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Sending pictures in OE6--giant size

Q: Sending pictures in OE6--giant size

I use IE6 and Win98. When I send pictures as attachments with Outlook Express 6, the attachments come through in normal size, BUT the pictures are also shown in the body of the email in GIANT size (only a small portion of the picture is shown). Is there a way that I can eliminate the picture in the body of the email and just send the attachment? It takes a long time to send the message and I assume that sending the picture in two different sizes is part of the cause. I have no problem with the attachments but would like to get rid of also sending the Large picture. Can anybody help? A change in settings, maybe?

Preferred Solution: Sending pictures in OE6--giant size

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sending pictures in OE6--giant size

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I just put in a Laser S315E-32p (by Kaser) graphics accelerator in my computer which runs win 98, and which has been to this point entirely satisfactory. It replaces a Jaton 9685PCI video card. The graphics accelerator seems to be doing its job except now everything on the monitor is double-sized, or is increased by some other multiplier. How do I get it back to normal size?

Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Giant Size Display on Monitor Due to Graphics Accelerator

Right click on your desktop and choose properties, then settings. You should see a slider that lets you increase your resolution. Move it up a notch. click OK or apply and exit. (This is the set up on WinXP so what you see might look a little different) If this doesn't work there is always the possibility that your card is not installed right and you are just using "generic" windows vga.

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I have outlook express - until recently, when I would open up a new e-mail window - the size of the window would be a nice, cute little, say 8"x10" window that would fit nicely on my screen, and I could scroll up or down on the right side. Now, for some reason which I cannot explain - a new e-mail window extends down past the bottom of the screen, and there is no scrolling ability unless and until the message extends down to that point. Usually when the message gets to that point, the words will "hide" below the bottom bar. Only by hitting the enter key several times, can the text be brought up so it is visible; then arrow up to the the visible text and keep typing. At this point, the scroll bar finally appears. I have obviously pushed something or been sleepwalking again. What do I do to rectify this?? HELP!!

A:giant size e-mail message- outlook express

Try this. Open OE, click on View -Layout - put a check in Show Preview -Below messages. You may then have to manually resize OE by taking your cusor and putting it on the bottom of the OE window, wait until it changes to double arrow, hold left mouse button down and move up until the size is the way you want it.

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This is my First time to this Site.....and I'm hoping that you Guys and Gals, can give me some Simple Advise in how to perform certain Tasks from my Computer?
We all have Friends that are Computer "EXPERTS"...BUT....THey can never Answer the Simplest Question , with out going into Newtons Theory of Relativity!
I am a Rookie with my Computer, in spite of the Fact that I have a Top of the Line one, I have no idea how this thing really Works?
In plain simple English......How do I Reduce the Size of my Pictures so that I can send Multie Pictures all at one time.... with out being told ,that my E-Mail can not handle the size of the Files being sent?

I am running Windows XP Pro and I hate to say it.....But...I like to use Hotmail to send and Receive Pictures and Mail by!

I use Out Look some times.....BUT.....Having said that .....I also like to use Incredimail.... because it has all kinds of Neat Little Features to it.

SO....as you can see..I'm a Rookie....BUT...every one has to start some where!
SO...... What is the Easiest way to Reduce the Size of my Pictures that I keep in my Picture Folder?
I would rather get advice from you guys, as opposed to being Lectured by all of my Computer "EXPERT" Friends!
Thanks for any help that you can send my Way.

A:My Pictures are Way to BIG....How do I Reduce the Size of my Pictures

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I must admit I am not a great digital camera user but have recently started to use the one I bought and have transferred pictures taken to my laptop.

The problem I have is that when I attach them to an email and send it ,they appear in the body of the email.

I am sure that you are able to attach pictures to an email so they have to be opened as an attachment by the recipient. What I can then do is write in the body of the email and attach the pictures so they open them separately.

I have tried right clicking on the photo to re-save it as a different file but it doesn’t give me an option to do so.

When I right click on the picture the options are as follows.

Refresh Thumbnail
Rotate Clockwise
Rotate Counter Clockwise
Set As Desktop Baackground
Open With >
Scan With Norton Antivirus
Send To >
Create Shortcut

The properties say it is a JPEG image.

