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Which stylus should I use with my Inspiron 15r touch laptop? Will a 'Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel' work with it?

Q: Which stylus should I use with my Inspiron 15r touch laptop? Will a 'Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel' work with it?

I need to know if there is a stylus I can use which looks and feels quite like a pen, I don't like the compressible rubbery feel of some stylus, they are not smooth enough.

Preferred Solution: Which stylus should I use with my Inspiron 15r touch laptop? Will a 'Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel' work with it?

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A: Which stylus should I use with my Inspiron 15r touch laptop? Will a 'Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel' work with it?

Hi Shaurya,Welcome to Dell community.
Yes you can use stylus pen with this system.
15z has 15.6" LED-Backlit LCD Capacitive Multi-touch screen, so you can use Targus Stylus with this system which Dell recommends. For further help you can click on the below mentioned link:
The Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel is the newest stylus from Wacom that a user in that forum said works well. The site, http://bit.ly/WSqVAQ , says it's compatible with the Latitude 10. Technically, any of the non-battery (somehow powered wirelessly by the tablet) powered Wacom stylus should work.
Please reply me if you need any further help.

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I recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus from Best Buy when purchasing my new Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series laptop based on their claim that it was compatible with this laptop.  However, I can get it to connect and open the windows ink workspace apps but I can't seem to get it to actually work as a pen on the touchscreen.  Is there something that I'm doing wrong or is it not actually compatible?  Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus and Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series

This is a touchscreen notebook - not a true digitizing tablet.  You can use a capacitive stylus (these generally have a broad, soft rubber tip), but not a true active stylus - the ink features/pressure sensitivity that come with a true digitizing screen are not present on your system.
Very few 17" systems are going to have a true wacom (or equivalent) digitizer -- not many 15" ones do, either.  You will find much more choice in the 12-13" market - if you're looking for it from Dell, the only model you'll currently find is the XPS 13 9365.

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Hello, I recently purchased a Yoga Book 720 15" but apparently it does not come bundled with a pen in Hong Kong. So I did some searching to find a compatible pen and everyone seems to be saying the Wacom Bamboo Smart 2-in-1 pen. Unfortunately, it appears that this particular pen is not available in Hong Kong either. Does anyone have any insight into other possibly compatible pens? Best case scenario ones that are available in Hong Kong... I would really like to do some digital art. Thanks for any help. Cheers!

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The stylus was able to connect to the laptop via wi-fi but was unable to function with the laptop. Whenever I pressed the top button of the stylus (to open up a drawing software), the stylus would just reconnect to the laptop. I also cannot draw anything with the stylus either.

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For instance when I'm trying to make short quick hatching motions it thinks I'm tapping and concentric circles will form around the pointer. Problem is this interferes with the pen movement and makes it actually impossible to crosshatch in small places. I've looked around for solutions and they're mostly for Windows 7, but I've tried them as well. [Here](http://www.volnaiskra.com/2010/10/how-to-remove-those-annoying-circles.html) is a link that pretty much shows the solutions I've found. My results:

- nothing in the bamboo settings helps
- updating the driver (to 5.3.2-1) didn't help
- there's no such thing as "pen and touch" that I can find in Win8. I opened up "Tablet PC Settings" in the control panel and there I found "enable press and hold for right-clicking", but it's already disabled.
- there is no "Tablet PC Input Service" in services. There is "Wacom Consumer Service" which I have disabled and stopped, didn't change anything, and "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service" (nothing like what I was looking for but I'm getting damned desperate here) - I've disabled and stopped both and no change.

Not sure what else to try at this point. For the record, on that link I provided it's the second problem I'm having, not the first, but I tried solutions for both just in case.

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Yoga thinkpad 20cd. I have the original stylus that came with the lap top as well as an aftermarket LIfebook stylus. The screen doesn't register either stylus. When i go to the windows pen calibration the stylus works fine. The calibration consists of tapping targets with the stylus pen. It is very accurate. Soon as i close the calibration window the stylus doesn't interact with the screen at all. I assume I must have changed some setting by accident or it occurred with an update. The stylus use to work a few months ago. I have tried messing with my display settings to remove the adaptive brightness at one point and may have selected a wrong setting. Thank you for any help provided. 


Go to Solution.

