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Cannot proceed to Windows on startup; always brought back to the Windows RE Boot

Q: Cannot proceed to Windows on startup; always brought back to the Windows RE Boot

It seems that there are already many discussions online for "Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop," however from reading through many of them I feel my situation may have 3 notable differences: 1. In almost all the discussions I read, it seemed that the error consisted of some kind of automatic loop, where the computer is cycling between various states all by itself, with no input from the user, in an infinite loop. In my case there is no such 'automatic' loop, it's just that selecting "Continue to Windows 8.1" or rebooting brings me back to the Windows Recovery Environment Boot Options Menu. I have been able to do other things such as access the BIOS menu, or access the Command Prompt from within the Troubleshoot > Advanced Options within the Boot Options Menu. 2. I was not trying to do any system recovery / shut off my laptop while it was operating / anything out of the ordinary when this happened. Last night I finished using my laptop, selected "Shut Down" by right-clicking the Windows Start icon in the lower-left of the screen just like I always do. This morning I powered it on as usual, but under the "lenovo" logo it said "Preparing Automatic Repair," and then presented me with the Windows RE Boot Options Menu. Now any time I either reboot or select "Continue to Windows 8.1," I always wind up back at that same Boot Options Menu. 3. Attempting the solutions posted in those discussions has not had any effect. I have read recommendations for doing a System Reset / System Refresh from the Boot Options Menu,  but would only do that as a last resort.   I think I understand that a System Refresh only preserves the files in your 'Users'  folder,  and I believe I have important files outside of that,  such as Steam game saves,  etc.   In either case,  the slog of reinstalling all my programs,  setting my graphics drivers to the specific legacy versions,  etc.  is something I would really rather avoid.   However, at this point, I'm not sure what other options exist and figure my next step should probably be either a Refresh or a Reset.  It does irk me a bit not knowing the cause of this issue after 4 days of testing, however, as I'd like to prevent it in the future if possible. Predictably,  this is now happening 1 week after my laptop's 1 year warranty expired  I would greatly appreciate any advice or assistance!  Things I have already tried:The "Startup Repair" Option under Troubleshoot > Advanced Options. I eventually thought it would never end after it took much longer than the stated hour. When I returned after 3~4 hours the laptop screen was back to the blue Boot Options Menu screen. Nothing had changed, as either rebooting or selecting "Continue" just brings me back to the same screen. Attempting to select "Startup Repair" a second time displays a message: Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC. Press "Advanced Options" to try other options to repair your PC or "Shut Down" to turn off your PC. Log file: (log file location)Copying in the Windows Backup Registry files as per this article. After following all the instructions, the laptop still behaves the same; either shutting it off and rebooting it or selecting "Continue and exit to Windows 8.1" displays "Preparing Automatic Repair" then bring me to the blue Boot Options Menu screen. Since it had no effect, I copied the original files back into place from the backup I made as part of that guide.Starting in "Safe Mode" via the Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. Nothing changed; it still always goes to the Boot Options Menu when I reboot / select "Continue to Windows 8.1".I've read about disconnecting your battery in order to "flush" the startup settings, however on my Lenovo Y70 I don't see any easy way to access the battery without taking the whole back of the laptop off, which I'd like to avoid if possible.I tried fixing / rebuilding the MBR as per Step 1.3 of this guide, with no changes.  However, I then tried the extra step from this other guide, beginning at "If bootrec utility doesn’t fix your Windows 8/8.1," and doing that actually put me a step backwards where my laptop wouldn't enter the Boot Option Menu without a recovery USB inserted, instead giving a "Windows cannot start and is missing critical files" window.  Re-following the steps from the first guide brought me back to where I started, however.Have tried running chkdsk /r/f, with no change.As far as the physical condition of the Hard Drive, running the SeaGate's SeaTools Short Test or the WD DataLifeGuard for DOS Extended Test both return with no errors found. System specs:Lenovo Y70 laptopWindows 8.11 TB Hybrid Hard DriveCPU: Intel i7-4710Memory: 8GB UPDATE:Now trying to copy off my personal files onto an external drive, just in case.  .  I initially tried this with the "Mini Windows XP" from a USB stick I made with Hiren's Bootable CD.  However, the file manager in Mini Windows XP did not seem to detect any onboard hard drive, so I grabbed my old USB stick I made with bootable Linux Mint which I'd used to move files to an external drive off my previous laptop last year. After Linux loaded, the screen had a strange shimmery effect as if running water were being poured over it, but was readable so I proceeded.  Linux Mint did indeed show the correct Hard Drive in its file manager, yet trying to access it gave this error (you can slightly make out the strange shimmering distortion).  Essentially seems to be says it can't mount it due to Windows being hibernated, which apparently is a common enough situation according to Google, though a bit strange as I thought I had set my laptop to only either Sleep or Shut Down, never Hibernate. I googled and found a guide which I have since lost, which instructed me to enter a series of commands into the linux terminal including $USER which should set the drive as read only, but I only got an "only root can do that" message instead... So at the moment I'm trying to work out how safe deleting the "hiberfil.sys' file would be in order to 'unlock' the hard drive to copy files out, or potentially allow it to boot normally?  (I'd heard someone say my issue may be related to corrupted / bad boot info being saved somewhere...) UPDATE 2:Well still not sure about hiberfil.sys, but after retrying to mount the drive as read only by adding "sudo" to the front of "mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro /dev/sda5 /media/windows" on a whim, Linux Mint is reading the drive! I'll try copying off personal data in the meantime  UPDATE 3: Well, now I'm a bit worried.  While selecting various folders to copy over to my external drive, I was surprised to see that the combined "Program Files," "Program Files (x86)", "Program Data," and "Users" folders only amounted to ~80GB.  With a little digging I noticed some of the folders I expected to be full of files / folders (e.g. steamapps/common) were instead completely empty.  A little googling and hunting showed that I had a new folder in the root directory of the drive, "found.001," filled with ~575,000 item with names like "dir0002.chk" or "file00000AE6.chk" totaling over 590 GB of space.  Apparently this may have been caused by the "chkdsk /r/f" I did 2 days ago, even though it reported no errors?  Have I just scrambled most of my files?