I would be grateful if someone could tell me what I need to do and how I can send the pictures as an attachment via email so the recipient has to open it,the same as you would a document. And so they do not appear in the body of the email.

Many Thanks


A:Sending Pictures

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My daugther is unable to send pictures via MSN IM chat. It tells he that she either isn't set up through the ISP or the system admin is blocking things. I don't have a firewall up right now and I checked her net.passport and nothing seems wrong. Odd thing is she CAN send via yahoo. Any ideas?

A:MSN not sending pictures

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Please help me...I regularly attempt to E-mail pictures to friends and families. usually these are pictures from a digital camera and manipulated using Adobe photoshop 5 and saved as jpegs. When I attach them and mail them, the recipient often (about 8 times out of 10) does not get the picture. Sometimes they receive no attachment and sometimes they receive a dat. file (whatever that is) with the same name as the picture. The weird thing is that some people receive the pictures fine.
I also tried convertingthe images into bitmaps and sending them that way but it made no difference. Please help me. My sister in Australia (I live in England) wants to see pictures of my baby daughter and I cannot e-mail them to her as she does not receive them!

A:sending pictures

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Would appr. help with full instructions (sorry, but i need step by step inst. as i am very new at this whole computer thing). My pc (laptop) is a Dell Inspiron (2 yrs old). I do have a gmail account and often communicate with friends and family - but on a very basic level. I have never tried to send a photo, and am not doing very well with it. Camera is a Sony Cyber-shot. By simply plugging in camera to pc i was able to upload several sets of pics but now i cant send them. The camera apparently loaded the pics under a program named PMB Launcher. Once again i need step by step instructions. (sorry). Thank You for any assistance!

A:sending pictures

Welcome to the TSG Forum.
What's the model number of the Cyber Shot ??
I think the PMB program is for Sony's Camcorders .. (Video ???)

I have a couple Sony Cameras and a Sony Camcorder .. But do not use PMB.
It might be better if you downloaded the Photos manually ...
Click on My Computer > Open the camera > and Copy/Paste (Drag/Drop) the photos to a folder.
They'll probably be to large (File Size) to Email .. You'll need to resize (downsize) the pics for Emailing.

You might need a good Image Viewer and basic Editor program ..
I use the freeware Irfanview as my system default Viewer/Editor

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I have windows live mail in Windows 7 and when I send pictures by "Add Photo" and send one to myself I can not open it to a larger size. I use to be able to but now I can't and don't know why?

A:Sending Pictures

Quote: Originally Posted by lostsoul62

I have windows live mail in Windows 7 and when I send pictures by "Add Photo" and send one to myself I can not open it to a larger size. I use to be able to but now I can't and don't know why?

Just add them as attachments.

Attach photos to email in Windows Live Mail without Photo e-mail

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I try to send pictures from my folders --but XP never pulls up an Outlook envelope--what settings are wrong?

A:XP - sending pictures

Try this link http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=Kb;en-us;Q182378

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I have a user trying to send an email with about 5 MB worth of attachments. They get the error below:
#550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit; message size exceeds fixed maximum size for route ##
The size limit for our users is 30 MB, and to be on the safe side after the first time they got this message, I hade sure the account was set to 30 MB as well. The message bounced with the same error message, and I know that the person receiving it can accept a message that large because they were able to get the exact same attachments from a yahoo account. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this issue?
I forgot to mention that we are using exchange server 2007 on server 2008 with outlook 2010.

A:Exchange sending size exceeded message when size was not exceeded

The above error message should have indicated which Exchange server generated that message. You may want to go into the EMC on that particular server and doublecheck to make sure the Send Connector limit is set to 30 MB. (EMC>Organization Configuration>Hub Transport, Send Connectors tab)

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If i go to my pictures and right click on one i get the option of send to mail recipient i click on this and it wants me to set up a new email account using wizard the thing is i already have email with wannadoo and the wizard is not wanadoo its microsoft would it cost me to have this new email connection or is there another way to send my pictures through email? Thanks for your patience with me i know i have no computer sense (YET).

A:Sending pictures with email

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I used XP for almost fourteen years without a problem. Now that I have windows10 I haven't been able to add pictures to exist8ing cd's. No problems with data or music. I also cannot view the picture CD's. I double click burn to disc but nothing happens. I get a list but no way to view it. I get a notice,these files are ready....etc. but when I click on a folder to transfer new contents...nothing happens. I'm at a loss on how to procede. Any step by step would be greatlyb appreciated.

