboard from the 13-4003DX be compatable if I swapped it into my laptop?  I am in Australia. The 13-4014tu could be an Australian delivered model and the 13-4003DX seems to be American. Would they just be the same model, just released in different countries? Thanks 

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I just installed a FIC main board model PA2002 running win 98 at 133mhz and 40 mb ram. I cannot get Win to recognize either a serial or a ps/2 mouse. Would like to use a serial type if possible. Also does anyone know if this board takes a five wire ps/2 port coming off the main board ? e-mail [email protected] or post.

A:No mouse on FIC Pa2002 Main board

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I have trouble shooted my hp a4316f to find that the main board. M2n78-la has died this is a link to the board i currently have.


This is the board i am looking at replacing it with just wanting to make sure it should work


Thank you

A:Main board m2n78-la dead

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After replacing the original motherboard of a Qosmio G10-120 Win Xp MCE with the official upgrade (FC43S1 A5A001749010 P000454980 board) some problems arose:

1. Second internal HDD no more seen.
2. All switch-off "standby/turn off computer/restart" buttons do not take completely effect (desktop quits but manual on/off button keeps to showing blue color and laptop remains active).
3. Cooling fan always turned on.

Motherboard upgrade consisted of:

1. Setting of new board DMI strings (in particular "Model Name" field was set to "Qosmio G10").
2. Loading of official update tool CD-ROM TCN0000006.
3. No BIOS nor EC/KBC upgrading.

Any idea?

A:Qosmio G10 motherboard replacement

I?m wondering how you did you update the information in the DMI?
As far as I know only the Toshiba authorized service provider is able to update the DMI information like model name, version number, etc? using special tools and utilities.

I googled for the motherboard part number you have posted in your original thread and it looks like this motherboard has been released for Qosmio F15 series.
So possibly its wrong motherboard?

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I have the Toshiba Qosmio XB 70 laptop and its time for a new battery, so what is the difference between these two batteries?
6600mAh Replacement for TOSHIBA PA5109U-1BRS
4200mAh Replacement for TOSHIBA PA5109U-1BRS

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My question to you all.....> How to change FSB on Elete K7S5A main board...< I run bechmarks and it comes up as FSB at 66 HZ etc I know that my main board can go to 266 but how.....There is nothing in the bios for it or am I talking Poo....


A:How to change FSB on Elete K7S5A main board...

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This morning my main board would not post. Nothing at all.

I originally had the ECS P4M800PRO-M7 REV 3.1

At Fry's they had them all stacked up so as soon as I found the stack, I looked through to find one that hadn't been returned 3 or 4 times. Unfortunately, I didn't double check it. I ended up with the:

ECS P4M800PRO-M V 1.0A

I installed it anyway and it booted up with no problems. I didn't check my files.

On a subsequent restart, I noticed that the chkdsk utility that sometimes appears after an abrupt shutdown came up.

Now several folders are missing in on my nonsystem drive. This drive is a 300GB SATA150 Drive. The drive was set with a cluster size of 256KB because I was using the drive only for video content.

I've noticed that the drive shows up on the BIOs of the new system, whereas before it did not. It also shows the cluster size as 4KB.

My guess is either the bios or the installed driver didn't recognize the cluster size and ran chkdsk with a cluster size of 4.

Any suggestions on a next step? Is there any recovery software that deals well with larger cluster sizes. I ran GetDataBack and it only came up with an alternate disk structure based on a cluster size of 8KB. The disk is my only copy of several hours of video footage that I shot of execs from out of town for a business presentation video.

A:Missing Files After New Main Board Install

how did you format the hard drive after you installed the motherboard?

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I run into this problem occasionally and I have been watching these forums and others for a solution to this problem; but, I haven't seen one to date that is a sure-fire working solution.

We replaced the main board in a Dell system and now we are getting the usual XP Setup abortion message that this copy of XP is intended only for a Dell system.

Has anyone found a work-around for this problem?

A:Replaced Dell main board--now XP will not load

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I want to upgrade my T450s to 8Gb.  I currently have 4Gb.  Is the first 4Gb always soldered to the main circuit board (i.e. my single slot is open to insert a new 4Gb card).  Also, can you confirm the specs on the card I need to get?  Thanks.

