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Write protected folder - USB Disk Drive

Q: Write protected folder - USB Disk Drive

I am just wondering as to whether you can alter the write protection in a USB drive.

Do you have to scan the folder - check for errors like in my 500GB Seagate USB external disk drive?

I am just enquirying as Seagate are saying that I must have used it with a Mac which I have not.

I just wish to put some other data on the disk and able to transfer to another computer.

Preferred Solution: Write protected folder - USB Disk Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Write protected folder - USB Disk Drive

Go into the properties of the drive and make sure all permissions are checked, you should be able to do anything you want with the drive. Is it brand new, did the problem just start ?

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In our 1 HP pen drive showing - The disk is write protected.
unable to delete or add new file or format.
DISKPART> attribute disk
Current Read-only State : Yes
Read-only  : No
Boot Disk  : No
Pagefile Disk  : No
Hibernation File Disk  : No
Crashdump Disk  : No
Clustered Disk  : No

please help us to resolve the issue.

Regards, Pradhap P

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I had to pull a drive out of a laptop. I need to save the Owners documents but they are write protected. Can't access the folders in the new pc. The account had a password which I know. Please help

A:write protected folder in 2nd (older) hard drive

Have you tried right clicking on the folder, then clicking the general tab (if you have to) and unchecking the 'read only' box?

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I've a "IBall Cutility Ultra Strong 8 GB Pen Drive" which I was using from past two months.
Today I copied windows 7 ultimate installation files (downloaded from torrent) to install windows on my friends laptop.
Files didn't copy completely and aborted in the middle.

Then I tried to format the disk but was not able to do so. I am getting "The disk is write protected" error while copying/deleting/formatting the drive.

So far I've tried

registryKey trick (StorageDevicePolicies)
formatting from windows XP
Clearing attributes from command line

no luck till now. Kindly help.

A:Not able to format my flast Drive, The disk is write protected

You copied Windows 7 from a torrent?Im sorry but i dont think you are going to get anymore help as we arent permitted to assist with pirated copies of any windows operating system.I would suggest you buy a copy of windows 7 with a legal and legit COA sticker on it and go from there.Or have your friend purchase a copy because right now you arent doing your friend any favors and it wont even activate properly.

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i created usb bootable disk using rufus

it made usb drive write protected now i cant formated
i tried almost all possible ways available in net

1. i used disk part method and changed attributes still same

2. i used reg edit method and change device storage properties result same

3. i used live cd and tried to format result same

i am using laptop which dont have dvd drive

so this usb is really taking my patience

i tried all solution available in whole internet still i couldnt solve the issue
i am trying for lmost 10 days

can some one try to solve this


A:usb drive write protected after creating usb bootable disk

drive is not corrupted as it still got win 8 and i installed win 8 using it

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plz help me out my 16 gb pendrive cannot be formated it says disk write protected .I have already tried all the solution in the forum and i cant solve it.

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A:the disk is write-protected remove the write-protection or use another disk.

You'll have to provide more information than that for anyone to be able to help you.

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I get the error message that "cannot write to the reports file" when I change any settings in McAfee 4.5.1....what's the problem???

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My McAfee virusscan detected the [email protected] virus. I'm unable to do anything with it (delete, clean, quarantine). I get disk is write-protected error. I try to browse to the directory it's in and I can't see it. I've changed folder settings to show hidden and system files. I'm running XP and still can't see the folder it shows up in. I've run viruscan in normal and safe mode. Still can't do anything with it. I've included my Hijackthis log.

A:[email protected] and disk is write-protected error

You are using an old version of Hijack This. You are also running HJT from your Temporary Internet Files folder. It will not function properly from there and it cannot create and restore backups from there. You need to create a new folder in My Documents and name it Hijack This. Now Click here to download Hijack This again. Download it and click "Save". Save it to the Hijack This folder you just created. That way it can create and restore backups if needed. HJT will store the backups in the same location that it is run from.