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Preferred Solution: Cannot proceed to Windows on startup; always brought back to the Windows RE Boot

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi every bodyI downloaded Windows 7 32bit (no key yet), I've tried upgrading Windows Vista SP1 but when step 2 (expandeing files) reaches 21% the installation stops with following error "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed."I tried to install Windows 7 in a new partition but the process reaches 27% this time and stops with same error.I've reformatted my hard disks completely and installation process reaches 99% then stops with same error.I checked BIOS settings and found only DVD and HDD listed (no third option).the Microsoft suggestion about the registry tweaking did not apply for me (and I tried to install a fresh copy from scratch).I'm using 2 HDD in RAID0 configuration and works OK with Windows Vista, I did load the drivers to Windows 7 during installation but still getting same problem, any suggestion???

A:Windows (7) could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed.??

Simple solution found for Dual Boot errors!
 Here is an update. Since no one else has seemed to find a solution I actually managed to find my own. Just to recap you on what had happened to me, I was trying to dual boot Windows 7 x64 with Windows Vista Ultimate x64. Somewhere in my use with Vista my BCD was corrupt/deleted and caused this error to appear. (Windows could not update your computer's boot configuration.) After searching my computer I found the registry settings were correct, and file access to the folder that contained the BCD was correct, However my BCD was corrupt/missing and so I was unable to finish the installation and get my computer to dual boot. I found this out by typing bcdedit.exe in command with admin access and it gave me the warning "BCDedit.exe could not be run. BCD is either corrupt or missing".
In order to fix this it was quite simple. I had to use the original installation disc for vista to repair my computer's boot files. Unfortunately I didnt have an install disc that would work with vista since I purchased mine before SP1 came out, so in order to repair it I had to create a slipstream disc with the SP1 updates added to it. after repairing I instantly was able to see both Windows 7 and Windows Vista in my boot manager when I restarted my computer. I easily fixed and finished installation with out a hitch, and I'm now staring at internet explorer inside of Windows 7 typing this message. I hope this will help anyone else ou... Read more

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so the hard drive in my laptop that came from the factory has crashed and I can't use it, so I thought I would try to use my other broken laptops hard drive, it works and fits into my laptop with the correct bracket on it. but whenever I go to boot it up, it gets to just after the Windows logo appears and then I get a flash of a blue screen then it restarts, what is this about? laptop win8.1 pro from he store, hard drive has win7 on it. asus laptop

A:Windows 7 hard drive on Windows 8 store brought laptop

You cannot just take a hard drive from one machine and install on another expecting the operating system to work. When windows is installed it creates an inventory of hardware, and also installs relevant drivers in order to work with that hardware.

