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Where can I get a Maxtor Hard Drive Circuit Board?

Q: Where can I get a Maxtor Hard Drive Circuit Board?

I had a Maxtor 250 hard drive, and someone plugged a laptop power lead in it and it zapped it. I have dismantled the external hard drive and put the maxtor directly into my pc, but this stops the pc booting.

I have spoken to maxtor and they have suggested that I buy a hard drive circuit board, but I cannot find anywhere that sells them. (Or I just don't know where to look).

maxtor have told me this....

"For the following Maxtor hard drive models: Fireball 3, DiamondMax 16, DiamondMax Plus 8, DiamondMax Plus 9, Diamond Max 10 and all MaxLine products there is also a GTLA Number on the model (next to barcode on the bottom of the drive). Format 1Y222J2223322. 1, 2 and 3 stand for numbers, Y and J for letters. The numbers 1 and 3 as well as the letter Y need to be identical to be able to replace the PCB on these drives."

My Hard drive details as follows: DiamondMax 10.
Model: 6L25ORO
TLA #: 6L25ORO153401 AAB
SN: L59L82XH

Any help or advice on how I can get my hands on one of these and you will make a friend for life.

Thanx in anticipation

Preferred Solution: Where can I get a Maxtor Hard Drive Circuit Board?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Where can I get a Maxtor Hard Drive Circuit Board?

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I have a backup Maxtor OneTouch 4 (2008) ex HD which rendered itself useless after a fall onto a carpeted floor. The connected usb plug came apart from the internal circuit board. Since it is out of warranty I opened its outer case and the usb connector will not resit onto board. I tried holding it down, using both hands to the exact place it should be on the board and drive still works, until I let it go.

Soldering it must be done meticulously {not good at it and the data restore/repair prices are $$$$ from what I see posted here}. Other areas of drive will get very warm {tried clamps and got “over voltage” error and removed it quickly {opps}. Yet the drive still works. Tape for some reason won’t hold connection firmly onto board either!!

Is there another way to connect this drive to my laptop other than using the usb plug?

Prior to this accident I backed up files to my current usb cruzer flash stick and a sandisk card with most of the old files from the Maxtor on them. [Not finished though].

A:Broken USB on Maxtor OneTouch 4 Circuit Board

Are you using it for a desktop or laptop?
If you are using it for a desktop, why don't you install the hard drive as your secondary drive. Make sure it has the same type of connections as your computer.
Have you tried buying another shell to replace the older one. Make sure it is compatible with your hard drive connections. (SATA, IDE, etc.).

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I have a 160gig SADA hard drive. I broke the section where the jumper and power plug in. The rest of the HD is fine. Is there a way to fix this or retrieve my data.
Can I take a circuit board from one HD and use it on the broken one!?
thanks ROB

A:Broken Circuit board on SADA hard drive.

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The logic board on my Maxtor drive drive died and the drive no longer spins up. I replaced the board with one from a drive of the same model number and now the drive spins up but the heads thrash back and forth. I'm pretty sure this is because of different firmware etc.

Seagate says I have to have the same PCBA number from the same drive family, but there are a dozen different numbers on the drive and I don't know which ones to use. Can someone tell me which numbers I need and where to find them? My drive is a...

MaxLine Pro 500 SATA
Model: 7H500F0
P/N: 118032509 A01
TLA: 7H500F008A5EE AAA
Code: HA431DD0
LBA: 976773168
WWN: 500107507401825A1

And if anyone happens to have the drive I need I will buy it from you

A:Maxtor drive dead. Need new logic board.

I suggest you try a data recovery service, or get the board from Maxtor.

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I have a Western Digital HDD model#WD200BB-75CAA0 and I need to replace the circuit board on it. Does the circuit board need to be from the same model hard drive or will any Western Digital circuit board work for this? This is a first for me....

A:Hard Drive Circuit Boards

It needs to be from the exact same drive or it will not read the data/disk correctly or it will not work at all.

What is wrong with the drive? Also it may still have warranty on it - 3 years on most pre oct 2002 drives. Sending it in for warranty however guarantees total data loss.