Click on Hijackthis.exe to launch the program. Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log. Click "Save" to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.

Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" then Paste the log back here in a reply.

DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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My Sandisk 32GB USB Flash Drive doesn't allow deleting of files nor Formatting. The message reads "Disk is write protected". Since all it holds now is 'old stuff' its useless. Can we restore so it can be used again?

A:usb flash drive - "Disk is write protected"

try the following if you haven't and hope it helps
1. Insert the USB Flash Drive
2. Don't open or format it directly
3. Right click on my computer and go to manage
4. In computer management window click on disk management option
5. Right click on the USB Flash Drive
6. Select format

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I used alchol 120% to burn a dvd rw and then after some time wanted to burn something else on it. but while formatting there is an error message saying " disk is write protected".

With windows 7 ultimate i was able to rightclick and format the disk ....

again i burn the same disk with my laptop having windows 7 home premium. IT IS AGAIN GIVING THE SAME ERROR.

i have tried other softwares to erase or format that disk but it failed.

i also read other posts regarding this matter on number of forums but no satisfactory answer.

is there a security issue with alcohol 120% or is it windows 7 home



A:Disk (dvd rw) is write protected

Try uninstalling Alcohol, then burn with Imgburn or CDburnerXP (both are freeware, download them).

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every time when i try to transfer my files to USB this prompt pop-ups "the disk is write protected"
so i wanted to know whats a solution to that problem?

A:the disk is write- protected

G'day jozzyjay, and Welcome to BC !!

How to remove a write protection from your USB memory Stick
1. Shutdown your computer or laptop
2. Insert USB Memory Stick into your laptop or Computer
3. Turn on laptop and then immediately start pressing (F8) key then Advanced Boot Options screen will come up
4. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt
5. After loading files if your USB Memory Stick drive letter is (G) for example then write as
6. C:\windows\system32>G: and press enter
7. G:\>format G: and press enter
8. If ask you (Y/N) then press (Y) and press enter
9. Now a full format will start which remove write protection from USB Memory Stick.
Before removing USB from your computer, Always remove it safely by going into to my computer then right click on USB and click eject.

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I'm running Vista Ultimate 64bit.

My G: drive (a logical partition on a raid array) has decided it's write protected for the second time. The files are not 'read-only'.

I cant delete or cut any file or folder on the drive, they aren't even listed when I right-click. I can copy but only off the drive.

The last time it happened I ran a checkdsk and after 10 hours it finished and I had full access.

Anyone know how to make vista see the drive is not write-protected?

A:This disk is write-protected

BUMP, it's happened a third time :/

Last time i restarted in safe mode and then again normally and it just seemed to fix itself.

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I have a Kingmax 256MB Memory stick which we used once and went to format it and got the prompt "Write Protected Disk" can any one tell how to unwrite protect it. It has no switch on it to lock it or write protect it. Thanks.

A:Write Protected disk

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Hey everyone, i currently have a LG Chocolate Flip Phone which has a built in music player and micro sd card. now whenever i take the micro sd card out and put it in the SD/miniSD/MMC/RSMMC jumpdrive and try to copy files (both music and images) i get an error that says:

i was wondering if anyone knew what could have happened to the micro sd card that it doesn't work anymore.

P.S. i take the micro sd card and put it in micro-sd adapter (pictured below) then plug that in my jumpdrive. and the lock button on the side, i push to unlocked and everytime i put it in the jumpdrive it ends up being in the middle.

thanks for any help

A:Disk Write-Protected

This may just be caused by a worn out SD card

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I'm having trouble formatting or copying files to my Kingston pen drive. It says the disk is write protected. I tried registry fixes, diskpart etc. Still no success. Please help.

A:Disk is write protected

Are you using an Administrator account on your computer?

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My flash drive where I put my USB in is saying "The disk is write protected"? how do I remove write protection?
I have tried everything. Please help and God bless.

