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problem installing audio driver on acer t671

Q: problem installing audio driver on acer t671

hi there i just got a brand new acer aspire t671 but decided to install windows xp rather than the default vista that comes wit it. unfortunately i dont have any drivers but eventually downloaded the ati, modem and audio drivers from the acer website. the problem it now this after all that trouble the system keeps telling me to install an errm.. something bus before installing the audio driver and i have'nt a clue what it is. someone came so had a similar problem posted and ended up figuring it out himself and didnt say how. anyone out there please help. heeeeelp ayyyyyyyyyyutooooooo.

Preferred Solution: problem installing audio driver on acer t671

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: problem installing audio driver on acer t671

hello & welcome to TSF ,

you can go here ( http://www.driveragent.com) and have you system scanned for free

this way you will find out what drivers you are looking for don't pay them just scan for the results !!

if your system has ATI Chipsets you can go here ( http://www.ati.com ) to get some of the drivers that you need , you will be looking for support & drivers downloads , you will have to tell them your system type and ect... but that is all automated

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Hello, i have reinstalled my Acer T671 under windows XP and now i am searching for drivers. I can't find a driver for the onboard ethernet controller. Can somebody help me?


A:Need help plz, sound problem on ACER T671 winxp

hi there. i too have this problem but i aint having any joy. the only chopset drivers are for the OS vista.

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hello there,

i have got the same problem with mty t671. can you tell me how you managed to resolve the problem.


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hi every one
i just recently reinstall my computer to windows xp, and i cant get my sound to work for some reason altho i have driver installed. in device manager i do have a device not installed but i cant figure out wat its "PCI DEVICE" would that be the mother board INF ?
motherboard : Acer MRS600M
which i cant find it at all :S
and i cant find xp driver on acer site for this model either.
need some hlep to fix the sound plz

A:[RESOLVED] Need help plz, sound problem on ACER T671 winxp

Hi and welcome,
The pci device could be the sound card. Open up the pc and see if it is seated correctly.

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Hello, i was trying to fix my microphone problem after i stumbled on a thread on this site, that advised to install audio driver from acer support downlaods. i did that, now my speakers dont work anymore. i need someone to help me pls. i have un-installed the high definition software but same problem.

A:acer 5552 speakers stopped working after installing audio driver

Are the "Speakers" set as the default audio playback device?

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hello really need help, i need to know how to get wireless on my computer or if i need to buy a wireless device. please help me

A:acer aspire t671

Welcome to TSG:
To answer your question,more info is needed.
Operating system and level?
Go into device manager,look at the network adapter(s).Tell me what you have listed there.
I'll hack a bit on your model and see what I can see on the net.

Ok:It seems to indicate that you have an integrated network adapter and ethernet connection capability.
If that is really true,and your user's manaual should detail that,then to go wireless,it would seem that all you might need is,of course an existing network connection(ISP) a wireless card,again user's manual is your guide here, a wireless router and a wireless network manager(something like the default,windows zero config,or the wireless manager that would probably come with your wireless adapter card) up and running to manage your wireless connection.

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There are a few topics on here reagrding driver for PCI Decive when installing win xp on Acer T671. Each topic said they found the correct driver but never posted a link to what driver it was.

I have been searching the net for hours now with no luck as what driver to install. I have tried various things and im still not any further.

On a different forum someone says:

"Download from the Acer website, the LAN driver for the T660
This will take care of the Ethernet Controller and PCI Device Drivers"

For me however this only solved the Ethernet Problem. So i have all drivers installed apart from PCI Device, which is the reason im not getting any sound.

Any help on this is appriciated.

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Hi All

We purchased a Aspire T671 which come out with Windows Vista. However Vista does not work with some of our accounting software etc and we were advised to format and install XP Pro as on the other machines in the office.

Xp is working fine on the pc however I cannot get the following drivers:

1. Ethernet Controller
2. PCI Device
3. PCI Modem
4. SM Bus Controller
5. Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

If someone could help regarding this it would be GREAT!


A:Acer Aspire T671 and XP Pro

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I have come to upgrade my pc by adding a new Graphics card and Memory as i have done in the past on countless occassions with other pc's however this time i cant even open the case i remove the 2 screws and it looks as if it should just slide back but dosent matter what i do it wont move can anybody tell me if i am missing something so simple here

A:Solved: Acer Aspire T671

Sometimes they are difficult to remove the first few times, you may need to use the open palm of you hand, hit the side cover in a glancing blow in the direction toward the rear of the case a few times.

