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Solved: Windows XP/Printer Issue

Q: Solved: Windows XP/Printer Issue

I had a problem with my HP printer not scanning via the wireless network even thought it did in the past. I could print wirelessly. The ADD/REMOVE program wouldn't allow me uninstall it came up with an installation error when trying to do so.I then went onto a HP forum to try and get help and was directed towards deleting the HP files and downloading the HP driver from scratch. Afetr manually deleting the HP folders/files and downloading the relevant full HP driver I now get an installation error when trying to install the printer. I am now at a point that the PC doesn't even recognise the printer on the network and I can't install the driver. Is this something to do with the ADD/REMOVE program not being able to uninstall properly?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Windows XP/Printer Issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Windows XP/Printer Issue

Trying to remove a program manually is always a bad idea. You can never find everything that needs to be removed, especially in the registry. The only thing it will accomplish, is prevent further installation of the software.

If the software is still showing inside "Add or Remove Programs" chances are you might be able to remove leftovers with the free Revo Uninstaller, but I wouldn't bet on it. Still worth a try though.

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Hi all,
Hoping someone out there may be able to help with the following.

I have a Canon MG8250 all in one printer/scanner. All was fine on Windows 8, but then upgraded to 8.1 a couple of weeks ago. Just got round to using the printer and scanner and the printer wouldn't work (scanner was fine). Uninstalled MP drivers and reinstalled from Canon site and all seemed fine with the printing. Alas the scanner now would not work. Did the same, uninstalled MP Navigator Ex and reinstalled from Canon site, but no fix this time. PC says "Cannot start MP Navigator Ex" and printer says "Set PC to start scanning".

Anybody know how to fix?


A:[SOLVED] All in One printer issue with Windows 8.1 update

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You are using software and drivers for Windows 8.1?

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I got a new laptop loaded with seven. I have an older HP7150. New pc runs 64 bit, printer 32. When I plugged in printer, it loaded "sometype" of driver that said it would work. Well, it sorta does and don't and for the most part, it jams up, feeds through unprinted paper and etc. Upon further reading I found where 32 bit devices do not work with 64. So, I called HP and they provided a little free help and I took it, up to the point where they wanted $$ for there help. So, what I did find out that by going to command prompt and typing driverquery that I do not have any type of 7150 driver. By going to the HP does not offer a 64 bit driver for seven, only for vista. Hmm, thought I'd give the vista driver a whirl...and this PC is so smart, in will not unload the driver. It just comes up with a message and says something like..."it's been determined that the driver you are already using, is better than the one that you want to use". Hmm, so can somebody please tell me, where I can find an actual driver that will work, that I can download to say, my thumb drive, that I can actually locate and installed in the printer properties? Thank you

A:Solved: printer driver issue w/windows 7 pro

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I have a 2 Zebra Label Printers (2 models) that are shared printers on two separate computers (both with XP) on our networked that are pushed out to all the other computers on the network via group policy on/print management on the server (Server 2003). One of these printers will push out to the Windows 7 machine but the other one will not. If you try to add it manually on the Windows 7 machine the printer is listed as one of the network printers however it will error, saying it cannot make a connection with an error code of 0x0000007a. Looking in Print Management on the server the printer that does push out is on the list of printers and the that does not push out is not, even though it is listed in the list of printers under printers and faxes. This printer has added to deploy under group policy though and still does not push out to the Windows 7 machines but will to all our XP machines. Anyone have a solution on how to remedy the problem?

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 & Network Printer Issue

Are you specifically using a driver designed for Windows 7 on the Win7 machines? By default, the print server will push out the driver installed to the client when first connected, so if the driver being used is for XP or 2003, it may not work properly under Win7. That error message means "ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER", which would indicate a driver issue indeed.

