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Anyone familiar with Robocopy?

Q: Anyone familiar with Robocopy?


I'm trying to add a switch /MAXLAD:n Excludes files with a Last Access Date older than n days or specified date. If n is less than 1900, then n is expressed in days. Otherwise, n is a date expressed as YYYYMMDD.

I only want files that has been modified starting from Sept. 01, 2008 to current.

Am I inputting this correctly? Help


Preferred Solution: Anyone familiar with Robocopy?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Anyone familiar with Robocopy?

DUH, I figured it out, I took removed the "/" from the date portion.

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Is this an ok overclock?

1.8 Ghz


2.0 Ghz

Front Side Bus



444 Mhz

RAM (PC133)



148 Mhz

or is it too demanding on my system.

my system is cool as a cucumber..........90F CBU and MOBO

im asking a serious question

A:I'm not to familiar with O/c my CPU/FSB/RAM

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Hello Awesome Tech Support Guy Help,
You guys are life savers and absolutely amazing for all that you do. Can't praise you enough! I am looking for some help in speeding up my Aunt's laptop. Unexpectedly I have found myself staying at her place, without my own laptop to work on and with no idea how long this will be the case. So I need to get this thing running at a realistic speed, because right now it is taking eons to do ANYTHING. It's running XP, which I'm not too familiar with and has had very little maintenance done to it. I've done a couple basic things like clean up disk space and de-fragmenting ( took two days) then ran scans for viruses(*but not sure how thorough a job they each did) as a start. I took out the programs I was aware of as being junk, bloat or just not used by my Aunt. The only things she wanted to keep really were a Kodak Photo program and spider solitaire. She has a thing for Juno internet, but I'm not sure that it's really all that beneficial and if it is, then I''m sure if needed to be removed it could also be re-installed with an updated version. Other than that, I just want to get things running smooth and efficient , but know I need some help with that. Anyone willing to offer instructions, I would so greatly appreciate it, so that I can get some work done. Thanks a million!

* I believe I am supposed to post logs with this from a previous experience well over a year ago, but can't seem to find ... Read more

A:Not Familiar With XP But This PC Needs A Little TLC

We know nothing about your aunt's computer, so do the following in it.


Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) to the desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


Go here and click the large green "Download" button to download and save HiJackThis 2.0.5 (HijackThis.exe) to your desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, close all open windows.

Double-click it and allow its main window to load.

Uncheck "Do not show this window when I start HiJackThis".

Click "Do a system scan and save a log file".

When the scan is finished in 30 - 60 seconds, a log file will appear.

Save that log file.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE log file here.


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A:Anyone familiar with ACT!..?

We are not allowed to help with password cracking in any shape or form.

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Yesterday I got one of those automatic update things from MS. It didn't want to install. Plus the computer was acting a little funny. I deceided to do a system restore. I had about 4 SR points. Everyone of them showed an entry called "Software Distribution Service 2.0" was added to each point. I googled it and found a number of entries for it. Is this MS software and what does it do?? TIA

A:Anyone familiar with this?


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I'm trying to import my contacts from Outlook into ACT and it is saying it "cannot connect to Outlook" I also save my old addresses in Excel as .csv but that's not woking either it's saying it's read only. HELP!

A:Anyone familiar w/ ACT! 9.0

What version of Outlook?
Have you set up ACT! to use Outlook as it's email client?

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Background: For many years I've used a GW BASIC program I wrote and have improved over the years, (Now on V16,1) I have an old computer with a XP OS that I keep specifically so I can still use the program as Win10 won't run GW BASIC. It is a shopping program that controls household groceries, records stock on hand, calculated reorder points and produces a shopping list in pick order for the supermarket I use. No graphics involved, just straight operating code.

Problem: I've recently decided to use PC BASIC which will run GW BASIC programs. It works fine in all but one critical area. Saving both the program after amendments have been made and also saving the data files don't work, though loading the existing program and data works fine. No error message; it appears to work, but no save occurs.

