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Retain Windows Settings

Q: Retain Windows Settings

One of several bugs I found annoying in Windows Vista Home Premium was with personal windows settings changing after rebooting. Here is a safe registry tweak that resolves this issue:

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Go to Run and type "regedit" (without quotes).

Next, go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies

Modify DWORD "NoSaveSettings" Value (if it does not exist, create it by going to the Edit menu and selecting New DWORD value).

Put it to 0 to activate the record settings after leaving Windows. Done.

Note: If you want to assure that a window retains a certain size after setting it, rather than choosing the expand button, stretch the window manually to the size that you want. The dimensions will be recorded into the system registry. Happy tweaking.

"If there's a will, there's a way. Just stay out of mine!"

Preferred Solution: Retain Windows Settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Retain Windows Settings

You would be better off following Shawn's tutorial in your link as you have only posted one of the steps needed

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

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I am using Windows 10.  In the theme area of the control panel, I set the Wallpaper to "fit".  The desktop view will change, but then will revert back to "center." I did have a single picture for my wallpaper, but then for some unknow reason, it reverted to slideshow.  That I don't mind, but it won't hold the setting I set for my pictures - keeps changing to "center." I tried to find an area in the registry where I might correct this, but had no luck.   This might be tied to a resent Windows update, as I was not having this trouble until a couple of days ago. Any suggestions on how to get Windows to save my settings? ThanksLoucille

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I've been trying to change my power options. I go into Power Saver, "change plan settings," and try to change the "On battery" setting from "Put the computer to sleep: 3 minutes" to "Put the computer to sleep: Never." (I want to make this change because I have a Dell XPS, and it can have difficulties waking up from sleep.)

I've made this change a number of times, but after a while my computer simply reverts back to the 3 minute setting on its own. So, I leave the machine alone for a few minutes, I come back, and it's asleep...even though I thought I had changed the setting to 30 minutes. And in fact, I *had* changed the setting to 30 minutes; the computer is somehow reverting to 3 minutes on its own.

Anyone else experienced this? Got an answer? Thanks!

A:Windows 8.1 won't retain changes to power option settings

You might check if Dell's power management software is installed, that would explain your problem. Your power plans should be changed from there.

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Windows 7 Prof.
Windows Explorer won't keep the layout I set. If I configure it to display a certain way, it always reverts to showing "Libraries" with Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos displayed under "Libraries" heading.
Is there a way to lock Windows Explorer to show my layout?

I would like to have it open showing "Computer" as a heading, with all the drives shown in "Content" view.

A:Solved: Windows Explorer will not retain my display settings.

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Does Windows Easy Transfer retain Group Policy Settings?

A:[SOLVED] Does Windows Easy Transfer retain Group Policy Settings?

Also, Do I have to make a new capture image for each OS? ex. One for Win 7, Server 2008 R2, ect...

I already have one but used a Win 7 boot image to create it, and now im going to capture a fresh Server 2008 R2 image, but want to know if I can use the Capture image I created using the Win 7 boot image?

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I have an Illuminated USB Logitech Keyboard that runs off the Set Point Control Panel.

One of the features is to have a visual display on the screen for CAPS ON and CAPS OFF plus an aural sound.

Additionally, the FN feature enabling Hot Keys and customizing of the keyboard is also available.

Both these options work fine for a few hours/days or so then complete revert to the original settings (not the ones I want!).

This happens at no obvious time and irrespective of rebooting the PC.

I have updated the drivers, uninstalled/reinstalled the keyboard and tried everything I can think of......

It kind of sounds like a Registry error to my way of thinking but hoping someone here might have some ideas??


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I have a PS/2 mouse attached to a new computer running Windows XP home. I installed the latest Logitech driver for the mouse. I set the scroll button to act as a double click button. It works GREAT until I reboot. Then the button doesn't remember the double click. If I go to Control Panel and mouse and open mouse, I don't even have to select anything. It's already selected to double click. Upon going out, it works just fine until I reboot. What can I do to make XP remember the setting

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Hi Magicians

A friend is operating Win7 Home Premium 64bit system and when I show him how to unhide the taskbar and set up the Classic theme it all works fine. But then after a restart the new required settings flash up and it suddenly reverts back to his old settings of hidden taskbar and some other desktop theme.

I am stumped?

