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P53 Chassis bent

Q: P53 Chassis bent

I saw one other similar post, but I just noticed when I receive my P53 and started to set it up that it doesn't sit flat on a flat surface. I'm not sure if the feet are the wrong size or if the chassis is bent? Anyone else seeing this issue? I've linked photos and a video below. Photos (right foot) ? https://photos.app.goo.gl/B9sTcbbWLcYXZ4Ui9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/RzLdmejpKgiLEn2P6Photo (left foot, sits flat) - https://photos.app.goo.gl/P47dkzmJuUHdwC7g9Video - https://photos.app.goo.gl/WvYViqSRMwMQCM4L8 Similar post - https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/P53-Problems/m-p/4545157#M8322

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Preferred Solution: P53 Chassis bent

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I currently have a 2 month old Yoga 11s.  I use it mostly as a tablet or in tent mode and its perfect for holding with one or two hands.  Yesterday at church I was taking notes on it with my trusty little stylus when I noticed the chassis has a bow in it.  I have a simple theory as to why this is happening.  It comes from holding the yoga in Tablet form in portrait orientation.  There is a tiny gap caused by the hinge design and the feet of the laptop.  If you hold your hands in the middle of your tablet your squeezing the keyboard and screen together causing it to deform under its own weight. I'm thinking of contacting yoga and asking to purchase two extra orange feet.  I want to know if placing them in the middle will cause the screen to stop flexing.    My greatest fear is that they are two thick and this idea won't work or I will have to sand them down a bit in order to keep the gap equal.  So I'm curious if I'm the only one has this issue?  Flip your yoga around or just take a simple ruler on the keyboard to see if yours is deformed.  I've noticed that this thing really flexes under any pressure. 

A:Does your Yoga have this issue, Chassis bent /bowed

Yes. Yoga bought yesterday, and is clearly bent. No need for the ruler. I'm returning it this afternoon.

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I had to sent back my new laptop 520s, because metal upper case got bent...see the photo! never again Lenovo. I hope Digital River will give me full refund   

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My brand new Yoga 720 is seriously bent (one corner is up by 3 mms). I have sent back immediately to offical Lenovo service. They sent it back with a report that it is fully operable. Since then, I have a wedge in my notebook case and all I have to do is put it under my notebook if I use it. Now I know which brand not to buy next time.

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So my laptop fell of my bed and I was too tired to notice that the charge was sticking out strangely and when I went to use it this afternoon the charger was horribly bent. Is this worth trying to save or do I have to buy a new part?


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In November last year I wanted to try and overclock my CPU through bios.
Couldn't do that!
Tryed doing it through windows but my 550 cpu just wouldn't go any higher than 3480hz without becoming unstable so I tryed to look for any vcore settings in my bios.
So I looked all over the web trying to find a hacked bios for my (OEM) MS-7091 board but with no luck.

I recently bought a new ASUS P5GDC-V board and it booted up fine a couple of times then when I tryed to overclock I miscalculated and set my fsb too high. I thought the c.p.r. function would reset the settings, but it didn't and by mistake I removed the chassis jumper intead of the bios reset.
I replaced the jumper and reset the bios and now it keeps giving me the Chassis Intruded ! message although the jumper is in the right place.
Any help?

A:Chassis Intruded ! -I don't have a chassis!

Load up on your motherboard a new bios file,with asus its easy.

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Hey everyone,

I am having yet another technical issue. I think it is a new world record. Three days ago I got a brand spanking new HP EliteBook 6930p notebook but there was something wrong with the BIOS. I had just installed everything and when I tried accessing the BIOS to change the system date and system clock there was already a BIOS password and username.

Me being the kind of guy I am that takes things apart trying to fix them, I did. I was told I should unplug the RTC (CMOS) battery for 5 minutes (HP website) and plug it back it. Well I didn't know which wire was the RTC (CMOS) and I had two options so I unplugged both of them.

One of them was a ribbon, and the other one was a 2 wire (red and black).

Well turns out the Red and Black one was the RTC (CMOS) battery so I plugged the white ribbon back it. But me also being the uncordinated idiot that I am I bent one of the very small pins for the ribbon to the point it just about is broken.