A:Sending pictures to an existing CDR

May need a third party application to do a better job or create a slideshow, take a look here for moving files to CD or DVD.

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Don't know much about this but all my pictures are on this computer and I am getting a new laptop.I have a cd-rw drive D and a cd drive E and both are not working properly. The gears wont open the drives. How can I get my pictures from here to the new computer. I have quite a few. I thought about emailing them to me and then they would be on my yahoo but it would take forever

A:sending pictures over to laptop

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Hi. Can someone help me to How to send a photo via email.How and what to do.Thank you in advance gts73

A:Sending pictures by email

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When I send pictures to my daughter, who uses netscape, she gets a "broken thumbnail" that she can't open. Everyone else (with IE5) gets them fine. Doesn't matter whether or not I use "Attach" or "insert".She blames it on me...but I have no problems

A:sending pictures from IE5 to Nutscape

I use nutscrape, I have no problems opening pics sent by IE. What file format are you sending her. jpg/gif/etc

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[I cannot send pictures via email. I select picture to be emailed, then select email selected picture. I select reduce size. At that point the email form never appears.
I can send pictures by clicking on camera and inserting pictures that way, but when I click directly on a picture from my Pictures the email form does not appear.

A:Sending pictures via email

Ok, need a bit more info... what version of windows? what email program? who is your isp? how large are the photos (in MB)? Can you send other types of attachments: .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc... Answer these questions and i'm sure we can help you out.

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well i have one other problem. when i scan a picture to send to email or take a picture from my desktop or something downloaded and preview the picture before I send it , below the picture will be a forward button and when you press that pictures that I have taken or have looked at from a website come up too. Totally unrelated but I may have read an online magazine earlier in the day and they come up with the forward arrow. I only want to send the one specific picture. Just now I scanned an image and sent it to my other email name. It scanned perfectly on the preview and I sent it to me. I received the email with the picture and forward button on bottom that showed me all pictures I appear to have viewed that day.

How can I make sure when I am sending a picture -especially for business purposes- that, that picture and only that picture is sent. This is troublesome.

Please help.

Many thanks.

A:Pictures Problem Sending

The best and easiest solution is to download the JPEG as a file to your hard drive. There, you can manipulate the file (cropping, for example, or reducing its file size). This will allow you to attach the image to an E-mail either when on-line or when using an E-mail client (such as Outlook Express).
This same process can be applied to a web-page if you download the file and convert it to Word, and then send it.
In both cases you are sending a reviewed file.

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Good morning. This may seem a little basic for you all, but I bet some one can help me here. is there any internet service provider that automaticly resizes pictures so they will download into the email and transmit as quickly and with the quality as the AOL system does? I know there are ways to resize the pictures myself before attatching them to the email, but I don't know how and am afraid I would permanantly resize them on my machine too. I have researched other ISP's as best I could and can not find another that automaticly resizes pictures and so I am asking for your help. Thanks,

A:sending pictures in an email

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I need to email pictures of flowers but I don't know how to include their names under the pictures. Can anyone help please?


A:Sending pictures with text

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Hi there. I am wondering about the security of sending pictures via email. Example: I have a camera dock and upload pictures from my digital camera into my email and send them to friends. Are the pictures flying around in cyber space. Actually I send pictures of my grandchildren and family and wonder how safe it is to do that. I understand that pictures only come through cyber space, I hope this is the correct term, in number form and not just as a picture and that the only way they can be viewed by another person is if they are stored on a server. I am not really that worried but am curious more than anything. I am no where close to being a computer geek so please tell me in plain english. lol I was in the Air Force several years ago and did punch cards for the huge mainframe computer and I have a desk top PC for email and news but that is it for my huge experience. Thank you for your time. Barbara

A:Sending pictures via email

don't worry about SENDING pictures, only worry about receiving email with an attachment that has an executable file. But if you have an Internet Security program, Virus and Spam checking program that is often updated and have the firewall up, you should be ok.
Reading through the Security forums here will help you to learn a lot and to know what to watch out for.

