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Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

Q: Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

---Wow this is frustrating, I just got done fixing two other computers- one was helping someone else fix their computer, because they were seeking someone with basic expertise, and here I am seeking someone with higher knowledge to help me out! thanks in advance to all who contribute!--- HP Media Center M8330FWindows Vista 32 bit4GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card, and plenty of HD spaceF9 hardware diagnastics: A-OK!Suddenly this computer decided to malfunction, without installing anything new, or updates prior to its "crashing." I'm pretty wary to spyware and virus of the like, so I am careful to what is installed and opened on this computer. But for all I know, when I was out of the house someone could have accessed the the machine, infecting it with something. I noticed before I left the house that it took a ridiculously long time to empty out the recycle bin (has anyone else had this problem in vista?). I know there were a lot of high res pictures in there, so I'm guessing quite a few gigs of deletion, but after an hour it hadn't even progressed. It said 13 minutes and appeared to be frozen, but was still moving. I restarted the computer and tried the same thing-- exact same result. <--- this is the only hint I have as to what happened, because before this everything was fine!Anyway, I got home and turned on the computer (after someone turned it off) and it just booted up the HP screen and then went to the windows logo loading page, except there was no windows logo! It displayed the loading bar and moving across the box at the bottom, but just with no windows vista logo. Then came the blue screen with the moveable mouse pointer. I waited hours, the mouse pointer still could be moved, but the screen was frozen on the light blue hue right before the welcome screen or logon screen. I retried this several times, with this same result. Even CTRL+ALT+DEL does not work. Even more interesting, I tried booting in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Command Prompt both with the same result of: black screen with mouse pointer and the text "Safe Mode" in all for corners. No progression after an hour of waiting. Booting windows in "last known good configuration" didn't work either. There was also a "repair" function that precipitated the same results as well. The F11 Recovery Console at the HP boot screen did not work no matter how rhythmic my F11 pushes were-- not sure why I couldn't recover this system on the recovery partition since HP doesn't send you recovery CDs anymore! Lastly, I made a Hiren Boot CD followed with my own Windows Vista installer/boot CD. They both had the same result when booting straight from the cdrom: error message on a black screen:" The System memory manager (EMM386.EXE) has detected an error caused by a fault in one of the device drivers or programs loaded in the system.Due to this fault the system is probably in an unstable state, and you are therefore recommended to reboot the computer immediately. If the problem persists, then try to isolate which program is at fault (if you have loaded several, then load them one at a atime until the fault appears), then contact tech support department for that program.Advanced technical information:Exception 6 (Invalid Opcode).DS=02CB etc etc... let me know if you need all the alphanumeric encoding.."When I don't boot straight from the cdrom it freezes and says this:"1. FD 1.44mb System Type-(06)Starting Caldera DR-DOSEMM386 3.27 Copyright etc. etc. etc._ <---- blinking cursor!"I don't think I'm leaving out much of all, but any other inquiries let me know. I find this problem extremely odd, yet annoying. I don't know what else to do, this computer is barely a year old. Tech support wants $100 or something like $50 for 14 days on one issue! even for a recovery cd they want $30. Wow HP! Anyways thanks in advance and cheers, Nowachi

Preferred Solution: Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

It may be that someone didn't turn off the PC rather that it experienced a damaging event and shut down.Suggest you check the RAM - remove and reseat and try rebooting. If not successful your mother board may be damaged - nasty thought.There is also this site which may be relevant.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/831515If you can get your PC going suggest you check Event Viewer. Then restore files from the recycle bin and then use SHIFT/DELETE to get rid of them, delete a small file and see if emptying the recycle bin works OKPaul

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After installing the latest NVIDIA 182.50 Drivers for my 8500 GeForce 8500GT card on my Gateway AMD x64 with Vista Home Premium 64bit, now at start up the Boot screen doesn't come up and neither does the Vista green loading bars, just get black screen, no signal until the Vista Logon screen appears. I used to get the Boot screen with F10 boot options and F2 BIOS options and the Gateway Logo, but not anymore.

Any idea why and how I can get the boot screen back ??

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My computer monitor suddenly went black with only my mouse cursor showing. The computer was rebooted. And after with the windows login, the monitor was black again. I did a ctrl-alt-delete and was able to access task manager. I shut down Explorer.exe. Then went to Task Run and started it again. Still just a black screen. I am running a Dell XPS 435mt with Vista Windows Home Premium. I don't think it's a video issue because I did some diagnostics tests, and everywhere else I can see the screen, except windows.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Also when attempting to boot in safe mode it has hung after "Loaded: \Windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys" with only a "Please wait..." message.

