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Skype Password Remembering & Digital Camera ?

Q: Skype Password Remembering & Digital Camera ?

I'm a new Skype user (Skype Portable) and the only way I can get Skype to remember my password is to not sign out but use the Quit Skype option when right-clicking the taskbar entry. I found this by doing a global search.

Doing this leaves me signed in to Skype (Task Manager shows the two Skype entries), so I'm wondering if this could be a problem, security wise.

Also, if anyone does know of a way to get Skype to actually remember the password, maybe adding a line to an ini file (appinfo.ini ?) I'd sure like to know.

Thanks for any help.

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Preferred Solution: Skype Password Remembering & Digital Camera ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


(Edit - Subject should read 'Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anymore with Canon digital camera')

I have a Canon SD 700 IS digital camera bought about 15 months ago. Until recently, I could connect it to the USB port (same one each time and that port is not used for anything else) of my Windows XP PC (1 year old, bought new) and the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard would appear allowing me to use that software to transfer my digital pictures to my PC. Now, that does not work. I tried reinstalling the Canon EOS utility that came on a CD with my camera - no success in getting pictures transferred with that. The only way I can get the pictures to transfer, is to open Windows Explorer, the camera shows up under My Computer, but if I right click on Get pictures highlighting the camera listing, after multiple trys and 30 minutes, I get the few dozen pictures to transfer.

Anyone know what to try? I am suspecting it has to do with a recent overhall of my PC anti-spyware and security software (details below) as was using Lavasoft and Spybot before and found them becoming less effective. My computer is anti-malware free as far as I know from anti-spyware scans with multiple products (at least twice weekly) and real-time protection and anti-virus scans a little less frequently which Zone Alarm has never from day one found any viruses.

The computer is recognizing the camera in the USB port (it is enabled) and camera powered on and has no issues when taking pictures.... Read more

A:Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anyone with Canon digital camera

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Hi, I'm having trouble with my digital camera software and/or transferring pictures from my camera and dock to pc. I have a Kodak cx7525 digital camera. The software loads normally, but when trying to open the software or trying to transfer pictures to the pc, I get an error message that states a .dll file is missing. The dll file is LOCACQMOD.DLL. I contacted kodak and they sent me new software but that didn't help, still get the same error message. The camera works fine but cannot get the software and camera to work on pc. I have searched for the dll file but cannot find it and have no idea what it is or what it does. I'm guessing something is missing from the pc instead of the camera software. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have family photos stored on it that I would love to be able to save them and not lose them. Again, thanx for any help I can get. You guys and gals are the best.

A:Cannot get digital camera software to run and pictures will not transfer from camera

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I have an older Sony digital camera and I have had no problem downloading the pictures from the camera to the PC which is 8.1. Now I have windows 10, and win 10 does not recognize my Sony camera anymore. I've heard it is a common problem, but I'd like to know what people are doing to get their pictures off their camera now?

When I plug in the camera, the pc ding a lings, but when I go to file explorer it shows everything on the pc like normal. I click on "this PC" and it shows the c drive and the DVD . No removable drive like camera. I've done a google search and it is a common problem with win 10. But what is the answer?

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I recently purchased a digital camera for ordinary use with my pc. Everything seemed great until it was time to connect the camera to the pc - directions: "connect the USB end to any USB port on your pc" I have a reason to believe I don't have a USB port.

I know I must clarify that my computer is extremely outdated by today's standards. It has Windows 95 and is about 5 years old.

My main problem:
I have a digital camera with no way of transmitting my pictures to my pc for viewing and sharing.

I did some research. Along with my camera I have a 32 MB memory card. I went to the site prescribed by my digital camera manual and I found this:


By chance, would I be able to put the memory card with my pictures on it into this card reader and would it work? It says it is compatible with Windows 95.

The type of dig. camera I have is an HP Photosmart 318.

I am extremely grateful for any tips or help anyone has to offer. Thanks a million!

A:Digital Camera/Camera Software Expert, Anyone?

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I have windows xp on an eMachine. The autocomplete passwords program does not remember the passwords after I say yes.

