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Moved computer - Now it shuts down during boot

Q: Moved computer - Now it shuts down during boot

Hello! New here~ Anyways, I just moved my computer from my apartment over to my friends house. The computer worked fine before I moved it here but now it won't start. If I start it up normal it gets to the XP loading screen and after loading for a bit it bsod me with the error 0x0000000034 (which I had to record to be able to catch, it's faster than lightning).

I've tried to run it on safe mode but it restarts there too. Bios is the only place where it doesn't die. Now I've checked through the computer if any cables were loose or if anything was wrong. Everything seems right though.. I've had this problem two times with my old computer when moving it. It was fixed by pressing on all the cables (one must've been "glitchy")

Here I am with a brick of a computer at my friends house, disappointed by the ruined evening and not sure what to do. Any advice how to fix this? Thank you!

Preferred Solution: Moved computer - Now it shuts down during boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Moved computer - Now it shuts down during boot

Open the case and disconnect/reconnect all cables for PSU and drives.

Are you sure that STOP error wasn't 24, rather than 34?


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this is a weird thing that started happening, my computer shuts down when it gets to the account screen. It loads fine, then automatically makes a noise like its running something, and then goes to the windows is shutting down screen, never allowing me a chance to log on. It loads in safe mode, and I've tried scanning for viruses and system restore, but none of that worked. Can anyone help me out?

A:computer shuts down upon startup moved from xp

go into msconfig/startup
untick the boxes and try and start normally
then retick them one at a time and reboot normally when it fails again you have found the problem

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I need your help people.
My friend's computer automatically shuts itself down whenever it is opened.
It continues to load up to the desktop but then it shuts down quickly and displays the shut down message "saving your settings..." then it turns off..

it is running on a Windows XP professional..
and has about 300 MB of RAM
it also has two hard drives with 20 Gigabytes each...

Here's what happened before this..
-The last time it ran I had a problem running BitDefender and any other antivirus / anti spy softwares because the system shuts the program down. I installed Trojan Remover and scanned for malicious files but then in the middle of scanning, the computer freezes and I restart it pressing the reset button on the CPU.
-I tried restarting in safe mode but it just freezes so I repeated restarting the computer in normal mode for about five times then finally i was able to run Bitdefender, Trojan Remover, and Ad-aware.. but there came an error message saying that "RegEdit cannot be accessed" or something like that..
-When I ran Trojan Remover there were about more or less 5 files that were detected as "internet worm" I tried choosing "disable from running by changing its reference" and it says "the policy on registry editing was reset" but then whenever i run Trojan Remover again these files are still detected.. i didn't know what to do so i left that matter
-I ran Bitdefender and almost all files that are detecte... Read more

A:computer shuts down automatically in seconds[moved from xp]

i think you may be up for a reformat i will move you to security for them to advise

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I own a dell XPS P4 3.6 ghz computer, it has worked fine for over a year but recently I had to move it. When I restarted the computer it would not go past Xp screen, when it was reaching log on screen, the screen would appear for a split second and then disappear. I left the computer alone thinking when I had some time I would have a get look at it. When I started it up next time it worked fine, no problems at all. Once again I moved it and the problem occured again. Again I left it and when I came back to it, it was fine. I think something is loose inside so when moved it causes a problem but I would appreciate any help and advice to what I should try to remedy problem

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So, I came home from work and my computer is on standby. I log in, and I have a blue background with Red text claiming I have Viruses on my computer, and trying to get me to install a program to remove them. Theres also apparently a program that installed itself called System Tools or something I can't remember because I decided to restart my computer and now I can't get my computer to boot up. Here, in these photos is exactly what my computer does over and over if I try to boot it.

Me booting my CPU, first screen press f1 to Boot.
102_0774.jpg picture by petalsguitar - Photobucket

Normal screen I see after I press f1.
102_0776.jpg picture by petalsguitar - Photobucket

Then this weird thing happens that i've never seen.
102_0777.jpg picture by petalsguitar - Photobucket

Then, I sit at this screen, for aprox. 3 minutes, its a decent little wait.
102_0778.jpg picture by petalsguitar - Photobucket

My 3 minutes is up, this pops up.
102_0779.jpg picture by petalsguitar - Photobucket

Then it restarts itself. Back to the beginning. Over and over. I can't do anything. My main goal was to start in safe mode and remove whatever virus was causing my system to act crazy. But I can't even get that far.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
Any help would be very appreciative.