A:Touch screen not responding to stylus only finger. But in stylus calibration, the stylus works fine.

SOLVEDOpened Wacom Pen and restored to default settings. started working again. Never have opened Wacom pen before, not sure why that worked. 

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Hello! Please advice me a compatibile Wacom stylus for a Inspiron 5378.

Thank you.

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The pen connects to the laptop but there's no options to change settings for it and the pen settings do not appear under Pen & Windows Ink

A:Can the Inspiron 17-1779 work with the Wacom Bamboo Ink?

If you mean a 7779, it does not use an active Pen.

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I bought an inspiron 15-5568 so that one of my tutors could use it as a tablet as well but the computer did not come with a stylus. I check the computer's specs and for the Pen and Touch category, it read "Touch support with 10 touch points". Is it possible to use an active stylus with this computer? I found that the dell's active stylus pen is compatible with the 5578 model, but is it compatible with the 5568?

Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Stylus for Inspiron 15-5568? Can somebody help me find the right stylus for this computer?

No - this is a touchscreen model, not a Wacom-style digitizing tablet.  You can use a capacitive stylus (example below) but if you're looking for a pressure-sensitive active screen, that's not what you have in this model.
You can  use something like this:

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I just bought a Bamboo Ink Stylus today because I was shown it works well with my laptop but when I bought it and brought home to try it out I had one issue with it: It won't allow me to write. I can press the button on it, and it will open the programs its suppose to but it just won't write on my screen whats so ever. And my screen is not the issue because it works great with my finger and other styluses.

So, what can I do to get my bamboo ink stylus to write?

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I am trying to use a Bamboo Solo stylus with a Latitude 7275 in tablet mode without the slim keyboard attached, but it does not work evenly across the entire display.  If I draw looping circles on the screen, the line will be continuous and tracks the stylus until it reaches the middle right third of the screen where it skips sections of the line.  When I reach the upper right third, it drops the line completely.  I cannot tap on any menu options in the upper right or use the standard Windows close "X".  It all works fine with a fingertip, but I was hoping to use the stylus as a more natural drawing/writing tool.
The Solo has a soft carbon-fiber tip and apparently some internal magnets, but it otherwise a passive device.  It has no buttons or batteries.  I see Dell supports their Active Stylus product with this laptop, but I wanted something simpler.
I tried a different rubber-tip stylus and it seems better, but it also skips in some areas... more along the bottom.  It works intermittently in the upper right area where the Solo does nothing. The entire display still works fine with a fingertip.  Neither stylus works well, if at all when the slim keyboard is attached. I understand that may have something to do with the magnets used to attach the tablet portion.
Can anyone explain to me what's going on and why a portion of the screen is unresponsive to the stylus? Do I have a defective touchscreen or it just a design issue? ... Read more

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Hey, I have notice a weird behavior when using Bamboo Ink stylus with my Lenovo Yoga 730. When I press top button on the pen, my keyboard starts acting as if I am holding start button pushed down, so that means that if I push D it shows the desktop, if I push R it turns on the run console etc. My laptop S/N: MP1ETBQY

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i have dell inspiron 7559
it doesnt work well with my capacitive stylus
thats why i wonder if someone try with active stylus that its work good for it

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can I use my wacom intuos pen for thinkpad x201 tablet's screen? is the pressure still working?

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I am an artist and would like to use the touchscreen with a stylus to sketch. Is there a stylus available that can do this? I cannot find it listed under accessories for this model.

A:Inspiron 15-5579 2-in-1 laptop, stylus pen compatibility?

If you don't see a stylus listed, the system has a touchscreen -- not a digitizer, which is what you need for full, pressure-sensitive pen support.
If you want full pen support, some of the Inspiron 15-7000 series models have it.  These are going to start in the $900 range -- not he mid-$600 range the 5000 series does.  The digitizing screen alone adds a couple of hundred dollars to the cost of the system - you're not going to find pen support much below $900-1,000 systems.

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So today (June 16, 2012) my stylus pen on my laptop has stopped working. I have a IBM ThinkPad Lenovo X41(T?) laptop with a stylus pen. Everything else is okay except for the stylus...

