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Is it better to replace mobo capacitors or get new mobo ??

Q: Is it better to replace mobo capacitors or get new mobo ??

Hi...I have a motherboard with a few bulging capacitors and the board is toast IMO...I saw somewhere that you can replace the capacitors though..So I was wondering is it better to get a new motherboard or replace the capacitors ?/ any info is appreciated...

Preferred Solution: Is it better to replace mobo capacitors or get new mobo ??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is it better to replace mobo capacitors or get new mobo ??

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Hi,My mobo is about 2 years old and looks in good condition all over but I'm wondering about the way one of the capacitors by the RAM sticks sticks out the back. None of them are bulging, leaking or in any way malformed. This one though has the usual two wires sticking through the mobo but they seem to join on the underside in a v-shape, instead of being parallel. They look like they've always been that way and maybe even fixed in that position. None of the others do this and I was wondering if it could cause the mobo to short or any other issues.Thanks.

A:Mobo capacitors

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rite now i got

E6750 @ 3.2ghz

EVGA nForce 680i SE SLI 775 TR

OCZ Reaper memory PC6400

WD Raptor 150 gig WD caviar 400gig

EVGA 8800GT Superclocked

the problem is where i live we have bad power service. the power usually goes out once a month and that has fried 3 boards already. but since evga has a good warranty ive been able so send them in for an replacement.

i was not thinking i forgot to remove my chip set fan from my last replacement so i got no chip set fan and it runs at like 70c.

3 days ago i got my new zalman fan and i was having difficulty installing it cause there were some stupid heat sinks in the way but i got it in with no real problem.
i bumped some of the capacitors and when i went to restart my computer would start for a millisecond then shut off. i guess it was shorting out so i wiggled the capacitors and now it boots up fine...

so ive been looking at the EVGA 750i and i was wondering what is the difference in solid capacitors and normal ones?

i need to be able to sli cause im getting another 8800GT in a cupple days.

A:Need help choosing a new Mobo and what are solid capacitors?

Solid capacitors are a newer new, advanced design. Solid capacitors and electrolytic capacitors both store electricity then discharge it as needed.

What separates them is that solid capacitors contain a solid organic polymer, while electrolytic capacitors use a common liquid electrolyte. This results in the names sold, vs "normal" or electrolytic capacitors.

Solid capacitors are much more expensive, but the prices are going down. The meaningful difference is that they last anywhere from1.25 times longer on up to 6.5 times longer... depending, of course, on the temperatures existing on the motherboard... but one should expect solid capacitors to last about 25 years... or longer... which of course is meaningless, because the boards will be antique by that time.

Yes, in my opinion, they are better... substantially better... but I doubt you will be a able to detect difference in performance of two boards of the same new age.

Because there is no detectable difference, and the cost is much greater, most boards are still using Electrolytic capacitors... due to price.

However, this is changing rapidly as board assembly lines are changed over to handle the install of the solid capacitors.

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Over a month ago, my Soyo motherboard blew. I had a bad memory stick, removed it and then replugged the box and powered it up. Immediately upon pressing the button, a burning smell was being emitted and it failed to boot (to POST). Figured something had blown, either PS or MoBo.

I took out the MoBo and found a burned embedded copper wire on the board, leading from the PS connection. Knowing that the board was out of warranty, I picked up an exact same model on Ebay in order to minimize downtime.

I went to visit the board's website and found that they had a service notice on all their motherboards warning of capacitor failures. I reinspected the board and found that 3 capacitors along the PS input were all bulging and 1 was leaking. In addition, another 5 capacitors were leaking in different places.

When I called their tech line, they immediately told me that the capacitor problem would not cause it to fail as it did; they blamed my PS, but they would allow me to return the MoBo for diagnosis. But, they have been really slow to respond to issuing an RMA. They finally did so after weeks of pestering.

Should I believe them on this matter? I just have a feeling the board will just be sitting in a box and they're going to tell me the capacitor didn't cause this.

What do you guys think.

A:Opinions on why my MoBo Blew - bad capacitors?

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I have an eMachine desktop that Iam repairing for a friend,
we have come to the conclusion (from experience) that because it is dead
even when trying to turn it on that it has suffered from Capacitor Plague
(Perhaps in the PSU then damaging the MoBo)
A new PSU has been tried and it still doesn't work
WHAT Type of 'cheap' motherboard could I replace the current one with?
it has a Celeron processor so we will be looking to conserve that..
I was looking at this...
http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/119412/rb/26825319999 (incase his CPU is socket 478)
will this one be compatible?
My friend just wants a cheap solution...
Ive recommended the new PSU / MoBo and extra RAM (at least another 256Mb to
bring it to 512)

any recommendations would be helpful....


A:What MoBo can I replace an eMachine MoBo with..?

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Sorry I didnt read the guide of how to make a good post.

