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Installing English Windows XP on PC with Japanese XP

Q: Installing English Windows XP on PC with Japanese XP

I just bought a Notebook PC in Japan and it came with Japanese Windows XP Home Edition. I would like to install English Windows XP on the PC. I don't need the Japanese version.

I have 2 English Windows XP CDs: Home upgrade and Home OEM.

How can I install the English version on to the PC with Japanese version of Windows XP Home edition?

Is it also possible to maintain the Japanese version and operate with the English version? If yes, how can it be done? The PC has 2 HDDs: C and D.

I will very much appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: Installing English Windows XP on PC with Japanese XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Installing English Windows XP on PC with Japanese XP

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I changed the OS language to English, but Dell updates are still showing up in Japanese. Help?

A:Changed Windows 10 OS Language to English from Japanese But Dell Updates Still in Japanese?

Where did you buy the computer?  Did it come with Japanese as default?  If you bought it in Japan its possible they installed the Japanese language only versions of the Dell programs and you would be stuck with them.  You could go to the support page for your computer and download the English versions if there are any.

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I do not read Japanese and I'm having trouble installing the English MUI. To be honest, I'm not certain I have the right MUI. Anyone able to walk me through the process? Many domos!

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I am currently in japan so naturally when I bought a new keyboard it is a japanese keyboard. It has romanji and kana on the keys. When I first installed it the system treated it like a normal us keyboard. Also the extra keys that allow you to switch between input modes do not work. I did some searching and found how to get most of the layout correct. However the yen key still does not work. Also the extra japanese keys do not work at all. I have the logicool k200 media keyboard and as I said it is the japanese version. It has 3 extra keys next to the space bar and the key left of 1 which tilde on a normal us keyboard also has japanese symbols on it. Also I used the lang bar after switching the keyboard layout to japanese to switch to kana. After doing this it did type kana symbols but they did not match the kana symbol on the key. I don`t know much japanese yet but I would like to be able to use my keyboard as designed so when I do want to type in japanese I can use the buttons on the keyboard to switch modes and also type the yen character.

A:Japanese keyboard in English Windows

Hi eagled2, welcome to the forums

You may have already tried but here goes anyway

1, Open up control panel and click 'Change keyboards or other input methods'

2, Click 'Change keyboards' followed by 'Add'

3, Select 'Japanese' from the dropdown list and click OK

This should no install the driver & layout for the japanese keyboard

Hope it helps


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I would like to know if I can install and run Japanese applications on an English-based version of Windows 10. This was not possible on any version up to and including Windows 8. The best one would hope for was to change the default language of menus, etc.
For example, in Win 8, if I have installed the English version, I cannot install the Japanese version of InDesign, which has many features not available in the English version of the program. When I tried installing the English InDesign on a Japanese Windows 7, it didn't take either.
The people at Dell Japan wrote today that all I have to do in their pre-installed Japanese version of Win 10 is go to the "language and region settings", but surely this cannot be right. I have hunted through the Windows page but came up empty-handed.
Can anyone show me where to find a definitive answer to this question? Thanks (in advance.)

A:Japanese applications on English Windows 10 and vice-versa

Have you tried to load the Japanese Language Pack (Control Panel -> Languages, Add Language), set your time/date settings to Japanese and your region to Japan? I think this last one, your region, is what makes the version install or not. If you have done all these and changed the default display language to Japanese, you should be able to install the Japanese version without any issue. To make sure you have to e-mail Adobe. Here in Greece, we can install the English version and then install the Greek Language Pack if we want Greek interface. I'm not aware though of any program requiring a specific Windows language to install. My problems usually arise from legacy (non-Unicode) programs that try to display Greek and display garbage because the language for non-Unicode programs (in Regional Settings) is set to English US rather than Greek. Once we change it to Greek and restart all legacy programs display correctly in Greek. The only advantage using a Greek Windows version is that all settings are automatically set to Greek, so a novice user has nothing to worry about. But in earlier Windows there were some compatibility bugs in the Greek version that were not in the English version. I remember some Greek programs did not display correctly in the Greek version (probably due to incorrect font settings) and displayed fine in the English version after we had changed the language for non-Unicode programs to Greek! So some of us more advanced users often avoided the Greek version... Read more

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Failed to install .NET Framework 4.5.2 Japanese language pack on English version of Windows 8.1.

