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how to connect external monitor to Dell Vostro 3560

Q: how to connect external monitor to Dell Vostro 3560

I connected external monitor via VGA, but it shows 'no signal' sign. Where could be a problem?!
External monitor is AOC I2275PWQU.

Thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: how to connect external monitor to Dell Vostro 3560

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I connect external display via vga, but it show's that there is no signal?!
what can I do to make external monitor work?!

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My laptop (Dell Vostro 3560) currently has a 500gb HDD and i want to replace it with a 250gb SSD ( SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5inch). SO my question will the laptop be compatible with the SSD ??

A:Compatibility of an SSD with DELL VOSTRO 3560

Yes -- though if the hard drive is 9.5 mm in height, you may need a spacer to mount the SSD (which will be 7 mm in height).

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i have a dell vostro 3560 laptop.i purchased it 1.5 yrs ago.a month or 2 ago,me and my family went on a vacation.so i set an hdd and a bios pswd so that i can avoid the theft of important data in a case someone trieds to break -in our our house.and when we came back home from vacation,i realised that i forgot the passwords i configured.i tried all possible passwords,even tried dell customer care ,they provided me a password but it didnt work,at last they said that i need to a buy a new motherboard and a new hdd which  i cant do as it contains some important data.
if anyone can help me then plz do 
service tag= <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
for hdd=7C62D81724DD0E65
FOR BIOS=30827AFD671D275F

A:dell vostro 3560 locked

What you've been told is correct - the exception being that if the data is critical, it can be retrieved by a forensic data recovery service.  It'll cost you $600 or more but if it's worth that, send the drive to a recovery company.

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My DELL Vostro has proved to be very reliable - and I have successfully used the DVD drive to load software from CD-ROMs in the past. However, when I just tried to play a DVD I bought in London, it would not work. Does this mean there is probably a fault with the drive - or that there's an issue with the DVD ? (I know that the DVD works fine in a regular DVD player.)

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so my laptop is beeping the windows turn on and my laptop keyboard couple of buttons aren't working and when i use my internet or anything it just keeps scrolling down im trying too scroll up but it keeps dragging me down i tried too open it but i dont know how i unscrewd all the nails and i cant open it deeper inside i took it too the computer shop too get some help they said the problem is in the keyboard thats why it is making all the noises and it cost too much too fix it so please help

A:Dell vostro 3560 beeping none stop

Hi dualquad,

I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check for issue resolution.

Switch off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
Remove the battery from the computer if it’s connected to the system.
Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
Then connect back all the peripherals and check if the beep codes disappear.
In addition, I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.
Please let me know the findings.

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Hi, I have a problem with System Password of my laptop.
I would disable the functionality to change boot device. I did this:
1) enabled "bios password"
But i see that this ask password to acces bios, but not disable functionality to change boot order.
2) I enabled also "System password" but I saw it was too much...
So I tried to disable "System password". System asked be "current password" I added and also new password and confirm... i pressed both time "enter" and suppose to disable passowrd.
Save -> exit -> restart
System asked me again password before boot device.....
I enter again in setup and disabled also "Bios Password" and i see on video first 2 line of bios that report
Bios Password    not installed
System password  not installed
F10 -> restart------
But system again ask me "system password"
I tried with both Bios and System passowrd but I cant access.
I suppose that now that "bios password" is removed is still active "System passowrd" that already before not permit me to access.....

So, what i can do now?

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Hello,I need an advice.
Dell Vostro 1510 (version nVidia) does not function LCD - very little light.External monitor works OK.LCD - brightness up and down works. Closing cover notebook to sleep - works OK.
Test another inverter and LCD.It's the same :(
Please, give me an advice.Thank You.

A:Dell Vostro 1510 LCD DIM - monitor external monitor works

If the other inverter/LCD is known to be compatible with the system and produces the same result, bad power circuit to the inverter - replace the mainboard.

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what is the HDMI / VGA output resolution of DELL Vostro 3550, if we connect an External Monitor

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I have a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Windows 10. I have just purchased a Dell U2515H monitor which I am waiting for delivery for as we speak. I believe the monitor has quiet a few inputs however I am not 100% sure which lead to get to connect them both and which port I use on the Dell Laptop. Looking on the left hand side of my laptop there is a port with a lightning sign next to it, is that called Thunderbolt? and is that my monitor/display port? and what lead do I need? it looks like some sort of micro socket!