But I know you will have a simple answer...thanks


A:Solved: Win7 will not retain settings

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Hey all,
I have a Vista Basic Laptop,(Acer Aspire5315) and run 2 monitors.
Initially I had it setup so the "add-on" monitor was on my right. After a new desk setup I now wish the "add-on" to be on my left. I have setup settings via control panel many times and works until I shutdown/sleep, upon bootup/resume it reverts back to the right??

How do I make it retain my new settings please.


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Am running Win98 and was using Internet Explorer 5 but have recently upgraded to IE6 to try and solve my problem without success.
Every time I connect to the net my settings get changed to NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION. If I make the change back to normal in TOOLS the settings are not saved.
Every time I want to connect I habe to go into properties of IE and change the settings before I can connect. I downloaded IE6 but the problem persists.
Any help please
Paul Connor

A:Internet Explorer Wont Retain Settings

When you turn on your computer, do you get a Windows Login or Network login screen that asks you to login with a password? If you do and hit cancel, windows doesn't know who you are and doesn't save settings that you change. You have to change the primary login on the machine to Microsoft family login or windows login, leave the password blank, then it won't ask again.
Just a possibility,

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I have a recent install of xp on an Acer ast 180 form a acer back up disk.
I set the display resolution on it. After I turn power off the old display settings
come back. I does not keep display settings after power is turn off.
The computer uses a G Force 6100 N Force 405 NVIDA that I have
to go to advance settings to change display resolution. I think is additional
software is interfering with XP resolution controls?
Any suggestions?

A:Acer computer does not retain video settings?

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i have a dell inspiron 600m laptop running windows xp and here's what's going on:when i turn it off, it retains nothing from the previous session. in addition, my personal settings are wiped out and I have to re-configure everything when i turn it back on, including internet. my personal settings are not detected and the computer opens up in "guest mode".i was getting this message as well:worm.WIN32.NetSky detected. virus is distributed via internet through email + active-x objects. worm has SMTP engine.type: virussystem affected: windows 2000, nt, me, xp, vista, 7security risk (0-5): 5The message did not come from my security programs, but from something attempting to look like is was.can someone hlep me get my laptop working?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

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DHCP (version 6.3) will not retain window settings or columns after being closed. I haven't been able to find any information on this so far. Has anyone else had this issue?

A:DHCP snap-in will not retain window settings, columns, etc.

The message here suggest the command should be used in this way(open in user mode):
mmc.exe  DhcpMgmt.msc
Input the above command pops up the DHCP console that won't save the changes. This message is a reminder, click OK to bypass the message and the DHCP console author mode would open. Please take a try to run the CMD with administrator rights.
If the above is still not going to work, please try to save the customized DHCP console under the MMC console. On windows search, type MMC, then open the console, on the file tab, click add/remove snap-in, select from the available snap-ins, click add,
after that click OK, then customize the console, after that, save the MMC console to the desktop or the places you wish. The next time you open MMC, it will keep the customized settings.
More reference:
Set MMC 3.0 Console Options
Best regardsMichael Shao
TechNet Community Support

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I get all of the sound settings exactly how I want them, and invariably upon rebooting, all of the sliders go up to the maximum. This is somewhat annoying, but even more so for some apps, like my email client, which is set to play a sound when an email is received. The reason being that the client doesn't appear in the sound mixer, until it receive a message to notify you about. As luck would have it, it seems that this most often occurs after going to bed, only to be aroused by the sound of "You've got mail" blasting so loudy that I'm probably awakening my neighbors also.

Is there a way to tweak this, so that it will always speak softly?

A:Sound Mixer Doesn't Retain Settings After Reboot

Hi dude,

Try modifying these options and restart. Lets see if this could help you

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However, I decided to take the cowards way and reinstalled my backup HD as primary. The backup was not too old. And the errors were continuing with fresh ones.

The machine in use performs few functions but requires cleaning off from time to time.

This is another XP question and network question which can be made into a new thread if necessary.

Why do I have such a problem reinstalling the Windows software and wish to retain files outside the OS and network settings etc? Or is it just not possible and the drive gets wiped with no options?

That's the first question.

The second related question is how to retrieve folders and settings just for
the Firefox browser and the shared folders (1) that I need to communicate with and transfer on my homenet?

I have a third HD that I can wipe and start from scratch.

I have an OS book for Win2k but that has not been of much help with this
should-be simple procedure.

the goal is as follows:

Install the OS. Migrate the needed folders from a working disk that has network settings and browser bookmarks.