A:IE7 not remembering password

Have you checked that the autocomplete checkbox is ticked? Click Tools>InternetOptions, then click the Content tab. Is the autocomplete box ticked?

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I have an account on a website that is quite important; it is a https site. It remembers my username and password, so I went to Internet options and deleted the history, passwords, cookies etc. I also edited the options to "don't remember passwords or data entered into forms etc" but the problem still persists. The people who manage that site told me it's not a problem of which they are aware either.

I would try a different web browser but neither chrome nor firefox seem to support all the functions of this site. If I am missing something obvious or if anyone has anything else worth trying please do let me know......thank you.

A:IE9 won't stop remembering a password!

Run CCleaner. That may eradicate it. Download CCleaner 3.20.1750 - FileHippo.com

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Have had win10 running now for a few weeks and today I downloaded Tempory File Cleaner and ran it just once to do a clean up.After this the computer wont remember passwords or user names for shortcuts I have on my desk top ,,ie gmail ,youtube ect..Did the file cleaner remove something,is there a solution?...thanks

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I have a Pentium Core Duo with Vista Home Premium, Norton 360, MS Outlook and two separate user accounts (one the Administrator). Even tho I checked the "Remember Password" box for both users, Outlook continually asks me to hand-enter the password every time I open it - from either account. I have Outlook set to automatically send/receive upon opening. Any advice on how I can get Outlook to remember the password for each user and stop asking for it every time I open Outlook?

Thank you!

A:Outlook Not Remembering Password

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Hi.... I have a new HP computer and i notice that when i
go on sites that require user names and passwords i
always click to remember them but once i try going back
to those sites it never remember the password ... Now i
did go into Autocomplete section there and made sure that
all the boxes are check off ... I close the explorer, i
start it up again and notice the same problem
again ...Also i notice i always have to check the prompt
me for my password box it never stay on ... Help ???

A:remembering the password in explorer

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Has anyone had any updates about solving the problem with hotmail failing to remember passwords? It gets irksome having to type in the password every time an emailing session takes place. There doesn't seem to be any way of contacting the administrators of hotmail to get a direct answer. Any ideas?

A:Hotmail not remembering password

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Using dial up I can't get the password to be remembered. It has to be typed in every time and the remember password box is greyed out.

Is there a setting somewhere I can change or is it something more sinister?

Here's the HJT log if it's any help.....

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 10:50:00, on 09/12/04
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.00 (5.00.2919.6304)

Running processes:

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.tesco.com/
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyServer = ftp=http://www-cache.freeserve.com:8080;http=http://www-cache.freeserve.com:8080
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {53707962-6F74-2D53-2644-206D7942484F} - C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SDHelper.dll
O3 - Toolbar: @msdxmLC.dll,[email protected],&Radio - {8E718888-... Read more

A:Dial Up Not Remembering Password

You don't say your OS but check this out, maybe it will help;

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my wife told me i needed a new laptop for Christmas and Anniversary so i could give our daughter my old laptop...

ive gone from the tried and true XPpro to 7home and the latest firefox (10?)...

as i set up my bookmarks and login information, as long as my browsing session remains 'in force' my website favorites remember my login information. once i exit firefox, all of that info is blown out...

ive gone through the options and tools and such for firefox and ive got the 'remember passwords for sites' box checked under security but to no avail...

i have the history shut off (as i did in my old versions) so im wondering if they have made it mandatory to keep the history (new method of tracking cookies?) if so that really blows...

can anyone point me in the right direction?

A:remembering login and password


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I just purchased a new digital camera and when I went to install the driver cd that came with it, it said the driver is not compatible with my version of Windows (7). Is there anyway that I can find a new driver? I'm not very knowledgable with drivers and if this possible. Or if not a driver is there anyway that I can get the photos off the camera to my computer...took alot of photos I don't want to lose.

The camera is from a company called Digital Concepts, the driver cd has a company called Sakar International on it. I hope thats all the info that would be needed for someone to help me!

