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Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

Q: Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

I'm having trouble getting Windows 7 x86 RC Build 7100 to recognize my Seagate 3.5" External Hard Drive 500GB (Model ST305004EXA101-RK). It is connected through a USB 2.0 port on my Asus K8V SE Motherboard - running an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (2.0 GHz) and 1 GB of RAM.

Currently, this hard drive when connected appears in Device and Printers as as "Device" named Desktop. Right Click -> Properties shows that it is a storage device.

Device Manager recognizes it as a Disk Drive and calls it a Seagate Desktop USB Device - no conflicts.

Under Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management the drive appears as Disk 1 - Basic and Online statuses. If I try and assign it a drive letter, I get the following "The operation failed to complete becasue the Disk Managment Console view is out of date. Please refresh the console view..."

Only one conflict exists in Device Manager - I have one Unknown Device under USB Controllers. When viewing that device, it gives me a Code 43 error.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Preferred Solution: Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

Has it been initalized & formated?

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I have the above USB 2.0 external HDD* with important data that I'd like to access on my Win7 machine. It isn't assigned a drive letter in Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management, and the only available options on the context menu are 'Delete Volume...' and 'Help'. I also can't seem to see it under Diskpart via admin command prompt.

* Inputting 'Seagate 100662969' (the model number on the HDD cradle) into Google brings up this model on the Seagate site.

Many thanks!

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I have the above USB 2.0 external HDD* with important data that I'd like to access on my Win7 machine. It isn't assigned a drive letter in Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management, and the only available options on the context menu are 'Delete Volume...' and 'Help'. I also can't seem to see it under Diskpart via admin command prompt.

* Inputting 'Seagate 100662969' (the model number on the HDD cradle) into Google brings up this model on the Seagate site.

Many thanks!

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I am running Windows Vista on a Dell Computer. I have previously used my Toshiba External Hard Drive on the computer, however after i reinstalled windows it does not work.

I connect the USB port from the Hard Drive to the Computer, the light on the Hard Drive turns on. The computer recognized it and installed the proper drivers. When I go to "Computer" I do not see my hard drive in the Hard Drive Section. I however do see a "Removable Disk (U" In the "Devices with Removable Storage." I double click the "Removable Disk (U" and I receive the following text "Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (U"

When I click start and right click on "Computer" click Manage I arrive at Computer Management. Under Storage i click on Disk Management and in the bottom portion I see 3 Drives. Disk 0 Basic 74.50GB ONLINE and there are 3 Sections next to that one has no label and says 39MB HEALTHY, the next RECOVERY (D 10GB NTFS HEALTHY, and the last one (C 64.46GB NTFS HEALTHY. Under Disk 0 I see Disk 1 Removable (U No Media. However, when I right click on it and click Properties Toshiba 2.0USB Drive R00 USB DRIVE under device status it says : This Device is working properly.

So I see that my computer does recognize my External Hard drive, but I can not access it at all! This is becoming very frusterating I have tried many solutions on google, however none of them have worked for me!

Please help me access it..

Thanks in a... Read more

A:External Hard Drive Not Accessible

PLEASE Help I am in desperate need of the drive!

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Hi All,
External Hard drive not accessible...?
I have 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim 200gb cloud Hard Drive. It was working fine on Win 7 earlier, I formatted my desktop and installed win 7 OS since then my exernal hard drive is not initializing. My external hdd was not connected while the formatting n installation process. I tried all the possibilities which i can do to detect the hdd, it is not detected in My Computer-Device Manager-Drive-Disk Management , but it can be seen in device&printer.
Finally, I updated win 7 to win 10 still is was not detecting. Then, in Device manager - Storage Controller - Right Clicked USB ATTACHED SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device and Clicked Enable option on dropdown menu and then Seagate BUP Plus Slim BK SCSI Disk Device shown in Device Manager - Drive & Disk Management.
Now in Disk management it displays Disk2 unknown Not Initialized - Unallocated.
I need help as i m Photographer n all my important data is stored in this external drive.