The RTC battery went back in no problem... But when I plugged the ribbon in I realized that not all of the pins had gone into their respective holes. I turned to laptop back on and everything was working, with two exceptions. The internal wireless card wasn't finding any wireless networks (tried with another computer, and it was able to be found) and I have been getting the blue screen of death.

I am thinking that the pin that was bent was a wire going to the wireless card because it goes in that general direction. I am n... Read more

A:Bent pin! Need help!

A picture would be helpful to visualize what you are trying to repair.

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yes I bent a cpu pin the full 90 degrees it was a corner pin and did not line up
when I put the lever down if you get me.
Well I straightened it I have no MB to test it on do you think it will survive or is it now an attractive piece of garbage like me

A:bent cpu pin

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Ok guys, I don't know if this is an obvious question but here goes. I recently tried to boot back up an old system of mine which I had stored in seperate pieces for awhile. I started to put everything back together. When I got to the CPU, I placed it on the motherboard socket but it wouldn't fall into place like usual, so I took it off and looked at the pins. A couple of them appeared to be a bit bent... not like 90 degrees or anything but enough that you could tell they weren't straight. So I got out some tweezers and re-aligned them to the point that it would go back into the motherboard socket without any force at all.

I put everything back together and boot up the PC. I can hear that power is in the PSU but nothing else happens. So.... my question is, is the CPU screwed? Mind you, all of the pins are still on the chip, none of them broke off, just some of them got bent. Would this render the CPU unusable? I've had bent pins on alot of HD's and stuff and after straightening them, it worked again just like before.

Another question while I'm at it. I no longer have the PSU that came with the AMD K6-2 system... but I do have my 350W for my P4 system. Can I use this PSU in the old system or is it too much power? Would it matter that the PSU from the P4 is ATX and the AMD motherboard and case is MiniATX (?) ?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions.

A:AMD K6-2 CPU with bent pins...

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So I recently attempted to build a pc. I have no prior experience. My problem is that after finishing the monitor displayed no signal. I removed the cpu fan to remove the cpu and the cpu was stuck onto the fan. I knew this wasn't right so i checked the pins and noticed some were bent.

I also left the gpu. Ram and psu, and a cpu fan (not with cpu in )installed and turned it on. Thr gpu fans spun and the cpu fan spun. The harddrive also was running. I take it this means the mobo is fine ? I also have no beeping speakers.

If I were to buy a new cpu would the build probably work ?

https://pcpartpicker.com/user/BeatsByKleiner./saved/JHxWZL my parts .

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hello i recently dropped my friends cpu and bent the pins (luckily it was on carpet) none of them are snapped but most of them are bent a good 45 degrees. whats the safest way to bend them back into working order

A:Bent Cpu Pins

I never dropped an CPU or bent any cpu pins, but here are some people suggestions to try from some internet sources.

The You tube clip is from a computer part supplier ncix.com



disclaimer: use any of these instructions at your own risk.

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some pins on my fan on my desktop got bent as I tried to re-seat it, and now it won't power up. will straightening the pins be enough, or so I need to get a new fan

A:Bent pins on fan


Fans don't have pins. Maybe you should elaborate.

If you are referring to your processor, so long as none of the pins are broken, and you can carefully bend them back into position, you'll likely be ok. I've rescued hundreds of CPUs this way.

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can i fix or can supplyer repair this they came bent and ive had someone i know at hp test this board and it turns out several pins have been bent its that asus p6p78 pro board just wanted some info i get this rmad if it can be fixed or i they send me a new one but i think theyll just say its my thought or something like that ?

A:bent cpu pins

The pins are bent on the CPU itself or on the Motherboard?

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Okay.. I'm going to make this as brief as possible. I've had a ton of problems with my computer for the past week. I thought it was because of the high humidity and heat out here in California. I was having issues with my monitor going black. Thought it was a video card problem, (GeForce 9400GT 1g) but the temperature on that wasn't going any higher than 56c. I was told that card can withstand up to 90c. After re-pasting that, I was still having problems. Reformatted my computer (Sigh), took me a full day to get everything back together, and was still having problems. This time it actually shut off on me and reset. Called EVGA, Called Ibuypower (Which is where I bought my PC), called Gigabyte about my motherboard, NO HELP what so ever.

