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Cortana cant listen the mic

Q: Cortana cant listen the mic

Cortana doesn't listen the mic...but it is working on other software...I5559

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Preferred Solution: Cortana cant listen the mic

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


First, I'd like to point out that I found and read this thread that, in the last post, tells me how to disable Cortana. https://techguy.org/1185771

But for me, that is not enough. I want her file gone completely. I opened the file location and moved Cortana's file onto my desktop. I've yet to delete it because I don't know what harm could or could not happen.

That being said, let me tell you about my laptop, in case that makes any difference.
My laptop is a SonicMaster by Asus, E403S Series (the biggest piece of sh*t that I will NEVER buy again. SO MANY PROBLEMS.)

If any more laptop info is needed, let me know. While I'm considered the tech guru of my house, all of this is way beyond my head.

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On all my pc's I now have a "get cortana for my phone" message in all the cortana action windows. How in the heck do I get rid of this? it is screwing up all my viewing habits for weather, sports score etc.

Why does microsoft keep jamming all this junk in the cortana window, I don't want anything except what I choose to have displayed.


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A couple weeks ago, we got an early look at Cortana in Windows 10 and thanks to the new leak of Windows 10 build 9901, we have a lot more to share about the new feature.
As you can see from the images in this post, in build 9901, Cortana is much more refined in her appearance and she appears to be more responsive on our install. More so, we can also dig into the settings of the feature and gain a better understanding of where the feature is headed.

Windows 10: Cortana gets refined, adds "Hey Cortana" feature - Neowin

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I really like the feature of Hey Cortana however it doesn't work consistently and it really annoys me, I've already check the mic setting and its on but still it wont work.

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Unless I click the microphone first. I have a brand new windows 10 computer. I've run set up to have her learn my voice and respond to Hey Cortana, but she will only hear me if I click the microphone first (and she has no problem hearing me). Googled this issue and it appears I'm not the only one with this problem and thus far Microsoft Forums have not really come up with a solution for me or anyone else, other than setting up a new account profile which didn't work. They want me to do a repair in place upgrade which means I'll have to reinstall windows 10. This is a windows 10 computer, not an upgrade. Is there any other option? Can you assist? I have RealTek Digital Output.

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i have an old aptiva 2176, with an intell pentium1. was putting another hdd in it to put linux on it. now something is really messed up. the BIOS is saying no hard drive installed. i reset the BOIS to factory setting nothing. ran the recovery disk nothing, ran the siagnostics disk still nothing, reset the BIOS nothing. it will not see any harddrives at all. jumpers are fine. even my friend who is taking CS at RIT was stumped. any type of help would be nice.

A:listen to this...

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Every time I visit a website that offers mp3 sound samples, I get an error when I try to hear them.

For example, visiting a wind chimes website that offers samples of how their products sound. When I click on the "hear a sample" icon, it takes me to another page, with .mp3 at the end of the address, but I get a little exclamation point inside a yellow triangle in the bottom bar and nothing shows up on the page and I don't get to hear the sound.

When I click on the triangle to find out what the problem is, it tells me, "Error: object expected".

I don't remember having this problem before IE updated itself and changed it's format a few weeks ago. I have no problem hearing music embedded in websites, it's just the sound samples with a .mp3 address.

Any idea what the problem is?

A:Why can't I listen to MP3 samples?

What player did you use before? Now?
What version of IE are you using now?
Have you also tried Firefox or another browser?

To play/hear any .mp3 or such sound, a player, such as winamp, realplayer, etc. must be installed, and it must have permission to play such files.

May have to reinstall IE, or at the least check all of the settings.

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Getting error message "Missing ID3 Headers"

A:Cannot listen to MP3 with WMP (Vista)

mabey here..



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hi there

I think it is time that the computer should be able to PERFECTLY understand the human through speech and respond back to him, like in movies (iron man even flubber ).
I used the speech recognition software in vista but it still needs loads of improvement.