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I wanted to know if there is some type of program that can send high quality images from my computer to my phone (wirelessly). I use a program called ToneThis, but it severely lessens the quality when it sends pictures to my phone


A:Sending Pictures To Phone

Do you have bluetooth ? This becomes very simple.


Most phones would have trouble opening and viewing really large image files. And sending even a 2mb file over a mobile network would not win you any friends.

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I like to take pix & send to 2 family members who use AOL.No, they won't change! I take small 50-70- kb pictures & save in jpg. on my hard drive. I then attach them to an e mail & send. most times they cannot open the pix. They get the E mail fine.What can I do or they can do to solve this. I CAN save in many ways other than jpg. ALSO, was is JPG progressive??

A:Sending pictures to AOL users

I was going to ask if they had a program to view jpegs, but they should have internet explorer already installed. I have a friend that uses aol and I get his attachements ok.

1 - are you just sending 1 at a time?

2 - ever think about posting them on the web? Webshots allows you to post for free and you can password protect them. http://www.webshots.com I post photos there all of the time.

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I have no problem sending a single picture via e-mail. When I click on it, something comes up asking if I want to reduce the size, etc, which I do and then my Outlook Express mail comes up and I send it. No problem. However I'd like to send an entire file of downloaded pictures that I have in "My Pictures". When I right click on that file and hit send via e-mail, it sends only the "shortcut" to the mail recipient. How do I send a group of pictures via e-mail? I'm told I have to create a file, but don't know how that's done. Thanks.

A:sending multiple pictures via e-mail

Outlook express only allows you to attach single files, not folders containing multiple files. You can attach multiple single files all at once though, when in the 'attach' browser box, open the folder containing all the pics, select the first pic, hold down the shift key, then select the last pic, all pics in between are selected, click attach and they'll all be attached - each as a single file.

That is done when already in outlook express and you are attaching files to an already started message.

You can try selecting multiple pics in the same way (holding down shift key) then see if it'll allow you to send via e-mail multiple pics. Don't know what software (if any) you are trying to send 'to e-mail' from.

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I am not sure if my post should be here or in XP area.
My problem is this...........When I want to e-mail someone a picture,I right click the pic,
send to mail recipient,and then given the option to resize the pic. I usally resize the pic and hit ok. From there it should be attached to an e-mail I wish to create. But this does not happen.I must drop and drag the picture into the e-mail.

Thank-you in advance for any and all responses.

P.S. - I just found out that I can not "send to mail recipient" any type of file.Not just my pictures.

A:Sending pictures through Outlook Express

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Whenever I send pictures using OE6, whether as an attachment or as a picture in the body, the people I send it to can't see them. Either the email is read encoded or it is sent in multiple emails and they still can't read them. Or, they will get the email but they will see just a small read box with an "x" in it.

In my options, I have "send pictures with email" checked and HTML format.

A:Outlook Express 6 Sending Pictures

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Whenever I try to send pictures they get hung up in my "outbox" and never send. I can't figure out why. I have tried to send through my different picture programs that have the option to size the pic's to make them send easier, I've tried to just attach them to regular emails too. Anyone have any ideas......???

A:Sending Pictures in Outlook Express

3 possibilities that I can think of
1) Uploading takes a lot longer than downloading, try sending and walk away for about 10 minutes. failing that?...
2) your internet email provider has a 10MB limit on attachments. Only 3 images from a current digital camera will likely exceed this limit. Tried only one picture, and still won't send?....
3) your folder titled 'Sent' which represents a file on your hard drive named 'SENT.DBX' has reached a size of 2GB, and the message in your outbox has nowhere to go.

If the 3rd event has happened, try to make a new folder in your outlook express and copy or move some of the sent emails that you want to keep. Repairing a 2GB DBX file can be frustrating, and often leads to damage. If you have no need to keep your sent items, then delete the SENT.DBX -- Outlook Express will create a new empty 'Sent' folder next time you start it up

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For some reason when I send email's with a picture inserted or forward and email that has a picture or an animation, my email sends it out in more than one file. I use Norton Anti-virus to scan my outgoing and incoming email's and all of a sudden it shows 1of 4 etc, for a single email I'm sending. It almost seems as though I had seen a tip from the site Woody's to condense large files and I followed the tip and went into something (I don't remember what now!) and changed the way my mail attachments go out. Please help! Much appreciation in advance for advice to correct this situation.

