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Cell GoTo or Cell Reference Box

Q: Cell GoTo or Cell Reference Box

I have been using Ctrl+Home to navigate to cell A1. I then type in the word Home in the GoTo or reference box (the box to the left of the formula bar, ... I may not be calling it by its proper name). I then navigate to some distant, faraway place on the spreadsheet, and then when I need to return to A1 I click the drop down box, select "Home", and in an instant I'm there at A1. All it fine, ... that is until I run a macro. Once I run a macro all such references previously made are wiped out. What can I do to fix this? To list all of the code would be a lot of clutter, but I will if necessary.

You'all are wonderful. Thank you for your looking.

Preferred Solution: Cell GoTo or Cell Reference Box

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cell GoTo or Cell Reference Box

If you include Range("A1").Select in your code you will be taken to the 'Home' cell

Have you tried recording a macro that does that? You will then see (when you open the vba editor) what it does and you can always edit your code to your needs.

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would like to write a macro involving cell references, which changes when the number in another cell changes

e.g if cell = 1, uses b2
if cell = 2, uses b3

please help

A:macro help - linking cell reference to number in another cell

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In cell j, I have formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("VLXP",K2:AB2))+0)>=1,"Yes","No") that returns yes or no if VLXP is contained in any cell K2 through AB2 and it works correctly. What I would really like to do is then put into cell j the entire matching cell content or if not found return n/a. Is there a way to accomplish this maybe with VBA?

A:Solved: Excel if cell contains vlxp then put matching cell data in current cell

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quick question here,

How would i go about setting up a macro so that when i click on a cell on spread sheet number 1, it will take me to spreadsheet number 14?

A:Macros - Click a cell, goto a spreadsheet.

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hi, i have 2-excel cells in the same sheet, both contain manually entered numbers; cell-2 changes frequently; if the existing entry in cell-1 is < than the new entry in cell-2, cell-1 should immediately reflect this new value. how do you create this formula?

A:Solved: excel-replace content of cell-1 if cell-2 is > cell-1

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Can anyone tell me how I can fix a cell reference in Excel so that the formula doesn't change when I move things about. The dollar sign does not seem to work.

I have a spreadsheet that has 2 workbooks, the first work book has a number of coumns across the page i.e. 10 weeks which is being used to give a 10 week average. I then run a macro each week that deletes the first column, and moves all the remaining columns along one so that I can then enter the details in the end column for the most recent weeks information. It is this end column I want to refer to in the other workbook to pick up a figure and use in another formula but unfotrunately every time I run the macro the referencing in the other workbook changes to pick up the original figure. i.e. the column reference moves with the running of the macro.

I have tried using the dollar sign to fix the cell refrence but this is not having any effect.

Would be really grateful if someone could help me as this will save me a whole load of work having to re-key information.


A:Fixed cell reference

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I Googled for some code to follow a cell refernce in a forumla. For example, to go from a summary sheet to another tab by double clicking on the forumla that references the cell in another tab. I found this, but it doesn't work.

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim strSheet As String
'On Error Resume Next
If InStr(1, Target.Formula, "!") Then
If InStr(1, Target.Formula, "'") Then
strSheet = Mid(Replace(Target.Formula, "'", ""), 2, InStr(1, Target.Formula, "!") - 4)
strSheet = Mid(Target.Formula, 2, InStr(1, Target.Formula, "!") - 2)
End If
ActiveSheet.Range(CStr(Right(Target.Formula, Len(Target.Formula) - InStr(1, Target.Formula, "!")))).Select
End If
End Sub

When I double click on a formula, it gives me a "subscript out of range" and when I debug, the highlight is on the "Sheets(strSheet).Activate" line.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Basically, all I want to do is follow a forumla to its target--I'd think excel would already have this function, but couldn't find it. I am using 2007, but would like to use this in earlier versions as well.

A:VBA to follow a cell reference in a formula

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Using Excell I have a table, on worksheet 'Attendees', with First names in column A and Last names in column B.

I have another worksheet that I use to print place names. Place names have to be printed 8 per sheet.

So I have a formula, on worksheet 'Placenames', in cell E7 '=Attendees!A2' and in F7 'Attendees!B2' then down for the next 7 rows. The actual place name cells use the formulae =E7&" "&F7 etc

I amend cell E7 to start at the next 8 names e.g E10 and drag/copy E7 over F7 then drag/copy E7 & F7 down over the following 7 rows.

