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Yoga 14 (20DM) keyboard shuts down when OS (Window...

Q: Yoga 14 (20DM) keyboard shuts down when OS (Window...

Hey there,I currently have a strange issue with my Yoga 14. OutlineThe keyboard shuts down when the OS loads. It works perfectly fine in the BIOS, diagnostic tools and my bootloader (grub), but shuts down immidiately when the OS starts. This issues is not related to a specific OS. The TrackPoint on the keyboard is not affected by this issue. An external usb-keyboard works fine. What I tried so far* Did a BIOS update* Removed the keyboard and re-connected it* Ran the diagnostics tool to see if there are any hints* Tried a Windows installation medium to rule out that my bootloader causes the issue* Tried Arch Linux to rule out that my Ubuntu installation causes the issue* Lots and lots of reading Additional Notes"Debugging" the low-level keyboard input on Linux shows that the keyboard is recognized, but there is absolutely nothing coming from it. No I am completely clueless on what else I can do. Does somebody have a clue on what might be the issue?

Preferred Solution: Yoga 14 (20DM) keyboard shuts down when OS (Window...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Yoga 14 (20DM) keyboard shuts down when OS (Window...

Hi, welcome to the forums.

I do not have much idea about this issue, but what about when you put the computer to sleep or hibernate. Does the keyboard works to wake it up? or if you wake it up with the button, does the keyboard returns to work normally or it just keep disconnected.

Just in case, Which BIOS version did you have installed?


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Hi there
I have a Yoga 14" Ultrabook and it will shut itself off when you move it also (with lid open) hold it near the thinkpad logo on the right side.
I have taken the keyboad and bottom off and could not find any loose connections or damage. 
Any ideas? Been searching internet with no luck. is it a SSD thing maybe it thinks it's being dropped?
Any help would be great 
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

A:ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20DM) - Shuts down hard when mov...

Lenovo ThinkPads has a feature where it would turn off the hard drive when it detects it's being dropped. But I don't think that's present on SSDs because they don't rely on mechanical platers. I'd suggest getting the unit repaired with Lenovo. Visit http://support.lenovo.com 

I'm a Lenovo advocate, part of the Lenovo INsiders program. I'm a volunteer; I don't work for Lenovo.

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The background light for the keyboard doesn`t work. Is there a possibility to check wether the lamp is broken or the driver is missing or what else the problem could be?When I press Fn+space, the sight for the light appears, but there is no light. I hope someone has a helpful comment for me Yours, Carolin

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Got the laptop two days ago and I'm pretty much happy with it except for an extremely loud fan. I've tried updating BIOS and changing the power settings, but with no luck. Is this a normal issue on this model? Can it be fixed by software or will I have to change the fan? Appreciate any help I can get

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I was wondering whether this laptop has a cmos battery that I could easily replace and access, not intergrated, all pictures online failed to show one but I'm still curious  I don't own this laptop so I can't go looking around for one

Lenovo-Yoga-3-14-Disassembly-5-600x400.jpg ?74 KB

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I bought a new Thinkpad Yoga 14 (20DM/Broadwell). Gorgeous machine, but it refuses to wake from sleep on a keypress or click on the trackpad. It will wake up if I close and re-open it. I updated all of the drivers and the bios using Lenovo's utilities and Windows System Update. When that didn't work, I tried updating the Intel Integrated graphics drivers and GeForce drivers with the latest packages from Intel and NVIDIA, downgraded the Intel Management Engine to version 10, and disabled hybrid sleep. No dice. So I resorted to a clean re-install of Windows 10 from a USB key and updated all of the Lenovo drivers (again) using ThinkVantage System Update. "Allow this device to wake the computer" was and is checked in the Device Manager for both the keyboard and trackpad. Is there anything I can do to get it working? Only a couple days left to figure this out before my return period ends.

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Hey guys Ive noticed my Yoga has some green discoloration on about three edge areas of the screen on start up. You can notice then whenever the screen is on a black colored image or page. My warranty expired in January and I am not sure what to do.please assist!

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My headphone jack doesn't output to the right headphone when I plug it in all the way. If I ever so slightly pull out the headphone jack about an 1/8th of an inch to the next knob it will output to both left and right headphones but with a high pitched noise in the background. Should I submit my laptop for servicing? Is there a fix to this issue? I have tried multiple headphones (which I have tested on other devices, that work fine on them) and this issue still persists.