I have the files inside the Program Files (X86)/PC BASIC folder. Here is the affected program lines:

First the ones that do work:
The program opens via the PC BASIC initial screen and LOAD "SHO16_1". Also,
<line number> OPEN "I" #1,"SHO16dat.DTA" ( which loads the program data file)"

The ones that don't work:
<line number> SAVE "SHO16_1" (The program after amendments)
<line number> SAVE "SHO16_1.TXT" (The program as a text document)
<line number> OPEN "O" #1,"SHO16dat.DTA" ( which saves the program data file)"

I am assuming any save would be in the PC BAS... Read more

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Hi does anyone know how to edit files that are in .dk4 format? What program will be needed to open and edit files of .dk4? Many thanks.


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My users' emails are going to the junk folders of several people at the same company. An email header shows:

X-Relayed-From-Added: Yes
X-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new at exmf500-lo-4.domain.local
X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Score: 15.8
X-Spam-Level: ***************
X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=15.8 tagged_above=-999 required=7
tests=[CLOUDMARK=15, RCVD_IN_U2=0.8]

Trying to figure out if they're being flagged based on content or something else. Anyone familiar with Cloudmark that can provide some insight? I've been on the phone several times with Microsoft (we use Exchange Online) who continue to say it's not us.


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I have WinPatrol installed on my computer and I keep getting a message referring to CONM12.dll (C:\WINDOWS\system32\CONMI2.dll). It states that the program has detected a new internet add on and it's asking for permission to be installed on my system?

I have no idea what this program is and I can not locate any information about it on the internet?

Does anyone have any idea of what this program is? Is it harmful?


A:CONM12.dll...anyone familiar with this????


This looks a bit suspect to me, and I suggest that you download HiJackThis and post the log to the HJT forum and let the bods there have a look at it and see if you have been infected.

By the way, have you run your anti-virus and adaware scans lately?

Lets know the results.



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I dunno if it is IE or what, but suddenly nothing I put up on craigslist shows up! I go through the steps, and get the email, go to the link, and hit "publish", and it gives me a confirmation that it has been put up, but when I go to the category I had it in, it is not listed!!! Anyone know what is going on?

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I'm trying to use MultiSet to create an automatic system deployment disc that will take care of installing the OS and all the subsequent software that is standard when configuring new company computers. Is there a way in MultiSet to record XP configuration, such as adding the computer to a domain and changing screen settings, that sort of thing?

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I got this is an email to download ZipCloud, and it sounds good(the price is right -free_) but was just wondering if its okay to use,or just something to slow my pc down. Thanks

ZipCloud :: Cloud Storage - Computer Backup and Online Storage

Never mind, it started backing up my files, and got only so far, then a window popped up saying if I wanted the rest backed up I have to choose a "pay" plan to do so, they didnt mention that in the ad.

A:Is Anyone Familiar with ZipCloud?

Personally, I prefer backing up my computer to my own external hard drive. Basically, there are two kinds of backups: just personal files and data or an entire system image which includes everything on your hard drive (including the operating system, personal settings, documents, photos, music, movies, etc.)

From reading the features section of ZipCloud it seems it will only back up personal data and not the entire hard drive the way a system image would. If your machine crashes (for example, from a really nasty virus) it's better to have a clean system image.


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Hi all

I'm having trouble resolving this issue in Windows 7 that may (or may not) be causing my system to freeze up.

When I run a scannow in an elevated prompt a get errors, so I get a Notepad log showing me what's what.

The log appears to indicate that the problem is with explorer.exe


CSI 000003a3 [SR] Could not reproject corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:28{14}]"\??\C:\Windows"\[l:24{12}]"explorer.exe"; source file in store is also corrupted

End quote.

So I slipstreamed Windows 7 with SP1, used 7-Zip to go into the correct set of files (W7 Premium) and replaced my explorer.exe and the shell32.dll file.

However, scannow still shows errors. I feel I may have read the data (above) wrong.

If there is anybody who can shed some light, without suggesting a clean install, I'd really appreciate it.

I have done a manual restore point just in case.


A:Anyone Familiar with sfc /scannow?