I would like formulae in cells F7 and E8-F14 that would reference cell E7. I would then only have to amend Cell E7 and the place name fields would be updated.

Would I use INDIRECT, OFFSET or some other formulae in these cells?

Can anyone please advise?

A:Reference a range of cells from one cell.

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I'm using Excel 2003 on a PC running Win XP.

I've attached a sample spreadsheet and am trying to find a formula to always reference cell B4 when calculating a daily "Change from Day 1". I've entered the values in Column D manually, for purposes of clarity but would like to know a formula to accomplish this calculation.

Any thoughts on the subject will be appreciated. Thanks for looking.

A:Solved: Absolute Cell Reference

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Question 1: in my program I use both 'Cells' and 'Range' for referencing cells...cells for single cells and range for multiple cells. For speed and overhead, is there a difference or preference between these two commands?

Question 2: Virtually all of my code is written in A1 reference style. I want to select a range of cells beginning with column "A" and extending to the last used column, and lets assume that last column is 20 which is assigned to variable colNum. I would code:

Range("A1:" & chr(colNum +64) & "1").Select

Row 1, columns A through T, is selected. But if the last column is >26, 27 or "AA" for example, then chr(27 + 64), "[", obviously does not work. Can I use the Range command with colomns referenced by number instead of letters?

Any and all thoughts ar appreciated,

A:VB Macro Cell Reference Basics questions

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How can I refer to a cell in an Excel spreadsheet three to the left of the current cell ? I want to perform a calculation which remains valid even when I insert a column between the original data and the column which contains the calculation. Perhaps an example makes this clear:
. A B C
1 5 3 8
2 3 9 12
Column C is adding the contents of the two columns to the left of it. I now want to add a new column (for illustration here named Z), and without altering column C, have column C remain as the sum of the two columns to its immediate left:
. A B Z C
1 5 3 6 9
2 3 9 1 10


A:Excel: How to reference a relative cell in a function

>> Perhaps an example makes this clear

Crystal. In C1,



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Hey, I have got six columns in worksheet. 2 out of 6 columns contains info as Vehicle No and Vehicle tare weight.Now in another sheet one column is Vehicle No, Can I get Tare weight automatically when I put vehicle no in one cell?? Kindly help. I am kind of very beginner in excel. So please explain in detail.

Thank you

A:Solved: Excel Automatic cell reference

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Hi all,

I have a workbook containing 30 worksheets. The first sheet is named Master, while the other 29 worksheets are named with cities where we held branch offices (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., etc.)

I am trying to write a macro that will copy the contents of a row in the Master sheet to a particular worksheet based on the contents of the cell in that row that contain the location.

To illustrate:
Master sheet:
Columns are: Staff Name, Location, Project status

We have over 5000 staff.
I am trying to write a macro that will copy each staff's record to the worksheet corresponding to his/her location, depending on their project status.

So I am planning to use macro buttons labelled A, B or C (these are the values in the Project status column). So when I click on the button labelled A, the macro will go through all 5000 employees, and for those employees whole project status is "A", will copy that employee's record into a worksheet depending on his/her location.

For example:
Staff name, Location, Project Status
Joe Doe, Los Angeles, A
Jane Davis, New York, A
Mike Smith, Los Angeles, C

When I click on the macro for "A", it should copy Joe Doe's record into the worksheet labelled Los Angeles and copy Jane Davis' record into the worksheet labelled New York.

Thank you so much for your help. I've been searching all over the place for the command to use to reference the worksheet.

A:Excel - how to reference a worksheet based on value of a cell

For the love of PacMan, make sure you save your file BEFORE you try this. Try it on a copy of the file, even.


Sub A_Status()
'select the list of staff names on Master sheet, then run
For Each Cell In Selection
If Cell.Offset(0, 2).Value = "A" Then
DestinationSheet = Cell.Offset(0, 1)
Cell.Resize(1, 3).Copy
'assumes each location sheet has a header row
Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Next Cell
Application.CutCopyMode = xlCopy
End Sub

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I'm about to go nuts on this!? The function, "INDEX", is supposed to have two forms:

one that returns the value of a cell, from a given range, at the intersection of a given row number and column number in that range, and

one that returns the cell reference.