I have an Emachine for about 4yrs now. 2 weeks ago I turned it on and it turned right back off, I thought it was the power supply, but it wasnt. I took it to Best Buy, told me it was the motherboard. I dont want to spend money on another mother board since emachine sucks, I already spent $400 last year to get my cd drive fixed. U guys say an ATX motherboard is good and cheap, its way better than an emachine mobo. The problem is I dont know which ATX mobo(a good one) to get for my emachine. My emachine is a W350.

Please respond

A:Which ATX mobo should I get to replace with my emachine mobo

The tricky part of this is you will probably have to not only replace the motherboard, but also the power supply, processor and memory

Here's an example:

The power supply is old and you wouldn't want to damage a new motherboard would you. The old memory is DDR. The new board takes DDR2 memory. You may be able to use the old CPU or processor

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Ahoy hoy all,

my recent Desktop problem has been confirmed to be the motherboard, so i am in the market for a new one.

we currently have a Gigabyte. I think the model no. is GA-81-SX-TFS
Theres some text underneath that saying REV: 1.0

i dont know what this means, but if this is the motherboard model, can someone suggest a good UK retailer to get a replacement, or even an upgraded version?

Thank you!

A:Need to replace mobo

I think you would get answers if you explained the rest of your hardware i.e. cpu, ram etc...a guess at what your mobo is won't inspire anyone to work on this for you.

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So my work pc is just driving me insane, now the thing locks up when trying to install a pCI wireless card, and bios updates seem to not help.

Was thinking of simply getting a new Mobo, but dont really know much about them, do they come with the processor, or do u buy that seperate and install it on, or use the one in old pc? and when looking for a mobo, what system info has to match up? or can I basically get any Mobo, and then the HD and cd-drives just get reinstalled. I just did a Clean reinstall of windows xp, and would have no trouble doing it over if I had to as all info is on CD-r's

A:Say I want to replace mobo, what do I need to know, look for in new one?

My first question would be have you had anyone on tsg help you with your wireless problem? This should be an issue we should be able to help you get it working.

Before i can help you any further. What can you tell me about your computer. Some system specs would greatly help. This will ensure that were both on the same page. If you can list your cpu, motherboard, pci/agp cards.

That would be great!

As for buying a new motherboard. Let's see if we can get this working and save you some cash till your next upgrade.

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I've gotten several new pieces of hardware for my computer recently, graphics card, PSU to accomodate for the G card, and a new hard drive (meaning a fresh install of my OS too)

However some of the problems my computers always had are still happening, it occasionally freezes for no reason, sometimes for 30seconds or so at a time, sometimes indefinetly and I have to restart the computer. Other problems include USB bus power not working at all etc

I know these problems are my motherboard, and I plan to get a replacement, but is there anything I can do to ensure my CPU isn't also a problem?
I'd hate to get a new MoBo only to find the problems STILL persist meaning I need to get a new processor, and if I get a new CPU I'd get a new mobo to go with it (cpu is the only thing holding me back getting a better mobo in the first place, as its a 775 socket)

Can anyone put my mind to rest that a replacement mobo will finally make my problems go away?

Many Thanks

A:I want to replace my mobo, but how can I know my CPU isn't the problem?

Yes, replace the motherboard. If the CPU was bad, nothing would work

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I had a replaced my Mobo & Cpu and now it won't reboot. I orginally had a AMD 450 and I wanted to upgrade. I bought a Mobo combo on Ebay, P4 2.4 Ghz Prescott with a ECS Mobo. I also had bought 2 sticks of 512 ddr 333. The old mobo wasn't working that well, it's a long story....powersource blewup and disabled some parts of the mobo. I install the new hardware and the modem and video card. Now, it indicated that there was no OS detected. It also says "Failure to Boot Disk, Insert System disk and press enter". WTF? THe last time I upgraded the mother board, everything went fine. I made a windows boot disk and it tried to reinstall windows xp. It won't work. Any ideas?

A:Replace Mobo & CPU, Failure to boot now...help


What OS are you using?
If you are using either XP or 2k, changing motheboards like you've done is a major problem. But it is solvable.

The easiest way to fix this is to move the harddrive into the old system, and boot into the OS.
Then follow these instructions.
Now, they look very difficult, but just ignore all the pnp-id stuff and follow the instructions on how to create and use the mergeide.reg file.

That should allow Windows to start when we've gotten the motherboard to recognize you've got a system disk in.

To do the latter, make sure your system harddisk is set to "Master" on the primary IDE channel (it'll have a name tag with "IDE1" or similar next to it).

That should be all that you need to do, but if not, post back and we'll try to help you further

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I have a Dell Precision 330 about 5 years old. The HDD controller appears to be acting flaky. First off, the BIOS won't recognize the new 300G ATA HDD I plugged in. Second, there are parity and other disk errors reported in Event Log.
The system is running Windows XP Pro with SP2.