Hello Bes,

You might see if downloading and running the 64-bit (x64) System Update Readiness Tool for your installed 64-bit Windows 7 to repair the component store (source), restart the PC afterwards, and try the sfc /scannow command again may help.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Hope this helps,

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I'm currently undergoing a project regarding spatial analysis with arcGIS.

I'm relatively unfamiliar with the software i'm using and if anyone is familiar with the software and could assist me I'd be much obliged.

Does anyone have any helpful tutorials or is willing to contact me via AIM/MSN in order to further assist me in my queries?

Any additional information would be invaluable.


A:Anyone familiar with ArcGIS?

Not familiar with this software, but here is a tutorial: http://libinfo.uark.edu/GIS/tutorial.asp
As you scroll down the page, if you click the highlighted topics, it expands for more info.

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I'm not used to jargon so this may sound a little convoluted. Here goes....

In my house we have 4 pcs, all running XP Sp3. Two desktops, two laptops. The two desktops are connected via an ethernet crossover cable. Desktop 1 is connected to the internet via a ADSL modem, Desktop 2 uses Internet Connection sharing. The two laptops are wireless. Everything was working out fine until recently.

For some reason, and most noticeable while downloading anything, activity freezes. No error, nothing obvous in the logs, nothing. It just stops dead. This affects desktop 2, and the laptops. Desktop 1 goes on unaffected. It affects web pages, downloads, anything happening through the internet.

It happens at random times, sometimes twice within a minute, sometimes 15 minutes. About the best I can figure out is that it happens when there's new activity beginning on the network - a new web page, an online game, something like that. I've also noticed that on Desktop One that svchost.exe will hog the CPU when it's first started. It needs to be closed down, and everything goes on as normal. It doesn't seem to do that on Desktop Two. I tried transfering a copy of Desktop Two's version of svchost.exe, but it still happens.

This is getting frustrating, made worse by the fact that I can't see any repeatable conditions. It just happens when it feels like it.

Any advice, anyone?


A:Does this sound familiar to anyone?

If these machines are all connected through some sort of router which must be the case then ICS is not needed if your router provides the NAT feature which more than likely it does.

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Hi does anyone know how to edit files that are in .dk4 format? What program will be needed to open and edit files of .dk4? Many thanks.


This is a dup and now closed. You can reply here if you wish



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hi I've got a zip pack of files, which is from someone else , Actually it's bought from someone else on the internet.
It's supposed to be a shopping website that can be modified and managed dynamically with admin panel

However I do not know how to install it to XAMPP. He told me to install XAMPP Control Panel and run it, the control panel will show up, but it does not work. He has now disappeared already. Would anyone please let me know how to install it? Please and Thanks

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I have been using Lotus SmartSuite since I first got my computer. It has always worked well until recently. Everytime I go to open something, the saved document comes up blank. It is there but the cursor doesn't click the screen. I try to make a new document, and the same thing happens. Automatically the page setup is landscape (it never was before), and the cursor doesn't click the screen, and you cannot type anything. Please HELP

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I have been trying to use the freeware InventoryISX to audit the PC's on the network at work to see what software people have been putting on their machines.
when i run a remote audit it will only save data for 3 of the PC's.
i get this error log....

Started at 11/28/2006 13:54:17
ALAN: The RPC server is unavailable.
IAIN: Recorded sucessfully (Using XP pro)
PC01: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC02: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC03: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC07: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC09: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC10: Recorded sucessfully (using Win 2000)
PC13: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC14: The RPC server is unavailable.
PC15: The RPC server is unavailable.
PETER_MCNICOL: The RPC server is unavailable.
SCANSVR1: The RPC server is unavailable.
SOPHIE: Recorded sucessfully (using Win 2000)
Ended at 11/28/2006 14:02:37

All the other machines are running Windows XP Professional also.
Do I have to start the RPC server on each machine or something or is there a bit of software that needs to be installed on each machine that will allow the InventoryIPX to talk to the machines?!
Any help will be appreciated!
thank you,

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Im visiting my parents and my dads computer needs a tune up. Unfortunately Im not so familiar with Windows 7 yet as my own computer is still XP. Im hoping someone can take a peek at this Hijackthis and let me know if there's anything to be worried about.Mod Edit: Removed HJT log, no mention of malware. HJT is not a "tuneup" tool, it's a malware tool not permitted in this forum ~ Hamluis.