If you want the current windows 7 install to work on the other machine, you will need to perform a repair install

This will reinstall all the relevant drivers needed for the new hardware.

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Hello: I have aquired a Compaq Presario model 5WV271. AMD 900mhz, 40 gig HDD, 128mgs of Ram, WinTV capture card, AGP Video card and 2 disk drives. The problem is, it is "DEAD"! I can push the power button and light comes on and the CPU fan runs but nothing happens. There are no beeps or any sounds or video. I replaced the HDD with a known good one, no change. Is this a case of no hope? I would love to get it running because (If running) it would be better than my current computer. My gut feeling is that it is probably unfixable without speending more money than it is worth. I checked the board for swollen capacitors, or visual crack but found none. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks

A:Can it be brought back to life?


Sounds like it might be the processor. Make sure the jumpers (if there are any) for the proc are set right. If they are, try find a working proc and stick that in to see if the pc will boot. Also check that the bios is seated correctly, if it's one that can come off the board that is.


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   Evidently while trying to take advantage of the Windows 10 Upgrade, somehow some damage was done to a file(s) from my old  Windows 8.1 OS pertaining to a missing, or damaged, file....  \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe  ...  which
in turn rewflects an Error code:  0xc0000001...
  At any rate, as a result, I am not able to boot up without an installation disc, nor perform the requested "Restart" to continue with the Windows 8.1 reinstallation because of this Error, and missing file(s), and am at my wits end...
  Please does anyone have any idea what my best course of action might be at this point, as I have seeminglly tried everything that I could think of for the better part of two weeks now.
  Last night a gal that lives a few doors down checked in on me, because she hadn't seen me for those two weeks and was just pretty concerned about whether I was allright or not, and she suggested that I take the laptop to an outside Technician, but
unfortunately, I am a disabled  U.S. Veteran, and I just don't have alot of money to work with.
  If someone could please help me with this litlle bit of a predicament, I would surely appreciate it more than you could ever know.
  Thank you....  And I Wish you Happy Holidays!
     -Otto Pedersen

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Hi, I have not been here for couple of years, back nowI have couple of X31, T43 (2Ghz, currently not working), T60 1.86Ghz SSD 3GB RAM, T60p 2.4Ghz SSD+mechanical hdd and just finshed (almost) Z60m 2.13Ghz 2GB RAM with Intel330 SSD+Seagate Momentus 750Gb.I am not IT specialist and Linux is totally new for me.I love Z60m for its build quality, sturdiness, it stays cold no matter what, works beautifully with Linux Mint 16-super fast for old laptop. I will (maybe) try to push it a bit to 2.4Ghz or so with that thin wire trick but not sure yet.Can somebody help please re 2-3 questions:- I want it to boot Mint instantly instead of stopping for several second to let me press Think Vantage...how to get rid of it ?- I would like to use express card port, peobably for USB ports or USB+eSata...which card will work with Mint16 ?- Is that possible to replace screen with very high resolution and top bright (eg from W500 or ...any suggestions) ? Which screen would you recommend ? Thanks,

A:Just brought Z60m back to life

You can disable this message in BIOS setup under "Startup". Disable "Option Keys Display".
The Z60m is based on T43. A wide-screen display of a newer generation might not fit.
The ThinkPads T40-43 used different display cables depending on the dispay resolutions. It is possible, that a different display cable will be needed for using a display with a higher resolution but it might be imposible to get a compatible one.