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Solved issue about sharp AR M-236 in Windows 8. I've been trying to connect to a shared printer on an OS running on Windows XP. No drivers were given for Winows 8. The first thing to do is disabling driver signature in Windows 8 that is given as default:
Disable Driver Signature Verification

Then you have to install the driver (depending on 64-bit or 32-bit architecture):

During installation you will be asked to specify whether the printer is shared or directly connected. Choose shared and then specify the canonical windows path, for example:

where John is the computer where the copier Sharp Ar-m236 is installed and working...

Hope it helps

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Trying to add a printer for a user and having no luck, I discovered that the spoolsv.exe is completely missing from this folder: C:\windows\system32\, where it should be. My question is, can I just copy the exe file from one XP machine to his? Doing a repair is not an option, because he is remote and we do not send out disks and Google isn't helping me with this question. TIA

A:Solved: Printer Issue

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Hello, Yester about 2:00 in the afternoon, people where printing and there prints had a bunch of little hearts on them. this did not effect all users. I delete the print driver and reinstalled and everything was good. This again happen to different people this morning. Reinstall the drives and its fine. This is happening on different printers all using pcl 5e driver. Cant use pcl6. All printers are hp 4050 and all computer are xp sp2. Does anyone have any ideas

A:Solved: Printer issue

I called our service rep. he was telling me that it was a communications error. I unplug the pc from the network and then reconnected it and then disconnected the network card from the printer and then everything was fine.

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I have a HP color laserjet 1600 printer connected to a HP 6000 computer. The printer was working fine this morning and now when I go to print, the printer icon in the lower right hand tray comes up then goes away. I open the the printer and there are no jobs pending. It acts like it has printed but it didn't. I have uninstalled the printer, removed the usb printer from device manger, removed the hp folder with the drive for the printer from the c: drive, stopped and restarted the printer spooler in the services, changed out the usb cable, reinstalled the printer driver, reconnected the printer, computer finds the printer and it says it is ready to use. I try to print and the same thing happens. So after doing this over and over I decided to install the printer on my laptop and connect it to the laptop via usb. It works great, able to print. It has to be something going on with the PC but I don't know what. Can anyone give me some advice on this issue?

A:Solved: printer issue

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Having issues with my HP PSC1510 printer. I am receiving the following error:
'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

I tried deleting the printer, uninstalled the software for it, installed the software again and I am still getting the error. Any ideas what is causing this?


A:Solved: Printer issue

from MS themselves:


To resolve this problem, do the following.

To open Device Manager, click Start, click Search programs and files, and then type Device Manager. A list of available matching items appears above the search box; click Device Manager. Device Manager opens with your computer name at the top and a list of devices that are installed on your computer beneath your computer name.

Locate the malfunctioning device in the list of devices, right-click the device, and then click Uninstall. When a warning message appears that you are uninstalling a device from your system, click OK. Device manager uninstalls the device.

Right-click your computer name in Device Manager and click Scan for hardware changes. Device manager scans your system and automatically reinstalls your device.

Right-click the device and click Properties. On the General tab of the device Properties dialog box, in Device status, you should see the message This device is working properly.

If the steps above do not resolve the problems with the device, and if the device is an external drive, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive, use the taskbar icon to safely eject the device, then unplug the device from the computer. For devices that use AC power, unplug the device from the electrical outlet or power strip, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Turn on the device power switch, and then plug it in to your computer. If the device includes a drivers disk, ensure that you hav... Read more

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I have a HP F2200 all in one printer. I have it hooked up to my desktop, but now I want to use it with my Acer Aspire laptop. I tried to used the same install disk I received with my HP printer, but it doesn't support my Win 8 OS on my laptop. I have tried to find the right driver to download but I don't think I did it correctly. Can someone help?!!! I really don't wanna have to buy a wireless printer right now.

A:Solved: HP Printer installation issue

Is the printer shared accross a network?