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I have an external hard drive case, that I have been using to access a variety of IDE drives via USB for quite some time. I recently attached it to a new computer -- it was detected, installed, recognized as IDE to USB, appears in My Computer/Explorer, even the make of HD noted. When I attempt to open it I get a message stating that it is 'not accessible...... because of an I/O error'.
Message the same for any HD installed in case.
Still works fine on old computer but I am trying to migrate everything to the new system.
Another similar setup for notebook hard drives works on both computers...
'Case' is USB 2.0 as is new computer. Old computer is USB 1.1
'Case' powered by adapter not USB.
All computers running WinXP Home.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:External Hard Drive 'not accessible'

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Hi All,
External Hard drive not accessible...?
I have 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim 200gb cloud Hard Drive. It was working fine on Win 7 earlier, I formatted my desktop and installed win 7 OS since then my exernal hard drive is not initializing. My external hdd was not connected while the formatting n installation process. I tried all the possibilities which i can do to detect the hdd, it is not detected in My Computer-Device Manager-Drive-Disk Management , but it can be seen in device&printer.
Finally, I updated win 7 to win 10 still is was not detecting. Then, in Device manager - Storage Controller - Right Clicked USB ATTACHED SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device and Clicked Enable option on dropdown menu and then Seagate BUP Plus Slim BK SCSI Disk Device shown in Device Manager - Drive & Disk Management.
Now in Disk management it displays Disk2 unknown Not Initialized - Unallocated.
I need help as i m Photographer n all my important data is stored in this external drive.

A:External Hard drive not accessible...

Have you tried plugging it into a different computer?

I have not tried their data recovery software, but their partitioning software is second to none so I would expect their data recovery software to be as well:
MiniTool data recovery software ? Power Data Recovery and Mac Data Recovery.

Also, do you have a router with a USB port? If you do, you might try plugging into the router.

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Below you will find my email communication to the company(Maxtor) that manufactured my external 40GB hard drive. You will also find their response. I would really appreciate it if somebody could confirm their diagnosis and point me in a direction to fix the problem the cheapest way possible. The drive is fairly new(not under warranty) and barely used. There's like 3GB of stuff stored on there(most of which I don't need). However, I have a huge portfolio that I do need, but do not want to pay close to $300 to have an outside company retrieve. How do partitions get deleted? Also, the drive has never been dropped or exposed to heat. In your opinion, is this a manufacturing defect with the drive that will most likely continue to be a problem? Thanks to everybody that reads and ponders and replies to this thread. It is MUCH appreciated!! I used this site once before and had wonderful results You've managed to make things clear enough that even with my "beginner" computer skills I can make sense of most directions. Keep up the great work!

Customer 05/30/2005 12:56 PM
I have a Maxtor 3000LS(Maxtor A RES C64K). When originally installing it(and I had to download the drivers because I have Windows 98SE) months ago, I noticed that it would only be accessible after the computer had been restarted. If the computer had been in use a couple hours, I usually couldn't access files saved to the external drive. For a couple weeks now, the external drive has bee... Read more

A:External Hard Drive Not Accessible

Here's what I would do but you may wait for others to reply with their ideas. I would take the drive out of the external enclosure and hook it up as a slave in the PC. If the system picks it up and your data is readable, then you've got other problems and you can trouble shoot from there. If it's not readable, then Maxtor may be correct. Good luck.

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I have external usb hard drive (SATA) 1Tb. It was working flawlessly before. But now I can't access it. However, my laptop recognizes it and can be seen in 'My Computer, Device Manager and Disk management'.
What should I do?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:External hard drive is not accessible

Hello Neo10!

This is quite unpleasant of a situation you have.
Is this an external device by design or an internal hard drive connected via USB?
This could be a driver issue. Make sure you have updated the drivers for the device and the USB drivers of your PC.
Also, has the drive always shown with this drive number (I: ) or is this a first? This may actually be another device or slot of the PC and your drive may actually not be seen at all. Connect it to another computer and see what happens.


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I recently bought a Maxtor DiamondMax 200GB HD and built up an external USB drive by putting it into one of those external enclosures. When I power up the USB device, it shows up as USB Mass Storage Device, however no drive letter gets associated andd it does not show in Explorer. I already played with the jumper on the drive (DS Master, CS Enabled, or no jumper at all. No luck....

A:External Hard Drive not accessible

Did you partition and format it? Return the jumper to Master, and format it.

Right click on My Computer, Manage, Disk Management. Find the external drive, and right click on it. You may have to initialize it, then create a partition (I recommend extended, not primary), and then one or more logical drives. It will then show up in My Computer.