Acer provides no documents other than to say to remove the chassis screws, then remove the panel, no pics.


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Hello. friend has the above PC. For some time now, at random intervals, it will emit a 4 second whistle (haven't heard it myself, but assume its from the mobo speaker) followed by 2 secs of silence. Desktop is frozen. Noise continues the same cycle until PC powered off. The inside is dust free and all connections seem secure. Any thoughts, please?

A:Acer Aspire T671 PC - whistling noise

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First, I am new to this forum and look forward to seeking answers to my computer issues!
So I will "Thank You" ahead of time for your time and help.

Okay..my issue...

I am on an Acer T671 desktop computer. Originally it came with Vista. I am trying to downgrade to XP but I am not having a smooth transition.
I ended up taking the hard drive out of the system and sticking it into an external enclosure to format the drive.

I then took it out of the external enclosure and back into the desktop. I fired up the system and slapped the XP cd into the cd-rom tray...starting going through the process and up came the following error......

" Setupdd.sys could not be loaded. Error code 7. "

I'm hoping I can get some help with this issue.

Thanks again!

A:Setupdd.sys could not be loaded Error code 7 on Acer T671

Hello KorruptKranium

I think that error means incompatible or corrupt hardware.
Did you have any problems before this install?

Disconnect all USB devices and remove all cards except the video card and try again.

If that does not help test the RAM
If you have more than one stick of RAM (256MB or more) swap them over or take one out and try again with only stick #1. If it does not help or makes things worse swap the sticks and try again with only stick #2. Running with one stick at a time will identify if you have a bad stick. Try moving the RAM to a different slot as well.

You can put either of these free programs on a floppy and test the RAM. Let them run for hours to do many passes if you can


Windows Memory Diagnostic http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp

Memtest on CD ( this is a bootable CD and can be used when you cannot access an operating system)

Use your CD burner to write it onto a CD as an ISO image
Test with only one stick of RAM installed at a time


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In Jan 2008, I bought a new Acer desktop PC Aspire T671 with 1GB RAM installed. It has been failing quite regularly around once a week. I sent the PC back to Acer. They reformatted my hard-disk and sent it back to me. Whereas before, the PC would freeze in the middle of some work, now it only fails at start-up - it simply does not boot up; I can hear the fan running but nothing on the display. Usually (but not always!) switching off at the mains then holding down start-button for 5seconds etc does alleviate the problem.
I had great trouble re-installing my software after first repair and, therefore, asked Acer to issue me a cedit note after the problems persisted. Acer has refused but they want me to send in the PC again for 2nd repair.

1) Could anyone who has had experience with Acer please advise me if a stand any chance of a credit note (if problems persist after 2nd repair) - my warranty will expire soon!

2) Does T671 model have a known inadequate-PSU problem? What other problem could there possibly be (I do not use share-wares and freewares and a virus problem is unlikely - no virus was reported by Acer after 1st repair either)

Thanks in advance for those posting a reply.

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.
Motherboard > Gigabyte ga-m68mt-s2p

When I manually install audio driver for Realtek alc-888b/889 from the dvd came with motherboard, still windows says 'No sound card was found. No driver installed....'
I checked by running dxdiag.

I can't get the issue. Please help. Tnx.

A:Problem installing AUDIO DRIVER


Run the Windows Update before reinstalling driver.

Go to system manufacturer’s website and look for latest driver, Download - SAVE - right click and
RUN AS ADMIN. REBOOT after each driver installation.

Sound drivers often rollback so check the version after installation and the reboot to
see if the version you installed is there, if not repeat the install - reboot until it is. It can take
several tries depending on how many rollbacks it does.

Also Right Click Speaker near clock - Playback Devices - right click in the box area - check
Show disable and disconnected devices. Highlight speaker and on the lower Right click
Properties check settings for Device Usage enabled and so on. Also do same for Configure
on Lower Left of that box.

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I have the drivers for the "Avance AC97 WDM Driver for Intel(R)/VIA(R)/SiS(R)", but when I choose the INF file to start installing, it comes up with an empty list. I am using windows XP.