Check out http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsuppor...3571746&cc=us&taskId=135&prodSeriesId=3390944

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I have a Lexmark x4690 wireless printer which is on my home network. It shows up as my default printer but offline only. When I put it online it says it can't communicate. The green light is on, meaning it is connected to my network. I misplaced the cd that came with it where you would install it on any computer you wish to have connected. I can't find it online. Is there a way to connect without that cd?

A:Solved: Wireless printer issue.

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I am trying to help my friend connect a printer/fax to a computer that I set up for him last month. He has an older computer without any usb ports.The printer that we are trying to connect only has connection for usb.
Can I just find an adapter to get the usb to paralell? Or should I put in an expansion card for the usb?

Does anyone have any ideas on this?


A:Solved: printer connection issue

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My printer quit during an operation. All the sudden the printer is off line. I checked all cords and it seems up and ready but when i print i get the off line warning. It a canon P3500.
Gateway/Emach athelon(single core 64) with 1 gig ram.

A:Solved: Printer..Software issue???

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I have attached two printers at separate times to my laptop using an USB cable and can not print to either. When I attached each one, the laptop was able to determine the driver needed for each one and downloaded it. However when I try to print to the printers, I get an error and nothing prints.

The first printer I attached was a Brother HL-1650 laser printer.

The second printer was a Lexmark X1150, model 4476-K01

Can anyone assist me.


A:Solved: Printer issue with laptop

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Having a very odd issue when trying to share my printer (Canon Pixma ip4300).

When I try to enable Printer Sharing in the Network & Sharing Center, it gives no errors, but just stays off all the time.

When I try to share the printer from the printer properties page I get the following dialog -
"Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000007a).
This also writes an alert into the event log (System), giving event ID of 19 and when following the link to the MS site leads here - http://technet2.microsoft.com/windo...26b2-4239-b369-ef2765da44cc1033.mspx?mfr=true
I have tried the instructions in that article, all to no avail. I have also done an sfc /scannow which came up clean.

Any clues anyone? This is baffling me.

A:Solved: Printer Sharing issue

OK, so, guess who doesn't like rebooting....

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I have ten computers connected to an ethernet switch, and they were all configured to print via an HP Jetdirect 500X printer switch connected through the ethernet switch as well. Recently the router was replaced and now I cannot print on any computer. The router is a Netgear Wireless-G WGR614 (but it is not being used in a wireless application). Please tell me what I need to do to bring back printing capability. The printer is an HP 930C, by the way. Thank you.

A:Solved: Network printer issue

I did get IT help and got the issue resolved.

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Tried installing firmware update 20090209 for hp laserjet printer and during the installation process the power was cut to the printer and the firmware never completed. When I restarted the printer, the screen hangs on "Ready 2 Download." Now I am unable to reconnect it to the network or even use USB to install new drivers or firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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have a canon mp530 printer connected to an xp desktop. can sucessfully share/print from another xp desktop wirelessly (linskys WRT54GP). just purchased an vista home premium laptop. have successfully tapped into the network, can access the internet, view shared folders on both xp desktops, etc. (even downloaded the LLTP update so everything can be mapped by vista)

vista laptop 'sees' the mp530, can access the print queue, etc... but cannot connect and print to the mp530 ('access is denied' error). vista and xp printer drivers are installed on the xp desktop that the printer is connected to. all other aspects of the network/file sharing seem to be fine.

i've tried everything else i can think of to no avail. any help would be greatly appreciated. thx.

A:Solved: vista/xp printer sharing issue

nevermind. after 2 days of looking just found this post on cnet. haven't tried it, but many have already had success:


if you're having a similar issue, check it out.

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(MOD: Title edited for clarity)
I sum up my latest solution to my mysteriuos sleeping problem.
Symptom: I have a brand new yoga 530 14arr model with Windows 10. In some cases, my laptop freezed when I initated sleep with power button or closing the lid. After 2 minutes of freezing the machine powered off. This issue only appeared at home.
Digging into the system log, I found an intresting info row: "The driver \Driver\WSDScan for device ... /ScannerService stopped the power transition."
Upps, I have a Brother printer on my LAN with Web Service interface. I switched off my printer and the sleeping issue did not exist.
When a brand new win10 is running on my LAN, it finds the printer in the background automatically, installs the necessary driver. After that it always blocks the sleeping with freezing. Err...
Solution: I disabled the web service interface of my brother printer, and I removed the printer from the windows and I manually installed it with tcpip interface.
I thought this is a hardware problem, but not.

