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HP Omnibook/External CD Burner

Q: HP Omnibook/External CD Burner

I have recently purchased an external CD burner drive and wish to connect it to a P3 700/256 mb/USB with an internal floppy.. the drive came with drive cds but no floppy to install driver.. can this be done

Preferred Solution: HP Omnibook/External CD Burner

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: HP Omnibook/External CD Burner

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hell-o to all as i am new here. i have a hp omnibook 6000 laptop with windows xp pro installed pentium III 1 ghz/30 gig hd/512 mem/dvd-rom. i want to add a dvd burner to it but cannot find an internal that will work (tried nec 6650 daul format/daul layer but it did not match connector location)so i am thinking about a external drive such as the plextor px-716uf with firewire/usb connections to use with this laptop to burn photos and move vhs home movies to dvd. so i need any info as to will this drive work on this laptop and thanks for any and all help

A:hp omnibook 6000 external dvd burner question

In my experience, anything you plug into the usb port will work.

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Yesterday, I went to a relative's house to reinstall windows in their PC. I've done it many times, and the first thing I do is take any personal files off the PC, store them on an external hard-drive (and then put the files back when the installation is completed). Well, I forgot to disconnect the external hard-drive from the PC until I was partly through the installation process. When the install was finished, I tried connecting my external hard-drive, but it wasn't recognized by Windows. It dawned on me that the formatting process had deleted everything, including my relative's files on my external hard-drive. Truth to tell, I'm sick about the situation, and don't want it to ever happen again. I'll NEVER use an external hard-drive again to temporarily store files. I'm gonna use an external cd burner. That way, I can't make a mistake. So here's my question: What's the best external CD burner to buy? I'm not interested in speed. Reliability is my main concern. Price is a consideration, but is secondary. Thanks for any help you can give.


A:external cd burner

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I have a Dell dimension 3000, Windows XP, with no CD burner. I want to buy an external CD burner. I saw this online but it seems very cheap! Is it an external CD burner? And is it a decent one? Or am I missing something??


A:External CD Burner for XP?

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I have a sony external dvd burner that requires 10Gb to burn anything. I have a hard drive that only has about 3Gbs free space that is my master. But I have an external hard drive that has 500Gb free. How do i get my dvd burner to run off of the slave 500Gb hard drive instead of the master with 3Gb free?

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Can some one tell me I have two dvd-cd burner's one internal the other is usb external.

When i put a new dvd or cd in the external and click on properties it shows it full blue

When I put it in the internal dvd-cd burner it shows Pink = freespace..

thanks in advance


A:external burner

Is there a problem with burning stuff on the disks? If not, you shouldn't worry about that, some DVD-drives recognize some blank disks as "full" ones, or as ones with 0/0 bytes of space.

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I have a sony external dvd burner that requires 10Gb to burn anything. I have a hard drive that only has about 3Gbs free space that is my master. But I have an external hard drive that has 500Gb free. How do i get my dvd burner to run off of the slave 500Gb hard drive instead of the master with 3Gb free?

A:External DVD Burner Help

Your disk-burning program probably has an option somewhere to select which hard drive it uses for temporary copies. OTOH, if the 10GB is needed to install the burning program itself, it should be installed on the main, internal (C) hard drive. In any case, the burner will run faster and more reliably using the internal hard drive to supply the needed 10GB.
To clear enough space on the internal hard drive, could you shift sufficient data (pictures, music, etc) from it to the external one?
A caveat, though: in the words of the bard: "Data that you don't have at least two copies of are data that you don't care about" - and no backup should be on the same drive as the original.

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i'm wanting to purchase an external DVD Burner between the $100 - $150 mark. Just after recommendations for a good burner for this price range


A:External DVD Burner...Which one??

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i have an external CDRW 52x24x52x and i dont think it goes the speed it should.

15 minutes to burn a full disk at max burning speed, is that normal?
its plugging into my tower with a USB cord also, USB 2.0

it ran the same speed when i used to use 98SE and no changes now that i have XP. whats the deal?

A:External CD burner

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I have a pioneer external burner running in XP ' my computer' shows it as a dvd burner but when I insert blank disk it shows it as a CD burner can anyone help please.

A:external DVD burner

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Are there any major differences between an external CD burner(Iomega) and an internal one?. What I mean is quality of service.