A:Screen black after windows Vista logon, can get to task manager with ctrl-alt-del

Looks like the boot hard drive has failed or has become corrupted... could also be a memory failure

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Hi, please i need help.
i just installed some updates on my windows 7 Dell Laptop, which the updates includes: Microsoft Essential and i updated my vlc. later on i did restart and after welcome screen i just saw my laptop black out with mouse cursor. i thought it will just be for
some minutes or maybe due to some changes i just did. but it was all like that for more than 30 mins. it was so really frustrating, i wanted to browse to do some work i couldn't do anything again i have to stay awake for two hours shutting the laptop down
and booting again still  the same thing.
after on i tried to boot in safe mode, which was successful but i realized that some of my softwares would not open, i shutdown again to boot to normal windows thinking maybe is because i boot in safe mode. it was so worst in normal windows. still on black
screen but it didnt last long for 15 mins and the desktop background came up. i was happy  but still my softwares like browser, corel and some other apps will not open, i decided to uninstall the vlc again, but showing me you dont have sufficient permission
to access the application please contact your computer administrator. i was just helpless.
the screen task bar atimes turned to white if i restart the windows or shut it down and put it on again. but windows media player works perfectly i can watch film and i can scan with the Microsoft Essential. i checked the settings to see maybe is the Microsoft
Essential i downloaded that deni... Read more

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Last night I shut my computer down like I normally do, and it went off smoothly. However, this morning I tried to turn it on, it went through the "HP Invent" screen, then showed a mouse pointer for a minute, then the Windows loading screen (Icon with a moving bar). However, after that is a blank screen. I've left it on for an hour this morning, then tried restarting it (holding the power button). I then was able to boot it in Safe Mode successfully. So I wondered if it would work again. I restarted it throug hthe "Restart" command, but its a black screen again.

I have a:
HP Pavilion Tablet Laptop (tx2000z)
Vista Home Premium with SP1 32bit

I'm lettign it sit again on the black screen to see what happens. Please help as I am on a friend's computer right now and don't have any access to my files.

Thanks a lot!

A:Solved: Vista: Black Screen Problem on Bootup

Well, I needed to try and get it working. I usually wait to try System Restore since I don't want to mess anything up. However, I couldn't find any options, and I needed it to start working.

So I system-restore'd it and everything seems to be back to normal, good boot and login.

So for future reference, if you have this problem, try booting from your Vista disc, run System Restore from the last Recovery Point (I actually did the one before the last to be safe) and pray it works

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Help! I have had this problem for about a month now, and it is getting annoying! I have a Gateway c141x with Windows Vista.

After restarting my computer I logon with the password and all I get is a black screen with my mouse pointer, no desktop! To solve the dillema of not having a desktop I hit ctrl-alt-del and log off and then proceed to log on. After loging on for the second time, my desktop is there and I can use my computer normally. I would just like to be able to use my computer normally without having to log on and off and on again first. I have all updates installed and have checked for viruses.

A:Vista and a black screen after logon

please? any suggestions at all, I will try anything that I can understand?!?!?!

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Hi All!

I have recently been experiencing a problem with my installation of Vista Home Premium. I rebooted my laptop and now when I try to log on, I enter my password and I see the "Welcome" screen with the spinning blue circle, then the screen fades out to a black screen with just the mouse cursor. I have left it in this state for at least half an hour and nothing else happens. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing, and neither does Ctrl+Shift+Esc. The same problem happens for both users that I have set up on the laptop.
I've also tried booting into Safe Mode and this doesn't help either - the same problem occurs. I run Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 so I am fairly confident that it is not a virus that has caused it.

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can offer on this problem, thanks very much in advance!

A:Black screen after logon in Vista

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I ran the malware scanner Hitman Pro on my Vista computer, and it detected that C:\Windows\system32\rpcss.dll was infected. I uploaded the file to virustotal.com and it said the file is probably infected.

So I ran the command sfc /scanfile=c:\Windows\system32\rpcss.dll, and Windows said the file was corrupted and that it repaired the file and that I needed to restart. After Vista booted up, all it showed was a black screen with the mouse pointer. It never made it to the login screen. I could move the mouse pointer around, but nothing else worked. CTRL+ALT+DEL didn't do anything, and I had to do a hard power down and power on to restart the computer.

The same black screen with mouse pointer happened when I tried to boot Vista into Safe Mode. Then I tried booting from the Dell Windows Vista DVD, and I tried the "Startup Repair" option, but it said it couldn't find any problems. Running chkdsk didn't find any problems either. So I used the System Restore option to go back to a restore point from yesterday, and the system was finally able to boot up to the login screen. But the rpcss.dll file is still infected according to virustotal.com.

Any idea how to fix the rpcss.dll file and not run into the black screen problem?