I have tried the right click install option as well but nothing works. Would greatly appreciate any help. I miss sound! Thankyou.

A:Problem Installing Avance Audio Driver

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I'd like to ask also about HD Audio Driver Software. What brand can you recommend for my Vista Home Premium? Because i really got a problem of reinstalling the realtek HD audio driver software. it says installing failure. 'cause i supposed to update it but it failed to. now the old version is uninstalled, while i cannot install it back 'cause of the failure. please give me some advise.

A:Problem with installing the Realtek HD audio driver

Hello W377ice,

If you have not already, you might see if you can uninstall it from Programs and Features, or the sound device from Device Manager. Afterwards, run the latest Realtek HD audio driver to see if it will let you install or repair.

Hope this helps,

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My Acer Extensa 4630z laptop sound/audio driver on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit not working. It was working few days before but stopped suddenly. I tried all the audio driver from Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site. By the way there is no audio driver for Windows 7 so I even tried Vista audio driver from same site but no luck. I tried Driver Pack solution 14 but it could not detect audio. I even installed new Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit but no luck it found automatically many drivers but not audio. Please help me figure out audio problem. I tried installing Realtek driver for Vista and Windows 7, no luck either. thanks

A:Acer Extensa 4630z laptop sound/audio driver problem Windows 7 32bit

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... Have you Installed the Chipset Driver ?

Also run Windows Updates as it can provide many Drivers ? ...

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Dear,  Since a few weeks the bass from my headphones didn't come through, so I installed the driver for the High Definition Device (and not the audio CODEC) which I found on this website https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/14170-no-bass-surround-sound-after-windows-10-update.html. I heard the bass again, but then the audio from my beats speakers on the keyboard disappeared, I only heard sound from the bottom of my laptop. How can I get this working again? Thank you very much, Best regards

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Hi ,

I have Dell Inspiron 3521 , i5, and I am having tremendous amount of trouble with Bluetooth audio.
I downloaded original drivers from dell website but facing same trouble. I found a lot of solution from Google but all are useless for me.
I have windows 7 64bit service pack 1
I am using this window with administrator user
Do others have the same issue? Any work being done on this?

A:Windows Encountered Problem Installing Bluetooth Audio Driver

Did this work at one time and now does not and the reason for installing the driver? Or has this never worked? It does make a difference.

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I've been having problems audio problems in general on my Inspiron 15R N5110 that runs on windows 7 (windows 7 pro) more specifically my computer speaker the issue is when I unplug the headphones or shut off my computer it resets to the speakers and my speakers are muffled and screeching also I need to update my IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver i've tried many things and I can't seem to fix it please help me without any costs I'd gladly appreciate it

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I have just installed the audio driver for my motherboard, restarted the computer and it seems that driver doesn't do anything at all. I have the speaker icon in the tray bar with a red 'x' on it, and it says: "No Audio Output Device is installed". Why is that? I tried the driver that's on the motherboard CD and also the one from Realtek's website, and while they are different versions, the problem is identical.

Please advise.

A:Solved: 'no audio devices' after installing audio driver

You have posted in Windows 7 forum but your spec says
OS: Windows Vista
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 667Mhz
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD2400XT
2. Is it the same system please but with 7, if NOT please post the spec
3. What does device manager show please for sound - on the entry there

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When I go to acer's website, click on the driver download for this computer, it takes me to an invalid link, when I go to the euro page, it downloads the wrong driver. Anyone know where to get the Audio Chipset driver for this thing? I've googled, I've tried their manual, and nothing seems to say which one it is! Thanks in advance for any help on this.

A:Acer Power F2 Audio Driver

http://www.cpuid.com/pcwizard.php You might need to download this and see what you're actually trying to identify as your Audio Chipset driver. (Motherboard maker).
Most generally your Chipset is on the Disk that came with the machine, or stored in the restore for laptops set up on the system itself. Jazz

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Hello, I have an Acer 3690 laptop with factory installed audio system. It has been working until the past few days. I have gone to the device manager and it shows up as needing updateing. I tried that and get an error code of 80040256. I went to the microsoft website to download the needed update and it will not allow. I had to get the CD-Rom driver fixed awhile back. I'm guessing that Acer puts in time limits for all of their programs. Can someone help me with how and where to fix my problems. Thank You. jashe574

A:Acer laptop Audio driver

Hi jashe574, and welcome to TSG>

Did you try downloading and installing the driver found on the Acer web site?