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This problem occurred quite some time ago. I have a slave drive that had problems, i thought it was corrupted but upon full tests it was perfectly fine, when it writes data to the drives it makes noises as it is encased. Anyways i got over ambitious and whilst deleting stuff of it i accidentally deleted the files that are needed to boot the drive up. Thus it was giving me lot of trouble. I took it to a techie who managed to copy all the data of my E: (slave) the stuff that was still readable, an odd thing was lot of my files had gone to 0 bytes think it was due to me deleting the important files of the drive. After clearing it, he reinstalled the software of seagate (Seagate SATA 400GB 7200rpm 3.5" 16M). Now it works like a charm i have been using it since, but the problem is the data the techie copied to his PC and he said that my data had heaps of trojans and his PC got overwhelmed by it and now it won't even boot up. Lot of my holiday pics and some important data is on it but a) how do we retrieve the data and b) what about the files that are 0 bytes?
The techie says he needs a circuit board for this hard drive (200gb maxtor diamond version) so he can replace the old circuit board with this new one and see if that works. I suggested using knoppix boot cd and stuff but he says it won't work i think. So what do you guys suggest i do?

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Today the power went out everywhere in the house except for the kitchen and we later investigated that some of the buttons on the circuit breaker outside were switched to off. We flipped them back on and so did the power.

Can those switches automatically switch themselves on or off? Or does it require someone to do it.

A:Can a circuit board switch itself on and off?

that's what they're designed to do. Often with power outages, surges will occur in the main lines. Circuit breakers trip to prevent fires.

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I am new to this Tech Forum site so; Howdy!
At present my mental status is fried, so is my circuit board. Don't ask, I don't want to tell what I (yes - I) did to the circuit board. Lets just say it now has me in a very very dark place. Anyway, I need a Maxtor FISH-N-M16.301252104, Model 53073H6, 16383 Cylinders, 16 Heads, 63 Sectors Circuit Board
I obtained mine aproximately 1994, I don't know what year these were built or how many produced (I'm really hoping there were alot)

A:Where can I find this circuit board?

O.K., now I found my other Maxtor drive, can anyone tell me if:
the circuit board on a DiamondMax Plus 8, 40GB, ATA/133 HDD, MFG DATE 05APRIL2003,CODE: NAR61590, LBA: 80293248, E-H011-02-3427, 6E040L0510605 AAA, S/N: E19FLJXE, K, M, C, A, AND On the board there is a number painted: E2110790903
Can it be used for circuit board exchange with the Model 53073H6 for the purpose of data recovery?
Thank you, Redtexas

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i have a sumsung hdd SP0451N 40GB/7200rpm/2M/PATA that got involved in a fire and the circuuit board got spoilt, i changed with another curuit but now the hdd is ok but its empty it has no data at all what could be the problem. or what am i missing

A:Circuit Board transfer

How hot did it get?

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My computer boots but then freezes if my Dell 80G Seagate Barracuda ATA IV model: ST3800021A is the slave. Bios says disk not detected.
Local Guru says the firmware is corrupted. He wants a circuit board to install
to recover data.
Does anyone have a hard disk as above that has failed mechanically.
I need the circuit board!!!!

A:Seagate 80g Need Circuit Board

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Hi there first time poster here but trying to find out if a tech shop guy is <scamming> me to make some money. I own a HP pavilion 23-f340ea which was given to me. It supports touch screen which is the reason we were given it for our young daughter. After a full system wipe and a lot of updating, and the big one to 8.1 still not working. It registered some touches, but not consistently, not where I'd pressed and some areas of the screen just seemed dead. I tried calibrating it, updating the drivers and many other things. Nothing worked. Then one morning I turned it on, I think it did a few automatic updates not 100% sure, but it suddenly worked perfectly fine. Which was amazing. Later that day it had reverted back and was useless again. Not aware that I changed anything but the fact it worked made me think it can't be a hardware problem, must be a software one. Again days of trying to fix it to no avail so I took it to my local tech store. Called me back a few hours later saying it needed a new circuit board. Which will cost £90. Does that sound right as it did work, briefly, which suggested to me it must be a software issue. Please please can someone help I'm supposed to call him back this morning to let him know if he should go ahead and order the part.

A:shop guy says £90, I need new circuit board......