If I buy any MOBO, say from Asus, will theirs fit the Dell case?
It looks as though it would, but knowing OEM's I have my doubts.

But then, one may argue as to why I would need to keep that behemoth of a case anyway... well, I'm not sure. Perhaps I would be better off with a whole new system... from Dell, or to build myself.

What is your advice?



A:Need to replace MOBO in Dell Precision 330

my advice would be to build one yourself. don't buy another Dell. for the same price or less as a new Dell would cost you could build one yourself which will be better quality and more upgradable.

you can replace the mobo if you want. the dimensions series use standard microATX motherboards and an ATX power supply, I don't know if the "precisions" are the same.

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I have Abit NF7-S ver.2 which got fried recently, so I'm getting an exact same new motherboard (NF7-S ver.2) to replace it. I'm using Windows XP.

Now, I googled it and found out that I need to use Win XP installation CD and choose "Repair The Selected Windows Installation" option in order to replace my motherboard. The catch, however, is that I need to install other drivers separately after that process (I got zillions of other drivers there already ).

So the question is, since I'm getting the exact same motherboard for replacement, do I need to do that process above? Is it possible to just skip all that, boot up the XP normally, and let the system adjust automatically? I'll have everything in the same setup as it was (PCI cards placement, IDE connections, etc.)

A:How to replace the exact same Mobo properly?

If it is the exact same motherboard, with the same chipset, you should be able to just replace it, configure BIOS, and be on your merry way - No reinstallation of any sort needed. The important things to watch out for that would render a machine unbootable after a motherboard swap would be:

1) Attachment order of the drives. If you were formerly booting from primary master, that same drive must still be primary master (of course, winders)

2) Legacy or Enhanced/AHCI SATA mode: If you formerly were using Legacy mode for any SATA drives and/or booted from a SATA drive, this mode needs to be set the way it was before.

3) Boot order. Not as important, but can still cause the machine to fail to boot if you never tell it to boot from whatever device your OS is on.

4) Resource configuration. Mostly automated if you had ACPI and resource allocation on defaults. If you set it manually or had ACPI disabled you'll need to check those as well but most likely you can leave those at defaults.

Good luck.

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Good afternoon.

I have a system that is a few years old and am looking to replace the motherboard, CPU and ram. the tower has a sata HDD and a PATA optical drive but the motherbaord has fried and im looking to upgrade to a more up to date setup.

Im not after anything extreme as I dont game and im only really interested in having a decent speed for internet use and word processing other than that im not overly bothered about being super fast.

I was thinking of an AMD CPU Phenom II 555 Black Edition Dual Core Processor but would like suggestions on a motherboard that would support such a processor and not cause me a lot of problems with the HDD being compatible

My thanks for any suggestions on this topic

A:Sugestions required to replace mobo and CPU

Here are a few reccomendations:
ASRock A770DE+ (Full ATX uses DDR2) = $54
ASRock M3A770DE (Same board but uses DDR3) = $60
ASRock 880GM-LE (Micro-ATX, DDR3) = $55
ASRock A785GM-LE (Micro-ATX, DDR2) = $59

These are all good boards and have SATA and PATA support it is just a matter of what form factor you want/need and whether you want DDR2 or DDR3 memory. With DDR2 you may be able to reuse your current memory but if you want to upgrade your memory DDR3 is a better option since it is faster and cheaper. If you have not heard of ASRock they are ASUS's budget brand and tend to have allot of Legacy ports (PATA, FDD, PS2, etc.) making them good options if you plan to reuse older hardware.

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Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read this. I want to replace my OEM MSI MS-6577 mobo that came with my HP for another version of the MSI MS-6577 mobo but the new one would have an AGPx4 slot and the current one only has PCI slots. I read that replacing the motherboard on OEM systems with Windows XP like mine has, will cause big problems unless it for the exact same make and model motherboard. In my situation, it is the exact same make and model but a different version of the mobo that would have an additional AGP slot. Would this give me BSOD or would the swap go smoothly? I am also hoping not to have to reinstall Windows XP without having to go buy a copy as I read you can't do that off recovery discs with OEM Windows XP builds. Thank you everyone again.:grinthumb

A:Can I replace my OEM mobo with the same make & model but different version?

The problem would be with Microsoft

I believe you could put a different version of motherboard on there, heck, you could put an entirely different make of motherboard if you wanted as long as it fits the case's form factor. Simply, the screw holes on the motherboard have to align with the holes on the case.

The trouble you will run into is with Microsoft. Your copy of XP is associated with the serial number, model, and make of your present motherboard, and it's recorded in Microsoft's database. That's what happens when you activate a Microsoft product. The operating system or software will get your motherboard's information and record it. Now here comes the problem...

If you put in a new motherboard, the operating system on your hard drive is going to look up your previous motherboard's information when it boots up. If it sees a new motherboard, it will say, "I'm not associated with you, so I must not be licensed with you!" and it will tell you to contact Microsoft or buy a new copy of Windows.

