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P70: itunes issues

Q: P70: itunes issues

Hi, I have spent alot of time reading/searching for posts so i wouldn't have to post my question and i didn't see where i could start a new topic so i'm sorry to reply to another topic.

If anyone can help with itunes login to iclould music. It keeps giving the error that my session as expired and i have to keep adding my password. My issue is with my lenovo p70 thinkpad laptop computer only not any of my other computers and laptops. Not sure why and so itunes is useless on my lenovo.

Thank you for any answers.

Moderator note: post moved. Model added to subject.

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Preferred Solution: P70: itunes issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Apple published security updates and bulletins for six products such as Xcode 9, tvOS 11, watchOS 4, Safari 11, iOS 11, and iTunes 12.7 (for both macOS and Windows).

The security updates were published to address several low-level security issues. The most important of all the security patches is the one delivered with the recently launched iOS 11. For an overview of all the new (non-security related) features in iOS 11, you can read this review from MacRumors.

There are no macOS security updates. Apple will release macOS High Sierra (10.13) on September 25, and the company is expected to bundle any security patches with the main 10.13 release.Click to expand...

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I have a problem in which iTunes 9 wont open...

I have checked other threads but none of the solutuions on them work for my PC! Im running Windows XP and I do NOT use Norton (Which I see causes a lot of the problems)

I have tried opening it via shorcuts, the start menu, ending the process though Ctrl+Alt+Del and still had no luck.

I have disconnected from the internet and turned off firewalls, ran virus checks, re-installed...

Even manually finding the song in my documents and trying to open iTunes that way, even when I connect my iPod it wont open.

I have re-installed 3 times still no luck, does anyone know what I could do?


A:iTunes 9 Issues

Hi Mate, Im having the exact same problem. If anybody can offer any help i'd love it too.

I have also done everything from the other iTunes issues

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Hi there,

I upgraded my iTunes to the latest version 7.0 and quite frankly it has been a nightmare. On restarting my computer to complete the installation my iPod could only be read as a hard drive not in iTunes itself. Since this was obviously a problem as I absolutely cannot live without music I tried to follow the help available on the Apple website. Following the supposedly logical tips to solve this problem did not help one bit so I decided to reinstall my iPod with the iTunes version that was around when I bought it and then just upgrade once again.

My bright idea worked however the sound was distorted so much so that I thought it was my speakers going bonkers!! I decided that my music fix could only be fixed by the pre-iPod way...my CD player. In the meantime I updated some pictures in my iPod so that I could see some more album art work on the iPod. When I disconnected these pictures didn't even appear; however the ones I had on before were still there!

The final straw happened today when I tried to connect my iPod to my computer again...guess what....it's only being read as a hard drive not in iTunes!

I have read that people have had distortion issues with this version of iTunes; so I was wondering whether anyone else has had similar issues to the ones that I have and what if any are the solutions?

Thanks for listening...I shall try to complain to Apple & see where that takes me!!


A:Itunes 7.0 Issues

Hi ganna.
Just for the halibut, try changing the drive letter windows is assigning your iPOD.
Control Panel > Admin tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.
Right click the drive designation for the iPOD and change it to a letter down the alphabet a ways like H or I or something. See what that does.

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I can't operate my itunes anymore. It won't run. I can't update it with the new version either. I also can't change, repair, or uninstall it either. Whenever I try to do one of these things, the Windows Installer comes up and says "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'itunes64.msi' in the box below." The two options that are given in the bow below do not work. Can anyone help me? My ultimate goal for this will be to have itunes up and running on my computer again so I can listen to my music, update my ipod and such. Thanks!

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Apparently, my iTunes has been acting up since I installed windows 8. Whenever I open it up, I try to play a song and it pauses for 5 minutes, and then after the 5 minutes it plays the song finally. the program itself isn't in "Not Responding" mode, but the program just freezes whenever I attempt to play a song. Anyone else have this problem?