I can get the first to work just fine, but I NEED the second!?

I'm trying to use the "MATCH" function nested with this, so I can find the correct cell reference, and it is not working? I have found no other resources on line, and MS Help was NO-help. Anyone here used this command? Familiar with this problem? KNOW A SOLUTION?

Thank you in advance.

A:Excel 2000: HELP! Index function? Cell reference?

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What formula do I use to return a cell reference instead of contents? For example if I have a list of 100 names in Column A and I'm looking for the value "horse" I'd like excel to tell me the value is in cell A42. What's the proper way to get this result?

A:Excel formula to return cell reference instead of contents

if the Cell you want to test is in B1
and then the lookup range is A1 to A450

If you put this into C1 - it will return the row - I have added the A as we know its column A


i'm sure some of gurus will post a better solution

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OK... Here's something I have been looking at for a while and getting myself all in a tizz...!!!

I have 2 worksheets within 1 workbook - see attached example. The first contains unique references (ABx in Column A) with associated processes in Column B. Each cell may contain more than one process - comma seperated. The second sheet contains unique references (XYx in Column A) which map back to ABx references in Column B (again, each cell can contain multiple mapping references - comma seperated).

Ref - Process
AB1 - Create, Update
AB2 - Create, Read
AB3 - Delete, Update

Ref - Maps-to
XY1 - AB1, AB2
XY2 - AB1
XY3 - AB2

Now, what I am looking to do is within sheet 2 (containing the XY references mapped to AB references) is create a column which will display the corresponding processes without duplication.

Ref - Maps-to - Process
XY1 - AB1, AB2 - Create, Update, Read
*Note that AB1 and AB2 both contain Create which should only be returned once.

I have tried using =VLOOKUP(B2,'Reference Sheet'!A:B,2) but this only uses the first reference to return results and therefore using the above as an example the result would not include "Read".

Any takers? Hope someone can help...

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Excel: Cross Reference multiple values in cell

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Hi all,
I have a friend who's having a problem with a macro and it's been WAY too long since I've worked much with macros so I told her to post here. She's intimidated by you guys so I told her I'd be her proxy, but I'll send her a link to the thread and try to flush her out if you need clarification. Basically, she has a pivot table which produces a grand total. When the pivot table is refreshed, the grand total cell reference can change (for example, from D16 to F23). She has a formula that finds the reference of the grand total cell:

=CELL("address",INDEX($B:$AZ,MATCH("Grand Total",$B:$B),MATCH("Grand Total",$B2:$AZ2)))

She would then like to have the macro select the grand total cell, based on the reference provided from the formula, so that the macro can continue on using that grand total cell reference. I'm sure I've made a mess of the question, so let me know if I'm not making any sense. Thanks!

A:Solved: Excel macro: selecting a cell from a formula reference

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Hi all,

I have done a decent amount of Java, but VB is slightly confusing to me.

I want to be able to write a loop which will copy data, transpose it and then paste it. It needs to do this several hundred times, with each copied data-set being on a new row.
Dim Num As Integer

For Num = 1 To 10 'start loop

'cut source cells

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False _
, Transpose:=True

'Delete Source Rows
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp

Next Num ' end loop

'Autofit the data

(nb The reason for the cut-paste-copy-pastespecial is because Excel won't cut and paste-special across different sheets.)

As you can see, I'm nearly there, but currently all it does is paste each new set of data over the existing one in cell A34. How do I make it increment the destination row by 4 or 5 on each iteration?

This is incredibly simple, but it won't let me j... Read more

A:Solved: Changing a Cell Reference: Noob question in VBA/Excel

You use Activecell.Offset(r,c).select to move from the current cell. You increment r for rows and c for columns.
Excel has no problems with "Paste Special Transpose" when moving from sheet to sheet. I just recorded this Macro of doing just that -
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=True

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Excel question:

Testing - I have a column of numbers where I do a countif (A10:A365,A1)
In this case A1 = "1" and the column contains various number from 1-10.
I want to count the number of times 1 appears in the column up to row 100

I want to substitute "A365" with a value from cell "A2" ie, A2 = 100 and make it A100
So I'd like the countif logic to be countif(A10:A100, A1)

Then if I change A2 to 150 I get the range from A10:A150.

My issue is this range is used in a number of different caluclations and I'd like to dynamically change the rows to search.

