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Subfolders does not show in OWA, but show in Outlook.

Q: Subfolders does not show in OWA, but show in Outlook.


Running server 2008 with exchange server. The user is using both OWA webmail and local Outlook.
User got multiple inbox's to access, 1 personal and 2 for the company. The personal one got subfolders which shows in OWA, but the problem is the other folders. They are only needed by this 1 user and they appear as normal in Outlook but in webmail/OWA it only shows as a single inbox.
Ive tried to set full privileges and rights to create/edit etc for the current user but when right-clicking the folder in OWA the user cant even create subfolders because its grayed out.
How can i fix this?
When i search the internet the problem seems to be the other way around, like they wont show in Outlook so that really doesnt help me.

Preferred Solution: Subfolders does not show in OWA, but show in Outlook.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Subfolders does not show in OWA, but show in Outlook.

Noone got any tips?

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I inserted my external SD card and nothing happens, not even a pop up window saying its been inserted. I also installed the newest windows 10 driver. The SD card dosent even show up on the disk manager under the DVD/CD rom tab (where it should be).

Can anyone help please??

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In 'folder options' the action of 'show' and 'don't show' hidden files have got interchanged.

So, when I select 'don't show' hidden files are shown, and vice versa.

How to get this back to normal?


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I installed the SATA drive. Formatted it. Assigned it a letter. It won't show up in My Computer, but I can access it by typing in the drive letter in Windows Explorer and when I do this it comes up under My Computer in the "Folders" side pane

Data writes and reads from the drive fine.

I've tried formatting it and deleting the partition and creating a new one.

What the **** is goin on?

A:Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.


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I am trying to setup a default user or machine setup for how win7 handles folder view options. I want show hidden folders to be set to on for all users and the hide extensions for know file types to be unchecked or turned off ffor all users (so extensions show)
I have located them in the registry but they do not seem to be applied to all users.
Below is the registry settings I have set

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

When I create a new account to test the folder options are still hiding hidden files and not showing extensions.

Any suggestions


A:show hidden folders show file extensions thru registry

You're close but in the wrong area.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
show and hide files is a profile specific key and therefore can be modified by user accounts. if you would like to change the default, navigate to key:
HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\current version\explorer\advanced\folder\hidden and \hidefileext
there are keys in there that set default behaviors.

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I have been having problems with Media Center, not downloading the guide.  I have been trying to follow all of Microsoft's recommendations for a fix.
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The advice told me to go into Services and find two files on the list and make sure they were both started:

Windows Media Center Receiver Service (was started), and
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service (wasn't started, I started it).
Then it told be to go to Show Processes from all Users.  And find six files on the list.  The instructions assumed the files would be there.  Only one of the files is. 
How do I get the missing five files on the list?:
ehmsas.exe (missing)
ehrecvr.exe (on the list)
ehsched.exe (missing)
ehschell.exe (missing)
ehtray.exe (missing)
mcGlidHost.exe (missing)

Microsoft's directions d that these files would all be there.  It did not say what to do if any were missing.

Please HELP!!! 

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I have been having problems with Media Center, not downloading the guide.  I have been trying to follow all of Microsoft's recommendations for a fix.
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The advice told me to go into Services and find two files on the list and make sure they were both started:

Windows Media Center Receiver Service (was started), and
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service (wasn't started, I started it).
Then it told be to go to Show Processes from all Users.  And find six files on the list.  The instructions assumed the files would be there.  Only one of the files is. 
How do I get the missing five files on the list?:
ehmsas.exe (missing)
ehrecvr.exe (on the list)
ehsched.exe (missing)
ehschell.exe (missing)
ehtray.exe (missing)
mcGlidHost.exe (missing)

Microsoft's directions assumed that these files would all be there.  It did not say what to do if any were missing.

Please HELP!!! 

