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M91p doesn't 100% turn off & CPU upgrade question

Q: M91p doesn't 100% turn off & CPU upgrade question

Hello,I've M91p, i5 2400 - Win 10 64 bit.3GB RAM.BIOS Version - 9HKT43AUS. After I shutdown the computer, the power led doesn't turn off (like in the picture below))? And after that I can't turn on my PC until I make hard shutdown (press the power button for 7 sec).thats happen every time I shutdown my PC.What can I do about it?And I read about the problem of freezing - twice a week I have that issue too.I know that's because of unsupported CPU with Win 10. There is something to do about it?a CPU upgrade will help? Or BIOS update? (-If I'll need to update my BIOS - is there some guide in this website to help me do that?) THANKS!!!!

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Preferred Solution: M91p doesn't 100% turn off & CPU upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi,after installing the Windows 10 fall creators update 2017 (1709), my M91p doesn't wake up from sleep any more. Before the upgrade it worked fine. Now I have to shut it down the hard way and restart - then it will continue at the point where I left off. Any ideas on that?Best regards,Sebastian

A:M91p doesn't wake from sleep after 1709 upgrade

Addendum: installed the latest BIOS and drivers provided by Lenovo.

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I have a M91p ThinkCentre with a 03T7300 motherboard running an i5-2400. I would like to install a new larger processor. Is there a list of available upgrades?

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Hi everyone,Ever since I've updated my laptop to windows 10 its has 2 problems that I can't seem to fix.1. When I turn my laptop off via start>power>shutdown its seems to shut down but my power light stays on and the fans keep spinning. Then to turn it off completely I have to keep my finger on the power button to turn it off properly.2. When my laptop go's into standby mode it will not wake up so I am forced to do a hard reset.Is there anyway around this issue and if so how can I get this sorted out.Kind regardsAmir

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I just got a recent AMD Polaris card (RX 550) for Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p, and it simply doesn't boot with it. It doesn't even get to the starting splash screen with Lenovo logo. The monitor remains blank. I updated the BIOS to the last release I could find but it still didn't help. Can anything be done with it? It works with Nvidia cards, but I'm running Linux and want to use open drivers, so AMD is a much better option. I replaced the power supply by the way with better one.

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Hi everyone, I recently acquired a M91p SFF with:i5-24008gb RamAsus eah5450 low profile passOptical drive500gb hdd @7200rpmand 240w PSU So I have been researching a lot about what GPUs will work in my systemI decided to buy the GT730 (to upgrade my old gpu).It has a power consumption of 25w (TDP of 38w) according to the geforce website.I just want to make sure that it will work.Although I am confident it will work because the asus eah5450 has a power consumption of up to 75 watts.I MAY have to update my bios but my concern is that there's no bios update for Windows 10.I am also planning to transfer it to another case and buy a new psu but I am not sure what size the motherboard is (most likely micro-atx) and also the connectors to a new psu would be similar to the stock psu that I currently have The GT730 is on it's way and i'm planning to install it and removing the power to the optical drive (dvd) since I don't use it that often. This is just to make sure that my psu would hold the entire setup. Any suggestions guys?Thanks!

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I recently bought a Thinkcentre SFF M91p and tried to install an AMD Radeon HD7570 with NO success.  The machine will not boot.  The CPU and GPU fans spin, but it never boots.  I thought first it might be a power issue, and tried unplugging the CD-ROM drive, which didn't work either.  I then moved to upgrading the BIOS and that also had no effect.  I did find this morning the PCI-e slot in this machine is listed as a 2.0 slot and the HD7570 is spec'd at PCI-e 2.1, so is this card completely incompatible with the M91p I have? What GPU should I be using that will work straight away, and give me the max performance in this system without having to upgrade the PSU?   The system specs are as follows System type:   M91p, SFFSystem model number: 4518Y4DOperating system installed: Win10 Home 64-BitBIOS version: LENOVO 9HKT58AUS, 6/10/2014Thank you for your help! 