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I seem to be having some difficulty with sharing my desktops printer with my laptop (wireless network). I can see the printer when walking through the the wizard to add it to my laptop, but half way through the wizard (on my laptop) I get the frozen hourglass and the wizrd stops responding. What am I doing wrong?

A:Solved: Add a printer to my networked laptop issue

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I own a hp deskjet f4288 all in one printer.The software for this is not compatible with the version of windows I use.
I've a windows 7 34 bit premium os.I do not want to download a pirated version so please suggest how to get the appropriate software and use my printer again.

A:Solved: printer software compatibility issue

Here is the support site for the HP Deskjet F4288 All-In-One printer.

It has a full-feature software driver package for Windows 7(32-bit) and Windows 7(64-bit). All you need to do is download and save the file, close all open windows, turn on the printer, double-click the saved file to start the install process, connect the USB cable from the printer to the computer when prompted to, then follow the instructions from there.

If you still have a software driver package installed from an older Windows version, you need to uninstall it and then restart your computer first.


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I have add printers before on networks but for some reason can't see this one, here is the setup and problem

DSL--MODEM>Wireless Linksys Router? 1st computer dell dedktop windows xp sp2 home it wired to router no problem works great. Printer hooked to desktop works great.

2nd computer is a dell Laptop windows xp sp2 home with wireless card and connects to the network just fine.

They have a new printer a HP Officejedt Pro L7500 all in one printer, scanner, copier, and fax. ON the laptop I go to control panel and printers and then add a printer and go through where it tells to check for network printer and I do and it shows the computers but not the printer, I look on the desktop for the share name and it was HPOffice so I even typed that in on the laptop but still can't see it.

I have a network setup just like my buddy modem>wireless router>2 desktops and a laptop. MY printer is hooked to the first computer which is aldo wired to the router and on my lap top (which is the same as his a DELL Inspiron I did the add printer and it saw my printer and added it right away.

On my buddies I shared the printer from the desktop computer and did the same thing on his laptop as I did mine but it just doesn't see his. Can someone tell my what I am doing wrong. I even ran the add a home network on the desktop then the laptop and that didn't help it just isn't picking up the printer. I tried to run the disc for the printer on the laptop but only get a l... Read more

A:Solved: 2 windows XP SP2 Home-Router-Printer-Can't add printer on 2nd computer

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In device manager my printer, HP Laser Jet 1320 is "working properly" but it doesn't show in printers and faxes. Has anyone had similar issues in windows 7? Regards, Max.

A:Windows 7 printer issue

hi have a look here http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/category/w7itpro/

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We have a W7 printer issue as follows: My wife and I both have W7 Home Premium, 64bit, machines networked together. She has an HP PhotoSmart 7600 printer. I can see it and print to it from my network connection. I can print plain paper or photo paper from my machine. My wife however can only print plain paper from her machine. She cannot print pictures. We went through the driver replacement/refresh recommended by HP and rebooted the machine. It immediately recognized the printer as an HP PhotoSmart 7660.

I can print fine from my machine over the network but she still cannot print pictures. Anybody have any ideas?

A:Windows 7 Printer Issue

The HP Photosmart 7600 series printer has 2 models:



You apparently have the latter model.

The "solve a problem" and "How to" sections may be helpful to you.


