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Satellite R830 screen issue - dead pixel

Q: Satellite R830 screen issue - dead pixel


I have a Satellite R830, I've not used the laptop much since purchase 2 years ago but i've got several white spots on the monitor (8+ areas). I suspect these may be pixel hot spots but i've tried all sorts of software and even light pressure to fix it but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any advise on methods to try and fix this issue or am i resolved to try to get this repaired?


Preferred Solution: Satellite R830 screen issue - dead pixel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite R830 screen issue - dead pixel


You cannot fix it?
In such case the display need to be replaced.
But I assume the warranty is not valid anymore, therefore you would need to pay for the replacement.
I think this is not worth.

I found also a information about screen technology and pixel failure tolerance for LCD displays

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Our Toshiba Satellite R830 has a temperamental H key. If you press the left hand side of the key, it works fine. If you press the right hand side, it doesn't. All other keys are fine. Could this be caused by debris?

Is it easy to pop the key off and pop it back on again?

A:Satellite R830 - H keyboard button issue

Well, what you can do is to remove the button cap and to check the area under the cap?
You could use an compressed air spray to remove the dust (if available)?.
But in my opinion its some mechanical issue? the point is that single buttons cannot be replaced? you can replace the caps but not the button? so you will need to replace the whole keyboard to get it fixed.

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The Microsoft upgrade adviser said my Satellite R830-182 would be ok to upgrade to Windows 10, so I took the plunge. Everything works well, except the Toshiba webcam. Device Manager states "The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)" and clicking "update drivers" is to no avail.

In searching the Toshiba site for an updated driver, I found that this model is not listed in their supported models for Windows 10, despite the MS advice.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get around this issue (alternate driver?), or is it impossible to get this webcam working in Windows 10?

Thank you.


A:Satellite R830 and Windows 10 webcam issue

I have exactly the same problem with my tablet Encore WT-8A-102. after W10 upgrade. Cam software has memory exeptions and closed the system down with a blue page

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I have a Satellite R830.

If I push the space at the keyboard on the right side it sounds like, that the space touch a metal when it is pushed down.

If i push the space in the middle or on the left side it works normal like the other keys.
-> space defect?

How long does it take to change the keyboard over support - Austria, Vienna?
I need my laptop for work.

A:Satellite R830 - keyboard space button issue


Don?t think that someone here could be able to say how long this would take?usually the keyboard replacement is not tricky and the whole procedure takes maybe 10min? but not sure how long does it take to finish the whole procedure?
So I would recommend to get in contact with an the ASP and to asking for more details?.

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Impossible to use my screen: the screen is black.
I succeed to connect an external screen but impossible to switch to the R830 screen...

Also, I try to putt off my battery and to restart the laptop but the screen is allways black...

I'm afraid that the screen is broken but I bought this toshiba only 6 months ago... :-(

also the touchpad is off, maybe it will be helpfull to understand...

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english


A:Satellite R830-1H3 - Black screen

> I'm afraid that the screen is broken but I bought this toshiba only 6 months ago...

Yes, it seems like the disaply is faulty because the external monitor is working properly.
But the warranty should be still valid if the notebooks is only 6 month old.
So get in touch with local Toshiba ASP (service parnter) to get it fixed.

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Hi all, On my T460 touch screen, I have some white lines, visible on darker images. Presume dead pixels.The machine is still in warranty and I logged a ticket with support for screen replacement.For over 1 month I'm trying to get a clear answer from Lenovo engineers why the warranty has been refused based on "Customer Induced Damage" of a (explanation received in writing from Lenovo) " Screen damaged by touching". If I'm correct, a touch screen is designed to be operated by touching, otherwise what is the purpose. Can anybody can help me on this issue? Why Lenovo is refusing to honour the warranty on touch screens? All the assessment has been made on photos and ignore the fact has been mentioned that white lines are only when screen is power on and no scratches, dents or other damages. Any help would be much appreciated.

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On my laptop screen having one white spot and its appear bright in white back ground. how to fix it.

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I have experienced exactly the same problem with this one;

I also explained what is the issue and how it developed over time in that topic.

To sum it up; my screen and keyboard are not working in my Toshiba Satellite R830-181, 13.3 inch laptop.

My questions;
1- Is this a motherboard issue?

2- Since it works on an external monitor I assume graphic card or the processor is fine.
There is no physical damage on the screen, therefore, I assume there is a problem with the power connection to the screen.