A:Computer won't boot, just restarts. Please Help. [moved from Vista/7]

what are you running
video card
power supply
check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

your 12v line is well down

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Ok so I came home from school one day and my computer was off, which was strange because I always have it run, I built it 2 months ago had been running fine. I turn it on and it gets to the windows logo loading screen and right when its about to fully boot up and shuts down and restarts. I went to a friends and formatted the hard drive and tryed installing windows 7, it copys and expands the files and makes the mandatory restart, then when it's trying to set up it just shuts down and restart, keep in mind its a brand new windows 7 disk too. I went out and bought a new hard drive, still does the same problem, tryed new ram, same problem. I'm really don't think it's the mobo or processor, maybe the power supply? Help please!

Specs:windows 7
Intel i5-2300 2.8GHZ cpu
Antect gamer series 750 watt psu
seagate + WD 500gig hard drives
g skill ripjaws x 8 gig ram
ASUS P8H67-M EVO (REV 3.0) LGA 1155 mother board

A:Computer shuts down when trying to boot up


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I have a computer in our office. I really don't know what kind it is. It say "Lti" on the front of it, but anyways it was turned off last night for the first time in a long time and this mourning when I powered it on it started to turn on, made on beep and then shut off. I flipped the power switch in the back and tried it again same thing it just looses all power after it makes on beep. I thought it might be the power supply so I hooked up that power supply in another computer and and it worked fine. If anyone has any ideas I would appriciate it.


A:computer shuts off during boot

Most typically an immediate shutdown like you describe is caused by "Self-preservation" against overheating. I would open the case and see if the Processor Fan is operating. A failure there would cause the fastest shutdown. Next would be the Power Supply Fan...hopefully! Sometimes they do not cause a shutdown and just allow the PS to cook.

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Pentium 2.8
160 gig hard drive
pcchips mohter board
Home built plus 450 watt power supply.
I just tried to upgrade to a new 3.0 d830 processor. Messed around with the bios settings only because the system would not stay powered up. I pulled the new proc and sent it back to tiger. Not sure that this was the problem now. Because the same issue is happening when I tried to reinstall my pent 2.8. Unit powers on for a brief moment goes through part of boot cycle but then shuts down. Give it a rest for a few hours and I can get it to stay on for about 45 seconds. Still hardly long enough to make the changes if any to the bios. I have jumpered a pin that is supposed to reset the cmos.
Not sure if this is effective still shuts down after 10 to 20 seconds.
Do you think I fried the mobo with a bad processor. Or do I need to update my bios. And if so is my system going to stay on long enough to absorb the changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Computer Shuts Down During Boot up

As long as you didn't let any blue smoke out, the MoBo should be ok..
When you reset the cmos did you return the jumper back to original position?
Are you getting any post beep errors?

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Ok, so I have been trying to troubleshoot this problem on my own for the past two days and have wound up with no solution. the basic problem seems to be power related, though I suspect that perhaps the problem may lay with my CPU/Motherboard. Let me explain in detail.

I have two computers, which I shall refer to as Black and Grey.

HP Pavillion a6200n
Windows Vista 32

That was updated in Jan 09 to have two 2GB DDR2 RAM, a Corsair CX400W power supply and a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB graphics card. It has been running relatively without incident since then. This is the problem computer.

HP Pavillion a1540n
Windows XP

This computer was also updated to have two 512MB Ram and two 1GB RAM as well as the same Corsair CX400W power supply and Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB. This computer is currently what I am stuck using, though as you will see, I have used it extensively to troubleshoot Black.

For the past two weeks or so, I have noticed that Black has been freezing, sometimes in the middle of the night while it is not in use, sometimes when I am browsing a webpage or using the Magnifier tool. I would always have to manually reboot the computer. There seemed to be no pattern and the Event Log had a generic 6008 error code. I ran the usual gamut of virus and spyware checks, Defraged (e... Read more

A:Computer randomly shuts off / won't boot up

Try memory.

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I have  HP a1310n computer and it will show the hp page and I can get into the bios. When it tries to start xp the logo page blips and the screen goes black. I bought a new hdd and loaded xp on it and it still acts the same. When I load xp and it tells me to remove the disk and the computer will restart in 45 seconds it never shuts down or restarts. Any ideas?