A:iTunes Issues

This happens to me too in iTunes. I find it happens in Windows Media Player at the same time but if you open the song you're trying to listen to in foobar2000 or Media Player Classic playback in iTunes will unlock and resume normally. I've done my best to diagnose it and I'm running a blank. I've tried changing/updating drivers (between Microsoft's and Realtek's - doesn't make a difference), re-registering the iTunes COM interface, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, disabling exclusive control, disabling all sound enhancements, etc. Nothing works but there's the workaround to make it work again. I don't believe it's iTunes-specific either, I think it's some kind of Windows 8 bug because it happens with Windows Media Player too.

Real weird issue.

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I have downloaded ITunes, but when I try to open the program,Ii get an error message that says "WINDOWS SECURITY", "Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened". How do I get this program to open?

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I downloaded the new Itunes 9. Tried to RUN the install and came up with a "C:\Documents and Settings\Princess\Desktop\ItuneSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application.". I don't know how to make it the right application. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Eric

A:Itunes XP issues

Are you sure you downloaded the right version? There are three different options it gives you; 32-bit, 64-bit, and the Mac OSX version. You would want the first option.

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I'm having serious issues with the new iTunes....I generally enjoy leaving it running in the background of WoW while I play so I can listen to music....with itunes 7 the moment I switch to the wow screen, distortion and skipping occurs to an insane degree....has anybody else had this problem, and do you know of a workaround? the previous itunes was fine..

thanks for reading,

A:iTunes 7 Issues

I have resolved the problem by switching down a notch from full hardware audio accelaration...

also I should have mentioned I'm using an XFI Elite Pro

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A while back I made the mistake of updating the Codecs from an article I read from yahoo. Well, being a dork I decided I shouldn't have done it and removed it from the computer. After doing that iTunes and QuickTime stopped working altogether. I thought I'd give it some time and after about a week I uninstalled and reinstalled the two programs, but the problem still continued. I let it go thinking it was nothing and started to use winamp instead to transfer songs to the ipod and what not. Well, last week I bought a WD External Hard Drive and backed up all my files, but not the entire computer. I don't know what else to do. I tried the uninstalling and reinstalling again but that still didn't work. I have a Sony Vaio, Windows XP Home computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi guys,

Recently i got an error while trying to open quicktime .. error 2095 .... and it suggested that i make sure quicktime was properly installed.
I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it, but to no avail.
I've now noticed that my iTunes isnt working properly either.
I've seen various posts about the net about this issue, but to be honest, when it comes to changing anything on my laptop, im very picky about where i get my advice from.
One suggestion was that i uninstall quicktime and then remove any reference to it in the registry.
I've had a look at the registry using the registry editor in TuneUp Utilities and the search for " quick time " returnes over 1300 values ... am i to understand i need to delete every one of these ?! Seems a rather excessive and laborious task.

Has anyone come across a fix for this before, or even a work-around.

As always, your help is very much appreciated.

A:Quicktime And Itunes Issues

Hi carnivalofsorts.If you still have QT installed, uninstall it via safe mode.Download and install the "Standalone" version of QT from here. instead.Seems to cure the error 2095 and iTunes issues from what I've been reading in some apple forums.Worth a shot anyways.

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Today my Itunes (Version started acting strangely.

I play a song partway through, then skip to the next song, and if I go back to the previous song, it resumes where I had last left it.

In other words it acts like a movie on Itunes where it resumes even if I close the program and reopen it. The songs won't restart.

It's very strange and the troubleshooting forums on Apple's site didn't help any. I also didn't find any settings in the program itself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


A:Itunes Playback Issues

You'll have to select every item in your library, then right click on one of them to edit all of them at once.
Click on "Get info". Go to the "Options" tab. Tick the box next to "Remember playback position" and make sure it's set to "no".
Apply and it should work.

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I have an HP Pavilion Laptop and am running iTunes 10. I have a couple of issues that are probably related. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad that are the only devices used on this laptop, and this laptop is the only computer that I use for my devices (if that makes sense).

About 50% of the time whenever I plug either my iPhone or iPad into the computer, iTunes comes up and says "iTunes has detected that a previous iPad (or iPhone depending on what i plug in) has been synched with this computer. Would you like to setup as a new device, or restore from backup? If I select restore, I always get "Restore failed as the backup could not be read" or something like that. Of course I can set up as a new device, but then I have to redo all of my apps, books, movies, etc.