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We got two new Dell XPS 13 for users and there does not seem to be any video out ports like on previous models.  This runs Windows 10 Professional and has an internal screen resolution of 1920x1080.  Looks like there is 2 USB 3.0 super speed ports and possibly a (thunderbolt)??? port?
I've heard of USB-C so I'm not sure if this one port on the left side is that, or if its thunderbolt.  I googled thunderbolt to hdmi adapter and in all the images I find it always shows a mini display port on one end despite the descriptions saying thunderbolt.

So whats the cheapest way to get HDMI out on this laptop?

A:How do I connect an external monitor to a new Dell XPS 13?

The Thunderbolt( USB Type C port) on the Left Hand side deals with the video output on the system. You will need to purchase a USB Type C to HDMI adapter to display video.
The cable is available on the Dell website here

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I'm a long-time happy DELL laptop user. using products of yours in home and at work. I referred dell laptops to all my friends including my Dad. He bought Dell Vostro 3560 and just after waranty is over it is dead. It wasn't congested and it was used on normal daily basis on the table, fans were working and wasnt covered then switched off and never went back . Since then it won't turn on i have checked and seems like mainboard is burned so probably there is nothing i can do with it anymore? Looking for help since we can't afford new one before christmas :( Did someone heard about factory defects in that Laptops? Could support help in any way ? 

A:Factory defect on Vostro 3560?

Not at this point, no -- if the warranty just ended, it must have had at least a 3 or 4 year extension - this system was current about four years ago.
Most manufacturers consider anything over 3 years as end of life (in fact many won't allow more than a 3- year warranty -- Apple among these).  

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I went ahead and purchased 2x4GB RAM for my Vostro 3560 from Dell. I'm running Windows10 and am having difficulty to upgrade the PC with the RAM. Both the slots on the motherboard are OK as they are accepting 4gb (keeping the other slot empty). Together as well, in the system it's still showing 4gb. Pls help. I've also upgraded the BIOS.

A:Unable to Upgrade RAM Vostro 3560

Where are you seeing a total of 4G?  In the system setup or in under Windows?
If under Windows, is this a 64-bit version of Windows?  32-bit versions are limited to 4G total RAM.

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I have a dell vostro 3560 laptop, which stopped working. When connecting to the ac, the adapter light turns off  and laptop won't power on, also without the battery. While searching out the net, I found out that the motherboard is probably short circuited. I didn't open the laptop yet, but what's happening is that when the light is blinking on the adapter and turning off. I would like to try to fix the motherboard myself, since nobody is offering such a service anyway, at least not in INDIA, and I don't want to spend extra money. My question is that from where should I start to look for the problem? And does anyone have experience with such an issue before?Thanks.

A:Vostro 3560 Motherboard circuited

The first thing to do is replace the DC power jack, which may well solve the problem.
If it doesn't, the troubleshooting and repair of a mainboard are well beyond any home repair effort unless you have the diagnostic and repair tools -- oscilloscope and surface mount rework equipment.  Even turning the board over to a professional for such repair will almost certainly cost more than simply replacing the board will, particularly if you can provide the labor for board replacement.
The other consideration is that a board will likely cost more than $200 -- a significant spend on a system that's at or over three years old.  That's your call, but it may make more sense to put the cost toward a replacement system.  Any board repair/replacement will carry at best a 90-day warranty, vs. a year or more with a new system.

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The drivers list provided for windows 10 64 bit in product support are not successfully installing in my Vostro 3560.
Can anybody please provide the list of drivers with download link.

A:Please provide Vostro 3560 Windows 10 drivers

If you simply execute the EXE file downloaded from the Dell website, the driver won´t install.
To install it, after you execute the EXE, go to Device Manager and uninstall the old driver.  Then select the category (for example "Network adapters"), right click and click on "Search for hardware changes". This will install the new driver. 

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I brought vostro 3560 four years ago. This was a powerful machine but as time gone by, the graphic card AMD seems to be slower and out-of-date. It now cant play the modern game with medium setting.
Anyways, my question is that whether my laptop could be ugradable to a new graphic card?

A:Vostro 3560: Upgrade amd graphic card

There is no graphics card in the system - nor any way to install one.  The AMD GPU is a chip soldered to the mainboard -- it is not upgradeable.