Any help/direction appreciated.

A:Solved: Excel - reference a value (contents of cell) for use in dynamic part of range

Try this in place of your original COUNTIF:


(the section "A10:A"&A2 builds a literal string that "responds to" A2 value ; then you just throw in INDIRECT to make it work "for real")


EDIT: you may prefer a different approach:


, where the defined name var_Range refers to:


You can test the dynamic range "effect" by entering 12 in A2, pressing F5, typing var_Range and pressing Enter. Then repeat with 15 in A2. Etc., etc.

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I have a sheet with 2 simple columns: Date and Price. I have imported the dates (##/##/####) and the prices ($###,###) by copy/pasting from the search results given to me by a niche database program I use. When the cells paste in, they all have the format "General".

When I try to format the "date" column into dates, it _does_ change the format as far as the cell is concerned, but the content of the cell doesn't adapt to the new format. For example, I have the date as 3/05/2001 and when I change it to a date format of MMM D, YYYY the content should change to March 5, 2001 but it doesn't. It is as if all the cells are forced to stay as text regardless of what the formatting is that I'm applying.

Same problem with the price column: if I change the format to include 2 decimal points, that format does apply to the cells, but the content of each cell remains without a decimal or anything following, as if the content is just text.

I have like 1000 rows in each column, and plan to do this analysis of the database's results frequently, so I'm hoping the answer isn't just to retype the data. There's got to be a way to copy/paste or export or something. Maybe I could copy/paste into notepad first to scrub out any formatting or locking from the niche database program?

A:Excel 2007 Cell Values Won't Take On Characteristics of Newly Applied Cell Format

Good news: Made some progress. In thinking that maybe each value had the textual single-quote forcing it to act like text, or maybe if I find/repaced all the dollar signs and commas that had been imported, I accidentally discovered that each and every value in my imported columns has a following space!

Bad news: Seems like Excel has a bug that thinks that if I say "Find=[singleSpace]" "Replace=[null]", then I should be given an error saying "Excel cannot find any data to replace". I think I'm doing the find/replace correctly because it worked on the dollar signs and commas.

Anybody know a workaround for the bug?

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Hello Everyone! :-) This is my first time posting at this forum.  I have a Lenovo T520 laptop that is experiencing intermittent problem shutting down when I am trying out brand new 9-cell and 6-cell batteries that are fully charged.  Based on the seller instruction; they said to go into the bios to see if there is a battery resync option and/or charge the battery with the laptop powered off for a minimum of 10hrs before using the new battery.  I followed their instructions but the laptop continued to suddenly powered off while I am using it with a fully charged battery.   Has anyone experiences similar issues and know of any troubleshooting method or fixes?  Of course I first naturally expects the battery to be bad, but I bought 2x 9-cell batteries, the seller then send me an additional 2 x 6-cell batteries because I am having problems with the 9-cell.  The 6-cell also resulted with the same symptom so I find it hard to believe that all 4 batteries are bad.   Here is the info on the batteries I purchased:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/9Cell-Battery-for-Lenovo-ThinkPad-T410-T420-T510-T520-SL410-SL510-E420-E425... Thank you in advance for anyone that can help me to resolve this problem. Best,Vinh Le

A:New OEM 9-cell & 6-cell batteries causes laptop to suddenly shutdown with full charge

Hello and welcome,
I can't say with certainty what is going on - but those aren't OEM (Lenovo) batteries.  They are unbranded generics from who-knows-where.
I'm always suspicious of non-OEM batteries and their internal control electronics.

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I copied a cell from sheet 4 and pasted a link in the target cell (on sheet 1) and the number that was perfectly shown in the source cell was shown twice in the same target cell on sheet 1 of the same Excel 2016 spreadsheet. I have included a partial screen shot of sheet 1 to show the actual image of the double number.

Bottom right cell is a link to the other worksheet (sheet 4) in the same Excel file and in that source cell the number is 12542.09?. For some weird reason, it is showing up here twice in the same cell. This is the second time in the past few days this has happened but the first time I was able to DELETE or CLEAR CONTENTS and it stopped doing that. But not this time.

I am running Excel 2016 on a PC with an Intel Quad processor under Windows 10 Home.
Any thoughts?