I changed UI language to Japanese from English in Control panel on Win8.1. Then, I installed .NET Framework Japanese language pack.
However, the installer stopped installation and shows messages like an "Unsupported environment".
Is there any way to install Japanese language pack?


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My Son bought a Toshiba Dynabook T5/x16pme when he was in Japan, and of course the xp software is in Japanese. I have a windows xp in english but have tried everything I know of to format and load the english version, but so many things have happened I am to the point where I believe it would be far simpler to just erase the hard drive clean as he has no personal information on it that he wants to save and then reinstall the English version.
We have no CD or anything that came with the laptop. We can not use fdisk or any feature as its in Japanese and we cant read it. any suggestions.???

A:Japanese to English

Does he have a valid license to use if you install your English version? Just install your version and make sure to use the key he got in Japan. There is no way to my knowledge to accomplish a language conversion.

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I just bought a computer with Japanese XP and want to install a separate partition with English XP. I figured I could use Partition Magic to do this, but according to the PowerQuest site, you cannot run English Partition Magic from Japanese Windows. I wouldn't be able to read the Japanese Parition Magic menus to create a separate partition, so I am kinda stumped. The only alternative is to wipe the hard drive and install English Windows from scratch, but I wanted to make sure English Windows would run happily before I wiped out the Japanese drivers. Any ideas?

A:Japanese to English XP

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I just bought a computer with Japanese XP and want to install a separate partition with English XP. I figured I could use Partition Magic to do this, but according to the PowerQuest site, you cannot run English Partition Magic from Japanese Windows. I wouldn't be able to read the Japanese Parition Magic menus to create a separate partition, so I am kinda stumped. The only alternative is to wipe the hard drive and install English Windows from scratch, but I wanted to make sure English Windows would run happily before I wiped out the Japanese drivers. Any ideas?

A:Japanese to English XP

closing duplicate, view this thread

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Hi Gang -

Is it difficult to configure an English XP OS to also contain a Japanese XP OS? My Msft Windows XP book shows step by step procedures for changing to more common foreign languages such as French & German, but does not mention Asian languages.
In this situation I will also be dealing with 2 keyboards - English & Japanese. Do I use a USB connection for the second keyboard? Hmmm - very interesting --

Thanks for your input - Monique

A:2 Languages - English & Japanese

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My son bought a Vista laptop in LA. You can check it out at the link below.

It has an English OS. He can read Japanese on it. But he also needs to write it. My understanding is that Vista has that functionality. How can he enable that?


A:How to Write Japanese on a PC with an English OS

There are two ways that I know of to do this. The first is that he can get Vista ultimate and download the Japanese language pack, or, he can get software that will write in it. You also may just be able to change the regional settings to Japan but I have never tried this.

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I have a Dell Inc. Inspiron 6000 that I am using for work. Unfortunately for me, the computer was brought over from Japan by my boss, so it is running a Japanese version of Windows XP. Yesterday when attempting to turn on the computer, it failed to boot properly, instead displaying an error message:
windows\system32\config file corrupt or missing and it never loads the Operating System. When I run a diag I get"DST Short staus test fail...Error code 1000-0142...unit 4....Drive Self Test Failed..status byte 75. After reading previous threads, I know that I need to reboot from the windows cd. However I don't have the original Japanese windows xp cd... Would an english version work?

A:XP English vs Japanese compatability

DST is a HDD failure, reinstalling the OS won't help until after you've replaced the HDD. After which point, yes, you should be able to just use an english XP CD to reinstall the OS.

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they make it so tricky to get anything done,

ok well this question interested me
I have a japanese computer and it came with a key number that is running ubuntu(I really hate japanese windows) but i want to install xp english on it

can i use the japanese serial key to install an english version?
is anything in the microsoft world as easy and straight forward as that?

just wondered ,
got a feeling you'll answer both my questions with one word.

A:Change Japanese XP to English?