A:computer will not boot up xp / justs shuts down

Has the CMOS battery ever been replaced? When bad, this can cause many issues.
You also want to make sure your computer on the inside is clean, RAM sticks snug, as well as cables. Use canned compressed air to blow out any dust (preferably outdoors). If it's quite old, sometimes the thermal paste on the CPU will dry out & cause the computer to shut down for safety. To remedy this, first obtain CPU thermal paste (I use & recommend Arctic MX-4), remove the CPU fan/heatsink (refer to your manual for instructions), clean it up good, using alcohol to clean the surface that contacts the CPU & then the CPU itself (removal not needed), making sure that all traces of the old are removed & then allow to dry.
Then place a drop or two of your new paste in the center of your cleaned & dried CPU & with something like a plastic card, spread it thinly across the CPU surface. Avoid getting any on the MB. It doesn't need to be a thick coating, just enough to cover the CPU fairly evenly. Then reinstall the heatsink/fan assembly, making sure to lock it down as was before removal & that the CPU fan wire if removed, is plugged back in.
Fire it up & see what happens. If XP boots & runs, this was likely the issue. If so, allow the computer to run awhile to cure the paste. Some brands, such as Arctic Silver Ceramique-2, requires up to 24 hours of running to fully cure.
Word of caution & safety: When working on the interior of a comput... Read more

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My computer will take several starts before it comes up. When it does it will run awhile then shut down again.  Think I need a recovery disc or something to reinstall. Help.

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My computer starts to boot up then just shuts off. I tried taking out my vide o card and using the onboard graphics but it does the same thing, I cant even get to BIOS before it shuts off. I tried using a different power supply and that did not work either. Pleas help.

A:Computer starts to boot up then shuts off.

Is there any fans running? What is the make and model of your machine If it is an OEM, If it is a custom build what is the brand and model of your motherboard.

Was there any errors before the system shut off mainly a BOSD (Blue Screen Of Death)?
What changed before this happened? Any software, updates, drivers installed before this happened?

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I run Vista Home Premium and am having the same problem. Removed RAM sticks and re-inserted...seemed to work for a while. A few times has come up with
Warning!!!The previous performance of overclocking is failed, and the system is restored to the default setting,
Press any key except "DEL" to enter SETUP.
Do that and it boots and works for a few days...then probs again.

A:Computer starts to boot up then shuts off.

Do not hijack someone else's thread. I have moved you to your own thread.
Boot into Setup (Bios) and if you tried overclocking, reverse it, set the Bios to Defaults.
Other then that, shutting down means it's either overheating or the Power Supply Unit is failing. Blow out all fans with compressed air, when you start the computer, make sure all fans are spinning. Look at the label of the PSU and report the make, model# and Wattage.

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I am working on my Aunts computer. It is a Jetway N2PAP-Lite running xp home, and when I put in a new DVD burner it suddenly quite working. It had been running rather slow but I tried process of elimination unplugging and replugging components. I discovered whenever I plug any HD into the IDE main socket it causes the three second spin. Everything starts then abruptly shuts off. Tried new drive and new IDE cable, same same. When IDE is unplugged it spins up normal. Is it possible the boards bad any ideas? Please help!

A:Computer begins boot and shuts off?

Are you sure the IDE cable isn't in backwards?

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Ok I'm not exactly sure how I did it, but I enabled some services to start at system startup and for some reason that gave me like a 1-minute time limit before the comp forcibly shut down (compared to the previous 10 second time limit). This extra time let me change my boot.ini tab in msconfig - apparently i had two boot versions, which is what confused me. i selected the other one, which then showed that i had /safeboot and /bootlog checked, so i unchecked those, applied, and restarted. and now i'm finally out of safe mode! woot woot! the desktops call crappy and disorganized, but I think I'm OK now. i do still have 1 more question, though:

should I uninstall ComboFix at this point? And if so, should I do the start>run>"ComboFix.exe /u" approach??

Hi all, thanks for reading-

First I’ll outline the original problems I was having, which in my attempts to fix have become far worse.

Original Problems:
*Opening a new tab in Firefox by mouse-wheel-clicking opened a new tab that got directed to a spam site about 75% of the time. The sites I clicked where legit sites, and this happened far too often to be normal.
*Choosing Windows Update would open an IE window that only showed my homepage (google.com) but showed windowsupdate.microsoft.com in the address bar.
*I ran Ad-Aware 2007 to combat whatever was causing the problems, but it kept failing to update. Manual attempts at downloading up-to-date... Read more

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I went to the Abit site to see if i could update my BIOS using the latest download and the directions they gave me on how to.

Well anyway i had some trouble trying to implement the Bios update and am not really sure if i achieved this correctly.

Wether this is a coincedence or not but i am now having trouble turning on my Computer from Cold Boot up. It works ok if i Flash (reset) the Bios using the jumper on the Mobo and then booting it , but i can't turn it off after or i have to do the same thing.

Also it reboots fine , which is weird. , Have i permanently somehow damaged my Mobo?.

The reason i wanted to update the Bios is to see if it would recognise my CPU i have added to it , which is a 3800 X2 Dual Core (939) , ( computer worked fine after cpu was installed)

Also i tried the commands using the FDD in DOS but i kept getting this is not an external or internal command , operable program or batch file?.

I have no idea or what to do to correct a Bios fault , if it is at all this problem. Is there a chance i could get a step by step solution to this.