P.S. I forgot to say what e-mail program I use. Outlook Express if that is of any help. Thanks

A:Email Sending pictures/forwarding

in OE go to:
double click on the email account
in the 'sending' area, there's a box to break apart messages...
uncheck the box, or set the size upwards

if you keep the images smaller than 1 mb it shouldn't be a problem with most ISPs - your mileage may vary
- this will slow down the sending and receiving of course
- hope you're using adsl as well as the recipients as large files really slow down dial up connections

larger files should be reduced before you send

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When I 'Send Page by Email' using OE 6 it automatically sends pictures with the message unless I go into Format and take the tick out the 'Send pictures with message' box.

I can't find anywhere to permanently change the setting to permanently take this tick out the box.

Any suggestions appreciated


A:[SOLVED] OE 6 Sending pictures with page

Do this in OE without hitting "Create Mail".
OE6>Tools>Options>Send>HTML Settings>Uncheck "Send Pictures with messages"

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Sometimes I pass on humorous or interesting photos or jpgs that are being sent in e-mails.
One person I rarely, but sometimes, forward things to sent this:
Will you please stop forwarding me this stuff? it just clogs up my hard
drive, and I have to spend time hunting down and deleting the files.

Is this true? If you delete an e-mail, do you still have to hunt down the photos or what ever else you viewed and deleted them too, even if you never saved them to your hard drive?
Or is this person just tired of my e-mails? Or does he have too much time on his hands and is finding unnecessary things to do?

Thank you for any opinions.

A:emails - sending pictures & jpgs

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When I forward an email with inline pictures, the pictures are removed if I place the email in Drafts or if I take too long in editing or addressing the email. It appears that an undefined "timeout" occurs but I've not been able to find any pertinent information. I use Windows Live Hotmail but this problem has also been experienced by others with different email programs. Has it something to do with IE8?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4400 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2031 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon X1300 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 142372 MB, Free - 69908 MB; D: Total - 10244 MB, Free - 3886 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 0A58h, , 2UA8110FW3
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Forwarding and sending pictures by email

A few other people have also been reporting this problem. I also have this problem. Note that in your "sent" copy, the pictures are also NOT there: as such, I don't know if this has to do with either IE8 or IE9 (which I am using).

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Moved to a more appropriate area.

A:emails - sending pictures & jpgs

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Hi. I'm trying to insert picture files into an email in OE. The PC (not one I've used before) is running WinXP, Office 2K, and OE 5.5 or 6 (sorry, not in a position to confirm which version right now). HTML and the "Send pictures with messages" options are both enabled. I'm using the Insert - Picture - select image file method. In edit mode the pictures show, but in preview mode they don't. When I click Send it puts up a message about not being able to find some or all of the messages. And the pictures don't get included in the sent email.

What's driving me crazy is that on another PC with the same settings it works. This second PC runs Win 2k, Office 2k and OE6.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? (Couldn't find exactly this same question when I looked back through previous posts.)

Will be grateful for any suggestions!


A:Sending Pictures with Outlook Express

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Myself and friends have been trying to send jokes with open pictures. We keep getting the message "One or more of the pictures in this message could not be found. When you send this message the pictures will not be included. Are you sure you want to send this message?"

Does anyone know why this is happening and what we can do to fix it please?


A:(Solved) OE6 Sending open pictures

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Every time I try to send a Photo from My Documents, I put in the name of who I'm sending it to and hit Send and this all comes up.
The host Firefox could not be found. Please verify you entered the server correctly. Acct POP3,Server Firefox,Protocol SMTP,Port 23,Secure (SSL) no socket error 11001, err # ox800cccod.
I am using Windows XP and I'm not sure what Outlook Express I have now. Other info on computer I don't know.
What is all this, I don't understand any of it.
I changed from Outlook Express to Firefox and I'm wondering if this is the problem.

I am in my 70's and don't understand all this computer language, please help me in English.