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i have a silicon power 32Gb USB flash. i wanna format it . the error shows up : the disk is write protected . what to do ?

tried every solution on the internet including Regedit.exe and CMD

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I am so frustrated in this problem i am facing now...I just can't transfer my data to my SD card and Pendrive...It says the disk is write protected...How do i fix this thing ? any idea ?
advise is very much appreciated

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I'm trying to save my textures I collected over the years from a 3d program to a CD-R disk I haven't used in a while.Theirs plenty of space left and it says: Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use.Im on windows XP. Thanks

A:Write protected disk


to a CD-R disk

What is the CD burning software you are using? CD-R discs are Write once media by default. Unless the first time you burned it you chose to make a multi-session disc in the burning software program. CD-RW discs can be written to more then once as long as you do not Finalize the CD.
Instead of using a CD-R you should use a USB Flash drive, or better yet a USB HDD.

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ok so the other night i was putting something on my 8gb sandisk flash drive. my pc shut off randomly and i go to recopy the files onto my flash drive and the drive keeps saying the disk is write protected. I cant format the drive because it says the disk is write protected.

iv tried so many things i have googled....going into regedit and making the write protect reg key. didnt work

the flash drive DOES NOT have a little switch to make it protected.
iv run out of ideas and have been trying for DAYS to get it non protected so i can format it! help!

A:the disk is write protected USB

The first thing I can think of in such a scenario is that you have some type of
malware infection that can be causing denied write access.

Have you scanned that drive with a good (currently updated) anti-virus program?

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I'm having trouble formatting or copying files to my Kingston pen drive. It says the disk is write protected. I tried registry fixes, diskpart etc. Still no success. Please help.

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Could you help me to come out from this issues....?

1-The storage drive( Kingstone USB ) (drive I:\) will not let me write to it. I cannot rename, delete, cut, or write any new files to any part of that drive

2-there is virus it called sality and it doesn't remove Because the dist is write- protected

3- there are files change its names to symoble and its size change to be 40 GB bigger than USB Size : 8 GB !!!!!!!!!

i trired all soultion but now way
i hope to find soultion with you

A:USB The disk is write-protected

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please Help I have 2 trojans and 6 other viruses that come up that they cannot be Deleted Cleaned or Quarantined because they are Disk Write protected How do I remove them. I run Millennium Edition with Mcafee Antivirus and firewall. I have downloaded a Hijackthis log but do not know how to forward it to you or save to a file of it's own. Help Please

A:Write Protected Disk

Hello vikinguy45 and Welcome to TSF!

In order to try and solve your problem we will need to see your Hijack This log. Please follow these directions:

Please download the newest version of HijackThis here- http://www.greyknight17.com/spy/HijackThis.exe - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Double click on the program to run it. If it gives you an intro screen, just choose 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'.
If you don't get the intro screen, just hit Scan and then click on Save log.
Do not fix anything in HijackThis since they may be harmless.

Afer the scan is complete, if you chose number 1, a notepad document will open automatically, or if you chose number 2, after you click 'Save log' a notepad document will open. While holding 'Ctrl' (the control button) press 'A' and it should select (highlight) everything. (If it doesn't click 'Edit' -> 'Select All'.) Next, again while holding 'Ctrl' press 'C'. This will copy the information to the clipboard. Now go to this post and click 'POST REPLY'. Now, again while holding 'Ctrl' press 'V'. This should paste all of the information into your post.

Let us know if you're having any trouble getting the log posted!

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Hello guys,

This is Ekant this side. I am using Acer Aspire 5742Z from more than a year. However, since last month I am facing a "Write Disk Protected" problem, for which I didn't get a single workable solution. I hope you guys can help me with this.