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Hello, to all . I have problem , with this particular laptop. It makes "4 short beeps" i saw in the manual and it says "Security Chip , Service it by Lenovo".And it doesn't show me anything nor boot nor post nor anything.   Tried :Removing CMOSRemoving Charger / Battery etc.Tried all combinations Tried enough things that i know off. A friend told me ,about the 4 beeps & Security Chip ,that it may have "broken" the BIOS , and i should change the BIOS chip,any thinking ? (Lenovo headquarters are closed now,here were i live).

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Hello everyone, I am having an issue and hoping to see if someone can help. I just updated the BIOS (1.27), intel mangement engine, and optimus graphics card using the lenovo vantage app, I think everything went smoothly, but now the mouse cursor intermittently disappears after waking from a sleep state. Trackpoint, trackpad, button presses all don't work. Device manager says that it is working well. After installing and uninstalling the optimus graphics card, I think I have come to the conclusion that it is either the Alps driver or the recent BIOS update. I have installed multiple different Alps driver and all of them eventually result in the disappearance. Sometimes I would go 3-4 wakeups and it would be fine. Sometimes just 1 and the cursor would disappear. A poor workaround is to uninstall the Alps driver altogether, and use the generic touchpad driver. Obviously 2 finger scroll and multitouch commands do not work with this method, but there is no concern regarding lack of a mouse cursor after waking from sleep. I tried to rollback the BIOS update, but the recent update prevents rolling back to an older version. I am at a loss as to what to do. I could consider a fresh install of windows, but I feel that it wouldn't solve the problem. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

A:Yoga 14 (20DM) - Problem with touchpad after BIOS update

Sorry, I have a Thinkpad Yoga 14, 20DM009GUS.

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Curious -- Lenovo support told me that my machine cannot be upgraded to windows 10, and I am stuck on Windows 8.1 forever. Had anyone upgraded a Lenovo Yoga 14 ThinkPad 14  (Type 20DM, 20DN) to Windows 10 Successfully? If so, I'm interested in hearing what you did to get the touchpad, keyboard and rotation working simultaneously. Thanks!

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I own a Thinkpad Yoga 14 20DM and currently there is a high pitched noise through the headphone jack.  Whenever I listen to music or watch a movie, this noise comes on and is extremely annoying.  It only happens when I have headphones or speakers plugged into the laptop. I have sent in my laptop three times to the Repair depot.  The first time was for a touchscreen replacement, and the bottom plastic casing was cracking.  When I got it back, it had this annoying headphone jack issue. I have sent in the laptop twice after that and it still has not been fixed.  The system and audio board have been replaced.  I even sent in the headphones with it and they still couldn't figure it out. I do not know what to do now.  I'm pretty frustrated about the experience and probably won't buy a Lenovo product again.   Is there anything else I can do?

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Ive had my laptop about a year now. It randomly stopped working one day. I've tried some other tricks on the internet does not work. Laptop stays on but the screen turns off before starting, then turn on again and off repeatedly. If you have any clue what the problem is it how I could fix it. Let me know.

A:HP Window 7 turns on and shuts off. Shuts off before starting up.

if the computer is staying on but the screen is shutting off; it sounds to me like there could possibly be a loose connector inside the laptop or possibly something going on the with the power supply. If you are not ok with taking the computer apart i would take it to someone to have it looked at. But if you want to try and fix it yourself; i would carefully take out the screws that hold the top cover with the keyboard on it and take off that top cover and see if you see any loose cables or connectors.

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OK here is the problem. I've never had it before so I am not exactly sure how to fix it. Everytime I try to open up a new window one closes down. So it won't let me have more than one window open at a time. Please help me fellow computer peoples

A:Create new window, other window shuts down

Assuming this is windows explorer your talking about, try start> run> type control folders and click ok. In the general tab under browse folders select open each folder in its own window and click ok. You might also click the view tab, scroll down and check launch folder windows in a separate process and click ok.