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Ok, here's what I did. Tried loading Ubuntu on an older pc w/xp on the external hd. Worked with it a bit and could not get xp to load again...had to reformat and reload xp...no problem. Anyway, when I plug in the external hd to any pc, I cannot find it when I go to 'my computer'. It is only a small (20gb) hard drive, so I use it for music files. Little green light comes on, so I know it's getting power. any ideas?

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i need help to recover my old photos and videos that were accidentally deleted in my seagate external harddrive while i was trying to format using my macbook 2011. what would i do?

A:Seagate external hard drive

Give this a try


Good Luck I hope it finds them all used it on the wife's system once and it did recover almost all .
I'm not sure if it works on usb drives or not though worth a try to see if it discovers it .
Yes it does .

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New to the forum and I have a silly question regarding my external hard drive which cam with no instrucions or information other than an istallation page.

It is product number 9bd862-560. Question, can I leave this on indefinately or is this something that should be turned off daily. I have a program set up to automatically save information so ai need to know for scheduling purposes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have recently had a new desktop PC. Prior to that I had a laptop where Seagate external drive was permanently connected via a USB port. I was running Win7, using FF browser and WLM.
With the new pc if I leave Seagate connected I can't boot up - the screen stops at BIOS. Everything seems to be running properly as long as I don't keep the external hard drive connected until boot up is complete.
What can I do so that I don't have to keep disconnecting Seagate each time I shut down?

Hope someone can help and that the solution is an easy one. Thanks.

A:Seagate external hard drive

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A friend has broken the USB socket on his Seagate external harddrive making it unuseable.
There's a lot of info on the drive he wants to get off. If i open the case (if I can find a tool that will do it ) what am I going to find? Does it consist of a basic IDE harddrive with an adaptor to the usb so I can just hook it up as a slave via the IDE?
Thanks for any advice

A:Seagate external hard drive

If you take it apart you void the warranty.

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i have a seagate external hard drive that i've had for one year. it stopped working after working with no problems.
the green power light does not come on but the white light was blinking then stopped.
any idea's on what can be done. and if it will not work any more is there any way to extract my family pic's and work from the hard drive.

thanks for any help.

A:seagate external hard drive

It sounds like the external harddrive has died - do you have copies of the files on your computer as well?

Assuming the drive is dead and it is not an issue with the USB connection, it is possible to get the files off of the harddrive though companies that provide such services often charge a high price.

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Is this 300 GB Seagate a good external hard drive?:

Also, can external hard drives purchased on Ebay be trusted?

A:Seagate external hard drive

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Hello forum, my Seagate external hard drive which i thought had burnt actually works. But there is a problem, I remember it used to have all its lights shining before, at least sometimes. Also it makes noises sometimes and sometimes it does not. So I thought it got spoilt because when i used to plug it there were no lights and no sound.

Now i still get the same reaction but i miraculously can access the files, so it did not burn right?

Also i have some ''backups'' maybe two but there are some files which are mixed with the original files from the Seagate external hard drive, so i dont know 1) if i should remove anything or place it somewhere else 2) if removing or deleting any files will affect anything in the backups or in the external hard drive. Some files are mixed with the external hard drive files so i dont know how to separate them

Also, i dont know what the external hard drive files do, and what to do if i ever accidentally delete them. I do not remember having a manual for it, maybe i lost it, but i dont have it now also i do not have the box...So i do not know which model it is

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I can no longer access my external hard drive after running a chdsk on it. It shows up on My Computer but it doesn't have the usual info under it about how much free memory there is like the other drives. When I click on it, a window pops up saying that I need to format the disk before I can use it. I don't know what's wrong. Please help!  

A:External Hard Drive Not Accessible After chdsk

What does the disk show in Disk Management? Is it listed as RAW or not initialized.
Doing a chkdsk on a failing drive or one whose file system is severely corrupted can do more harm than good.

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I keep my music on a 500GB external hard drive (no, it's not full...), along with cd images and other random stuff. I installed Windows 7 Professional on both my desktop computer and my Dell Mini 9 Netbook, enjoying it thoroughly. However, I can't access my music folder on my external hard drive when i plug it into the netbook. I initially had the external hard drive plugged into the desktop, so I'm guessing there's a permissions problem.

What I want to do is completely make the folder accessible to everyone. I don't want any restrictions on it whatsoever. How do I do this? I'm a Windows XP Home person, so I know nothing of file permissions.