A:External CD burner

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I'm planning on buying a cd burner for my son for Christmas and I wanted to hear know your opinions. What do you think is the best way to go-internal or external?

A:internal or external cd burner

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wanting to get a DVD burner for my laptop so it needs to be external. Can I buy any drive and put it in a case? Can link via USB 2 or firewire. If I can buy any drive, does the case matter? They seem to range in price from $30 to $70+. Looking for recommendations for decent quality, dual format. Don't want to pay more than $100 for the burner, case, well whatever works best. Thanks, Rickt

A:DVD burner, external -cheap but best

For less than $100, you can get a very nice DVD dual format burner, which is what I'd recommend. I see deals every day for $60-70 for dual format 8x burners. I'd just stick with a known brand and go for it. Since even name brands like Verbatim use someone else's drives, buying a specific brand doesn't make much sense, unless you really know that specific drive.

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Hello All! I just purchased a Dell Vostro 220s hard drive! Am looking for an external CD Burner that will be compatible with Windows7! Will this item work! In CD-RW/DVD Combo Devices>External Seller syosett141 Color red

www.ebay.com Item#39012665169

A:Picking Out External CD Burner..HELP

User ID syosett141 does not exist. ebay item number does not exist.

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A friend of mine has an external cd burner that hasn't been working on his comp, it always has some kind of error and doesn't burn successfully. I hooked it up to mine and it worked fine. I want it to work 'cause there is some video files on his comp. that I want to copy and put on mine. It's a BUSlink D-RWD8-U2, I look on their site but couldn't find the model #.

A:External Burner don't work

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Hi all! Does anyone know of (or had experience with) a good external DVD burner?  It would have to be one that can burn DVD DL discs.I was thinking of the Samsung SE-208GB/RSBD, but wanted to know if you fine people had any suggestions or thoughts.  This DVD drive would have to cost less than $35 USD, and would hopefully be quiet, (relatively) quick, and stable.I would want one with similar specs to Lenovo's official external DVD burner, the P70 internal, or the SE-208 (specs here-see specs tab, tested here), or at least one that could handle most-to-all of the same formats.  I don't care about bundled software, as I have the free version of Power2Go and Nero.  With Win7, I don't need other software to play DVDs, though I usually use VLC or the equivalant. I'd prefer one that doesn't require external (wall) power, but that is entirely USB-powered.   Thanks!

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.

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hi guys, so i don`t have to keep taking my pc case apart to replace parts,i was thinking about getting an external dvd burner,are they any good & how do they attach to my pc ???? i know this question may sound dumb,but i am learning as i go !!!!:

A:Solved: external dvd burner ???????????

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I am using a Buslink USB 2.0 PCMCIA cardbus to attach a Liteon 40x12x48 external USB 2.0 burner.

I can use the card fine without the burner on, but when I attach the burner and turn it on, the computer gags as if it is frozen, but it will execute a command every 5 seconds or so (i.e. the mouse will jump every 5 seconds if I move it, or the start menu will pop up after 5 seconds if I hit the shortcut key). Basically, when the burner is attached and powered, the computer will not work.

However, when I eject the card after all of this, the computer works fine. Since I am on XP I don't think that there could be any IRQ conflicts...could there (and if so, how do I solve them), but does anyone have any other suggestions? I would really appreciate any and all help.

I have the most up to date firmware and drivers for my computer, burner, and card.

Thanks for your help.
E-mail Me

A:USB 2.0 External Burner - XP Issue

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Icon on notivication has red 'x' That states 'EZ_DUB not found'.
Deleted software and reinstalled. NO change.
Have Dell 4500 XP HOME SP3

Any help is welcomed



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Hi guys. I have finally decided to go out and purchase an external DVD Burner. I say external because I h ave a Dell laptop, Inspiron 8200, so I guess I have to buy an external drive.

I basically have 2 questions:

1. Can you guys recommend a good external DVD burner for around the $150 mark? If you can't suggest a certain model can you please suggest a manufacturer that is trusted. Also, what kind of specs should I be paying attention to when I'm shoppoing around for one. Oh yes, finally where is the place to find the best price.

2. How difficult is it to make back up copies of your DVDs? What is the best program to use?

Thank you guys in advance for your time.