So, after getting my computer up and running, I was still having problems with the monitor going black. Used another monitor, still having the same problem. So then I realize.. hey, check your cpu. So, I take off the processor. Mind you, I have never removed a CPU before. But because of lack of help from anyone, I decided to do it myself. I removed the metal clips, And started moving the cpu back and forth to remove it. I didn't know that I had to actually remove the fan and heat sink, and leave the actual CPU in the motherboard. Anyway, Once I removed the CPU, I thought to myself.. Oh hell, that's not right. I took the processor off, put thermal paste on, and tried to put it back in. Only problem, it won't go ... Read more

A:Bent AMD CPU prongs

Hi Michelle,
assuming you have the pins straightened correctly, you have to line up the gold arrow in one of the corners of the CPU, PCB (the green substrate the CPU is on) with the embossed arrows on the CPU socket.(AMD's only) It will drop in then. If not , the pins are not straight yet. Get a eyeglass repair kit screw driver, and a magnifying glass and take your time (thats about all the advice I can give) take your time and look at them from several angles to make sure they align down the rows of pins.
hope that helps

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So I have seen one or two questions summarising my current dilemma. The charging pin on my laptop is bent, i did not notice that there was a problem until the charger wouldn't get into the charging port. I am deeply distraught by this whole experience with this particular HP product  because i have only had it for two months and had to do a lot of saving to buy it. Mind you I have previously owned a very affordable HP Compaq Presario for 8 years and had to do away with it as it was operating on Vista.  So with all my receipts in hand I went back to place of purchase thinking that this would be covered by my warranty as really i did not do anything wrong to cause the pin to bend. But alas when I got there i got zero sympathy from the tech saleperson who insinuated that I had somehow physically abused my laptop and also let me know that I had caused further damage to the charging port as i kept trying to push the bent pin in (it never rains but it pours). I am a very careful person and my laptop and charger are always stored in a safe place  away from my curious toddler. So my only assessment is that this has more to do with the pin bending due to everyday use rather than physical abuse (customer service person). I strongly believe that this particular pin has a narrow diameter and lack of support in the connector causes it to bend easily (not really a technician so this is just a theory). The  L shaped jackdoes'nt make matters any easier as it kind of sits... Read more

A:Charging Pin Bent

Have you called HP Support to see if it is covered under warranty?  >>Contact HP Btw, I have seen posters solve the bent pin issue by inserting a ballpoint pen into the barrel(with ink cartridge removed), fitting it over the pin and gently straightening it. If you have indeed damaged the charging port I do not know of a way to fix that yourself.

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hi there,

Has anyone ever come across a P4 with bent pins straight from the box?

I just have, and as expected, the retailer is rather sceptical!

Took it back for replacement but first, it is being sent to Intel for "investigation".

Is this really un-heard of?


A:P4C 2.8/800 - bent pins out of the box!

normally would have but the one pin that was really bent was bent so far high chance it would break i think.

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http://www.aerocool-uk.com/Images/power supply/turbine power/turbinePSU-2.jpg

On the right hand side of the picture you can see 3 black things jutting out. I removed the black plastic cover and their are 3 pins which where kinda bent. But i bent them back into the right place. Will this cause a prob?

A:3 bent pins

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HelloIs there any solution to get this back to normal shape ?

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The paper comes out with the top right corner bend.  Why?

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hi there. first time poster, long time reader. you guys do great work.

ok, so here's the skinny. i have a sony vaio laptop i purchased at best buy back in 2007. one of my children decided to leave the laptop outside on a rainy day. i could not get the laptop to power back up, so i took it in to best buy, where i had an extended warranty plan. they had it shipped off to a warehouse somewhere and it took them 2 months to fix the problem. they basically gutted the whole thing, installed a new motherboard, new hard drive, new ram, etc. buuuut, what they forGOT to do, was install the OS!!!

so, circumstances have led me here. i've moved away from where all that happened, and when i brought it in to the best buy here in Farmington, NEW MEXICO, they said they could not help me out. whaaaa>>????

i have no backup or restore disks. i have no original vista OS install disk.

anyone have any ideas of what i can do to get my laptop back up and running? for the love of pete, SOMEbody help me, pleeease!!!

