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Alt+Tab Switcher Showing More Than 1 Option for the Same Application!!

Q: Alt+Tab Switcher Showing More Than 1 Option for the Same Application!!

Please help. I'm going insane.

Why, when I hit Alt+Tab, does any application show more than once on the selection pane?????

Please see the attached .jpeg for better explanation.

Thanks in advance!!

Preferred Solution: Alt+Tab Switcher Showing More Than 1 Option for the Same Application!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Alt+Tab Switcher Showing More Than 1 Option for the Same Application!!


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Hey everyone,
Just discovered a bizarre application switcher from microsoft, somewhat similar to Apple's Expose.
Here's the screenshot

The thing came up when I clicked the mouse wheel. The mouse is Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000. Microsoft software that came with the mouse is installed. Checked the mouse buttons config, and it says that clicking the wheel brings up the Flip 3D.

But, since I use the basic vista theme with Aero disabled (like it more this way), there is no Flip 3D on my machine. When I enable the Aero, clicking the mouse wheel brings up Flip 3D.

Anyone got any idea what is this thing?
Actually i quite like it, because it is fast as hell, way faster and more useful than other third party "expose on windows" third party solutions I tried some time before.
I was wondering how to bring up this thing from my keyboard, but win+tab does nothing. As for now, only clicking the mouse wheel works.
Tried to google this, but didn't find any solutions. Any ideas?

Also, hi to everyone, fisrt post here.

A:Strange application switcher

Hello BGSH, and welcome to Vista Forums.

When Aero is enabled you get the Flip 3D affect. When it is not, you get the standard select open window instead. See the tutorial below to see if this is what you are seeing.

Flip 3D

Hope this helps,

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Hi everyone - newbie poster here.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
I have a Windows XP machine with a roaming profile served by Windows Server 2007.  Some time ago, the application switcher pop-up, which normally shows icons for all open applications, turned into a solid black rectangle (size adjusts, depending on the number of apps open).  This is true no matter what machine I use with my profile so it would appear that it is some sort of corruption at the profile level.
This is a work machine and I do have an IT company that I could have look at this for me, but something like this would come with an hourly charge so I'd prefer to figure out how to solve it myself as it's certainly not mission critical, just annoying.
FYI, I would call my self an intermediary Windows user.  I'm not a novice by any stretch (have been using PCs since the DOS days), but despite by computer geek leanings have never put the time into being true power user so please tailor any suggestions accordingly.

A:XP Application Switcher = Black Rectangle

Do what is says here: How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP.

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too long; didn't read: I (2nd year CS Student) am looking for a way to increase the animation speed or disable the animation of the Logitech SetPoint "Application Switcher" Button on windows 7?

Hi All!

First off, I found this community by accident while looking for some tips and tricks! I registered and am curious to see if maybe I can receive some help or a pointer in the right direction with my issue (because it's not really a problem).

So, at home I have my windows 10 and use the M705 Logitech Mouse with the thumb-button configured to show my application switcher (Shows open Applications on current desktop and at the bottom a list of virtual desktops), which I LOVE.

Que coming to work. "Here's your windows 7 laptop."

... "thank you?" I do get it, security is important and they have it set up specifically to tailor their needs, so, while a tad disappointing, I understand why.

Anyway, I'm setting things up the way I like it and found that the windows 7 application switcher (ALT+Tab) isn't really that fantastic. I installed the SetPoint from Logitech because my mouse is more comfortable and was surprised to find that they had implemented a type of application switcher for windows 7! All in all, it works like a charm. The only downside being is that the animation is quite slow.

I've been souring the Interwebs for a secret setting and the install files for a config file to adjust but with little (I mean none at this point) ... Read more

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I have an Alienware m17x, and I want to do a factory reset. I have been able to do it before without a problem, but for some reason my f8 option in startup isn't showing up. I am not sure what to do and I just want to factory reset, please help me out.

A:f8 option not showing up

keep tapping it quickly when restarting.