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Hi Tech teams, I went to the lenovo site to customize a T440S Thinkpad and got stuck at the REAR BATTERY selection. I have searched in google and the site and could not see the picture difference's between 6 Cell Li-Ion Cyl HC Rear (72Wh) and 6 Cell Li-ion (47Whr) Cylindrical. I know those will be large and will bulge out of the laptop. But I would like to understand in which way and want to see the pictures of the laptop fitted with these 2, so that I can proceed with my order. Will it come out like a cylindrical bulge at the back of the laptop or at the bottom it will have an extra step like thing. Why dint the lenovo put 3 different pictures showing the laptop with these batteries in the "help me decide" option while customizing the laptop. That would have been very nice to the customers. I have wasted 2 hours to compose this and search everywhere, without any resolution. I found a similar thread in some forum, asking for the pictures, and no one replied him as well. Please see the below screenshot.  ThanksManu

A:Difference between 6 Cell Li-iion Cyl HC Rear (72Wh) and 6 Cell Li-ion (47Whr) Cylindrical

look at Notebookcheck review

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I'm attempting to write my first macro for an Excel 2003 workbook. I'm not completely code illiterate (I've got moderate skills with AutoLISP), but I'm new to VBA and am not yet an Excel power user, so please be gentle.

The macro I want to write will:
check that the selected cell's content is underlined before proceeding
copy the content of the currently selected cell into an external plain text .log file
.log file lines should be: year/month/day - time - username - cell contents
.log file names will probably need to be generated
clear the cell's content and formatting (particularly underline and text/background color)
Here's what I have so far:
Sub Unpost()
If Selection.Font.Underline = True
Then Selection.ClearFormats And Selection.Clearcontents
If MsgBox("The selected cell is not underlined...are you sure?", vbOkCancel) = vbOk
Then Selection.ClearFormats And Selection.Clearcontents
Else Exit Sub
End If
End If
End Sub
If I've written it correctly, it should currently do everything except log the cell contents. This, from what I've seen, is going to be the trickier part. I intend to use this macro 50+ times per weekday, so at some point the .log files will get too long to be useful, so I assume it will need to automatically create new logs (perhaps "year-month.log"). I've seen some useful info about appending to an external log here and here, ... Read more

A:Excel 2003 macro: log contents of selected cell, clear cell

You need to use the "File Scripting Object" to create and/or append text to a file. I've included a link below to get you started. If you are unable to figure it out on your own let me know and I'll write the code for you.



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I'm working on a spreadsheet at the moment which displays a range of cells all containing values referenced from another spreadsheet (within the same workbook). This system works fine.

Every day, the original worksheet is updated. So, it has fields already arranged up until the end of the year. A row for every date. Now, needless to say, rows for dates in the future contain no values, and so when the spreadsheet I am working on now references those cells, it displays "$0.00" (which is correct, given I am dealing with financial figures).

Now, all of that works as expected, however, on the spreadsheet I am working on, all of those figures are displayed in a line graph. This line graph, at todays date, shows an enormous drop given that the fields for the rest of the year all show a zero balance.

What I need to do, is to get the remainder of those fields (every field that says "$0.00") to not display anything at all. So, if the value is $0.00, it would not display a value at all, and therefore not show anything on the graph.

Can someone tell me how I can achieve this? I'm sure it can be done with an "if" statement, but I'm not sure how to structure it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Remove Cell Value If Cell Value Is Zero (Microsoft Office Excel 2007)

=If(a1="","",Sheet1!a1) and drag it down.

Where a1 is the first cell in spreadsheet you are working on, and sheet1!a1 is the sheet within workbook containing figure.

Not sure if the graph will recognize the "blank' cell as blank or "0"
You could try that


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Using EXCEL, I have a need to copy the cell contents from upper cells in col. A down a few rows in col A. There are various changes in data in col A as you will see below. The periods in the following info are used as placeholders only. B1, A2, A3, A4, etc. are blank. I need a formula because I have 60,000 records in the spreadsheet. Thanks in advance.

Here is how the data looks now.


Here is how I want the data to look

...A ...........B

A:[Excel] Copy And Paste Upper Cell To Lower Cell

With the workbook open press ALT + F11 to bring up the Visual Basic Editor. Once the VB editor opens, click INSERT --> MODULE and paste the code below into the blank module. Close the VB editor and select the first cell in column A containing your data you want to copy down. Click TOOLS --> MACRO --> MACROS and select the macro from the list and run it. This macro will copy all your data except for the last value in column A because without actually seeing your workbook, I have no way knowing which line to stop at. Therefore, the code will end when it reaches the last value in column A.