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I can't seem to find anything about my specific problem. I had an HP PSC 2410 all-in-one series printer connected to a Dlink print server. The printer started making terrible noises when it started up, so I disconnected it and reconnected an old deskjet instead. I recently fixed the all-in-one (turned out i just needed to clean the scanning glass and mirrors), but the print server no longer powers up. Now here's the real issue:

I can't get the printer to install locally via USB port. I was finally able to delete the network printer (it kept coming back after reboot, offline), but I can' get Windows to auto-detect and install the drivers. I can't even download the drivers from the HP website because they aren't available (windows update only). I can't manually add the printer either, because the virtual USB port is unavailable. I'd really like to get this printer running again, especially because I brought it back from the dead and I really need to scanner. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Ok I have an HP deskjet 3520 that is hooked into my FreeBSD server. The FreeBSD is all good and not one problem there. Now the problem is trying to get it to use on XP sp2 boxes. I can not see it in network places and I have tried to add it via local port method that has worked before but it says my local port is access denied. How do I turn it on?

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on windows 8 client machine usb printer driver needs to install everyday after every reboot

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The printer is an old HP LaserJet P2015 connected to a Windows 7 Pro (32-bit) machine.  Every morning, when the user boots the computer up and logs in, that printer will show as an unknown device under Devices and Printers.  The actual printer
icon for the P2015 will be grayed out.  If you just turn the printer off and back on the unknown device goes away, and the P2015 icon will go back to ready.  I have tried multiple USB cable and ports on the computer and a powered USB hub.  I've
tried multiple drivers, and the only one that really wants to work is the actual HP driver for the P2015 (which took a while to find).  The HP universal print drivers all have their own quirks with it.  I've adjusted power setting for maximum efficiency,
ran sfc /scannow, ran chkdsk /r, and some other things that I cannot remember.  Is there anything I can try that I didn't list?

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on windows 8 client machine usb printer driver needs to install everyday after every reboot

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Good day,

Basic info first:
-Laptop Toshiba Satellite
-Windows XP Professional SP3
-Printer 1 connected with USB cable to laptop when needed
- Printer 2 cute PDF writer

All of a sudden my printers are gone from my 'available printers list' this is both my Epson and my CutePDF. When I try to install CutePDF again it says:
- Install Cute PDF Writer Failed. Error -101
- Please restart the Print Spooler Services on your system and try again.

When I go to System Services Print Spooler is Started and Automatic
Checked Dependencies (Remote procedure Call RPC) and they are also started and automatic (same for Remote Procedure Call Locator)

I did some searching on internet and most posts/info I find is about restarting Printer Spool or to check dependencies are started/automatic and none of those fix the issue, not even after a reboot.

I then checked if CutePDF was actually still installed in the add/remove hardware section. CutePDF is there but when I try to uninstall it it gives me another failure error:
Unistall CutePDF failed (err-202) then I get the "please restart spooler....." message again, but when I check services the print spooler is started and automatic.

At wits end anyone know what the heck is doing on?


A:Solved: Printer Service Issue - Not started msg while it is running

I noticed this post : http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/998760-solved-print-spooler-keeps-stopping-2.html

And the solution by ERIC01 solved it.

Excellent job Eric, thank you

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I've looked through the previous posts and have tried many different things, but I can't make any progress. Basically, I have a new Windows Vista Home edition computer that is connected to a router to the internet. I can get on the internet fine. I also have a XP computer connected into the router and connected to the internet. I have a printer connected to the Vista computer.
I cannot see any files from either computer. In addition, I can't share the printer (at a minimum that is what I'd like to do).

I have:

Updated the XP system with the LLTD patch.
disabled (as best I can tell) all firewalls from both computers.
enabled file and printer sharing
can ping both computers utilizing network addresses
from Vista can see my XP computer under "Network & Sharing Center"'s "View Full Map"
Created a user account on XP with the same name and password as my Vista account and logged into it.

Cannot get to anything on the XP computer from Vista or see anything within the workgroup.
Cannot ping either computer utilizing computer names - I tried adding the Vista machine to the LMHOSTS file on the XP machine - didn't seem to have any affect.
And again cannot see any files from either computer or get to the printer on Vista.