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A newbie here that just completed a first-time new Win7 PC build. Successful installation of Win7 Pro on WD 600GB 10000 system drive. Went back and installed 4 additional HDD. (2) WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM and (2) WD Caviar 7200 500GB HDD from XP system that were used for storage.

BIOS sees all HDDs, but are not viewable in Disk Management.

System Specs:
Antec Nine Hundred
Intel Core i7-980 3.33ghz
24GB (3 x 4gb) Corsair XMS3 1600mhz RAM
PNY Quadro 4000 2GB VC
Corsair 850TX 850W PSU
1 WD 600GB SATA HDD for OS
2X WD 500gb SATA HDs (previously used on WinXP system for storage)
1 Pioneer Blue Ray Burner SATA BDR

SATA4=WD 500GB (previously used as storage on XP system)
SATA5= Pioneer BDR
SATA6= WD 500GB (previously used as storage on XP system)

SATA configuration is enhanced. BIOS is 0701. Marvel 9128 Controller [IDE Mode] PCI/PnP is set to [NO] which was the default setting. The grey SATA1-6G headers are not in use.

Device Manager lists all drives.
However, only three are visible in Disk Management. Missing (1) WD 500GB (previously used on WinXP system) and (1) new WD 1T.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

A:HDDs Show in BIOS, But Do Not Show in Disk Management

Are you sure that its not just at the bottom (of Disk Management) and not formatted yet?

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I mistakenly tried M/S Backup to back up My Documents so I can reformat...

Should have known better as I know it is not good...

Anyway I used CD-RW discs all new... and as the backups didn't record I erased the discs. Although they open up and show completely blank, they show as full in properties...trying to use CD Creator as I normally do tells me that the discs are 10 MB when I know they are 650 MB....

Does anyone know why this is...I'm not bothered about the discs they are cheap enough to throw away and replace, I'll carry on copying and pasting or using CD Creator in the future it's just bugging me as to why this happens...

A:CD-RW discs show blank but show full in properties

don't know why it's doing it, but have you tried to reformat to reclaim the space?

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I have a prob with my Seagate 1TB external hard drive working on my G4 Powerbook (Leopard OSX). I have a Maxtor 200 gb drive that works perfectly. But The 1TB drive doesn't always appear on the desktop but does show in the system profiler. When it does show up on the desktop my files missing from from folders. Finally on the few times that files show up, I can't open them. I had error messages about permission to open the files but the drive and files all have read/write permission.

I use the drive for backup. The files on this drive are from the Maxtor drive, random disks and my thinkpad which runs Vista.
Any insite would be greatly appreciated.

A:USB drive won't show on desktop / files won't show in folders

It's Vista's Security System. Go through the help file and it will tell you how to turn it off

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I'll be sending out a monthly news letter to my existing clients from now on and I'd like to send it via "mass mail" using distribution lists that I've created in Outlook.

I'd like to use BCC in order to send for confidentiality of other clients. My problem: using BCC leaves the TO: field blank. This creates an issue with some of my clients spam blockers (it will block anything that isn't "TO:" them).
Is there a way to use my existing distribution lists, send via BCC, but display only the individuals name when they themselves receive the email?!

A:How to show recipient name while using BCC (Outlook)

I'm not sure whether or not this can be done. In the past I've used macros to automate the sending of mass emails. Instead of sending out just one email with multiple addresses the macro would loop through a list of email addresses and automatically send out an individual email to each.


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After I upgraded my computer, I found that many images in Outlook do not show. Instead, I have to right-click and then the images show. I recollect that there is a setting somewhere to solve this, but I can't find it.

Many thanks,


A:Images do not show in Outlook

Which version of Outlook?

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When I type a message and put in a smiley people are telling me that they see the letter J. I typed a colon & parenthesis like : ) but they see it as a J, and they're reading the message in GMail.

This is with Outlook 2010. I'm new to it. What setting do I have to change?