Public Sub CopyData()

Do Until ActiveCell.Row = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

Do Until ActiveCell.Value <> ""
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select


End Sub


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I cant seem work out a solution for what I'm trying to do. I have an Excel workbook that has multiple sheets. On sheet 1 i want the data from cell "G3" to be copied onto sheet 2. But i want the location on sheet 2 to be based on whatever was entered into cell "D3" on sheet 1.

For example: Sheet 1, cell D3 I have the name John, in cell G3 i have 68. I want "68" to be pasted in sheet 2 in cell B26.

But if the name in Sheet 1 cell D3 is Suzie, then I want G3 to be pasted in Sheet 2 in cell D26. So I would need to identify the paste location for each person.

I want the data to paste to the next cell so that the next entry can be pasted below the last entry for that person (for John the first entry would go into cell B26, then the next entry would go into cell B27 and so on).

But i want it to be a specific range, i dont want data to be pasted past 20 cells (cell B45). If possible a message box could be created to let the user know that the max is reached.

I would appreciate anyone's help with this as i have been struggling for awhile to try to get this. Thank you

A:Excel - Copy paste cell into range based on another cell

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I want to have a range of cells store something. When one of those cells data is changed, I need another cell to show the date of when the cells data was changed automatically. For example: If Someone changes cell B2, A2 will show the date B2 was changed. Or B78 changes, A78 should show what date B78 changed. I need this to happen for the entire column. Is there a way to have this happen automatically? Please help, if you can.

A:Changing Cell Info, Date tracks when cell changed

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I'm running a spreadsheet for yearly budget using EXCEL 2010. Everything has run smoothly until today. If I enter values on one sheet, it shows up on all sheets. I've gone through the settings for EXCEL but cannot find a setting to change this. Anyone have a suggestion on how to correct this?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8183 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76216 MB, Free - 8485 MB; D: Total - 1907599 MB, Free - 1891982 MB; E: Total - 476809 MB, Free - 409377 MB; G: Total - 2861575 MB, Free - 2680780 MB; J: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 107677 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P7P55D-E PRO, Rev 1.xx, 103822980000259
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.2, Updated and Enabled

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Sir, urgent help please is 6 Cell 72 wh double runtime of 6 Cell 47 ( 60 ) which i currently have , and is it safe to buy after makrket good brand on amazon and ebay same lifetime ? or is it better to buy lenovo power bank 14000 mAh ( which is i think equilvent to 72 Wah ) please answer me in details if possible , thank youuu so much model 20HES0MV0P 7300u nvme 500Gb ssd

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I have a sheet set up with the list with the description (text) in column B, and summary scores (numerical, percentage) in column D. I want to do a summary row at the top of the sheet that pulls the data from the B cells, based on the lowest 3 values in column D.
I plan on using the formula =SMALL(D7:D32,1) (with d7:d32 being the list of percentages), to figure out the lowest 3 values. But the formula just pulls the summary score, not the description. I want to pull the description into but I am at a loss.
I am using excel 2013 on windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a sheet set up with the list with the description (text) in column B, and summary scores (numerical, percentage) in column D. I want to do a summary row at the top of the sheet that pulls the data from the B cells, based on the lowest 3 values in column D.
I plan on using the formula =SMALL(D7:D32,1) (with d7:d32 being the list of percentages), to figure out the lowest 3 values. But the formula just pulls the summary score, not the description. I want to pull the description into but I am at a loss.
I am using excel 2013 on windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

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Using Excel 2003 in Windows XP

I would like to use the contents of one cell as the destination location for copying data.
For example
I have 2 worksheets 1) Results and 2) info
in info
A1 = 'ABC'
C1 = 'Results!O54' < this is calculated based on other data in sheet.

Using a macro, I'd like to copy contents of A1 to cell location 'Results!O54' more specifically to where ever C1 points... C1 will change based on other data in info sheet.

The macro record for action looks like this (but I would like the 'O54' to be based on contents of C1 which changes)

There is more to it then that but I think this is where I am stumped.