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Hi There

I installed Windows 7 on my laptop, only to discover that there is no sound driver for it. Is there any workaround and when / would / will there ever be a windows7 compatible audio driver for the Acer TravelMate 4220?

I think I installed windows 7 as the regular 32 bit (vs 64 bit) version

Help please!


A:Audio Driver for Acer TravelMate 4220


Can you install the XP driver in compatibility mode?


Compatibility Mode

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hello i'm are biagio, escuse my english, but dont speak,
hi dont have sound on this pc acer 5510
is possible dont esist driver for this windows 7?

A:Acer aspire 5510 no driver audio

Here is the audio driver for your Acer Notebook .. this driver will need to be installed in Windows XP compatibility mode .... Compatibility Mode


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Hi all....muchly need some help with my laptop.

I brought it and it came with Windows Vista. I installed XP pro on it, have got all needed drivers except for the HD audio. Ive been to the Acer website to download them. Installed but when PC reboots there is still no sound. Go into control panel/sound devices and it says that there is no input/output. Ive also have been to the realtek website and download drivers from them and get the same problem.

Has anyone had this problem and knows of a fix. Any help would be muchly appreciated.


A:Audio driver problems with Acer 5720g

What errors do you have in the Device Manager?
Please post ALL errors

What service pack is installed?


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Hey guys.
I'm looking for the audio driver for aced emachines EL1300. This time search was indeed not my friend. I tried the e machines website but they didn't have the driver for xp, only vista.

Can anyone shed some light for me ? We have no drivers disc

A:Acer emachines EL1300 windows xp audio driver


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the ones i found give me bluescreens.
anyone have a working driver for this model audio card?


A:Audio driver for VIA Ac97 Acer Aspire 1650

Quote: Originally Posted by Shayx

the ones i found give me bluescreens.
anyone have a working driver for this model audio card?


Hi and welcome

Are you 64bit? did you get the driver from creative? did you get a win 7 driver, or was it vista?


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Hi guys, I'm having an (what appears to be quite a common) issue with my sound since installing to Windows 8.1

I have an Acer Aspire V3-571G laptop, and was recently asked to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Once I did that, a pop-up has come up saying:
Dolby Home Theater
Unable to start the Dolby audio driver. Please restart the computer or
reinstall the driver if the problem persists.

The audio for all my media players now refuse to work, while, say, Youtube appears to work fine.

I've seen a few proposed solutions for this issue (including deleting, uninstalling and reinstalling of certain things), but most appear to be 'Lenovo' laptops. So basically I have a fear of deleting something wrong or doing some irreversible damage to my sound, since it may not be specific to my Acer Aspire.

If anyone could give me a hand with how to solve this, that would be VERY much appreciated, as I am clearly not very tech savvy.

Thanks guys and girls!

A:'Unable to start the Dolby Audio Driver' - (Acer Aspire)

Welcome to the forum!

In your programs list you should have Acer Recovery Management. From there select Reinstall Drivers or Applications, then find Audio Codec and select.

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I recently reformatted my PC and have had difficulty in installing audio drivers. My system is running Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 3.

My machine is using an Intel D955xbk motherboard. Other hardware info follows:

Genuine Intel CPU 3.20 GHz
2.00 GB of RAM
500 GB Western Digital SATA hard drive
MSI R4670 Graphics Card, 512 MB DDR 3

After reformatting, I installed the necessary drivers and updated windows to Service Pack 3. For the audio device, I used the AUD_allOS_D20001.0x_PV_IDTGUI_v105_Legacy driver from Intel's site. On the first run, the files extracted and the installer launched. It appeared to precede normally, until I received the message "Cannot copy file st322000.dll" Although I saw this file in the extracted folder, the installer kept producing this message until I exited. Afterwards, the Device Manager showed Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices, Video Codecs, and Two identical entries with question marks and the title "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus." On my second attempt to install the audio drivers, I received a message saying "The hardware detected is not supported by this IDT software package. The installer will abort."