A:Geek Squad bent me over!

You should be able to contact Sony and give them the number on the bottom of the case.
If they are nice they will just ship the disk if not it may be $10 - $20

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I bought my HP Spectre less than two months ago and I love it--except that today, I noticed the left side of the right hinge is protruding, and the metal around the hinge is bent. I searched and noticed that there is another poster who experienced the exact same issue with his computer. I keep the computer in a case constantly, and have never bumped or dinged it. Please let me know how I can pursue repair or replacement to resolve this problem.

A:Lid bent, hinge uneven


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hello, I came here to ask Lenovo Staff for any feedback. Week ago I've bought Yoga 710. After few days of use its front left corner went up, it became unstable on flat surface. Pads aren't the problem and everything is fine if notebook is closed. I left it open with some book to keep it flat over night to see if it helps, it did but only for a while. I've search through this forum if anyone had such issue and Lenovo Support members claimed several times that it should be returned as this is covered by warranty. Sides are stiff and solid but the whole front is pretty much flexible. I could flex it myself but this can damage internal parts which I'd like to avoid. So I took pictures, contacted local Lenovo Support (Poland) about it. Surprisingly they've refused to help by claiming that this is "cosmetic defect". I've asked twice, told them about statements here and I don't blame them, but there's clearly some misunderstanding. Here's the picture of how it looks like. It would be great if someone could clarify why I can't receive warranty service while I read here others did.  I still have week to return it to store but this model (with Kaby Lake) isn't available anymore so they can't replace it for me and yet it's not their fault. I'd like to keep it, stay fair and have my issue resolved. Best Regards, Simon. o/

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(originally posted on reddit)
Hello again Masterrace... I recently put together my 3rd build. I'm relatively new this whole process so I slipped and jacked up a few pins. I was able to bend them back into place (I'll post links to my previous posts) in the end the computer boots up just fine and I've done several hardware tests including a run permon and an intel processor diagnostic tool check. both came back with no issues. The problems that I'm experiencing are: 1) an inability to install programs, such programs include games mostly but also the amd catalyst driver installer, avast, and windows 10 downloaded and installed but didn't work on reboot. 2) my computer won't shut down. I'll select shut down and it will get stuck on the shut down window. 3) there are 14 updates on windows that just will not install.
one common holdup for installs is microsoft redistributables for different games. For some steam games when I close out and reopen they'll eventually load up and are playable.

My specs are:

Intel Core i5-4690k

Asrock Z97 Extreme ATX LGA1150

Team Elite Plus 8gb 2 sticks of four ddr3-1600

Radeon R9 290

Windows 7 on a Crucial 250 GB Solid State.

Is this an issue with the bent pins? The tests make me think things are fine there especially because the intel diagnostic tool cranked the thing up to 100% and it passed. but then I'm new to all this anyway. A lot of people are telling me it's software related which would ... Read more

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Hi, I bought new Yoga 900-13ISK (ornage) 3 months ago. I've just realized that sometimes it is not quite stable on a flat table (it swings a little bit). What is more worrying - I am able to straighten it just by stressing all laptop corners with my hands. After some time the problem occurs again. This mean that some part of the laptop (aluminium bottom casing, frame or sth that is reponsible for making the computer a stiff is not working ok... Or maybe it is a feature?  Anyone noticed sth similar?  Jacob

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Something I noticed when I first started using my ultrabook: if I place it on my desk/another table, it seems wobbly. The front left part seems to be hovering in the air, about 1mm from the surface of my desk. I checked all the rubber thingies underneath and they're still there and attached properly, so what can I do to make it stop wobbling? I'd rather not remove one of the rubber thingies since I'm afraid that'll cause scratching on the bottom when I move my ultrabook.

Apart from my ultrabook being wobbly, I love it, but the wobbling is increasingly annoying since I use my ultrabook all the time when at lectures or writing essays for lawschool. Do you have a simple solution, like a bigger rubber thingie I can place underneath it?