I try to wave it over and drag it on the screen (the screen rotates) and I have no idea how to fix it at all. Do I download something and it will work again? Help! (I do not wish to download things that require money OR disks, for my laptop does not have a CD cartage thing)

Also, if it was a key I pressed on accident (I think I did... oops?), what key on the keyboard will reset it back to normal? Thanks!

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Hello to all

I got a stylus for my Portege Z10T-A (PT141E) purchased, original from Toshiba (pen PA5133U 1EUC).
With my Z10 no stylus was at the time of purchase, which didn't bother me...
Now I wanted to try it but once.

But he is not recognized by the system.

My Z10 works as far as trouble-free until the chop my towel in the display at does.

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Hi guys and gals,

My brother recently bought a Macbook Pro that runs Mac Os 10.13 (most current update). He has a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-450 that he needs to use for his work as a animator. I was trying to go and download the drivers but I can't find any that goes past Mac Os 10.11. Is there a way around that? Is there an app that will work with it? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I realized my Lenovo thinkpad ordered from bestbuy does not have a stylus.  I simply thought it was a port until it was pointed out by a collegue. Anyways I've been getting run around from Lenovo tech support as well as best buy/ bestbuy.com I simply want to replace a pen that did not come with the computer.  I was on the phone with Best buy and Bestbuy.com separately for 45 minutes.  They could not solve it.  I don't want to make this a federal case.  I just want the part that did not come with the Laptop  Thanks Lenovo email tech support:RE: J Waters9:30 AM (3 hours ago) to me Good afternoon XXXX,I apologize but, this case states that if the machine did not come with the stylus and you purchased it directly from Lenovo, You will need to contact Lenovo Sales at 1.855.253.6686 to file a missing parts claim or to set up a return or exchange. If you did not by it from Lenovo, You will need to approach the 3rd party vendor you purchased it from to inquire about the stylus. We do not replace lost or missing parts here in technical support.Thank you for contacting Lenovo.

A:Missing Stylus - Thinkpad Pen stylus-- how to get Lenovo to replace?

Also, it's not a lost part... it's a part that was never in the computer when I received... so I wouldn't define that as "lost or missing"

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I'm interested in buying the Dell Stylus for my Inspiron 13 5000 2x1. So, I need to know if this product works on my laptop.
Have anybody tried it?
Because I have searched on the internet but i'm still not able to find anything about the Synaptics Digitizer.
thx in advance

A:Does the "Dell Active Stylus 750-AAHC" work on the latest Inspiron 13 5000 2x1?

None of the Inspiron series support active pens, which require an active digitizer the system does not have.

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hp pavilion 13-s101tu Which stylus suits this laptop ?

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Is xps 13 9350 with touch screen laptop supporting stylus pen?

A:Using Stylus Pen with XPS 13 9350 Touch Screen

Since you can't check the compatible devices and get any reasonable answer, all I can tell you is the XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 is compatible.  Maybe you could compare it to the 9350 or possibly look at the compatible devices if you were going to purchase it.
You need a special screen but I can't remember the term for that, maybe digitized.

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we are interested for a touch screen laptop, but this is more for my wife who is a teacher.
She likes the way our Samsung Note handles the S-pen and she would want to use a simialr pen with the laptop at classes.
Is there such a facility for pens with sharp edges to be used with a Flex for example?
Or we should jsut get those black, rubber, thick capacitive pens?
Moderator Note; subject edited

A:Flex - touch screen Pen/Stylus?

Here is a pen great for writing: http://www.adonit.net/jot/pro/Just search for 'best capacitive stylus' on Google. Pick the one you like mostAre you interested in the ThinkPad 10 perhaps? It has a digitizer pen, it will also disable touch input while the pen is being used. Which is quite useful. It is a small step up to 700 EUR. Also get the keyboard dock.http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/thinkpad/thinkpad-10/I can say with 100% certainty your wife will love it. I got its more expensive brother the ThinkPad Helix. If a student can love it, so can the teacher right ;-) ?The ThinkPad 10 has many flexible options she might be interested in. You won't find anything better for that price.

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There is a blue screen when I used my stylus to touch the screen of my thinkpad x200 tablet. This happened when I updated the latest BIOS and drivers. I don't know which driver is uncompatible, and have tried many methods to fix it. None of my trials work. The dumped file will be in the next post. Please help.