A:Digital Concepts Digital Camera

Hello Alabama Belle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Do you have the model number of the camera? You can also check at the manufacturer's website to see if they may have any drivers available to download that may work for you.

In addition, if you have a media card reader installed on your computer, you can take the card out of the camera and plug it into the media card reader instead to upload your pictures.

Hope this helps,

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...why for my digital it is telling me Camera not connected when it worked fine before I tried to get my new Veo Web Camera to work.

I just bought and ran the software to install my Veo Web Camera, but it's not working. In my device manager it is listed under imaging devices and under USB Controllers the things that are supposed to be there are too...I've uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing...anyone have any idea what's going on?? I'm getting so aggrivated! I know my computer is a piece of you know what, but this camera should work dang it!

A:Web Camera, Digital Camera Question about...

Just wanted to post that I downloaded the directx drivers from the Microsoft website and it worked.

Still says "camera not connected" for my digital? Any ideas!

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I know this same problem has been posted a number of times, but I can't find a situation similar to mine.

When I check the "remember password" box in Outlook Express V6, the password isn't retained. I read the Microsoft article about how to correct this, but here's the problem. Microsoft says to go to the registry and locate the key named; HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider, right-click on the DEFAULT subkey and delete it. My problem is that the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider doesn't exist in my registry. Any ideas? Running Windows ME.

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Hello all,

I help out part-time at my local library. One of our research stations (Win2k), just can't seem to remember the login/password info for a site we frequently access. We make sure the "save password" box is checked when logging in. After IE is closed and restarted, when a patron tries to log in, the username/password fields are blank, even though we saved it previously.

We have that info saved on our other research stations and the info never gets lost. It's just this one problem system. All the systems are running Win2K and have latest IE version and updates. All the settings are near identical.

The site in question is www.corptech.com. It is the login part to their secure site. It is a research database in which we allow patrons to access. That is why we keep all the login/password info saved, so patrons can go directly into the site. The problem system can never remember this info, so we always have to retype the info to login, which is a hassle.

I have double-checked the settings (autocomplete, privacy settings etc.), run adware/spyware/virus scans and uninstall/reinstalled IE. I'm still having this password problem. I downloaded Firefox and the password manager remembers the info successfully everytime. But not IE on this one system. So it seems to me something is wrong with IE. I have even tried clearing all the cache, cookies, temp files, then reattempting to login and save the info. It still isn't remembering.

Every system at the lib... Read more

A:Problem with IE remembering password for site login

Have you tried opening up the cookies completely or at least making an exception for that domain to allow all cookies?

I would also wonder what 3rd party software you have running (firewall, antivirus, etc).

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I'm having problems with the browser not asking me to save my usernames and passwords. I have the "username and password" box checked in preferences and I got it to save one but no others. I cleared the cache, reset Safari, re-visited the site, signed in and did not get a prompt from Safari. I'm using 5.1.7.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Safari browser not remembering username and password

Hi katiebuglove

Take a look at the link below see if this helps

How to Manage Passwords With Safari | eHow.com

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Hello, basically I want to know if it's possible to change the status of my digital camera when I plug it in. It always loads up as a "Removable Disk" because it has photos and videos on it, thus I cannot record or go on video conversations with people I know, but I want to be able to use it as a web cam so I can record myself through the computer like that the camera doesn't die on me while I'm recording. I've read the "Owner's Manual" and I did not find a single thing about setting it up as a web cam.

My digital camera is Centrios Digital Camera 6MP/7MP 2518151 (Silver).


A:Digital Camera showing as "Removable Disk" instead of regular camera/web cam.

Not every digital Camera can be used as a Webcam, your best bet is to email the mfg.

I tried looking on their web site but it didn't even show Camera's as a Link?

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I just finished uninstalling and reinstalling skype becasuse it could never find the camera before and kept going in circles. Now when I even go into changing my picture for skype at least now it says camera is not found even though I have downloaded the drivers for the lap top camera on my computer. Any help would be appreciated. I have an HP ProBook 6550b computer running windows 7 with up to service pack 2. It used to work but now it will not. Please help if you can.

ps: Also in the device manager I do not see anything that shows a camera and I can not find a camera in the devices on my computer even though there is one in the computer and I have used it numerous times before.