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I just removed trojan.vundo from my pc and i deleted C:\WINDOWS\system32\ATPartners.dll
with techsupport's help and now I can't get outlook to show any messages. I already tried calling my school's tech support and they were useless.. i'd appreciate any help.. thank u!!!

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I have recently changed from Office 2010 to Office Home & Business 2013. My old version didn't include Outlook, so I had to access my emails through my browser?no problem. Now that I am using Outlook, I find that it sometimes (not always) won't show images in my emails. I've tried adjusting the settings, including the Trust Center, but it makes no difference. In the attached image, I have indicated with a red arrow what actually appears, and added a box with a red border, showing what should appear. I should be very grateful for any help to sort this out.

A:Outlook sometimes won't show images

I use MS Office/Outlook 2010 and sometimes get a message with image(s) (1) that don't auto download.
I get a message (2) that i can click on to get options.
I can choose from there how i want to handle it.

I don't know if Office 2013 removed this feature / functionality ?

If I click on (2) in my example, i get the options shown for (3).
For me, selecting the choice i want works ...

If Office 2013 works different for this, you'll need to wait for a reply from someone with Office/Outlook 2013.

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I work in a small office and one of our users has been having this problem.
Sometimes when she opens an e-mail, she won't be able to see pictures. This is seemingly completely random, some e-mails they will work, some e-mails they won't. When she opens those e-mails in another program (Maximizer) the images still display, so the problem of course is just with Microsoft Outlook.

If anyone knows what could be causing this problem, please provide some input!

Thanks a ton.

A:Pictures Sometimes Don't Show In Outlook

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I've got a new pc and this just happened the other day and I'm not real familiar with XP and it's features, but the other day email (outlook express) were coming in with pictures and now I get red X what might have happened. The only thing I loaded was AVG and I did notice after that the Windows firewall got turned back on again. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

A:outlook won't show pictures in outlook express get red x

just figured it out

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Im am using Exchange 5.5 with Outlook 2000 in a small company. A few users cannot see their new email unless the click on a emailor click refresh. The whole company is using Win98 and same computer build. Since it is only happing to a few users it must be client related...right?

One thing that fixes this is deleting thier profile and recreating it. but I would really like to know what is causing my users to not see their new email.

A:Outlook 2000 does not show new mail

Your post was not specific enough, but if deleting and then remaking their accounts works go for it. I can't help you any further because your problem could be caused by a number of things.

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Does anyone know how I can get the icons of my email attachments (the pdf icon for example) to show within the body of the text? All my attachements that I send can only be be opened with the paperclip but every now and again I'll get an email from someone and the attachment is right there in the body of the email. I'd like to be able to do that too.

A:Have attachments show in Outlook emails

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In Outlook Emails show up with None as date. I have tried changed the "View" settings with no change.

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Some of Verizon emails do not come into Outlook. The POP configuration for Verizon is correct. Beside having Verizon emails coming in Outlook, but Outlook is also setup for gmail. Could there be a conflict that's causing some of Verizon emails not to come through into Outlook?

A:Why all of Verizon emails do not show in Outlook?

How do you know some are not comming thru? . .

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Upgraded both our Desktop & Laptop to Windows 10 in the past few months.
Last week I tried to access some Outlook emails that were more than two years old, the attachments & emoticons do not appear. This is on both PC's & the same result using Edge, IE or Chrome.

I installed Windows Live Mail & now I can see all the attachments & emoticons. Forwarded some of the emails from Live Mail to myself & now in Outlook the attachments/emoticons all appear as well (all three browser Edge, IE & Chrome). So say for instance I have a 2 & 1/2 year old email in a Outlook folder that will not display attachments/emoticons but the very same email just forwarded from Live Mail to my Outlook inbox now displays all attachments & emoticons

Tried inspecting elements but really have no idea what I'm doing. See msgs regarding HTML, Java Script in Edge? Don't have either Java or Silverlight installed, guess the newer browsers are moving towards HTML.

So can anyone help me to understand what is happening?