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I have been given a laptop to look at that has a japanese keyboard. When i try to get any symbol like @, which is on the same key as [, i only get the [ symbol. This happens regardless if i press the shift key. I have tried loads of combinations but nothing works. I have also noticed that when i try to use keyboard shortcuts like ctrl + F for find, the help screen opens. He only wants to use this laptop for english so is there anyone who has come across this issue or knows how to sort it.
Below is a link to a picture of the keyboard itself


I have messed about with the settings in regional and language settings but have had no luck either.

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Has anyone experience an application such as the one I use called Roland Versaworks change from the English language to Japanese language? I am trying to prove to my higher level IT that EMET 5.2.5546.19547 could be the culprit.

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Hello everyone, not sure if this goes here.

I live in Japan and I'm from America. I have set my PC to view everything in English.

But, some programs that I have loaded will only display in Japanese. Mostly this are the programs from Asus.

I have sent several mails about this and have heard nothing from them. So I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and knows how to fix it?



A:Some programs dispay Japanese not English

Hello Zapps, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Do you have your Control Panel > Region and language > Location set to Japan? If so, change it to USA.


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I have a game I want to join that is hosted in Japan I was hoping there may be some pay to translate the webpage where you sing up. Here is the link to the page,


Any suggestions would be much appreciated

A:Translating Japanese to English In a browser

Translated version of http://ipas.isao.net/signup_psu/psu/

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I live in Japan and have a new Dell with Vista Home Premium. The OS is the Japanese version. When I select a company that has a Japanese website as well as an English one, IE7 automatically redirects me to the Japanese site even though I chose the English site. How can I stop this?

A:IE7 Redirects Me from English to Japanese Sites

Hi InfoHungry, sorry for the late reply.

In Japan and with a Japanese OS I guess it would be the default behaviour on most websites. Have you set your language to english in Windows ?

Try deleting the cookies.

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Hi all

Does anyone know how easy/difficult this is? Im in Japan at the moment and thinking of buying a new laptop before I go home in Sept. Theyre a lot cheaper here but they all have Japanese OS. Is it easy to change etc?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated

A:Changing OS system from Japanese to English


Found this on Microsoft's site. However, it seems to be based on an english based system. You'd have to do little more detective work it seems. Unless you have an english based system right next to your japanese one.



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How i can change the language of my laptop from Japanese to English language?

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I want to reformat a laptop that is bought from my father abroad. But sadly I don't understand what it says, I just want to make it boot CD/USB first. But its giving me hard time. And also, It won't the desktop. I mean when it starts, and when the Login window appear. Everytime I try to login, it will just show the background and the sound. But after a few seconds, it will logoff back. Maybe its because when I try to use the anti-virus Avast during startup and the laptop suddenly lost its power. (I forgot to charge it) Maybe thats the cause, because I pick "Delete all" whenever it finds a virus. And this virus named "virot" keeps on popping everytime it scans a .exe file. Thats the reason why I want to reformat this laptop.

Btw, here are the pictures I want to translate to english.


A:English translation of this Chinese/Japanese BIOS

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I'm not entirely sure how this happened, and i'm pulling my hair out trying to fix it. Many installation programs are showing up in Japanese, as well as / showing as ¥. I've checked the region and languages settings in the control panel, under the keyboards and languages tab, "Display Language" option doesn't show up. Attachment shows the issue i'm having. Any help would be appreciated, if i need to provide more info, i'll try my best. Thanks.

A:Language Issues, japanese showing instead of English


Even I am facing the same problem. I bought the parts in japan and assembled it but the OS is in English. While installing drivers the installer was in Japanese. Also my keyboard layout is japanese.

Now the programs which I had in English before are getting installed in Japanese when I am doing the installation. I manually changed the language of some programs but I can't find the option in other as they are all in Japanese. I thought it was taking the location from internet and installed without the internet but they still got installed in Japanese.

How do I stop this? Some help would be really appreciated.

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I just bought a new laptop (ASUS K53E). I'm currently in Japan and bought laptop here. I'm stuck at the set up page where I have to choose the region and languages. I would prefer English as main language, but I'm afraid I will have problems later with Japanese keyboard, I use both English and Japanese in daily life. There are two things, language and keyboard, that I can choose the language for. And the physical keyboard is Japanese (qwerty with additional buttons).
Also can I add more languages later on? If I plan to add one more language which keyboard is best for initial set up?