If I buy a new screen I have doubts that it will work.

I am definitely going to send it to the tech service in my country (hard to find reliable Toshiba tech services around here), however, I'd like to know what may be the cause and if I can fix it myself.

What do you guys think? Is it a power issue or a problem with the screen itself?
If a power issue or something else rather than the screen, how can it be fixed?
Same question goes for the keyboard.

3- If i get it fixed or fix it myself, do you think it will occur again? Because I am thinking this might be a faulty laptop from a certain production series since someone else experienced the very same thing with this model.

4- Can there be a relation between the non-functioning keyboard and the screen?

5- If this can be solved with a screen replacement, do I have to find a Toshiba R830 laptop screen or can I just... Read more

A:Screen and Keyboard issues on Satellite R830-181

> 1- Is this a motherboard issue?
Not easy to say: if external monitor works properly then its not graphic/motherboard problem.
If external USB keyboard works properly, its not motherboard problem too.

> 2- Since it works on an external monitor I assume graphic card or the processor is fine.
Yes, this is correct.

> If I buy a new screen I have doubts that it will work.
I would not recommend purchasing new parts before the faulty parts has not been checked.

> I am definitely going to send it to the tech service in my country (hard to find reliable Toshiba tech services around here), however, I'd like to know what may be the cause and if I can fix it myself.
Good idea to send it to Toshiba service partner since the guys would be able to check the parts and fix it.

> What do you guys think? Is it a power issue or a problem with the screen itself?
If a power issue or something else rather than the screen, how can it be fixed?
>Same question goes for the keyboard.

Don?t think someone can say exactly what cause this? in my opinion its simply a bad luck? hardware can start to malfunction? this happens in for all possible branch of industries (TV, computers, smartphone, cars?)

> 4- Can there be a relation between the non-functioning keyboard and the screen?
No, the keyboard is connected only to motherboard, display is also connected to motherboard but there is no connection between keyboard and display.

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a black patch appears on right bottom corner and it spreads horizontally through the screen. i have change the screen three times at service centre .this is not due any mechanical pressure . if there can b any other reason i dont know. please help please.

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Hello, So I started using my new Yoga 920, and so far I'm very happy with it, it's a blast quality-wise. But starting to do graphic work on it, I noticed a weird black spot which does look like a dead pixel, but moving my head around makes it move "above" the screen. For example if I put the cursor tip on it, if I move my head to the right the black spot appears more on the left of the cursor. It looks like something is inside the screen, or the glass has a small defect on that particular spot. Do you know how to adress thsis issue, or if I can send it for repairs ? Doing mostly graphic work on my laptop it could become bothersome quite fast. Also, I am located in France, if that changes anything. Thank you ! EDIT : I also have a pretty loud coil whine on heavy load, so it could be another reason to send it back...

A:Black dot Yoga 920 screen, unsure if it is a dead pixel.

Hi Solomai, firstly i would recommmend you to run following page for dead pixel detection: http://www.deadpixelbuddy.com/ If you find any dead pixels just contact Lenovo support, there shouldn't be any issues with the exchange/refund.  

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Hi everyone,I just received a super beautiful Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop, but quickly discovered a very ugly and disturbing thing.At first, I thought it is a dead (black) pixel. After playing around with different lighting / light exposure, I found out that this spot is  there even when the laptop is turned off.Laptop on, white background: super ugly black spotLaptop off, shade: not visibleLaptop on, sunlight: visible in a colour that can be best described as some shiny glass colour.I attached some pictures. They are all showing this same spot, with different light exposure.Gentle wiping/rubbing didn't help at all.It is right in the center of the screen, and super disturbing. It destroys the whole experience of this basically beautiful Yoga.Thanks for sharing ideas! 

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Hi people,I have some issue with my screen on lenovo thinkpad t450. I bought it in Sweden recently (few months ago) and everything was fine, and then this morning this black spot of pixels showed up. It was not punched or something like that, it was on my desk the whole time.I tried to run JScreenFix.com on this place and also to massage it with a soft cloth but it seems that it just gets worse.The problem I have is that I am now in Serbia, and I have this international warranty, but only in one city in Serbia which is on the other part of the country.Also, I saw that there are service providers in my city, but I am not sure if they can fix me this as regular service with warranty.Do you maybe know how this functiones? Or have some tips how to solve this? 