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Hi all,
I am a proud owner of Vostro 3560 ( i7 Q, 8GB, ATI 7670M HDD+SSD).
But something is really wrong with my notebook. The issue is as follow:
I have chosen from Power options to turn off the display after 5 minutes ( tried also with more. )
So after 5 minutes, the display is turned off. I am moving my mouse to turn it on, but it doesnt show anything. Just the backlight is diplayed ( the screen become more lighter ), The notebook remains responsible, but nothing is showed on the screen. I have tried couple of driver versions ( original, latest, middle version. ), also its happening on Win 7, 8, 8.1. I have played around almost every setting that could be changed. Nothing in event log.
The only way to fix this is to turn off the laptop / put it in sleep mode and then turn on from power button.
Can you advice on what could cause this ? Or where should i look for the problem ? It might be related to power options or VGA ? Anyone with same problem?
Thank you!

A:Vostro 3560 Black Display Issue

i have the exact same problem, and would be extremely happy if someone could help us!


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I've have had my Vostro 3560 since mid-2013 and this is the first problem I've had.  When I turn it on I can hear windows come up but the screen is totally black.  There are no error beeps.  I'm not sure where to start to diagnose and fix the problem.  Any help would be appreciated.

A:Vostro 3560 screen is black on boot up

Start by attaching an external monitor - is there an image on that?
Does the screen pass its built in self test (hold D through powerup - you should see a series of alternating color screens)?  
If you don't see the alternating screens, it's likely the screen is bad.  If you do, it's likely the GPU is bad.

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Dell Support
I am experiencing issues updating my Vostro 3560 to Windows 10.  When connecting a USB device, like a flash drive, the computer will properly connect the device.  The device appears in the device manager, it can even identify the brand, but the device manager states that the drivers are not installed.
I have gone to the Dell website and used the tool to detect and install driver updates.  The tool will attempt to install a driver, Intel Management Engine Interface Driver.  The tool says it installed, but subsequent checks show the driver as needing to be installed.
Any help is appreciated.  Is the Intel Management Engine Interface Driver the driver the that properly operates the USB hardware?  I have tried deleting the driver entirely and installing but have the same results.
Thank you,

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All USB ports worked fine with Win10. 
Win7 was installed from a USB stick but I had to enable "USB debugging" in BIOS before windows would load.  Even with debugging enabled I could only use one of the USB ports.
Now, with Windows 7 and all drivers and updates, the only USB port that works is the one that the system was installed from.  It also happens to be the only one with the lightning icon beside it.  I just tried disabling the debugging option in BIOS and this port stopped working also.
I have tried multiple USB memory devices and a mouse.  Regardless of the device, the same port always works and none of the others do.  If the mouse is plugged into one of the dead ports during boot, the red light is on at the bottom of the mouse until a few seconds after I see the windows logo appear.
Memory sticks will light up on every port but Windows never recognizes anything being inserted.
No issues appear in the device manager and there are no unrecognized devices.

On a previous setup of this OS, I tried uninstalling all USB related devices from the device manager then scanned for changes.  I hoped this would reset all the drivers and bring the ports back.  Instead, it began loading the drivers, blue screened with a memory dump, then never recovered.
This PC also has an SD card slot that appears to be a USB connected device and it works.
Any help will be appreciated.

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I have Vostro 3560 with installed Win7 Ultimate 64bit. I have installed all drivers from Dell Support page + Validity Sensor Driver - all seems to be installed correctly.
So, i'd like to start using fingerprint login to win7 but I completely dont know how to start. I suppose there is third party software needed but can't figure it out what it is.
Any suggestions welcome :) 

A:Vostro 3560 with Win7 64bit: how to use fingerprint login?

Hi Ankur,
Since you have already installed the drivers from our support website, would recommend you to install Validity Sensor's Windows 7 Biometric Framework (WBF) software from the link mentioned below:
Once you click on the link Unzip and install WBF. Click start > Control Panel > Biometric devices and register your fingerprint.
Please reply for further assistance.
Thanks & RegardsRathish C#iworkfordell

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I will be replacing the replacement, due to a fall (cracked screen) and already changed the video cable when I upgraded the screen for full hd, but I'd like to make sure how many pins (30? 40?) and, if possible, brand recommendations, please.