Would be grateful for any tips, its a first time I bought laptop outside of Europe.

A:choosing a language for a new laptop English and Japanese

Be sure to make your Recovery Disks and preserve the Recovery partition if you reinstall so that you can revert to the state you received the computer and hopefully make these Setup choices again if needed in the future.

Otherwise languages are only interchangeable when you have Ultimate which provides all of the language packs via optional Windows Updates.

However reinstall with another language is sometimes possible depending upon the region of your license even though the license is language-specific. The choices you have now should also be available by finding an installer for that language to clean reinstall, then activate with the Product Key on COA sticker. However you may have to try it to find out for sure, so be sure to preserve your factory Recovery options and and Win7 backup image of your install after setup.

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Hi all,

I have searched all over the net for a solution and can't find one. First, a description of the problem:
The Language Bar is showing up fine. I can use Chinese and alternative English keyboard layouts without any problems. However, I can't use Japanese at all. It is not even shown as an option when I click the button to change languages. Furthermore, keyboard shortcuts don't work.

I got it to show the Japanese option when I "restored" the Language Bar, right clicked it, and turned it vertical, but after turning it back to horizontal, the option disappeared. Desperate to get it back, I turned it back to vertical. It's no longer there either way!

I heard that a Windows Vista Update removed some guy's Japanese language support completely. He fixed it with System Restore. But I'm using Windows XP Pro and there's so many updates I don't know when to restore to and I don't want to restore.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I want to change my Japanese VAIO notebook into English because i cant understand its Japanese Windows ME and Japanese Microsoft Office. Is it simple reformatting of the hard drive only then installing my Windows 98 OS and Microsoft Office English version? Please I need answers right now... your help will be greatly appreciated...

A:Convert Japanese notebook computer to English

My friend has a Dell notebook and his OS is window 2000 (German) so he didn't understand it at all, so he e-mail dell and ask them about reinstalling the OS to a win XP and was told that he had to go get all the driver for his notebook from the Dell German website (in which he could'nt because he didn't understand German. My advice is to have all your driver for the notebook that is going to be use on the new OS ready before you do anything and ask sony support about what can be done to obtain the driver.

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Hello, I am considering to buy a Surface Pro 4. If I buy the English version of the machine and add the Japanese language pack, can I run the Japanese version of software? Will that be fully compatible? Some of the filenames are in Japanese. Same question but in the case of buying a Windows 10 installation disk and install it on a Mac running bootcamp.

What are the differences between English version of Windows 10 + Japanese language pack vs. Japanese version of Windows 10 ?

A:Japanese software compatibility under the English version

Hey petercohen8877,

I was curious, so I did some checking.

It appears that this same question was posted before, in here. Have a look at THIS thread. There was some discussion, but I'm not sure it there was a clear answer or not.


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The title says it all. I just recently transferred all my files on to a new account. The first thing that I noticed is that the Start screen wasn't 100% in English. So I looked in my language thingy, everything is in English. I have no idea what's going on

A:Japanese on Start Screen -- Wanting English

Open Control Panel/language and make sure Japanese is not listed as the primary language - use Move down to prioritise. Also check Advanced Options for your preferences.

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when i go to a japanese site all the text charecters are just boxes, how can i view this in english and write on these sites in english eventhough its japanese?

A:how to read & write english on japanese sites?

What browser are you using and what is the operating system of your computer?

Windows XP has a "Regional and Language" Settings Control Panel. That panel has a Languages tab with a checkbox to install support for East Asian languages. The installation uses about 230 MB of disk space.

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japanese and english operating system. dual boot?



I am a new born forum participant. i hope a fondly thought of child.
I am living in japan and just purchased a dynabook tw/670ls. naturally it has a japanese operating system, and though i would like to maintain it(my wife is japanese) i struggle with all the kanji and would like to install a dual english operating system. importantly i need to install english software on the computer and don`t want conflicts. is partitioning the hd and dual booting it the business? would microsoft be kind hearted enough to supply me with an english version of xp as i have a japanese version ?(perhaps a foolish question but worth a stab). how do i go about this migrain task? yes i am a novice, but once even dearly held kathy freeman crawled.

if you can help me, a thousand cheers.