A:Trying to repair infected rpcss.dll in Vista causes black screen on bootup

Boo the Vista DVD and go to a Command Prompt.

rpcss.dll is in several locations on my Vista Ultimate system so it should also be on yours. Copy from one of them over the one in C:\Windows\system32\.

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Recently i have been having some problems with my computer. I have a Gateway GM5664. When i tried to boot up the computer after being shut down overnight it would keep restarting over and over when it reached the microsoft trademark screen with the loading bar. I decided to try and reinstall the OS so i put in my gateway cd. After it did the loading files thing a blank screen comes up with the cursor and its stuck there. nothing happens afterwards. any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried but i never get any error messages not much i could do.

A:Black screen with cursor during reformt vista/ none stop restart during bootup

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Hi guys, i use a sony vaio laptop, model VGN-NR11S/S, with windows vista home premium installed. I noticed that when booting with a CD in it, it stops at the loading bar screen (black screen) and does not continue booting except i remove the CD.

The problem now is that it does not boot beyond the loading bar screen anymore with or without a CD in the system. I cant use the system again, i need suggestions to get the system functioning. Thanks.

A:windows vista not booting to logon screen, stops at loading bar screen

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I recently bought a HP DV9548US Notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium. Lately, when I turn the computer on it takes about 30 seconds to get to the page where I choose my account and logon with a password. The strange part that is bothering me is that it takes about 1 minute to reach the actual desktop. I've seen similar posts, but not for my Vista version. So, I know there is probably something wrong, but not sure how to approach a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Vista Home Premium - Black Screen After Logon Delay In Desktop Appearence

See if Vista Startup Repair can locate any issues: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/repair-windows-with-windows-startup-repair/

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Hey I need immediate help!

It's my sis' previously-formatted HP Pavilion dv5201tx! The problem is as the title above. I can go into safe mode. I've used system restore twice. And in Documents and Settings folder I noticed it has:

Administrator.computer description name
Administrator.computer description name.000

Is it creating more user folders? At some point Administrator.computer description name.000 wasn't there. Corrupted registry hive? I'm not sure! Restarted many times, used Last known good configuration, and it's still black after the boot screen. Please help quick, she uses it a lot. Thank anybody so much..

A:Black screen after boot screen, no welcome screen, no logon screen

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I'm fixing a relative's computer, it's a VAIO desktop computer, specs here :

I understand no hardware has been added/removed, so the specs should be fairly accurate.

The problem in question is this :
PC starts up normally, goes to screen with Windows logo and loading bar, the bar freezes for a moment, then unfreezes, the screen transitions into a black screen , and it hangs there, as in, the CPU stops working completely and it doesn't respond to anything.

I've tried the bootup menu, but the only option that works is safe mode. Using that, I've tried system restore (many times, from dates of 1 week ago to 1 month ago), but Windows XP still hangs up while booting.

The owner of the PC is not very computer-literate, so getting specific details of what went wrong from him would be too hard. I've tried looking around in Safe Mode, but there's not much to see. No suspicious running processes (obviously) and no suspicious entries running at Startup either.

Is there anything else I could check/do from Safe Mode to solve this problem without resorting to reinstalling the O.S.?

A:Windows XP SP2, black screen and hang after bootup

you could use a certified xp cd and bring the recovery console to a command prompt and from there tell it to fixmbr (fix master boot record) but this is for advanced users as you can completely screw up the computer...otherwise i would say get what info off you can in safe mode and reformat and start from scratch...cause it sounds like one of the windows boot sectors has failed...

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When I boot up or change users, the screen goes goes black for about 5 minutes and then everything shows up and works fine. When I try to go to the Windows store, using the store tile, the screen changes to a dark blue color and nothing appears although my sign on was with the windows official msn email account. What do these black periods and blue periods mean? I sense the computer is searching for something?

I am using the Classic Shell also. I have the latest 8.1. I upgraded from the free evaluation 8.0 to 8.1 by purchasing the 8.1 download from Amazon. Twice the upgrade failed on my Verizon Home Fusion network so I took the computer to a friend across town who had a very fast Comcast connection and it worked the first time there.

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Vista was installing updates as i turned my toshiba laptop off, but on configuring the updates the laptop froze, and the only option was to power off. Now at bootup a black screen is displayed with a little white static hyphen in the top left corner. F2/11/12 are not doing anything so I can't do anything at all with it.
I don't have recovery disks for this laptop, what can I do to solve this? I'm new to vista so not sure what to do...

A:Black screen on bootup after dodgy windows update

Hello Spik3ee,
You can make a recovery disk by following this tutorial.