Anyone have a clue what's going on here?

A:Trouble installing an IDT Audio Driver

Have you tried the "Intel Driver Update Utility"?It's possible this may help you find another driver that works. You may also want to look at KB888111 from Microsoft. This is the Universal Audio Architecture driver for Windows XP, 2000, and 2003.Hope this helps,

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I've installed my pc, and as usually i install an audio driver. But, in the middle of installation my pc restarted and viewed bsod. But after that, my unknown audio device is not seen. And the audio didn't work. So, I installed the os again. It still didn't work. But, suddenly there's an unknown device driver popup and I inserted my cd driver. But, in the middle of installation it viewed BSoD and the audio driver lost again.
Here's something I got from dumpcheck :

Filename : sysaudio.sys
Address In Stack : sysaudio.sys+1ae4
From Address : 0xf2679000
To Address : 0xf2687d80
Size : 0x0000ed80
Time Stamp : 0x48025beb
Time String : 14.04.2008 02:15:55
Product Name : Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File Description : System Audio WDM Filter
File Version : 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2108)
Company : Microsoft Corporation
Full Path : D:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\sysaudio.sys

I don't know how to use these info, but hopefully it helps here. If anyone know, please help...

A:BSoD on installing audio driver

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I've just built my brand new PC Rig and i am having an issue with an audio driver. So i go on my motherboards website and try download the audio driver, Once it is downloaded i try run it getting this error: "Install realtek hd audio driver failure error code 0x00000ff"
This is so frustrating as i literally have tried everything. Ive tried uninstalling it and installing it 10+ times, Audio is enabled in my BIOS, Ive tried deleteing it out of my device manager then installing it, Ive tried installing it in Safe mode, Ive tried letting Windows updater download it, Ive tried multiple driver updater softwares, Ive spent Hours trying to figures this out. Please help.
Specs: ASRock H81M-HDS Seagate 3.5" Barracuda 1TB Patriot Signature 4GB Asus R7260X-DC2OC-2GD5 2GB R7 260X Coolermaster RC-K282-KKN1 Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz 3 EVGA 430Watt 80Plus Power Supply Unit Windows 7 Home Premium


A:Audio Driver not installing - Window 7


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My first post here. Hope I did it right. I've installed a new REVO3 X2 hard drive and I'm getting various blue screens. Here's the latest.

Thanks for any help.

A:BSOD installing audio driver

Hello Bob, it is crashed by OCZ 10xx SCSI Controller Driver (likely for the Revo Drive 3 and 3 x2).

fffff880`0a3629e8 fffff880`0117296fUnable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\ocz10xx.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ocz10xx.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ocz10xx.sys
First try reinstalling the driver, and let us know, is it crashing again? Search for any available updates here: http://www.ocztechnology.com/drivers...voDrive_3_X2_/ . That one you are trying is dated April 6, 2012.

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wrong post. please remove

A:error installing Audio driver

Hmm, did there come a CD with your Mobo or Soundcard? if so install it from that one. if not try finding a more up to date driver..

- Daniel

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I'm trying to install the audio driver for my father's computer. He has Windows XP and his motherboard is an Asrock P4I45G. I downloaded the driver from Asrock's website:
But now I'm lost. There is no installation wizard, just a zip file. And I have no idea what to do next. Can anyone help?

A:Solved: Installing an audio driver

I'm assuming it's the C-Media audio driver for XP, dated 01-16-2004, that you downloaded and saved.

Place the ZIP file by itself in a folder on the desktop. Right-click the file, then click "Extract Here" from the list that appears. Once the extraction process completes in a few seconds, a folder containing several files will appear. (Note: You can now delete the ZIP file). Double-clicking the "Setup.exe' file will start the install process. Once it's complete, reboot the computer.

(Just in case you need it for future reinstall, I would burn off the folder to a CD-R)


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I'm running Windows XP SP2. I had absolutely no problems installing the audio driver from the disc that came with my motherboard the first time around. Unfortunately, I had to reformat and reinstall Windows because my harddrive was being recognized as disk "i" instead of "c" (causing alot of problems for me installing software). So now that problem has been solved, but I can't get the Realtek audio driver installed. A message pops up each time I try to install it which says: "Install Realtek HD audio driver failure". Could it be because I also installed "uaa bus driver - version I don't think that one was meant to be used with Windows XP SP2 (it's not listed as being one of the OS's that supports this driver). Of course, now I have no idea how to get rid of it, and a balloon pops up from the taskbar each time I turn on my computer saying "new hardware installed". I try to install it using the wizard, but it won't install. What's gone wrong?