Thank you as always

A:attachments for old emails don't show up in outlook

When I inspect element on these pictures & emoticons it looks to me as if they are associated img file type.
According to the Default File Type Associations - Restore in Windows 10 Tutorial I see img file type has a description of CD or DVD image file no Default App.

So grasping at straws here am wondering if I point the .reg for img to Microsoft Edge as the html file types are - might that possibly open the pictures inside Outlook? How would I point img file type to Microsoft Edge?
In fact when I browse Choose Default Apps by File Type in Settings I cannot find .img? Goes right from .imesx to .inc. Should there be .img there?

Not very good with registry, sorry.

thank you

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After a recent concern with my PC I have had to rebuild outlook scratch. In doing this I have recreated two email accounts within out look, using the outlook test button the account test fine. one of the accounts however does not appear in the in-box. If I log in to mail2web and check my mail everything is there. Any one have any ideas?

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Hey Guys, I cannot find a soultion to this problem. I was using my desktop like normal then an error came up saying that there was a hdd failure, and that i needed to scan for errors. all my files disappeared and only this error would come up. There would be hundreds of the same msg spamed on my screen. I scaned my hdd for errors using my Bios/Advanced options and no errors came up. I decided to take out the hdd and put it into my External Hdd bay to hook up to my laptop to extract the data off it.

When i hooked it up to my laptop it showed up empty. I went into folder options and clicked on show hidden files and folders. Everything came up but it was grey/transparent. I then copied the files to another hdd for backup.

Then i formatted the hdd and put on a fresh new OS. Id like to mention i have a second internal drive that i use for backups but it wasnt backed up recently when this issue happen so i had to take out the main drive and use it as an external to back up onto another external drive.

so then when i click on my second internal drive after the reinstall of the new OS it shows empty i have to go in and show hidden files and folders.. now they show again transparent. also i plug in my external to get the recent back up and all those files are still transparent when i move them to my desktop that is freshly OS installed they are still grey/transparent and i have to keep the show hidden files and folders to view them.. so its all my music, pics, documents etc th... Read more

A:backup files will only show up if i click show hidden files and folder

Hello Spooky, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use the tutorial below to set the attributes of these files and folders to be unhidden to see if that may help.

File and Folder - Hide or Unhide

Hope this helps,

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I'm having a family reunion on Saturday at which there will be a screen for a slideshow of photos. We have a folder of around 1500 pictures which we want shown on the night. I tried windows movie maker, spent hours arranging the photos so that they were in no particular order and in the end it couldn't deal with the large file size. I have also tried smilebox but it won't let me import the photos en masse and I can't be bothered individually clicking 'add' on them all.

Basically I want a simple software that will allow me to add all 1500 photos at once and will jumble them up for me so that they're not in alphabetical order (the way shuffle would work on an ipod, no picture would be shown twice). Any suggestions welcome asap. Thanks

A:Simple slide-show software to create random slide show

I'd use the freeware Irfanview and have it make a slide show.

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I activated Outlook Express today and it shows my Verizon.net e-mail account and my hotmail e-mail account, but NOT my Yahoo e-mail account?
How can I get that to show up on Outlook Express?

A:Outlook Express - How do I get Yahoo e-mail to show up?

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For years I have used Outlook (version 7) with Windows 7 Ultimate on my desktop PC. Recently, however, though it displayed emails coming in, it stopped putting then into the inbox, although it continued to send mails normally. Any mail I sent to myself would appear in the “sent” list, but not in the inbox. I checked all the settings with UPC, my service provider, but these appeared correct. I could also read my mails on UPC's site via their "webmail".

I next ran the repair program on the original Office 7 disc. This claimed that Outlook had been repaired. Nevertheless, the old problem remained.

I then tried installing Seamonkey. Here again I checked the settings with UPC. In contrast to Outlook, Seamonkey downloaded all incoming mails. However, when I attempted to send mails, I got the following message:
The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server mgate.chello.at failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again, or contact the server administrator.