A:Doing a tune up. Not so familiar with W7

Why are you doing a tune up? Are there any specific problems with the computer?

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Okay, so for years now I've used TweakUI for several reasons and never had a problem with it. Well, one of the things I used it for was to hide a hard drive from any other accounts on my computer, having said drive only visible to me.

All of a sudden the drive is now showing in Windows Explorer for other users. I've tried uninstalling TweakUI and reinstalling it and that didn't help. I also tried to hide it using the Registry Editor and adding a new DWORD "NoDrives" but that didn't work either. There was already one there (I assume from TweakUI?) so I deleted it and created a new one but the drive is still showing.

What could have caused TweakUI to suddenly stop working? I had some weird issues with my BIOS earlier, but that's happened before and didn't cause TweakUI to stop functioning correctly. Right now I'm using a program called "HideMyDrive" and that works, but it hides the drive globally and restricts access to it completely. I just want the drive invisible to other user accounts on my computer.

I don't *think* it's pertinent but I'll explain my BIOS issues anyway. Another user was using the PC while I wasn't here and they said it was "making a racket", like the CDROM kept trying to read so they tried rebooting. Well, it got stuck in that loop of "Please insert correct media and try again". So for whatever reason my BIOS (ASUS P5QL Pro motherboard) reverted to showing the spla... Read more

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I have a situation where I will be powering a passive backplane containing several Gigabyte i-Ram RAMDISKS. I am looking at a 1000-1500VA UPS for it. Any idea with the cards might draw from their ATX power supply? Each card has (4) 1GB DDR DIMMs on them, for a total of twelve DIMMS. The cards also contain a standard SATA controller. They are universal cards that will take either 3.3 or 5 volt power from the slot. The backplane has a PCI Bridge chip on it, but nothing else - no Single Board Computer or anything like that. The i-RAM cards only draw power from the PCI slots. They do not require any host intelligence, so basically the backplane is a glorified power supply rail.

I'm trying to get a feel of how long a 1000VA UPS would power the backplane. Again, there are no CPU's, hard drives, North Bridges, LAN controllers, video cards, or anything like that. Just a PCI bridge chip (no heatsink on it, so it must not draw much).

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am hoping to get something that would go 8 hours or so, if that is possible. Basically it's only going to draw 3.3 from the ATX supply connected to it. There are no 12 volt devices on this backplane. Thanks.

A:Question for someone familiar with UPS's

Each card is about 30Watts (pretty sure)
And yes you can get 8Hrs + from a good UPS

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To just keep the firewall, can I turn off the following running processes from Pc-cillin( Bolded), and leave just the firewall process (underlined)? The reason for this is to optimize online gaming by maximizing RAM for the game.


A:Need help from someone familiar with Pc-cillin

Tranceaddict said:

To just keep the firewall, can I turn off the following running processes from Pc-cillin( Bolded), and leave just the firewall process (underlined)? The reason for this is to optimize online gaming by maximizing RAM for the game.

C:\PROGRA~1\TRENDM~1\INTERN~1\TmPfw.exeClick to expand...

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I got something from a website and I am afraid it is malware. So far, it has done no real damage. It is represented by a little icon in my "quick launch" toolbar. It looks like a white box with a green arrow pointing to it--a lot like the icon for safe removal of hardware. If I click on it I get a window that is black and yellow with the title "User Define Buttons." I see no way to remove it and fortunately, the computer seems to be unaffected. But it sits there and I would like to remove it completely. Any ideas from anybody?

A:Solved: Is this familiar to anybody?

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I have also posted this in the Autodesk user's forum, but no one has offered any suggestions, so I thought I give this site a shot on this one, though I understand it may be too narrowly focused. Anyway, here's the problem:

My CHANGE PROPERTIES dialog box has become testy. When I pick something, under the "Design" tab, all I get is options for General, Plot Style, View, and Misc. No text or other modification options will come up. There is nothing under the "Feature Data" tab or the "Extended Data" tab. Those four options are the only ones that will come up regardless of what type of entity I pick. In the pull-down within the box it says "No selection". If I do make a change, say color for example, the change won't take effect. I can sort of play around with QSELECT and work around some of it, but if I have to do that every time, it's not a very time-effective solution, obviously.