A:Sending pictures via Outlook Express

outlook express - that is your email program - for sending and receiving email
Firefox - that is a web browser for viewing websites

Do you use Outlook Express for you normal daily emails
With outlook express what happens if you just send a normal text email ?
IF Not
what do you use

If you right click on a image file in mydocuments
and then you click on send
that will look on your PC for the default email client which seems to be outlook express in your case

You need to set this up to use what ever email program you use .... if you just use a web based email account - that may be why you are getting this error

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I'm trying to send pictures thru the Kodak EasyShare program, version Running Windows XP. It used to work, now it won't send and I get a message unable to find Kodak e-mail server. I've got firewall turned off. Thanks

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Using Windows XP Home and a Motorola RAZR phone/camera.

I have an older RAZR and a new one I just bought.

With the older phone: Sending pictures to my desktop as an attachment to an email. Each picture shows up in the email with it?s own number/name under the picture e.g. 07-02-1?
I download the pic. to My Documents, then I use ?Open With?> Photoimprission and all is well.

With the new phone: In the phone, each pic. has a number/name. When the pics. show up in the email there is no number, instead, under every pic. it says _Preview?
If I change the name, I can download multiple pics. to My Documents. When I use ?Open With?> Photoimpression, Photoimpression opens but the pic. does not show up.

The problem is with the new RAZR. I removed the battery & sim from the new phone, put them in the old phone and it works fine.

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I have an XP Professional system. I'm using Outlook Express. Sending and receiving e-mail is generally no problem but when I gather a number of photos from the internet and compile them into a new message, I instantly lose most of the pictures when hitting send. The typical little box with an X in the middle replaces my pix and an Outlook Express notice appears on the screen advising me that one or more of the pictures in the message could not be found. In saying I try to send a number of photos, I mean in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 at once. I obtain the pictures by e-mailing them randomly to my inbox and when I choose to compile them into a new message, I copy and paste each. Can I assume this method has nothing to do with the problem but more likely too much of a load for the system? Would it have anything to do with my security set-up? Thanks for any help anyone can give. Jack B.

A:Solved: Losing pictures when sending e-mail

Try this method:

Embed an image in Outlook Express

Click Tools => Options => Send tab => HTML Settings button
Make sure the 'Send pictures with messages' box is checked.
OK twice to exit.

Open a New Message
Click Format => Rich Text (HTML)
Click Format => Background => Picture
Click the Browse button and navigate to the image file you want to embed.
You probably don't want to choose something too big as the size of the finished e-mail may be too large. If you want to check the size of the file, right-click on it and click Properties. You can also click the Folder View button at the top and switch to Thumbnails.​When you have the file you want, click the Open button.
Click the OK button. The selected image should show in the message.

Outlook Express supports these image types:
.bmp; .jpg; .gif; .wmf; .xbm; .art

To remove the image, again click Format => Background => Picture. This time blank out anything in the File box. OK to exit.

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I need help sending a picture through email, that can be viewed by others. I have a HP Pavilion 6535; Win98se; and have Digital Postman, Irfanview, and IPhoto. When I scan and send through Dig. Postman, it comes out an .exe file when what I need to send is .gif or .jpg. I tried to change it with "rename" but all I end up with is an eyeball..which is what I started with...with a different file extension that won't open it. For the record, I am not a computer whiz!!!! (As if you didn't know that!!) I've tried reading the directions on IPhoto and end up with a headache!! Irfanview would be perfect, but I can't find a way to send pics through that program. Any and all help gratefully appreciated!!!!!!
Next, I just added 128mg memory, and still on occasion get the "system resources are low" message. I thought adding more memory would 'fix' that problem. Where did I go wrong?
Thank you a million times for any advice!!

A:Sending pictures by email/System Resources

Well I do it the old fashioned way. I will scan the picture, save it as gif, jpg whatever on my hard drive and then just attach it to an email. I am not familiar with the software your talking about but it works for me. Your scanner should allow you the option to save in whatever format you want.

As far as system resources go if you do a search of this site for system resources you will turn up numerous threads that talk about it and how to fix it.

Adding more ram will do nothing for system resources, it is all dependant on how many applications are running.

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The past few days I have been receiving the following message when trying to forward an email:

"One or more of the pictures in this message could not be found. When you send this message these pictures will not be included. Are you sure you want to send this message?"

This is using WIN 7 and Windows live Mail 2011.

I have been unable to find a solution. Sometimes, even though I get the message the pictures still go throught..
Any suggestions?