A:Folder not accessible on external hard drive


Have you tried Taking Ownership of the folder?

To share it, right-click on the folder, and click on Advanced Sharing. You should have no trouble figuring it out from there, but if you do, we will be happy to help you.

Hope this helps,

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I have windows 7 32 bit on a toshiba laptop. I am posting becuase this is a strange situation. I have a goflex exteral terrabyte. The computer recognizes it, lists it in the device manager and claims that it is working properly. However, I can't access it, I can't save anything to it, or get anything from it, or even see the files on it.

Now, I have a mac and a pc, the drive said it could be used on both. So i first used it on the mac (and it works perfectly) but not on the pc. It there a share error maybe?

Any help would be appreciated. I am an editor and I was hoping to be able to easily move from my computer (mac) to my clients (pc).

Thank You for any help or opinions you can give.

Misti Stanton
Dallas, TX

P.S. the drives are up to date.

A:External Hard Drive Detected but not Accessible

Hi Misti,

The first use of the drive was on the Mac, is that correct? And there is no problem on the Mac - right?
i really don't have an answer, but I've had issues with my own ext HD. The original system I connected it to was XP, then a Vista machine. the HD would request me to chkdsk every time I plugged it in. Then I could see the files and on some volumes access them. Other volumes were set as read-only. After some time just being attached, the HD would mark itself offline.

It will help if you can post a full screen snapshot of Disk Managment.



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I have a Seagate ext. HD with 27GB of personal files and 2 GB of system files; 29 GB in all. Yet when I check the properties of the recycle bin it shows that there are (in the recycle bin) 84GB/31,072 files. I do Empty Recycle Bin and when I check properties again it shows the same 84GB/31,072 files. Why is it that I cannot get rid of them? Thanks in advance.

A:Seagate external hard drive recycle bin

Right click on Recycle icon and scroll to Empty Bin.
Perhaps you weren't clicking Apply.

Mine is grayed out because it is empty.

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I have a Seagate 3 TB external hard drive (model SRD00F2) that I use on my desktop dell pc (windows 7 64-bit). I purchased the hard drive on 7/30/13 so it is not even a year old yet. I get an error message saying "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel."

I have tried reformatting the drive, changing the drive letter, etc. I use the drive just for personal use, movies, music, word docs, etc. I have already removed everything from the drive in hopes to completely uninstall and start over with the drive but I still get the error message. Not sure what else I can do. Please help. Thank you

A:External Hard drive malfunction - Seagate 3TB

What type of file were you trying to open that got the error message?

What extension did it have?

Were you able to open other files with the same extension at the time you first got that error message---or did you get the error ONLY for that one file?

Were you ever able to open this particular file or files with a similar extension on this external drive?

I'd be surprised if a re-format is necessary, but I guess you've already done that.

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Hi there,

I have a Seagate 1TB External Hard drive not being detected after i switched the laptop off while downlading a software file on the hard drive, that i couldn't stop & after the laptop came back up it couldn't detect the HD. Tha power comes on on the HD & the disk spins as it has an adapter & the USB connected to the laptop. Sometimes the light stayed on & lately it only flickers. Tried it on another PC doesn't get detected. Plz some help would b great. Thanks.

A:Seagate 1TB external hard drive not detected

Maybe ?

I have had about 15 Externals in my time, every problem i had was the same one, the circuitboard came away from the hard drive, all i did was unscrewed the whol thing pushed it all back together tightly

Dont know if this will help with your problem....

also try to run chkdsk

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315265 - Windows XP

http://www.w7forums.com/use-chkdsk-check-disk-t448.html -win 7

Good luck

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I have a 250 Gb Seagate external harddrive.

I've transferred all my comedy cassettes to Mp3 and put them all onto the drive.

When I turned the drive on today it gave out all sorts of clicking noises and the drive light goes on and off.It sounds very unhealthy.

Most of the time the drive doesn't show at all in 'my computer' but occasionally the noises stop and the drive settles down and it appears with a different drive letter to what it was before.When I click on the drive a get a message 'drive I is not formatted - do you want to format ?Y/N?'

Now I accept the drive is broken and fairly cheap these days to replace but have I lost all my valuable recordings? I know everyone says you should always back stuff up but it's always something you're going to do tomorrow !!!

Is there any way I can retreive my stuff to put onto a new drive (and back up) ??