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Running Windows 8.1, 64 bit Lenovo Yoga laptopI can't get the camera to work except for a brief instant (below). Trying it in Skype.I tried Download and install Lenovo Vantage for latest driversIt says - Where do you want to install?It looks like you don?t have any applicable device(s) linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device with your Microsoft account. I enabled Skype in the privacy setting for Webcam.In Device manager, it sees the PC Camera and the drivers were updated today. It sees no problems with itIn Skype, it sees the PC Camera, and it turns on the video light, but the video window is black.For awhile I also saw something called EasyCamera in the Skype  video menu. It flickered back and forth to EasyCamera in Skype for a few seconds, as it flickered back and forth **I could seemyself from the camera for a few instants**.Then the EasyCamera disappeared from Skype and went back to black screen. I did not touch anything while it did this.I tried to reinstall EasyCamera with something called Bison but it didn't work.I used these executable files for camera updates none of them worked - LSBSetup, bcam136w8164, g3cm09ww.

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HeyAfter the last update windows 10 stopped working camera, the problem occurs on three different laptops lenovo series G70 i G50In ustwieniach skype camera image is black, the LED next to the camera to light the. Drivers installed properly. The lenovo settings camera works 

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Hi Guru

Attached is the dump file (.rar file)

As soon I'm using the camera (logitech HD 9000) with Skype, I get the BSOD after 1- 2 minutes

Skype is up to date, video card (Ati RAdeon 5800) driver up to date and logitech driver. Of course Windows 7 64 bits updated.

You help is very appreciated.

Added information

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 4105
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF80003300EC8
BCP3: FFFFF88003384EB0
BCP4: FFFFF88003384F50
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
Files that help describe the problem:

A:BSOD OS Version: 6.1.7601. Using skype and Camera


Your Logitech webcam driver is the cause, please update it or re-install the drivers but
first uninstall them with |MG| Driver Fusion (Driver Sweeper) 1.2.0 Download

Support + Downloads

7: kd> lmvm lvuvc64
start end module name
fffff880`07481000 fffff880`07922d00 lvuvc64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: lvuvc64.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\lvuvc64.sys
Image name: lvuvc64.sys
Timestamp: Wed Jan 18 12:41:08 2012 (4F166984)
CheckSum: 004B0494
ImageSize: 004A1D00
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Let us know if the BSODs persist

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Hello all!

I have some strange problem with my webcam.
When I open the Camera app I get "Something went wrong" 0xa00f4273 error.
... and the application crashes after that

In Skype/Hangouts the camera is working BUT the frame rates per seconds are very low - around 5. So the picture is really laggy.

My driver is: USB2.0 VGA UVC WebCam. Device manager says the driver is up-to-date. In ASUS's website there aren't any webcam drivers.

Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards,

A:Camera App not working & low FPS rate in Skype/Hangouts

The hardware id of the camera is: USB\VID_04F2&PID_B48C&REV_9916&MI_00
Driver Version 10.0.10586.0
Driver Date 21.6.2006

Isnt this quite old for a driver? The laptop is a brand new model so I'd expect that the driver is not 9 years old.

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Two months ago, I purchased a ThinkPad 13, preloaded with Windows 7 Professional, for my son to use in college.We have weekly Skype problems, and we haven't been able to use the integrated webcam on the Thinkpad for our sessions.  We can see and hear him, using a smartphone at our end, but he can only hear us, not see us.  I have found scattered references to Lenovo integrated camera issues with Skype, but nothing that specifically addresses a Thinkpad 13 webcam, Windows 7 Professional, and Skype.  What can we do to resolve this issue? 

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Had no problem with old computer but new hp desktop does not like skype. Tried new camera and re installed camera. Skype works OK on ipad and lap top.  On PC the picture freezes and picture blurred, sound distorted. 

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I'm going to be in the market for a new digital camera very soon. Is it ok for me to post here and ask for a recommendation for one? If it's not appropriate here,any suggestions for where it would?