A:problem sending embedded pictures in emails

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hello Ten Forums,
Is there a way to send a picture - dropping into a site or sending in an email without
having the entire album embedded along with a single picture. I have tested by sending to myself. The received email may look like a single pic but one click and the entire album is there. I did not have this problem with any windows version except windows 10.
I have one other problem with windows ten. I am getting a mail sub system in my Microsoft outlook email with emails from and to people I don't know and have not written . What is this?
I cannot reach my host at present to discuss this.
I am considering reverting to windows 7 within a month but am concerned incase I lose important files.
I cannot even save everything on the cloud because the offer for cloud is for windows 8 and it seems I am on wondiws 10.
I dare not cause another problem. Please help with one or more of these issues. Many thanks. Lam

A:individual pictures / sending without an entire album windows 10

Sure there is, I do individual photos all the time. When you come to select the ones you want to send, make sure you click on the actual photo and not the folder.

With regard to your second problem, have you run an Antivirus scan? Looks like your email may have been compromised.

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Hello, All:

I desire to send about 1200 pictures from "pictures" in Windows 7 Home to an email recipient. Can this be accomplished? If so, how can I achieve this task. Are there any other ways to send this large file of pictures to an email recipient?

Thank you.


A:Sending files (1200 pictures) to an email recipient

Welcome to the forum,

It would probably be easier to send a link to something like Microsoft SkyDrive - Online document storage and file sharing where you have uploaded your 1200 pictures.

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All the settings in folder options and Internet Explorer are for Outlook Express to be the default mail program, but when I try to email pictures from Picasa3 as attachments, Outlook Express does not open showing the chosen pictures in the attachment area. I get a choice of Outlook Express and GMail. Gmail works, having created a G mail account, but I don't really want to have two places where emails go and would like it to use Outlook Express.

A fleeting message comes along the bottom right of the screen saying emailing pictures, but it does not open the Outlook Express new mail box.

Any ideas?

A:Problems sending pictures from Picasa using Outlook Express

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can anyone tell me how to decrease the size of pictures without losing it's quality or size? I do have 3-4 pics (as gif, jpg and bmp) and all of them have a current size of around 600-900kb) and I would need them under 100kb. (current size is like a normal photo)
I'm using Paint, Ulead or Microsoft Office Picuter Manager)

Thanks a lot,

A:Decreasing size of pictures

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Hi all

I am trying to post a picture on a website I use. Unfortunately I am being advised that my pictures are larger than the accepted size (they are over 100KB). How can I reduce the size of these in order to be able to post them?


A:size of digital pictures

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I've been working, with the family of a deceased friend, to create a multiformat slideshow and printing CD. The disk will work on DVD players, and PC's. The problem is, I would like to have two folders on the disk contain photos already sized to print for 4 X 6 and 8 X 10 photos. Mainly I'm looking for a way to resize the canvas the photo is on, then stretch or reduce the photo to fit while keeping the aspect ratio. Is there a quick way of doing this?

A:Best way to size pictures for printing

To have it work on a DVD player hooked to a TV you have to write it as a VCD – basically a MPEG movie with the slideshow as stills in the movie. Most burning software will do that.

You want something completely different for the printing and computer viewing. You want to save the resized files as TIFF files. You write them to a CD as normal data. I would just make separate CDs – they are cheap enough. Circuit City has a spindle of 125 700Mb CDRs with a free label kit for $10 after rebate.

It is hard to batch format to 8 X 10 and 4 X 6 while maintaining the proportions. If you start with digital images you have to trim some off the top and/or bottom to get 4 X 6 and a little off the ends to get 8 X 10. If you start with 35mm you start with the right proportions for 4 X 6 but have to trim a lot off the ends for 8 X 10. Different photos want different cropping.

If they are having them printed at their local Wal-Mart or wherever they will trim the proper amount off the proper proportion to center 4 X 6 or 8 X 10 prints. Just write the originals to CD. If the people are printing them they will likely know how to crop them – and will probably want to do so if they are spending the money and time for photo quality inkjet prints. Again they would use the originals for best quality.

Photoshop is the easiest way to crop to a certain size. Select the crop tool and put 4 X 6 or 8 X 10 in the size box at the top with nothing in the PPI. If you resize any other way make sure to not ... Read more

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