A:Solved: Excel: Uses contents of Cell to select a cell

Sheets("info").Range("A1").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Results").Range(Sheets("info").Range("C1").Value)

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Hi All,

I need an help one excel formula ,i have specific range with prices, but when ever there is a change in value in the range then one particular need to be updated with now() formula. Find below the snap shot of desired data....

Product Changes happened Jan'13 Feb'13 Mar'13 Apr'13 May'13 Jun'13 Jul'13 Sep'13
In the above data i have values for all product in all months. if there is any change happened then in the changes happened column need to be updated with now() formula.

Thanks in advance...


A:Automatic date update in a cell when another cell's value changes (as calculated

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I selected a cell, and then recorded a macro when I copied the cell, moved down to the cell below it and pasted it. But when I select another cell, and then run the macro, it goes to the initial cells I did when I recorded the macro.

So is there a macro where I have selected a cell, whatever cell I decide, and then run the macro, and it copies the cell selected and paste it to the cell below the cell that was copied?

A:Solved: Macro to Copy and Paste From One Cell to Cell Below

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I am attempting to clear 2 cells, based off the value of another. I am pretty sure the code is correct, because it works within another Macro. Thanks.

Dim p As Long
p = Cells(Rows.Count, "a").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 1 To p
If InStr(1, Range("k" & p), "None") > 0 Then Range("L" & p) = "" And Range("M" & p) = ""
'If no Issue, Location/Obsevations should be blank
Next i

End Sub


A:Solved: Clearing Cell Contents Based off other Cell

try this variation;

Dim p As Long
p = Cells(Rows.Count, "a").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 1 To p
If InStr(1, Range("k" & i), "None") > 0 Then
Range("L" & i) = ""
Range("M" & i) = ""
End If
'If no Issue, Location/Obsevations should be blank
Next i

End Sub

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Very limited experience with Excel...have a multi page workbook but can't figure out how to auto format existing text to fit in cells so there is no space either on top or bottom of the cell.

Only way I can get this so far is to manually move the bottom line of the text box up to the bottom of the actual text in box. But this causes the print out to overlap sometimes of the text lines in print view.

Is there a way to 'auto-format' individual cells to fit the text in the cell without leaving alot of space above or below the lines, or top/bottom lines, of the cell.

A:Having problem setting cell height to fit text in cell

When you are in the cell that you want to align with the top, Right Click & select Format Cells & when that opens Click on the Alignment Tab & then you will see Horizontal & Vertical, click on the Vertical drop down arrow & select Top. That will align the text to the top of the cell & eliminate that space.

When you move to the next cell to insert the Dollar amount it will be lined up with the bottom of the text in the previous cell, which is what you want.

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Is there a way to copy a col of formula's/math cells to a new col without excel modifying the coordinates?

Scenario: 150 cells of diff equations "located from a1 thru a150" you wish to move to d1 thru d150.

Problem: Excel modifies the coordinates of each pasted formula rendering garbage.

Individual f2, highlite,copy and then paste takes too much time if there are thousands of formulas to move.
thanks, nt

A:Copy cell to cell without excel modifying

Use absolute instead of relative references, ie:



EDIT: better explanation. You have 5 in A1, and the formula =A1 in B1. If you copy B1 to C1, C1 will read =B1. But if you make B1 =$A$1 and then copy it to C1, it'll hold.

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Re:  Battery # 746641-001(3 cell)  I need to replace the battery for my laptop.  Most of the batteries I'm finding are 4 cell and I need a 3 cell.  What is the diffrence between the 3 and 4 ?  Any help would be appreciated.  Terri

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Hi, all!

I wish to purchase an HP dv5000t series laptop with a 12 Cell Li-Ion battery, but I saw a diagram on the HP site which showed a bulky mass at the back of the laptop, compared to a 6 cell which did not have this. It seems that such a laptop will not be able to sit flat on a desk.

Does anybody know from experience if this will be the case? If so, how bad of an angle is it? Will it interfere with normal use, etc?

Thanks! Your help is appreciated.

A:6 Cell Li-Ion Battery vs. 12 Cell (Physical Properties)

If HP sells the battery with the laptop then it'll work. While it may not sit flat that isn't a problem.