What you have to do then is call Microsoft and ask them if you can associate your copy of Windows with a new motherboard. They will want to know why. Usually, they will only do that if your motherboard failed, exploded, or somehow became destroyed so you had to replace it. I don't know about motherboard upgrades. To Microsoft, each and every motherboard is a separate computer, and you are only licensed for one computer.

So,... Read more

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Hi all !

Few days ago, I had a problem with my back-up PC (it do not more complete the POST, and only make long beeps), and the technician who checked it said that the problem is in my current MoBo (Asus P4SDX). As it is (thanks God!) within the warranty time, I will RMA it.

However, the specific model of my current MoBo is not much common (it's difficult to find it; at least here, in Brazil); so, I think that I will need to choose another model (from this same brand - ASUS or from any other brand).

As I am not an expert in these matters (far from this), I would like some hints/tips about Brands/Models of MoBos which could fit well in my current spec...

My back-up PC basic spec is:

- Processor: P4 2.8 533 MHz

- MoBo (socket 478): Asus P4SDX (damaged - to be replaced)

- RAM: 1.024 MB DDR 333 (Kingston Value Ram) - 04 sticks of 256 MB each one.

- Gigabyte Radeon 9600 XT

- 02 HDDs: 01 Maxtor 120 GB, 7200 rpm, ATA-133 + 01 Seagate 40 GB, 7200 rpm, ATA-100

- OS: Win XP PRO SP1.

Well, the pre-conditions that I would like to see in my next Mobo is stability and reliability. So, I think its very important to hear who has experience with determinated brand/model and do not have continuous issues...

In addition, it would be necessary that the MoBo would have 04 slots (I will fill all them), and that it support DDR 333 PC 2700 & AGP 8X.

As it is my "back-up" PC, I do not need one model of MoBo which rich features... Read more

A:I need your opinion / hint to get a new MoBo (to replace my current damaged one).

what mobo u should get

well im relativeley new to this membership but i have been a technician for years, and in my 6 years' experience working with modern systems Intel has been the best mobo maker, followed by Gigabyte. An Intel D865PE board, with any options you want, would be your best option. they are currently inexpensive, but as Toms Hardware guide said, very well designed and built. the performance excels that of competetor's products, and it can overpower the expensive 875 series. it was also the last intel board to have a genuine raid controller on it. here in chicago it is listed for around 100 us dollars, 120 when i bought it in sept. 2003. it is also the last line of chipsets that will support your current CPU. rival products from Gigabyte are rumored to have equal performance and reliability, but gigabyte has a history of cheating on benchmarks and selling you a deliberately overclocked system unbeknownst to you. i have said intel board with all the features and am very, very pleased with it's performance and reliability. especially good is it's audio, IEEE 1394, and ram support.

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The last two pc's have died (dead mb's) in about two years, requiring replacements. (eMachine & Lenovo)

Can someone please recommend a more durable pc brand that my office can purchase from Best Buy or Fry's Electronics?

What is the avg life expectancy of a low end desktop?

Thanks very much!!!!

A:Seeking new desktop pc to replace one with DEAD Mobo, better brand recommendations ?

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This pc won't retain date and time settings upon reboot. I replaced the motherbnoard battery, but an getting the same results.

Any advice on where I can go from here?

A:computer won't retain date upon reboot even after replace mobo battery?

musiclover said:

This pc won't retain date and time settings upon reboot. I replaced the motherbnoard battery, but an getting the same results.

Any advice on where I can go from here?Click to expand...

Did you at any point move the CMOS reset jumper?

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Putting together a build for a friend, however, I believe the motherboard may have been damaged or was damaged upon my taking part in the build. I assembled the parts, a 430w thermaltake psu, an asus mobo, e5200 intel processor, western digital hard drive, 2 gigs of GSkill, ati hd 4850 gpu and an LG dvd drive.

Posted, gave an error message about cpu fan error, I google it, it seemed to be relatively harmless. While in the bios the computer's signal disappeared, I attempted a reboot to no avail. No error codes, cpu fan stopped spinning. Removed memory, no error code, removed 4850, no error code, case fan connected to the motherboard spins when powered on, motherboard shows green light, no signal detected,

I tested the processor in another rig, and it worked fine, and the cpu fan spun fine. Tested another power supply with said motherboard and the motherboard fan would not spin and it would not post, and no error codes. Is my motherboard dead? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps

check and recheck the connections on the board, if unsuccessful, make sure you haven t short-circuited the mobo, ...

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This problem has the configuration listed in my system specs below, which have just changed recently. My OCZ Vertex 2 died, RMA'ed but sold, and replaced with the Transcend SSD720, 2.5" SATAIII 64GB. Also sold my GPU...