Next, I installed Seamonkey with the same settings on my Samsung Ebook, which uses Windows XP with all service packs. It functioned perfectly, receiving and sending mails with no trouble.
UPC was not familiar with Seamonkey so asked me to instal Thunderbird and/or Windows Live Mail.
I tried both. Thunderbird took over the settings it found for Seamonkey. It displayed the incoming mails. But when I t... Read more

A:Outlook 7 will not show new messages:Seamonkey won't send them.

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Hi all,

I have my Outlook inbox view sorted by conversations and was curious if anyone knew a way to have Outlook show all threads that contain an unread message. Thunderbird does this easily, but I'm not able to use Thunderbird in this case.

I'm looking for something a bit more than just a view to show all unread messages. For example, I have all read messages hidden and let's say I have a conversation with 8 email messages. If I get a new email within the conversation, I'd like to have Outlook show me all the messages within that conversation, both read and unread.


A:Outlook 2003 - Show unread threads

i know how to see all the unread messages
left hand menu
folder list under "All mail folders"
Scroll down to
"Search folders"
+ sign next to it.
Click on the + sign
folders should say "unread mail.
Double click
ALL unread mail

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Just wondering if any experienced the following and if they found a fix.

I have a client who's had inadvertently added a user to share her Outlook 2007 Calendar (In an Exchange Environment). My client has since removed that user from the Permissions Properties. But, for some reason the Shared symbol still appears on her Calendar Icon.

I confirmed that there were no other user that have permissions to her Calendar. As a test I added and removed a user in having permissions to the Calendar. The Shared Symbol disappeared for a while but returned once we restarted Outlook.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A:Outlook 2007 Calendar should not show as shared

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All was well using Outlook 2000 but after upgrading to 2003 only times apear and no details unless you open the item.

A:Outlook calender does not show details only times

Not sure what view you are using, or even want, but you might check out the command View>Reading Pane>Bottom (or even Right).

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I woudl be grateful if someone can help. I run Windiws XP Professional and have jusy upgraded from Office 2002 to Office 2007. My mail comes into two external ISP's servers and then I download it into Outlook using 'Send and Recieve'. The set up worked perfectly in Outlook 2002 and all the same account settigns are in place in 2007. When I press 'Send and Recieve' all the outgoing messages go Ok and all the incoming messages come in to my .pst file that drives Inbox, personal Folders etc - I can see the files are downloading and can see the size of my .pst file increasing by the correct number of megabytes.
The trouble is that I cannot see the new mails comign into my Inbox anywhere! My Inbox is displaying quite happily all the mails that were in there before upgrading, and now after the upgrade I can't see any new ones. If a new mail is designated as 'Spam' either by Outlook 2007 or by Norton Internet Security (which I have just disabled, just in case) it DOES appear in the appropraite 'Spam' folder; it's only the good mails that hide. I also tried changing the target folder for downloaded mails to come into (instead of the Inbox) and that has made no difference. 'Office Diagnostics' that come with Office found 6 errors (somewhere), fixed them all, and it also made no difference.
Any ideas woudl be really welcome!
Thanks a lot
Mike 1314

A:Outlook 2007 downloads but won't show new mail!

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Win98, IE 6.x, OE 6.x

When I click on an Email message that contains JPG attachment, I get the errors described in the M$KB article below (the only difference are the line numbers).

url=http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;268136]OLEXP: Script Error Messages When You Try to View Graphic File Attachments[/url]

The article indicates that this is a known issue with OE 5.5, but I have 6.x.

I've tried setting my Securty setting to 'Low' and ran the IE Repair Tool. Anyone have any ideas on how to make these errors errors go away?


A:Outlook Express - Picture Slide-Show

Slide Show is not available in OE6....you need to disable trying to use it see here Inside OE--SlideShow

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Outlook 2016 Windows 10 Version 1607 build 14393.321.