So i was wondering if any of you know about any software which helps in doing this, or atleast something that can make the PC have cool conversations with you and read texts with you (i know about narrator, very robotic).

Eagerly waiting for any discussions regarding this.


A:PC able to talk and listen

Although great improvements have been made with speech recognition, home computers currently don't have the capacity to comprehend fully spoken language. For a start off, words can have a slightly different meaning depending on how it is pronounced, and the context in which it is used. In addition, the human brain can recognise the same word when pronounced in many different ways by people with differing accents and dialogue inflections. Unless the speech recognition system in a computer has already learnt the word, and the ways that it may be pronounced, it cannot understand a word if asked to recognise it through audio input. Even if it does know the word, it might not recognise it if it comes in a different accent and inflection.

As regards the computer outputting speech, it is currently very robotic because the number of voices available is very limited. Although the pitch and speed can be varied, this usually affects all of what is being output by the same amount, unlike normal human speech which can change in pitch and speed dynamically. Whilst certain punctuation can make the pitch of the word prior to it rise or fall, the end result is still very much robotic.

Unfortunately, home computers simply don't have the memory capacity or resources in order to be able to speak and to understand speech in the same way as a human brain can. Mainframe computers fair better because they have more memory and resources available, in addition to more processing power thanks to th... Read more

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For some reason my computer wont play music from yahoo music or if I try and listen to a same clip lets say from verizon ring tones it just wont play it. Any idea why?

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i am using virtual dub to record videos, and a i have a setup that has my mic played through my headset so when VD records the headset it hears me as well, but there is a delay so it has an Eco and that is a annoying, is there a way to listen to the mic but it doesn't reach the headset or something along those lines?

sugestions for good recording software is welcome also

A:'listen' to mic, but still have it muted

The problem is most likely a monitor setting in VD. When I was first recording some albums off a turntable using Audacity, I kept getting an echo through the speakers. The USB turntable would normally play the sound through the speakers fine until I tried to record it. Turns out, Audacity has a setting to turn monitor-sound on or off. I turned it off and all worked great. You might check VD for a similar setting.

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Hey guys

You know how in W7 you have an option to check off "Listen to Device" when looking at microphone properties, and by doing so it plays the sound directly through your desktop speakers?

Well, my question is, how does one accomplish this in Windows XP?

I have a webcam setup but I would like to listen to the sound directly. Preferably without having to run any software.

I can tell you my purpose if it helps:
I am using a webcam as a baby monitor. I use Flash media Encoder and Justin.tv to stream it. The nursery is only a piece of plywood away from my computer so it goes right through.
Now, I can play both video and audio through the browser when playing the feed in the browser. But there is a delay.
So in Windows 7 all I need to do is play the sound directly through the speakers and that way I don't have the problem of the sound being delayed.
Considering the video at night is useless because it's dark, I'm not worried about that delay. And during the day we can hear things fine so we can look over to the computer and see what we heard. (quite funny really)
Anyway...like I said, I'm trying to play the sound of the microphone directly over the computer speakers.
Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

A:USB Mic - Listen to Device?


Older sound cards had two sets of input output controls. One for input and one for recording. You were able to turn on the mic and speakers at the same time. Wasn't very useful as you always got feedback. Don't know about your sound card but have a look. Maybe you won't have the feedback if you can get the mic far enough away.

Good Luck, jim

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In my system Windows XP SP1 is insatlled. I want to know how to test that my inbuilt (cabinet) speaker is working or not. In Dxdiag tool, under music tab four music ports are listed....

1) Microsoft Synthesizer
2) C-Media Wave Device
3) Microsoft MIDI Mapper [Emulated]
4) Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth [Emulated]

When i test Directmusic then i am able to listen the music( outside speaker) from first two. But no sound from last two i.e (3 and 4). Please tell me this hardware or software problem. I don't get any error message from anywhere.