A:Vostro 3560 Full HD screen replacement specs

The only sure thing is an exact replacement.  Next best is to buy a screen known to have shipped with the same model system you have.
Notebook LCDs are not as standardized as other PC parts - you can easily find variances within the same model line where one system will take a specific screen and another will not.

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I took a video of the symptoms.
I have replaced the CMOS battery and reseated the RAM module and HDD. What next should I do?

A:Vostro 3560 not booting, no bios screen, beep every 3 sec,

The link you have provided has an error. 
Kindly upload the video on YouTube and provide a link if required.
What is the exact # of beeps in a cycle? This will help isolate the source of the issue.
If it is 1 beep - the motherboard is at fault and needs to be replaced.
If the system is under warranty, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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For the last few months, from possibly about Mar 2016 I have been getting a bunch of updates from MS which fail to install. There are about 50 more60 of them.
I am now completely over this and thought that I would (reluctantly) restore the laptop to the factory settings and start all over again. A painful but apparently necessary process.
I can't seem to see a Restore Partition under My Computer, and have investigated doing a factory restore but nothing seems to work that I have found on Dell forums.
Anyone out there able to help with this?

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I'm struggling to connect my Vostro 3560 notebook to a projector. I've managed to make it work after reinstalling the video drivers, but the connection lasted only for 20 minutes and went black suddenly. Since then I see "no signal" on the beamer and cannot make it work again.

I'm using official video drivers from following Dell's website:

I updated the BIOS.

The projector is fine, worked yesterday for several hours on VGA.

The cable is fine, worked on my wife's Dell notebook for at least 1 hour.

My power options are probably fine, because everything is set to "highest performance".

I'm suspecting the problem in over-heating of the notebook, but even after a longer break, when notebook gets all cooled down, it still won't connect.

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Has anyone had experience finding a working driver for a Vostro 3560 laptop?
I've spent close to 8 hours trying to find one, including wiping the laptop and installing drivers in proper order, using the update client through dell, etc.
Every single one gives an error that the installation has failed or the driver is incompatible. This makes no sense because I'm using the drivers dell has recommended both through their update manager and via service tag search.

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Hallo liebe Mitglieder, 
ich bin neu hier und habe folgendes Problem: nachdem ich meinen PC auf Win 10 upgedated habe, hat er so gesponnen, dass ich ihn auf Win 7 zurück setzen wollte. Währenddessen ist anscheinend ein Fehler unterlaufen und mein PC hat dadurch die Festplatte nicht mehr erkannt. Somit habe ich ihn neu aufgesetzt. Seitdem erkennt er das Netzteil nicht mehr bzw. lädt er den Akku nicht mehr auf. Ich habe das neueste BIOS Update und ich hab auch den Akku rausgenommen und wieder rein getan um zu testen ob es einfach nur eine kleine Fehlreaktion war. Allerdings kommt mittlerweile vor dem eigentlichen Start und auch wenn der PC gestartet ist, die gleiche Fehlermeldung. Kann mir jemand helfen? 

Liebe Grüße

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vostro 3560 laptop not booting but has continuous beeps about 2.5 to 3 secs apart
can someone advise the best course of action for this fault.

from what ive read it looks like a system board or bios fault.
can anybody confirm thisand the best way to rectify as i think im out of warrnty as well on this unit.

A:vostro 3560 laptop not booting but has continuous beeps about 2.5 to 3 secs apart

That beep pattern means a faulty mainboard - you'll need to replace the board.

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I've got DELL Vostro 3750, and I bought Dell U2515H monitor for second display.
I can set only maximum 1920×1050 resolution, instead of the optimal 2560×1600 of the monitor. 
I'am connected them with hdmi cable.
Please help me solve the problem!


A:Dell Vostro 3750 with Dell U2515H monitor resolution problem

The U2515H HDMI in port can do up to 2560x1440 60Hz. But the U2515H does not dictate the resolution. That is done by the capabilities of the laptop GPU video card. The 2011 Vostro 3750 HDMI out must be limited to 1920.