OS: win7 64bit
Computer: Thinkpad x200 tablet 7749-9eu


A:blue screen with stylus touch pen

here is the dump. Thanks.

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A:Stylus still works but finger touch does not after...

What model is the machine?

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I recently purchased a Windows 10 Tablet and a Universal Tablet Pen which was sold separately. The pen works with the tablet, however it is terrible if you try to use the pen to write. I suspect there is some issue with the calibration. So my question is, What is the correct procedure to calibrate a pen to the touch screen? I know you go to Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings > Calibrate. However, I attempted this several times and I almost messed up my tablet. At one point I could barely sign in because the calibration was way out of alignment. I could barely press any keys using touch because the calibration was off by several inches. For example if I tried to tap any icon, the input response indictator would show up on another part of the screen far from where I pressed. Luckily, none of this affected the mouse so I was able to log back in and reset the calibration settings to the original default. If someone can please post some instructions or find a youtube video on this, that would be great. Thanks

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What do I need to check to determine which stylus is compatible with my Pavillion x360 11t touch laptop?  Can I use any stylus that isn't metallic (i.e. - with a rubber tip)?  Is there a special feature I need for it to work properly?Thank you!

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I recently got a touch-screen X250 laptop. The touch-screen works well with finger, but doesn't seem to work smoothly with a MEKO stylus pen which does work well with my Flex 4-1580 touch screen. I am wondering if there is a stylus pen known to work well with a touch-screen X250.

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I recently purchased a Windows 10 Tablet and a Universal Tablet Pen which was sold separately. The pen works with the tablet, however it is terrible if you try to use the pen to write. I suspect there is some issue with the calibration. So my question is, What is the correct procedure to calibrate a pen to the touch screen? I know you go to Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings > Calibrate. However, I attempted this several times and I almost messed up my tablet. At one point I could barely sign in because the calibration was way out of alignment. I could barely press any keys using touch because the calibration was off by several inches. For example if I tried to tap any icon, the input response indictator would show up on another part of the screen far from where I pressed. Luckily, none of this affected the mouse so I was able to log back in and reset the calibration settings to the original default. If someone can please post some instructions or find a youtube video on this, that would be great. Thanks

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I received a Dell Inspiron 2in1 laptop that can also be a tablet and I'm looking for the best option for a stylus. I have a regular one, but I am at college and would really like to be able to take notes on it so I am looking for a fine point pen stylus that works with the touchscreen on my laptop. Do you know which one would be the best option for me? Please let me know.

A:Stylus for Inspiron 2 in 1

We'd need the exact model number to tell you for certain, but most of these don't have a true digitizing screen - meaning the active type stylus you'd need to take notes won't work.   If this is an Inspiron 7359, that will be the case.
There ARE systems out there that do have true active digitizers, but the price floor is about $1K -- this is the domain of the Lenovo Yoga Pro, Think Pad Yoga, and Surface Pro 4.  Just about every system under $1K is a touchscreen tablet - not a true digitizing screen notebook.

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Hi, March of  last year (2016) I bought the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700 24" mainly because the clerk at BestBuy told me I could draw right on the screen with a stylus and that was not just on Sketchbook Pro 7 (bundled in) but with any drawing program. I called Lenovo at that time, they said the same thing.  I put it away as I had projects to complete and now have it set up, bought a Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition, which is great, but that stylus doesn't work on Sketchbook, or anywhere on the screen. Neither does my old little Bamboo Tablet's stylus. Wacom says, Oh, sorry, try another maybe. Lenovo said, only Wacom, then they realized my warranty or whatever had expired two weeks ago and wouldn't continue the conversation, stating if I were to purchase a new year, they could talk to me further, otherwise no. Nothing works and I cannot find any info....so here I am.Is there the functionality of drawing on my screen with a stylus of any kind at all? I know many are available but Wacom's are not compatible, and though I love my desktop, every reason I got it and the new $549.  Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition (great product) and all I actually wish to do is draw with a stylus on this screen. No info online, maybe there's an expert here!