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Hi! I've got Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Silver (https://www.alza.cz/EN/lenovo-ideapad-yoga-13-silver-d375124.htm), and while I am quite content with the device, my keyboard stopped working. I was wondering whether any of you might know and suggest an online reseller (official or otherwise), where I could get hold of a replacement keyboard. Now, I suppose backlit keyboard versions of newer Yoga laptops will not work I guess, will they? From what I have read Yoga 13 Silver does not have the slot required for backlit, but aside that, will the keyboard function and will it fit (dimension-wise)? If so, what is the voltage and current required? Would soldering a small battery to the backlit cable be a good idea (I accept the fact that I wouldn't be able to regulate it)? Thank you in advance!ck

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Hi! I've got Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Silver (https://www.alza.cz/EN/lenovo-ideapad-yoga-13-silver-d375124.htm), and while I am quite content with the device, my keyboard stopped working. I was wondering whether any of you might know and suggest an online reseller (official or otherwise), where I could get hold of a replacement keyboard. Now, I suppose backlit keyboard versions of newer Yoga laptops will not work I guess, will they? From what I have read Yoga 13 Silver does not have the slot required for backlit, but aside that, will the keyboard function and will it fit (dimension-wise)? If so, what is the voltage and current required? Would soldering a small battery to the backlit cable be a good idea (I accept the fact that I wouldn't be able to regulate it)? Thank you in advance!ck

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Hey there, I found a similar topic but unfortunately, there was not a final response that solved my problem. I own a Yoga 13 Ideapad without the backlight function, unfortunately. Recently I watched a video of a keyboard replacement and I would like to do that with mine in order to replace it with a backlight keyboard. The problem is that I am not sure if my model features the needed connections. The model number is: 219159342273 if that helps.  I found backlight keyboards described as "original" Lenovo parts for about 30?. Is that realistic or fake?Thank you for your help!!!

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So I purchased a Lenovo X1 Yoga in Japan and I absolutely hate Japanese keyboard layouts (anyone that has used one after using a US keyboard knows what I mean - a space bar that is smaller than the enter key, poor placement of certain keys, specifically ", ', and @. There is just no logic behind any of it and honestly, there is no need. One can easily type in Japanese, just fine, with a standard US English layout keyboard. Sorry, I guess I didn't need to state that, but perhaps it will help with SEO to ensure someone finds this page when searching for those keywords.  Anyway, I finally found the information I needed to swap this keyboard out (and throw it in the trash), even though Lenovo support in Japan basically told me it's not possible. It does seem like a huge undertaking though (as you basically have to dismantle the entire laptop to get the keyboard out). But it does seem as though the English keyboards are compatible with all X1 Yoga laptops (even my Japanese X1 Yoga). The Lenovo customer service staff told me to get FRU PN: 00JT864 (00JT864 N KBD,US,LB,screw,CHY,Backlit), which is the US English replacement keyboard. It's also specified on the PDF document  on this page (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/PD103738 ) for the 20FR and 20FQ. Scroll half way down and you will see it.  However, I am having trouble finding the keyboard from a seller in Asia, with the same FRU #. When searching for 00JT864, the only source I can... Read more

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I hoping someone can help me with this problem. I'm not particularly technical ! Everytime I try to upload or download from a web site, the following error message pops up and when I click 'Don't send' the site shuts down;

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 7.0.6000.16827 ModName: kernel32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.5781 Offset: 00012afb

I have tried re installing internet explorer but it still happens.

If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful.Many thanks.

A:Window Shuts Down

Does it do the same thing with another browser?

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When I run the cmd command, the DOS window comes up but goes away immediately. Please help.

A:My DOS window shuts down.

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Who can help me with the following problem:

When we visit this site: www.chessgames.com, the system start and you can choose a game and suddenly an explorer error occurs. A message pops-up stating that the program will close and you can report the problem to microsoft.

Attached is a hijack this report file:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:04:15 PM, on 8/13/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido\security suite\ewidoctrl.exe
c:\program files\mcafee.com\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
c:\program files\mcafee.com\vso\mcvsshld.exe
c:\program files\mcafee.com\agent\mcagent.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Apps\apdproxy.exe
C:\Progr... Read more

A:explorer window shuts down

In the box that pops up about sending the error to Microsoft there is a link on the box that gives the error message - this error message is what we need to try to properly diagnose your problem. Also someone from our HJT team will be reading your log file and getting back to you.

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Ive been having this weird problem when I play any game as soon as my pc starts the game window is minimized and when I bring it back up it just does it again ive tried everything from adaweare to spy bot nothing works.