A:Not able to listen the sound

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Hi guys

When I am some messenger like paltalk or yahoo , if i want others listen to my music through my Mic without phisicaly i put the Mic near my speaker , I mean others listen to my music through the computer with original sound . I hope i could explain well.

is it possible in some way ??

thanks in advance

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For the past year I've been having problems with listening again to a local BBC programme - a weekly 2 hour jazzfest called Jazzbeat with Chris Gumbley. I used to be able to go to the Radio Stoke webpage, click on Listen Again and enjoy the programme without any problems. Now that doesn't work as I'm advised to download BBC iPlayer. So I did, but still couldn't listen as it didn't download that particular facility properly. Next it told me to download Real Player but I already have it and still found it took me half an hour to find the programme then play it.

Can anyone tell me if there's a quick way to find the prog and listen each week (simple terms please)? Maybe I can set it up in Real Player? Perhaps I'm missing the obvious but I'm getting very frustrated and would be grateful for any help.

The other small problem is that with the BBC I experience frequent small breaks in transmission, something I don't get if I listen to Australian radio. Why is this and can I cure it?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Good Morning:

I have a question for you Vista gurus that is way above my pay grade.

I recently reinstalled the Vista O/S to get rid of a myriad of annoying little glitches. When I reloaded the Vuze bit torrent downloader I got an error message telling me that it had failed to establish listen with port 49423 and to check to see if it was being used by some other application. How do I go about doing this?

Many thanks for any information you good people can provide.

Powell Lucas

A:listen port

Originally Posted by Powell

Good Morning:

I have a question for you Vista gurus that is way above my pay grade.

I recently reinstalled the Vista O/S to get rid of a myriad of annoying little glitches. When I reloaded the Vuze bit torrent downloader I got an error message telling me that it had failed to establish listen with port 49423 and to check to see if it was being used by some other application. How do I go about doing this?

Many thanks for any information you good people can provide.

Powell Lucas


what firewall are you running? what router?



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So i have been trying to install AVG 8.0 free edition on this computer; however, whenever i try to get it to run the extraction bar comes up at any random moment a msg box pops up saying "are you sure you want to cancel" i have been clicking no and the extraction gets to about 80% or it looks like it completes... BAM it closes itself... I had downloaded it on the computer i want to install it on... i have also downloaded it onto a flashdrive from a different computer and when i try to run/install the AVG on the flashdrive it does the exact same thing BUT when i go back to the flashdrive, the avg.exe file is GONE and the file isnt in the recycle bin either


ps. i run XP with SP2 cause i'm pretty sure you NEED SP2 before you can install AVG

A:AVG refuses to listen!

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well i have a cd drive kinda looks like this
and if i plug my headphones in the headphone slot on the drive, all i can hear is static but if i hook them up in the back of my pc, i can hear my music just fine, no static. my headphone cord is short so i cant use the back, and i want to use the front where its closer. how can i do that?

A:listen to pc from cd drive

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Good afternoon

I was refer here from other forum and hopefully you can help me.

I try to listen to an few music files I have on my computer and for some reason my music program won't load. It says program is not responding.. I have not had any problems b4..

Here is some info

I use Music Match Jukebox (MMJ) and Windows Media player (WMP)

When I click on an MMJ file in my music folder the hour glasses comes up but it doesn't do anything .. I try going to MMJ from my programs menu and the hour glasses comes up and doesn't do anything

On the WMP I click on one of my music files but it will play about 5 seconds and it will then pop up and say program not responding.. I also trying open an MMJ file in WMP and it does the same thing

I put an CD in and it open up WMP and when I clicked any where in the WMP area and blank white box comes up and says program not responding but it keeps playing the same note over and over
I have done several scans and stuff and nothing has been found..

I have Windows XP

If you need more info please let me know

Thanks for your help in this matter

Thanks for all your help on this matter

A:Won't let me listen to music :(

First reinstall the programs that don't respond.Also tell us what type of soundfile you want to play e.g. mp3, wav or other types..

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Can I plug an antena into the USB port and listen to Radio stations? anyone experience with that?