It started on the same day that a new project was sent to me. Someone else had worked on these drawings prior to me, so I don't know what they did. I have been able to narrow the focus of the problem as follows:

- It appears to have started with the new drawings that were sent to me, and when I open those drawings, some setting somewhere gets re-set. It seems to get re-set globally, though maybe not necessarily in the registry, because if I open another "good" drawing in another project this setting follows along. If I save the "good... Read more

A:Anyone Familiar With Autocad?

Hi deltacoolguy.
Which version of AutoCAD are you using?
I use 2006 and had a few strange anomalies similar to that until I installed SP1.
Are you up to date as you can be with the appropriate hotfixes and service packs?

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I just installed this on an old dell I had lying around, so far it seems really good.

but... everything seems to be going a bit slower, games ping times are really high, and even web pages are loading slower.

Anyone got any pointers?

A:Anyone familiar with m0n0wall?

How old is that dell (CPU, NICs)?
What rules do you have defined on that fw?
How is your network set up?

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looks like a really cool program, a bit more professionaly done than ad aware, and can be administered centrally on the network. wondering if anyone is familiar with how well it works. the website is www.intermute.com

A:Anyone familiar with spysubract

d/l the trial a couple of weeks ago spybot and adaware are free and do the job so will not be buying it

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My next door neighbor is a software guy and we were talking about internet security along with microsoft, XP, non microsoft options etc. He bleeds microsoft ink. Well, first of all he tells me about the XP fix for the Explorer browser where you can delete session cookies - which is good. He tells me about the Firewall - and I point out to him that it is a one way firewall and it just duplicates his router. I ask him what he uses for spyware and he tells me he is using spysweeper (webroot). He swears by it - says he has had no problems with spyware since he installed. He says it gets spyware and trojans. So of course, I am curious since trojans are really bad out there. I visit the website and it says nothing about protection and trojans. I notice they have a free download - so I figure why not give it a shot. I download, install, update and run. Of course, I have just run adaware SE and spybot 1.4 without any problems - spybot found one item and i deleted it (search4it I think). Adaware found nothing. Spysweeper found multiple entries in the registry for Alexa, a toolbar that I don't have and a sidebar that I don't have. I have felt very confident with the two programs that we all like, but I am concerned that spysweeper found these things that spybot and aaw missed. Any comments and thoughts are appreciated...doc

A:Anyone familiar with spysweeper???

Doc, webroot comes with EarthLink and I am not impressed vs. the others we all know.

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So a client brought in their machine for me to look at, as it was behaving oddly. Any window that was opened would minimize itself.
I opened up taskmanager and noticed a process that would start the minute a window (including taskmanager) would minimize. It was called msnexnis.exe.
So I went to the file location and found it under ProgramData. Deleted it and the issue went away.
Upon inspecting the file the only information I got from it was the following:
I assume Warst0 is the author and Ridgeville6 is something related to the program.
Google doesn't turn up anything and there are 0 results from a myriad of scanners (MWB, Vipre, VR, Combofix, Hitman etc).

A:Anyone familiar with msnexnis.exe?

Hi advent619 Is it possible for you to upload that file on ge.tt and send me the download via PM? I'll check it inside a VM and see what's up with it.

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Hi guys/gals,

I just did a sweep with the spydoctor trial and it said I have alfacleaner.
I have Spy Sweeper, Web Defender, Live one care, And I am in day 3 of Venus spy trap 30 day trial.
Any suggestions??


A:Is Any One Familiar With Alfacleaner?

Which did you scan with? Spydoctor=Bad Spyware Doctor=GoodIf you scanned with Spyware Doctor, go here for instructions to get rid of Alfacleaner:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/43477/how-to-remove-alfacleaner/

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Hello people,

I'm having some problems with my pc and I'm really stumped this time on what to do.