A:Seagate External Hard Drive Failure.

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Alright guys

I have got a Seagate 3TB Expansion/Portable Hard drive that you connect externally to your machine by there provide cable.. This cable also gives the hard drive power...

This hard drive has never been dropped in the few years I have had it and I have it from new.. However I notice a few weeks ago that the connection in the casing where you connect the cable to appear to be getting loose.. Cable was wiggling too much...

A few times the hard drive kept loosing it connection the machine due to the loose connection.. And today no connection at all. Cable was completely loose like something was broken within the hard drive casing...

I have opened up the casing and removed the hard drive, and found that on the sata/bridge module port that the connector has completely broken off. I was luckily to have another faulty Seagate hard drive which I have just take the sata/bridge module from there and attached it to this one..

The machine finds it.. However the partition is protected... Now I can not just go ahead and clean this partition, due to all of the data on it... I need it to work as before, where you plug and play and the hard drive was read

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I have a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go Hard Drive which suddenly stopped working. What happened was, I was shrinking one of the volumes because I want to make three partitions. As I was formatting the unallocated volume, the hard disk was accidentally remove from the laptop. Then when I plugged in again, the laptop cannot detect the drives which I originally have. I already uninstalled the device through Device Manager, restart the laptop and reinstalled the device driver but still it won't detect my hard disk.

Help, please?

A:Seagate FreeAgent Go External Hard Drive

I am using Windows Vista and a Compaq Presario V6000.

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I have an external desktop hard drive [Seagate 2T]. I had an issue where my laptop would not recognize it. It was supposed to be 3.0 USB, but after some research found some people with similar problems and the solution was to use the 2.0 USB.
It did disappear again for a couple of days and then magically re-appeared. I have since purchased a new WD 2T drive in order to transfer the files and return the Seagate as it's approximately 2 months old. However it has not come up anywhere [the Seagate] in over a week. Today I unplugged everything and plugged the Seagate into the USB 3.0 and left for a few hours. When I returned it is now listed in disk management as 'disk 1 - unknown - 1863.02 GB - Not initialized' and in the partitions [in black] simply says '1863.02 GB - unallocated' and no partitions.
Right clicking gives me 4 options:
1 Initialize Disk 2 Offline 3 Properties and 4 Help
Option 3 opens the properties and says 'this device is working properly' but all values are at 0
Option 4 leads to me to microsoft help topics which basically have all Windows 7 information.... I have Windows 8.1
I am reluctant to choose option 1 as I do not want to erase or reformat all the information on the drive.
I am not overly technical, but have read alot in different forums but still consider myself as a novice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Seagate External Hard Drive Issue

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I have successfully used Seagate Tool to scan my internal HD but it is not recognising my External Drive when I try to scan that. It appears as Sea Tools in Control Panel/Programmes and Features but not on Computer/Manage/Services and Applications/Services where I looked on suggestion from web. It appears I need some kind of MZXM (?) update but do not understand the process of getting this for Windows 7 and am concerned not to mess up my backup drive .

My concern began because Windows 7 keeps asking me to format the Backup Drive before doing my weekly backup. When I ignored it the backup appeared to go ahead any way but I don`t like ignoring mysterious
instructions unless I understand why they are there.

Can anyone please advise me ?

A:Seagate not recognising External Hard Drive

Sorry this is not a reply but further info to request for help. I have found the following on Seagate Tools Menus plus a long list of items which I will not quote unless requested to do so.

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. The system cannot find the file specified.
Under details
See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

Should I invoke JIT debug ?

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Most of the time when I plug in my seagate external 1tb hard drive, my computer won't find it. The external hard drive turns on and then turns itself off within a few seconds. I assume the hard drive is automatically turning itself off as if it is in sleep mode.

How can I prevent it from going in sleep mode? Will reformatting the hard drive help?

I have access to the hard drive as this problem does not occur everytime but just most of the time.

A:Solved: seagate external hard drive

Formatting the drive will not resolve this.

What is the exact model of Seagate drive you have?

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I have a 2 TB Seagate external hard drive which has worked fine.

It is used on a 64 bit Vista (Ultimate with SP2) Dell machine.

I have had to restore an image backup of C: drive and the drive no longer appears in the Computer folder nor in Disc Management now.

However the drive is lit up and when I insert the USB cable there is the connected sound and when I disconnect it there is the disconnect sound so something is seeing it.