A:Listen to Radio and TV on PC

Are you aware that most radio stations are already available online?

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I simply want to listen to MP3 files that are stored on a DVD disc. I just tried opening it in my computer and was hoping to copy the files to my computer from the DVD disc.

I tried to play it in WMP but says I am missing the Codec. This is my work puter and I don't have any DVD software installed. Is there a way I can access these files? Any help?

Thank you much.

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Okay, so I can access my security system over the network but I dont get audio. Can you think of anything that would allow me to get an audio connection to the office so I can hear what's going on along with video? What if I use somthing like skype and have it set-up to answer automatically and then I could hear what's going on through the mic? Any input would be great. Thanks.

A:Listen to office over internet

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I have a Canon LBP-660 printer which iv been using for 5-6 years now. recently my comp (win98) got all messed up and i needed to reinstall the drivers for it. for some odd reason one of the original driver instilation floppies became corrupeted. so i just mozzied on over to the Canon website to download a fresh copy. well thats when the problem started. the driver i need, when i click on the download link gives me a 404 page error! Typical it always has to be the one thing u want/need... anyhow, so i still obviously need the drivers. i just need a way of telling canon to fix their site. the only problem is the only Contact Us type page they offer is for specific Technical Support on individual products which i dont need, i just need the stupid site fixed. i know this isnt something new as i checked the same thing last week. does anyone know how to contact Canon website people? thanx

A:canon doesnt want to listen to me :(

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hi, i have 100 songs which i download from a p2p software(Ares) in my pc now when i burn these burn through nero smart software it burns succesfull(mp3 format) it burns properly and it workf fine in my pc however when i play the same cd in my car cd player(pionerr cd player) it doesnt works there and gives an error 11. there is no issue my car cd player i checked that with car accessories shops and i have tried burning cd in all format i:e data cd, mp3 cd and also audio cd gives the same error 11 in all the cars in which i checked and i also tried burning cd through windows and alos through two more software i:e cd burner etc...still doesnt work. just wondering is there any issue with cd writer?????or ????????? .can you plz help me i just bought pc three months ago.wanna listen tothose songs in my car?????????????????

A:not able to burncd/listen songs

Hi and welcome. You obviously missed our forum rules on the way in. I would HIGHLY suggest that you read them before you post again.

Closing thread.

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I installed XP on an old laptop because win7 has latency issues with audio. This laptop is a dell and has the IDT hd audio drivers installed. Normally i would click on the speaker in the bottom right and go over to line in or mic and unmute it, that would allow me to be able to listen to the line. BUT i dont have any options for "listen" or "mute/unmute" I can still record but i can't hear what is being recorded. Under settings and recording devices the option for advanced settings is grayed out. My goal is to be able to record music with this laptop. But all the conventional methods have not been working. Is there possible a third party program that will allow me to hear my mic in real time (similar to karaoke) or some other IDT utiliy that would give me the desired options?
Anybody have any ideas?

A:Listen to microphone line.

Hi snowman and welcome to PCHF.

After you have installed Windows XP did you go to the Dell site and get the proper drives for the system. You will need to install them in the proper order starting with the chipset.

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I am trying to set up a listen server for COD UO. I am only trying to set it up for two people. (me and another individual) The other individual has my server populate on his screen via my ip, but when he tries to join, it just says "awaiting connection" and never connects. We both more than meet the system requirements and have high speed cable. I have have turned off windows firewall when attempting this, but still nothing. I have e-mail the folks at activision, and they are yet to reply. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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virtually any radio station website I try will not play. I click on the listen live link (no matter if I'm on firefox or explorer) and it give an error message and shuts the browser down. I have windows xp media edition. Also, when I bring up my media player, and I click on the file link it gives a list of some videos/jpg that have been viewed in the past. They seem "stuck". I don't know if the problems are related? Help?

A:Listen Live problems

welp, maybe try checking for any updates for media player?