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I have been having problems with my hdd's circuit board on my dell d610. I aint sure what happen, I think it was just my bad luck. Anyways I was wondering if its possible of saving the HDD by switching the board with one of the same model boughten brand new off the internet? Also, I forgot to mention that I put a master password (Bios password also applied but thats not a problem since I am able to enter my password) on the hdd so no could get into it without my consent (just in case it got stolen). I am just wondering if that will screw anything up with the new circuit board? The name and model # of the hdd is Toshiba MK4026GAX . I hope someone can give me some advice on this topic because I don't want to wast my money which ever way I go, buy a new hdd or just a circuit board. Please respond and thanks in advance

A:Toshiba HDD circuit board

Come on people, just don't let me hang. I need something, thoughts, ideas, and/or anything else. I just don't want to leave with nothing...

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Hello all Does anyone have the partnumbers on a Lenovo Ideacentre A310? I can find the partnumber on the cable between the screen and the motherboard, and the circuit board to the screen. I need the circuit board in the screen. Helge

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Where's the best site to find reasonable prices on circut boards for hard drives?

A:Solved: Hitachi Circuit Board

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Need to swap (1) electronic board with another.

Understanding that when pulling off the circuit board, dust should not enter the opened case.
I must do this to recover data.

a) will pulling the board expose the internal drive?

b) it looks as if the board is held in by #6 torx bit or #8?
Are the (6) torx screws the only thing holding the board on?

c) Is there a standard procedure for doing this? How can I ensure no dust will enter?

d) Is a clean room required for changing the circuit boards?

e) if the drive is exposed, is there an open magnetic force?

A:Seagate 7200.11 circuit board swap

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The power switch died; as in the tiny switch on the small circuuit board snapped off; one is there a way to short it to start the laptop or how to I go about getting that replaement assembly so my wife can use her laptop again. Regards,Tom Griffin

A:Power Switch Circuit Board 15-u011dx

This is the Part: (11) Power button board (includes cable) 774599-001 Download Manual here "How to" on pp. 45-46 HP gets $72 plus shipping for it: https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.aspx?mscssid=13B7AF6D1FE74FE4937110A8CB2E3903&SearchIn=P... Ouch. About half that on eBay as long as you have not damaged the cable: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Power-button-board-for-HP-X360-774599-001-15-d-15-u011dx-15-u050ca-15-u000-C... Also about $40 on amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Button-774599-001-15-u100-15-u200/dp/B01N4PJFXG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=... If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I have contacted a lenovo service center in my place, they said I should replace the power circuit board, but they don't have any subtitution part. Then, what should I do? Do you have any suggestions please? Thank you

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xp cannot find it.......disk manager can.....do format and no drive letter help please.....thank you

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OS: xp

help trying to initialize an external hard drive on xp home ed


i may not know enough about the problem to completly describe it...but i will begin......an 80 gig external hard drive was given to me..it was rebuilt on a win 2000 system....my home edition of win xp--reconginzes it....as disk 1- in disk manager....however it is not formatted or able to be found, and does not have a drive letter assigend to it... i logged on as "administrator" ...in safe mode, to see if i could get the drive path settings option to come up in disk manager ...i could not-------does any of this make any sense to anyone?.......that option still does not come up..under user or administrator...in disk managment--so it is unformatted and has no drive letter......thus xp cannot find it......

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model ME051
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1396 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A04, 12/22/2005
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot ... Read more

A:maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter

What size is the hard drive?

Do you know what motherboard you have?

STEP 1: CHECK POWER (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Verify that the drive light and the light on the AC adapter (power supply) is illuminated normally.
It is sometimes necessary to contact Technical Support for troubleshooting and/or possibly to replace the power supply if it behaves unusually.

STEP 2: CHECK CABLING (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Confirm that your USB/Firewire cable is firmly connected in a port that is on the rear of your desktop computer (if you have a desktop).
Try another USB or Firewire port.
If your drive is powered only by USB, such as the FreeAgent Go, the Maxtor OneTouch mini, and the Seagate Portable drive, then the drive's cable has two USB connectors. Try connecting both of the free USB connectors into a USB port for maximum power availability.
Avoid connecting the drive via a USB hub for now.


Follow these instructions to ensure that your installation of Windows XP/2000 has been updated to the latest Windows Service Pack.

Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.

The System Properties window will appear. On the General tab (which will be at the front), see the "System:" information.