A:Game window shuts down

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Hello, I have a problem .. again

I was following these steps until i need help on STEP 7 on this link:


Well first, i went to Start>Control Panel>Network Connections and when I right-clicked on my Internet connection and i chose Properties, the Properties window showed up ..

but the Properties window disappeared.....
how can i fix this problem?

A:Why does my Properties window shuts off?


*sorry if double-posting isnt allowed here.....*

if responded, ill delete this post*

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My pc while surfing online and offline(sometimes) shuts down and again restarts and displays:
"windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown
problem signature:
problem event name : Bluescreen
os version:6.1.7600.
Locacle ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1 :84D58510
OS Version:6_1_7600
I am attaching SF_04-12-2012.7z zip genrated file for your kind information.
Please help and guide me to slove this problem.
thanking you.

A:window 7 shuts and restarts again

I attach my zip file as this was not uploaded eariler.thanks
I attach my recent zip file renamed as mu username adasalgi: my problem remains the same. Please help and oblige.

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Just bought a used 2014 Yoga 2 Pro.  i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD.  Previously owner claimed he upgraded to W10 and then it just started randomly shutting down.  Well it does.  Figured I could solve it.  NOT!  No warning, no BSD, just 100% off in an instant.  It will restart with no problem but WILL shut off when it decides it should. Here are the steps I have followed but it is still randomly shutting down.  Fresh load of W10 deleting only the OS partition before installingInstalled all current W10 updates with other MS software updates - Still shuts downInstalled all most recent Lenovo updates for the Y2P even if they were older than the MS drivers including the most recent BIOS update - Still shuts downSeemed to be running very hotDownloaded a utility to show CPU and other temps and control the fanSet fan to 100% on all the time - did not help much - Still shuts downSet maximum processor state to 80% - seemed to help some - Still shuts downTore into the system, cleaned the heat sink and CPU of the thermal paste and reapplied new Arctic SilverThis helped big time as the old thermal paste had seen better days and was smeared all over the place - - Still shuts downTurned the maximum processor state back to 100% and it still runs cool - STILL shutting down thoughFound the Intel's Management Engine Interface was not installed and that might be the problem (another site's post)Tried Lenovo's MEI driver and it said the platform was not ... Read more

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Just got a brand new Yoga 710 w/ Win 10 Pro and the system just shuts down when put to sleep.Happens when:- I close the lid (even if "close lid" power option is set to sleep), or- I select the "Sleep" option from the Start [equivalent] menu, the system immediately shuts down (within seconds),- Leave the system idle for 5 min (what sleep timeout is set) And since it shuts down:- I lose any open document, applications running, etc. Also, on restart, Windows occasionally will also complain that it wasn't shutdown properly, starts to scan disk, etc. This is really BAD!- Pressing the mouse or keyboard doesn't do anything and only pressing the power button will get it working again (and I see the Lenovo BIOS logo, etc.).It feels like the OS is trying to go to sleep, but the laptop is shutting down instead. I tried calling Lenovo customer service but the response was really really unacceptable:- First tried to disable sleep completely and saying that that since this is a new machine so that should be okay.- I asked what about battery life if I don't use the laptop (say overnight) for a while -- response was I should shutdown the laptop. I checked the power option, tried disabling hibernate, disable fast boot, etc. and other suggestions from searching the forum but nothing worked.   Also checked BIOS settings but there's not much that can be changed (which is rather surprising).Drivers are BIOS are up-to-date. Any other ideas?  Any one else seeing this i... Read more

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Hi, 2+ year old Yoga 900 is perfect, except for a recent problem that I just started experiencing a few months ago. Randomly, during the start-up, it will just shut down. This goes on for several hours where when I push the power button, the screen and keyboard backlight will turn on, the black screen with the white Lenovo text is displayed for serveral seconds, then the screen suddenly turns black and the computer turns off. I can keep turning it on and it will keep doing the same thing over and over. I have to let it sit for several hours before I come back to the computer and it "fixes itself". I can't make any corrolation to why or when this problem starts happening, or when it "fixes itself" (as in, it doesn't matter if it's plugged in or or not, or what the charge level is, etc.). I already had my battery replaced once, and I have no idea what might cause this. The computer has never been dropped, and I don't think its a power supply/battery connection internal issue becasue I can leave the computer sitting on my desk and it will start having this problem and "fix itself" without me moving the computer. Please help!