A:External DVD Burner help needed!

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I've looked everywhere I can to find an answer to this problem. It seems relatively simple, but there doesn't seem to be an answer anywhere I look.

I bought a new Sony DRX-800UL External DVD Burner on Monday. It plugs in via a USB Port. It was working fine for the next two days. I didn't plug it in for a while and when I tried to use it again today by plugging it into my computer, my computer did not even recognize that it was connected. I've tried restarting the computer and plugging it in again, but with the same results. I tried hooking it up through my i-link connection, but again, my computer would not even recognize there was anything there. My USB ports are all working fine (I tested them with other hardware). I tried performing a System Restore to return my computer to before I installed the burner, and started over. But when I plugged the burner into my computer again, my computer again didn't recognize it was there. If anyone has any information as to why my computer has completely ignored the burner all together, that would be great.

Like I said, this seems like such a simple problem that would have an easy answer, but I haven't been able to find one yet, so I apologize if this question seems redundant.

A:External DVD Burner via USB Port

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1. Who makes good quality EXTERNAL dvd-burners?
2. How much do they cost?
3. How much do the dvd-r cost?
Most important:

4. Is it possible/difficult to copy DVD movies? For backup purposes of course

A:External DVD-Burner questions

hi...........pay about a dollar each for the disks........or you can burn them to normal cd-r as a vcd with moviejack.
heres a site with a bit of info:http://www.burnworld.com/

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 notebook computer and I am looking for any recomendations on external DVD burners that I can hook up to.
thanks in advance

A:suggestions for external DVD burner

Plextor is a really good brand of external burners

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I'm currently in the market to purchase a DVD burner. I've got a desktop PC running Windows XP, 1.7Mhz processor, 512 ram, etc. So, it's pretty good, but not the newest. I also plan to purchase a laptop in the near future.

Any recommendations on whether I should save about $100 and get an internal drive or should I get an external that I can use on both PC's?

Also, any ideas how much slower it will take to burn a DVD, since I will be sending the information via FireWire rather than a direct cable inside the computer.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also if you have any recommendations on burners, I'm open to ideas. Right now I'm looking pretty strongly at the TDK burners.

A:External or Internal DVD Burner

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Hi Ladies and germs,

I have had an Emprex USB external 16x DVD burner since Christmas and every now and again for no apparent reason it vanish's from my system.

As far as I can tell this happens at random. It also returns at random, or usually if I completley re-install media centre, or windows 2000 pro.

I would love some help to determine why this happens and if there is anything less drastic I can do to resolve it.

I think it could be some sort of issue with U.S.B? I'm not an expert though, so thats why I am here... Hope someone kind can help..


A:Dissapearing External USB DVD Burner!

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I have PowerDVD v7 on my computer for playing movies. I use it with an external DVD burner because in my (even more than now) niave state, didn't believe I needed a DVD burner when I bought it four years ago. The picture looks fine when playing, but if I make a copy of something and play it back, the picture is much darker. Is there a way of adjusting the color?

A:Problem with external DVD burner

While trying to find a solution to my problem with the dark appearance of my disks, I decided to see if there might be a way that DVD Shrink was causing the trouble. I read in Help that due to compressing videos that are being backed up, there could be loss of quality. If this is what is happening, is there any other program I could try to back up my DVDs?

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I am trying to use my external dvd burner (less than a month old) and it said a driver unsuccessfully installing because it is unplugged when it is not. Device: USB TO IDE.

It now won't read any disk. I right-click it in Computer, click Eject and it ejects normally but when I put any DVD or CD in it, it just does not come up.
When I open it, it just shows the background-busy cursor and then the normal one.
It is broken after I just brought it.

It dosen't work on any computer. I tried cleaning its laser, cleaning the disks and reinstalling the drivers. It is plug and play.

A:External DVD Burner Not Reading and DVD or CD

What Brand & Model is your burner ?

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I am operating on Millenium. My external CD Burner is an HP CD-writer 8200 series. I recently wiped out my computer and started over. When I hooked up the writer, I had to go to the HP site to download an updated driver. Now that the driver has been downloaded, the computer doesn't recognize it. In my System Device, there it sits. But under My Computer, the device doesn't show as being hooked up. I went into the Driver icon which I saved in My Documents and it asks me to overwrite all existing files. I say yes to all, reboot my computer and no dice. I know I'm overlooking something. I'm wondering if I need to assign the External Writer a Drive letter. I'm really not sure how to do that either.