For Windows 2000: Update to Service Pack 4.

For Windows XP: Update to Service Pack 2.

Allow your computer to complete the installation ... Read more

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I just bought a Maxtor 300 gig hard drive, but when I insert my bootable Windows XP (no SP2) CD, it only recongized 140 gigs when I tried to create a partition.

My motherboard is ASUS P5LD2, and my BIOS is up to date.
How can I use all the hard dive space when I create partition during Windows installtion?

Thank you in advance.

A:Maxtor 300 GB Hard Drive

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My maxtor 200g hd is acting funny. when i open my computer to look at the contents it only lists the items on the drive through the letter "c". I ran the error check and get an error after phase 2 "windows cannot complete". The drive is NTFS and two partions E 39g and G 150g. G is the only part that is having the difficulty. E works fine. This is not my primary drive so my computer still operates. I also moved some files off of G without trouble and for some got a cyclical redundancy check error and the file would not move?
Running XP Pro.

Any ideas or help will be great.

A:Maxtor hard drive

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Good morning 1st time user.. my ? Is I have a Maxtor Hard Drive when I install it it makes my computer not turn on at all this is a second time I tried to install a Maxtor drive... w two different drives 1st drive Maxtor SATA & 2nd Drive a IDE DRIVE DiamondMax 10... please advise on what to do...

A:Maxtor Hard Drive

Hello jessdawg67, and welcome to TSG.

Please tell us the names of the manufacturers and the full model numbers of your computer's motherboard and power supply unit. Also please tell us the full model numbers of the two Maxtor drives.

Are you trying to install the new hard drive as a secondary drive or as a replacement for the current system drive?

When you say "not turn on at all", does that mean that the case and CPU fans never even start to spin when you try to power up the computer?

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I have a Maxtor hard drive (S/N L632X08G) that I am using as an external on my PC. It worked fine for about 8 months and then recently I purchased a MacBook and wanted to switch over my files. The first time I plugged it in via USB, it showed up and I imported my music collection of 80gb into iTunes but the files remained on the hard drive. I moved my setup into a different room and ever since then the hard drive will not show up. A few times I have gotten an error along the the lines of "Mac OSX cannot read disk blah blah" with the choices to Initialize and something else. But 9/10 times it won't show up in disk utility. I have tried to reconnect it to my PC but it doesn't show up there either. Help me please

A:Maxtor Hard Drive Help

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I have a Maxtor 500 gig Hard drive. I got it a while back as a gift and never had a chance to use it until I got an external case for it. However, when I first started the HDD up, my computer only registered a 150 gig hard drive. I thought that was odd, so I tried to reformat it, but I kept on getting only 150. I tried atleast 3 different external cases and they all gave me the same result.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have anything that I can try to see what's wrong with my Hard drive?


A:500 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive shows up as 150 gig

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It seems I'm not 100% out of the woods just yet. I had a plethora of issues earlier that led to me having to do a recovery/windows reinstall on my computer recently. You can read all about that at this thread: http://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?p=336176#post336176.

I am now having a strange issue since recovering the computer where it seems that everytime I try to open my G drive, the 160 GB Maxtor hard drive, it freezes up on me. In total I have 4 hard drives on this machine. 2 40 GB drives, 1 160 GB drive and 1 200 GB drive. They are set with a Promise/Raid configuration as per my motherboard...an Asus P4C 800 Deluxe.

The window that would be showing the contents of the drive will freeze up when I try to explore the contents of the drive through "my computer" and my mouse pointer will intermittetly freeze on the screen several times. I have to try using ctrl+alt+delete to shut it down but most of the time have to hit the reset button on the computer. I sure hope this 160 GB drive isn't trying to fail on me. I've also noticed that when I double click on shortcuts on my desktop that point to programs on that drive also cause this weird freezing issue. This all seemed to start after me recovering the system. The only 2 things I did differently when recovering than what I normally do is that I installed the Promise/Raid configuration AFTER recovery and I changed the defualt file system on the 40 GB drive that is home to windows and n... Read more