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Hi Folks,

My problem seems to only pertain to YouTube videos. Either they play with no sound, or else they don?t play at all. When they don?t play at all, I get an error saying ?You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe (Click here)?. But when I click to download it, I get another error saying ?Flash Player 10.1 is not currently available for your 64-bit web browser.?

Whenever the YouTube videos do play, I have no sound. I know it?s not a hardware problem since the sound is fine when watching other internet videos (such as news website videos, tutorial videos from Crutchfield Electronics, etc.). The problem only seems to occur with YouTube. Any suggestions? I suspect it is a driver issue or Adobe Flash issue. BTW: I have Dell Inspiron 546 desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version.

Thank you for any advice!

A:Cannot Listen to/Watch YouTube

Uninstall Flash using the tool at this link and then reinstall it.


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I have been using Windows Speech Recognition for about a year. While I find it to be more fun than practical, I have put a lot of time into teaching it my voice and getting it to respond to my commands. All of a sudden it has stopped working. I have searched the Internet for a solution and can't find one. Several people have entered posts citing their problems with WSR and the errors they get when trying to use it. My problem is different. I can't get WSR to launch at all. When I click on it, the "little wheel" goes around for a second or two, and then nothing. My microphone and speakers are working fine. Can WSR become broken? Can it be replaced? Are there any settings I may have accidentally changed that I need to put back the way they were? WSR has become almost a friend, a personality for my computer and I miss it. Any help will be appreciated.


A:My PC Wont Listen To Me Anymore

Hi likekinds. . .

Welcome back to TSF.

I haven't used this option, but there have reports involving various devices that have just stopped functioning. I don't know if your's is one of them or not. For me it is my mouse pad, others it is DVD, sound, etc...

Try running the system file check/repair utility -

START | type cmd.exe in the start search box | right-click on cmd.exe | select Run as Admin.

At the command prompt type the following:

sfc /scannow

regards. . .


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I don't have the ability to install the Audible . com program on my computer at work (admin), and I'd like to listen to my books on this computer, what do I have to do to be able to listen to my books on this computer?

A:HOw to listen to my Audible.com on another computer

I don't use the computer version of Audible, I listen off my iPhone.  That said, I believe there are options to convert to MP3 or burn to disk.
It looks like you can stream your books.
Go to Audible and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Select the Listening Apps link, second column top link.
Scroll to the bottom and select Audible Cloud Player Go To Library link.
Click the Play link under the icon of the book you want to listen.
You will have to have Silverlight installed.
If that doesn't work on your home machine Install Audible Manager from the Listening Apps page and convert them to MP3.

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hey i live in the uk and normaly listen to my fav. radio station Metroradio online but for some reason today i can't. it says this when i try to listen:

Cannot open. Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try again. (Error=C00D0029)

COuld somebody please help!

A:cant listen to radio station

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How do I listen to audio CD on my laptop?

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Hi, a friend recommended me to this forum and said you guys are a great community here, anyway onto the point:

My uncle needs some help with a bunch of files he has of sound recordings that are in the .trm format. I've never heard of this format before, and I tried searching for info for about an hour, and got results and info that led me nowhere and was completely foreign to me.

I need some way to load these .trm files which are supposedly audio recordings so that we can play them back and listen to them. Please reply asap as I need this for tomorrow. Thanks!

A:Urgent - What is a .trm file and how can I listen to it?

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Hi guys. I have a problem that is really bugging me.

I think I blocked the streaming accidentally a few weeks ago : I clicked on 'Listen Live' on a radio station, and a warning popped up, and I think I made a mistake by clicking on 'block' or whatever instead of allowing the sound streaming through.

However even though I have uninstalled Norton now, I still can't get any sound. I'd really appreciate any help.

Is it something else that is blocking the sound (Windows Firewall perhaps?) and if so how can I resolve this problem? My operating platform is Windows XP. I have Realplayer.