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I am using an IBM Thinkpad T40. It does not have a wireless card so I am using a U.S Robotics Wireless Turbo PC Card USR5410. I downloaded the most recent driver, and installed it. However there was only one problem, when I try connecting to a network, the WPA Encryption option is not in the drop down menu. However I am sure that the card is WPA compatible because the driver said enables WPA, and when I had win xp, the wpa option worked. However in order to get it to work with xp, I had to download Boingo Wireless Utility (unfortunately that is not compatible with 7).

I have read 1000 different topic threads saying that WPA does not show up because the card is not compatible but I am pretty sure that this card supports WPA.

A:WPA option not showing up

Hi the problem you mentioned, is not a hardwre problem
i think you used like me texas instrument driver. this driver is not compatible with wpa. i had the same problem with vista and now with 7.
there was a year ago another driver that is compatible. if you see in hardware zone the name of your wireless card is the original name, likeme?
this is the wrong driver. the correct driver for vista/7 is a driver you can see hardware name simply like Generic Wireless card adapter .
now i post you the link for the instruction but unfortunatly the link for download the driver dowsn't work and me also don't know how to find this driver . i delete it 2 years ago accidentaly

US Robotics USR5410 - Technology Questions

the working driver came from microcom

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hello, the problem i have is that sound does not come through my headphones when i plug it into the headphone port also it does not show headphones in the playback devices ive tried updating drivers and everything i do not know what else i can do. and after i did this update for high deffintion audio in replacement of realtek the headphone icon came up in playback devices but if i connect headphones it does not work

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Greetings. I have a P5WD2 Premium MB with duel nvidia 6800 GT's 1gb Corsair 800mhz ram. Problem is when I go into the properties of the Vid card there is no option for SLI??? Can anybody help me out here finding how to either activate it or fix it?


A:SLI option not showing up in settings?

you need the sli drivers, one or two hardware bridges, and the appropriate bios settings to get sli to work. without any one of these, you'll never get sli to function.

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Radeon option is not showing after driver update

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Hi guys, OK HERE IS THE SERIES OF PROBLEM I FACED..I had problem that my folder option is not showing. I will the below trick i used to hide the folder."Keep Folders Hiddenfirst create a new folder somewhere on your hard drivewhen you name it hold down "Alt" and press "0160" this will create and invisible space so it will apper as if it has no name.then right click in and select "Properties" select the tab "coustimize" and select "change icon" scroll along and you should a few blanc spaces click on any one and click ok when you hav saved the settings the folder will be invisible to hide all your personal files"but later my PC got infected and folder option not showing. i used search to find the files inside the folder by using advance search option of showing hidden folder. But no luck..later when i used "regedit" command in RUN option nothing happened and later run and search option were just gone. FOLDER OPTION/RUN/SEARCH are not showing now.. can any body help me on this. And one thing more i don't want to format my computer. please advise some software or something to solve this problem.

A:Folder option/Run/Search not showing..HELP.....

Try the fix at Kelly's Korner.Restore Folder Options Under Tools - #129 on the left.Right click on it and save the .reg file to your desktop. Then, double click on the file icon (on your desktop) to merge it into your registry. You may need to reboot your computer for the changes to take affect.With any fix like this you should create a new restore point and backup the registry first. For backing up the registry I like to use ERUNT.

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I have just purchased a new Toshiba 32" tv to use as my monitor. It is HMDI compatible and I picked up the appropriate cable. However, my windows setup does not show an option for a 2nd monitor which I understand I need to use in order to install and use this new monitor.

Please help

A:Windows 7 not showing option for 2nd monitor

Hit WIN+P and see what happens.

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i have lenovo laptop and  i am using this laptop last 3 years but now my dvd player in my laptop is not working.dvd player option is not showing.when i have tried to trouble shot that its showing no dvd player detected

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I have an Asus R503U laptop running Windows 8.1, 64 bit, and the headset has never worked properly with this computer. I am pretty certain it is not the headset, but a settings or software issue..