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Hiya, In my current PC I have an i5 3470, and In the Thinkcentre M91p i have recently purchased, it has an i7 2600, which is a little overkill for what ive purhcased it for, so I was thinking of swapping the cpu's so I have the 2600 in my gaming PC and the Thinkcentre gets the 3470.However I'm not sure if this would work as I have no idea whether the motherboard of the ThinkCentre would accept the new Ivy Bridge chip, and I don't even know if my Asus P8H77-V would accept the 2600?So would this work? and how would I go about doing it? Im a noob at all this im sorry ;(All answers are much appreciated, Ajsski99

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Hello alli recently upgraded my i7 m91p from 4 gigs ram to 16, the max allowed on my machine. However only 2.8 are usuable, I've been told it's because I'm running 32 bit os, and need to clean install a 64 bit. How would I know if I can install 64, technically if 32 bit only supports 4 gigs and this machine is upgrade able to 16 gigs ram doesn't that mean it will run 64 bit.. How else would it see the ram in 32 bit. Thank you so much 

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Hi,I recently got my hands on a M91p SFF with:i5-2400 CPU8gb Ram250gb hdd @7200rpm2 tb hdd @5400rpmand 240w PSU What I want to do is to convert this machine into a [email protected] / 1080p gaming machine. My plan is to buy the MSI 1050ti lp and even though it seems to run on the 240w PSU I feel that I want to upgrade it to at least 300w to be safe and so that I can upgrade the ram to 16gb and maybe add an extra fan and a usb hub in the front, where the optical drive used to be, so that I can connect more than just two USB gamepads in the front.After some goggling I found this power supply: http://www.bequiet.com/en/powersupply/496 According to my measurements, is should fit. But I want to be sure, will this work in the case?Also, I think I read somewhere that Lenovo does not a use standard ATX connection, but from what I can see, this system uses a standard 24 pin ATX connection to the motherboard. I might be wrong though. I am no expert on computers and I have never upgraded or built a system before so I ask here to be 100% before I buy anything.  I hope someone where can shed some light on my situation. Thanks  

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Hi. I just purchased a Lenovo Thinkcentre M91p (machine type 0266) which has an external 150w power supply. I purchased it to be used as a HTPC and i want to put a gpu and more ram in it. The problem is the power supply, all the ones i see people talk about have an internal 240w power supply. On the back of the pc is a DC in jack thats directly into the motherboard itself. I ran some calculations on power usage and the site i used said the recommended power supply size for the standard unit is 150w with a peak load of 123w. Adding the gpu alone pushes the peak load to 140w (nvidia gt730) with a recommended supply of 180w. My question basically is how can i upgrade an external power supply when all i can find is standard 150w external replacements or internal ones that wont be of any use

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Hello,I need to upgrade my Lenovo Think Centre m91p as it's super slow even after re-installing OS.This is what I have  I have already upgraded RAM to make it 6GB but that almost made no difference, but if I update CPU to Intel® Core i7-2600 Processor what that speed up the PC a lot?

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Hi, It appears we are many here to encounter problems with the restrictive white list of graphic cards for the ThinkCentre M91p (as well as M91 and M81) Small Form Factors. I have several AMD graphic cars which work straightforward with the M92p but emit no signal with the M91p. Some will argue that ThinkCenter are business machines and hence the restrictive list of graphic cards.But AMD also produces cards for the business segment, which are assumed being reliable.The white list keeps the M91p away from new cards. I upgraded the BIOS to its latest version, but this did not change anything. Is there a way to stop the filtering done by the BIOS or to upgrade the M91p's BIOS to accept new graphic cards ?What about flashing the BIOS for the M92p on a M91p ?I assume it wouldn't work as the marchines are different, but has anyone tried this ?

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Hi. I just purchased a Lenovo Thinkcentre M91p (machine type 0266) which has an external 150w power supply. I purchased it to be used as a HTPC and i want to put a gpu and more ram in it. The problem is the power supply, all the ones i see people talk about have an internal 240w power supply. On the back of the pc is a DC in jack thats directly into the motherboard itself.
I ran some calculations on power usage and the site i used said the recommended power supply size for the standard unit is 150w with a peak load of 123w. Adding the gpu alone pushes the peak load to 140w (nvidia gt730) with a recommended supply of 180w.
My question basically is how can i upgrade an external power supply when all i can find is standard 150w external replacements or internal ones that wont be of any use
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A:M91p USFF: uprate external power supply for graphics upgrade (GPU)

Update: im guessing i could just use any power adapter for other pc's or laptops with 180w or more, it just needs to have the correct ending which is a 6.0x3.0mm connector. I could even possibly use an adapter to make the correct ending. i dont see why this wouldnt work as the power supply is all external

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I have a bit of a strange issue with my computer. Forgive me if I'm a little too descriptive, but I'm not sure which details are relevant and which are not for such a problem. First, the specs:

Model: eMachines T2984
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel Celeron D Processor 340, 2.93 GHZ, 256K L2 Cache, 533 MHZ FSB
Power Supply Unit: Bestec Model: ATX-250-12E REV: P7
Motherboard: I can't tell, but it appears to be an Intel motherboard by the number of Intel labels on it
RAM: 512 MB DDR SD originally, added 1 GB a couple of months ago
Let me know if you need anything else...