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Hi, my Yoga 720 decided that it should shut down when in battery mode. According to the windows system logs Kernel-power had a critical error. I tried to update BIOS to the latest version, but that failed as during the installation it stated that the battery is missing. Anyone have any tips, or should I contact the store where I bought it? RegardsAnders

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Hello everyone, I've had the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13" for 1.5 years now, and I recently been experience a major problem. My laptop spontaneously just turns off for no reason and no warning. I updated to Windows 10 a few days ago and returned back to Windows 8 cause I thought that was the problem, but it just happened right now while on windows 8. I realized that it only turns off randomly when it is NOT plugged into my charger; however, this is just a observation not a confirmed fact. I plan to call Lenovo tomorrow; I'd really appreciate any help! Please I need my laptop to keep working! Thank you

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I've had this happen a few times and only when I least expect it.  I thought that perhaps it didn't like me disconnecting devices after shutdown but after several rounds of testing, I think the problem is closing the lid (which is set to sleep) but not always. Is anyone else finding that sometimes when the computer should sleep that it's shut down completely, without hibernating, thus resulting in a cold boot the next time it's started up? Each time it's happened, I've found the following event in the event log at the same time that I expected the computer to sleep, so I know that it's not a case of an attempt at hibernation that failed. Log Name:      SystemSource:        EventLogDate:          5/22/2017 5:11:59 PMEvent ID:      6008Task Category: NoneLevel:         ErrorKeywords:      ClassicUser:          N/AComputer:      FennelDescription:The previous system shutdown at 3:01:37 PM on ?5/?22/?2017 was unexpected.Event Xml:<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">  <System>    <Provider Name="EventLog" />    <EventID Qualifiers="32768">6008</EventID>    <Level>2</Level>... Read more

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Yoga 14Power Scheme is set to High PerformanceTurn off Display is set to Never when plugged in. Display turns off when plugged in after 5 minutes of no activity.  What's the deal?

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Hi,  I have a brand new yoga 11s which I got about 2 weeks ago. It works perfectly apart from sometimes it will just shut down completely randomly when using it. It will always have plenty of battery when this happens but while it is plugged in charging the problem isn't there. This happens almost ever day and is very frustrating meaning I almost always have to have it plugged in charging.  Does anybody know what the problem might be? 

A:Yoga 11s shuts down randomly

Is there anybody who can help me with this?

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Hello everyone, I've had the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13" for 1.5 years now, and I recently been experience a major problem. My laptop spontaneously just turns off for no reason and no warning. I updated to Windows 10 a few days ago and returned back to Windows 8 cause I thought that was the problem, but it just happened right now while on windows 8. I realized that it only turns off randomly when it is NOT plugged into my charger; however, this is just a observation not a confirmed fact. I plan to call Lenovo tomorrow; I'd really appreciate any help! Please I need my laptop to keep working! Thank you

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 900 that **bleep**s off whenever tapped hard enough or even when bumped or shifted. I've googled some solutions and sounds like it could be related to the sw2 on the Lenovo  Yogo s3 14. Anyone know where that sw2 is on a Lenovo yoga 900?  I've already done a system reset and tried opening the laptop and disconnecting and reconnecting and tightening everything to no avail. I've googled some solutions and sounds like it could be related to the sw2 on the Lenovo  Yogo s3 14. Anyone know where that sw2 is on a Lenovo yoga 900? Here is the reference post regarding sw2 switch : https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Re-Thinkpad-S3-Yoga-14-Random-shut-offs... 

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Beginning on or about 15 Jan 2013 my computer began shutting down random;ly. Irunning AVG anti virus software. I tried to system resore to a prevous date with no help. I ran CCleaner, no help.

Here is my info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 5110 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464645 MB, Free - 213762 MB; D: Total - 12189 MB, Free - 2215 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, Benicia
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated and Enabled

I have run "Who Crashed" and got this report:

Crash Dump Analysis
Crash dump directory: C:\Windows\Minidump

Crash dumps are enabled on your computer.
On Sun 1/20/2013 3:30:10 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\012013-22245-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x7EFC0)
Bugcheck code: 0x9F (0x3, 0xFFFFFA8004F9D060, 0xFFFFF80000B9C4D8, 0xFFFFFA8004CC2010)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This bug check indicates that the driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug an... Read more

A:Window 7 Computer shuts down randomly

Personally, I would avoid the full memory dumps, as suggested. They are really large, tens of MB.