For one thing, there is no "headset" listed as a separate playback option even after I plug the headset in - however, I can hear through the headset if I choose the speaker as a playback option, and if I unplug the headset, sound will play through the computer speaker, so I have just been using the speaker setting for playback when wanting to hear through the headset.

However the recording/microphone option produces a horrible humming feedback sound when I try to use Skype or record through the headset mic. The recording options are "microphone" or "stereo" and even if I disable "stereo" I have the problem.

My drivers are uptodate - I am using VIA drivers. I have fiddled with various sound settings but can get nothing to work. I have all enhancements to sound disabled and also tried using the trouble shooter to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out what to do here?

Much appreciated - thanks

A:Headset not showing as a playback option, no mic either

Is this a standard analog mic/headset that plugs into the mic and headphone jacks, or is this a USB connected type?

In the Recording options, the "Stereo Mix" (may be called System Mixer) should be set as the default recording device. Then if a mic or line in is used it will be heard or be able to record.

Did this PC come with Windows 8 or was it upgraded from XP or Win 7?

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I have checked around and apparently when you right click on the taskbar and go to properties there is supposed to be a checkbox asking about extending the taskbar onto an additional desktop(a.k.a. dual display). But when I go to the properties there is no option about it there....that area of the properties box is just blank. So I can't figure out how to get it to show up on a dual display. Any ideas?

A:No Dual Display Option Showing Up

that would be cool anyone heard of this

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I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 that came with a built-in wireless card. I used it for two years with no problem connecting to any of the wireless connections around.

Recently, my screen was replaced due to cracks in the screen. When my computer was returned to me, I did not see the wireless option in the bottom of my screen. It didn't even show up. I tried to look for it all over my computer, but I don't know much about it. I did find in the control panel when I clicked on the Dell Wireless WYLAN card Utility, it said no adapters. Also, when I click on the Intel(R) PROSet for Wired Connections, it shows two network components:
Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WYLAN
Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection

The Dell one has a red x next to it.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong??


A:Laptop not showing Wireless option

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Hi. I just clean install Windows 7 ultimate 64bit on my Asus notebook. Everything is fine until i changed my log on screen wallpaper using Tune Up Utilities. It not show password option and automatically enter Windows without put my password. I need to secure this notebook as i have to travel for my duty.

Any ideas? Hope you guys can help me. Big Thanks

#sorry for my english

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I was doing a repair using the Win XP Home SP2 (slipstreamed).

It kept hanging and rebooting by itself only to repeat the F3 Repair, or Enter to proceed with setup.

After I quit out of the program and a reboot, I was able to boot into safe mode. This is when I did the sfc /scannow.

It seems to fix it, but now I'm showing a boot menu option
Windows (default)
Windows (default)

Win XP is is showing twice!

And when I choose the first one, Windows asked me to validate or authenticate my copy. After a phone call with Microsoft my system is verified and authenticated.

However, if I choose the 2nd line Windows (default), Windows is saying I need to validate or authenticate my copy again.

How do I get rid of that 2nd line? My system seems to think I have dual boot, but for the same Win Xp.

A:Solved: WinXp showing twice in boot option

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I've just installed the beta of Windows 7 on a 2 disk set-up, XP already installed on the other disk. I know there isn't a Windows 7 forum but it's essentially Vista so the solution should be as Vista I imagine.

If you install Vista after XP shouldn't XP appear in the Vista boot menu? In my case it doesn't but I'd like it to.

The only way I can set which OS boots is by selecting which drive boots first through the BIOS.
Is there a simple way to fix this?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi i recently bought hp notebook ac143wm and i cant get bluetooth to work on it i cant see any option in settings to enable it or disable it please help me!!

A:Bluetooth option not showing up in settings on hp Notebook 1...

 Thanks for your feedback. It should be easy for you, if you follow the steps.  Click the search icon next to you windws start icon.  Type 'Bluetooth'. It will show bluetooth settings on the pop up menu.click on that to open the bluetooth menu. Where you can on and off bluetooth. Also if you click more options, it will give you option to show bluetooth on taskbar. Hope it will help Thanks 

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I am currently using a work issued Windows 7 Enterprise laptop.