So here's a list of the stuff I'm experiencing:-

1) First thing that happened was that my background had gone, then noticed that the whole look of my desktop seemed to be a cross between various versions of windows. Some boxes that open are modern looking, others are the old windos 95 look. I tried setting the image I had back as my background and it just doesn't do it - won't work for any image, but no error pops up either.

2)control panel was back in modern version and won't let me revert to classic mode.

3) If I try to look in my windows system folder it goes back to the screen telling me I shouldn'tope it (or whatever it says) every 15 seconds.

4) I can't install some software at all and some installs but then I get told cache key is missing and other cache related messages.

5)when I try and open some programs, I get a message telling me to install my office 2001 sr-1 disc 2 cd.

6) I can restore, but when I restart my computer there is no mention of the restore and everything is the same.

7) Some virus/spyware software won't work at all or freezes.

8) safe mode won't always load.

Plus more.

Does any of this sound familiar and am I going to have to forma the whole thing?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Any help is really appreciated.

A:Does Any Of This Sound Familiar

On #6 when you say, " I can restore, but when I restart my computer there is no mention of the restore and everything is the same", are you saying you restarted and that you couldn't access restore through any of the normal methods of: 1)doing an F8 at bootup to get the bootup screen and there was no option for restore ,2) that you restarted your pc and went to start>help and support>system restore wizard, or 3)F11 at startup? If so then do a start>search>system restore wizard and initialize the wizard and see if you can get a restore this way and then take it from there. Best to you...

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I'm running XP, and recently, after dealing with some trojan/hijack issues, a blue bar has appeared right above the taskbar, running across the screen. It's not part of a window, as I have the window maximized. (see attachment) Is this of any significance?

Also, my icons for back, forward, stop, refresh, etc. in IE are now really large and spread out. Can I fix this?

A:Blue bar seem familiar anyone?

Right click on an empty portion of the taskbar
select Lock taskbar

This bar allows you to move the taskbar to another location of the screen.

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It's a video screen capture program that records videos and sound while the video plays on your computer monitor.

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Just bought a cisco 2948G switch with CatOS on it, I was hoping it would have IOS 12.2. Anyways, anyone know where I can find a config translator from IOS to CatOS?

A:Anyone familiar with CatOS?

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My users' emails are going to the junk folders of several people at the same company. An email header shows:

X-Relayed-From-Added: Yes
X-Virus-Scanned: by amavisd-new at exmf500-lo-4.domain.local
X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Score: 15.8
X-Spam-Level: ***************
X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=15.8 tagged_above=-999 required=7
tests=[CLOUDMARK=15, RCVD_IN_U2=0.8]

Trying to figure out if they're being flagged based on content or something else. Anyone familiar with Cloudmark that can provide some insight? I've been on the phone several times with Microsoft (we use Exchange Online) who continue to say it's not us.


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I am runing  window 7 32bit.  I run  robocopy to backup  files and dirs  ? I noticed lately that the process is coping files that are not subject to copy, ie the source and target files are exactly the same ? I use the /mir robocopy

When  roboopy copies a file from the source to the target, it will tag the copy in the log, ie ?newer? ?new files? ?older?   - etc ? in this case there is no tag on the copy log  and the summary at the end of the job reports all the source
being copied. 

I have windows 7 on other computer and this  operation works  correctly on those computers  ? the only difference were this is not working it seems that version of windows 7 has fix  KB2639043 installed. 

I went  as far as to write a program to show the 64 bit time stamp (both the modified and create times) and an compare them  on the source and target files and they are EXACTLY the same (the file size is also the same in both files) 

Lastly, I tried ?synctoy? and that ?did the right thing? ? so there is some sort of bug with robocopy  ? How can I report this issue?   

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Hi there,

I want to use ROBOCOPY to move any file that is older than 30 days.
I've tried this command but it seems to move the file anyway, even though the file is only 4 days old:

robocopy * C:\b2d C:\archive /mov /minage: 01-04-2011

From "/minage: 01-04-2011" i thought it would only move files that are at least 30 days or more old. But this seems to move everything.

Can anybody explain why this is happening? Is it because i used a wildcard on files, will that not look at the file age?