A:Problems with 160 GB Maxtor Hard drive

Your systems power supply is probably working beyond it's max output, and is dieing. The 160GB + hard drives get very hot. Heat = lots of current draw. I aso have 4 hard drives, a CD/DVD burner and a DVD ROM. I have a 80GB, 60GB and 2 40GB drives in a Antec server case full tower, with an Antec 350 Watt power supply... The system is over 1 year old

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A:Solved: Maxtor Hard Drive

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I recently oredered a Plumax 2.0 USB external hard drive to help my dad back up his laptop. However I'm unsure exatly how to format the dirve or get it working. Being USB i tried just plugging it into the computer, and was were notified of it running at a reduced speed due to USB 1.0 on our computers. It aslo detected and installed new USB Mass storage device hardware. However it does not show up under My computer as a drive. Under device manager the maxtor HD shows up and says it is working properly, and also it shows up in the USB as mass storage device. I run Win XP and was wondering if i need to format this thing or if its broken? Thanks a bunch

A:Plumax/Maxtor 2.0 USB hard drive

The drive is working fine. The reduced speed message is normal when you plug a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 port.

As far as the drive not appearing, it's not formatted! Right click on My Computer, select Manage. Select Disk Manager, and find the USB drive in the drive list. Right click on the drive and select Format. When you get done, it'll show up in My Computer.

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Alright so I have this old maxtor hard drive that im trying to plug into my laptop. It has shown up before once or twice but now when i plug it in it makes the noise that any other usb plug in makes but will not show up in My Computer.. i have seen other help sites but i dont understand what they are saying or telling me to do.. can anyone help me get it to show up. i have stuff on it also i would like to not have to delete it.

thanks so much

A:My Maxtor Hard drive will not Show up.

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My old PC HArd Drive crashed ...
Now I want to recover my Data from it when I connect this Hard drive via USB adapter to my NEW PC
i got only 1 option to Format it .
as I said I want to recover my data from it so i treid few below softwares

Now Problem is the HD size is 80 GB & I see only 31 GB and it says RAW on it ...remaining 49 GB is Still missing .....Check the sceen shot of one of the program i used to recover my data.

Now please suggest me what should I do so i might be able to revocer and able to find the lost 49 GB on my Hard Drive.

Anxiously waiting for reply

A:Maxtor ATA Hard Drive Crashed 80 GB

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i have just installed a new maxtor HD . and it isnt viewable in my computer .. but i do see it in the device manager , i have tried all three settings . master cable select and slave . none of the setting would allow me to see the HD in my computer .. but asi say . i can see it in the device manager ..
would like to get this space available . any thoughts or sugestion ??

A:Solved: new maxtor 200 GB hard drive ..?

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I am having an issue with a Maxtor Model Number 92739U6 hard drive. I have just finished formatting and installing windows xp home edition. Everything was going ok until I restarted the computer.

First right after I restarted the computer I got an error message A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Del.

I was unsure what caused this error message so I started to research this issue on Maxtor’s website and they advised me to use fdisk /mbr to repair the error. I did that and restarted the computer.

Same Error….

The thing I can’t figure out is why I am able to boot right to windows using a boot disk.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?

What would I have to get windows to load without a boot disk?

A:Solved: Maxtor Hard Drive

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My friend gave me his Maxtor Basics 250gb Hard Drive (Part # 9NX2DG-500) to put some of the songs i have made on. I connected it to my pc and it doesn't recognise it at all, so i restarted and still the same thing happens. I'm not sure if it requires any drivers or if i have to edit anything in the BIOS.

Someone please advise me on what to do.


A:Maxtor Hard Drive not recognising

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I have a computer with a 1.99GB hard drive, which is not big enough for my family. I have a Maxtor 2GB one that I would like to put in as a slave. On the Maxtor it reads

Master/Single On
Slave Off
Jumper J20

where do I put the jumpers to make the Maxtor the slave drive? And do I have to put jumpers on the one that is in the computer already to make it the Master? Thanks.

A:Jumpers on Maxtor Hard Drive

Leave the jumper off totally. Depending on the first one, what brand it is, you may have to change that jumper. It should already be jumpered as master. Hook this one up, pop into the bios setup and see if it appears.

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I am currently running Windows Vista Business and when I connect my Maxtor OneTouch III USB 2.0 my computer does not recognize it. How can I get the information from my hard drive onto my computer?!

A:Maxtor External Hard Drive

Check with Maxtor and see if they have Vista drivers for your external.