I get no new email alert on my HP Laptop when a new email comes in. On my desktop using the same W1-build I do.
Outlook 2016 shows up in Settings/system/Notifications/Get notifications from these senders. I have the Display Desktop Alert checked in Outlook's File/Options Mail.

Can someone tell me what else I need to do?

Thank you very much.

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There is a little monthly calendar in Outlook where you can click on a date and then it will open up your calendar at this date. This is very useful to me but when nearing the end of the month, it is becoming less useful as less future dates become visible.
Is there any way that I can view more months?

Link -
Show more calendars in Date Navigator | MSOutlook.info

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Hi ,

I am new to this forum! I can't find the recipients to whom I had send my emails to in Outlook 2003.

Earlier it would automatically pick up the names from history, now after logging off and then logging back on, it doesn't remember the names.

What must be causing this?? Thanks for the help is advance

A:Outlook doesn't show send recipients

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i have got a slight problem with outlook, the problem being that when a french contact of mine replys to a email i send them the reply does not have any text in it other then what i have sent them, Its as if they just clicked reply and then send with out typing anything.

If they start a new email i can read what they have put.

There is no attached file to the email.

The email type is Rich Text

A:Outlook wont show email text

i sitll have not managed to sort this out, any one got any idears?

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I was deleting emails when it stopped responding. I restarted it and now it doesn't show the message when you click the email. This is in the default / compact view.

A:Outlook Hung, now it doesn't show messages

Hello MadSupra,

ATM my mind reading skills are on holiday.

* Which version of Outlook do you refer to?

* Have you a System Restore point you can return to PRIOR to the current problem?

* Have you uninstalled /reinstalled?

* Have you tried the Outlook Repair Facility?

* Did you check in Event Viewer for error messages?

Event viewer.

Type eventvwr in search and go to the windows log>application tab.
Look for errors that have red in the left hand column that say app hang, or app crash, or anything relating to the CURRENT problem.
When you find any make a screenshot and upload them to us.

What information appears in event logs (Event Viewer)?

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I can't seem to figure out how to get outlooks monthly calandar screen to show 7 full days. It seems to want to combine sat/sun or some other two days.

I checked all the days of the week Mon , Tues, Wed , THurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

And show Sunday as start day,

But no matter what I do, or what start day I choose, I can't seem to
get it to show 7 full days.

What can I do.

A:how to show 7 full days on outlook calandar month

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Friend of mine has got desktop with XP home Edition (not professional)

OS get corrupted (that means I can not outlook wizard for import and export); I took the HD out and backup its data. I copied the whole partition C –got only one partition- (of course with its hidden files) which had those three folders :

Windows , Program files, Documents and Settings to an external USB HD.

I did not backup the system32, because it was big and I did not have enough space
Then I plugged the HD again , and I installed fresh copy of XP professional (not home edition), after that I copied :

Those files (My Documents, Favorites, Desktop icons, and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Outlook

I was able to restore My Documents, Favorites, Desktop icons, but I could not get emails for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (not OE)!!!!!.

By the way I have not setup his account with outlook yet, because I do not know what his username and password (Is that necessary at this stage ?)

Do I need to copy program files as well ?

Have I done the right thing or I missed up ?

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 and restore its file does not show up

Hi zillah

Microsoft Office Outlook uses .pst files to store: messages, contacts, tasks, etc.
Do a Search for *.pst.

No, it is not required to create an e-mail account to use Outlook (of course, it is required to Send and Receive messages), when Outlook is started for the first time. Step through the Wizard that appears, when asked to create an e-mail account click: Cancel

Once Outlook is started, it will have created a new empty Personal Folders (.pst file).
When you have located the original .pst file you will want to connect it to Outlook 2003.
In Outlook: File > Open > Outlook Data File
Browse to the location of the .pst file and select it, the Personal Folders should then appear in Outlook 2003.