I have uninstalled iTunes as per Apple's tech support (removed itunes, quicktime, apple mobile support, etc) and reinstalled, but it didn't seem to help. I am running win7x64 as an os.

Any suggestions?

A:iTunes and synch issues

The issue with syncing your ipod and iphone together on the same profile will have problems, the best solution to this will be to create a new Windows profile for the device, so you could use the iphone and the ipod on the same computer but different login id's.

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tried to install iTunes v12 unsuccessfully as installer not says .....problem with windows installer. a program required to install to complete could not be run. Installer problem before itunes could be configured.
I have run MS fix download and run sfc/scannow. both concluded no issues.
Prior to this when installing v12 I had error msg 7 error 127. I run as aboce and manually deleted all iTunes files and reinstalled v12.
older version of iTunes ran ok. 

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Since installing Windows 8, I've noticed that iPhone is not showing up on the devices list in iTunes.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a matter of waiting for Apple to update drivers? Or is there a trick to get this working now?

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Hi, everyone. I have been running Windows 7 for the last two months or so without an issue. I upgraded from Vista 64.

I dont shut down my PC very often, and reboot usually once or twice a day. Sunday, I shut my PC down completely because I was going away on Business for two days. It listed for me that it had a few updates to do, and did them automatically.

When I returned, I rebooted my computer without any issues, however I found that when Windows Media Player would boot, it would just hang with an "hourglass" and white screen, but still list as "running" in Task Manager.

When I attempted to start up iTunes, it did not appear to boot. There was one iTunes program running in the "processes" of my Task manager, and then a second would appear for 2-3 seconds and then disappear.

I tried every remedy that I could find: reinstalling iTunes, I uninstalled Bonjour, restarted the PC numerous times, I even restored it to a previous version, but after I did the update. I also did a deep virus scan.

Here's the interesting thing: I did the virus scan, and went to work, and stopped home about an hour later, and found that iTunes had started up. It was working perfectly. I shut it down, and attempted to restart it again to see if the problem cleared itself up, and it happened again.. I'm now sitting here 3-4 minutes after starting iTunes with no response.

The only programs that had been installed on my computer on Sunday was a Micros... Read more

A:Having iTunes Issues with Windows 7

OH! and let me just add, my machine is a home made rig that I did back in August.

Intel I-7 processor (the lower end one)
6 GB of DDR3 RAM
250 GB Internal hard drive
640 GB External Hard Drive
Soundblaster XF-I Fatality Sound Card
Running Windows 7 since mid March, and Vista 64 prior to that.

Also, when I plug my iPhone into the PC, it doesnt give me an option to open up iTunes either....

Thanks again!

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Got a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 kb and when I install the IntelliType Pro driver/software it stops the media (play, pause, skip) buttons fuctioning in iTunes (full screen or not). Without IntelliType they work but without it I can't setup macros, custom buttons etc.

btw there are no issues with WMP.

A:Sidewinder X6, issues with iTunes

Has nobody got this keyboard, or is just that nobody's had this issue?

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I am having trouble installing iTunes. A couple weeks ago, when after I had imported a cd and plug in my ipod to sync.
An error message popped up saying: Bonjour failed. Verify you have privileges. Also, I am only able to install or uninstall programs in safe mode. Please help!


A:Issues installing itunes


A few details would be nice, if you could gather them for me.

Firstly, what version of windows 7 are you running?
Secondly, do you know if your user account is an administrator of the computer?
Thirdly, did you have iTunes previously installed, and remove it?

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Ok, this is a bit complicated.

My current problem is that some songs in my Itunes library are playing too fast, and playing choppy. Specifically, songs that are near 128 kbps bit rate. I have confirmed it plays 256, 192, 96, and 80 kbps bit rates just fine. I have also confirmed it has the issue with 128, 127, 125, and 124 kbps bit rates. I've also confirmed when starting the songs with the problem, my processor jumps to 100% use shortly, and hovers around 60% up from around 7%. The process using resources was simply ITunes. My current version of Itunes is

The problem started when I replaced a Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card (doa) with a Radeon HD 4650 graphics card. So you don't have to think about it, that card comes with an hdmi audio that I am not using.