A:english and japanese operating system. dual boot?

Try this: http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/win2k/setup/changeui.mspx

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I have a huge Onenote 2013 Onebook that involves hundreds of individual sections. It was developed entirely in English. Some of my colleagues need this notebook in Japanese.

I know how to share the English notebook with them -- and also that Onenote has a translate option -- and that we need the Japanese Language pack for the most effective translation.

My question is -- is it possible to have in ONE Notebook all the information in BOTH English and Japanese? For example, i was thinking about for each notebook section having the top page be English , then using the translate option and inserting the translated text to a new page in the same section. Is this the best way to do this or are there other options? We have in our US office a translator that knows English/Japanese but is unfamiliar with how OneNote works so I'm trying to help her with that side of things.

I'm thinking I could probably just send the English version to my co-workers and they set their OneNote programs to Japanese but I need to make sure that all the translations are accurate before I just trust OneNote to do the translating (hence the translator needs to review OneNotes's translations). This is medical and nutritional data so its critical that the translation is accurate and FDA compliant.

Does anyone have experience with this or could point me where to go to learn more about this?

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I recently bought a second-hand Protege R830 notebook with a Japanese keyboard.

It's a real pain. I want to replace it with an English one.

Can I do that?

Thank you.

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Hello all -

I am trying to do a Windows 7 reinstall from my Samsung Recovery disk, as I have a Samsung laptop. I have received the infamous "windows could not format a partition on disk 0...Error code: 0x80070057" error. Through researching this forum it seems the diskpart program is used to troubleshoot. However, the program only displays English from the command lines or numbers (i.e. - 465 GB). Everything else is displayed as Chinese or Japanese characters. Is there a way to change the language to all English? Thanks.

A:Diskpart not in English. Displaying Chinese or Japanese characters

Hello richarmb Welcome to the Seven Forums!

With a factory recovery disk that should automatically reformat and reOS the drive for you. That works along with the hidden recovery partition to bring everything back to how you saw the preinstall when first buying the laptop.

Since the manufacturer is actually South Korean with a US product and support site. Samsung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the default language for non user items would be in the native language and unfortunately not flexible like adding language packs onto Windows itself. You're dealing with hard copy media not an OS already install in that sense.

The only option for a clean install with an English version of the Disk Part tool would be borrowing someone else's 7 dvd and then entering the key on the sticker itself. But you shouldn't even be needing Disk Part with any factory restore option.

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I have a DELL Insprion 2400 with Windows XP Office Edition insalled (I know its so old lol). So I was fooling around, trying to make the Japanese carhters show on my computer and messed around and changed the keyboard layout to Japanese from English. I restarted the computer when I tired to enter my password on the Welcome logon screen it wouldn't accept it. I don't have the windows software CD to try to do a system restore and I'm not sure if you can even do a system rstore if you can't logon. I've tried just about everything that I could think of and nothing has worked. At this point I dont care if I losse everything on the computer I just need it to work. Could someone please help me or at least point me in the right direction to get this issue solved. How can I fix this???

A:Keyboard layout changed to Japanese cant change back to English

If you still have English listed as one of your languages, you should be able to navigate through your listed languages using CTRL+SHIFT, even from the login screen.

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I cannot seem to figure out how to get the keyboard layout to install correctly. Every time I install whether it's japanese keyboard, IME keyboard, even installing in English with English keyboard always everything to the right of the U, H and N keys comes up wrong. my j's k's and l's are all numbers. ANy idea how I can solve this? Install in English and then add Japanese keyboard later? Any help welcome. Thanks

A:Installing ENG Windows 7 Ultimate on a Japanese laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by samhfoley

I cannot seem to figure out how to get the keyboard layout to install correctly. Every time I install whether it's japanese keyboard IME keyboard everything to the right of the U, H and N keys comes up wrong. my j's k's and l's are all numbers. ANy idea how I can solve this? Install in English and then add Japanese keyboard later? Any help welcome. Thanks

open control panel, region&languages, install/unnistall langauges, pop up window should appear, choose windows update, it should take you to some MS link to choose what language you want to install.
In my case, during instalation, I choosed input language macedonian,after instalation, I'm switching between my language and english with left alt+shift

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I tried installing Japanese language support onto my Windows XP SP 3, but upon restarting (as it prompted me to do), I can't log into Windows. I select my user name, it says "Loading personal settings..." but then it dumps me back on to the log in screen, allowing me to re-click my name to the same effect.