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I have an R830-1GZ Bios version 3.70 EC Version 1.50
And also a R630- 138 BIOS version 2.20 EC Version 1.60 (this is the most up to date version for this discontinued model.)

The former will recognise my WD storage for what it is - ie an external HDD. And the boot priority in the bios shows it below the internal HDD - which is what you would expect for correct operation.

The latter (R630) will always try to boot from the WD storage. It does not show the WD HDD in the Bios Boot priority list.

I can continue to unplug and replug the usb cable into the R630 - but it is a nuisance. I'm sure the problem is down to the BIOS not being new enough. What would be the likely result of flashing the 3.70 version - designed for the R830, onto the R630?

I'm expecting to be told it will make the R630 inoperable. But these laptops are very similar, so I'm hoping someone might have a more hopeful response.

Thanks for your help

A:Flashing the Satellite R830 BIOS onto the Satellite R630

First of all:
you can download only the Toshiba win based BIOS from Toshiba EU driver page.
This means that you can update the BIOS only while running the windows system.

it would not be possible to update the R830 BIOS onto the R630 since there is a protection which would break up the flash process because of compatibility issue.

You could damage the notebook if you would still try to update the wrong BIOS (maybe using the traditional BIOS version, USB version, etc?)
So this is really bad, bad idea doing this?

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Hello, i have had a dead pixel for a while now, is there any fix to it? it only seams to show on a black back ground, as when windows starts up you can see it and my desktop background is black so it appears then. When the colour changes it is totally fine and cannot be seen. Is there any fix to this, i did post a post ages ago but i did not get a response, i am not sure if my laptop is in warranted now but it may be.

A:Dead Pixel

I've been lucky and fixed a few
If a new monitor and a stuck pixel .. There's some exercising software (or run a movie) that may wake it up
I've fixed another by using pressure methods.

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i just purchased a 22" NEC CRT monitor the FP2141SB and a little off from the center are roughly 9 vertical lines. very very hard to see but can be seen on a white screen...they aren't colored lines more like dotted grey lines. anyone know what this is?

A:what does a dead pixel look like?

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hello, i have recently noticed on my laptop as i clean it that i may have a dead pixel. My Desktop background is a Intel xeon background and is mostly black, here i can see that near the top i have a white pixel. Ii have tried changing my wallpapers, most of them are black and i keep seeing this white pixel. I can see it right now as i have google chrome and have a black theme on and above the address bar i can see it. I have done an online test and i am not sure what i am meant to be doing however the instructions were clear. So what do you think is wrong

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my laptop is lenovo ideapad 310 .....my problem is that after 2 months of buying my laptop i noticed a a very small green spot in the screen then i found that is called dead pixel .....my question is ....does my warranty  cover this problem or no......if it does what should i do ?

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I took the risk of getting an LCD, hoping there would be no dead pixels... there is one. Anyway, I've tried rubbing it with my finger, that doesn't seem to work, so is there anything else I can do to fix it? It's only one but it irritates me.

A:Dead Pixel

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My notebook's LCD has one dead-pixel, at least I think it's dead.... it can turn white and green, and that's it... no other colours... is it a dead-pixel? and I would also like to know why does this happen..

A:Lcd with one dead-pixel

it should be a dead pixel...
i also got 2 dead pixels in my 1.7 years old lappy
go here to check more...
this is not weird under old computer, but if it's under warranty quickly replace it.
btw my 2 years old BENQ LCD screen have 0 dead pixels, wonderful

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As you can see by my screen shots below, it looks like I have a dead pixel to the right of the recycle bin.

Ive tried changing my desktop backgrounds but it still remains...

When I drag a window over the pixel its fine...
Whats very weird is that I have the same issue with the 32bit version of windows 7 on my dell inspiron 1525?

Thats 2 computers with the same little dot!

This dot disipears if I turn aero off...

(I know a screenshot would not capture a dead pixel) Thats why its odd!

A:Dead Pixel? Or not?

Dead pixels don't show up on screen shots. If it was a dead pixel the best way to fix it is to just flick it. I have done this a bunch of times and it always works.

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I have a dot on my monitor that I am trying to get diagnosed. You cannot see it when the monitor is bright and colored, but black screen it looks to me like a bubble, almost clear looking. It may be a bad pixel, and the dot doesnt bother me a ton but my curiosity is getting to me. I do have pictures of it, although they are not very good but maybe someone here can recognize what it is for sure.