Yesterday, I got home from shopping around 1PM, and I tried to start the computer. I pushed the power button, and nothing happened. I checked all of the cords, and they were all plugged in. Not knowing what else to do, I opened up the case to see if there was something obviously wrong. The only thing that I noticed (other than a bunch of dust) was that the power supply unit was still hot. I shut the computer down about 5 hours earlier after about 20 minutes of use, so it seemed strange that the power supply was still hot. I unplugged the computer just in case there was some sort of fire hazard.

At this point, I called a friend who suggested that the problem might be with the motherboard or the power supply unit.

A few hours later, I plugged it back in to try to get it to work. As soon as I plugged it in, the entire unit suddenly started "running" by itsel... Read more

A:Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically

I would suspect that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is going south. If you have a spare one laying around, install it and see if the problem goes away.
You can buy a new,better PSU from Newegg for about $40.00. I have used a Thermaltake 430 watt in one of my machines for some time now and it works well.
You will have to check the size of your PSU to be sure a new one will fit into the eMachine.
Here's the page with that PSU on it. It's the last one on the list.

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Hello TSG,

My girlfriend is having a few difficulties with her 500GB Buffalo External Hard Drive. As of this morning, her Laptop hasn't been able to turn on if the HDD is plugged in, and if she plugs the HDD in while turned on the Laptop doesn't recognise it and Blue Screens after a few minutes.

She hasn't had the Hard Drive long (coming up to a year now) and her Laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens with Windows 7 OS.

She says she doesn't want to reformat (though it sounds more of a power issue to me) if possible, as she has a lot of photographs and work on there she doesn't wish to loose.

If anyone has any idea what's wrong, please let us know!

Thanks a lot!

I just advised her to try plugging the EXT HDD into another plug socket, and low and behold it works again. She said however that when she plugged it in, blue sparks flickered at the socket for a few seconds, which really doesn't sound good...

Any idea if it's the HDD's plug itself going... or is it the sockets in her room? <_> Cheers.

A:Solved: Laptop doesn't recognise EXT HDD BSOD's - Doesn't turn on if EXT HDD is plugg

Can you try the external drive on another PC as a test

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I just put together my first computer 6 months ago. It abruply shutdow in the middle of writing a paper for school. I couldn't turn it back on right away. after trying a few times, it turned on. All the fans are working even the fan on the power supply, the motherboards lights are on. My graphic card in on the motherboard. I think it might be my power supply because when I first put it together I didn't plug in the smaller power connection to the motherboard and the same thing is happening, black screen. It's like my computer isn't giving my monitor any feed. I will have more info when I get home. I can't get in to bios or safe mode.

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I tried the Hard reset option. And tried unplugging the adapter and removing the battery. Tried turning on. But it's not all blank.When I press the power button. The LED switches on. Then there is a sound but the screen remains blank.Please help.

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Everything turns on, fans and everything. It's a completely new build. No input detected from a Samsung monitor.

I've swapped ram sticks to see if one of them is dead
I've reseated the video card

Don't know what to do.

Gonna pop my 4870 X2 into the computer to see if the video card is DOA. If not, the motherboard?

A:New Computer Build: Monitor doesn't turn on / Monitor doesn't initalize

your vga could be causing the issue, but that's only if you dont have onboard video as well.

Next time you post with a problem, make sure you give us detailed specs of your rig, when you dont its like saying "Hey, I have a red car, and it wont start."

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Dell Dimension 4100 PIII 866 MHz, XP Pro, NViIDIA GeForce MX 440

This is my problem: I have the power saving settings set to turn off my monitor after 20 min. It does briefly turn off, only to turn on again 1 sec. later, displaying a faint very dark blue screen... It used turn off fine, but after upgrading from Windows 98SE to XP Pro I got this problem. Is this the OS or my video card?

Any clues?