It has been experiencing problems with boot, this same thing has happened before and i was able to fix it using the "Startup Repair (recommended)" option.

This time however it has problems that prevent boot that apear exacaly to same as before but each time it restarts it does not show Startup Repair option and instead goes right to the windows splash screen.

I do not have administrator access so i can not simply press F8 and go to Systen Repair and select to option from there because an administrator password is required.

Anyway, can I use my limited account in safemode to force the startup repair to run on boot?

Giving the computer to a work related technition is not currently an option.

Thanks In advance.

A:Windows Startup Repair Option not showing.

Welcome to Seven Forums septic. I believe you are getting no responses because it is a work issued PC, and you do not have administrator access. While giving the PC to work related tech may not be an option. Consulting said tech would seem to be feasible, and a prudent approach when dealing with a company owned product. A Guy

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Dear Team,
I am not able to do the bitlocker Encryption in windows 7  64/32 bit professional . Is there any way to install Or do the Encryption in win 7 professional.
Looking for support please help.

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Howdy, glad to join your forum! Just upgraded my pc to Windows 7 ultimate x 32, and I can't seem to get both of my moniters to be recognized though they are both displaying the same image (they are both showing up as primary or "1").
In my system prefs I'm not getting the 2 moniter option. In fact I have two video cards each with a VGA and DVI ports, both cards are Nvidia P162
N11071 Geforce FX5200 128MB AGP...when it was working before (with Windows XP) I would have 1 moniter on the bottom card using the DVI slot and the other moniter on top card using the VGA slot (that seemed to be the only config that worked)...NOW the top card won'y work AT ALL (eithe VGA or DVI) but both moniters will work using both slots on the bottom card, however-and this is the problem: my system is only recognizing 1 moniter and send the same image to both moniters, with no 2 moniter options...I looked on the Nvidia site to find a driver for the N11071 for Windows 7 and only drivers for Windows XP showed up...is that the issue? What can be done? Help? Thanks!

A:Windows 7 not giving me the 2 moniter option both are showing same ima

georgie, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Two AGP cards? Like to see the specs for the motherboard that came with two AGP slots.

As far as a driver goes you're not going to find one as Nvidia never made one. The best you're going to find is a Vista beta driver,

ForceWare Release 95

that does work with Windows 7.

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I just can't enable the option for showing the Hidden Files in 'Folder Options'
i've had the BRONTOK virus in my PC before and from what I believe, it doesn't show you the folder options at all. This time i can access the folder options but can't choose the 'Show hidden files and folders' option. I've tried to reinstall the Windows but it didn't seem to work.
My floppy drive is making noises too...as if it's trying to load something

my HijackThis log is as follows:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 3:35:22 AM, on 7/12/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

O2 - BHO: SSVHelper Class - {761497BB-D6F0-462C-B6EB-D4DAF1D92D43} - C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\ssv.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [... Read more

A:Can't enable the option for showing Hidden Files

Do you have admin privileges on this account?

If the floppy drive is making noise, there may be a floppy (or something else) in it...

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The Laptop isnt showing wifi option in my network settings though wifi is inbuilt in my system

A:Though my Laptop has wifi option its not showing in the netw...

Hi,When yougo to network adapters in device manager (rught-click on start and click on device manager) do you see the wifi card under network adapters? Let me know,David

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Facing problem in M900 Tower machine. Primary boot sequence in the BIOS setup is showing SATA 1 drive as 8gb flash drive, Not the actual default 1TB hard disk. Also the machine is not connected any external flash drive.The machine is working fine We updated the BIOS to latest also swapped the hard disk with another machine of same model, But it showing flash drive as primary boot sequence of SATA 1 instead of the 1TB HDD.  How to resolve this issue. 