I tried that flashing software that may fix stuck pixels, i did that for almost 3 hours but it is still there. I also posted on another forum but they just said if it bothers me than return it. Assuming I don't want to return it, please look at the bad pictures and let me know what you think.


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Even with the router in the same room, we don't get full reception with the computer. Other PC's doesn't have the same problem. We've got 3 R830-13D computers, having trouble with the WLAN reception in our house.

We've installed the newest driver to the Atheros device, and the confree software.

Is this a known problem, that reception on this computer is bad, or have we done something wrong?

A:Satellite R830-13D - Bad W-LAN reception

>... or have we done something wrong?
And what have you done exactly?

Do you use original preinstalled OS (factory settings)?
Have you noticed the same issue with AC power supply and battery power supply?

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Does anyone know if there's any news about SSDs in Toshiba laptops?

The reason I'm asking is that I have a Satellite R830-182 and I've recently bought an OCZ Agility 4 and it is not detected by BIOS.

I've tried all the tricks in the book including BIOS upgrade and switching between AHCI/IDE.

Searching online, I find posts about this particular issue.
The general consensus seems to be that Toshiba has actively chosen to not support SSDs other than their own brand. Is this true? And if so, is this still the case?

Someone suggested that [pressing Pause|https://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=244444&#244444] before entering BIOS would help.
Has anyone tried this?
Not sure that this is a feasible long-term solution.

Any other thoughts/advice on this?

A:Satellite R830-182 and SSD support

>Searching online, I find posts about this particular issue.
>The general consensus seems to be that Toshiba has actively chosen to not support SSDs other than their own brand. Is this true? And if so, is this still the case?

I?ve got Toshiba notebook and I was able to upgrade the notebook with an 250GB SSD drive from another manufacturer. Also a friend of mine with Toshiba Satellite notebook use another brand name SSD 2.5? drive.

But fact is that compatibility issues between the different devices (not always SSD drives but other PCI modules as well) can happen and its nothing unusual in the wide computer world.

As far as I know some models R830 series are equipped with a "Solid State Drive (SSD)" instead of a hard disk drive. 2.5"SATA SSD type 256GB/512GB and 1.8"SATA SSD type 128GB should be compatible?.
But its also a matter of SSD drive firmware. In many cases SSD drive firmware might be not BIOS supported.
In such case the SSD drive would not be recognized properly.

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I benchmarked my Satellite R830 with W7 WEI index. At this benchmark CPU index was 6.9.

I clean installed Windows 7 64-bit to my R830-PT32LE (i5-2410M).

I installed most of the apps and drivers. After that installation when I benchmark again CPU index was 5.2.
(WEI benchmark was done with Power Settings and adapter was plugged)

I think it is really 5.2 because its slower than before. Other than WEI, I test it with some other CPU benchmark apps and all of them gave this kind of low numbers.

What is the problem ? Is it possible if I forgot to install and driver so I get this kind of low results ?

A:Satellite R830 - low CPU benchmark

> I installed most of the apps and drivers.
And what is missing?

Fact is that all drivers, tools and utilities must/should be installed in right installation order.
BTW: which Win7 version do you use now? Ultimate maybe?

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Hi guys,

Was just wondering if there was anyone out there with a Satellite R830-10C who could advise me on how hot it gets.

I'm looking to upgrade from a netbook to a (cheapish) ultraportable and this looks like really good value for money and well reviewed. However, I've seen some comments on the R830-11c and -143 that seem to indicate they get very hot on the bottom.

I realise the 10C is less powerful so should run cooler, but I need to be able to use this on my lap, leave it on sofa arms etc (not duvets or anything silly) without any issues or I'm better off going for something bulkier and cooler.

Your advice would be very much appreciated

A:Satellite R830-10C: Need an advise

The left side can get a bit warm but I don't think it's too bad. If you are just browsing the internet or something else light, then it stays relatively cool.

If you are worried about the heat, you may be better off getting a slightly larger model with a bigger chassis such as the Tecra R840.

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My 128G SSD is dead. I cannot find any SSD that fits in that computer.
I have another recent Toshiba laptop (Prot?g? RA-A-19Q with a 256G SSD) that looks exactly the same.
Toshiba uses a proprietary connector and does not seem sell SSD replacement for its own computers ?
No other brands dear to provide replacement SSD for Toshiba laptops apparently.

Any indication where to find suitable SSD for Toshiba laptops or adapters to fit a standard one would be approciated.