If there is a thread that has a step by step for this fine. But please don't send me to Microsoft or a haystack of links.

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I currently have an HP Pavillion G70 that has some broken hardware (hinges for screen) but other wise works fine. It's running Windows 7, Ultimate - 32 bit.

I'd like to buy a used version of the same PC model and simply swap the hard drive from mine into the purchased PC.

Will this retain all the programs, settings and files? Or are there some things that are tied to the motherboard or other hardware devices.

Thanks for your help.

A:Swap hard drive on identical PCs and retain all programs, and settings

As long as the mobo is the same it should maintain activation or reactivate if prompted. So I'd confirm that first.

There are other factors including HID and SID which may require reactivation if HD starts on its own. But you may get lucky. Swapping HD to the same exact model is nearly foolproof.

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please forgive me if this has been posted before, i'm a newbie on here. The problem is when i create a password, say on email etc. my pc does not retain it and i have to log in with my password every time! it used to work a few months ago then it wont work at all. Could anybody shed any light on it? thank you for any responses. im not very good with pcs. thank you.

A:Help! My Windows 7 will not retain my passwords!

Hi, Welcome to Seven forums.

Which browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer, try this

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit system, over 250gig free on Hard drive and 8 gig RAM.

For whatever reason, This Windows 7 does not go back on earlier RESTORE points that I know I had set months ago....
Is this a general problem with windows 7, or is there something that is not configured correctly, for Windows 7 to retain prior months RESTORE points.

What can I do to ensure RESTORE points are created and kept for an extended period of time, given that I have plenty of Hard Disk space?

A:Windows 7 does not retain RESTORE points

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Hi all,
I am having a couple of issues I think related to a rootkit virus that Norton Security Suite found and corrected on my computer a couple of days ago.
One issue is that even though I set all my desktop icons to be "small" via the right-click Viw menu on the desktop every time I reboot thay are set back to the "medium" size when entering Windows 7.

I have tried every thing I can think of including setting them to "large", etc. but they always return as medium upon a reboot.
Any help or suggestions?

A:Windows 7 Desktop won't retain size through reboot

If so, seems the Icon cache is damaged. Please try the following fix. Also, change your theme to dafault.


Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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In the near future I intend doing a complete & new OS install of 'Vista Ultimate 32bit' which already exists on my Hard Drive.
How can I retain all of the Vista operating system updates and copy to DVD using Nero or Imgburn ?

My PC is HP Desktop Compaq Presario model SR5280AN, OS is Vista Ultimate 32bit, Ram 4gb, HD Sata 640gb, SP2, CDRW/ BluRay burner & CD Rom player.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

A:Retain a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate Updates ?

They can all be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center and saved to DVD.

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Windows 10 will not find my Lexmark CS310 printer that I want to use as the default printer.

After first installing Win 10, It found the printer and let me set it as the default. The printer was repeated in the list of printers in this way:
Lexmark CS310
Lexmark CS310 (Copy 1)

When I deleted the "Copy 1" listing, Win 10 removed *both* listings for the printer and now cannot find it. I have searched in various ways including the one about my printer is old, but all to no avail.

I can still print using that printer, but it will not retain it as the default (so I have to manually select it each time) and will not add it to the list of printers.

I read the thread "Turn On or Off Let Windows 10 Manage Default Printer in Settings" then checked my settings and saw that "Let Windows manage my default printer" is selected, but the computer does not retain the Lexmark CS310 printer after printing with that printer and cannot find it when I search for the printer.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi everyone, have an interesting problem.

My daughter brought her computer to me, due to a massive virus and malware issue. After about 6 hours and many scans, that issue is fixed. However, there are a couple of other unresolved issues.

I noticed she has near no HDD space left and on investigation, somehow Windows 10 has prepared itself for installation, (yet Windows 7 is still the OS active), and created a Windows.old folder (96Gb).

I've also found that Windows updates have been disabled and can't be restored, I get the message that "the Administrator has disabled these settings" and the enable disable buttons are greyed out. After some surfing, I've found that this change maybe be as a result of the viruses or Malware. I think I have a work around for that, by changing Updates using gpedit.msc

So my questions are:

1. If I'm able to reinstate Windows updates, I'm certain the Windows 10 upgrade will commence, which is what I don't want. We want to retain Windows 7, but be able to install any in future updates for Windows 7. So is there any way to prevent this and retain windows 7?