Any help is appreciated!!!

A:Solved: Vista and XP Printer File Sharing Issue

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I have just installed Windows 7 pro on my older computer (PCi slots only). I have an HP IIIp laserjet that I have used reliably for many years - love the quality of print. It has a parallel port connection to Mobo.

I have installed the updated drivers and computer recognizes it but when I direct a job to it , it just briefly turns on the receipt light then does nothing. I then have to go to the printer and cancel the print job.

Does this mean I have to abandon this jewel? (No support available form HP)

Thanks for looking at this post.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2030 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953869 MB, Free - 552302 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation , D865GVHZ , AAC72419-110 , FCHZ55303878
Antivirus: CenturyLinkô Online Security 9.01, Updated and Enabled

A:Windows 7 issue with old HP IIIp Printer

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I have recently upgraded my system from windows vista to windows 7. Everything seems to work fine except the printer - Dell all in one printer 922. To solve the issue, I have followed several solutions from different forums. For e.g., according to one solution (this solution seemed sensible), I have deleted the printer from my system, uninstalled all the printer driver software and have tried to use the vista 32 drivers to get my printer working. But all in vain. I have tried the process almost ten times now and I am tired. That's why I have come to this forum. Please could any one of you help me resolve this issue. Thank you in anticipation.


A:Windows 7 - Dell aio 922 Printer Issue

I had the same problem with my Dell AIO 964... Try downloading the the Patch/Upgrade .Zip file from the Dell website. When it finishes downloading open it and run the DellCleanUpUtility.exe this will delete the driver that Windows 7 automatically installed. When the Utility completes it will ask to reboot, allow it do so, then procede to install the windows vista version of your printer driver from the Dell website. Cho Yung Tea

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Hello all!

I just installed the RP and loving it. The only issue I have is that I cannot set my default printer! The option isnt even available when you right click the printer. I know from experience, if you are logged in as a temp profile, you cannot perform any actions such as this. I think I might BE logging in with a temp profile, but under users it shows my name, and administrator so Im confused. Any ideas??

A:Default printer issue with Windows 8

Where are you right clicking? You have tried Control Panel - Devices and printers?

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Well after spending about 20 hours of my life on researching this problem online and trying all kinds of "fixes" I am turing to this board for help.

I have a Gateway FX 6802 - 64 bit computer running Windows 7. Brand new - purchased 2 months ago. I also have an Epson 1280 printer which I have had for years. When I initially set the computer up, I just plugged in the printer via USB and it found the drivers and worked. No issues. Epson doesn't have drivers for the 1280 for Windows 7 anyway...but I had 2 months of no issues.

A few days ago, I noticed when I went to print something from my Microsoft Home and Student Word 2007 program, it wouldn't print. It said my print spooler was not on. I researched and went through the steps to get it back on, and to clear out ther files in my system32/spool/printer folder and then turned it back on via services.msc. Here is the strange part.

I can print any Word docs that I created previosuly within the past 2 months, or docs I created prior to getthing this computer. No problem. I can print photos. I can print PDF files. The only time I run into an issue is when I go into Word 2007 to create a new doc. It won't print. It shuts the spooler off. I'll have the print spooler window open and I will watch it - once I hit the print button in a NEW document - it changes status from started to stopped. Then, I have to clear out the printers folder in the system32/spool/printers which will contain 2 files usually named something such as... Read more

A:Windows 7 Printer Spool Issue - PLEASE help.

Hey Robsmail,
That is a nasty problem.

If you have your Office installation disk, try repairing or reinstalling MS Word. It might have just been a bad install.


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I have a weird one that I am hoping someone can assist with,

Background Info ? 4 PCs and 3 Printers in office all Windows 7 ? One PC acts as Print Server and shares the TWO of the Three printers using Windows Homegroup. Third Printer is direct connected via USB to Bosses PC.