Thanks all

A:"Turn monitor off" setting doesn't really turn off

Did you upgrade to XP right over the top of 98 or was it a clean install? If you did an upgrade over the top of 98 (and I know you don't want to hear this lol) then you should format and do a clean install. Upgrades rarely leave you with a stable system.

Things to try before you do that though:

1) Make sure your video card drivers are up to date.

2) Make sure Windows is updated - go to windowsupdate

3) try the system file checker (Start, Run, "sfc /scannow" [without the quotes]) to make sure your system files are intact.

Other than that I would say just do a format and install XP from scratch (to be honest, you should do this anyway if you haven't already, you'll get much better stability and performance).


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Basically my pc doesn't turn on i was watching a video then put the pc to sleep came back after 15 mins and tried to turn on the pc it doesn't turn on i changed the fuse , used another power supply cable to no avail...

specs 2.66.ghz , 4GB ram , windows 7 , asus mother board , quad processor

This may help that i built my new pc on new years eve and used my old power supply as the one i had bought didn't have enough watts mind i the power supply is 10 years old any help

A:PC doesn't turn on

Are you sure the wall outlet still has power? Did you try to plug a lamp into the outlet to check for power? If your PSU isn't plugged directly into a wall outlet then please make that happens.

Often a computer can break and still remain functional until power is removed. Once the power is gone the broken circuit can/will no longer function. The power button on your computer case could be broken or simply have a lose wire. All the power button does is briefly short the connection. When you push the power button the motherboard will sense the short and turn on. You can check the power button's connection by briefly shorting the two wires that connect the power button to the motherboard at the header.

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Can someone please help me?

I did everything that I could..I bought a new motherboard and ups, my powe supply has been checked by 2 proffesionals and still my pc doesn't turn on..

When I bring it to an professional it just turns on like that, but at my home ( I already checked the electricity, it was checked by an professionsal) but still I think tehre is a ghost in my house :suspiciou can someone please help me?????

A:PC doesn't turn on!

Maybe you could try plugging it in a different part of your house preferably in a socket that you know works maybe a socket where your TV is plugged in or a Lamp. The socket you are using maybe damaged in some way.

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the inverter is on, the fan is on but winxp doesnt load....
once I kept off for a long time and when I turned on, it did work... but then aftern turning it off it is not working anymore..
In your opinion where shall I start troubleshooting?

thanks a lot cheers!

A:my pc doesn't turn on but...

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Hi there!
I have had my rig for about 1 1/2 years now, and I have upgraded the graphics card and power supply about half a year ago. But for the past few days I've encountered a problem that the pc doesn't turn on with the first try.

My pc case has a blue light for indicating power supply, and a red one for HDD activity. When I press the power up button, sometimes the red light doesn't turn on and only the fans spin. Also the startup screen doesn't appear. I've had a faulty power supply before and it had similar symptoms, but this time I assume it most certainly is not the power supply to blame, because whenever the computer does start, it works flawlessly, and doesn't shut down or stutter during gaming on 3d rendering.

What could cause this problem? Could it be the power button itself? I guess I will open up the computer over the weekend and try to look for a loose wire or smth, but maybe someone has encountered a similar problem and knows where to start?

A:PC sometimes doesn't turn on

Firstly we have no idea what the specs are of the system in question, so can be difficult to make any informed response. Please post some detailed system specs including make and model of the motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, power supply etc. The more info the better.

Based on the symptoms I certainly wouldn't rule out a faulty PSU.

It wouldn't hurt to double check all cables and connectors inside the machine.

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My laptop doesn't turn on .When I press the power button the fan works and everything is good then the startup goes black and there are only s white dash in the top left side of the screen help please.

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Have a Gateway Model E4100 Deluxe - my problem (and have had since getting PC) is when I shut down, it may take 2 or 3 tries to get it to reboot. So I've just been leaving my computer on to save the hassle.

Any ideas? All I get is a black screen - no mouse pointer visible and no choice but to shut off and turn back on - repeatedly until I finally get my log on screen!


A:Doesn't Want to Turn On !?!

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this morning i overhaul my computer..blow the dust etc..then after that i attach them together..and whoala..my computer doesn't turns on..

it will turn on..like 30min.of waiting..then when its turn on..it will hang..then i will restart the pc..using the reset button..but nothings happen..i mean it will reset..but it will not boot..then i will shut off the AVR..then i will turn on the AVR again..then Nothings Happen..means only the monitor is switching on..but the system is dead..

i try to short the power switch of the motherboard..but nothings happen...i try to short the green and black..and grey and green in the power supply unit..its fine..i try to clean again the RAM,the Vcard,but its the same...

please sir..help me..i really2 need your answer here..