2. If I use Disk Cleanup in Windows 7, to remove the Windows.old Folder, will this leave me in limbo between Windows 10 and prevent me returning to Windows 7?

3. Is my only option to complete the Windows 10 installation, then go through the process of winding back to Windows 7?

A messy situation I know, but I'm hoping you'll be able to help out on this one.

Cheers Ron

A:Computer prepped for Windows 10 but I want to retain Windows 7

I've never heard of a situation in which Win 10 was installed without specific instructions from the user. I'd assume you just have a "reservation" that can be ignored.

I assume you are positive Win 10 has NOT been installed.

I can't think of why you'd have a Windows.old folder unless it is a holdover from a prior upgrade install of Win 7 or unless you have in fact installed Win 10. I don't know for a fact, but my guess is that a Win 10 upgrade would create such a folder.

As you've explained it, I don't think you are in limbo. Again, I'm assuming Win 10 has only been reserved, not installed.

I've never had a Windows.old folder, but my understanding is that it can simply be deleted if it's not needed--you don't have to do a disk cleanup.

I'm not sure why you think the following statement is true:

"If I'm able to reinstate Windows updates, I'm certain the Windows 10 upgrade will commence".

Do you have any System Restore points available?

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I have an email account that has been deleted at the server. I want to keep all the emails both in and out that have accumulated over the past year or so preferably where they are now without exporting elsewhere. At the moment everytime I open Windows Live mail it tries to connect to this email account and I need to cancel the "Confirm password" to bypass the connection. How can I cancel the connection attempt?

A:Retain emails on a cancelled email account on Windows Live Mail

Mitchell mate I have gone over to Thunderbird - it can be configured just like WLM (GUI) and as long as you are keeping your accounts - mine for example are hotmail and the local provider bigpond - TB will import all the mails I used to have in WLM.

I may not be understanding exactly what you want but seeing WLM is being made redundant and I am NOT a fan of Outlook I am now with TB I thought I would try it and it works really very well.

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Hi, I have searched this forum & can only find posts from several years ago about my query, so I'm hoping there is now a solution.

I have noticed there is a second taskbar that appears when I have more folders open than can be contained on the main taskbar. When this is the case a button appears with arrows to switch between the two taskbars. I cannot, however, find a way to have that second taskbar there always so I can accomodate more program start icons & group them to my preference.

Any solutions?

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I need to know if the Windows 7 Regional settings has any affect on Office 2010 language settings. If so, how?


A:Windows 7 Regional Settings and Office 2010 Language Settings

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums, Heather.

Have a look here: Change the default language for Office programs - Outlook - Office.com

And here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/wo...010354783.aspx

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When I login to this site(Tech Support Guy) Firefox will not retain my password. It has the user name but not the password. When I view the password in Firefox it is blank. Is there a way to fix this? I am using FF 1.07. All other sites that I go to work fine.

A:Firefox will not retain password

Clear the password for techsupport in teh privacy tab in the prefrences/options.
Log out, log back in and save the password.

Should work, I used firefox for a few months until it lost all my favourites, I've moved to opera now

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I bought a Samsung BD-C6900 blu ray player and I can't get it to retain the security key. Every time I turn the power off it loses it. Anyone have any thoughts?


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I am looking to retain the original name that an email was sent to when the email address has been aliased to another person. When an employee leaves our company we alias the email to another person so that customers can still make contact.

[email protected] leaves the company and his/her email is aliased to the sales manager. The problem is that when the manager receives the email it shows his name in the To field in place of the intended recipient.

To try and limit the number of mailboxes I would prefer not to keep salesemp1's mailbox in place and forward to the manager. Anybody know of a way to retain the original To information?

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i tested xp. it expired. how do i get it off my computer and retain the files and programs that i had befor i installed the tests versions of xp.

A:remove xp and retain programs

If you can start XP.

Click Start, click Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs.
Click Windows XP Professional, click Remove and then follow the instructions on your screen.

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Using OE6 on WXP Home and trying to get the Inbox structure to retain "open" between sessions.

At the moment I need to click the + sign to make the sub folders visible. When visible I would like that position to be saved between closing and reopening OE.

Hope that makes sense.

Many thanks.

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when we open a site the address is being saved in the address bar. but when we use the cc cleaner all the browsing datas are deleted. how can we retain some site addresses which we use frequently in the address bar of firefox. ofcourse we can bookmark it and can open. but is it possible to keep those addresses of my choice in the address bar itself?