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My WINDOWS 7 PRO LAPTOP, a VOSTRO 3560 model, had a motherboard replacement with an original DELL motherboard P/N PYFNX.  However, it can't select a sleep mode or hibernate since the repair.  In addition, I can't connect it to an external monitor. 
Any ideas how to overcome these issues?
Thank you -

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My WINDOWS 7 PRO LAPTOP, a VOSTRO 3560 model, had a motherboard replacement with an original DELL motherboard P/N PYFNX.  However, it can't select a sleep mode or hibernate since the repair.  In addition, I can't connect it to an external monitor. 
Any ideas how to overcome these issues?
Thank you -

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I have recently purchased 2 Dell U2417H monitors with the hopes of connecting them to my Dell Vostro 420 PC. I tried connecting it to the HDMI port that was covered by a black cap on my tower but it did not work. Will I need adapters of some sort? Is my video card not up to speed? Any help would be appreciated.

A:U2417h Monitor will not connect to Vostro 420 PC

If the port was covered it is because you have a separate video card that is used instead of the integrated video. (Both integrated and separate video cannot be used together)What video card do you have? If the card has a DVI port you can add a DVI to HDMI cable for one of the monitors. However your card must support dual monitors with dual dvi or hdmi ports to add a second one. Consider upgrading the video card to one with dual monitor support. I would buy a new computer to replace the old Vostro.
You could remove the video card to switch to the integrated video and use the hdmi port but the quality of the display is not as good and only one monitor can be used.

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Hi all,

One of my Dell systems took a dive (no power, etc.) so I pulled out the hard drive and hooked it up to this Dell Vostro 260 so the person could have access to their files. I've checked the BIOS to boot from it, but nope, doesn't work. The system goes black, little cursor for a moment then asks me if I want to run repair to start normally. I've tried repair and normally but still can't boot from this external. The system does see it, so I'm really not sure what to do. Someone help, please?

Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Vostro 260s - Won't Boot From External Drive

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Hi, I have a Dell Vostro 1700 and like I said it will not connect to the internet anymore even using the ethernet port. It used to connect just fine but when Vista update Service pack 1 tried to install it stopped half way and says it could not complete the updates and the internet will not work. The wireless icon is still displayed on my desktop but no networks are detected when I try to connect and 5 or 6 used to show up before. I have tried re-installing the drivers and this hasn't helped either so I am at a bit of a loss really, any help would be much appreciated! oh I have also run virus scans too and nothing has come up!

A:Dell Vostro 1700 won't connect to internet anymore

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Hi, I have a Dell Vostro 1700 and like I said it will not connect to the internet anymore even using the ethernet port. It used to connect just fine but when Vista update Service pack 1 tried to install it stopped half way and says it could not complete the updates and the internet will not work. The wireless icon is still displayed on my desktop but no networks are detected when I try to connect and 5 or 6 used to show up before. I have tried re-installing the drivers and this hasn't helped either so I am at a bit of a loss really, any help would be much appreciated! oh I have also run virus scans too and nothing has come up!

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I have dell vostro 14 3000 series, Recently laptop screen is gone black. I can see the external display working fine. I did run BIST, It completed successfully and able to see the colors on the builtin display during the test.
I also ran pre-boot diagnostics(Fn+power) without any issue. Please help me to diagnose the issue.

A:Dell Vostro 14 [black screen, external display works fine]

Check the cable that runs between the mainboard and back of the display panel.  If it's damaged, replace it.  That doesn't solve the problem, the next suspect is the mainboard.

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I have just installed Windows 8 Professional edition alongside Windows 7 Professional, however I cannot use my built in monitor when within the normal mode of Windows 8, Instead I have to use an external monitor (I'm currently using my TV via HDMI), however, in safe mode I can use my built in laptop monitor, or if I disable the intel HD 3000 graphics driver, however I do not want to do this because I would prefer to still be able to use my dual-monitor setup, I have all of the latest drivers for the video devices and still no avail, could someone please help!

Thanks in advance,

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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I have a Dell vostro 1015 pp37l
I think I've bought it on 2010
anyway I will buy samsung LS32E590C , it's a 32" curved FHD screen
my question is : will my vga out port support this FHD resulotion?
if so then which vga cable do u recommend
If not... should I but a  vga to hdmi converter or a laptop with hdmi port :D ?
Thanks alot.