I didn't have a password set, as it is my home computer. I just had it set to the log in screen since I built the machine, just for me to click on my user name.

I tried doing safe mode and logging into the administrator, but the same thing happens.

I tried reverting back to the "last good configuration" at the menu that comes after spamming F8, but that didn't change anything.

Debug dumps me at the same menu.

I have no idea what to do. Help, please!

EDIT: I have the Windows XP SP 2 disc, which is how I was able to log in. However, I don't have the password or registration key handy.

EDIT 2: I tried installing/fixing windows, but it didn't work (gave an error saying the signature was invalid, error 800b0100, setup log files should contain more information). I can get to the c:\ command line. From there, is there any way to initiate a system restore to previous settings, or change the registry to skip the log in screen?

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Hey guys,
I tried installing windows 10 x64 english (my language is slovakia) but everytime WU download slovak drivers (gpu,audio..)
Is here someway to get english drivers?

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Good day,I just want to ask if it is possible to install 2 windows 7 OS on the same computer? Cause I have a pc with Windows 7 Chinese OS preinstalled but hoping that I won't have to delete that OS and instead install an English version of Windows 7,I was hoping to dual boot it,is it possible and if it is can you help me on step by step on how to do it? many thanks

A:Installing Windows 7 english

Yes, it's easy.

Just make a partition for your new install.

Boot the install dvd - foolow instructions and point the installer at your new partition.

The only issue you may have - as that is an oem machine - you probably have 4 partitions already on there.

If you post a screenshot of Disk Management window - someone will show you how to get rid of the annoying 100mb partition ( assuming you have one ).


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I would like to purchase and install another copy of Windows dedicated entirely to French. I know that I need an additional license, and my question is about how to install it and on which drive? I already have a dual boot Windows 7 and Xubuntu. Also, I am planning to transfer the current C: drive and the new OS drive to a 250GB SSD.

My current setup is a single 500MB Seagate SATA 3

C: current boot drive: drive 80GB
D: 50GB data
E: 60GB data
F: 60GB data
W: 90GB data
Ext4 25GB Xubuntu
Ext4 42GB data
Ext4 42 data
Swap 6GB

A:Installing a copy of French Windows 7 alongside the current English

You can install it on any drive or partition you want. It should be at least 60 GB.

Personally if you have room in your box for another drive, that`s what I would put it on.

Use a Solid State Drive, they are cheap

SSD 850 EVO 2.5" SATA III 120GB | Samsung Solid State Drives

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hi guys,

is this possible?

I have 1 english download (not installed yet since i am upgrading the hardware and want to wait), and 3 licenses dutch.

I changed my mind and want 2 x english installed, so is this possible:

to load Windows 8 english version and activate with the dutch code?

that way i can easily use Easy File transfer for all the apps already on the first computer for the seond one.

Unfortunately one cannot use Easy File Transfer between computers with different language.



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Hello and thanks to the community in advance for the help!

I have the following situation. I bough a new PC (Acer), with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. As you can imagine is full of crap I dont need. This installation is in German.

I downloaded a new OEM copy, of the same OS, this time in English, and my question is, if it is possible to install the OS in English, with they that comes with the computer, that is, with the german version.

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!

A:Installing new Windows 7 Home Premium in English, with german copy

Anyone? A tip or idea .... is this possible???

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I live in belgium and naturally buy my hardware here. I don't, however, like to install my sotware in dutch as it's much easier to solve problems in english.
This means that I install an english windows 7 on my pc and I install english versions of software as wel.

Now, even though I do all this, I still get text in dutch both from the system and from software. For example, some error messages from windows itself are in dutch.

Can anyone explain to me how this is possible and how i can change it? It must have something to do with the hardware but when I install software in english, I expect it to be in English!