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Does Robocopy /MIR copy all files or just the ones that are added and those that are changed? I don't want to start this if it is going to take hours and hours. thanks...

A:Robocopy /MIR

Just the changes.

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I have been forced by the man to switch to vista. I had a simple xcopy to duplicate a folder structor. Would someone be kind enough to translate this into robocopy for me?

xcopy r:\_DND\*.* r:\SMcbrid2\ /E /O

Thanks for the help


Here you go:

ROBOCOPY r:\_DND\ r:\SMcbrid2\ *.* /E /COPYALL

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Basically I would like to copy from my Skydrive to copy to my NAS once a day everyday. I know some of the basics but need help with specifics like copy to folder and making sure the newest file exists as the saved copy.

Here we go!

Robocopy C:\Users\Clive\SkyDrive\Documents B:\ /
Thanks guys for comments!

A:Robocopy. Can someone help please!

If your looking for a clean way to do that, you should look at Microsoft Richcopy which is a GUI'd + version of Robocopy. I've used it for years and it works fine under Windows-8.

For more info see: Free Utility: RichCopy, an Advanced Alternative to RoboCopy
Online Guide & extra info: RichCopy Guide - ETCwiki

Hope it helps.

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Need to back up data-drive regularly on drive F and send to data-drive G

Robocopy has been mentioned as win7 built-in. I'm confused what is it & how to use it?

A:Robocopy how?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium and somebody recently mentioned to me about Robocopy to use from cmd. Unfortunately I got into a mess and cmd froze so that I had to force shut down.

Can somebody kindly let me know how to use robocopy to copy files and directories my document on C: drive into external hard drive J: in a simple language as possible.

Thank you very mcuh.


This is how robocopy is used:
How to Copy Vista to Another Hard Drive | eHow.com

That being said, I would like to mention that in several years of helping out at the Vista Forum, this is the first question about robocopy. Most members use Macrium Reflect to make monthly backups. These backups are always available in the event of a catastrophe with the OS. It can also be used to transfer to another drive.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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Hi, I have 2 questions which I desperately need help with. Here's the question: 1. robocopy shoud Run in a separate terminal window and recheck file system changes every minute. 2. write a continous logfile that contains all detected file system changes including full pathnames of affected files. How do I do this?

A:Robocopy (help please)

This is one way, put this in a batch file:

robocopy command here
timeout 120 > nul
goto Start

Lots and lots of robocopy parameters, one of which is /log:file (file being the file you want info logged ion). > nul hides the Timeout in n seconds message.

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I have created a robocopy.bat as below :

robocopy C:\Users\Faust_000\Documents\Alfredo "F:\Backups Documents" /e /mir /z /np /tee /log:Alfredo_log.txt

and I have created a Planned Activity into the Planning Utility to run at certain time every day.

Now my question is :
1. if manually activeted by double click robocopy.bat it perfectly works and the log.tx file is created
2. if I execute the robocopy by the Planned Activity (by manually Excute or automatically at the planned time) the robocopy is done correctly but the log.txt file is not created or updated.

I did both on W7 Professional 64bit and on W8.1 64bit but no difference.
Could someone help me to understand why the difference of results manually and via Planned Activity ?
Thank in advance.


I don't use Robocopy or Planned Activity but it might perhaps be related to the current directory when the bat file is executed. If so, the other log file should be somewhere on your system and you could search for it.

I mean when you manually run the bat file you get a certain "current directory", but in the other scenario you get another directory. You can try to include a path for the log parameter or move to a certain directory with the cd command in the bat file, before the robocopy command.

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I am reporting a bug with the program robocopy.  My system is Windows 7 32bit.
The bug was introduced when hotfix kb3125574 was applied.

The bug seems to be that now, robocopy, is using the "access time" of the source
file to determine if the file is to be copied to the target.

Every copy that is executed by robocopy in annotated in the robocopy log with
the tag "new file" "newer" "older" "changed" ... etc.  With this bug, the copy
is noted in the log, but the tag (field) is blank

I was able to duplicate this, the console session is attached.

This bug has rendered robocopy useless.
console log listing

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