Create a Recovery Disc

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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Vista was installing updates as i turned my toshiba laptop off, but on configuring the updates the laptop froze, and the only option was to power off. Now at bootup a black screen is displayed with a little white static hyphen in the top left corner. F2/11/12 are not doing anything so I can't do anything at all with it.
I don't have recovery disks for this laptop, what can I do to solve this? I'm new to vista so not sure what to do...

A:Black screen on bootup after dodgy windows update

You should find that one of the following will work. This will take you to a Full Menu or to Task Manager.

Ctrl + Alt + Del OR Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Try this and let us know what happens


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I just updated Windows XP Pro this morning. I have autoupdates on so I have all previous updates of Windows. Anyway, updates installed fine, I was prompted to reboot the computer. I closed all other programs and rebooted.

Windows loads fine then when I hit the welcome screen, my monitor goes blank, displays an "out of range" warning. I reboot normally, the welcome screen is completely black aside from my mouse icon which responds normally. I reboot my computer in safe mode only, get a welcome screen, login, do a system restore to the point right before the updates. I reboot in safe mode again but the welcome screen is black again. I reboot in all the other possible methods to load windows: safe mode, safe mode /networking, safe mode /command, VGA mode, etc. Everything results in a black screen with the mouse icon.

So basically, because my computer is password protected, I cannot log in since i get no prompt watso ever to even log into. Its finals week, not a good time to not have the computer for an entire day. Help please.

Btw, my monitor is a brand new: ViewSonic VX710, my video card is a nVidia 64MB GeForce4 MX 420 w/TV Out. My other comp specs just incase you need em: 2.4 ghz Intel Pentium 4 w/HT, 512 mb DDR ram.

A:Windows Logon/Welcome Screen is black

Have you tried repairing your install from your windows disk?

If you know of someone with a monitor that does high res you may want to see if you can hook it up to that and make your resolution lower after the repair. Try setting it to 800x600 if you can. Then hook it back up to your monitor. I don't know why it would just change though that seems to be what your first problem was.

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OK A few days ago my computer kept freezing and I rebooted it 7 times to finally get it working. I removed about 40Gb of crap (mainly files) that were still present on my machine. Last night it happened again and I did the same. Only this time when I log in to my account I can't do anything. There's no desktop. Just a curser. Nothing else.

The first time I just used CTRL+ALT+DEL and closed dwm.exe which I guess restarted itself because I could use the desktop freely again. The same incident happened again this morning however I cannot access the security screen via CTRL+ALT+DEL.

I am able to run everything in safe mode so it's not a core issue (I hope). I was able to activate the Hidden Admin however the same problem persists across both accounts.

A:Windows 7 Black Screen after logon

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Hi There
I have a black screen before windows logon with a cursor, all safe mode options have the same thing, tried last known config + low res. any ideas?

A:Black Screen before windows logon

Mainly this problem occurs because of video adapter. So, first check it properly. Else try the below remedy for this problem:
First click on the task manager and then click on start task manager. Just then click on the processes tab -> explorer.exe -> end process.
Now click on file -> run. A text box will open in front of you, enter explorer.exe and press ok then.
Now click on the start button and type device manager into it. Then select it from the list. Just then double click on Display adapters and then click on update driver software and follow the steps to update the drivers.
If still the problem not solved then check the registry issues. Else run system restore and boot it in safe mode.

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Im having the exact same problem, only I had the DVI connection working on my Hyundai Q321, then changed my TV to a Hyundai Q320 and can't get it working.

Im finding it extremely difficult to find a fix for this, I have tried 4 different graphics cards.

2 x Geforce 5600FX
1 x ATI Radeon 9600XT
1x Sapphire X1550 512MB

All of these get a screen at the BIOS but then fails at the windows log in. I've even tried wiping XP and installing Vista over the top but still with no joy.

A:Black screen at Windows logon.

What problem? There is no link to another thread so we have no idea what the problem is.........

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My system windows 7 has been showing the logon screen after cicking on my account,.
It shows welcome and again its shows logon screen.
I logged  in with safe mode and created another account . New account worked fine. After shut down and i again logged in,It shows same problem.
Again logon screen is displaying
Kindly help meee out

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I cannot get to my desktop as this black screen is preventing me to do so.

It doesn't even give me enough time to log in!
It happened once before but it magically started to work the other time.
This never happened when I was still using the stock 640GB HDD that the laptop came with. So maybe I'm thinking it's because of my SSD having problems?

Fortunately, I can still get to Safe Mode and it says I got a BSOD and here's some details that it showed:

BCCode: d1
BCP1: 0000000000000010
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: FFFFF8800170F5D6

I went to Event Viewer and took a look on what made my computer mess up and it says that winlogon.exe and Explorer. initiated the restart of my computer and said there was no reason for it.

A:Black Screen appears 2 secs after Logon Screen shown

This will probably be moved to http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-debugging/.