Now, trying to get everything back on track. I reinstalled my OS on the SSD, but I can't for the life of me get the HDMI working. When reinstalling, I knew it was normal for only my Dell CRT to show up via its VGA connection, but then the main ViewSonic HD monitor never came on. I finally realized it wasn't responding to anything. The ViewSonic HD monitor is the only thing plugged in right now, on both VGA & HDMI, but will only work on the VGA. It had been working fine before the OCZ SSD died. No VGA problems. The onboard ATI Radeon HD 4250 is fully updated and all the drivers are installed and updated to the best of my knowledge. There is an update for the BIOS on the ASUS website that I had never installed, ever, but the only change from before was the SSD so that should not matter. I've even made sure I installed the specific driver for the monitor from the disc it came with. I tried playing around in BIOS, and (for once) no matter what graphics device order I set, (i.e., IGPX-PCI-GPX-etc) it always reverted to the mobo's VGA. And obviously, Device Manager is showing no yellow question marks and is generally no help right now...

Again, there is NO longer a standalone GPU/video card in this system, just the ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3's onboard inter... Read more

A:Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo

It's plausible that your HDMI port on your MOBO is dead. Is it possible to obtain a GPU and try it's HDMI port?
It could be your monitor as well, do you have access to anything else supporting HDMI and see if your monitor connects?

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The above link is to the HP specs for the machine. The mobo is overheating and yes, i've done all the reg maint stuff. Let's call it dead, bury it and buy a new bride. I did upgrade the video and sound last year but those devices should be good for a few more yrs. This pc is strictly for gaming, music and my embroidery machine software.

I have never replaced a motherboard (nor cpu) before though I've done all else. My concern is that in my eagerness to get this girl back up an running, I overshoot and choose a board that won't support the current devices. I'd love to replace the cpu right now too, but w/ 2 bdays and christmas coming, I can't afford it.

So help me, geniuses. What motherboards would support the pos Pentium D 820 (S) DC 2.8 GHz socket 775, but still allow me to celebrate my 42nd birthday with a new cpu (a quad? ohh ahhh) next april? I have searched and searched, and it's probably staring me in the face, but I can't figure out the mobos.

I'm guessing some of these would work, but again, brain doesn't work as well as it should and I just cant figure it out. http://techreport.com/articles.x/8666/1

Thanks for your help.


A:Solved: Replacing ECS RC410-M mobo w/ Intel mobo - help pls.

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Does ATI cards conflict with this mobo?
ASUS A8V DELUXE Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard
I heard there would be 'cause the mobo is a VIA. Is that true?
Should the mobo conflict with any of these below and forgive me for the video in a CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos board,
SAPPHIRE Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card and or
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X800XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO AGP 4X/8X

A:ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

Have you asked ati yet? Read what the mobo manufacturer has to say about it?

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Hi all,

I have a MSI k7 pro via kt 266a mobo with an athlon xp1600, served me well, however time has moved on.
1/ MSIs website states the max cpu my mobo can take is xp2100 (upgradeing cpu would be cheapest option). Does anyone know any different?

2/ There are some good "bargains" in mobos, as low as 80 bucks Australian, able to take an AMD 64 3200 , based on SIs chipsets. Of the chipsets available, eg, Sis , Via , nforce, are folk noticing any "real world" difference between them.

I occasionally edit and render video-rendering times not a key consideration and occasionally play Lomac and Il2 flight sims. Thats it. Apart from surf the net.

Your input appreciated. Thanks

A:Advice required for mobo update or mobo replacement

i just bought an ecs N2U400-A MB, i already had a couple xtra processors so i didnt need to get the combo, but if I had got the combo, i beleive it came with an athlon xp 2400+ for around $100 american. so far i am very happy with the quality and performance of this new board. BTW, it is an nFORCE2 board

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Howdy, I'm at my wits end here, and I was hoping one of you could point me in the direction of something else to try.

Working on friend's 2003ish eMachine (ick), because his motherboard chipset heatsink fell off. Used some thermal adhesive to stick the sucker back on, but when i hit the power button, nothing happens. However the motherboard led is on. So I pop in another working PSU that I had laying around, with the same thing happening.

At this point I figure the motherboard got fried, and ordered a no name gateway oem motherboard. I throw it in, and have the exact same issue. I try shorting the power pins to see if it was my power switch, and nada.

It might be that the processor was killed, but wouldn't the psu fan start up in that case? Or I ordered a dud motherboard with the same symptoms?

At this point I'm just not sure what step to take to resolve the problem. Any advice?

A:New Mobo LED green, PSU/Mobo fans won't spin

Run the motherboard outside the case with just CPU and memory installed. See if it starts. If not, the CPU could be fried or you have a defective motherboard. I hope you didn't use the old power supply with the replacement motherboard, if you did, you probably fried the 2nd motherboard

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I'm upgrading a computer and I'm having difficulties with loading. I am replacing just the mother board, processor chip, and the ram chip. I am re-using the hard drives, cd/dvd drives, and everything else.