Best regards,

A:My laptop seems to be bent from the beginning

Hi Marlinde

How long do you have your notebook? Try to contact your local dealer, explain the situation and ask if you can get replacement. Maybe this should be the first step for you.

What do you think about it?

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I bent a few pins on my 3.0 Ghz P4. After carefully straightening them it booted up and installed XP. But then, it just blue screened and shut down. Now, t will only run for a few minutes. I dont think its overheating and Ive checked about everything I can think of. I just want to know if anyone thinks the problem is the cpu being bent.

A:Is my Bent CPU Causing Instability

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I accidentally pulled out my CPU chip when I was cleaning my heatsink from dust. I didn't notice the chip was still stuck to the heatsink, so when I tried putting it back in I bent some pins.

I've been working for hours now straightening them with a pair of tweezers and a credit card. I tried it once already but it was a no go. My biggest problem is I get a no signal on my screen (TV). (Note, I am using a HDMI connection and I do NOT have a HDMI port straight to my motherboard, only my ATI Graphics Card)

So should I be able to get it to work again, other then the no signal I notice I can not turn off my computer by holding the power button so that doesnt work either. I also broke off a couple pins but managed to save them, will I be able to get those back in?

Thanks a bunch! I really need help!

A:Accidentally bent some CPU pins

Bluebarry said:

I also broke off a couple pins but managed to save them, will I be able to get those back in?Click to expand...

Please clarify this statement.

If you broke a few pins from the CPU, you will not be able to fix them.

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I have had my processor and mobo out for awhile, and now I'm trying to put the proc back in the motherboard, but it won't go. I am able to get three corners of it in, but one of the corners just won't budge. As far as I can tell all of the pins that were bent I fixed. Anyone have any idea what it is? I have a LAN party tomorrow so I'd like a little help really fast.

A:Need Help ASAP -- Pins Bent????

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I recently bought Lenovo y520 gaming laptop right after Itook home, I start to think that if that logo has places like that I wonder what else is wrong with this device. Don't get me wrong, but even 12 yrs old child can inspect that device and mark it as production Fault. here is the picture attached. now I'm thinking what is the inside of the laptoplooks like.  

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Lets start out with the specs, abit kv-80 motherboard 1.5 gigs of ram 7800 gs video card, 22" widescreen monitor 3000+ amd 64 bit processor. Here's my issue, I went to change the processor ( ihad an extra one thats faster) and found out after taking mine out the new one was a different socket type, so I put my old one in and booted my pc, I got no video, Turns out after examing my processor i bent two of the corner pins, i easily bent them back upright and both of them are straight, they both go back itno the slots and the proc fits exactly into the wholes that it should without forcing it. ( now keep in mind i ddi not unplug any cords or jumpers from the motherboard during this process) now when i hook everything up i get no video but fans lights keybaord leds and all powers up, When i turn off the computer via power button or power supply switch i get one short beep, I was told this is normal and means my system is fine and running normal. I have also tried reseting the jumper for the cmos and to no avail, aswell as taking the battery out of the mobo for 30 minutes booting without it and replacing it then rebooting with it, always get no video. I have also tried putting the monitor cable into the onabord video slot and i still have the same problem.

when i say no video i mean the moitor light stays orange.

A:Bent Processor Pin, Now no Video

Take out the video card, and then put it back in. Sometimes pushing down on the heatsink getting it installed will make the video card slip out of its slot a bit, especially if you left the screw in that holds the plate to the case.

If that still doesn't work, take out your 7800 completely and only try onboard.

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Hi, I was recently cleaning out my Motherboard of dust and I noticed a couple of my Capacitors are bent. I checked to see was any Electrolyte leaking and there isnt. Also my computer hasnt been showing the usual symptoms of a bad capacitor. What should I do? should I try to bend them back in place or leave them be.

A:Capacitors next to Processor bent

Is the capacitor itself bent, or the metal contacts that connect it to the board?

It shouldn't cause a problem if it's just the contacts, as long as they don't break off.