A:Satellite R830-1K7 - SSD replacement

Originally Posted by jvieille

Toshiba uses a proprietary connector and does not seem sell SSD replacement for its own computers ?

I don't have this notebook model but if you have problems to obtain original hardware parts, contact Toshiba service provider in your country. They can order original SSD for your notebook.

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I want to upgrade RAM, can i install
2x8 DDR3 or only 2x4 DDR3 ?

and which will be better ?
DDR3 1333 (PC 10600)
DDR3 1600 (PC 12800)

A:Satellite R830-146 - RAM upgrade

According notebook specification you can use 8GB max. With other words you can use 2 x 4GB.
It is very important to use high quality and compatible modules.

Compatible 4GB RAM for your machine has part number PA3918U-1M4G.

I also recommend you usage of Kingston modules. You can find right part number HERE .

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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The PC's lights turn on. The fan goes, but the laptop has a black(dead) screen

A:toshiba satellite a200 dead screen

Try connecting a monitor to it if you have one, and press Fn + F5. If you get a display then there is something wrong with the internal display. If no display, something else is wrong.

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Whenever I did 'sleep', on my Toshiba Sateliite P200-10C my screen often would go from 1200x1400 to what looked like 600x800 dpi. Half the time I would need to restart 1-3x to get back to my 1200x1400. Changing by manually going into the screen setup didn't do anything. I never had any error messages.

Suddenly the last time the screen looked 600x800 but this time with vertical lines--no error messages. I restarted hoping for the best and the screen went from off-black to dark grey like it wanted to come on but couldn't. Restarting 8 more times did nothing. Hitting F8 for entry into setup just made the comp beep in protest.

I plugged the Toshiba into another screen and that showed up everything I had just fine.

Does this sound like a video card died? Is this common for Toshibas? It's a year old.

Thanks in advance for any help. My comp specs below:

Toshiba Satellite P200-10C
Core2 Duo T7200
1024MB + 1024MB Memory 667Mhz/256Vram
250 GB HD 4200RPM SATA
17 WXGA+ Trubrite TFT screen
DVD-Super-Multi Drive (2 layer)
56K Modem/Lan
W-Lan (802.11A/G/N*
1.30MPixel Web camera
OS Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

A:Toshiba Satellite P200--dead screen

Could be the video card, could also be a loose cable, since its only a year old, it may still have a warranty. If it does take it for servicing

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Got this laptop a couple of days ago and the FN key does not work with any of the other keys
I mainly need the WiFi to be enabled but I can't seem to find any way of doing this

How can I get the FN key to work?

A:FN keys on Satellite R830 not working


Go to All Programs -> Toshiba -> Flash Card Support Utility and restart this tool.
Flash Cards controls the FN buttons and I think this should solve your issue?

Your feedback would be appreciated?.

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I can't find any update for the R30 1k7, neither with the automatic detection feature

Where i can find any update?

A:Can't find Satellite R830-1K7 update


What do you mean by update?
Do you want update drivers or what?

Drivers can be downloaded from Toshiba EU page:

The Satellite R830-1K7 belongs to PT32LE series and all drivers are available there...

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After 2-3 hours of work the typical noise of HDD spin up/spin down be heared from my *Satellite R 830-146 (PT32LE)*. It may continue about 10 minutes or longer and one way ti fix it is to make notebook sleep and wake up it again.

I'm sure, it is not normal behavior and not safe for hdd. I haven't any modified settings in windows battery profiles, only Toshiba preinstalled defaults.
Also there are no any software for managing powersave or hdd - excluding Toshiba preinstalled products.

Do you have any ideas, how to fix this problem?
There is only one suspicious moment I see: ubuntu-server in virtualbox, but it haven't laptop-mode-tools installed at all and it uses virtual drive, so, I think, it would not make any effect on real hdd.

A:HDD spin down every 2-3 seconds on Satellite R830

> I'm sure, it is not normal behavior and not safe for hdd. I haven't any modified settings in windows battery profiles, only Toshiba preinstalled defaults.

I think this happens because there is a background process which access the HDD and read or write the data there.
There are a lot of temporal data which would be stored on the HDD. For example during the usage of internet browsers or similar? this is nothing uncommon and could happen if the process would not be canceled properly.

You can start the task manager and check the Processes tab.
There you will find all processes running in the background which could access the HDD.

You can also try to set the HDD in ?suspend mode?
This could be done in Win 7 power options.