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Recently, I have been having trouble turning on my computer. It used to be that, I'd turn it on, then the fans would go up to full speed (all of them), followed by 1 long been, and 2/3 short beeps.

Now, my PC won't even turn on at all. Would the problem be the motherboard? Should I reset the CMOS? How do I do that?

A:My PC doesn't turn on.

sometimes when a pc wont turn on it could be that you have added or changed some hardware which isnt fully compatible and has trouble with starting up. i had a similar problem with my monitor.

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Okay so by default, the HDD turns off after 20 min of inactivity. It's too short and gets annoying having to wait for the HDD to spin up every time I want to search the drive for something.

So I set it to 60 min. But it doesn't turn off after 60 min. I go to sleep and when I wake up and use the HDD, there's no spin up cause it's continuously spinning.

The power option works for 20 min but not for 60 min it seems. Anyone know how to get the power saving option to work?

A:HDD doesn't turn off

Hello Cyborg,

You may have something (ex: program or Windows 7) that is accessing the HDD for something within that 60 mins that causes the timer to reset. You might see if decreasing the turn off time by 5 minutes at a time and testing inbetween to see which time it works at.

Hope this helps,

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hi all,

i hope you guys can help. i would really appreciate all ideas. lately my hp laptop used to overheat and shut down instantly. i had to wait roughly 5-10 minutes in order to turn it on again. however after that, the screen used to freeze and the graphics started to look wrong with colourful strips at the start up or after on the desktop.

now wen i press the on button, the lights do come up on the keyboard area, but the screen starts of black then the contrasts increases and gradually having a colourful screen but no signs of anything else. its like the colourful signal screen we get on tv channels!!

i had thoought it could be the battery because it never lasted long and it had to be plugged in all the time. but i guess its more than that. i have taken it to pc world but costing £330 to fix :S i just want to know the problem and whether its as big as it looks.

many thanks, and look forward to responses

A:HP laptop doesn't turn on

This could be a few things:

When you say your laptop used to overheat and shut down, was it sat on a table or was it such that the ventilation could have been blocked (by a duvet or blanket on a bed)?

If the fan has stopped, that will cause immediate shut down as the CPU gets to it's max temperature. In turn, this could affect other areas of the motherboard such as graphics (you did not say whether you had onboard graphics card) and it certainly looks like graphics have been affected.

Are you able to check inside (are you confident to open up your laptop)? If so you will be able to see if the fan is working or not, otherwise you will have to listen to see if the fan appears to be working.

In the end, laptops do not like heat which is why it is essential to maintain the ventilation at all times.

PC world and Tech Guys charge the earth for basic laptop or PC repairs and so if you can find a colleague or friend to have a look just to diagnose the fault that will save you some pennies even if you are forced to take it in for repair. Good luck!

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Hi everybody, yesterday my X240 didn't wake up from sleep properly (LED backlight went on, nothing else happened), so I tried to restart it. When I hit the power button, the following happens:The power button LED and the Fn key LED light up and stay on.The red F1 and F4 LEDs briefly light up, as well as the keyboard backlight, but those go out after less than a second.I can hear some faint noise, the fan probably.Screen stays dark, no backlight. Connecting an external monitor does not help. I have tried to remove the power supply and external battery, pressed the Power button for 30 seconds, hit the emergency reset button, no results. Any ideas?

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the surface two doesn't turn ON,even after holding the power ON for 60s and press ON and OFF many times

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Hi again, I write this because sometimes I tried to turn on my computer but it doesn't start, then I press the button again and the computer begin to running, I want to know Why it happen?

I have a UPS and Windows Me, but I don't understand the problem.

A:My Computer doesn't turn on

I'm wondering ( and this would be really easy to fix ) how old is the case ? Maybe the connection in the back of the power button is screwed up ...
Also could you post the system specs .

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My computer just suddenly shut down. There was no shut down screen, it just went black out.

After I reset my power generation. My computer doesn't turn on anymore. Only the monitor is the one can be turned on.

Could you please, tell me why is this happening?

So please, oh please, reply me back, and tell me what to do!

A:My Computer doesn't turn on

Sounds very much as though your power supply is the culprit.