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My system has been down a few weeks now, and I've tried a few things to recover it, but it's beyond my knowledge this time. I generally don't fall for these things, but admittedly Palladium Pro popped up at just the right time, and I was in too big a hurry working on a project to pay close enough attention. After clicking OK, I realized what I'd done... I'd just donned the "Stupid" hat. Anyway... moving on...I happened upon these forums via my still functioning laptop, and found a post by Surgeon General (My link) regarding the use of P.E. Builder, Runscanner & ISO Recorder to create a boot disc and scan my infected drive. My first attempt was not successful, as I apparently left some step out along the way. However, though there were a few discrepancies between the actual screens I encountered, & the instructions, my second attempt seems to have successfully created two files... OTL.txt & Extras.txt. Both are attached below...I have a Pentium dual core 2.6 with 4 gigs of ram, xp pro with SP3 (orig OEM disc was SP2), a high end video card, and multiple hard drives (2 fixed and several USB). I use this for video editing, and with many "in progress" projects on the drives (including the boot drive), I cannot afford to lose any data. Without it, I have no income making capabilities.I'm not sure what the next step is, but I'm ready to learn... I'm no expert by any means, but not exactly a novice either. I h... Read more

A:Windows XP Pro Brought Down By Palladium Pro

Hi and Leys take a look at the Master Boot Record (MBR).Download MBRFix from here.Save and extract its contents to the USB drive.Boot the computer with the BartPE CD and insert the USB drive. There are three files in the MBRFix folder. From these, only copy the MBRFix.exe to the root directory of the Local Drive, (C:\).When saved, the MBRFix.exe should appear as C:\MBRFix.exe.Bring the computer to a Command Prompt (Click on the Start button, then on Run. Type CMD and click OK). At the prompt type the following and press Enter after each line:C:cd C:\MbrFix /drive 0 savembr MBRDUMP.txt Leave a space between the following arguments:MbrFix/drive0savembrMBRDUMP.txtThe drive is Drive zero (Drive 0)This will create a file in the C:\ folder labeled MBRDUMP.txt. Copy this file to the USB and attach it to a reply.

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I have a desktop that last night I clicked on superantispyware to run and do a check and woke up this morning to monitor flashing. The flashing was the "windows did not start properly" I picked safe mode. Safe mode tried to start then flash of blue screen of death then back to "windows did not start properly" again, tried picking everything I could in that screen and it is just stuck in a loop. 
Now what are my options? I have a window xp service pack 2 installation disk.

A:Windows xp trying to restart then flash of blue screen then back to windows boot

okay did a little research. I placed the xp installation disk in the cd drive and restarted the system and it did not boot up the disk. Restarted again and changed the boot start to cd rom and windows set-up screen came up. Hit the space bar to continue and the following happened.
Bluescreen came up ACPI.SYS corrupted.
Retried and then got the message ACPI.SYS corrupted in the xp window set up.
So I'll just wait to hear from one of you on this. 

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Hello there,

I wanted to remove the Ubuntu 13.10 entry from Windows Boot Loader with EasyBCD, which I did and saved my configuration. But what happened instead is the Ubuntu 13.10 entry remained while the Windows 8.1's entry got deleted and Ubuntu 13.10 is set as default. Also as I deleted Ubuntu 13.10 from the list, it cannot even boot to Ubuntu 13.10, it shows "\NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr" missing when I boot the computer.

I tried repairing from Windows 8.1 installation USB. However it does not detect the Windows installation, only shows "Ubuntu 13.10" as the available option to select (as it is the only one left in Windows Boot Loader list). Therefore I cannot select Windows 8.1 to repair or restore from the installation USB. I went to the command line in installation USB and created a new boot entry with /create {current} /d "Windows 8.1" /application loader. It said that it created a new entry, but it didn't. When I reboot, it only shows Ubuntu 13.10 as an option to boot into, and which if I select shows "\NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr".
However, I can access my windows C drive from arch linux which I installed later. Arch Linux even detects a "Windows 8 loader" in /dev/sda1. When I select that from GRUB menu, it goes to Windows Boot Loader with only one option as Ubuntu 13.10.

How do I add Windows 8.1 option back to Windows Boot Loader so that I can boot to it?
Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:How to get back Windows 8.1 entry in Windows Boot Loader?

Boot the Windows 8.1 DVD/USB disk or Repair USB disk.
System Recovery Options - Boot to in Windows 8
Open> command prompt.