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About a month ago I purchased a Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 Hard drive. Once I got the hard drive I realized that it was not compatible with my computer. I emailed the company I bought the drive from and they told me to buy Serial ATA Adapter. After installing the drive and adapter and from what I understand as all the software, the Hard drive is recognized as as being connected, but is not showing up under my computer or anywhere where the drive can be used.

I am just wondering if there is something here that I am missing or have overlooked. any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Problem with new MAxtor HArd Drive

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I hope that someone can help with this... please!
I have a maxtor 80gb portable hard drive and when i try to access my files by clicking on the drive in windows explorer i get the following message -
"You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?"
I have a lot of data stored on this drive and i don't know why it suddenly appears empty. I don't want to lose all of the data already saved on this disk. What should i do?

A:Fault with Maxtor Hard Drive

It sounds like the disk lost the information on it, or it got corrupted. Did you ever unplug the disk without clicking the icon at the bottom right to "Safely Remove Hardware"?

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I am having an issue with a Maxtor Model Number 92739U6 hard drive. I have just finished formatting and installing windows xp home edition. Everything was going ok until I restarted the computer.

First right after I restarted the computer I got an error message A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Del.

I was unsure what caused this error message so I started to research this issue on Maxtor?s website and they advised me to use fdisk /mbr to repair the error. I did that and restarted the computer.

Same Error?.

The thing I can?t figure out is I am able to boot right to windows using a boot disk.

Can anyone tell me what I should do next?

A:Maxtor Hard Drive Issue

Check to make sure the drive is being detected correctly in the BIOS.
You should check the IDE/SATA and power connectors to the drive, to make sure they are not loose.

Find the manufacturer of your hard drive and run their Hard Drive Diagnostics Utility.

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I recently bought a (180gb) external MAXTOR hardrive. It was connected via FIREWIRE.
Well it was working fine formatted as NTFS. But all of a sudden I go to access it and it cannot be recognized...and it looks like the file format is RAW.

I have know clue what happened.
I have some criticle data on it that I need. my last resort is one of those recovery services.

But isn't there a tool or something I can repair so I can atlease get the data off?

Any Ideas?

A:Help recovering MAXTOR hard drive

I've used this before, and it seems to work fine..


Easy Recovery Pro

Has a trial that allows you to see files that have been deleted - so you know if it can get your files back. Good luck!

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I have been using a Maxtor 6 external hard drive for a bout a year now without any problems at all. Yesterday all of a sudden it isn't being recognized my my computer. It shows the original internal drive c but not the external drive d. Any ideas what could be causing this problem
Any help will be very gratefully appreciated

A:Maxtor 6 external Hard Drive

First, try it on another computer. If it works there or not will tell you whether you have a computer problem or a drive problem. You need to know that before you know which direction your further diagnostics should take.

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Hey guys

I have a Maxtor Hard Drive hooked up to my Mac Book Pro and the other day (midway through using it!) it lost power supply, By this I mean the disk has ceased to spin and the light on the hard drive has gone out. I think it is a fault with the power input and I need a second opinion. It is not a fuse in plug as I have changed power leads but there is a power inverter before the power lead gets to the hard drive - what is the chances its a fault with this - there is a light on the power pack but it flickers when I plug it into the drive yet the hd doesn't move, light up or even fart!


Thanks Tom

A:Maxtor Hard Drive - no power!

What Model Maxtor External is this? I had a Maxtor PS3000 die on me, it turned out to the electronics in the enclosure died but the drive itself was fine. Ended up installing it interrnal in one of my systems.

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I beleive I may have a bad hard drive but thought I would try everything before coming to that conclusion. It is a 45gig hard drive. It started when I was unable to delete files, I would delete them and then after restarting the drive, they would show up again. I tried to reformat under two operating systems. I need FAT32 so on the XP OS I used CompuApps Swissknife to attempt to format. It showed that the format was successful after completion however none of the files were gone. Next, I took it into a Windows 98 and tried FDisk. Fdisk couldn't get past "checking drive's integrity" It would stay at 0% forever. I wasn't even able to get a letter assignment for the drive on 98. Trying Swissknife on 98, accomplished the same thing on XP. Said it was completed but never got assigned letter and when drive was restarted the volume it said it had created was gone. I can only imagine the drive is done for. Any Ideas?