Unfortunately, at nearly the same time (before I tried Itunes) I also installed a new version of Itunes. I believe I went from a 9.1.something to the current version.

My attempts so far have been:

1. Installing an older version of Itunes, failed because library file was created by newer Itunes .

2. Installed newest drivers for graphics card and hdmi audio component. Did this twice, when I installed, then after the problem.

3. Uninstalled completely, then reinstalled drivers. Starting to get peeved at this point.

4. Uninstalled completely and reinstalled both Itunes and quicktime.

5. Followed suggestions found on ITunes website found here.

6. Disabled HDMI audio componen... Read more

A:ITunes playback issues

Are any devices flagged in Device Manager ?
Are there any significant errors in Event Viewer ?

Will the files play correctly with media player classic in the k-lite codec pack ?

Post the specs of your Power Supply.

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I had no problem syncing my devices with itunes on my Yoga 3 Pro until about a month or so ago. itunes would open and work properly until I connected any device. It would identify the device and then become unresponsive for hours until I gave up and forced a shut down. On the first few times, I uninstalled itunes and reinstalled again, it would work every time. But then one day, this trick didn't work anymore. I've tried every single tip and solution I found online: creating a new Windows user, uninstalling all Apple softwares and components, removing every trace from the computer (windows registry, common files, app data, etc.), nothing worked. Today I gave up and did a full reset of my laptop to factory settings (full blown, no files saved, nothing, really deleted everything, all settings, etc.) Chose to roll back to Windows 8 just in case it was some problem with Windows 10. Then I installed itunes first thing, before installing or running anything (didn't even install anti-virus yet), an empty installation with no library, nothing. Tried to see if itunes would open somebody else's iphone (just in case the problem was with something that was on my devices). itunes froze again... Then I tried to see what happens on other people's computers. My devices are all perfectly and timely found by their itunes and I can open the settings (without having to sync). This makes me believe there's something on this specific computer. Since it's reset to factory s... Read more

A:Yoga 3 Pro - itunes issues

I have tried it on that model without issue. You have tested everything except the cable and the port. Could the cable be be damaged?  Can you try a different port?

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Dear anyone out there. I am increasingly frustrated by this software. Can anyone help. I am running Vista Home Premium, my itunes is I WANT TO BURN Sigur Ros so I can chill out in the morning traffic but get that message that others are getting, iTunes Error 2131 and "Can not burn cd. An unknown error has occured". My computer is an ACER Aspire 5920. While people are suggesting other ways to burn discs, using itunes is very easy and doesn't involve maneouvering files around in Explorer. HELP!!!!


A:itunes again! Burning to CD issues.

HI Jcoop,

Has this ever worked on your Acer laptop? Or did it use to work and stopped working?


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I recently bought a new computer and it came with Vista installed. I decided to give it a go and while I like it for the most part, I am coming up with two problems. First of all, when I transferred my iTunes onto this computer, it said that it may have installed strangely and will need to be reinstalled or it won't import or burn cds. Fine, so I tried updating to the latest version and it stopped just before the progress finished. So I went to my next tactic, which was to uninstall it completely and then reinstall it. Again, the uninstall began working and then stopped right before it finished. I tried uninstalling Quicktime first and that didn't work and I tried messing with the Windows Installer but to no avail. I don't know what else to do to make the darn thing work.

And to add insult to injury, now my computer isn't recognizing the driver of my iPod. When I go to the Device Manager, it gives me this message: "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

I clicked on the device to try and update the driver, thinking that was the problem, but it kept telling me that the driver installed is the right one to have. So now I'm at a loss as to what to do. Can anyone help me with this? I'd really appreciate it.

A:iPod and iTunes issues

Try to use Revo Uninstaller:


It's like a more "powerful" uninstall utility.

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When trying to burn a playlist using iTunes, most of them become coasters, and it's driving me mad. I know there are several possibly reasons for it, but I'm not sure.

Are there any specific reasons that can cause iTunes to have to "cancel" burning the disc so that it becomes a coaster?