A:English installs on an english windows still in dutch

I don't think the hardware has anything to do with it. Question is whether you truely installed an English version. If that was an OEM installed Dutch Win7, then it is not part of the 5 language version (En, Fr, Ger, Span, JPN). You need a 5 language version installation disk to get full English. How did you actually install the "English version" - from what source.

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Hello everyone, my first post here, i hope you can help.

My girlfriend has a new-ish laptop that came with Windows 7 Home Premium, and recently it had some issues. The issues have got worse and it turned out to be a stuffed drive, out of warranty, its basically stuffed.

I got a new HD and installed it, but when i went digging for the Windows disc that came with it i couldn't find it. Some googling tells me that this laptop does not come with any install discs (seriously, wtf?!) only some manuals and other paper work. There was however a recovery drive which i assume was a partition for re-installing windows and the rest of the included bloat ware.

Without a Windows 7 disc we could not install it on the new drive, so i downloaded an ISO on my machine and created a DVD, but the idiot i am, i downloaded it in the wrong language. I didn't notice the NL at the end of the file, which im assuming is Netherlands? Please excuse my language ignorance if im wrong.

I know downloading software is wrong, i dont need a lecture. I'm just not going to pay for another copy of Windows 7 because the scumbag laptop manufacturer wont even include a bloody install disc!

I have the product key of course, luckily the sticker on the bottom of the laptop was still visible.

Sure i could download another ISO, but being bad once is enough for me and our net is pretty slow, it took 4 days to DL this copy!

Hope someone can help!

A:Windows Installation Not in English, Can I Force It To Run In English?

I would download or borrow an English language Windows Seven DVD. Install it with no product key. You have 30 days to evaluate. Also you can extend that period several times. It's not illegal. See this tutorial:

By that time you should be able to determine you have everything working and can then find out what you need to do for activation to keep it permanently.

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I want to install Japanese/Korean IME on my computer (mainly Japanese more). Able to type and see characters.
I do know how to install the IME, BUT I have a problem when I try to proceed.
When I check mark the "Install files East Asian languages" this pops out;

It denies when I press "Ok"

I tried everything. I googled it up, and nothing helps. I even downloading some, but the downloads couldn`t go on because I don`t have the proper Office XP. &I don`t want to download any office xp. 8( Plus, I don`t have the CD or it.

Also, I have a Windows XP pro.

Thank you to anyone who helps! I really need help on this.

A:Problems with installing Japanese IME

I really need help on this. 8(

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Hi,I am trying to install a Japanese software in my vista but oddly enough the installer seems to be unable to display the Japanese properly and unable to complete the install.Pic 1:Pic2:Pic3:Pic4:Oddly enough only page 2 of the installer display the Japanese just fine but not other pages. While trying to install I got an error something about filename, directory name, or volume syntax error.I tried using AppLocale but it seems can't support installer. What should I do to install this?I am using Vista Home Basic SP2.

A:Problem installing japanese software

Have you followed these instructions (especially steps 4 and 5)?http://www.yesjapan.com/install_japanese/windows7_vista/

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I have a problem trying to install a Japanese game, and it just won't install on my Windows 7. Specifically. It installed on my friend's Windows 7 AND on my Windows XP. I don't know WHY it won't install. It's not corrupted, it just has an error when it installs in my system. Even more, it installed without changing the system locale or using AppLocale on my XP. I have tried using AppLocale. I have tried CHANGING the system locale. I even tried running in Compatibility Mode. 

The error. If you can translate to read the Japanese version of the error, please tell me.
Also, if any mods are reading this, please close the original thread or this thread if this doesn't fit here or vice versa.

A:Problem with installing a Japanese game?

Is there a forum...for the developers/website of this game?
That seems the logical place to present your situation, IMO.

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I'm on Windows XP SP3, I've tried installing East Asian languages through Regional Settings, but the Windows XP CD said it cannot copy the files, I've used the disc before I'm sure, so I'm not sure what's wrong.

I googled and found 'Office XP Japanese Support' on the Microsoft website and installed it, this has enabled Japanese characters in websites and searchforms in the browser, but it still appears as boxes or other guff in filenames and such, which I need to fix, can anyone help me?

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