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Bluetooth is not listed in my device settings.  How do I find (or enable) bluetooth?I have a HP Pavilion 17 TS Laptop and am running Windows 10 (64bit) using a Wi-Fi conection. I need to connect a Bosch Subwoofer bluetooth sound system.  I have been able to bluetooth the subwoofer to my phone but can't seem to figure out how to connect it to my PC. Thank you very much for any help you can provide. Michelle

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I've had a 144hz monitor for a while now, (Acer GN246HL to be exact) and at first I struggled to get it to 144hz, but eventually I got it working. I just moved into my college dorm room and had to disconnect all my cables to my desktop obviously. Upon reconnecting, I realized that the 144hz option doesnt even show up on change display settings in windows, or nvidia graphics panel. I know I'm using the right DVI-D cable because its the same cable I used to get 144hz before. The setting doesnt even show up. I've tried updating both the graphics drivers and monitor drivers to no avail.

I should mention my main monitor is 1920x1080 and I have two other 1920x1080 monitors that are 60hz on either side using the extend display mode.

Any help is greatly appreciated.. thanks!

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I decided to upgrade my current PC (running on Vista) with a SSD drive.

I also bought windows 8 and installed in on this drive.
I changed the boot order in my bios so my SSD drive comes first.
I was expecting to have a dual boot option at start-up but this option doens't show up.

When I go to system configuration I also see the 'windows 8' that is installed on the C-drive.

Is it still possible to add my Vista on the D-drive to this list?

Tnx in advance.

A:Vista not showing up as an option in dual boot

Hello OldEvil1, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you upgraded from Vista to Windows 8, then Windows 8 formatted and replaced your Vista.

Not to mention, that if you purchased an upgrade copy of Windows 8 with your Vista as the qualifying OS, then you are not suppose to use your Vista product key if you have Windows 8 installed as per the EULA below.


What about upgrading the software?

The software covered by this agreement is an upgrade to your existing operating system software, so the upgrade replaces the original software that you are upgrading. You do not retain any rights to the original software after you have upgraded and you may not continue to use it or transfer it in any way. This agreement governs your rights to use the upgrade software and replaces the agreement for the software from which you upgraded. After you complete your upgrade, additional software will be required to playback or record certain types of media, including DVDs.

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I want to shrink C drive in my system, but it is showing 0 space to shrink. Total hard disk size is 465 GB and free space is 430 GB.
I have tried the below steps :
removed the pagy file, power off the hibernet, defrag,
Please help me on this..

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I recently ran a malware scan and had some issues. After restarting the system i can no longer boot to windows. Here's some things I've tried and run into so far:
If i run the windowx 7 ultimate repair cd my operating system doesn't show in the list.
If i let the computer boot normally, i end up with a blank screen and flash upper right hand side cursor.
The only way i've been able to get into safe mode is when the repair disc is running, but then its just the repair disc safe mode and not the actual system safe mode.

Something else i noticed was that when i checked my bios boot priority order it's all messed up, so i change it, save and restart. But then if i go back in its just reverted back to the way it was.

I need some guidance here on what's going on and how to fix it.

A:Windows 7 - operating system not showing in repair option

The information about the BIOS settings not being saved got me. Try reseating the CMOS battery. I suggest you replace it if issue is not resolved. This can also be a case of the mobo being toast. What I also need you to do is run hard drive diagnostics since your windows 7 os cannot be found.

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Hi I was wondering if I could have some help with an annoying problem i'm having. Sometimes when I turn my gaming computer on, windows runs strangely slow and the bar which has the options such as Logoff, Lock, Restart ect. only shows a border of the panel. If i put my mouse over the bar it brings up what the option does but doesn't actually have it as a button.
I put a photo of what the problem does to the power related options bar.

Hope you can help

Thanks Josh

A:Windows logoff option bar not showing and computer is slow

Run SFC /SCANNOW Command, update or reinstall the Display driver, test your RAM and work through the other Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7.