Control panel -> power options -> choose the power plant -> advanced settings.

Now you can suspend the HDD after the notebook has not been used for a specific period of time.

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I have purchased a Satellite R830-1G1 recently.
It was advertised as having HDD with 320GB memory size. However, the HDD only displays 282GB total memory size.

Has anyone with this model had the same problem? How did you solve it?

A:Satellite R830 HDD memory size

There is no problem at all. Preinstalled OS uses small recovery partition, Toshiba recovery partition is also there and this is not included in capacity when you check it in windows explorer.

Open disc management option and there you can see exact partitions structure.

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Satellite R830-1ES
Part No: PT32LE-01R00CEN
Op Sys: Win Xp SP3

Had to uninstall Win7 and install Win Xp so compatible with worksystems.

Installed everything but Bluetooth. Installed Proset driver, Bluetooth stack from support centre (BT-Stack-Toshiba.zip).

Once I run the bluetooth utility it says installing bluetooth drivers, then asks me to plug in my device. I obviously cant as its a pre-installed component, I'm presuming bundled with the motherboard and prob wifi card????

Anyone have any idea on how to proceed?


A:Cant reinstall Bluetooth on Satellite R830

Realised I hadnt enabled Bluetooth in the Bios.

All working now

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Hi all,

Can someone please explain to me how to disable the camera led on a Toshiba Satellite R830 laptop?
Thank you for your help.

A:How to disable the camera led on my Satellite R830?

As far as I know camera LED cannot be disabled. When web camera is activated LED is always ON.

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I have checked Toshiba?s website and apparently the Satellite R830 is not in the list of upgradeable devices for Win 10.

Is it just a matter of time until Toshiba prepares the required drivers or is it a final policy?

I have found in other forums some attempts to upgrade the system... but it would be nice to hear from experiences and plans here


A:Windows 10 support on Satellite R830

Even if the notebook isn’t listed on the Toshiba Windows 10 support website, this does not mean that you cannot install the Windows 10.

But fact is that the Windows 10 drivers as well as Toshiba software are not available for this notebook model… it could be possible that some notebook features like FN buttons would not work properly but you could try to install the Windows 10 drivers / tools released for other notebook series which could solve the issue…

So don’t be worried that the unit isn’t officially Win 10 supported model… this isn’t really an reason NOT to use the system… you know…

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I'm going to buy it. I would like to know if the stepping of the chipset in B2 (with sata 2 BUG) or B3.

Thank you.

A:Satellite R830 - Which chipset stepping?


What Satellite R830 you want exactly?

There are different R830 models on the market and some have Intel HM65 chipset and other models Intel QM67 chipset.

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I need to replace the keyboard on my Satellite R830 as the space bar is not registering a press unless the middle of the bar is pressed.

New keyboards are available on ebay but can anyone please provide instructions on how the keyboard can be replaced. A search of the web has been unsuccessful so far.

Thanks in advance,

A:How to replace keyboard on Satellite R830?


Is your warranty valid?
In such case recommend contacting the ASP in your country to replace the kneeboard since this would be covered by warranty and it would be done free of charge.

As far as I know the keyboard replacement procedure is the same like for the R700 Portege series
It?s difficult because you will need to remove other parts like
Battery, sim card, express card slot, memory modules, base assembly to get access to an
aluminum tape from the back of the cover assembly. Then you could turn the cover assembly face up and peel off the keyboard adhered to the insulator.
And additionally you can not use the removed keyboard and keyboard insulator again. You will need to use new parts.

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I've got my DVDROM not working at all. I've no idea why. I open device manager and there're two exclamation marks for CD&DVD-ROM drivers accordingly. So I digged through the whole Interenet and haven't found any drivers! I would appreciate if you could help me, please.

Best regards, Alexander

A:Satellite R830-13D - ODD doesn't work

ODD (optical disc drive) uses standard Microsoft driver so you cannot find driver for ODD.
What you can try is follow: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

Check it out please.

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Hi All.

My R830 seems to have encountered a catastrophic issue which is preventing it from switching on.

I had been running the laptop pretty hard last week running concurrent accounts and several applications while outputting music to external speakers when the laptop suddenly blacked out.

I attempted to switch it back on to no avail.

I done some forum searching but couldn't find much discussion on any issues, so I attempted a hard reset. Removing the battery etc and holding the power button in for 30 seconds, plugging everything back in and then switching it back on. The laptop would then start for about 5 seconds, attempt to boot up and then die again. The laptop is not charging despite having the power cable plugged in (no charging light on).