A:how to retain the url in the firefox address bar?

No, part of what cc cleaner does is clean out your history (those addresses in your address bar. Bookmarking is the way to go for recalling addresses later.

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I've read and tried all the MS Outlook "won't remember password" ... k-base articles, including (but not limited to) 281791, 290684, & 836664. I've got WinXP Pro with SP2, & the full XP Office Pro suite installed. Since OL is my primary communication device for work & play...it's a real bummer.

I don't have this problem with anything other than OL. OLE, used as a news reader, works just fine. Short of a clean reinstall of the OS & Office suite, are there any other ideas or things to try you might know of...I'm gettling closer and closer to the ugliness of a total reformat of C:...it's that much trouble.

A:MS Outlook will not retain password.

Any chance to change the password to "all blanks", i.e. NO password at all?

How about creating another account, does that retain its password?
If so, copy all your data into the new account and delete the old one.
Test it for a few days before you delete.

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here's another question

i had create 2 form, form1 and form 2. i insert some value inside textbox1 in form 2. i click on a button and it 'hides' form1 and move to form2. later on, i realize that i hav to change the value inside textbox1 in form1. i click on a button (in form2) and it moves to form1. the question is --- how can i show up form1 from form2 (in my case)? while the value typed in textbox1 still remain?

pls help me out here.

thanks la!

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Anyone know why my browser, Firefox does not remember the Favicons? Every time I close and reopen FF they are gone till I'm on the website the bookmark or URL it is associated with. Any ideas on where this information is stored and why it isn't being stored?

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I want explorer to show in List mode rather than icons mode. If I go into View/List first then Tools/Folder Options/View/Apply to All Folders, the setting is not retained. Any suggestions as to how to get it to do the right thing?

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If I set my desktop wallpaper to a .jpg file then my profile will not retain the wallpaper the next time I log in. However, if I set my wallpaper to something like, FeatherTexture.bmp, or I believed any .bmp files then my profile will retain the wallpaper. So assuming this is true, how do I get my profile or computer to retain .jpg files the next time I log in.?


A:How to retain desktop wallpaper?

What Operating system? Is this a work pc or a home pc?
The easiest way to solve this is just to open MSPAINT (start>run> type in "MSpaint")
Open the jpeg you want from the file menu, (youll have to use the drop down menu, and select jpg in the "files of type box", as paint only shows bmp's by default)
Next, go to file>save as, and save it as a bmp (again, youll have to use the drop down)

If you are using windows 2000, i know it doesnt like non-bmps as a desktop wallpaper.

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I want to delete cookies when Firefox closes but retain some, specifically, cookies for DuckDuckGo custom settings. I've tried various online suggestions like creating exceptions for duckduckgo cookies, unchecked cookies and site preferences in Settings For Clearing History, but the duckduckgo cookies are always deleted. Is there any way to stop this happening?

PS - I know there's an add-on that will change the new tab url but I'd rather not use it.

A:Firefox - how to retain certain cookies?

Something like this?

Cookie Whitelist, With Buttons

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Whenever I close and then reopen Outlook and go to send/receive, it keeps asking me for my password.

I enter it, check the "remember password" box and all is well til I have to shut it down whereupon it gos through the whole procedure again.

Wonder what is going wrong?

I am using Vista Home premium O/S.

A:Cannot retain password in Outlook 2003

What Operating system are you using ?? This article will most probably fix the issue.


If it is Vista, look out for t he Xp part of the troubleshooting. Its more or less the same for Vista.

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I really hope someone is kind enough to help me out on this... I recently upgraded an x58 to a z68 system and decided to follow this guide >> Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer in order to retain my hard drive as is. Everything pretty much went perfect except that, after I created the initial "test" or temporary account to finish the install, I no longer retained my original Administrator account with all my profile settings etc. The folder is still there but I no longer have that account listed along with my newly created test account.

To say I am desperate would be an understatement, I need to have this computer ready for a peer tomorrow and need to find a way to re-instate the original administrator account as it was before. If you can help, I would be extremely grateful!

A:used sysprep to retain my HDD in a new install and now I am screwed!

I would restore from your backup image which is supposed to be made before SysPrepping.

Then to avoid SysPrep move HD to new hardware and if it won't start, boot Paragon Adaptive Restore CD and run it on the Win7 installation to remove all drivers and prepare it to start on new hardware without compromising User accounts.