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I was upgrading my HP 15-af131dx laptop to an SSD when I accidentally bent the heatsink. The base of the heatsink was still attached to the processor, but the end was bent and was hanging in the air. I quickly reassembled my laptop and turned it on. It worked, but the fan sped up really quickly even though I was only at the BOIS screen. I knew that something wasn't right so I quickly unplugged my laptop to avoid damage and disassembled it. I removed the heatsink and bent it back in shape, but in doing so the copper pipe collapsed. I reassembled my laptop and it worked normally so installed a fresh copy of windows 10. I then immediately installed chrome and typed this question. Should I keep using my laptop or not? Is the damaged heatsink going to cause problems in the future? If it is, can I get a replacement?

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As title says i have emailed the company Scan Computers.... I have never had a motherboard delivered with bent pins as well as the whole bent pins policy i'm worried i will be blamed...

A:Motherboard delivered with bent pins

Good luck mate, keep us informed

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I put my USB Flash Drive in my backpack and must have set it down wrong.

Is there any easy way to fix this? I do not want to buy another flash drive This was a really nice one.


A:Flash Driive USB Jack Bent


You could get in there with some needle nose pliers or a butter knife and attempt to bend it back slowly. Do this at your own risk, it may never quite fit right again.

Also USB Flash drives are always on sale at Newegg.com for less than $10 you can score a 4GB one

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It freezes up my pc completely if I have anything else running at the time on start up. System resources should NOT be a problem at all. So I don't know what causes it.

A:Firefox hell bent on freezing up pc.

Perhaps you could provide more information. EXACTLY what is happening and what led up to it. Also, try Firefox safe mode and see what happens (http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Safe%20Mode)

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I recently removed an Intel Q6600 quad core processor from a Socket 775 Gigabyte motherboard and found all kinds of bent pins on the motherboard after removal. Don't understand how they got bent. The computer has worked OK with that processor in that motherboard until my CPU fan died and killed my CPU. I removed the CPU to replace it and found a mass of bent pins on the motherboard. Don't understand how this happened. It could not have been this way before the Processor fried so I must have did it while removing the CPU. It has the two tabs there, so have a difficult time understanding how you bend pins pulling that processor out of the socket. Just a matter of releasing the latch and pulling the processor out. Would appreciate any advice on what I did wrong, because the mistake cost me $120 for another motherboard. The pins are mangled and cannot be straightened. Thanks for your advice.


A:Bent pins on Socket 775 motherboard

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Hello! I have a question regarding the possibility of getting around my usb port problem. Let me explain a little clearly. I have an OLD Dell Latitude 650 with a 40gb hard drive thinggy (I think that's the hard drive LOL). I run Windows XP operating system. I have only one usb port in the back of my laptop and thanks to my 2 year old son-the 4 prongs have been bent and two have the points broken off. I noticed this last night when I tried to plug my camera into the port. I got a bubble thing pop up stating that the usb port had had a power surge. The bubble continues to pop up until I unplugged the camera and restarted my laptop.
My computer also has a D-Link ethernet card adapter and so here's my questions. First, is there an adapter like my ethernet that has ethernet AND usb ports in one? So that maybe I can by-pass my computer repair shop. Secondly, if there are no adapters like this, how hard/expensive is it to repair/replace? Thanks in advance!

A:Prongs bent/broken on ONLY USB port

This should work:

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The end of the cord on my HyperX Stinger head phones (aka the part which is plugged into your device) is bent and I don't know what I should do. Any Ideas?

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Good afternoon, I noticed that the lid is adjacent to one of the corners of palmrest with a gap of 2-3 mm (I attach the photo). The upper palmrest **bleep** is adjacent to the bottom of the cusp with a gap of 0.5 mm. Perhaps there was a curvature of the magnesium frame of the lower part (there are no other defects in the case). Is it dangerous for a laptop? (The lenovo diagnostic test passes without errors, in stress tests the maximum temperature reaches 75 degrees (for this model, it seems to be a normal temperature). Should I worry about this?