Follow http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html to provide us with more information to better assist you.

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Hi people, i've just registered to this forum to ask you about this, Since i've made a registry defrag with TuneUp Utilities (which probably has gone wrong), when i reset the computer, and I logon to my user, it shows a black screen, then back at the logon screen. If I do it again, the user doesn't show up anymore!
It happened three times already, i had to make new users, and i'm sick of it. Any ideas of what could it be?

A:Black screen after login for some seconds, then back at logon screen!


Yet another case of registry defraggers causing harm. In the future, you know now to stay far away from them.

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before TuneUp utilities. If that doesn't work, it will be time for a repair install.

Good luck!


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I had a crash while syncing my ipod to itunes. Both my computer and my ipod froze while the sync was about half way complete. So I had to unplug the ipod and also do a hard boot of my computer. Ever since, my screen goes black shortly after logging on to Windows. Nothing responds after this until I reboot again with the same results. I can, however, boot up in safe mode with no problem. Not sure if it is a malware issue or a conflict between two programs. I have attached the three scan files (DDS.txt , Attach.txt and ARK.log) to this post.

I have access to a Windows Install disc.

Thanks for your help.

DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK
Run by Administrator at 9:14:47.71 on Fri 05/21/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1023.750 [GMT -4:00]

AV: avast! antivirus 4.8.1368 [VPS 100512-0] *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {7591DB91-41F0-48A3-B128-1A293FD8233D}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\dds.scr

============== Pseudo HJT Re... Read more

A:Black Screen shortly after Windows Logon

I have updated the Attach.zip file with ARK.txt instead of ARK.log and reattached it to this post. Sorry for the mistake.
Thanks again.

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So recently my computer one day just started up and after i logged on black screen for a few minutes but i can move my cursor. When i also play a game called Rift it sometimes tell's me my Direct3D is missing and I can't run the graphics on med on Rift or any other game. I tried to reinstall my grahpics driver but nothing happened. and i dont have any unknown drivers.

A:black screen with cursor after logon windows 7


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Hi guys, after a couple of weeks of super-slow bootup (1-2 hours) I decided to rollback to the previous windows 10 version. My machine is now stuck on a black screen, and has been for about 3 days! I have tried to get into BIOS or bootup options by using function keys, esc, 0 etc to no avail.

Does anyone have any other suggestions please?

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Help! I have tried many things and have not come to a solution. I do not want to reload my system if i do not have to

Here is a software installation log diagnosis I got from "startup repair"

error code 0x490

System files integrity check and repair.

When I attemp to do this thru Dos it says there is a repair pending so i cannot commence with sfc.

A:Windows 7 black screen with mouse pointer before logon.

you can perform a sfc in a command prompt from a win 7 oem cd. all win 7 cd's have the option to repair. it does not force a re-install, rather you will get options to perform a restore from a system restore point, cmd prompt, mem test, and a restore for a win restore partition. (created at oem or by win pro/ult)

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I recently just battled the virus Win32:Small-NNE [trj] from the Anti-Phishing Domain Adviser program that was installed, without my knowledge. Now that it is removed and I am declared virus free by Avast, Malwarebyes and Spybot Search and Destroy I started my computer up in normal mode. However, after logging in it is just black with a white cursor. I have two monitors, but in case it matters there is only one cursor and it can move to either screen. I cannot access crtl + alt + del for the task manager and it just sits and sits. I didn't have the patience to wait more than ten minutes because I know its not supposed to do that. Prior to the virus issue it booted in less than thrity seconds all the way to my desktop. Oh, and the time from log-in to supposed desktop screen is longer than usual but still not more than a minute or two.

So my question is now, is this repairable or did the virus do permanent damage to my pc? If it is, please please instruct me on how to fix it, since it does still run in safe mode.

I don't think it would help for you to know my model specifications, but it is custom so if you need to know a certain part I will tell you instead of just rambling off everything in the case lol.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

A:Black Screen After User Logon in Windows 7; After Virus Removal

So it seems in C:\ProgramData the Anti-Phising program still had a file. After deleting it, and with minor delay my computer loaded my desktop like normal. I think it was like, holding my computer hostage lol.

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I am posting on behalf of my friend because he cannot get on but he has a cracked versions of ms office 07 and his dad accidently installed the office genuine advantage and Office SP1 and now this has happened. We have tried booting in safe mode, booting off the windows vista disk and restoring the bios back to system defaults but neither of these have worked. He has Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and his computer is an ACER Aspire.

I will be updating him with any information posted.

All help is highly appreciated.

A:Windows Vista loading screen then screen goes black

Looks like WGA got another one.
I think a format is in order.

As a side note dont put the cracked software back on.
Cheaters never prosper.