I'm guessing the brand of CD's I have, but I'm not really sure. I have 'Imation' brand.

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Hi, I have iTunes 9.0, recently updated and uninstalled the old version and re-installed 9.0 and updated iPhone firmware to 3.1 and everything is new and sweet, except itunes takes its sweet time to boot up and iphone connection freezes it for a few minutes while it establishes itself in the left bar of iTunes, now, that is a slight problem if I just want to sync one song and that song transfers in like 3 seconds, whereas the connection takes 5 minutes, so its a long time. Along with any suggestions on this issue, does anybody know how I can access the photo files on my iPhone? like the photo's I've taken myself.. I've found several programs to do so but they all cost around $20 and this seems a waste..

Any help, suggestions and replies are much appreciated,

A:iTunes/iPhone issues

nearly 30 views and 0 replies? if theres something I've done wrong, or something you don't understand, just let me know


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hi all!been recommended by a friend to post here hope you guys can help and save the need for a format ...ok:WMP (windows media player) = will exit after a while. With the box saying about how it closed unexpectantly. Also if you click the "X" it doesnt ACTUALLY close ... doing CTRL + ALT + DEL and on the task list shows WMPLAYER.exe still there ... also pressing PLAY on the front of laptop plays the music ...iTunes: Installed once, second time i opened it it complanied "iTunes cannot run because it has detected a problem with your audio confiiguration" despite the fact i havnt altered anything. Reinstall gives same errors, clicking "repair" gives the same errors.i'm on Windows Media Centre Edition if thats of any use.Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 17:22:19, on 19/04/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\WI... Read more

A:Audio Issues! Wmp, Itunes.

Hello GilesTheAlmighty and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. The only thing I see int he log is some redirects in the hosts file. You can reset these by doing the following:Download the HostsXpert 3.7 - Hosts File Manager.Unzip HostsXpert 3.7 - Hosts File Manager to a convenient folder such as C:\HostsXpertClick HostsXpert.exe to Run HostsXpert 3.7 - Hosts File Manager from its new homeClick "Make Hosts Writable?" in the upper right corner (If available).Click Restore Microsoft's Hosts file and then click OK.Click the X to exit the program.Note: If you were using a custom Hosts file you will need to replace any of those entries yourself.For problems related to WMP I would suggest posting in the Audio and Video forum. They can help with specific A/V application issues. Let them know that you have been to this forum and that no malware was found.Cheers.OT

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My attempts recently to update iTunes from version 6 to version 7 have been futile. My issue is that every time I attempt to upgrade, the iTunes 7 Installer encounters errors when removing the previous version of Quicktime. Numerous uninstallation attempts have failed, as the uninstallshield program crashes to the desktop before fully initializing.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please note also that I am installing iTunes to a non-boot hard drive, if that may be an issue.

A:Issues upgrading to iTunes 7

just outta corosity; have you tried unistalling quicktime from safe mode????

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I'm having a lot of trouble doing this. I am using an external HD, which has had my music on it for months. On the old PC (lets call it #1) I had the HDD plugged in to the PC and I opened iTunes and it got the music from there. Now, when I try and transfer it to a new PC, I can't keep track of my playlists. They aren't staying together I guess (and I have a LOT of playlists). Also, it's not keeping track of my playcounts or ratings. I have all of the music/videos however I need my playlists, ratings and playcounts. How do I do this?? I'm very frustrated.

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ISSUE: I updated to the new version last week, and I have been having trouble with getting artwork to use in coverflow.

FIXES ATTEMPTED: I wiped all iTunes related programs off my machine and started form scratch. I have converted all of my files to MPEG4, and v2.2.4 id tags, updated iTunes, logged into the iTunes store, and followed every trouble shooting tip that I could find, and still no artwork. Went through and confirmed that all direct activation was enabled on my PC, and also confirmed that my video card drivers were updated.

POTENTIAL PROBLEM: I ran a diagnostic test through iTunes and turns out iTunes does not think that I am connected to the internet. Weird thing is that I am logged into the iTunes store, but iTunes itself does not see the internet connection. I have no idea how to fix this, but this is my best guess as to what may be wrong. I have a Netgear USB modem that I use and I am not sure if it confused that there is no connection to my ethernet card. I uninstalled my ethernet card, but that did not fix the issue either.