How often do the random problems occur? Daily, weekly, monthly?

Which brand, model & model # computer or motherboard?

When did the computer last work well?

What changed? Perhaps a hardware or software install or removal; W7 update [ check W7's update history ]; an update to your anti malware or other program?

Does the computer plug directly into the wall, or into a device? If a device, plug it directly into the wall. Verify that the cord is secure at each end & that there are no kinks or breaks in the cord.

Which power supply; brand; model & model #; # of watts.
Age of each piece of hardware, please.

Has your computer been connected [ not necessarily on; simply connected ] during a lightning storm? Lightning from as distant as 100 km can cause problems.

Which, if any diags have you run?
A mem / ram diag can be run from the W7 repair options.

I've used OCCT for CPU & GPU diags.

Which brand, model # model # for your hard disk drive [ HDD ]?

edit: Copy the 6 most recent memory dumps to a folder. Zip the folder to <folder_name>.zip . Return here. Use "go advanced"
use "manage attachments". Upload the .zip folder.
1 of us will analyze the dumps for you.

Would you describe yourself as a beginning, intermediate or advanced computer user?
end edit.


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Hi all,
I bought my laptop from dell 4 months ago. I have called them twice about this issue, bought more ram and still it happens. I am in a chat window, MSN or YAHOO and even the small Facebook chat window and my screen goes black and computer shuts down. I hit the button to turn it back on and everything is as I left it! Dell now tells me its a software problem not hardware after I bought more RAM!
I updated my Java and un-installed the Yahoo Messenger as I thought perhaps I had downloaded a corrupted copy, and its still happening.
Any suggestions?

A:Vista shuts down when I'm in a chat window!

Try it in Safe Mode with Networking and see if it still happens

How to Start in Safemode with Networking

1. Restart your computer.
2. Before the windows logo you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu.
3. Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys.
4. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.
5. Do whatever tasks you require and when you are done reboot to boot back into normal mode..

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I have a dell computer,window 7. it shuts down by itself when i'm browsing the web or any other thing, it takes very very long to start up and sometime it don't go to the welcome screen, it gets blue screen instead and freeze, it also freezes when i'm browsing. I don't know what to do. the last 2 times i took it to a computer technician to fix it, he delete all my files on my computer completely. but the problem was fix. not taking it to him again. i need someone here to help me please.

A:Window 7, freezes and shuts down unexpectedly.

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Os XP w/sp2
athlon cpu
cable DSL

I use Yahoo as home page. Also, email.

When I use the browse button to attach a file to an email, IE shuts down. There are no error messages. IE will start up again ok.

I have run Trendmicro antivirus, Nortons AV, avg, and Microsoft Live Health Center. Everything checks OK.

On two occasions a dll problem came up "yiesrvc adon.dll error", but I assme that one of the registry cleanup programs fixd it, as I havn't seen it lately.

The Yahoo tool bar has disappeared during this episode.

When I try to use the browse button to change the desktop properties, the entire window closes.

I need help.


A:browse button shuts window

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Hallo, my name is yuval.So here is my problem, about 5-month ago I bought a new lap top of ?Lenovo yoga 720 15? 80x7? from ?best buy USA? and took it back to my country outside of the continent.When I first started to use it, it has an immediate major problem- ?no charging just plugged? so whenever I unplugged it, it would show me that I have no battery and shuts down without any notice.After struggling with the problem and trying to fixed it by myself, I gave up and sent it to Lenovo USA (I am not from the states so it costed me a 100 $ for the shipment).They fixed it and replace the batteryAbout a month ago I got the laptop back from Lenovo ? fixed and everything worked fine until a week ago when the laptop began to spontaneously shuts when unplugged but this time only when decreasing to 20-50 % battery.The charging works and when the laptop is plugged it won?t shut down at all.I tested the hardware with some of Lenovo?s software and everything looks fine I tried to use a temperature app and everything looks fine as well.I don?t know if it is software related or HW, really hope it is the first one, I saw that maybe it related to ?ME region? which I don?t know what it  is.I will be? so! Much grateful if some can help me with this problem. I?m a fast learner and can follow instructions easily      Sorry Im really desperate and run out money for another shipment to the Lenovo USA.  