A:External CD Burner issue

Go into the Control Panel open Administrative Tools, Computer Management, under the Storage tree click on Disk Management, use the scroll bar to see if your disc is showing up. I so right click on it and then on change drive letters and paths and see what the assignement is. That's a start, anyway.

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i recently bought a fantom external burner which can supposedly burn dvd+ and -r's at 16x, but when i try to burn either 8x + or - dvds it will ssay burning started @ 8x but only go at around 1-2x, dma is enabled and my usb ports are all 2.0 (and set to 2.0) anyone have any suggestions?

A:16x external burner only burns at 1-2x

Is your burning software set up correctly, or is it perhaps a trial-version? These last are known sometimes to only burn at low speeds.

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I'm sure several folks on this forum will have some suggestions for an external DVD/CD burner. I need one in the next week and have never had one or used one. Just would like to have some suggestions for one under $90 or $100. Thanks.

A:info on external DVD burner

Not sure of the price range but I have a BENQ external DVD burner and it works very well.

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I have an external DVD/CD burner that when installed, copied a CD in about 3min using Nero 6. I sent my PC to have a new video card installed, and some programs fixed. Since I got it back, it takes 15-20 min to copy that same CD. I get a message saying I need a high speed USB Host controller. I have 4 USB slots on the back of the pc, and 2 on the front. I have tried every slot and it does not help. I called the tech center that worked on my pc and they said there are no 2.0 USB outlets on my PC. This cannot be true, because it worked before I sent it to the tech center. Any ideas?

A:USB Host Controller for external burner

Look in Device Manager in the USB Controllers section. Does the word "Enhanced" appear on any of the controllers? Are there any yellow errors in Device Manager? A screen shot would be nice.

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OK here's the deal, and it's killing me. I recently helped out my buddy who has an HP LaserJet 2300d printer that was daisy chained through an external HP cd burner and then into the computer. So the printer cable from the printer goes into the burner, and then from the burner, another parallel cable goes out into the computer. Now he was having problems with printing as of recently since he upgraded to XP. He can not print .pdf files.

So I disconnected the chain and did a direct connect from printer to computer. It was still giving the same problem but now .doc files are screwed up and the only thing that will print is the test page.

I made sure to try different drivers, I used a PS, PCL6 and PCL5 all failed to print and I feel screwed it up more.

Does anyone have any idea as what to do? I was thinking maybe delete the cd burners software because that might be causing the conflict, and just reinstalling the print drivers.

If anyone can help it would be of great help. Also, if you need me to clarify anymore I'd more than happy to because I know it seems confusing typed out. Thanks so much.


A:Help with a printer/ external cdr burner problem...

I'm confused... Why was he running the printer cable through the CD Burner?

Is such a connection possible?...Surprising to me that you even COULD get the printer to work through this configuration..

So it goes, Parallel Cable from computer ---> Cd Burner ---> Parallel Cable to Printer?

Is this correct? or am i reading this wrong?

Why not just run the parallel cable direct from the printer to the computer?

Still kinda, confusing.. But if its not printing certain documents, disconnect the printer entirely, delete all printer drivers, restart a couple of times.

And reinstall the printer driver, sounds like a corrupt driver to me.

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It says no disc when I put a fresh disk in the Sony dual layer dvd external burner. I try other 16x blank dvds and even though my computer (Win7) sees the Dvd drive, it refuses to acknowledge blank discs. Also....when I try to burn anything with my other built in burner, it is now burning and coming up with weird errors. "Session Fixation Error" and after trying both Astroburn and CDBurnerXp....all I get is coasters.

Someone mentions "forcing"


Would that do any good?

No burners work on my freshly installed Win7 setup. I did all updates as well.

Thanks if anyone has some ideas. Please...don't say 'media' or other weak-sauce stuff....I have tried 5 different brands of 16x speed and slower. It is not that, and I find it weird that both burners (which worked before) now both won't burn after a new Win7 install.

A:My Sony external Dvd Burner says 'No Disc'

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burnt a few movies .then it failed error reads as - invalid address for write .
then -failed to write sectors 768-799-l-ec uncorrectable error.
does anyone know what this means. it is playing movies and copeing them fine.just wont burn.