A:Computer Shuts off everytime from Cold Boot

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Hi, I just installed a Seagate FreeAgent Go external harddrive. While going through the installation guide, the computer froze and shut off. Now everytime I boot the computer, it shuts off during boot or maybe within 5 minutes of start up. This is not my computer, the girl who owns it says it has never randomly shut off before so I'm wondering if the Seagate drivers have caused the laptop to start shutting off. It does the same thing in safe mode. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Computer shuts off after boot (Seagate FreeAgent Go)


If you have the Seagate external hard-drive plugged in onto the laptop computer then take it off. Reseat both the memory and the hard-drive of the computer. Also try taking out the laptop battery and boot the computer via with only the AC Adapter plugged in. Hope this fixes your issues.

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Hey everyone so here's the deal.

Built my computer and it ran fine for about three months. Then it would start crashing in the middle of games a lot. (Fallout 3 and DA:O) For the first few days it either rebooted itself or I would do it manually. Then it would boot up and get to the windows bar in dos and then freeze. Then it would power on but the screen stayed blank. I tried replacing the RAM and the power supply but that didn't work. Finally replacing the processor did the trick. Out of curiosity I took the old processor, cleaned off the heatsink and replaced it with fresh thermal compound and voi'la! It worked. My computer ran fine this way for about another month and then one day it wouldn't boot up anymore. I went straight to the processor, cleaned and replaced it and it worked just fine. Anyone have any idea what is going on here? At first I figured the processor must be overheating, but I've been running a monitor and it hasn't risen above 40C so I don't think that's the problem. I'm not sure if it's the processor, the heatsink (I've looked at it and the fan spins) or the thermal compound. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

AMD Phenom II X4 (this is the original processor that has failed twice, but works when I put new compound on it)
4GB G.Skill DDR3 1333
ASUS M4A78T-E mobo
Gigabyte 1GB Radeon 4670
Windows Vista Home Premium

A:Computer shuts down and won't boot unless I clean heatsink

Get a new heatsink.

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I started with Windows 7 and when the computer reboots to install Windows XP it starts the installation process then the computer shuts off? What do I do?

A:Starts XP installation in dual boot, then the computer shuts off

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

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On boot up, while showing the pulsing Windows 7 logo, my computer stops.  Screen goes black then says "No signal", case fans stop, HD light shows no activity, ctrl+alt+del does nothing, reset button does nothing.  Starts fine on Safe Mode.  No recent hardware or software changes.  OS - Windows 7 Ultimate.  Any thoughts? 

A:Computer shuts down during normal boot but not safe mode

Sounds like a driver or system setting in Normal mode is corrupt.
I assume you're describing a complete system shutdown.
I would check your Update history to see if you have any recent Windows Updates that may coincide with this issue. Perhaps a failed update?
First try going into msconfig and deselecting all Startup items (Not Services). Then try booting into Normal mode.
Worst case at this point would be a system restore.

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I use Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, with Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 and 8192 Ram on an ASUSP5w DH Deluxe MB.

Has been working well for months and months. No overclocking.

Yesterday, I logged on to MS to check out Win8 and allowed it to check my system for upgrade. I received report that some programs were not compatiable and that "NX" was not activated. I decided to check some of the incompatiable programs out and read up on "NX".

So I closed all my programs out and rebooted and checked out my setup. I found no reference to "NX", but I did enable the MB to manage my fans, which I have not done in the past. Then, F10 and automatic reboot.

It went through the rebooting, recognized the ram, but when it came to the point that WiN7 would begin, it powers down shuts off, with out the Windows screen opening.

I went back into setup and disable the the option about the MB operating the fans, rebooted and it shuts down again,

I start the power and boot up and checked the setup and all looks like it usually does.

I tried f8 at difference times, but the computer will not continue past the last post of recognizing all my ram.

I went inside the computer and checked the connections on the boot drive and just about everything else. The fans start up, power light is on on the board.

BTW, the temperatures, as measured in the set up are well within normal range. None of the components seem hot. I let it set overnight and it still shuts off after the screen abo... Read more

A:Solved: Computer shuts off after boot, but befoere Win 7 screen

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum, c 2013:
EXCELLENT description! Seriously. Well written & in paragraphs.

Nice job or reversing the BIOS fan change.

I tried f8 at difference times, but the computer will not continue past the last post of recognizing all my ram.
Click to expand...

Then it is probably a hardware issue.
The 1st thing I would do is verify that the ram is properly seated.
If a problem. remove all ram except 1 stick.
Swap ram as necessary.

How old is this system?

Check the motherboard for bad caps.