Any suggestions?

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Okay here is the issue.. If any more info is needed to help me out please let me know and I will try to get it for you..

My Father gets Software for free from his job, So he brought Windows 7 over and I installed it for him on his laptop since he hated Windows Vista, and then I installed it onto my desktop.

Both computers are running Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

I then installed the newest version of itunes on his laptop a few months ago so he could sync music to his phone. Then I went to install itunes onto my desktop since I recently bought a ipod touch.

During installation I get this error towards the end.

I tried getting help from other sites but no one had a clue. There was no virus software running in the background or any other software running during install so nothing to interfere with during install.

So I gave up and ended up installing a older version of itunes, today I thought I'd give it another shot to update the version of itunes I had with the newest available version.

I uninstalled the old version and downloaded/attempted to install the newest version straight from apples website.

I then get this same error again

When I hit the "OK" button the window closes then the status green bars says "rolling back processes" and then attempts to install the software again. And nothing.

I went back to try and install an older version of itunes and now when its fully done installing itunes does not want to "pick up/ or recognize that I... Read more

A:iTunes installing issues- windows 7

Welcome to windows 7 support forums,

The issue you are describing is an incomplete install of Itunes using the Windows 7 OS.
Resolution of this issue is as follows:Remove all Apple/quicktime apps/programs and services including apple mobile device
reboot your system, download/install the latest version of Itunes.

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Alright I went to update to version 9.2 of itunes so i can update my phone to is04. While updating i recieved an error message saying that windows installer was busy or i was in safe mode. I was not in safe mode. Needless to safe after attempting to uninstall itunes it no longer works at all. I have tried the windows installer cleanup service and everytime i try to use it it says it has to install on first use and hangs then dissapears. I have tried everything from microsofts help sites as well as apples and i cannot install or uninstall the stupid thing. Funny thing is that the uninstaller works with everything else.
I have an HP Model HPE-170t running windows 7 home premium and i am about to loose my mind because i dont want to reinstall windows as i will be reinstalling software for days!! Please any suggestions?

A:Itunes issues with windows installer

I have already done a fresh install of Vista 64. All went well and all updates are installed. On every attempt to install Itunes 9.2 I get the installer message. I am thinking there is a problem on Apples end. I am open to suggestions....it can't possibly be my computer as my install is fresh and updated.

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My problem seems to be a compatibility issues with the latest iTunes/QuickTime (7.7.1) and Outlook, but I feel like we're going to learn it has something to do with Vista.

Anyway, I updated through my Apple updating software to the newest versions of iTunes and QTime. Afterward, I can't right click on a document and send to an email recipient. After that fails, I can't open Outlook.

Anyone go through this?

I uninstalled, reinstalled a few times. Went to an older version and had other issues.

A:iTunes & Outlook Issues with Vista


Is there someone out there who can help on this issue?

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After updating the software version on my ipad, iTunes no longer recognised the tablet when it was plugged into my PC. So according to Apple I have to update my iTunes to version to which according to the requirements will work perfectly on my PC (Win XP SP3 32bit). However when I try to install this version it comes up with an error message declaring that my PC does NOT meet the system requirements for this version of iTunes.

my PC specs....

Itunes link...


Has anyone any ideas of what could be causing this....

A:iTunes System requirement issues


Earlier this year, Apple updated iTunes and the updated version was not compatible with XP. It is not recommend to run outdated versions of XP and iTunes because of numerous security issues.

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I have been trying to get my itunes connected to play on an apple tv but it is neither showing up in itunes nor is my computer showing up on the appletv. I checked to make sure bonjour service was working and restarted the appletv and all that jazz. in addition my computer is showing up in my roommates itunes when i turn on library-sharing. Firewall was turned off as well to see if that did anything. Anyone else having issues sharing things over the networks?