A:Installing Realtek audio driver

Try a different version of drivers, hopefully more updated from the manufacturer's website.

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Recently upgraded a Dell Inspiron 3847 to an SSD and did a clean-install of Windows 7 Home-Premium x64 using Dell media. Post install, I cannot get the audio working. Device manager shows ...
Bluetooth Audio DriverHigh Definition Audio Device (yellow exclamation point)Realtek High Definition AudioI have tried the following to fix:
1. Uninstalling and deleting the driver then re-downloading using Dell Detect 2. Installing the RealTek R282 driver from the RealTek site3. Windows Update does not find the driver if it is uninstalled4. Right click on entry in device manager and letting Windows find it5. Installing it manually from the Dell siteAny help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

A:No Audio Post Clean Install. Realtek Audio Driver Installed but High Definition Audio Driver fails every time?

same principle as mentioned here: en.community.dell.com/.../20027104

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Hey, I'm new to all of this drivers and such...
I am currently running a Sony VAIO (VPCEJ190X) with Windows 7 Professional x64.
The audio driver came as Conexant SmartAudio HD and I'd really like to get the Realtek HD Audio Driver.

Here is what I've done.

Downloaded and installed (w/ restart) Version R2.69, 64 bit realtek driver from their website.


Programs List.
Device Manager.
That's what I've done so far. Help please?

A:Problems installing Realtek HD audio driver

Welcome to the 7 Forums, Elite19.

The RealTek Driver doesn't seem to be installed. May be RealTek Audio Drivers are not compatible with your Computer. After you installed the RealTek Driver did the installation go properly?

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I just installed the GameMuse DVD 5.1 driver to my Windows XP Pro because my sound wasn't working and now I can't get past the "Windows Is Starting Up" Screen. It will say video resolution not supported and then the only thing I can do is reboot.

This never happened before when I installed this driver, but it happened now after I installed and used Driver Genius Professional.

Please advise.

A:windows not starting right after installing new audio driver

Try these:

1. During startup, press F8 repeatedly (could be a different F-key, usually F8). If done right, you should come to a black screen with multiple selections, such as starting in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, networking, etc. Select the "Start with last known good configuration" option and press enter. See if that helps.

2. In the event the above does not work, then do the same thing again and start in safe mode. If it allows you to do so, go into the device manager (right-click on "My Computer", properties, click the Device Manger button), select the device you installed the driver for, and roll-back the driver.

3. In the event neither of the above worked, do the same thing again, and start in safe mode. This time, try system restore. Try restoring to a point BEFORE you installed the driver.

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Hi all,

Just had a BSOD in Windows 8 while installing the latest Realtek drivers.

Can someone check my log?


A:BSOD installing Realtek Audio driver

Please post to our sister site Windows 8 forums found here :

Windows 8 Forums



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Earlier today, Windows Update prompted me to install two items: KB3035583 (recommended) and "Realtek Semiconductor Corp. - Audio Device, Other hardware - Realtek High Definition Audio" (optional). I installed both items.

After rebooting, the audio coming from my speakers could barely be heard. Changing the Windows 7 speaker icon (on the taskbar) to 100% didn't help much. The Volume Mixer applet lists the speaker icon and application icons at 100%. The Sound applet lists the speakers properties' levels at 100%. My speakers are set at their normal level; i.e., unchanged. I notice a red speaker icon on the taskbar which wasn't there before; presumably, the Realtek installation added this.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? I'm not sure if there was any Realtek software present on my system beforehand--so I'm not sure if this software is new (to my PC) or an update. The detail dialog box for the Realtek software says it was released in December 2014; this is the first I've seen it.

A:Audio volume very low after installing Realtek driver

Hi. The same issue here. Trying to uninstall the update but i do not know how to do that !!!