All bios's on both OS recognized the drive properly.


A:Maxtor Hard Drive Problem

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I removed the harddrive from my other XP Pro tower, its a Maxtor 100 gb PATA 133 HDD & would like to know how to hook it up to the tower I'm on now to possible remove some tunes & pictures.
Picture attached

A:Checking out a Maxtor hard drive

Well, you do the opposite of what you did on the XP tower.

1. Secure the the HDD in the HDD bay.
2. Connect the power and IDE cables to the HDD
3. Power up your PC and check the BIOS to see if your HDD is being detected.

BUT FIRST, you might want to check the jumper setting on the Maxtor, to make it a Slave drive.

If the HDD was the only (or primary) drive in the XP tower, chances are it is configured as the Master drive, which will of course cause a conflict in your current tower.

this guide shows the jumper settings for your HDD:

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Hi,My Maxtor 160GB sata hardrive three months old has become noticeably noisy i checked to see if it was the CPU fan by disconnecting the hardrive and it disappeared.When the red light flickers the noise coincides with the light,the noise is like a squeaky sound,is this normal.Regards Martin.

A:Maxtor hard drive noisy

No, I would say it's not normal. But you knew that already or you wouldn't be here. I would backup any important data and replace the drive. If it's only three months old, it should still be under warranty.

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I recently purchased a Maxtor 320GB Diamondmax 21 EIDE to be setup as a seconday storage device. I have set my current WD 120GB to Master and the Maxtor 320GB to Slave. It reads the Maxtor 320GB in the BIOS and in Win XP under Disk Management. I have triple checked the jumper settings and the cables(Black = Primary Master and Gray = Primary Slave). When I go to format the Maxtor 320GB it formats all the way and then give a popup window that says Format Unsuccesful. Please help.

A:Maxtor 320GB Hard Drive

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Thats the message Powermax is giving me. Can this drive be fixed? Can I do it? Any programs available. It's a relatively new hard drive.

A:Solved: Maxtor hard drive failing

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I have a Maxtor external hard drive that I have been using for a few years now
Im trying to hook it up to my computer for the past few months but its not seeing it
I tried everything nothing will help I have a new usb cable did not work either
Downloaded update of win xp sp3 still no change
Can anyone help me get my files from my drive


A:Maxtor external hard drive will not load

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Hello, I've recently done a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate and one of my harddrives is not showing up correctly. The harddrive itself is my Local Disk D, it hasn't got any system files on it however it is displaying at the wrong size:

The problem lies in the fact that on boot my Computer's BIOS detects the harddrive as a 233GB harddrive. This is not a problem as I understand that the harddrive itself isn't the exact size as what it says on the box, however the Windows 7 installation and Windows itself only detects the harddrive as being 148gb.

What I've Tried Doing:
I've tried different things to resolve this issue. I've looked at the Disk Management, but there are no extra partitions and I've also looked at the harddrive in Partition Manager which again only picked up 149gb and no unallocated space.
I've run a partition recovery tool in Partition Manager which did not detect any lost partitions containing the rest of the harddrive.
My System:


System Information
Time of this report: 10/18/2010, 18:30:10
Machine name: SAM-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
System Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
BIOS: BIOS Date: 09/23/03 17:35:41 Ver: 08.00.09
Processor: AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 146, ~2.0GHz
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 2046MB RAM
Page File: 890MB used, 3202MB ... Read more

A:IDE Maxtor 250gb Hard drive Problem.

Hello samboyd93. Welcome to the forum.

The only thing I can think of is that the drive is set as a SATA2 drive on an older computer that only does SATA1 (please fill in your "My System Specs" to help avoid these kinds of guesses) although I doubt it.

If you look at the back of the HDD there are jumper pins. Setting a jumper sets the SATA speed on most drives. You may need to consult the HDD's documentation to see what the different jumper positions do. Every manufacturer has a different setup.

I would try setting the drive as SATA1 to test. But both drives should be at the same setting. Also try plugging the problem drive into a different port or using a different SATA cable. Can't hurt, might help.

You should also go into your BIOS and check the settings for that drive and compare them to the settings for the other drive. They should be the same.

Hope that helps.

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