I have tried this on both the 64 bit Vista and on an XP - on neither of the computers is the drive seen.

I would rather hope that I can eventually access this drive as it has 1.7 TB of audio files on it.

Is there a solution for this?
Technical data

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12284 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 150411 MB, Free - 46620 MB; D: Total - 2047 MB, Free - 990 MB; E: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 394944 MB; F: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 439395 MB; K: Total - 715402 MB, Free - 178636 MB; M: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 24231 MB; O: Total - 1907728 MB, Free - 263346 MB; P: Total - 715402 MB, Free - 191542 MB; Q: Total - 1907728 MB, Free - 515766 MB; R: Total - 1907728 MB, Free - 262894 MB; S: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1513694 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0D881F, A03, ..CN1374093N00KN.... Read more

A:External Seagate hard drive not seen by computer

As this external drive won't show up on any other PC the circuitry in the box has probably developed a fault.

For about £10 you can by a USB Hard Drive Adapter, see Ebay. Remove the hard drive from the enclosure and connect it to the USB adapter and it should then function as long as the fault is not on the drive itself.

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guys, when i install my seagate external harddrive softwar - "installseagatemanager.exe", i always fail.
i just don't get why this happens..

the error messages that i get :
error 1935. error occurred during the installation of assembly component {04B9F3B6-9645-7658-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E} HRESULT: 0x80073712

then after it cancels the installation, i get another error:
error: -1603 fatal error during installation
consult windows installer help (Msi.chm) or MSDN for more information

could anybody help me to solve this?
why, and what should i do?

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OK, so about 3 weeks ago, I bought a 250gb Seagate External HDD. I plugged it in and it worked... last night, all of a sudden, it stopped working. I've tried plugging it into another PC, and nothing... it doesn't even find it. I've tried going to "Manage" and "Removable Storage" and it comes back saying "The service cannot be starter, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. This snapin's display may be inconsistent with the Removable Storage Service. If the problem persists please restart the snapin."

I'm assuming it's the external, because, like I said, I tried hooking it up to another PC and that PC can't find it either. HELP, I have EVERYTHING on this external, and I don't want to lose it. Could it be the USB cable? It's only 3 weeks old! (BTW, I have Windows XP)

A:Seagate External Hard Drive ISSUES

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Drive: Seagate External Hard Drive 1TB
Separate Lock software bought, $45: Lockngo.exe - Keynesis Pro.
OS: Vista

Yesterday morning I used my External Hard Drive (trough lockngo.exe)
for around 2 hours without any problems.

After finishing, I locked the external hard drive.

12-13 hours later when I arrived home, I finished doing some school
work and tried to access the external hard drive to make a back up of
the file.

I double clicked on lockngo.exe and typed in the password, it then
displayed "Unlocking..." as usual but then another window popped

"F:\ is not accessible .

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Funny thing is, I then went to "Computer Management" and under "Disk
Drives" it showed my external hard drive under Disk drives:
"Seagate FreeAgent USB Device".

I then right clicked it, went to Properties and it said "This device
is working properly.".

I installed the extra SeaGate manage software, did a few error checks
etc and said that the external hard drive is working fine.

After that, I went to "Disk Management" and it showed:

Volume - Layout - Tupe - File System - Status

( F: ) - Simple - Basic - RAW - Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)

What concerns me is the "RAW" part... what does it mean? Anything bad
or is it just normal? Since I thought it's meant to say "NTFS"?

So in the end I've got a HIGH feeling that the external hard d... Read more

A:Seagate external hard drive problem

I just download a recovery Seagate tool;


Installed it and did a run on the program.

2 Images with links are posted below:



When the hard drive is, well was, working fine, when the driver is locked, it only shows the lockngo.exe.

But ofcourse, this locking program is so damn good that it even hides my "Xuquan" folder that contains like 170GB worth of data which only shows via the lockngo.exe program.

Once the password has been entered correctly, the folder "Xuquan" then shows.


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Can not view my external usb hard drive. I have another usb drive installed without issue. The invisible drive appears to be "dead". Check with Voltage Meter and the power supply for the drive is working. Is there any way to recover the data? Luckily I have the data backed up on another drive.

A:Seagate External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Does the drive show up in computer management? Go to start>Computer>(Right click)>Manage?