I've upgraded from:
an AMD chip to a P4 3.0e w/ HT
an unknown AMD mobo to a DFI PS85-BL ver B1 mobo

I will be using 512 mb ddr 400 pc3200 kingston ram

I already called DFI and they said that I need to unistall the system drivers. Of course, I tried uninstalling all device drivers and then shut down and rebuilt computer. When I booted, the computer asked for safe mode or boot normally. No matter what I select, it automatically reboots.

Any ideas, instructions, or definite fixes?

A:Upgrade Issues. Upgrading from AMD mobo to P4 mobo.

Watching over Gotham City...hey it's dark out here

Why Do u Wanna Upgrade to Pentuim 4
Just Asking

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Here is my mobo, will be here Thursday.

I want a Phenom II soon. I then started (after I purchased the motherboard first) got interested in getting an X3 and trying to see about unlocking the 4th core.

I have searched around and can find little information about anything other than Biostar and 790 chipsets unlocking the core.

If anyone has information that could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and if anyone here has this motherboard, how do you like it?

A:New Mobo, quick question (CPU/Mobo Related)

The motherboard looks pretty good... I am an Intel man though

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I have read several posts about issues with this already.

I had an ECS P4M800 Pro-M V 2.0 with a Pentium 4 2.88. I had a primary and secondary hard drive as well as a DVD RW on it. My brother-in-law originally build the computer some years ago. I got the dreaded call the other day, "Honey, the computer won't turn on."

DOA, fried MOBO. I ordered a Biostar A880 G + MOBO with integrated graphics, audio and LAN cards. Popped in an AMD Athlon 2 X 3 3.3G and two DDR 3 2G Ram sticks.

Fired that puppy up on my old hard drive. It ran through some system checks, and nada. I keep getting back to nothing.

I had a system backup set up to run, but the destination drive ended up being full, (without my realizing it) and now I'm up shit creek becuase the drive won't boot. I've got some important business stuff on that drive, which I know I can recover, but I would just like it to get up and run.

I have the install CD and it is a direct from Microsoft CD. Nothing specific to the old MOBO. What to do???? This was supposed to be my swan song. New computer and I was going to be rocking it out! zilcho.... Please help me out.

A:MOBO baked. Need to maintain 7 OS and files from HD on new MOBO

Describe "I keep getting back to nothing" in more detail.

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I am trying to put together a Server running for my home.

I have a two computers running socket 939 MOBOS and CPUs. I have enough pieces to put together another computer

Graphic card

Besides this old gear I have a special server case and RAID card. I tried to get the computer set up a while back and got errors from the MOBO. I made a half attempt to work it out but do not have the time or patience. I figured I would just buy another inexpensive 939 mobo and get it going. Based on the prices I am seeing for this mobo it has turned into a collectors item and worth more now than when they were cutting edge.

Should I just suck it up and pay $150 for a old MOBO or should I upgrade my home theater PC to a newer MOBO, with new Ram and CPU then take that mobo for the Server? That computer runs fine now with a 3800+ CPU, but a newer socket would allow me options for the future without paying a premium for old school technology. If you suggest a newer MOBO, I would appreciate suggestions on which MOBO and CPU for a Micro ATX case good for a HTPC.

BTW I am on the road more than at home so most of my work is done on a newer laptop.

A:Socket 939 Mobo or purchase a newer Mobo

You can do mobo/ 2GB RAM and a X2 AM2 for around $150, I would go that route.

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Hey guys, I am building my second system and am just wondering what mobo to get.

I don't full understand the advantages that a 64bit system will bring but I know that a dual processor will do wonders for my work flow (I have a 3D modeller who renders alot). I was just wondering if you know of a dual processor mobo which is also 64bit. That would be the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Any advice you can give would be great.

A:64 bit mobo vs dual processor mobo?

Any preferences between intel and AMD?

If you are going AMD, get a socket 939 motherboard with the nforce4 chipset, like this one for example:

Then pop a dual core, 64bit CPU in it:

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The HP ProDesk 400 G1 MS motherboard is bad.  It is a MS 7860 v1.2.    It has a special connector for the USB ports on the mobo.   Can somebody recommend a new mobo replacement? Thanks. Darryl

A:Replacement Mobo for MS 7860 v1.2 (bad mobo)

Just saw the schematic and the connector is the USB 3.0 mobo connector that combines two USB 3.0 ports.   What do you ask for on a new mobo? Thanks.

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I replaced the mobo on my Dell 5510. Purchased from Dell. Sticker on mobo says BIOS ver A05. About every other day I get blue screen and physical dump of memory. My system info says my BIOS ver is A07. How do I go about changing BIOS? Is it as simple as pulling battery for 15 seconds? Some have offered this suggestion but I get a little worried at "friends" advice.