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I have an Excel 2010 workbook comprising a simple organization membership list, consisting of names, addresses, etc., for nearly 2,000 members, grouped into 5 chapters' sheets, in a single Excel 2010 file. Every time I sit down to enter updates for any member, or add new members, etc., I always start by saving my most recent version of the workbook with the date I last updated it in the filename, and then when I finish my updates for the day, I save the current day's updated workbook with the current day's date in the filename, etc. So after a while, I've got quite a stack of versions of the same workbook, albeit with slightly different data in some of the cells, from version to version.

Near the end of the year, it'd be neat to be able to compare the beginning and end of year versions, cell by cell, to see what changed.

Ideally, I'd like to sort of "subtract" one workbook from the other, cell by cell, and display something in the results that shows cells that differ btwn workbooks and cells that don't.

Obviously, I could just print the two versions, and plow through them both, side by side. But they're nearly 2,000 rows deep, all things considered, and with all the data we compile for each member, each row goes up to column AT! That's a lotta data to compare visually cell by cell.

Is anything like what I'd like to do possible?


A:Can I compare 2 Excel spreadsheets cell by cell?

I think this might help if I read this correctly. I used this before to compare three lists I made a long time ago, then when I needed to update them I didn't want to sift through hundreds of entries.

Compare Two Lists in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

From MS https://support.microsoft.com/kb/213367

Also 4 Ways to Compare Data in Excel - wikiHow

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Hello everyone. I have bought this flex 5 with 7th i5 CPU, 256G SSD, and 2 cell battery. The laptop is great for me except the battery doesn't last enough. I wonder if I can replace the 2 cell battery with a 3 cell battery? From the HMM, I find some 3 cell batteries. But I don't know if they are compatible with my computer as the voltage is different. And If the battery is upgradable, do I need to upgrade the AC adapter as well? mine is 2.25A, while 3 cell battery versions have a 3.25A adapter. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Can somebody be able to share whether 6 cell or 9 cell battery is available for Lenovo Yoga 500 14.0 inch laptop in the market?  Thanks.

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Hi Lenovo experts - I am having a strange issue with my new X270 laptop. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now. The X270 came with an integrated Li-Ion 3-cell battery (23 Wh) and also an external Li-Ion 3-cell battery  (23 Wh). With very light usage (just outlook and office apps) and brightness set to 25%, I can barely get 2h-2.5h of battery life. Is this normal? Per the PSREF, 3+3 cell should give me ~13h of battery life.  Anything else I can check? I did a 'battery report' and I see on average 45 Wh of charging capacity when active. However 'Battery life estimates' show between 2h-3h at full charge. 'Current estimate of battery life based on all observed drains since OS install' is showing 3:50.  Do I have a defective battery? Any advice appreciated!

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I have two cells, Cell "A" and cell "B", that have a formula in each. Cell "A" has a value that is correct and Cell "B" has a value that is correct. I now have a third cell (cell "C") with a formula that takes the values of cell "A" and cell "B" and multiplies them. The value of the product is wrong in cell "C" as compared to a value performed by a calculator. Cell "C" reports 51,550.64 whereas the calculator reports 51,540. What is the problem.


A:Excel cell to cell multiply problem

I'm willing to bet that the number you are entering into the calculator are rounded off while the number that Excel is using is not truly rounded off. Even though Excel may display a certain number in a cell due to its format, it is probably using the true value of the number which probably includes several decimal places. What numbers are showing in cells A and B? How are cells A and B formatted? What happens if you increase the number of decimal points in these cells...do the cell number become larger? If so, then Excel is likely using the true values of the cells instead of the display values in its calculations. Provide details of how you are obtaining your cell values so we can confirm that this is happening.

Try the following

TOOLS --> OPTIONS and choose the Calculation Tab. Put a check in the box marked "Precision as Displayed."
NOTE: This will affect all other calculations on the workbook causing changes to other values on the sheet!


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Hi,I have a HP EliteBook 2540p laptop and I want to know the differences between the two types of batteries (HP 6-cell 62 WHr Li-Ion Primary Battery & HP Long Life 6-cell 55 WHr Li-Ion Primary Battery).I mainly looking for the maximum life time for the battery and the maximum time I can use the laptop before charging. ThanksMostic 

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A:HP 6-cell 62 WHr or HP Long Life 6-cell 55 WHr

Hi, No need to check, as I said before 62WHr will last longer 55Whr between charge given doing SAME workload. That is a very basic Physics lesson. Regards.

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