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I want our all options back like task-frequent-mostvisited-recent in Jumplist

i already tried sfc /scannow , advanced system care 5.2X , ccleaner , MSfix it center nothing help

A:windows 7 jumplist only showing pin-unpin-close option !!!

Hello PRATIK, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if after using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below, that your Jump Lists will return.

Jump Lists - Reset and Clear All Items

Since you are using CCleaner, double check that you have the Taskbar Jump Lists item under Windows Explorer unchecked. This will delete your current Jump Lists when used, and may be why you do not see any available.
Hope this helps,

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plz help me in my laptop i m using win xp and i have some virus in my pc like gphone.exe ... so plz sugges me which antivirus i use...
and also in my laptop regedit, taskmager & folder option not showing..

A:regeditm, task manger and folder option not showing

Hello: Please read the instructions at the link below and then post the required information in the Spyware section.


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i am having a 150 gb hdd with windows 7 64bit on it, i have 3 partitions in it,now i baught a new hard disk so i want to make one single volume from the full 150 gb, i was able to delete one partition but another one is not showing the delete option please help
thank you

A:Drive is not showing the delete option in disk management, how to dele

To be clear: you bought a new hard disk. Did you install Windows 7 on that new disk?

Now you are working on the old hard disk (150GB). Is there any data on that disk that you want to save?

The first partition that you deleted (101MB) - was that the System Reserved partition?

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I'm very new to this Media Center 2005 operating system. I'm having a problem and wondered if anyone in the forum might be able to help me. When I use Media Center to try and create a DVD I do not have the options of Video DVD or DVD Slideshow in my choices. All that is there is Data DVD. Anyone know the possible cause of this?

Many Thanks

A:Media Center 2005 Not showing Video DVD on DVD Slideshow Option

Did anyone reply to this question, I have the same problem?

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I am using the on-board sound from my GigaByte GA-Z97X-UD3H (rev. 1.0) motherboard
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-Z97X-UD3H (rev. 1.0)

and in the Windows 10 (same issue in Win7) control panel I dont get the "Microphone Boost" option shown here:

I just get the general volume level option shown at the top.

Any ideas how I can get the boost option?

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hey guyz...

i reinstalled win 7 with disc which i was provided with my lappy...

its WIN 7 HOME PREMIUM.... after reinstallig when i try to backup to factory setting..it asks to RESTART but when i enter SYSTEM RECOVER OPTION...option for dell datasafe local backup is NOT THERE..plz help..

MY RECOVER PARTION IS OK...its of 13 gb.

plz help ASAP

A:Dell datasafe local backup option not showing in sys. Recov. Opt.

Quote: Originally Posted by masterpiece

hey guyz...

i reinstalled win 7 with disc which i was provided with my lappy...

its WIN 7 HOME PREMIUM.... after reinstallig when i try to backup to factory setting..it asks to RESTART but when i enter SYSTEM RECOVER OPTION...option for dell datasafe local backup is NOT THERE..plz help..

MY RECOVER PARTION IS OK...its of 13 gb.

plz help ASAP

i reinstalled win 7 with disc which i was provided with my lappy=>Was that a normal win7 install DVD? Or a restore to factory settings DVD?

Post screenshot of disk management please.

SYSTEM RECOVERY OPTION: Are you refering to this?

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In my application submenus developed using xml is not showing in IE7. But it is showing in IE6. I am looking for solution. Provide ur help in this post

A:In my application, xml submenu is not showing in IE7

Expand-on-mouseover submenus not working in IE7 (CSS)

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I've used VirtualDup a lot in the past, mainly to either join files or to reduce them in size for uploading.

I've just downloaded it to a different computer and when I go to Video>Compression there is no option for avi/xvid.

What have I done wrong or what can I do instead?


A:Solved: VirtualDub video compression options, no avi/xvid option showing

AH, ok, I need to download the codec separately? I don't remember doing this before but am on to it....