Fault-finding flowchart here: PC Power Supply Failure Diagnostics - Computer ATX Power Supply Troubleshooting and Repair

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I don't know what happen to my desktop PC, but it doesn't turn on. My desktop is home-building which i built 4 years ago. It runs well until this morning. I try to turn it on but there is nothing of working sign. This happened yesterday as well. But after about 15', it turned on automatically. However, it couldn't repeat today. I am wondering what the problem is, because I checked everything I could think of. I unplugged every USB connections and reconnect them. I checked my power cable and replaced a new one. I checked my reset and power buttons behind and in front of it, they all are at right positions. So I think the problem is inside my desktop but I don't know what it is.
I need some advisories about this problem.


A:My desktop doesn't turn on

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I just built a system, and everything seemed to go wrong that could (Bought wrong memory, PSU was dead - it was a Raidmax RX700 - nuff said, heatsink issues)

But now, about three hours after the heatsink was repaired (needed new grease) the system shut down while I was playing a game. Now, when I go to start it up, it flashes once, then nothing. This repeats only when I unplug/turn off/on the power supply itself.

These are the specs:

Gigabyte GA-45 UD3P
EVGA Geforce 9800
Antec Earthwatt 650W
1 TB drive (forget brand. Not at home)
Raidmax Smilodon Extreme Black
4 GB Corsair XMS 2 DDR2 Memory
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

Any sort of clue as to the issue?

Any ideas as to the issue?

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Hello,I have had my laptop for over a year now and there haven't been serious problems until today. While it was on (almost fully charged) and there was just some music playing, it suddenly turned off and now it doesn't turn on at all. Nothing happens when I press the power button and there is no light when I plug in the charger cable. I tried removing the batteries' cables (and plugging them back in) as suggested in a couple of posts I read and using the reset button but nothing works. Could anyone suggest anything else I could do to make it turn on? Thank you.

A:X1 Carbon 4th gen doesn't turn on

Nevermind... Somehow after desperately pressing the power button on more time after some time it turned on and everything works as if nothing ever happened. I'm quite confused but happy. Hope this doesn't happen again.

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I powered down my computer and it does not turn back on. At first it would power on for maybe a second. I could hear and see the fans spin. There was also no beep the first few times. Confused, I tried again to turn it on again and the same thing happened. Now nothing turns on. The fans don't spin and no lights turn on. The only thing I've noticed was the green light on the motherboard stays on if the powerswitch to the PSU is on. I've tried unplugging everything and replugging one by one. I've tried a different PSU also. I also tried the paper clip test. I'm not sure how accurate that is but for the current PSU (750w) the fan spins for maybe 4 seconds then it stops. On the 450w the fans continue to spin (paper clip test for both) So I tried to switch out the PSU thinking it would help and no luck. Sorry if this is jumbled up and doesn't make sense to anyone.

A:PC doesn't turn on after powering off

Have you checked the power switch connector to the motherboard? Maybe it has come loose.

I've never heard of the paper clip test before. Please enlighten me.

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My HP Laptop went off when it was working, and it didn't turn on then. The power button led glows for few seconds when i try to turn on the laptop,but nothing in the screen,no sounds of cpu fan or booting.

Solutions Tried:

I tried removing AC supply,and battery and tried holding the power button for 30 seconds and put everything back in. But this doesn't help me either. I also tried with different RAM stick and slot,which doesn't work.

When i plug the AC adapter in, I noticed that the corresponding indicator in the cpu doesn't glow. Anyway i can't either work with the battery.

Please help me out if you can!

A:HP Laptop doesn't turn on :/

Seems like the video card is defective. You may need to repair it.
Have you tried using a different power adaptor?

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Hello everyone!! (I think I'm the only one here though on a Saturday night )

Anyway, I've been reading through the forum to see if I could find some answers to my problem with my HP and the closest one is "Old School" dated September 1, 2006. So, I've noted some of the answers and I'm going to try some things (that apply) tonight with my computer.

However, the initial problem started when I began to notice my computer slowing down, so I decided to remove some programs, files that I no longer needed. Afterwards, it didn't seem like it help any at all. A few days after that I began to get errors saying the memory was low and so I decided to completely start all over, going back to when I bought the computer new. However, when I attempted to do this it wouldn't let me saying the memory was low or not enough memory. Next thing I knew my computer completely crashed and I haven't been able to get it back on. Here are some of the things that are coming up when I try to start it.