What my actual problem is:

I have a 500GB hard drive, and I have created three partition namely; C:, D:,and E:

C drive is of 99 GB, D drive is also of 107 GB, E Drive: 285

But last month, when I booted my system, I could only find C Drive, and all other drives were invisible, don't know why, and increased my C Drive Disk Capacity from 99 GB to 465 GB. Then I tried to look for a solution on many forums, and found that find and mount can help me out with my invisible partitions, and I installed it instantly, and it really helped me finding my invisible partitions. However, now I need to run find and mount, every time I start my laptop, to mount my invisible partitions. And if i don't run it, the windows explorer shows on C Drive with a disk capacity of 465 GB.

And to my amazed, soon I discovered that both D Drive and E Drive have become 'Write Disk Protected', and neither I can create and file in any of those drives, and nor I can delete any existing files.

Now when I am trying to format my computer with new copy of windows 7, it doesn't read the DVD, and nor the USB Flash Drive (Both are boot-able as they are tried and tested on another computer).

Hope my issue is clear to all of you... Read more

A:Write Disk Protected

this is why.
Mounting partitions
After Scan finishes, you will see the full list of found partitions. Now, you can add any found partition to the system by mounting and assigning a letter to it.

All partitions are mounted in the read-only mode. You won't be able to alter files on such partitions, but only to copy files off that partition. This guarantees that the data cannot be altered by the operating system or any software (including malware).
if possible remove the laptop hard drive and connect to another Pc via a usb cradle and try format from there,(ntfs) if that works pop it back in the laptop and try installing windows again.

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frnds iv gota jet flash jf v30 2 gb pen drive. it was ok for last 8 months, but since yesterday wenever i try to format it it says "the device is write protected use another disk" please help

A:write protected disk

implantedcaries said:

frnds iv gota jet flash jf v30 2 gb pen drive. it was ok for last 8 months, but since yesterday wenever i try to format it it says "the device is write protected use another disk" please helpClick to expand...

Hello welcome to the Forum.

one note----- for a faster response to your problem---
no IM CHAT lingo please.

are you saying that you have a--
jet flash jf v30 2GB usb thumb drive ?????

a program that you ether used to access the drive or has written data to the
drive has placed a block on the drive so you can't format over the original data

you will have to figure out what program that accessed the drive has put the block
on it and see if you can remove the program .
before you can format the drive again

sorta like a burned CD/DVD that has been finished and windows will not burn new
video or data to.

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i copied a portion of my sys32 folder to my cdrw drive because i'm stupid. and i wanted to see if i could use it to alter my sys32 on my other machine. don't ask.

yeah, i soon realized the folder's write protected and i can't burn the foler, or delete the copy. now i can't burn anything unless i use a different profile.

i tried properties > uncheck read only. i'm guessing the answer lies somewhere in folder options.

help is appreciated, as always.

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I have a 1gb flash disk and i cannot open it. I am able to use it before and i don't know what happened why it stopped working. Whenever i double click it from my computer, an error message appears saying that there is an i/o device error. I right-clicked it and tried formatting but it doesn't work. It says that the drive is write protected. I also tried reformatting it using the disk management in control panel but it also doesn't work. It also says that the drive is write protected. I don't need to recover my files, i just want to be able to use my flash disk again. Any solution?

A:Write protected flash disk

look carefully on the side of the card -- SOME have a r/o slide switch!

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I have "Jetflash Transend 8GB" flash drive. I can't format it. When i try to delete or format it this error appears "The disk is write protected" so how do i format it. That flash drive contains some Trojan horses.

A:How to Format a Write Protected Disk

hi there see if this helps you

Boot your computer into safe mode. To do this, restart your computer. While it is rebooting, continually press the F8 key until a menu pops up. From that menu, select "Safe Mode."

Open Windows Explorer. To do this, wait for your computer to finish starting in Safe Mode. From the desktop, press the windows key and "E" simultaneously.

Right-click on the disk you're attempting to format. Select the "Format" option from the pop-up menu.

If the steps above do not work, try editing the registry directly. Select START (bottom left of your screen) and RUN to open the run dialog box. Type "regedit" (without quotes) into the dialog box that appears, and press enter.

Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies. Change the value for the key "WriteProtect" to 0
For formatting a USB drive that is write-protected, there is a software tool that can help. If you can't format your write-protected drive with the steps outlined above, try downloading and running the free HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool >>> HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8 Download - EXTREME Overclocking

information here >>> http://www.ehow.com/how_5187399_form...cted-disk.html

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Okay, so I find this old cd+r disk, and my 2007, intel Celeron D, designed-for-Windows XP-but-has-Windows-2007,w3507 from eMachines computer won't run it. Well... the dvd player tells me it has two movies on it (based on the content, we got this disk from my grandma, who got it from John or Jane Q. Public). I first came to this site looking for how to erase it, but another post alerted me that the "RW" on the far right was a logo. In light of that, I was wondering if, since the disk is still writable, you could write over the existing data with just a bunch of zeros, which could be overwritten later. Any ideas?

A:Can you OVERWRITE a write-protected disk?

Oh, almost forgot, when I say "the DVD player told me" what it has, I mean a legit DVD player, not one on the computer. Also, I know it's suggested to download the wierd file when you make an account to put your computer's info in there, but I'm in a bit of a slump as far as (ironically) getting malware on my computer from downloads, so forgive my skeptism.

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my 8gb tdk usb flash drive has suddenly come up with the error 'disk write protected'.
there is no external switch to toogle the disk write protection.
i have tried 1 method that was said to work but hasn't for me...
create a key called 'SystemDevicePolices' under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE>SYSTEM>Currentcontrol set>Control. in the key i created a d-word called writeprotect

A:remove disk write protected

Find and use "HP DriveKey" HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Free Download
and format it with it, should help.

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My document folder in my windows xp laptop gives the mesage as Access denied or write protected. This was caused whrn I changed my logon password wusinf Manage your passpord from My desktop, Manage, User and Groups then change password.
Is ther anyway I can un encrpt and make my folder usable. I am unable to backup or restore from previous backup.
Need some help

A:My Document Folder Access denied / write protected

Try this:


You have to be logged in as an administrator.

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Hey all
If this is not the correct place to post, please tell me where to do so.
My 16 GB micro SD card for my Galaxy S3 started to act up a few days ago while I was out of town. I got the "Damaged SD card SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it:" errorI have tried to reboot the phone, remove the card, clean the contacts but no go.I put another SD card into the phone and it worked great so I don't think it is a phone issue.I put the SD card into my laptop and everything is there just fine. I would have never known there was an issue. I can see all of my pictures, books etc. I copied my files to my laptop.I tried to run checkdisk...it says the SD card is write protected.I tried to go to the cmd and do chkdsk. It says it is a FAT file that is write protected.I went to the cmd and did the DISKPART thing and did the changes to the disk and the volume and it says that neither of them read only (said no)I tried to do a fix in the registry but that still leads to a DISK IS WRITE PROTECTED ERROR.I taped the sides of my reader (which works fine for other cards that are not read as write protected)What am I doing wrong?
I ran my Symatic Antivirus and my malwarebytes and it found 3 or 4 viruses.  
I try to remove the viruses but I can't..cause the dumb disk is WRITE PROTECTED.
i have tried the HD removal tool
I have tried Fileasassin
I have tried Lockhunter
Whenever I try to delete the file they  all say...WRITE PROTECTED.
What am... Read more

A:Virus' causing my disk to be write protected?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at BleepingComputer.com, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/logreply/551435 <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to reformat my usb flash drive. The problem is when i start to reformat it, a message appears saying "the disk is write protected". How can I disable the write protect of my usb flash drive? I'm using avb 128mb usb flash drive. I have installed the drivers for it and I also tried to do a low level format but a message appears saying "Error! The disk is under write protection. To execute the command, please unlock the write protection".

How can unlock the write protection of my usb flash drive?

Any help is highly appreciated.

A:Disabling USB Flash Disk Write Protected

Is there any sort of mechanical locking switch on the flash drive?