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Gateway laptop nv75502u, 64bit system downloaded automatic updates, then it restarted and got on repair loop after restart. Saved all the data on safe mode and decided to do a full os restore. It goes well for the os system restore and after the welcome page it goes to install the drivers, 33 total. When it gets to the 15th, audio driver, goes half way and screen gets all pixelated and then blue screen. It restarts and welcome page again, windows is installing drivers, goes straight where it left off but after a few seconds same pixelation and blue screen again, and loop goes on.
Driver that gets blue screen: realtek audio codec ALC271X_VB3
Blue screen error: irql_not_less_or_equal
stop:0x000000A (0x0000000000000060, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFFF80002A9C74C)
OS VERSION:6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: a
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service pack: 1_0

Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated, as my Lady has to finish writing a book in this machine. All data is safe, just cannot get the machine to restore the os.

Thank you

A:Reinstalled OS, gets BSOD when installing audio driver, 0x000000A

Hello and welcome Cesar mate use these to download those files please
Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I tried several times to install but when it installed successfully, resolution changes to 800x600 and a blue screen appears. is there any way to correct it?

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Hi !
Please, inspect my system for potential malware threats that may cause this problem.
Screenshot is attached. This a log of Process Monitor before the problem occurs, if it will help: http://dragokas.com/log/Logfile_audio.zip
Thanks, Alex.
Here is a DDS' log:
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17420  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.71.2
Run by Alex at 17:51:08 on 2014-11-30
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate   6.1.7601.1.1251.7.1049.18.8159.5803 [GMT 2:00]
AV: Kaspersky Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {179979E8-273D-D14E-0543-2861940E4886}
SP: Kaspersky Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {ACF8980C-0107-DEC0-3FF3-1313EF89023B}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
FW: Kaspersky Internet Security *Disabled* {2FA2F8CD-6D52-D016-2E1C-81546ADD0FFD}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision\nvSCPAPISvr.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windo... Read more

A:Access denied when installing Realtek Audio driver

Still actual. Response to instructions.

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Hello all, My product is the HP ENVY TS 15 Notebook PC.Product number: E3B65PA#AR6OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit A few days ago, I  upgraded my windows from windows 8 to windows 8.1 and found that no sound coming from the HDTV when connecting my HDMI cable however video is perfectly fine. I was completely baffled because the audio was working perfectly fine before upgrading to Windows 8.1. I have tried several solutions posted on other forums, such as installing other drivers, and uninstalling the IDT High Definition Audio Driver and then scanning for a hardware change. I have checked the HDMI cable and it is working fine with other laptop. Device manager is showing 2 device :  High Definition audio device ( Showing yellow traingle)  IDT High Definition Audio CODEC   When I am opening the properties of High Definition audio device it is showing : This device cannot start (code 10){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful. If anyone knows how to fix the problem, please help me thanks in advance  


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A:HP ENVY TS 15 Notebook PC: Problems installing audio driver ...

Hi: The IDT audio driver (notebook speakers) appears to be working fine. The problem is probably with the Intel graphics driver which  controls the HDMI audio. My recommendation would be to install the latest Intel graphics driver from the link below and see if that fixes the problem. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=23714&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%208.1%2C%2064-bit*&DownloadType=%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09Drivers%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09

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excuse me actually there was a thread talking about this topic but I still dont get a solution.

I'm having the same problem too, my mobo is ASUS P4V8X-X, the RealTek AC 97 driver installation is a normal as usual but when it passes through the windows logo testing my mobo restarts suddenly.
it makes me confuse, stress , all days hadeeww woosaah

I hope all of masters driver around the world give me the best solution on it

by majlis sambat warkop gojol

A:Asus P4V8X-X always restarts when installing audio driver

Download and install the SoundMax Audio driver found here:

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 So I was in this website (dashboard.zopim.com) for working purposes and whenever I get a chat request there's a sound and somehow my computer stopped with the sounds. I restarted the computer and there was a mute symbol in the audio, and I got really surprised when I tried to unmute it and got a message like "there is no audio installed" . I went to the system settings and saw that 2 icons - Intel High Definition DSP and Intel High definition display audio had a yellow mark. I went to Lenovo's website and downloaded the driver and it didn't work. Then I found some instructions on microsoft's website. It worked but then I had to use the site again and... Not working! I made it work again but now there's a delay. Sometimes there's no delay on the sound and sometimes there's about 5 sec. Please, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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