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I've owned my Yoga 720 13 inch for about 1.5 years, so my warranty has expired, and recently I put my laptop in my backpack next to my charger, which I usually do, and the charger was up against one of my heavy textbooks. The charger was near the center of the laptop and the combined weight of the charger and textbook crushed part of my laptop in. It bowed in nearly 7 degrees, causing the power button on the side to break causing me to use the reset button. The laptop is still completely functional but it is heavily bent. I've tried putting a textbook on the opposite side of the laptop and leaving it overnight to no avail. My main question is: What can I do? I've looked on Lenovo's website and have found no way of contacting them without using the TechExperts service, which costs money. I may have never bought my laptop if I knew, after my warranty expired, I would never be able to contact Lenovo for support. I may just trade in my laptop and buy a new one (definitely not from Lenovo, I should have returned it after all the Yoga 720 fan incidents). I could go to a service provider near me, but I feel the laptop is already totaled and not worth the repair, even though it is still completely functional. Any feedback is helpful. Again, what should I do about my situation?

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The computer won't boot giving the led code 00. Also ALL the pins look bent to me, should they be diagonal like that or pointing straight up?

Click the pics to zoom in.

With my 4690K the computer won't boot.

A:MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING do I have bent pins?

Double check the manual, but I'm almost positive 00 is not a valid code for those boards. Which would imply there's a problem with the board, not the CPU

EDIT: LIttle google'ing. If it's a D0, a few previous owners say it's a bios issue you can reset

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ill get right to the point.

i have an ibm thinkpad laptop. this laptop has dual usb ports, one on top of the other. a while back, the pins on the upper usb port got bent because i was forcing a cable in the wrong way. ever since then, when i would plug something into the upper usb port (accidently) the computer would turn off or restart so i would have to boot back up again.

just recently i accidently plugged into the top usb port and the computer turned off. this time it wont turn back on.

im not worried about the bent usb prongs but i really need to get my computer to turn back on.

any help on what to do, what might have gone wrong, what i shorted would be HIGHLY appreciated.

A:bent usb prongs - shut comp off

Usb uses the 5v rail, you should have stopped using the port when it first went wrong. Im afraid to say, its gonna cost you to get a problem like that fixed on a laptop!!!!!

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Greetings. I typically use and love Microsoft's ergonomic keyboard. However I am pretty hard on my keys playing Star Wars, EQ2 and other games (alt+1, alt+2, ect). I love the feel of mechanical keyboards, love the springy-ness! I also really REALLY love the bent/split ergonomic design that Microsoft came out with. I can type soo much faster on it.

I have searched High n Low and I cant seem to find an ergonomic 'mechanical' keyboard.

So, is there such a keyboard on the market and where can I possibly purchase it?

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I was installing a new processor/heatsink/fan and accidentally bent this thing next to the cpu slot that looks like a mini water tower. I bent it back and everthing seems fine. So what is this thing and what would have happened if I snapped the thing off instead of just bending it?

A:I bent this thing sticking out of my mobo

That's a capacitor. They're usually rather large black cylinders with two pins going into your system board. The same type of thing is used in a camera's flash system: it receives electricity, stores it temporarily (like a battery), then at a given signal, it releases it all in one large burst to the other side of it's lead.
Your system board most likely would not have worked if you had snapped it off, until you unsoldered the pins going into the PCB and soldered a new one on (with the exact same ratings or the same one). They can be very easy to bend out of place when installing a rather large heatsink - like my Volcano 9. I did the same thing, but actually just scraped the rubber lining off the side and bent one a little bit. I bent it back and am having no problems thus far. If your board works, then it's ok

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Hello,I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 730 yesterday from an open box at best buy. I picked it up last night, ran a few test and everything seems to work great. I hit the jackpot as this open box has minimal use running Crystal Disk Info. About 200 on hours, and 100 power ons.Upon further inspection, I realized the display was off. Flipping it into tent mode I noticed the screen was not completely aligned with the body.Once put in tablet mode, the screen was raised about 5mm more on the left side. Is this the norm? When closing, I noticed the screen arches/bent in the middle. Ill get some pics tonight!

A:Lenovo Yoga 730 Arched/Bent Display

Hi @KabirRaut
Welcome to the Community,
Regarding the case it should be all aligned and in place and it's a possiblity that it's a returned device tht's why it was sold out of the box. Check what type of warranty you have on the store as usually open box units sold doesn't have any type of warranty when sold. If you got it a good price and being a little off doesn't bother you you can consider keeping it.

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