Use the Rebuild BCD in this tutorial:

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Hi. i need some help. i recently installed windows 7 ultimate on a new partition after having installed windows 8.1 pro. Now, after windows 7 is up and running, i cant find a way to boot back to windows 8.1. i checked msconfig and there is only windows 7 ultimate there and i checked under advanced settings in the system setting in control panel but it is not their either. i also tried using easybcd to check and create a new option that is linked to the drive where windows 8 is installed, but when i boot up and choose the windows 8.1 option, it gives me a 0xc0000428 error. can someone help please?


p.s my windows 8.1 drive was the C drive, but after i installed windows 7, that changed to the C drive and now my windows 8.1 drive is the D drive for some reason
My System SpecsSystem Spec

A:struggling to boot back to windows 8.1 after installing windows 7

Usually dual-booting two [or more] Operating Systems requires a boot menu of some type at startup where the choice of OS to use is made.

Due to differences in the various versions of Windows it's frequently recommended to install the older version first.

Are the C: and D: drives 2 actual drives or partitions on one drive?

As for the msconfig issue, Win8.1 can't show, the 2 OSes don't know about each other, that's a lot of what dual-booting is about. And yes, I have dual-booted in the past but find it much simpler to use a 4-port KVM and choose the version/computer I want to use, either WinVista, Win7, Win8.1 or Linux Mint 17.

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I ran Windows Update, and the next time I turned my computer on, it was essentially unusable. When I boot up, everything is fine until I actually click or something, anything. If I click on the start button, I can get my program list to come up, but if I click on anything, I just get the wait symbol with my mouse for 4-5 minutes OR the wait symbol sits there indefinitely, at least a few hours. (What program I attempt to open doesn't seem to matter.) The whole system becomes unresponsive the moment I click on something.

In safe mode, I the computer actually runs perfectly fine. All the programs open up as soon as I click them and it responds just as it did before I ran the update.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?
Edit: Also, when I get the "indefinite" wait symbol, if I try to bring up the task manager, I get a message telling me that Windows Explorer itself is not responding, and after that, a message saying that I may need to restart by unplugging my computer.

Edit 2: Actually, while MOST everything works as normal, Winamp takes awhile to respond but doesn't lock up the computer or anything.

A:Windows Update has brought my computer to a crawl...

I have had this issue.

How many updates did you download at the same time?

Some of the updates take a loooooong time to load. Others need the computer to be rebooted. If there are 12 downloads and five of them need rebooting, it could take five restarts.

My general practice is to shut off the auto update. At the end of the day, I manually run the update. I only download a few at a time and make sure I restart the machine several times. This is probably overkill. But I really hate loosing control of my machine as you have.

I do remember one recent update took my computer over an hour to completely load. Some just need some time.

Restart the computer and let it run, take the dog for a walk. Restart the computer, go to lunch. Retart the computer and throw in a load of laundry.......


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Hello guys,

I brought new laptop & it comes with no operating system installed.
I have old laptop and it has windows 8.1 32 bit installed with genuine retail product key. I have that product key in my email.

1) Now I want to install Windows 8 or 8.1 to my new laptop. I want to install 64 Bit windows now. Is it possible ? I heard 32 & 64 bit product keys are common.

2) How to remove the product key from old laptop ? I heard that I can not use 1 product key on 2 device at a same time.

3) Please guide me how can I use that product key to activate windows 8 on my new laptop ? I mean what are the steps ?

4) Also I don't have ISO of Windows 8 64 BIT. How can I download genuine windows 8 64 bit ISO ? Is there anyway to download it from Microsoft ?
Thank you in advance....

A:Brought new laptop, Want to transfer windows 8 license

Originally Posted by xperiaz

I want to install 64 Bit windows now. Is it possible ?


Originally Posted by xperiaz

2) How to remove the product key from old laptop ?

3) Please guide me how can I use that product key to activate windows 8 on my new laptop ?

4) Also I don't have ISO of Windows 8 64 BIT.

How to transfer Windows 8/8.1 license to new computer. -> link

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Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 7572. I just upgraded to Windows 8.1 and followed some instructions on upgrading the catalyst video driver. I downloaded this and installed and it asked me to restart. However all I get now is a black screen. If I try moving the mouse it appears for a couple of seconds then disappears. I can't find any way to boot into safe mode as I can get anything up on screen. I imagine uninstalling the display driver will fix the issue but I can't work out anyway to get into windows to do it.