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I'll include a link with a video of the startup and codes that go with it. The build is only roughly 4 months old so I'm not sure what's happening with it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

- cooler master 800W silent pro gold
- Corsair H115i all in one water cooler
- AMD Radeon RX 580
- 2x G. Skill sniper series (8gb)
- 2TB Western Digital black caviar
- extreme engine Digi+ ii motherboard
- AMD FX-4300 Vishera Quad-Core 3.8 GHz
- Windows 10


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I have a Lenovo Yoga 900 that **bleep**s off whenever tapped hard enough or even when bumped or shifted. I've googled some solutions and sounds like it could be related to the sw2 on the Lenovo  Yogo s3 14. Anyone know where that sw2 is on a Lenovo yoga 900?  I've already done a system reset and tried opening the laptop and disconnecting and reconnecting and tightening everything to no avail. I've googled some solutions and sounds like it could be related to the sw2 on the Lenovo  Yogo s3 14. Anyone know where that sw2 is on a Lenovo yoga 900? Here is the reference post regarding sw2 switch : https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Re-Thinkpad-S3-Yoga-14-Random-shut-offs... 

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I have the Inspiron 15R Notebook (Inspiron 5521). I bought it back in April and from the beginning it has randomly shut off, but I overlooked it because it did not happen very often. For about the last month, the shut offs have happened almost every time I shift my computer to a more comfortable position. I have checked online and the general consensus appears to be loose components on the motherboard. I have a one year limited warranty. Can this problem be fixed under my warranty and how do I go about sending it back to Dell for the repairs?

A:Laptop shuts off when moved

Hi naturalTAN,
Please provide the complete error message received for the hard drive while running the diagnostics.
You may also run the diagnostics specifically on the hard drive from the main menu. Pressing the Esc key while the diagnostics are running will redirect to Main menu page.
Also, try the system performance in ‘Safe Mode’. Try working on the system for some time in ‘Safe Mode’ and try moving it to see if it shuts down. The steps are given below:

Restart or Power on the system.
Tap <F8> at dell logo until ‘Advanced Boot Options’ appear.
Choose ‘Safe Mode’ and hit ‘Enter’

Keep me posted with the information. I will be glad to assist you further.

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I had a bad virus on my computer and I wanted to boot it into safe mode. So I tried and everytime I tried it wouldn't work. I kept getting this message on a blue screen saying my video driver failed to initialize and it shut down automatically but it would boot up normal if I didn't try to go into safe mode.

So I read that you could set your computer to automatically boot into safe mode from msconfig so I went in and set it to boot into safe mode automatically every time I powered up. So I turned off my computer and tried to.

No matter what I do, no matter what option I select the blue screen with the error about my video driver comes up and it shuts down automatically.

What can I do to fix this? Anything? Is there a way to change the way my computer starts back up (to normal becuase the normal startup doesn't work) from before windows loads or away to access a DOS window or something?

I'm using XP home btw

I cannot even boot into the Windows XP CD. I put it in my CD drive and powered on and it didn't work. The F8 menu still comes up and nothing I change still works.

I changed the bios to boot from the CD drive but it still presented me with the same F8 menu which still takes me to the blue screen error about the video driver.

I pressed F2 when it started up and moved the CD drive up to number 1 from the boot setting then I pressed Esc and saved and exited. Then when I restarted nothing had changed

Thanks for any help

A:Safe Mode Won't Boot Up, I Get An Error That Automatically Shuts My Computer Down


Give some info on your PC, like make, model and type of video card.

Does this PC have a floppy drive?

About the only thing I can tell, for the future. NEVER use the SAFE BOOT in the Msconfig. You can get caught in cycle, like this, and you can not get out of.


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My computer tries to load safemode, but it only loads partially then shuts down. I tried to go into the boot sequence and boot to os disk, but when I F10 save changes the computer shuts down

A:Can't load safemode completely or boot to os disk then computer shuts off

Give us your hardware system specs, i.e. make and model of your motherboard, power supply, video card, etc.

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Hello,My lenevo yoga 14 thinkpad shuts down instantly if you move it or bump it in the slightest when its not plugged in. Any thoughts on this?