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I have used this hard drive without issues since the day I bought it (Nov. 26 2009). All the sudden 2 days ago I unplugged it from my laptop and when I returned home and plugged it back in my computer flashed a screen saying the drive was not formatted. I contacted Seagate and followed their steps. However, I am still getting nothing. The drive is showing up under my computer, but only as a local disk, not as an expansion drive as it did before the drive also shows up under my device manager, but, once again if I try to do anything my computer will lock up. Whenever I try to access it, my computer will lock up. When shutting down my computer it will continue to stay on the windows is shutting down screen until I unplug the drive from the USB. It is not emitting any funny noises. I am not sure what to do; there is too much information on the drive for my computer to hold if I tried to do a data recovery. It is just strange that it would work fine and then a few hours later give me all kinds of issues. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!
I am operating with a Dell 1737 studio, 4gb, with windows 7 ultimate.

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Hello, I am having issues with my external hard drive. I cannot access the drive from computer or device manager. I do see the icon for the drive listed but any left or right-click freezes explorer. The drive is a 1TB Iomega USB drive. I have tried to run chkdsk on it but it will not run. I do not have access to another computer at this time to see if the drive works elsewhere.

2 things : I have gotten a popup on startup that I need to reformat the drive to be able to use it AND I have also seen the cyclic redudancy check error box. After searching for answers I believe the problem may have been caused by 1 or more instances of power loss to drive while connected to my desktop pc.

Any help retrieving my files & photos would be greatly appreciated!

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Well I took my 250GB external Hard Drive hooked up via USB from my XP machine and hooked it up temporarily to my Vista laptop to install some programs stored on the drive.

Now the I get this error when I hook it back up to my XP machine.
x:\ is not accessible. the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

I ran a check disk and it fixed an error under xp. The drive letter shows up but the drive size shows 0kb.

When I hook the drive back up to Vista it is perfectly normal.

A:Solved: External Hard Drive not accessible under XP OK in Vista

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Hello everyone!
I am making backup from my videos and pdf's etc and now when i was trying to again access on folder it claims that it is not accessible. Any help on why and how this has happened and how i will fix it?

I had previously converted external hard drive to ntfs form from fat32 so i think i might have problem on rights. Folder information does not show any files or subfolders

A:external flash hard drive: I:\folder is not accessible

Put the flash back into the system where you made the backup and make sure it is still viable. You may have to re-format the stick, then copy the videos over again.

there is a reason why those flash sticks some formatted fat32, sometimes they cant hack NTFS. Best thing to do is format the stick on the system where you are going to be putting the copies, then go back and make the backup on the original puter.

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I've been searching for ages looking for a solution to this problem but with no luck.

I have four external hard drives, all Seagate, which are no longer detected by my Vista computer. They don't show up in Computer, or in the Disk Management section. The drives aren't the problem though, because an XP computer reads the drives just fine. The drives are okay, as are the cords, so I'm pretty sure my Vista box is the problem. It takes a while but I can transfer files from XP to the Vista so I have a workaround to use.

The problem is that there is one of these Seagate drives that was formatted for Mac *and* PC, and the XP box can't read it. It can recognize that there is an external hard drive attached but just shows 0 bytes on everything in Properties, and there's no way to get files off of it.

So what I need is some help trying to get that Seagate drive to show up on my Vista PC. As mentioned, it plugs in and runs fine as far as I can tell. It's getting power and isn't making any loud noises. But if I go out to Computer or look in the Disk Management section, it doesn't show an external drive attached at all.

Any suggestions? I've run TSG SysInfo, and here are the results:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1660, x64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card:... Read more

A:Vista Won't Recognize Seagate External Hard Drive

If it was initialised as a GPT drive rather than an MBR drive XP 32 bit can't understand GPT and that's the problem with the XP PC.

Vista should work with a GPT drive though.

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I recently purchased a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 hard drive and a Sabrent USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive flat docking station to connect via usb to my Dell XPS L702x laptop. Upon putting the hard drive in the external enclosure and connecting to my laptop via usb my computer is not recognizing this external hard drive in disk management. I can see it in device manager and it is listed as "Jmicron SCSI Disk Device". I can also see it in devices and printer listed as "Jmicron". However it is not recognized or listed in disk management and file explorer. I am a novice when it comes to hardware issues as I am more of a software guy but I have tried everything I can find on the net to no avail. ie uninstalling and installing the drivers, using seagate utilities (I cannot also see it in Seagates applications), disabling fast startup, windows devices and printers troubleshooting, etc. I suspect (maybe incorrectly) that this device is showing up as "Jmicron SCSI disk device" instead of a SATA drive but that is coming from someone who again does not know alot about the device/hardware side. I would like to make this external drive a full backup for my windows 10 laptop and any assistance that could be provided would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for any help you may be!