Problem ? On Bosses PC only ? All Shared Printers will just go offline. It is not a network issue or homegroup issue as she (the boss) can see other homegroup resources such as shared drive and Shared folders. It appears to happen after she prints to her USB printer then tries to go to a shared printer. (This is my guess, Not tested and verified).

Other Info ? No one else in office has this issue, Boss will not give up her USB printer(it is old but reliable for her), A restart of her machine sometimes fixes the problem but not always.

I am truly at a loss any help or work around would be appreciated.

A:Strange Issue with Printer and Windows 7

In an office environment, I would do away with printer sharing and simply place all of the printers on the network. Then you don't have to deal with Windows glitches and conflicts.

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I have a 2 Zebra Label Printers (2 models) that is shared on two separate computers (both with XP) on our networked that is pushed out to all the other computers on the network via group policy on the server (Server 2003). One of these printers will push out to the Windows 7 machine but the other one will not. If you try to add it manually the printer is listed as one of the network printers however it will error, saying it cannot make a connection with an error code of 0x0000007a. Anyone have a solution on how to remedy the problem?

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I recently completed a build using Windows 7 and everything went fine except I am having a fit with my HP 1018 laserjet printer. When I try to send something to the printer it takes at least 30 minutes before it actually prints. I have visited HP's website and downloaded the driver that is supposed to work with this printer and Windows 7 but still no luck. Any words of wisdome would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you know if Windows 7 is compatible with Dell's 922 AIO printer? I cannot get it to fully install and print, either with the CD that came with the printer or by downloading from the Dell's web site...Please help my Mom!! Thx

A:Windows 7 compatibility printer issue

Looks like its not compatible. See here -> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Search.aspx?type=Hardware&s=922%20AIO

You can use the Windows 7 Compatiblility web site to verify software & hardware.

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Hey Guys,
A couple of days ago I noticed that my system tray had two Security Center type pop up warnings that read "Your computer is infected". It kept referring me to some bogus spyware remover website. After doing some online research, I downloaded and ran SUPERAntiSpyware and that did remove them from the system tray. But now I'm left with no Control Panel in the start menu or anywhere else. In addition, System Restore runs but then says I can't restore to an earlier date. I also get messages saying "Access denied contact system administrator" or "This operation has been cancelled do to restrictions in effect on this computer". I ran HijackThis and here is the log for your review. Hope you can help me out. Thank you very much.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:01:15 PM, on 10/19/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Sygate\SSA\smc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\P... Read more

A:Solved: no Control Panel in the start menu winAVXX.exe and printer.exe issue

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During the phase of printer installation when the software asks to plug in the printer, windows popped up and asked it I wanted it to find software for the printer. I accidentally clicked the option where windows wouldn't bother with the printer (I forget how it was phrased exactly), and now the actual installation software wont detect the printer.

Anyone have any idea how I can make windows refind the printer?

I'm running Vista 64-bit. Thanks much!

A:Issue with installing printer - accidentally set windows to not detect it

Check Device Manager (Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc) for any yellow queried devices (ie your printer specifically)
Then right click on it and select remove (it may say Delete or Uninstall)
Then restart, and try installing again

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Recently got a new laptop (with windows 10) and switched to cable internet.
My printer says it is connected to wifi, my laptop is connected
I can only print if it is connected with a cord

someone said it could be a windows 10 issue??

my printer is a brother mfc-j875dw

HELP greatly appreciated!!!

A:Brother printer not printing wifi - windows 10 issue??

Hi and welcome!
I found these steps from Brother's support section of their website.

1. Turn off your Brother machine. Wait a few seconds, then turn it on again.
Wait at least three minutes for the machine to join the network.
If the issue continues, go to STEP 2.

2. Use the Network Connection Repair Tool to fix the Brother machine's network settings. It will assign the correct IP address and the Subnet Mask.
> Click here to see how to use the Network Connection Repair Tool
If the issue continues, go to STEP 3.