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What would be something to check, if you can listen to cds but not music online. Whether we open windows media player, or browse to a favorite radio station's site to listen live, we can't listen. There are no errors, it connects, buffers and looks to be playing, but there's no sound. The speakers are on and work, because we can stop and listen to a cd. I don't see any mute that is on.

Anyone have any ideas??



A:can't listen to music online

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Please help!!
When I go to such sites as www.kiss108.com and try to listen to sound bites they do not play. The link shows at the bottom of the screen and the green bar loads full but nothing happens. I also tried listening to a sound bite from the MSN home page and it did the same thing. I think they are .asf / .asx files. THANKS
Also, just noticed...not sure if this is also a result of the problem but when I go to MSN games and hit PLAY NOW, the page just refreshes but does not load???

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windows xp model 28
ישנם מספר אתרים באינטרנט שיש בהם שיעורי שמיעה בסינית
אינני יכולה לשמוע את מרבית השיעורים

האם אתם יכולים להמליץ לי על פעולות במחשב שלי על מנת לפתור את הבעיה? .נאמר &am... Read more

A:cannot listen to chinese lessons

You mean it drives you crazy?

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I have the Bose Companion 5 speakers for my HP pavilion dv7 1232nr laptop, and the pc refuses to recognize them when ever I plug into usb port, once in a while after restarting the pc and/or plugging , unplugging the USB cable I am lucky enough to be able to listen to my $400 speakers.
Any advice ?
thank you

A:I just can't listen to my $400 Bose speakers

you may need to connect with a self powered usb hub

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I can't listen to Spotify through headphones (or my external speakers). My win 7 laptop plays it only from through computer's own internal speakers. I've tried everything you can possibly imagine, but still the music comes out from wrong place. Skype on the other hand works with the headphones. Can anyone help me, please... I'm quite desperate

A:How to listen Spotify with headphones?


In Control Panel>Sound, make sure your headphones are set as the default device. Click on them and select Default Device at the bottom.

Good luck!

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Since around 10 days ago, I've been unable to listen to online radio streams. On the player, it just says "Ready". Please help!!!!


A:Can't listen to online radio

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For some reason, my PC has started to refuse to play live streams. When I try on WMP, I get a message about removing the media I am trying to play and reconnecting to the internet. I have no luck in other media players. I've tried changing the WMP associated with live streams, but that hasn't worked.

Any suggestions ?

A:Can't listen to live streams

Is just asking you to remove the media you trying to play or do you get a more specific error message?

Are you able to play the files locally. Have you tried to play streaming media from different locations?

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Autoplay insists on using the "Open folder to view files" option.
It is set to prompt me on what to do.
Instead it INSISTS on using the "Open folder to view files" option.
This makes me sad.
Please help.


A:Autoplay will not listen to reason

Nevermind. It was the CDROM driver. The CDROM driver was being mean.

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I was given a beautiful set of speakers for my computer and I would like to set it up so that I can listen to music on radio while surfing with my friends in TSG.

Two questions:

1. What is the best application to do that...

2. Does listening to radio while surfing slow down your connection...

A:How to Listen to Radio on your Computer

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Ok the site gives a button to hit to Listen ,,Well i press it and i get this ,,any clue?
Now recently i unistalled real player cause it wouldnt work

A:Solved: Cant listen to a song

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Hello all,
I am using ASIO4ALL with Traktor 3 so that I am able to get 2 channels out of my soundcard.
What I mean is that I am using one channel for the speakers and another channel for my headphones.
I need the headphones so as to listen to the "Cue" Deck.

I have connected my speaker system to my soundcard with one cable.
But I had figured out (when I used XP) that I was able to have what I want when the settings were 5.1 speaker system at realtek settings.

Now I cannot listen to anything from Traktor 3 when using ASIO4ALL.
What can I do?
Thank you for your time.

A:ASIO4ALL and Traktor 3 / Cannot listen anything

This is mystery to me as well. I tried using ASIO4ALL with FL Studio 8/9 but couldn't get any sound at all...

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