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hello for all, yesterday when i was making log out from my computer, there is no log out screen!! just black screen and mouse cursor, and when i did restart again , no logon screen appears or no any thing in screen , just black screen and mouse cursor too.

I was tried every thing and no difference :
safe mode
startup repair
restore to some point (i dont have a point)
upgrade windows or reinstall it

i think the things maybe was made this poblem are :
i was edited userinit.exe value from registry by deleting the comma from the end of its value.
i used Windows 7 manager to make some clean and fixes some things on computer.

any help please??

Iam a programmer and have alot of projects and i cant access the

A:no logon screen with black screen and mouse

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7&#63;

Windows 7 Black Screens of Death for Some AMD/ATI GPUs - Softpedia

windows 7 black screen after login, no desktop show up

Windows 7 Loads to a black screen. Whats the - Microsoft Answers

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I get the 'HP INVENT' and the F1 - 11 commands, (F9 is the only one that does something) and then after 2 seconds of that i get this picture - Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Vista - pixilated color bootup screen

Fixed it. My windows 7 RC non-bootable cd was in the drive, took it out, worked fine. Thanks LOL

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Computer will turn on and go through the BIOS routine and the windows bar will appear and scroll across. When it should go to the blue logon screen with the user accounts, a black screen with the mouse pointer appears and doesn't go any further. I've tried safe mode, but the exact same thing happens. I don't understand why this is doing this.

A:Windows Vista Won't Go to Logon Screen

Do you have a windows os cd so that you can run a windows repair off the cd?

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I'm getting the black screen with movable cursor or KSOD (Black Screen Of Death) on Windows Vista.

What happens:
The system powers on.
Start windows normally
Windows splash screen
-> Black screen <-

What I can do:
I CAN enter BIOS and have reset the default settings.
I CAN press F8 to give me advanced boot options, but all options have the same result, apart from "Repair your computer".
I CAN load the "Repair your computer" option.
I CAN move the mouse around the screen.
I CAN press shift 5 times to get a dialogue to appear, but no control panel.
I CAN press the power button to shut down the system.
I CAN start up in safe mode, which is exactly the same, but with lower resolution.

I CANNOT seem to do anything else.

However, there are workarounds to accessing the hard drive:

I CAN use MSDaRT or the System Recovery Tool.
I CAN use the hard drive as an external USB hard drive on another machine.

What I've tried:
Startup Repair - Could not detect a problem.
System Restore - No restore points.
Windows Complete PC Restore - A valid restore location could not be found.
Windows Memory Diagnostics - No errors.
SFC Scan - No problems.
Stand alone system sweeper - No problems.
Hotfix Uninstall - Nothing to uninstall.

I also COULD do a partial or full "Packard Bell Recovery", which is essentially like reinstalling windows. I DO NOT want to do this.

I'm sure this is just a simple software issue real... Read more

A:Black screen with movable cursor or KSOD (Black Screen Of Death) Vista

I think I saw this post aver at Toms but I also think you gave some additional info.
I think what may be going on it during the switch from the windows low res video driver to the driver used in normal mode.

Since you can get into safe mode try to go to device manager.
Start|right click computer|properties|device manager.
Look in the display adapter.
Is there a yellow exclamation mark there?
Or is it showing the video that you know should be there?
Please post the video that the machine uses and or the PB model.

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hi there, looking for help regarding a vista error, ive run all the scans, and i mean ALL OF THEM, and i know this can't be a virus

a few nights back i hibernated my Vaio Laptop, it turned the screen off and started the normal hibernate stuff, but it would not turn off the power light, so i was forced to hold the power off/on button till it shut down, it has done this before and rebooted fine so i thought nothing of it

when i booted it back up, put my password in the login screen and logged in, the laptop stayed on the "welcome *spinning circle*" screen for a few minutes (much longer than normal) then it changes to a black screen (K.S.O.D), i can see the mouse and move it about, and ctrl-alt-del still locks the computer and offers the command prompt, loading the command prompt i killed and reloaded explorer.exe and the desktop starts to load like a normal login, but everything seems slower than normal, msn messenger fails to run, my sidebar gadgets are all wierd white rectangles (probably failed to launch too) , device monitor says it stopped working, clicking "help and support" on the desktop doesnt work neither :S, worst of all, my wireless network adaptor doesnt seem to turn on at all, im currently using a different computer to get on the forums, usb drives still seem to work though :S

apparrently this is "limited access mode" something to do with a failure to access the "sens server" a random popup on the taskbar said on one... Read more

A:Solved: windows long time logging in --> black screen --> limited access logon, HELP!

I would highly advise either:

1.) Using a Vista Home Installation disk to "repair" your OS installation.