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OK I have been looking into this problem for a little while now and I already got a little bit of info.
It is a compaq presario 1500 notebook, OS is windows xp home. I took it into a computer place and had a tech look at it. When it shut off, the power light went off. He said that it is more than likely shorting out, and it is getting shut off to keep it from frying. It made sense to me. I'm not a computer genius but I do know a lot about electric circuits. Anyway, I did a search on the net about it and it came to a thread in these forums. Someone was having the same problem, and someone else gave the same answer. It was probably a short.
One thing came up, but I didn't think of it when the tech was looking at it. A long time ago, months before it started shuting down, it might of thrown a fan blade. I could pick it up and lightly shake it and I would hear something bouncing around on the inside. Now it doesn't make that sound anymore, and I didn't do anything to fix it. It is right where the fan is so I am guessing it is the fan blade. But, could that have gotten lodged somewhere, or broke something to cause the short? I'm positive its not overheating because the fan works fine and I can feel the warm air blowing out.
So here are my questions. What could it be that is possibly shorting? What could cause it? Could being dropped cause it? It started happening after I let someone borrow it, so it may of been dropped. What kind of... Read more

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My Hp notebook keeps shutting down on its own. This happens if it is moved or shaken. I just feel so bad right now because i use it for everythiing. Bought it on groupon frefrubished. Warranty expired. Please help. 

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I had a bad virus on my computer and I wanted to boot it into safe mode. So I tried and everytime I tried it wouldn't work. I kept getting this message on a blue screen saying my video driver failed to initialize and it shut down automatically but it would boot up normal if I didn't try to go into safe mode.

So I read that you could set your computer to automatically boot into safe mode from msconfig so I went in and set it to boot into safe mode automatically every time I powered up. So I turned off my computer and tried to.

No matter what I do, no matter what option I select the blue screen with the error about my video driver comes up and it shuts down automatically.

What can I do to fix this? Anything? Is there a way to change the way my computer starts back up (to normal becuase the normal startup doesn't work) from before windows loads or away to access a DOS window or something?

I'm using XP home btw

I cannot even boot into the Windows XP CD. I put it in my CD drive and powered on and it didn't work. The F8 menu still comes up and nothing I change still works.

I changed the bios to boot from the CD drive but it still presented me with the same F8 menu which still takes me to the blue screen error about the video driver.

I pressed F2 when it started up and moved the CD drive up to number 1 from the boot setting then I pressed Esc and saved and exited. Then when I restarted nothing had changed

A:Solved: Safe Mode Won't Boot Up, I Get An Error That Automatically Shuts My Computer

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about a week ago I was given a used Sony Vaio desktop model RS310 with XP, 256 ram, 2.8hgz, and a 80gig HD.
The owner had the PC (layed on its side) in a box in the garage for maybe 2 years or less. The PC outer case was pretty dirty, but the inside had your typical dustiness. But I took the whole PC apart and cleaned it like new. Used only liquid cleaners on non electronic boards and such.

Ok, here are the issues
XP boots fine, but when the tower is moved around the Sony Vaio Monitor would shut off, along with the keyboard and mouse. But both fans, and DVD drive were still functional (maybe HD too, but I cant tell). The PC would reboot automactially, sometimes it wouldn't.
I checked the Sony monitor/keyboard/mouse on my other PC to make sure they weren't faulty and they worked perfectly. When the Sony Vaio was up and running normal, I moved the back ports around, the monitor/keyboard/mouse/internet cables and were functioning perfectly.
But this time when I slightly tilted the Tower back, these issues returned. After having the PC on for about 30mins without movement the PC would of all of a sudden do these problems again, sometimes reboot other times not.

Now the PC stays on for hours, sometimes restarts, other times it doesn't. I don't even bother moving the PC around Im too scared. I been able to do all important updates on XP, with SP3.

So the question I have, what do some of you guys think it might be? I personally think the Power Supply might ... Read more

A:Solved: Sony Vaio PC Shuts down when tower is moved

I think its he Power supply unit, but i want to get a second opinion. Also how do I edit my post, so I can ask which PSU I should buy. I dont want to make another thread.

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As you can see I have a dell 5547 and whenever I moved it it shuts off. takes a while to turn it back on. its probably something messed up in the wiring.


A:Dell inspiron 15 5547 randomly shuts off when moved

Did you try cleaning battery contacts ?

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This might be weird but when I bend the lid of my latop screen or try to move my laptop, my laptop suddenly turns off without warning then restarts (sometimes it doesn't), this also happen when i play heavy load games like rise of the tomb raider, after 5-10 mins. in the game my laptop turns off. During a light load activities like browsing or watching videos it works fine, I've tried cpu and gpu benchmarking it also works fine, so its not heat problem. I thinks it's motherboard problem but im not sure. I've tried these:
removing the battery and  holding the power button for 30 secs.
running the diagnostic (It says the system's fine).
booting in safe mode.
My laptop is an dell inspiron 15 7566. I just bought it last month. What do you guys think?

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Whenever I play a movie or a game, after about 20 mins or so the display stops working. On some occasions the computer will just shut off. I have ran a AIDA64 benchmark test on my machine with all hardware devices and the system performs well. (Test ran for 5 hours +) I also checked my cpu temperatures and when I do play a movie or game temps rise into the 75C + range. I have replaced my power supply with a(thermaltake 600w tr2) and even bought a ZALMAN CNPS5X Performa 92mm FSB cooler to help but still no solution to my problem. I also tried putting in a pci-express video card and the problem still happens.