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Note taking with my new Helix is unbelievably frustrating! It's Windows 8 Pro -- fully updated (Windows and Lenovo drivers and apps). I am using Microsoft OneNote 2013. The problem is regular locking up or freezing of one or the other of the touch screen or the pen / stylus. Sometimes the pen still works, but fingers on the touch screen have no effect. Other times the the touch screen works, but not the pen. I'm not 100% certain that it's limited just to OneNote, but that's where it's guaranteed to happen. I can "fix" the problem most of the time by putting the Helix into sleep mode and then waking. Other times I have to shut down and restart. During a two hour session this will happen a dozen times at least. This makes it nearly unusable. Rob

A:Touch screen and pen/stylus stop working - Helix

I experience almost the same problem. It seems that when I use OneNote with the stylus, the touch input stops working. I know that it is supposed to be disabled while using the stylus on/near the screen. What happens is that if I for instance use the stylus, switch to the windows 8 tile screen and try to use my finger nothing happens. If I touch an icon with the stylus it works, and then I can use my fingers - for a little while. Then it stops working again, and I need to use the stylus to reactivate touch input. And so on and so on. I tried to do what bloggs stated could work - to put the device in sleep mode and restart. This resulted in the windows 8-version of the bluescreen...

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Why is it so difficult to find what stylus works on my new laptop?  Does anyone know if the N1DNK will work with this system?  If not, what have you been using from light drawing and not taking.

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What type of touch screen stylus do I need for the Inspiron 17 7000, which I have just ordered?

A:Stylus for Inspiron 17 7000

I would also like to know. I've just bought the 2017 version.

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Hello all,

Has anyone heard of or found a stylus that works with the Inspiron 7568 4K UHD?  I have searched the web and have yet to find anything.  

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I have bought Dell Inspiron 13 and the stylus pen is included. The pen works well and I can dra in Paint, but I can't draw anything in photoshop or any other drawing application! What should I do so that it works in drawing application? I mainly bought this laptop so that I can use it for drawing, but I was really disappointed!

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I tried googling, but couldn't find anything on this topic. I found out that there is a stylus for the Inspiron 7568, but nothing on the 7569.
I need one that works with Photoshop, not the rubber tip one

A:Is there a stylus for the Inspiron 7569?

This system doesn't have an active digitizer -- it won't support an active stylus.  It has a touchscreen - not a digitizer.
The rubber-tip finger stand-in stylus is all that will work with this model.

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I bought recently lenovo yoga 720, the touchscreen was working using my finger but it stopped and now its only responding to my active pen only. I tried to reset my computer settings and still it didn't work. can someone help me to fix this issue? thank you

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I have a Dell Inspiron and want to connect my older Epson Stylus 740.

The Dell has a 10 pin input jack and the printerconnector has a 25 pin output cable.

Are they compatible with some sort of adapter?


Mike in Maine


A:Epson stylus 740 to Dell Inspiron

There are USB/paralell adapters. Have never tried one and have seen some complaints about them. Perhaps another forum member will comment.

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I recently acquired a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1.  It has a touch screen and I very much enjoy using it.  I wanted to begin taking handwritten notes on this laptop using a stylus to write like a pen.  So far, I have only found a stylus with a broad, soft rubber tip that will respond to the touch screen.  This is not satisfactory for trying to write like you would if using a pen and paper.  Obviously, my finger works as well, but that's not very accurate as well.  I was hoping someone on these forums could recommend an appropriate stylus to use with this product that would enable me to write like a pen.
I have already tried speaking to Dell agents both by phone and by online chat, and it was suggested to use a Dell Active Stylus.  I purchased this product and it did not work.  I will be returning that product of course.
Does anyone out there have a recommendation for a pen-like stylus that I can use with my Dell Inspiron 3000 2-in-1?  It does not matter if it is a Dell product or a non-Dell product.
Thanks in advance.

A:Stylus for Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1

a regular rubber nub stylus will work on the dell 11 3000. There is no hardware inside the laptop that will make any active stylus work. and for some reason even the nub stylus doesn't always work but does most of the time.

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When the latest Windows 10 Update came out, the Tips showed using a stylus to write and some other creative things. This isn't a normal stylus. I have looked all over for one that is compatible with Inspiron 15-7579 2-in1, and resembles what I am seeing.  I have yet to find it.
Any ideas?Thanks! ~ TL
(I posted this over over on the Alienware club, with no replies.Think it was the wrong place to post?)