A:new digital camera

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I was having trouble with my computer and i had a digital camera on it at the time. A computer man said to reboot the whole thing so we started over with the computer cd's and all. When we got done we tried to install my digital camera with cd's s the computer would not reconise my digital camera. Could my usb ports be bad and if so how much would it cost. Thanks. Ray

A:Digital Camera

Download the latest drivers for the camera.

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I've lost the software that came with the digital camera model DXG-308, is there anyway I can download that software

A:DXG-308 digital camera


Welcome to TSG.

There seem to be a number of sites offering the driver for download for that camera.

Just google "dxg-308 driver" and you will have a choice. Some are free after registering, some cost a little bit.

Good luck

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I am trying to install a hewlett packard model 315( which is maybe 7 yrs. old) to windows xp operating system. I can't seem to get puter to see it. Is it not compatable? Thank you.

A:digital camera

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for some reason when i plug my camera into the usb port and i select "run on pc" on my camera, nothing happens on my PC when the last time i performed this precedure, everything worked perfectly?


k thanks

A:About my digital camera and USB?

Uninstall and reinstall the USB ports through Device manager. Just right click on each entry, click uninstall, and once all are gone, right click anywhere in the window and 'scan for new hardware'. Windows will then reinstall the usb ports.

If that doesn't work, come back.


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Am thinking of purchasing Kodak CX6330. Anyone have suggestions?

A:digital camera

Welcome to TSG.

I donít want you to feel ignored here. It is a simple point and shoot camera with 3Mp and a 3X optical zoom I think. It is competent for what it does. Not a lot to say about it.

You will have to buy a battery charger and a set of NiMH AA batteries for it. Alkalines donít give enough shots and become expensive and the one use lithium batteries are pricey. Either one-use solution would inhibit your free use of the camera.

If you just go with the internal memory you will have to shoot at low quality to get enough pictures. You have to buy a memory card if you want to use the camera to its best quality. 64Mb at least and 128Mb would be better.

Before paying for the docking station I would come back and ask about a better camera instead.

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I need some help my DVC 325 I have it installed but I don't have an application to view the pictures and when I go into Printers and other devices in the control panel there are no programs available to get the pictures . So what do I do now? I have tried several diff free programs but none have helped.

A:Digital Camera

I did a search nd found this.


Scroll to DVC325, and read.

Brief coverage

"WINDOWS XP blocks the installation of this software from your KODAK DVC325 Digital Video Camera software CD. To use this device with WINDOWS XP, you need to install the WINDOWS XP Driver Software available on the DVC325 download page ( http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=5764 ). If you would like to install the Presto! software bundled with your camera, please contact NewSoft at http://www.newsoftinc.com ."

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I have a canon sd300 digital camera.
It was working great but now suddenly I can't download the pictures in my camera into the computer.
Don't know what went wrong and I can't seem to get support on the canon website.

any suggestions?


A:digital camera

Well, I'm not sure why this is in the software section but, here goes:
What happens when you plug the camera into the computer?
What is your OS?
Does your operating system recognize the camera? Do you get a USB connection notification?
Are you using the MS Camera and Scanner Wizard or the software that came with the camera?

You haven't given us much information so that we can help you.

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I have an concord eye q duo LCD camera and I use windows 98. It has a usb connection. I can't get my pictures to load on the computer. I get an error message twain t009. I also tried to use iphoto but get an error message twain t020. It was working a while back but I haven't used it for a while. I tried to clean some stuff off my computer and I don't know if I deleted something I need or not. I have tried to uninstalling and reinstalling camera, but that didn't help. I don't know a lot about drivers and twains and stuff like that. Is there any help you can give me? Thanks

A:Digital Camera

Do you have a scanner installed or did you??

the error means you missing the file twain_32.dll and copy to your Windows Folder. [T039]"


or go start>run type scanreg /fix if it finds errors it will ask you for the O/S disk so have it handy if you have it

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This might be a very dumb question but I just got a new canon digital camera can it be used as a web cam? I have a logitech one that is old and it has terrible resolution.
Thanks, K

A:digital camera used as web cam

Some can and some can't.You need to check cannon's website for that info.