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As described in the title. I have a colleague who has to work through a large amount of old emails in his particular folder. Whilst he has scrolled down to look at older mail he finds that when a new email arrives it automatically goes back to the top of the folder to display the newly arrived message.

Is there a setting to turn off so that he can work further down the folder and then manually scroll back up to view new mail rather than it doing it automatically?


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Just as the title said, has anyone come across a solution to this problem. Running on Win2K.

A:Outlook 2000 messages with attachments don't show in sent items after being sent

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Hi all... I am trying to figure out how to get all of my contacts to display in my address book. I add frequently to contacts, but they do not add themselves to the address book. Is there a method or a tool for download that will sync my contact list with my address book. I don't mind clicking here and there to perform an update, but I am trying to avoid having to do this for each and every missing entry. thanks a bunch.

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OK, im am banging my head here. Im trying with all my might to export my address book, or even just parts of it to a csv file to upload it to talkfusion (they require the csv format) But everytime i go through the steps it never shows up, cant find it anywhere on my system. I've been doing this:
In either the acutal addy book or Outlook Espress
File>Export>Text File (Comma Seperated Values)>Export
Browse to Desktop, type in the name and hit Save> Next > check the 4 values i want (name, email addy, phone, business phone) > Finish

the only options i then have is Export, or Close if i click export, i have to do the whole thing over and over again until i finaly select close, and i still have no file

A:and then, it STILL wont show up, ugh.... Outlook Express csv file never appears

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We have a tracking problem that I am unable to resolve. We have a user that needs to keep track of users that read training related email. She sends out to a server based distribution list of around 90 people and requests read receipts. When you go into the sent items and look at the tracking tab, it only shows the group distribution list name and no other information, not even a time stamp. I believe she even redirects the read receipts into a separate folder for easier tracking. It was working where all the users were listed and showed the time stamp of when it was read, but no more. We have all the latest service packs installed on the Exchange server and the workstations. Our one Exchange 2000 server has been rebooted and seems to be running fine except for the memory leak that Store.exe has that requires a reboot about once a week. The re-boot seems to work better then just restarting store itself.

Thanks for any in-site you can give,


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I am operating Outlook 2003 in a Dell Inspiron running Windows 10, and my wife shares my email address and Outlook 2003 server connection with Outlook 2003 on her Asus computer running Windows 7 (my ISP is ATT Uverse). This sharing situation has been fine for several years. But over the past few months, I have had some problems with the operation of Outlook on my computer, while her computer is still getting satisfactory service from Outlook. First, I noticed I could not send any messages. After some ?clicking around? trying to see what might help, in desperation I saved my inbox, contacts, and sent box as pst documents, and then I uninstalled/reinstalled Outlook. That seemed to eliminate the sending problem ? I now can send messages, but the problem is now on the receiving side.

When I turn on Outlook, and I look at the Inbox icon in the Folders List, I typically notice the Inbox document-count number increasing at a steady rate of 1 to 2 messages every second as the messages are read from the server. But the Inbox window never actually shows messages newer than about 8 or 9 days old. And some days, the Inbox window won?t update at all, despite the document-count number increasing steadily. When I am trying to download messages, I noticed that if I click on the ?Details? button at the lower-right margin of the Outlook window, even if a document count (in MB or document counts) shows progress, my system never downloads any more than about 1/3 of the total number of availabl... Read more

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I am running Outlook 2010, Windows 7 & continue to have a problem with new mail alerts & icon in the systray. I have everything marked for sound & desktop alert yet sometimes it works & other times it doesn't. I run Outlook 2010 @ work with XP & it functions properly all the time. Don't want to switch to Live mail, but at least I get the alerts of new mail

A:Outlook 2010-doesn't always show new mail alerts

Is it perhaps an IMAP account? If so, have a look here:

Outlook 2010 IMAP Notification Alert

It looks like having a different alert is the issue. A Guy

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