A:Does Dell vostro 1015 pp37l vga out cable support a 1920x1080 FHD monitor

If the monitor has a VGA input (D-sub) it will work.  That said, be reasonable with your expectations - you may get away with using the monitor for browsing the Internet or word processing/spreadsheet use, but don't expect to be doing any gaming or watching video at FHD on it -- while the monitor can handle those, the computer you have is far too underpowered for that.

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I am using a Logitech 2.1 mini jack audio system. Audio sounds quite bad. It's like sometimes it's out of phase and sometimes sounds like it's being dithered.
Windows 10 is running without audio enhancements. Audio is from any source. AIMP, FIrefox/YouTube, Pot Player.
I have up/downgraded audio drivers and problem remains.
Any suggestions to fix the problem are welcome.

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My old dell laptop L502x is a bit quirky and caused me to buy a desktop, however, i think it is still saveable. when i have it display to an external monitor via hdmi, it works 100% with no problems. however, when i use the monitor that is physically attached to the laptop, i will get a " A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor" BSOD. from what i've gathered over numerous crashes, i believe its a problem with the integrated graphics in the processor, since they are not used when outputting via hdmi. i could be wrong tho, any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Laptop external monitor = OK, attached monitor = BSOD

Before posting a BSOD thread, please read the instructions here: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi, all, I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop and recently bought a Asus MB169B external USB monitor.  When I plug the monitor in, the laptop monitor (not the external monitor) flickers about every half second.  If I unplug it, it stops.  I upgraded my video driver to no avail.
Is it simply a power supply issue (the external monitor  does not have a power cord)?  Anything I can do?  It does it even if I have the laptop plugged in and charging.  
*something interesting - I just discovered if I duplicate the display and not extend the flickering goes away...but that kind of defeats the point of a dual monitor for me.

A:dell xps 15 monitor flickering after connecting external usb monitor

What is the exact system model? 
Have you connected the external monitor to a dock or hub or directly to the system USB port?
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1n3X2po - enter the service tag and download the BIOS, update and restart the machine and check.
Reinstall the video drivers and chipset drivers for the system from the above link and check.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi everyone,
I have a new hardware:

Dell XPS13 (9360) with Thunderbolt 3
Dell U3417W 34" monitor  (3440x1440 px)

I have prepared everything on my table because I had no idea that new Dell only has Thunderbolt 3 and no mini display port. I was kind of surprised (in a bad way) that I will need another reduction.
The problem is that I can only input display port, mini display port and HDMI into the new Dell U3417W monitor. I am not sure how much resolution I can squeeze from HDMI, so what is left are those display ports. 
Should I buy USB-C -> Display port cable like for e.g. Startech USB Type-C to Displayport cable, 1m (CDP2DPMM1MB) which could possibly do the job? Or perhaps even some Thunderbolt 3 cable?
I need to have 3440x1440 px @ 60 Hz where some of those cables support only @30 Hz and they do not explicitly state that 3440x1440px resolution is supported.
I would rather avoid those bugged Dell docking stations where the whole internet (e.g. Amazon) is snowed by users complaints.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Forgive me - I know nothing about computers, so am probably going about this completely wrong, but I'm hoping you can guide me to a successful outcome.
I have a Dell Inspiron N411z laptop (with HDMI and usb ports) and a Dell 1703PF monitor (with DVI and vga ports).
I've tried an HDMI to vga converter, with a vga to vga cable into the monitor - didn't work.
am new to the here, I have worked with multiple firms. you can check mobile App launch video one of my work.Thank You !

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I have a Vostro 200 tower and also a Vostro 200 slim.  I am not using the slim version and I would like to know if the memory from the slim can be used in the tower?

A:Dell Vostro 200 Slim and Vostro 200 Tower

the memory is the same in both versions.

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I have had a Yoga 2.13 for 2.5 years and have, in the past, connected to a couple of 24" monitors using the HDMI port and cable.   For the past three months, I was on the road and never used an external monitor.  Now, I try to connect to a monitor that I used before, with a cable I used before and the monitor does not detect a signal. I have tried another monitor with the same cable. Still get the messsage "no signal detected". I have switched to two other cables - same issue. I have updated the Intel graphics driver, etc. I have spent several hours updating various drivers, etc. I suspect one of two things: 1. I may have upgraded to Windows 10 in the last three months and that is the cause of the problem. 2.  The micro/mini HDMI port on the Yoga is dead. Any ideas on what to do next?

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