A:external burner stopped working

Do you think we are all mind-readers?
Fill in your 'User Profile' (top left on any page) and tell us about Windows version, program(s) used, burner-details (make/model/how old etc.)
Anyway, you get my drift...

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I just bought an external dvd burner from Amazon.com by some company that goes by the name of Computer Geeks. The dvd burner was supposed to be brand new but never came in a manufacterers package or anything. I know the drive works because I can burn stuff when I'm in my Linux partition. When I double click the drive letter in Windows XP I get an error message that says: G:\ is not accessible. Incorrect Function. I sent a message to Computer Geeks and they wont respond at all. The burner did not come with any cd-roms so I can't update the drivers at all and my laptop can't connect to the internet until I'm back on campus. Does any one know of a way to fix this? Thanks.

A:External DVD Burner doesn't work right

Sorry, mistake on my part, I forgot to enable the drive for burning.

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I have an external Maddog 7 in 1 Dvd burner. All of the sudden a few weeks ago it decided to stop burning. It will read just fine but burn nothing. It was like this for a week, decided to work again for about 6 hours then nothing. It has been like this for about a week and a half now. I've tryed different types of media, different speeds of burning, uninstalling and installing, telling it how wonderful it is...just about everything I can think of. All it ever says back is burn process failed. Any ideas? It's hooked up usb with a Toshiba laptop.

A:Maddog 7 in 1 External DVD Burner Problem!

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Ok, so I have an Acer Aspire 1410 that did not come with an internal CD/DVD drive, so I bought an external one to plug into my USB port. It is a Velocity Micro that I found on Amazon. When I bought my laptop, it came with a free Windows 7 upgrade, which I installed upon taking the laptop out of the box. After realizing I needed the external drive and ordering one, I installed it with no problem.

Fast forward several years with no problems whatsoever: I plug in my external DVD burner and nothing happens. The light doesn't come on, it doesn't make it's usual noises as it comes on, and my laptop acts as if there is nothing there at all. It had been working perfectly fine the day before.

What is going on? Can someone please help me figure this out? I have 3 USB ports on my laptop and have tried every one with the same result. I've tried restarting my laptop with it plugged in. I've tried plugging it into another laptop. Nothing.

I have had some trouble with my USB ports not working properly from time to time, but when I plug in anything else, those devices work fine. I've scanned and updated everything so I know nothing is outdated.

Never had a problem with my device until now. Now it seems to have just died. Please help me!

A:External DVD Burner no longer being detected!

Velocity Micro | PC Support

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Would like to purchase an external DVD burner (USB) that won't break the bank but has decent performance. Any suggestions from this forum? Thanks much.

A:Solved: External DVD Burner Suggestions?

I bought an external DVD RW from Maplins about 9 months ago when they were about 50.
I haven`t used it that much but it works ok.
They are now down to about 29.
I have found Maplin`s service to be very good.

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I bought a Sony DRX-810UL external DVD burner this morning and I'm having troubles with it already. The drive seems to work perfectly well with CDs - it reads them fine and Ive burned three - but soon as I put a DVD in the drive, I get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and my computer restarts.

Ive talked to Sony tech support who werent very helpful ( they basically just told me to look on Google for help). I checked the Event Viewer and it tells me this :

Error code 0000007f, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000.

Ive looked up help for the various Stop Errors but I cant find anything relating to external DVD burners.

Im running Windows XP with 760mb of Ram.

Any ideas as to whats going on and how I can fix it?

A:Sony External DVD Burner Problem

No one has any ideas?

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I have XP for an os . I recently installed A 2.0 USB PCI card specifically to run the External DVD burner off. The mouse, keyboard, printer, game controller work fine. But when I turn on the DVD burner it reboots itself. The PCI card came with it's own driver and I tried uninstalling and re-installing that but to know avail. Any suggestions???

A:External DVD burner shuts down computer

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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Newegg is where I usually buy such things if for no other reason than the user reviews; but, Newegg hasn't even one slim, external, dual-layer burner and I want dual layer. I found this one at Geeks.com.

Can anyone see any reason that I should not buy this? See any gotchas' in there?