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I am trying to put songs onto my mobile pone card, it has one of those micro SD adapters that you put the card into with the lock switch on the side.

When i plug it into the card reading slot and try to put songs onto it is says: This card is write protected. Before I put the card in is switch the lock to the forward position, unlocked. but it seems putting the card in atomatically flicks the switch to lock.....Am I missing something?

A:Card read, disk, 'write protected'

I'm pretty sure that the card reader is not flicking the switch. I just put the card out of my camera into my cardreader and it tells me the same thing with the switch in either position. I could read and write on this card before installing Vista and can still read and write on it when it is in the camera. But Vista keeps telling me the card is locked with no write permission. I guess this must be a setting I have not found yet

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I'm having trouble formatting or copying files to my Kingston pen drive. It says the disk is write protected. I tried registry fixes, diskpart etc. Still no success. Please help.

A:Disk Internet Security write protected

Are you using an Administrator account on your computer?

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Already tried DiskPart-> clean and it didn't work. This just happened when i plugged my USB into my 3.0 port and did the automated windows "scan and fix" option when it popped up, afterwards It errored and i cant access my files anymore, nor format it as it says "write protected"

I also tried the cmd:
>list volume
>select volume 4 (the USB)
>attributes disk clear readonly
Result is: Disk attributes cleared successfully

but it still says read only =(

A:Can't format my Kingston 8GB USB, it says the disk is write protected

I have searched the internet and it seems to indicate that in order for your flash drive to become Write Protected there should be a switch on it somewhere. They also said to try it in a different computer and see if you can access it. That lets us rule out flash drive or computer. They seem to indicate some flash drives can be write protected via software that comes with the flash drive. Does any of this apply to your flash drive?


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i am using the device for almost 6 months already. i don't know why it is WRITE PROTECTED when there's no manual switch installed on my USB Flash Disk.

please do help me coz it is really a great help to me for my lecture during classes. i am a college instructor and my USB Flash Disk is really a great help to me.

thanks for any help...


A:Write Protected USB Flash Disk (Kinggaroo)

Have you checked the manuf. website ? ?


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My PC has been slow. Yesterday I cleaned it with McAfee and found several files with the trojan namd AdClicker-0. I tried to clean, quarantine or delete them, but it doesn't work because it says the disk is write-protected. The directory is C:\_Restore\Temp and the file name starts with A0010### (the ### is now up to at least 678). NOTE: When I actually go to that subdirectory, I only see C:\_Restore and it has only 4 files and no sub-directories. The 4 files are DISKCFG.DAT, SRDISKID.DAT, VxDMon.clg and VxDmon.dat.

I rebooted last night and went under SAFE mode and rechecked with McAfee and now there are several more files in that directory I can't delete. These are NOT listed as AdClicker-0, but include:
- HideWindow
- ProKill-Term: Has same file name format
- TSADBOT (2 files): Has same file name format
- DSSAgent: Has same file name format
- Adware HuntBar: File name is BTIEIN.0
There are also 11 AdClicker-0 files.

Can you please suggest how to get rid of these? I understand that more files may come from rebooting my PC so I have not done that yet. Thanks!!

A:AdClicker-0: Can't delete because Write-Protected Disk

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Hi Guys,
help me to come out from this issue....

The storage drive (drive I:\) will not let me write to it. I cannot rename, delete, cut, or write any new files to any part of that drive. That's troublesome, since that's where I send all of my downloads to! Even earlier in this session of windows it was working nicely,

Specifically, the error is:

"The disk is write protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk."

I've tried changing the security settings to allow USERS, or even just Administrators, full control of the drive, to no avail. I cannot modify the security settings. When I try, I get:

please help me to make out something for this stupid headache...

A:Solved: Error:The disk is write-protected

Hey guys...

Say Thanks to me.. I found the solution for this issue... I fixed it.