A:T450s - Is all 4Gb memory soldered to main board

4 GB soldered.   1 memory socket up to 8GB, thus 12 GB total. 12GB max / PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3L, non-parity, dual-channel capable, 4GB memory soldered to systemboard, one 204-pin SO-DIMM socket http://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad_T450s http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad%20T450s/ThinkPad_T450s_Platform_Specificat... Check:www.crucial.com 

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if a mother board was put in a case without and thing between it and the case would that cause the computer to freeze up??

What is the best thing to use inbetween the board and case?


A:Quick Question about mounting main board

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The post on the charging cable is broken off and stuck in the receiver connector. This receiver cable runs to the main board and charges the battery. I would like to replace this internal cable. Where can I get replacements parts for my N21 chromebook? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6wlkL7cZhOeUpfZGhjZTJOS3c/view?usp=sharing

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Bought a Spectre X360 roughly 2 years ago which I would only use on rare occasion given that I dont have Internet at home.  A couple months ago it wouldnt power up so I took it to a local repair shop since it was out of warranty.  They have since contacted me saying that the problem is the main board and that it would not be cost effective to replace it/I'm better off buying a new laptop.  to have a $700+.laptop only used a few dozen times  is crazy.     Greg 

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Subject computer 18 months old started giving various power supply indications 3 Aug. DC In light would blink, battery sometimes charge and sometimes not, would shut off, computer would not complete a boot on main power with battery removed.

Computer limped along for 8 days then failures stabilized. DC In light steady on mains power, battery indication is " 0% charge, not charging". Battery should have about 70% charge and computer boots properly on battery. I assume the on-board power supply unit is u/s.

Any comments or advice much appreciated. I am currently traveling in the middle of Australia.

Thanks, David.

A:Qosmio G50 (PQG55A-024020) - Onboard power board issue

I should have added that the Battery Indicator light is off at all times.

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Broke my screen on an x870 and I'm looking at replacements.
I was wondering if anyone could help me confirm I am 100% buying the correct screen.....

I was looking at this one:

Also, is it possible to instead put this slightly higher res screen in? It has the same dimensions. I saw this for the same price:

Would it be compatible?!

Many thanks,

A:Qosmio X870 - non 3D screen replacement

If the graphic card would support the display panel resolution, then it should be possible to use higher resolution display panel. The graphic card should be able to handle the 1920 x 1080 resolution and therefore I don’t see any big issues why such resolution should not be supported…
It’s a matter of graphic card… you know…

Regarding the panel compatibility question:
The Qosmio X870 was equipped with a 17.3" TFT color LCD panel….
Type of Lighting: sidelight LED

Usually the display panel dealer should be able to say if this part would be compatible or not, but according to the information on the ebay page, the parts seems to be compatible…

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Someone has asserted certain things to me about the BIOS setup on boards with certain hardware connected. Frankly, I have never heard of such as he told me today and of three professional techs I have talked to so far, they haven't either. I am not going to repeat what he told me because don't want a discussion of the nuances of various configurations. I just want to see if I can find anyone else who has this "common knowledge" (as he put it) that supposedly applies to all systems complying to the AT standard.

Experts only, please, need reply.

I have a mouse on com 1. I have com 2 enabled with IRQ 3 for occasional use with a digital camera. The PS2 mouse port is enabled. I also have a PCI modem on com 3, IRQ 11. There are no conflicting IRQs.

Can anyone tell me if there is some significant "common knowledge" that goes "way back" in computer setups that one should know about this setup that might cause the computer to be unusable?

If so, can I find documentation of this anywhere?

A:Hardware (Main Board Setup) EXPERT needed

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone had the info on the Flex 5 14" with i5 main board and battery model numbers (images?). I have a brazilian Flex 5 model and the main board LA-E541P (CIUYA/YB/SA/SB/SD) s a  Battery is L15M2PB1 and was wondering what other battery models this main board supports. Thanks

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HiThis concerns a fairly new Yoga 700-14ISK (Type 80QD0047UK).I develop specialist automotive hardware and whilst testing a prototype circuit connected to my right-hand USB3.0 port (stupedly!) caused an overload that has blown a component on the Yoga main board (FRU 5B20K41652). I accept that repair under warranty is not available and with a little expert information from Lenovo would be able to undertake a repair myself, avoiding the cost of a replacement board (300+).I would like assistance to identify the burned-out component pictured (labelled 'U8') which I suspect is a LDO / regulator with either the commercially available part number or specification details such that I can source one myself.I hope this message reaches a technical expert in Lenovo who can help out a fellow engineer!Thanks. ChrisUSB failed component (U8, centre) 

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