A:Any advice on why I should NOT buy this slim external DVD burner

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I'm using Windows ME and I'm shopping around for an external DVD drive that I can use to burn DVD's and then play them on my JVC DVD player. Anybody seen any good deals lately?

A:Need a good price on an External DVD Burner

i thinnk if you like in the USA , you could look at this
hope that helps if your in the US .. if your in sweden (STHLM ). check this

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Here's the situation.

I have a NEC-2510A in USB 2.0 enclosure (thus making it an external drive that sits on top of my computer).

For some reason (i've tested this with two types of media - DVD-R 2x OFF NAME BRAND and DVD+R 4x TDK), when these blank medias are in the drive, my computer doesn't even recognize them. If I go to open the drive, it says "Please insert disc into drive D" as if no disc were already in it.

The drive burns well when it burns (it can burn with nero, roxio, dvd cloner II, but for some reason DVD SHRINK will not recognize any disc, just as windows doesn't).

Also, for DVDs i've already burned, when putting them into the drive, only rarely show up or are recognized.
Would all these problems be fixed if I just put it inside my computer and take off the usb enclosure. Is it faster inside my computer than external Via USB 2.0??

Please someone help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

oh, there is an air condition in the window that blows almost directly onto the dvd burner (which sits on top my comptuer). I doubt this would case any problems - in fact i would think it would run better when cool. The usb enclosure case is made of aluminum so this sucker stays really cool.

oh and also, dvd movies i've copied with DVD CLONER II stop on my dvd player exactly at 120 minutes, even if the movie isn't finished. for exmaple, i burned FAST AND THE FURIOUS, which is only 107 minuts, but the copied version stops at a still image at 120 mi... Read more

A:external DVD BURNER causing problems, please help! now!

I'm confused, if the drive burns with Nero, can you always read the resultant disk? If so, just have DVD-Shrink process to the hard disk and burn the video files from there.

Yes, all of the previews and other junk on a DVD count as data.

Obviously, one debugging technique would indeed be to connect the drive directly to and internal IDE channel to see if that changes the behavior, and I'd give it a try...

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i'm trying to install an external dvd burner,win/xp is supposed to recognized the hardware...it dies it,buti have an icon saying "safely remove hardware"
when clickong on it 'select the device you want to unplug or eject then clcik stop,when windows notified you that it is save to do so,unplug the device from your computer.
i have win/xp..trying to install sony dvd burner,,,what can i do.
thanks in advance

A:DVD BURNER,external error installing

You should follow Sony's quick start or user's manual to install the drive. I hope you didn't interrupted the software install, if any.

Just search sony.com with your model # for the manual.

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I installed an Iomega external CD burner over the weekend. It works fine, but after the completion of a burn, my computer freezes up, and I wind up having to reboot each time to free up everything.

Sessions with Iomega's tech reps have not been any help. I dowloaded a patch that was supposed to help, but it didn't. I have also tried burning with the anti-virus software disabled, and that had no effect either.

Have you had any experience in this area, or do you have any suggestions?

Any help will be greatly appreciated..... thanks .... Herbie

A:external CD burner not working correctly

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I just bought an external USB DVD burner make retail plus ultra slim USB 2.0

It came with a double jacked USB so it uses two of my ports for power usage. It does not have an external adapter for an alternate power source. It is brand new so I am assuming it is OK physically. It cam with NERO8 which I don't want because Nero tends to take over all my other apps even when I don't want it to. And it came with a mini CD that is supposed to have a manual on it but I can't see it. It says the disc is X size with X amount of space, but nothing lists on the disk.

It also says that I don't need to install any extra drivers it should just work. The light comes on and the drive motor activates and it is present in the list of devices and has the drive letter G: but it keeps stopping and starting and won't read any disks and the drive also keeps disappearing from the menu like it was unplugged and then reattached. I assume my USB does not give it enough power but to be sure I would like to find out how much my USB ports provide to a device and if they are giving enough or not, I don't know how to find out the specs I tried the site and looked at all the specs for my system and can't find a listing for that spec. Does anyone know how I can either test the USB power on my system if the power should be adequate for the USB burner. If it's not enough then I can buy a USB powered hub or get a burner that has external power.

I did use a Toshiba hardwa... Read more

A:Solved: External USB burner not working right

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