A:Inspiron 15-7579 - Active stylus?

There isn't an active stylus (the type that supports pressure sensitivity) for this system.  For that you need a screen with an active digitizer -- of which there are not many in the 15" size class.
The Inspiron 7568 had that option but sold in a higher price class.
You can use a passive capacitive stylus on the system you have -- just don't expect it to perform the way an active stylus does.

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Click 10 tablet which runs Windows 10 home. I am looking to purchase a fine point stylus with USB charging capability (similar to this one Amazon.com: Stylus Pen, BoxWaveŽ [AccuPoint Active Stylus] Electronic Stylus with Ultra Fine Tip for Smartphones and Tablets - Jet Black: Electronics).

I don't need pressure sensitivity, it is for making very simple diagrams and highlighting text in some applications. It is an item I envisage using maybe once or twice a week. I don't want one that has a plastic disk on the end.

I noticed quite a few have a battery that only last 12 hours so looking for something which is rechargeable.

My budget is "as little as possible" but could realistically extend to the ~US$50 mark.

Does anyone have experience with a stylus that they can recommend?

Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I just bought new Inspiron 7359 with Active Stylus because "SALES REP SAYS IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH ANY DELL COMPUTER WITH TOUCH SCREEN."
These screenshots are the proof of chatting with customer rep. ( Apparently, I do not have original conversation, so I chat with other reps again)

 I was really exited about active stylus because I saw this review: 

Apparently, it is not working at all.
First, I though I received the active stylus, which is dead on arrive.
So, I went to Bestbuy with this stylus. It worked fine with Venue 11 and 8. (NOT INSPIRON SERIES)
Also, my device manager does not have "HID COMPLIANT TOUCH PEN" or some digitizer drivers too.

Of course, I talked to technical support rep, and she told me that my computer is INCOMPATIBLE with the active stylus. ( I do not understand how this guy also said inspiron 13 7000 is compatiable. Link to the forum: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19614567 

Does anybody have exactly same problem with me?
How did you solve it?
Should I just talked to rep to return this?
I am very disappointed with Dell.

A:Active stylus is not working for Inspiron 13 7359?

Exactly the same problem here, watched the same review, read the same forum post and even confirmed compatibility in Dell Chat! Also spoke to Tech who says it is incompatible and advised to contact Customer Care, so I am also unresolved atm.
Really needed a decent pen for Photoshop use, so yeah, I'm a little disappointed too and would like a solution.

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Someone else posted this same exact problems.  The Dell response was to download the latest drivers.  I experienced the same problem as they did but I have more to add.
I'm trying to use the Dell Active Pen 556W.  The bluetooth connectivity works fine, Windows 10 sees it. But my touchpad does not recognize it.  When I download the drivers, as the last post suggested, it tells me "no suitable device was found on this system".  But wait, there's more.
Contacted Dell Warranty support.  They told me to return the pen and get another one.  But that's not the problem.
Took the laptop to Best Buy where we bought it.  They were stumped.  Here's the weird part that I can't figure out.  To isolate it, we took it from the Geek Squad table back to the computers for sale and matched it up with the 7579 that was on the floor.  It had a Bamboo Pen attached.  The Bamboo pen worked on their 7579...and it worked on my 7579!
But wait, there's more.  We took another Bamboo pen out of the box and paired it up.  It DIDN'T work on their laptop, and neither did it work on ours!  It was the same pen as the one that worked!  So we tried another model of the Bamboo Pen with the same non-working results.  Stumped the Geek Squad guy.
I wish we could have cut the cable on the pen that worked and brought it home.  That was his suggestion too.
What sort of weird voodoo magic did th... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 7579 2-in-1 Active Stylus

This model does not support an active pen (it does not have a wacom digitizer) -- you CAN use a capacitive stylus (which some of the bamboo pens are) but you cannot use an active pen.

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I just want to know if I can use a stylus with the dell inspiron 15 5000 touchscreen. if so what brand, style, type would be best to use.

A:Stylus compitability with Inspiron 5000 touchscreen

I have the same question. I was told the Dell Passive Stylus http://accessories.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=750-AAFJ might work but it specifically says it is for the Inspiron 7000. Unfortunately I have already purchased this computer not realizing there might not be a descent stylus option.

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