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Got no response in MS groups. I will try here. I currently use Outlook 2002 that came with my iPAC rx3115. I use it for contacts and calendar and not for email. Outlook 2002 allows me to highlight a contact and go to Edit menu and click copy and the entire contents of that contact are put into Clipboard. I can then paste the contact information into MS Notepad, an email, etc. and edit it from there. Fast, efficient and simple.

For those who are testing out Outlook 2010, does Outlook 2010 retain this feature or similar?

Background info: I like and need the quickness of this feature. This is a very important feature for me I use often. I want to upgrade to Outlook 2010 when it is available. Does Outlook 2010 retain this feature? In Outlook 2010, can I quickly copy the entire contents of a contact from Edit menu >Copy into Clipboard just like Outlook 2002? The reason I asked is that Outlook Express had this feature and was easier to do than Outlook 2002. When I purchased my Vista box, Outlook Express was discontinued and I use Windows Mail in Vista for my email app. Windows Mail in Vista does not have this feature. To do it in Windows Mail I would have to Copy & Paste field by field. Argg! So I just use Outlook 2002 for this and it is okay. If Outlook 2010 discontinued this feature that was in Outlook 2002, I will have to look for other tools to copy contact information to Clipboard.

Thanks for the help!

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When using Nero 6 or WMP, all my MP3's lose their tags (song title, artist,...etc) after copying them onto what's to be a CDA disc. The music converts to the CDA format and plays normally, but no song title and artist name appear in any CD player; just Track 1.CDA, ...etc.
This is driving me crazy. I hope someone knows how I can correct this problem. Thank you in advance to all who offer insight. Desorow

A:Cannot retain MP3 tags when converted to CDA files

The MP3 and CDA are Completely Different. You can't expect data to just copy over magically. (You are not using an Apple there! )

There is a thing called CD Text that lets you store track info on the audio CD. Nero supports it for sure. Your CD writer has to support it and of course the CD player has to support it too.

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I have to re-enter my e-mail password each time I open Outlook XP to send & receive e-mail. Sometimes I have to enter it more than once during a session but it will usually keep it until I exit Outlook. Each time I check the box indicating I want it to save my password but that doesn't help.

A:Outlook XP won't retain my e-mail password

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Windows Credentials/Windows Vault forgets all windows credentials when the PC is rebooted.

Details on this PC:
1. domain joined
2. Corporate image, second PC out of about 100 to do this
3. All profiles have this issue
4. Generic credentials stay, Windows credentials disappear
5. If I go to the directory where the credentials are stored (C:\Users\*user*\app data\local\microsoft\credentials) I can see that the folder has been edited (due to time) and the folder contains info (if I unhide the OS files). When i restart, info is gone...
One fix I had was copy the folder and pasted it in the same directory (named "Credentials - Copy") and upon reboot the credentials stored are saved.
6. This started as only a few PC's now all of sudden its nearly every PC we get (same image as previous PC's)

Anyone have any suggestions on the issue?

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I have outlook express in win.xp every time I open outlook express I get this message there was a problem logging onto your mail server. your password was rejected. account pop-server.tampabay.rr.com', server.'. protocol: pop3, server response:'-err invalid user name or password'. port 110, sercure(ssl): no,server error: 0x800ccc90,error number:0x800ccc92

I have reset all these settings numerous times, went into regedt32 and removed the user account info. and still have the same problem. took
McAfee email protection off same thing

any Ideas

A:outlook express won't retain username

Sounds like Mcafee has it's own built in POP/SMTP server to scan your mail.

Remove the whole account from Outlook Express and then install it again. You might have to take Mcafee off and reinstall it after you have done this (or before)

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What would cause one particular letter to not retain a network maping after a restart? It is on a few users. We all run Windows XP with and without SP2. We can map to H with no problems at all, until you restart the pc. It is not a critical issue, since we can map to another letter, it just isn't uniform (H being the user dir) on these few users.



A:one letter won't retain mapping after reboot

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I have a 22 inch widescreen which is great to see the primary folders in the first pane, sub-folders in the second pane and then the file preview in the third pane. The issue I am having is that each time I open up Explorer I need to expand the second pane to show the folder/file details. I stays expanded until I close Explorer where it seems to return to the narrow pane.
Any way of adjusting the second pane size and keeping that width?

A:Win Explorer: How to Retain Pane Width

There is a small fix explained here, not sure if it works but might be worth a shot.

Oh and welcome to Windows Explorer!

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