My own feel for the problem is that it is either a battery or motherboard issue however I can't be sure.

Is anyone able to advise on how I could resolve this issue or shed any more light on what the direct issue may be?

Thanks ...

A:Satellite R830 Core i5 - Not Switching On


Did you connect AC adaptor while powering on the unit?
In such case the notebook should power up and run even if the battery would be faulty or discharged / empty.

In my own opinion it sounds more like motherboard hardware issues as an battery related problem.

Other question: are you able to access the BIOS? Does the notebook run in BIOS mode?

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I am looking to get hold of a small part for my Satellite R830-1L7 laptop. The part is the small silver hinge protector of which there are two on the laptop; one on the left and one on the right, just underneath the screen. One of mine came loose and was lost, and wires are now exposed underneath.

It would be great if someone would be able to help me locate one, and i will provide as much information as i can if anyone thinks they will be able to assist.

Many thanks.

A:Need a small part for my Satellite R830-1L7

Are you talking about the display hinges or the hinge protector?
However, I guess both parts could be ordered from local Toshiba authorized service provider.
Authorized service provider will be able to order all compatible parts for your notebook and from my point of few this is the best place where you could make such part order.

Do you know how to find the service partner?

Check this page to get details about all ASPs available worldwide:

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I have a Satellite R830. As I closed down a notice appeared to say do not shut down until updates had finished. On completion of updates the laptop closed, then restarted. When it re-started on black screen PASSWORD:_ appeared with flashing cursor. I have tried all of the passwords I can think of including administrator password. After three attempts laptop shuts down. Any ideas of which password is required and if there is a safe mode to reboot?

Many thanks

A:Satellite R830 - Re-Boot password

When it re-started on black screen PASSWORD:_ appeared with flashing cursor.

Sounds like a BIOS password.

But to be honest, the story sounds really strange to me… I never read about the BIOS password which could be set automatically during the system update…

Nevertheless, if it’s really a BIOS password and if it’s unknown to you, well, then you will need additional help from authorized service provider… only authorized person is able to remove an unknown BIOS password.

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Hi there,

i haven't had this machine that long but when I got it the microphone was definitely working as I had talked to a few people on Skype. Now I can't seem to get it to work.

Things I have tried:
checking in device manager to see if anything is disabled or broken
reinstalling sound drivers
reinstalling the webcam
reinstalling Skype

any other tips greatly appreciated.


A:Satellite R830-1GZ - Microphone is not working

When you open sound properties and ?Recording? tab is microphone listed there?
If yes is microphone set as default device?

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I have just erased the hard drive and re-installed all from CD recovery disks. The only extra software I have installed is windows office 2010.

I've read other threads about the fan and changed the colling setting under power for battery and I've upgraded the BIOS. I don't think I have fingerprint software installed only face recognition.

However fan is still running very very fast all the time. CPU, which is an i3 2310 @2.10GHz, is running at around 30% and only 50% of RAM is bieng used around 2.04GB.

iexplorer is using the most CPU and RAM at around 02-05 looking at task manager and at around 482,000 K of memory. I have 92 processes . Under resource monitor system is running the most threads, 145. I don't know what it means but the blue line on the CPU graph in the reource manager is always up at 100% apart from the odd dip to 95%.

Anyone with any ideas or solutions it would be very much appreciated!


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A:Satellite R830 - 10C fan always running very fast

I think it was something to do with the CPU frequency that was running very high. I got rid of McAfee antivirus and that seems to have made a big difference. Also using google chrome not IE anyway seems to have reduced cpu frequency to now fluctuate between 40 and 80%. Fan much quieter. Don't know if that will help anyone

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I have a laptop model *R830*, but unfortunately FN keys does not work
I hope you help me

With gratitude and my thanks in advance
* Fahmi

A:Satellite R830 - FN keys not working

I have searched for a program definition was not Finder.
Please help me

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I just bought the new Sony Vaio Z series.

After 3 days it has a pixel issue:

On a white background, the pixel is red
On a lighter blue background, the pixel is black
On a green background, the pixel is black
On a red, dark blue or black background, the pixel seems normal (the right color and blends in with the rest as it should)

Is this a dead or stuck pixel?

A:LCD Dead or Stuck Pixel?


If it were dead, it would be black permanently.

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