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I have a digital Camera and it was work good until yesterday and then a message came up that said "There is a TWAIN error?" What does that mean? This message came up on my computer when I tried to download the pictures.

A:Digital Camera

TWAIN stands for Technology Without An Interesting Name. It is an interface between various imaging devices like scanners and cameras with the computer.

Windows considers the twain files shared, so uninstalling your software does not remove them and installing software does not overwrite them. But if there are no twain files on the computer your camera software will install them.

Uninstall ALL of your camera software.
Do a search for twain and delete all you find in the Windows folder. There is usually a twain folder and 3 or 4 files.
Reinstall your camera software.

Do not delete any twain files not in the Windows folder.

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Several weeks ago I bought a Digital camera (Kodak Z650) and installed the software that was included. I down loaded my pictures to the software and things worked ok. I went to the Microsoft site to see what there was to download about Digital Photography and found some tips on transfering your pictures to the computer (Dell Dimension with Windows XP).
The document called, "Downloading pictures from your digital camera" indicated that when you connected the camera to the computer (via USB cable) Microsoft Scanner & Camera Wizard would pop up. The Kodak software comes up but no MS Wizard. I then shut down the Kodak software & tried again, no MS wizard. Can anyone give me a hand??

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i have a olympus D-520 zoom digital camera that uses "CAMEDIA"to download to my computer....since i cant seem to download this camedia from the disk i have, is there a site where i can go to download a program to get my pics from cam to puter? free download of course because i'm cheap.....thanx again for all your help with my other prob's....

A:digital camera

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Can anyone tell me why my camera is not tranferring? It's a Kodak easyshare DX6340 including the dock Kodak easyshare6000..when I hit the transfer button on the dock it blinks but starts my scanner..and if i try to start it manually from the software it says there are no images on this device ( still starting my scanner here) Please tell me someone can help me out ?

A:Digital Camera Help Please?

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I have an UMAX AstraCam 1000 which worked great when I had Win 98. Now I have a new CPU with Win XP and I can't install the camera. The msg basically says its the wrong op sys. I realize that UMAX should have the solution but they have not answer my emails. Have any Ideas?

A:digital camera

Normally this is a driver problem.Your instructions should tell you the Umax internet site for tech support.Go there and determine if there is an XP driver for your camera or,worst case,maybe your camera is not XP compatible

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I am trying to install a PC-camera, that's the name on the box. I get so far and get a error message that the camera has no record windows logo testing. I'm stuck..

A:PC digital camera

Are we talking about a webcam here or a digital camera?
As your specs indicate XP, if it is a portable digital camera, it may not require any drivers. If it is a webcam, does the box indicate that it is designed for XP?

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I have had this camera for almost a year and have just recently started having problems with it. It makes me wait an excessive amount of time to take a picture and in between taking pictures. Is there any type of update for digital cameras or is this a sign that I need to get a new camera?

A:DXG-308 Digital Camera

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I lost the CD for my DXG-308. I might not have the cable either. How can I replace the CD for installing the software for my DXG-308 and what about the cable?

A:DXG-308 Digital camera

Here is the mfg's web site. http://dxgsupport.corpdesk.net/ You should be able to download whatever software you need. As far as a
( USB ) cable is concerned you should be able to buy it at any computer store. Just take your camera in so they can see what type of end it has.

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Suddenly, windows XP will not recognize my evision 123 digital camera. I tried another port but no luck. A message came up that refered to the cameria not having a signed logo? Any suggestions?

A:Digital Camera

When it comes up that it doesn't have a signed log, what button to you click on? "Continue anyway" is the one I think you want to choose.

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Hi i'm new to your group...and i would like some help with my digital camera it is a vivitar cam 3635 i need step by step on how to get the pic into my save files from my scanner HP Scanjet 4300Cse...and also how to get them into ebay? thank you for all your help....

A:digital camera help

Not sure why you would need the scanner so ignoring that part.


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