Any help would be really appreciated.

A:Trapped with back screen on Windows 8.1 startup

I cannot find anything about a Dell Inspiron 7572. If there was a typo please correct; else please give a link to the Dell driver download page for that model.

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I have a problem guys . .My PC wont proceed to desktop environment, after I turned it on, its all black screen and you will only see the cursor. . Anyway my PC is ACER Aspire E1 471 - 32344G50Mnks, core i3, 500gb HD,Win 8. .
Pls Help guys. . is there any technique to do, or maybe hard reset it?. .

A:Windows 8 cannot proceed. .

Have you tried pressing the delete key at startup ?

If you can get into safe mode you can refresh or restore it.

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Hi all,

On August 7 I opened an email message 31K in size (not attachment, message itself)
apparently containing or asking for a .gif file. Immediately, two alerts appeared one
saying something to the effect ".GIF file could not be opened", and the other saying some
other file not opened. I deleted the message right away. But that did not prevent the
computer to freeze soon after. For the past three days, I have restarted the computer
with diverse success: sometime using it for over two hours, sometime not even
reaching a complete loading of Windows 98. When Windows does not load, the only
way for it to load again is not to restart it, but to turn it off for some time.

Although I have mostly removed the antivirus software McAfee four years ago
because it did not prevent some virus from creeping in at that time, and because I
need to use SSH almost on a daily basis, I have not had virus infection since then. I
attribute that to using Pegasus to process some 100,000 emails without snag. But
this time it is not work.

Naturally, I am posting this thread on a different computer than the one that is infected.

During the few moments the infected computer functioned, I managed to run
Hijack this, Ad-Aware, Spybot and taskmanager16. Registryfix did not manage
to scan all registries before dying, but reported 446 critical objects. Readings
various forums and listings in Sysinfo.org in particular, I turn off (foolishly
probably) mdm.exe, cftmon.exe, sm56hlpr.exe and Mos... Read more

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Well, I decided to try to triple boot my mac and I was met by a world of frustration and the need to chain smoke.

I had OSX and Windows 7 Ultimate via bootcamp installed and working wonderfully. I tried to install ubuntu and the keyboard didn't work in the grub menu along with a slew of other difficulties, so I decided just to kick back to OSX and Windows and lose Ubuntu. What happened is I started receiving the dreaded "Unknown Device String" error upon my trying to boot windows from bootcamp. I tried troubleshooting, and my only results were different errors in the same stage of booting, and blah blah blah... I tried a ton of different ways to repair windows mbr and and some other things, but I've decided to forget trying to fix the boot process.

What I'd like to do is create an image of my windows OS, minus the boot settings of course :) but since I can't access my windows OS, I've got to either do it from OSX or ubuntu. I'd then like to reinstall windows, and restore the OS I currently have. Is it possible? Any thoughts? Thanks for any input guys!

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I received the prompt to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 so I took it and now my PC reaches a black screen with my cursor in the middle and stops. When I use the boot menu> Repair It gets to the blue windows 7 screen and stops with my curser in
the middle. At these two points it is completely unresponsive to key and mouse input. The only thing you can do is power off. I have tried different Adavanced Boot Options and even inserted the windows seven disk then did a restart but get no diffrent results.
In the boot menu it does state there was an error with windows.

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My sister has a Compaq Presario Desktop which she is running Windows XP Home edition. she called and told me that when she logged on, the Compaq new computer start up screen popped up and she doesn't see any of her profiles. I tried to do a system restore but it only goes back to that day and has no other restore point. WOW! don't know what to do. Please help!

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I put my computer to return to the "out of the factory" settings but the computer died while it was setting up the starting services. Now everytime i turn it on it says Setup startng services. But and error message comes out that says " the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows , click "oK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation" I press enter and it just restarts and does the same like a loop.

A:Windows Installation Cannot Proceed

System manufacturer and model?