2.) Trashing Vista due to the various problems that it causes and make the move to Windows 7.
(that is what I did on my laptop, after it suffered the "black screen" upon logging into Windows)

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Hi Guys , this is what Im trying to get resolved !

1. We are currently rolling out Windows Vista (Business) in my company
2. We have a company logon script , which runs after the user logs onto the pc , and displays current company news , as its maps drives and runs app fixes and some windows updates
3. On our current platform , Windows XP , the users can see this - however with Vista the "welcome screen" sits in there and hids the logon script , so users cannot see the "company news" etc.

Is there a way of removing the welcome screen , or indeed making the welcome screen transparent??? This is a big need for my company , and I need to get it working

I have been able to edit the weclome screen to get it changed to a picture of my choosing.

By the way , this is not the Welcome Center that appears after logon - and enabling/disabling fast user switching or turning off ctrl&alt&del to logon in the policies, as specified by some other forums does not work.

A:Windows Vista Welcome Screen & Network Logon Scripts

If it's not the welcome center, then I'm not sure what you're talking about. How about a screen shot?

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Hi everyone! I was installing a new theme from custopack tools and suddenly my dell x64 laptop (Build 7601 windows 7 sp1 installed) crashed on me. Most probably due to the loose power adapter wire. Now i cant get it back to work. It goes fine till the logon screen but then the screen turns black. I can see the mouse pointer. Same thing happens when i login with safemode settings. Anyone familiar with this!

A:Black screen after the logon screen

You know we could run a lot of complicated procedures, but I think a repair install is your quickest direct route to just looking at your desktop again.
Repair Install
^^^detailed instructions

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This doesn't quite fit into the BSOD section, because it's not really a black screen of death.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 64x,
ATI Radeon HD 4800 series video card
4 Gb Ram
And an Intel 2 Quad.

What happens is the windows boot screen appears, then I get a black screen with a mouse cursor.

If I hit "Enter" on my keyboard, then type my password, windows boots onto my desktop.

So really the log on screen is still there...it's just kind of not.

If there are more details I should post please let me know.


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I have a gateway laptop running windows vista... I was using it today.. downloading music, on facebook, youtube. I tried to create a music folder on my desktop and it kept freezing up... In frustration I shut the computer down and tried to restart it. When I turn it on it briefly starts up. The fan comes on for a couple secs then that's it. It shows the power plug pluged in and the power light is lit up, but nothing else happens. Black screen, never shows anything. I've tried plugging the laptop into a screen, that did nothing. I also took the battery out, unplugged power cord, held power button down for 15 secs, still wont turn on. Pressing any "F" keys, does nothing. Help please!

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Hi, I have been avoiding shuting down my computer because when I reboot I can't always get back to my Desktop. All I get is a black screen asking me if I want to try some differnet ways to boot up, After trying all the different choices the only way that works is "Last Known Good Configuration ( your most recent settings that worked)" Then finally after that I get the desktop with this error saying
RUNDLL error loading C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\1bin\F3SCRCTR.DLL.
What ever that means? Then it says The specified module could not be found ok.
Can anyone please help me.

A:Black screen on bootup

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These recent days i have discovered a problem. When I turn on for the first time the PC in a day, about 5min or so after the boot up a black screen appears on the monitor, and if I have any kind of sound playing it jams. the strange thing is after i press the reset button, the PC works fine even for a whole day of gaming. any ideas? I need help pls. thanks

A:Black Screen After Bootup

Quote: Originally Posted by muwla

These recent days i have discovered a problem. When I turn on for the first time the PC in a day, about 5min or so after the boot up a black screen appears on the monitor, and if I have any kind of sound playing it jams. the strange thing is after i press the reset button, the PC works fine even for a whole day of gaming. any ideas? I need help pls. thanks

Could be many things. Video driver, PSU problem, configuration issue, etc.
Does it do it when you boot into safe mode?
Clean install or update?
ken J

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Hello, I have been having this problem off and on for about 2weeks here are my PC specs

700mhz Duron
x1 128meg 100mhz SDRAM Compaq Generic Ram
x1 128meg 133mhz SDRAM Crucial
40gig Seagate 7,200 RPM 100 ATA Harddrive 2months Old
Geforce 2 Titanium 64meg DDR AGP4x Card 1yr Old
Gigabyte GA-7IXE4 Motherboard