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Hi there,

I have a strange problem. I recently received a message to upgrade to Itunes 6.0.1. The pop-up directs me to the apple download site for Itunes. When I go to the page, there are no links or buttons to download the updates. Same thing happens when I try to update my IPod Shuffle. I have gone to this page on other computers and the links seem to work fine, but on my computer all I get is a large blue box on the left and some descriptions on the right. Please help!

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Hi don't know if you can help but so far you've been really helpful with other issues - so crossing my fingers.

I've just bought a new ipod but before uploading it with my itunes library I wanted to make sure I had my library in order. (So its not been connected yet).

Though music and audio is playing fine in itunes - in the last couple of days I've uploaded additional pieces of video - (I have Windows Explorer 8 on my laptop), and though all the clips play absolutely perfectly if I run them off my laptop, the moment they go into itunes though the video images are chrystal clear and the audio is very clear the video clips are slightly out of sync with the audio and there's sometimes a little freezing.

Apple refuse to believe it's a fault their end saying its a windows fault - but as the clips play well directly from laptop it makes more sense to be a itunes issue.

I've completely removed itunes and reloaded it but same problem - and videos already loaded that were playing fine before have started having the same syncing issue.

Not sure if its an issue but my itunes library is on an external drive that is connected via usb (itunes programme is saved to same external drive, but loaded onto hard drive). - but this has been like this from the start (started uploading mid December) and the syncing issue only appeared yesterday.

Really appreciate any help you can give me with this.

A:iTunes video syncing issues

Not sure why this was marked as 'Solved' because I've not been given any information...either via email or by reply. Could you please let me know what I should be doing - many thanks.

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Yikes. Just upgraded to 7.4 itunes, and now I'm getting an error message 11333 that seems to be plaguing a lot of users... I'm running XP on an HP. This shows up as an unknown error, asking to check interent connection, which is just fine.

Anyone have any ideas? There are lots of posts on the Apple discussion boards... no one seems to have an answer.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8250 running windows xp. After some issues with my drives, resolved here by replacing the internal battery, when I open iTunes, I get a message "The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning cd's and dvd's are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes."

So I did. Same problem. I tried a registry cleaner. Reinstalled again after that. Any suggestions on my next attempt?


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I have a problem in which iTunes 9 refuses to open...

I have checked other threads but none of the solutuions on them work for my PC! Im running Windows XP and I do NOT use Norton (Which I see causes a lot of the problems)

I have tried opening it via shorcuts, the start menu, ending the process though Ctrl+Alt+Del and still had no luck.

I have disconnected from the internet and turned off firewalls, ran virus checks, re-installed...

Even manually finding the song in my documents and trying to open iTunes that way, even when I connect my iPod it wont open.

I need help! :(

A:iTunes 9 - Opening Issues, Nothing Works

when was the last time it was updated? There was a new one this past week, if you know your itunes was not updated, try downloading the latest and install.

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windows 7 64-bit. i've been installing/uninstalling itunes;when i try to open says registry setting used by the itunes drivers for importing and burning cd and dvd are missing. tried the apple route-redegit, no joy. tried the next fix to go into the C drive folders unable to find the file ads.sys. i'm really frustrated, and ideas?

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Hi guys and gals,

I'm having some issues with, what i think is Itunes messing with my USB ports.

Since I've upgraded to win 7 (64bit) my ipod refuses to upgrade, sync or restore. I tried everything on the apple wep site to fix this and also called apple on two occasions. Unfortunately there seems to be no solution, so now i turning to all you computer-clever people as i am desperate!

When i plug my ipod in it appeared in Itunes. it then wanted to restore and i allowed that. then half way through the restoring software part it all froze rendering the ipod useless. then after trying it for the millionth time it did restore but failed to be recognised by my system after that.

I firstly had and error 14 but now it is a 0xE something error. It also says that my ipod cannot be restored due to a unexpected error.

The reason i think it has something to do with the USB is that after itunes was used, my pc doesnt recognise any usb device including my blackberry storm.

I run Itunes downgrading and reinstalling didnt work.
I created a new windows user account and tried again... nothing.
Also had an engineer run a diagnostic test on my ipod. It was fine.

Could someone please help me!
Thanks very much in advance!

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iTunes isn't the only music organizer I use. It isn't even my main one (my mp3 player isn't an iPod), but I still have to keep it around for certain reasons.