A:Computer display shuts off/computer shuts down. During video tasks.

75c isnt hot hot, but is a little hot for watching movies.

what cooler do you have on your cpu? and what are the idle temperatures?
also how long do they take to recover from the highest to the lowest temp?

this could be something as simple as poorly applied thermal compound.

im not saying it is over heating its just one possibility.
especially if youve a cpu with a built in apu and not a discreet gpu.

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It all started when i opened some foreign file and it mustve been a virus or something. That triggered my computer to make these weird whirring clicky noises. Then my computer shut down. That day, i tryied to turn it on, it worked. However, the monitor didnt display anything. The computer was running but something to do with the bios just wasn't working.
Later on, my father fixed it.
However. NOW, the computer randomly shuts off by itself.
I'd start the computer on, and usually, the computer would start to make these noises similar to that of a computer reading a disc.
after the noises, the computer shuts off, and restarts by itself.
Anyone have any ideas?

A:Computer shuts makes busy noise then shuts off randomly

Your hard drive may be faulty. What is the make and model of the system and what is the brand of the hard drive inside the computer?

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So this time the problem started out as a simple issue. Whenever I bump the desk or move the keyboard out with too much force, the computer shuts off. Everybody told me that it could have been a loose connection so I checked it all and replugged everything back in. The computer starting working fine for about 5 hours then it just shut off randomly while I was playing a game. This time, though, it shut off without me bumping into anything. SO, is this a power supply issue? I'm using a 550-watt supply while running a 7800 GT. This is the right power amount so that's not my concern. And now the problem has gotten worse to the point where I turn on the computer and nothing shows up again. Windows doesn't load and the screen is on too. You here the fans and everything but nothing will load. All my parts from my old issue were replaced EXCEPT the power supply and CD-drive. I don't think it could be another loose connection b/c now nothing even shows up. Please help!!!

A:Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off

Have you tried plugging into a different surge protector and different outlet?

Sounds like you need to swap the power supply to me.

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This started a couple of weeks ago. When I booted up my computer, it would start off okay, but then right after the Windows logo goes away and just before the desktop appears, my monitor turns itself off. Then, the system won't respond to anything. Pressing the Reset button does nothing as well. I have to turn off the mains, wait for a few seconds and then turn it back on. Then, Windows starts up fine, but it does an automatic scandisk because it didn't shut down properly the last time. This happen on cold boots only, when the computer has been off for a few hours.

I use Windows XP Pro. I thought it may be a problem with the OS. I tried many things, but when nothing worked, I finally formatted my hard-drive and re-installed XP. But the problem persists, leading me to believe it's a hardware thing.

I thought the computer actually shuts down, but no, it's only the monitor. The indicators on the CPU keep showing disk activity. I thought it might be a simple display problem, but the monitor cables are fine. The AGP card isn't loose or anything. I kept my CPU panel open once while trying to boot up, and although the screen went blank, the fans kept running. So it was still running, but with the screen blank.

On a few recent occasions, I managed to boot successfully, and the desktop appeared. But as soon as I moved my mouse, the screen went blank. Could it be a problem with the mouse? The best I could do is thoroughly clean the mouse cable connector, but... Read more

A:Computer "shuts down" on cold boot

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I just purchased an hp pavilion HPE h8-1234 desktop model.  When I turn off or restart my computer the USB host power also shuts off.  I would like it to stay on even when the computer is shut off.  One concern I have is that I have an AVID M-Box connected to one of the USB ports and I don't think it is good for it if the power going into it is always going on and off.  Also I like to use the USB host power to charge up one of my video cameras and not have to have the computer on to do that.

A:USB port shuts off when computer shuts off. I would like to ...

Try going to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.Click "Change plan settings" next to whichever power plan is currently selected.Click "Change advanced power settings"Click the plus (+) sign to expand "USB settings"Click the plus (+) sign to expand "USB selective suspend setting"Set it to Disabled This might only keep the USB ports powered if the computer is in sleep mode--I'm not sure if it works in shut down mode.

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The question was how to keep the computer's usb ports on while the computer is SHUT DOWN.Not on sleep mode.I have an usb audio soundcard that must absolutley remain turned on for a long period of time. I had one. Is there a way to make it act like normal ? That when u turn it off it doesnt cuts off the power supply.It may have something to do with Energystar.I would love to find a soultion to this problem.I have an Hp Omen desktop. I paid 1500Euros.Thank you.   