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I purchased a 1.5tb Seagate external hard drive Christmas last year since then it has clicked loudly when writing or reading large files (it makes no noise when idle). The problem has been widely documented online as seen in videos such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgJe9R0QpmI. Although I have yet to see a solution that would fix the problem.

There is one video that I have found seeming to offer a fix but it requires quite serious dismantling of the drive. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK1pEVjReNA)

Does ANYBODY know a fix from the clicking? I don't mind using the fix seen above if anyone can explain how inserting a piece of paper into the bottom of the drive will stop the clicking.

PS: Seagate refuse to acknowledge there is a problem with their drives and instead offers a replacement drive and from the research I have seen it is a pointless transition as they all have the same problem.

A:Seagate 1.5TB External hard drive constantly clicking

People have apparently fixed it by using better USB cables, a powered USB hub, updating the drive's firmware, or the method above.

My guess is that the enclosure has poorly soldered connections or there's a short occurring. Poor soldering on the connector/board could explain why changing the USB cable, powered USB hub, or changing the positioning of the connectors/board seems to work for some people.

Normally this clicking would be attributed to a failing drive, but this appears to be a case of poor design/quality with the enclosure.

You could also just shove the drive into another USB enclosure and trash the Seagate garbage.

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My 2tb hard drive was working fine for about 3 months before it stopped working. I have files inside files, so the main ones show up, but i can't open them to access anything inside. It says "failed to format" every time i try and I can't manually delete them. I thought it was a virus but I'm not tech savvy and I'd like to recover the files because there's a lot, but it's not a priority at this point, i'll take what i can get. My computer is a Asus Chromebook C201P. Help?

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Hi guys,

I've had this 3TB hard drive for about 6 months with no problems.

However, for some reason my computer cannot recognise it any more.

It doesn't come up in My Computer, but it comes up in device manager ( see pic 1) and in disk management (see pic 2)

Alarmingly, I can't even assign a letter or do anything but delete the volume (see pic 3)

I can't find the driver cd to install it but I didn't think this would be a problem as I installed it anyway through the computer. I've searched for about 2 days on this forums and others and still can't find a solution. I hope I can find one here

oh and i forgot to mention, i tried the hard drive on two different computers and it had the same problem there as well.

pic 1
By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24
pic 2

By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24
By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24

A:My Computer cannot detect my Seagate external hard drive 3TB


Your images still dont show - can you repost them using the little paperclip icon?


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I have a SeaGate external drive and for some reason my computer will not recognize it. It makes the noise that it knows something has been plugged in, but I never get the icon in the tray and I never get a drive letter. I've tried plugging it into another computer and it works fine there. That computer recognized it and all of my files are still on the drive. I can plug an iPod in and it recognizes that just fine. Can someone please help me??

A:Solved: SeaGate External Hard Drive Not Recognized

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My seagate external drive has stopped working. I looked in device manager and it is there and saying its working properly. Its also listed in disk management showing as RAW and read only. I've tried numerous recovery software with no success. Teskdisk reported read error and found no partitions. Easeus wizard recovery scanned for hours and found no files. I have a lot of precious files on the hard drive which I would hate to lose. I do get a window up saying the drive in question needs to be formatted, I know that if I do this I will lose all my data. In desperation I clicked ok for this but even the format was not successful. I have also taken the hard drive out of its enclosure and is now plugged into a hard drive docking station. This made no difference.

any helpful advise?

A:hard drive woes seagate external 500gb

If both TestDisk and Easeus have failed then you may be out of luck. If the data is truly important then sometimes its best to seek assistance from a data recovery firm as sometimes accessing the drive only makes it worse. You could try one of these for that: http://hard-drive-recovery-services-review.toptenreviews.com/

When a drive fails sometimes data recovery is not possibly at all or only through data recovery companies.

This is why backups are so important and why you should invest in a backup drive or online backup in the future.

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