Because I do so much stuff outside of it, it's kinda hard to keep iTunes up-to-date with all that's going on in my computer.

Auto-Updating Library

Is there a good way to auto-update my whole iTunes library. The only way I seem to be able to do it right now is to delete everything and then re-import.

Also, for some reason if I assign album art to songs in another program (which I just did for my whole library in Winamp), those tags don't carry over to iTunes. Is there a way to make those tags carry over without having to go back and re-assign all my album art in iTunes.

Telling iTunes to search for album art isn't really an option since I'm sure probably 70% of my music library is stuff that isn't in the iTunes library.

Consolidating Library

What exactly does that do? Right now part of my problems are arising because most of my music is all lumped together in one big music folder. The only form of organization that exists in my computer is the tags I have for each song.

I was thinking that after I had everything properly tagged I would tell iTunes to consolidate my library. What exactly does that do? Does it just copy all of it in one other folder or does it actually form separate folders based on album and such? If it did the latter that would make it a lot easier for me to organize m... Read more

A:iTunes Library Organization Issues

To carry over tags and artwork you will need to download a program called "The Godfather". And consolidating a library means copying all your music to the iTunes music folder.

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I have a problem that started about 4 weeks ago, on my home network. I use an ADSL internet connection with a Belkin modem router. My connection isn't particularly fast but that hasn't been a major issue.
I still have internet connection and I can browse the web, however, downloading from video from youtube or similar is slower.
My main problem is that, I now can't download anything in itunes, I get an internet connection timeout error.

I can take my laptop to work and download there, so I'm guessing that the problem isn't my laptop.

I've had my ISP check my ADSL and they say all is as it should be but I could up grade to a larger capacity service. I've done everything Apple have suggested.
I've updated the firmware on my router, in fact I've updated anything and everything in an attempt to fix this.
But still no improvement. We also have a desktop and itunes isn't downloading on that either.
Does anyone have any suggestions, could my router be dying slowly?

A:downloading issues - itunes/router failing??

Update the network drivers (wired and wireless) on your computer to the latest available.
Update the firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer's site.
Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure.
See if that helps with the issue.

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Greets everybody, sorry in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

So I'm having problems keeping ITunes open for longer the 60 seconds on my Laptop.

The error message I'm getting is a compatibility issue. I've tried manually changing the operating settings and finished with just admin as was recommended. I've had n o luck.
My older Ipod nanos open on the interface and I'm briefly able to add and remove songs before closing but my Ipod touch isn't even recognized when ITunes is opened. It does show the music on the device ect but I can't delete or add any music.

Anybody had an issue similar to this before?


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Ok so I updated my itunes and got an error where it says fatal error during installation. So I looked it up and it said I need to use windows install clean-up. So I downloaded it and now it won't open. I click on it to run it and nothing happens. I get the cursor with the loading hourglass but nothing happens after. Any ideas on what to do because I really want to use my itunes again. And btw I'm kind of computer stupid so it would be better if you explain in not high-tech words. =). P.s. someone mentioned it might be an issue with windows vista, that's why i posted it here...

A:Issues with downloads (Itunes,windows clean-up, ect.)

Try uninstalling I tunes. Then download the latestest version after you are sure that you have all the Vista updates and SP's.

Back up first before doing anything.

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Okay, where do I begin. System is a DELL Dimension 4100 running Windows XP. Approximately 2 weeks ago, this problem started. While working at my computer, I enjoy listening to online radio however, starting 2 weeks ago my Windows media or the program used by the stations I listen to, is not working. Another problem coincides with this; that being we are unable to open iTunes. The error for iTunes is:
"The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. The sound is working on my computer because I've gone to YouTube just to check it out and it works fine. The problem seems to be that Windows Media is having trouble connecting online.


Your help is truly appreciated

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Hey all!

I have and ipod nano....I was trying to put some songs on my husbands ipod and the majority of my songs are NOT in my library. I dont know why. Is there a way to get them in there or not? I have tried looking thru it all and cant figure it outl

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you!

A:itunes issues....most of songs arent in library

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