Here's how I fixed it:
open Regedit and navigate to
If there is a WriteProtect key (REG_DWORD) then
1 = Write Protect On
0 = Write Protect Off

Set to 0 and try (may have to reboot in some cases)

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I have hp v220w 16 gb pendrive, it has disk write protected. so how can i remove write protect but i tried all possible ways


View Solution.

A:I have hp v220w 16 gb pendrive, it has disk write protected....

I am waiting for your replay 

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Dear community,
My WD external harddrive has suddenly stopped working after coming from Europe. I plugged in the HD into my laptop and I noticed that it does not show up under My Computer, only under Safely Remove Hardware and Devices. So I searched forums a bit and a couple
have said that I should go to Disk Management and see if my drive is there. 
Turns out the HD is listed there, however as 'Disk 1: Unknown 1.379 GB, Not Intialized'. There is no blue bar either, it just says the size of the disk and that it is unallocated (it does not have a Volume letter).
When I start up Disk Management it gives me a notification:
Initialize Disk
You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it.
Select Disk:
Disk 1
Use the following partition style for the selected disks:
MBR (Master Boot Record)
GPT (GUID Partition Table)
So I click on MBR and press OK, and it gives me the error 'The media is write protected'.  
So I go into the registry under 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies
and change the value in 'writeprotect' to 0, and then I reboot my computer. Same error.
I can't even reformat the disk because I cannot find such option, not that I want to really, because I have 1.2 TB worth of data on there that I want to keep so losing the information on this Drive will be quite.... frustrating.
Any help is appreciated.

A:Disk unable to intialize - Media is write protected

I suggest you download and run the WD disk diagnostic software. It sounds like the disc is failing(failed):

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I have a Lenovo 510p running windows 8.1. It did an automatic update after restarting it showed a BSOD for less than a second then went into startup repair. It said "Startup repair couldn't repair your PC" it had a spot to display a log file location but it was blank. When I tried to refresh it said "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again". Reset said "Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing". System restore said "To use system restore you must specify which Windows installation to restore." I only have one Windows installation. When I ran chkdsk it said (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B24yfUwZYyCQRWtySHlyc2plNEk/view?usp=docslist_api) when I did chkdsk /f it said (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B24yfUwZYyCQZHlQNFlFWmN2WGc/view?usp=docslist_api). I ran the Lenovo system restore and it restored back to factory settings, but still won't boot. If I connect the drive to another computer I'm able to see all the files but it won't boot on the other computer either.
Thanks in advance,

A:Lenovo Y510P Won't boot, Disk write protected

Hi Branson,
After restoring to factory settings do you see any error during the boot process?

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I am getting this message when I try to copy files from my workstation to our server. I checked the permissions and everything is full access. I'm also unable to delete any of the files I previously copied on server. I'm using XP and server is Windows 2003.

A:Access is denied, make sure disk is not full or write protected

Did you look at the share permissions or the NTFS permissions? You have to have read and write on both in order to be able to do it. I am assuming your server is running NTFS Hdd's?

The 2 tabs to look at for the folder is both Sharing and Security.

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Several months ago, I accidently dragged and dropped my PSP file into another folder. I went to windows explorer to drag it back out. Some of the files were fine but others were not. I could not view the contents of the files. So I turned on my external hard drive that I use strictly for a back up in case something happened.....I copied the file back on to my computer. Now, there are many files/folders that I cannot open and I cannot delete them. I get an error message saying the file may be write protected, in use or the disk may be full.
I right clicked on the file>properties and uncheck read only file. Still I can't access those folders at all and I can't get rid of them. Can you suggest something else I can do to either view the contents or delete the folders from my hard drive.

A:Error message write protected, full disk or in use file

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I have a memory microSD card that says the disk is write protected. I used the diskpart command of the https://superuser.com/questions/818973/cannot-format-usb-flash-drive-everything-claims-its-write-protected tutorial
page but I could not fix the error, does anyone know how to fix it ?

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