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I've got 2 hd's (Seagate 40gb, WD 4gb) that I took out of one system(Dell optiplex gxi Pent) and put in another (Dell optiplex gxi Pent II), they are detected by the bios but respond with no boot info found

A:Moved HD's to new PC and now they won't boot

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My daughter's computer will not boot at all. It's running XP Home Edition. I brought it home to try to help fix it. She said her anti virus program ran out and it had become disabled from viruses. She could open it in safe mode but when I tried, all I got was this message: This version of windows must be reactivated. To reactivate press OK or Cancel. Then it froze. I don't have a disk to boot it from. Now it powers up but the screen is blank. It's a new monitor, so it's not that. Is there a downloadable bootup CD for XP? It doesn't have a floppy drive. Been on this site and others for hours looking.

A:XP won't boot/ Moved

Hello carolinem,

Wow! What a mess you've got there. I'm going to move this topic to the Windows XP forum.

~ OB

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ive got a new hard drive for my pc as my old one is going to fail soon and instead of installing windows 7 onto the new hard drive instead i just moved it from one hard drive to another and i dont get the choice to boot from it, i know why and everythiing i just need to know how to find the boot files from a recovery cd and get the option to boot from it, i know this can be done as ive done it before but just cant remember how and cant find the site either

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I moved to Windows 7 PCs from inside my house to my garage. The first one I tried spontaneously powered off and on every couple of seconds. The second one just wouldn't boot at all.

I checked the voltage at the power point, it was within typical residential boundaries. The PS3, Wii and Home Entertainment equipment work fine in the garage (we have the area set up as a "games" area).

So I put the PCs back where they came from and they no longer boot.

Have done the typical stuff;
Removed and reseated RAM, Graphics card, CPU and heat sink.
Changed out the power supply with another known good PSU.
Reset CMOS from the mobo.

One PC has a SSD the other has a spinner.

Damned if I can tell what happened. Any ideas?


EDIT: there are no beeps.

A:PCs no longer boot after being moved

Well, you've covered the obvious troubleshooting steps.

At first I thought ESD, but checking the weather in the Melbourne area shows your Relative Humidity to be around 60 to 70% with Rain/showers, so that kind of rules out static and carpeting, maybe. Are you running the air? It could make it dry enough inside your home to cause ESD.

How old are your machines? They may not have been able to withstand the rigors of the move even though you tried re-seating those components. Even newer machines can fail.

I found this thread that will offer more in the way of troubleshooting, it starts at post #2, and you can disregard the reference to lighting it's just plain common sense: Power on, no post, no beeps, black screen...
I don't know why the OP deleted his comments so ignore that and follow ignatzatsonic's replies, and Just Plain Erik at the end also has a tip.

More on the POST Test and beeps: Power-on_self-test

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I'm playing around with a Panasonic ToughBook and am trying to install Windows XP on it. However, the ToughBook doesn't have a CD drive, which means I have to connect the HD to a different computer, install Windows, then reconnect it. Sadly, when I tried to boot in the laptop, Windows froze on a black screen a few seconds into booting. The second time, it gave me the Last Known Good Configuration/Safe Mode/Normal Boot screen. Normal booting makes that screen itself freeze, last known goes to a black screen and stalls, and the safe modes start loading drivers, apparently, then stop on Mup.sys.
Is there anything I can do? ('Throw out your computer' isn't an option). If it's completely impossible to fix it, I'll just go back to Linux, no big deal. But I'd prefer Windows.

A:Windows on moved HD doesn't boot

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It seems my original post has disapeared into the ether!I'l try againI have recently been experiencing freeze ups and slow boot ups while both online and offline (ethernet cable unplugged from router)I originally look for help in another forum where various things were discussed with the result that I think I have excluded psu problems, but am not convinced of this, see last post here, where the full topic can also be viewed.I am running Win XP SP2 with 1gb ram and an AMD athlon 3700+ 2.19 Ghz processor. attached by USB are two external drives and printer all with there own power supply as well as a cannon scanner which draws power through the usb port.When the problems started I was running Kaspersky Internet Security which automatically updates virus defs and win patrol. Since then I have also installed Ad-Aware which is now running. I used to use Spyware Blaster which is still installed but not normaly used.Over the last week I have run two full scans with Kaspersky, two with Trend Housecall, two with Ad-aware and two with Spybot S&D. None of these scns showed anything nasty, just a ew cookies.Have also run chkdsk results of which are belowCleaning up minor inconsistencies on the driveCleaning up 1497 unused index entries from index $Sll of file 0x9Cleaning up 1497 unused index entries from index $SDH of file 0x9Cleaning up 1497 unused security descriptors...........CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the master file table (MFT) bitmap... Read more

A:Freeze Ups, Slow Boot Up [Moved]

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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