My problem is 75% of the time when I bootup My screen wont turn on, or when I am on the PC about 2-5mins into it running the Screen will go black, I no its not the monitor because I tryed using a brandnew monitor with the PC and the exact thing will happen, the tricky thing about this problem is that if I take out the memory and mix up what slots they are in or take out one and just leave in one, the pc will boot and I can use it, sometimes not, I dont think its my graphics card cause it doesnt get hot, and its only a year old, and sometimes the PC will bootup and then the screen will go black and ill get the monitor will display Unrecognizable Frequency this is rarely though. As I am typing this the pc has been running for about 10 mins and hasnt blacked out on me, I also dont think this is a Graphics Card problem cause once when it blacked out and I was listening to an MP3 the song stopped and kept repeating the last second over and over, I also dont believe that the processor is the problem because of the Ram Swaps work to turn it back on most of the time, and also the processor never gets hot, and even if I leave the computer off for a day in a cold room it still wont t... Read more

A:Black Screen On Bootup

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I am having a HP Pavillion G4 1317-AU laptop

Currently it runs Linux mint in dual boot with Windows 7. Recently my dad was on the pc and, well, he says he only checked his mail and then tried to shut down. Then to hurry things along apparantly he held down the power button while shutting down.

Since then, windows has been unable to boot. Every time i select "Windows 7" from GRUB, it only gives up a black screen. I tried leaving the laptop on the black screen for approximately 30 minutes to see if it is just some diagnostics, no luck however.
I am out of ideas, i am able to boot into Linux mint (Accessing from Mint right now) without any kind of trouble.

Another strange thing however is abnormal fan behaviour, during startup (Power button all the way to GRUB the fan runs much louder than usual, and it is significantly louder than usual when selecting Windows 7. It's quiet as usual in mint though).
Any help is REALLY appreciated.

A:Black screen at bootup?

Do you have Windows 7 or Windows 8? We need to know to better assist you.

The make and model of your machine please. And the fan can be running louder because it is running faster to cool down the CPU try cleaning the air vents with a can of air if you have a laptop. If you have a desktop take the side panel off clean out all dust out with a can of compressed air (Turn the computer off unplug everything hold in the power button for 3 seconds).

All dust pay close attention to the fan and heat sink on the middle of the motherboard, and the power supply fan as well, do not let the fans spin while cleaning them hold the fan with your finger.

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I have had a display problem with Windows Vista Home Premium for awhile and it is driving me crazy that I can't find a fix for this. During normal bootup, right after the Microsoft logo comes up it gets ready to into the blue-green welcome screen. Right before though one half to three quarters of the screen stays black for a few seconds all the way through the welcome screen, then it goes away. To better describe it, it's actually a partially black screen that is overlayed over the blue-green welcome screen.

The problem doesn't happen every day but sometimes it happens 2-3 times per day. I have just installed the latest NVidia drivers for it so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I have even called Microsoft about it several times and all the techs end up talking me through is unchecking all the startup and service items in msconfig in an attempt to see if it's a certain program running duting bootup that's causing the problem.

I have been told by one tech that it could be my Avast antivirus because, in his words "antivirus programs can do wierd things" but I'm just not sure about that.
I also googled the problem and I hear defraging the boot files could solve the problem but I think my Perfect Disk does that.

So I am stumped ad would welcome your suggestions.

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Needed to update ATI Rage128 graphics adapter drivers for an old office machine

I uninstalled the old drivers via Device manager.

Was told to restart via a prompt.

When I restarted there is no bootup screen. The entire screen is black. I hear a beep, the keyboard lights up, and the harddrive makes its sound (now that i think of it, the PC may be checking the floppy disk drive)

I cannot get into bios (dont know key, have tried F1 - F12, and Delete and ~) I dont know what the maker of the motherboard is so I am stuck with a computer that MIGHT be booting up (cant tell) but I cant see anything on the screen.

Yes, the cables are fine, yes the computer's hardware is fully functional (aside from the graphic card -_-)

Is there a way I can make some sort of bootdisk with the graphic drivers on it?

As far as I can tell there is NO integrated graphics adapter, so it cannot revert to the onboard one after I uninstalled the rage drivers.

Im fairly good at computers, but this just aboslutly stumped me. Any suggestions?

Please reply ASAP, as i am still at the office.

A:Black screen on bootup

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Cannot boot pc in any mode.

PC is a Dell Dimension E 521 with Windows XP Media Pro O.S.
Dell for some crazy reason doesn't or didn't furnish the XP installation disk, however i was able to access the onboard recovery console where it found & fixed 2 errors but still have a black screen upon bootup.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Black screen on bootup

did you run fixmbr and fixboot in recovery console?

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I'm getting a black screen upon bootup in Win 7.

I restart by pressing F8 and select repair startup which works and gets me to the boot screen. But, the problem reoccurs when the next time I shutdown and restart.

Is this a virus or an OS problem?

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

my stats below

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 32717 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7570, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 223 GB (70 GB Free); D: 931 GB (598 GB Free); E: 1862 GB (491 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KWVT8
Antivirus: Malwarebytes, Enabled and Updated

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