3. Check your machine's wireless status by printing the WLAN report.
> Click here to check the wireless status on the WLAN report.

If your WLAN report is stating "Connection OK", although you can not print, refer to "Check the wireless status on the WLAN report" and check "Connection: OK"

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Not really sure where to post this question so if there's a better forum just let me know.
We bought a new HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn printer and I set it up today.  Installed it on my printer server and set it to deploy using group policy.  Seems to be working fine on our Windows 7 desktops but I have a Windows 8.1 workstation and
it isn't deploying.
Since it is the day after patch Tuesday I decided to run Windows Updates and interestingly enough the printer shows up as an Important Update.  Ok, so I tell it to install but it fails with an error code of 80070490.
Searched for help with that error found a few suggestions, running sfc and dism, but so far none of that has helped.  I also tried deleting the port thinking since I had used it in the past it may need to recreate it, didn't help.
So I'm stumped, I've rebooted the computer dozens of times, even turned it off for a while, no help.  I even manually installed the printer to see if having the drivers pre-loaded would help but it didn't.
Any suggestions?  Anyone run into this issue before?
Thanks in advance,

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My new windows 7 computer is a dell package from staples. It's an Inspiron 660, 3 ghz, 4 megs ram, 64 bit, intel pentium processor. It's running Windows 7 Home edition. It's on a 'workgroup' network with two xp machines, one of which shares data files that reside on the win7 machine.

My usb receipt printer is an Epson tm-u220D. This printer is not plug and play, so the driver had to be downloaded and force fed. No problem there really; after a few tries we got the printer to print a test page and the accounting software (Bottom Line Accounting) seems to recognize it fine.

This setup is used as the cash register in a retail store, and prints receipts for customers on paper rolls.

Here is the minor glitchy problem - when we print a receipt it prints fine, but then we can see the red error light on the printer start flashing, and the next receipt won't print until we switch the printer off and back on. Also we see a local downlevel document in the queue that goes away in about a half minute whether we turn the printer off or not, and it instantly disappears if we do turn it off.

It's gonna be a pain to switch the printer off and back on between every two customers.

Surely there is an easy fix for this problem - any printer experts out there? Thanks in advance!

A:Printer issue w win7 and usb receipt printer, local downlevel doc ?


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dear TSF specialist
I have windows xp
in the last day I encounter some problems when tring to use windows installer (i.e. when I install/uninstall programs)
sometimes (not allways) this message appears

Windows Installer:
the Windows installer Service could not be accessed.
This can occur if Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact ...

please help
thank you
niv jokop

I just might add that I recently sent a post on another issue
slow startup , no sound, no internet, classi
but after trying a system restore I think most of the issues are solved (I have internet access for example!)
but this windows installer issue is valid (also I guess there are other minor problems)
I tried attach a TSF_XP_Support.zip file from today (if needed )
(embarrassing I couldnt upload the TSF_XP_Support.zip using ie or firefox ) (so Ive added to the title "(and upload issue)" Ill try to send the attach later from differnrt computer
thanks again

A:[SOLVED] windows installer issue (and upload issue?)

Have you tried installing the most currently up to date Windows Installer?


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Hello i Have the above problem while I try to share a printer on a domain network.
My windows firewall (localy) is also damage, is that the problem that I have to solve first?

Windows 8  - cannot share a printer error message appears "[Window Title] Printer Properties  [Main Instruction] Printer settings could not be saved.  There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.   [OK]

A:Windows 8 - cannot share a printer error message appears "[Window Title] Printer Properties [Main Instruction] Printer settings could not be saved. There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. [OK]

You may need to reinstall the printer. Remove the printer driver from Control Panel\Programs and Features, then add the printer from Devices and Printers.

Please note that if the printer driver is not in the list in Devices and Printers, I suspect that the printer is currently not compatible with Windows 8. In this case I suggest you contact the printer manfuacturer for more information.
Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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