A:Replaced MOBO on Dell 5510 BIOS sticker on MOBO says A05, system in still has BIOS of A07

Removing the battery won't change the BIOS version. You need to download the version you require from the Dell site. From Windows you "flash" the BIOS. Take your time preparing for this. If anything goes wrong you will wreck your motherboard.

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I installed a new motherboard, and it does not seem to be getting power. The green light is off.

When I first installed the motherboard, it was connected to the old power supply. When I would plug it in, I got a clicking noise, but nothing else. I figured since it was only a 250w psu, and motherboard manual states 400w+, I put in a 500w power supply. Now I get nothing. Not even clicking noises. The whole thing wont even run POST. Literally, nothing happens when I plug it in, or click the power button. Yes I tried the switch on the back of the power supply. It's active PFC.

I just installed a P5G41-M LX2 motherboard
I installed a 500w OCZ stealthxstream2 power supply

I already connected the 24 pin and the 4 pin power cables.

Can anyone please give me some advice? (to at least get the green light on)?

I would try a new processor or new ram, if this showed any signs of power going to the motherboard at all.

A:No mobo light, new PSU, new mobo

Well, I don't know about a motherboard that requires "400 Watts". I think that the CPU, and even more importantly, the graphics card combine to set the tone of how much power is likely to be drawn.

Moving along, the "clicking" you heard could be the PSU cutting out due to a short circuit. Check the board to case standoffs, and make certain every one you have in place, has solder lands under the screws. (These are intended to be grounded). If there is no solder land under a screw, remove that particular standoff. BTW did you hook up the ATX (4 pin) connector, the plug near the CPU, and did you connect the PCIE- 6 pin connector to the video card? (This assumes the card you're using needs one)

That bad news is that you may have damaged the board, if indeed it was a short.

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What is the difference between a regular old computer motherboard and a "server motherboard"? Are they faster? Do they have more ports?

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Hi Guys ! + Gals ! Going 2 buy or upgrade my RAM. Got 512mb of SDRAM 133mhz now+ like to get best ram 4 puter. Thinkn KINGSTON DDR 512 ? Think puters mobo can only handle 266mhz. Any thoughts or hints ? Thx ALL Dean

A:Best Ram for Mobo ?

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Sorry guys but i just had to share this and sorry if it could be in the wrong forum but to me i think this MOBO kicks


I've looked around and reviews and what not but it still seems likea kickin' mobo i just wonder if it's available in Canada

BTW tell me what you think of this system i don't have the funds for it but if i could ever build one it would be great... so just any random info from you guys would be great.


A:Have you seen this mobo ?

All seems pretty good except that if you're going to spend that kind of money, get a Core 2 Duo instead of a Pentium D.

And 1.5TB of storage is a little hefty. That money might be better spent on a newer GPU setup--like a DX10 compatible system.

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What do you all make of this...

Socket 939 Mobo


Socket 939 CPU

Looks like its started

A:Skt 939 Mobo/CPU

Yeh, there is a some 939 stuff on overclockers.co.uk as well.
Now all i need is some money....


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Q: Mobo?

I've been having problems with my 'puter,
Some of them I guess are working now.
But I found a few things that I can get working.
I can't get my sound back,we tried everything.Windows up date,reinstalling drivers etc.
And I just noticed that I can't use a URL posted in a email.When I do click on it a window opens and that's it.
I'm also missing my my text doc icon ...like when you right click and scroll down to NEW and you have a list of items...new folder,word pad doc. etc.


In the beggining................LOL!
Ok,I was on a Sim site,I don't know which. All of the sudden I was getting
these BIG pop-ups.
So,I said I better run my Spy wares.WELL,after search was done I had 58 spys
on the 'puter !
I run my spy wares just about every day or so.
After quarantining them,S**T HIT THE FAN!
The 'puter ran slower,sound went,mail went couldn't get on the web,but could
network(now network is not working),My Favorites(bookmarks) was found in
cursor folder,I just noticed that my text log icon is not showing in
Properties.I still don't know what else is wrong as of YET !

"J" ran the Motherboard disk to reinstall whatever was missing there,went
to Winodows update,got what was needed.
I can't delete the new Favorite folder,so now I have 2. I had to copy and
paste my bookmarks into the new one to make the show up.John ran the OS '98
disk to install other missing things.
That where I stand now.... Read more


MY motherboard ( m2n-cm dvi from ASUS ) just suddenly go up to 50-58 celsius in the last few months...
Is that dangerous?
I have 1 system fan in the front of the case to floww the air to the back and a standing fan next to my opened case to help the flow...
Can u guys help me? what sould i du?

A:Mobo hot!!!!

Try reapplying the thermal paste.

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When I try to OC my processor (AMD Athlon 64 3700+), I go into the bios of my motherboard (DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR Premium), I can boost the multiplier a bit (about 400mhz overclock) but after that I need to raise the voltage, but when I try to select the voltage, it can't be selected. It's just grey.

A:DFI Mobo-Can't OC

Anybody know how?