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I've always used sleep mode at night and quite frankly most of the time instead of shutting down my yoga. I know thats not good after reading some here but wanted to share history in case that has something to do with problem.Typically at night or when leaving office or just going to be off computer for a while I'll close the lid (which is set for sleep mode) and when I return I open it up, enter my password and I'm right where i left off. I have multiple spreadsheets or power points open so it's easier than shutting those down every time or even at night. But since yesterday, when I open it back up, it has shut down and has to start up from "off" vs sleep. All things open have to be recovered (xls, docs, ppt, etc) and chrome says it has shut down unexpectedly and asks if I want to restore tabs, etc.What is causing this change and how can I troubleshoot it and fix it?Help much appreciated.

A:Yoga 13 Shuts down when in sleep mode...

hi juniorgolf18,
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Can you try checking under

Control Panel / Hardware and sound / Power Option
Click on change plan settings on your selected Power Plan
Click on change advanced settings

Now on this window look for Sleep and open it up.
Look for "Allow hybrid sleep"
Make sure that it is on and save changes
Check and let me know if that works.
Solid Cruver

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Thank you for following this thread. I have recently recieved a refurbished X1 Yoga which has run extremely well until three days ago. When I first recieved the laptop I noticed only that the battery charged light and the screen notification were not aligned. The light next to the charger would indicate it was charged long before the screen would agree. This wasn't that big of a deal, but it may have led to my next issue. Three days ago the touchscreen and mouse started to malfunction. On the right side of the screen there was the mouse and three circles frozen, but I could still use the mouse through intuition and some guesswork. The visible point of the mouse would flicker back and fourth between where it actually was and the right side of the screen. Later that evening I closed the laptop and it died. I tried to charge the laptop, but no matter how long it was charged or how long I held the power button nothing happened. Essentially, it became a very expensive brick. Yesterday I charged the laptop again just out of desperation and it came to life. It made a sound like a dial-up and just turned on as if nothing happened. Everything seemed to be all right until it crashed again, and now is currently dead. Any suggestions? The laptop is still under warranty since I got it about three weeks ago, I just can't turn it on to use Lenovo Support.

A:X1 Yoga Shuts down and does not turn back on

Seeing as your machine appears to have suffered hardware failure, I would phone for support. If the International Warranty Tool on support.lenovo.com is correct, you should call 1-800-426-7378 in the United States.

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This Yoga 520 keeps shutting down automatically every 4 or 5 minutes whilst on battery power. It's fine when plugged in. How can I fix it?

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Hi, I have an Ideapad Yoga 11s for about 4 years and it shuts down whenever I have it plugged IN...yes PLUGGED IN. So when my laptop runs low on battery, I plug it in and within 10 seconds, it shuts off by itself. It has happened to my previous Lenovo so I guess the problem was never solved. Any suggestions? It only started happening within the last 5 months or so.

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Hi there, I'm experimenting some troubles when I plug an Ethernet adapter (TECKNET HU043-V3) on the "always on" USB port, the laptop shuts down inmediatly (seems like a power supply issue). Is anybody getting this kind of issues? If I plug the same adapter into the other usb port, it works fine. I tried also to plug the same adapter in other computers and nothing happened. Thanks in advance!!

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I'll try and explain this one best i can. User came to me with their Yoga 15 with an issue where it randomly shuts down on battery power, as in completely switches off.  It sometimes displays a message to say the battery cannot be detected, other times just shuts down. The conclusion I've found is that when the bottom panel is off the machine the battery is completely detected in Windows, and the Lenovo Settings app. It runs fine, never cuts off even with lots of IE instances open.As soon as I put the bottom panel back on the battery appears to be disconnected in Windows, and it also shows it not charging. Intermittently it also states the battery power is low or not detected when booting up. Found that there's a battery / system reset button on the underside that may be the cause of the issue. Pressing this button with the underside of the Laptop off resets the machine entirely, I believe it's the battery reset button incase the machine ever gets stuck at any point (as by rights it's a non-removable battery and there's a small pin hole on the case over this button). Works flawlessly without the bottom case in place, as soon as I re-connect it when the unit is on Battery power I loose the battery status in the Lenovo Settings app. The machine will then randomly shut down. Any thoughts on this one, it's the strangest thing. Many thanks all.

A:Lenovo Yoga 15 - shuts down on battery

When you put the panel back, is it touching/blocking any wires?
Have you tried to do a factory reset? If everything works fine then, try updating drivers one by one to see if it comes back.

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