1. Stop: c000021a {FATAL SYSTEM ERROR}
The session manager initialization system process
terminated unexpectedly with a status of
(0x000003a (0x00000000 0x00000000.)

The system has been shut down.

2. Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
\system root\system 32\config\SOFTWARE
orits log or alternate.

It is corrupt, absent or not writable.
Beginning dumping of physical memory.
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A:Computer Doesn't Turn On

Welcome to Bleepig Computer.From what you have posted you may have a corrupted registry. The explaination on how to recover is very lenghty and complex. The best option will be for you to read the Microsoft KB and post any question you may have with us. There are two KB article that apply to your Post.If for any reason you are not sure or fell you cannot complete the task, STOp and ask questions. I feel sure we can help you thru this but you will need to read the articles.Error Message "STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}"How to troubleshoot a "STOP 0xC000021A" error

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Hello. My Lenovo Z40-70 had the tipical "horizontal stripes" and pinkyish screen, suddenly the screen wont ever turned on again, I tried several solutions, i even changed the SCREEN and FLEX, still wont even turn and give me a blank screen, just simply doesnt turn on, is dead. Also tried the "remove battery AND AC, 20 seconds, battery 10 seconds thingy", nothing... The only thing I havent tried is flashing BIOS, but... is flashing BIOS W/O inner screen (using a VGA at the time) will give any trouble?Is there any solution rather than "buy a new laptop"? Thx

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Hi I've got an Acer laptop with Windows XP Home Edition and about a third to a half of the times I shut down the computer it freezes at the blue page that says windows is shutting down, and doesn't turn off. Can anyone tell me if they've came across this problem before and if there's anything that can be done about it? Thanks

A:Computer doesn't turn off

If your computer does not turn off the power when doing a shutdown,
you may need to edit the registry.

Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Edit the key PowerOffActive and give it a value of 1
You can do the same in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop
You can go here:
Scroll down to #76 and click on the word "Off" ,when the file download box opens up,click open.

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Hello --
I've got a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, it's about 4-5 years old. I'm not very tech savvy.

A weird thing started happening recently:

Whenever the computer shuts down (Standby, hibernate, or full shut down), either b/c I power it down or just b/c I close the lid, the computer refuses to turn on again.

When I press the power button, the fan starts up, the power light comes on, the caps lock light blinks 9 times and then it turns off again. Happens regardless whether the laptop is plugged in or on battery.

I have discovered that I can get the computer to start up by holding down the "play/pause" button bellow the touchpad and pressing a bunch of keys on the keyboard simultaneously. This causes the computer to turn on and opens a program called Dell Media Experience (which I've only used occassionally before). But this "solution" is not reliable and seems to be getting less and less effective(the first time, I just pressed the button, since then I've had no success unless I also hammer the keyboard a bit).

At this point, I'm afraid to let my laptop sleep or turn off for fear that it will never turn back on.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is? PSU? Motherboard? Something easy to fix that a non-techie like myself is just unaware of?

Plz let me know ASAP.

A:Computer doesn't want to turn on

You might want to check out data from Dell also:


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i've got an acer aspire 5735z laptop about two and half years old :runing windows vista,intel pentuim dual-core processor T3400 .It was working fine last night ,wake up this morning trying to turn it on :lights are on for about 10 /15 sec ,the fan as well turn for the same time ,then it turns off on it's own .tried to take the battery out and pluged in :same problem .kept pressing the turn on button for 30 sec(with the battery in and out) same thing happen .take the fan out and cleared thaught it maybe full of dust but it wasn't .i've took the hdd out and put it back as well as the two memories but still with the same problem ,any idea please ? many thanks to any suggestions

A:Laptop doesn't turn on

Sorry tgo learn of your woes... Unfortunately, Acer laptops are like all the rest... if you didn't get one with a long warranty. time to get a new one... But the hard drive "should" be recoverable.

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I'm not sure what the problem is but a relative asked if I could do anything about their laptop not booting up. It's an emachines E625. They don't have any additional info to tell me. I would've thought it was the charger but the light on it shows that it is on. The charging light on the laptop doesn't come on however. I would guess that it might be some kind of short in the cord that goes to the laptop but the cord has been used with an identical laptop. Not sure what I should do...

A:Laptop doesn't turn on

I have had 2 Dell laptops do this last year. Turned out to be the jack on the back of the laptop.
If they have another laptop they might try switching the batteries to see if the laptop in question will boot from the battery. If it still will not work, then there js a problem with the machine.

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