Edited to add:

....... worked a treat

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Hi,I have following setting for precision 7510:1. one m.2 sata (NOT nvme) 128GB SSD + one 2.5'' sata 128GB SSD2. SATA operation in BIOS  set to "Raid on"3. OROM keyboard access in BIOS set to "Enabled"But I cannot see the Intel raid controller screen on startup. And CTRL-I has no effect. Cannot enter the raid option rom setup utility.Is there anything else need to be done to get access to the Screen? My current bios is newest version 1.4.8, and I tried to downgrade to 1.3.12 and same result. The SSDs are empty, I just want to set the raid up before installing any os.Thanks.

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So in Windows 7, whatever applications you have pinned to the start menu sometimes have a triangle facing out, and if you click on that triangle, it will show the recent documents you've worked with that application. As the title says, there is one application that just won't show the list no matter how many times I click on the triangle. However, other applications DO show that list. How is it that only one application is causing trouble while others aren't?

A:Recent documents for an application not showing up

Hello Kyle B -
>> if you click on that triangle, it will show the recent documents <<
Is this related to M/s Office, Student, or a similar App ?? I fail to see this on my Windows 7 Home Premium desktop.
A screen shot would help -

Thank You -

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So uh, as you can see from the screenshot of my desktop and taskbar (blacked out 2 shortcuts do to them being revealing), some of my desktop icons do not show like they normally would apparently. The ones with the white paper with a window on it are the ones i'm talking about. The ones on the taskbar are Skype (left) and MSN (right).

Uh, anyway to fix this??

A:Application Icons not showing their symbols?

Hello Cyanide,

Do the shortcuts still work?

You might see if rebuilding the icon cache may help.

If not, then you might see if creating new shortcuts for them directly from the program's .exe file may display properly.

Hope this helps.

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I have a pre-loaded shopping application called Wizlink in my computer. I would like to uninstall it but it doesn't show up in the Uninstall utility in Control Panel. Has anyone heard of Wizlink? I would like to know whether simply deleting it without knowing what the associated files are and if they are going to cause any problems.

I have an HP and this program was pre-installed and linked to a couple of shopping shortcut icons also preloaded on my desktop (eBay etc).

Why can't the Uninstall utility find this pesky program, as I would much rather use an uninstaller than simply delete the program?

Any advice?

A:Application not showing up in Uninstall utility

Hi use revo uninstaller the free version should do Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

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I am trying to find the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates so that I can add my own templates folder with data but this folder isn't showing in the normal place. Microsoft Office is showing under Programs but this isn't the default location to add my own folder.

Can anyone help me, please?

A:Solved: Application Data not showing

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Acer crystal web cam application is not showing
Hi every one!
Previously I was using Windows 7 Home Basic and at that time web cam application was showing.
But now I formatted my laptop and installed windows 7 ultimate.
I installed every driver but still I didn't get acer crystal web cam application, I also searched a lot but all in vain.
I checked its driver and its working properly.
Please help me to get back that application.

A:Acer crystal web cam application is not showing

I got the solution on acer.com I downloaded acer crystal webcam application from there.

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I'm currently working with a client who frequently uses an application that is located on a mapped drive on their server. Every time that their computer starts up, the icons on the desktop show as broken until they go to My Computer, go to their T:\ and browse the directory, then it'll show up as a working shortcut on their desktop. At first I remapped the network drive and checked the box next to "reconnect at logon" to see if that would help, but it they still have to click on the actual mapped drive from within "My Computer." Is there a way to maybe create a batch that will perform this action when they start their computer. Say a "net use" command which will remap the drive every time they start the computer and then have it do a "dir" within the T: once it's connected. It's been years since I've really worked with DOS commands, as I'm typically working with Linux and Basic Windows XP, 7 applications, so I don't really recall how to set up a batch job like that.

A:Mapped Drive Application Not Showing up on Startup


How about something like:

net use t: \\PCName\ShareName
dir t:
Copy to a file and save as "Run_Me.bat" (Or something)
Put it in your startup folder.

Note "NET USE" will also depend on the use of user names and password
You might have to use

NET USE T: \\PCName\ShareName "Password" /USER:UserName

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