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Hey guys,

I know there is someone here who can tell me if it is well here is the details!.

Chipset & Memory

Northbridge ATI RS690/RS690M rev. 00
Southbridge ATI SB700 rev. 00
Graphics Interface PCI-Express
Northbridge ATI RS690/RS690M rev. 00
Southbridge ATI SB700 rev. 00
Graphic InterfacePCI-Express
PCI-E Link Widthx16
PCI-E Max Link Widthx16

SystemSystem Manufacturer PACKARD BELL BV
System Name IMEDIA 8552
Mainboard VendorPackard Bell BV
Mainboard ModelPBGL00
BIOS VendorAmerican Megatrends Inc.
BIOS VersionPBBGL00.P03

Thanks in advance guys


If there is anymore details need please let me know.

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whats going on,
wondering if anyone has any extra insight for me on a problem.

new pc built a few months ago. to shorten this a bit, i ended up testing my ram with memtest86 and a windows based memtest. i cant figure out if the problem is the ram or the slots/mobo.

say we have chip x and chip y
and slots a1, a2, b1, b2
chip x works in all slots no errors with memtest86, yet shows an error with the windows memtest
chip y works shoots 10k+ errors at the end of test 5 @ 98% on slots a1 & a2. shows no errors on slot b1 or b2.
chip x in slot a1 & chip y in slot b1 (this is the dual channel configuration for the mobo) test 5 @ 98% about 3-4k errors.

so basically im stuck with
a: changing the chip makes a difference
b: changing the slot the chip is in also makes a difference

i was also getting event id 1003 but im not sure if its because of a large pagefile, that i just changed recently.

A:Bad Mobo or RAM?

Anyway you can test in another system?

My initial guess is its the motherboard. Memtest86 outside of the OS should be the most trusted of the 2 (the other being the test in windows). So if it shows up fine for chip x then I'd say its a good module.

How are the connections on the ram? You could try cleaning them with some high percentage isopropyl alcohol (higher than 80%).

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it started out with my psu burning out so i got a new one.
when the new on was put in no video but the drives all were spining.
after reading online it seemed to be that my mobo was dead. it was a am-37
emachines board so i got a used one that was tested, but when all hooked up
the same thing happend, no video beeps but everything else seemed fine, so i thought i got a nother dead board. so this time i got a new board, not a am-37 but one that would take the amd 2600+ chip i had had from the beginning, and was going to install new software. but once again nothing no video or signel. what is wrong? please any ideas?

A:mobo help ??????

You`ve changed the PSU.You`ve changed the motherboard.Therefore, it must be the monitor cable/plug,the connections to the motherboard,or something else.

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i picked this processor:


I need a mobo to go with it , i have never bought parts before but i build computers for the longest time. what mobo will go good with this?

Thanks so much

A:plz help pic mobo

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i have a fan on the motherboard that is getting or prehaps always has been really loud, is it it possible to buy a new quiet one?? or do i actually need it at all, i have a heatsink/fan on the cpu, a psu fan, two case fans and a fan on the video card.



Hi guys a bit of advice needed if possible.

As you can see from my system specs my computer is not great.

I fancy upgrading my Mobo and CPU. I do not have mega money so i will not be able to afford the i7 and Mobo to go with it (for example).

I know it is small but my budget is a petty ?200. (roughly)

Any help would be much appreciated as i am thrown by the amount of choices out there.

Cheers in advance guys.


A:Want a new Mobo and CPU

Hi Rossy,
You won't go far wrong with these 2 as long as your not going to go crazy overclocking.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz Socket 775 1333FSB 4MB.. | Ebuyer.com


Total cost around ?192 delivered.

I have a gigabyte motherboard and am pretty happy with it.

I also have the Q8300 and have done a little overclocking , its gone from 2.5 per core to 3.1ghz and is running just great.



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One of my friends is planning on building a computer (and asking me what I should get). For the motherboard, I really dont know what to say.

It has to be socket 775 (and no amd's), supports pci-e 2.0, and thats pretty much it (a reasonable price too i guess).

I recently got myself an ASUS P5N-D and I'm kinda disappointed with it. It does not overclock at all, and the chipset gets really hot (the heatsink isnt enough, I had to attach a fan aswell), so I'm not gonna recomend the P5N-D

A:looking for a 775 mobo

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I have Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Mobo + i3 3220 Ivy bridge CPU. I've just added a Sapphire HD 7850 to this and I was expecting it to run @PCI-e x16 v3.0.

But GPU-z reports it's working @x16 v2.0

How can I fix that?

A:PCI-e 3.0 GPU + MoBo + Ivy CPU = PCI-e 2.0 ???

There's a BIOS setting for the PCI-E link speed. According to your manual (p. 62 of the downloadable English version, under north bridge configuration), its default setting is Auto. You could try manually setting it to Gen 3 compatibility, in whatever fashion Asrock defines it.

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