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Okay, it seems the model computer I have has had problems all across the boards. Well, I'm on an Emachines T1840. I recieved this computer from a teacher at Job Corps. She told me there was something wrong with the motherboard and that the screen stayed blank at startup. I went and bought a new ATI video card since it seemed the onboard video card was burnt out somehow. Then after we installed the new video card, we booted it up. Halfway into startup, it started rebooting it's self. There was a Windows XP Partition on it, so we figured that was corrupt and we installed a version of Windows2000 from a boot disc. Well, that got as far as putting in a registration key. We couldn't find a working key for that, so we went and bought a windows XP upgrade disc. We got past the registration key entry and it began installation after a brief reboot. Now, it stays at 39 minutes remaining, and after about 15 minutes it brings up a blue screen. It says something along the lines of this. "Setup cannot continue, cannot read file (Forgotten file name here)" And then it says "If this is the first time you have recieved this message, reboot and continue setup" And then it proceeds to dump the physical memory. I re-did setup a few times with the same error message. So, I'm just wondering, what the heck am I supposed to do? It's actually pretty rare that I'm stumped on something like this.

A:Windows setup cannot proceed.

Hello? Jeez, nobody seems to know what's wrong I guess

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hey friends,,,,, got a problem here,
last day i set my laptop on sleep... and after 15 min i picked it again,,,i saw it was turned off ! i switched it on and after that it about an hour but the windows did not start...
i tried to renew the windows , so i did format the drive C, as i install windows in it!,,, but the installation did not proceed,, even 1% not... so plz frndz give me any idea .... thanx

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after a kernel data inpage error bsod, My windows 7 laptop won't get past the "select operating system to boot to" (Windows 7), after I choose Windows 7, I get a black screen with a typing cursor in the upper left corner, and won't do anything else. It will sit for days like that if I let it. No windows 7 logo, no boot. So I booted up with a Windows 7 DVD and attempted startup repair which kept freezing in itself. eventually it asked me what OS I wanted to repair. all I had was an option to repair drive D, not C. and it said "Windows 7 (correct), and partition size: 0 MB (incorrect). My creative art stuff for work is on that computer so I desperately need help. Please help.

A:Windows 7 won't boot. startup repair reports: Windows 7 partition size 0MB

hi , didn't mean to get your hopes up with this reply.. but I posted a similar problem and I haven't got any replies yet either... I'm pretty screwed btoo.. sorry to hear what happened to you. I was just writing to you because i wanted to ask you if someone helps you out, do you think you could msg me to send the cure my way too plz and thanks ?? just desperate man..... happened out of nowhere

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Alright already--after trying 4 times with no success to do a Windows Update and also trying the suggestions Microsoft has mapped out, I am at a loss as to how to proceed. When connected to the MS update site, it scans my computer for updates and then attempts to install the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool. Midway through the installation, it suddenly halts and says it was not installed.

I tried MS's suggestions which are mainly creating prompts for ActiveX controls. But to no avail. It does not help.

I assume that if I can't get this corrected, I will never be able to receive Windows updates again?

I have a genuine copy of Windows XP Home. It was installed on my computer when I bought it last year from a local retailer. I have easily done previous updates on this computer with absolutely no problem.

Help! Any suggestions?

A:Failure To Proceed With Windows Update

Microsoft will help you with Windows Update problems. There are a number of reasons why it won't work. But perhaps you can find help from one of these two sites:MicrosoftWindows Update Problems

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UPDATE--When I start windows normally it takes a little longer than normal to finish loading, and then appears normal. However, when I try to start any program everything freezes. ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The same thing happens when loading windows in safe mode and safe mode with networking enabled. I have tried system repair through f8 several times and logging shows that system volume is corrupted but that it was repaired. (it has said this several times.)

After several minutes this error message appears:

winlogon.exe-Application error
installation at 0x761f4ce6 referenced memory at 0x761f4ce6.
required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error stat. of 0xc0000056.
I have a toshiba satellite l305-s5894 running vista. Windows would not allow me to load, uninstall, change, move, or open anything. Basically once windows had loaded, I was unable to do anything. I ran startup repair through f8 advanced boot options and the repair log showed only that the system volume was damaged. I hit finish to restart the computer which, after the toshiba startup screen, goes directly to the windows error recovery screen. I have tried both options (start windows normally and launch startup repair) these options respectively either bring up a blue error screen which only stays up for about 2 seconds before disappearing and returning to the windows error recovery screen or show that windows is loading and then shows a black screen with the pointer from which I can do nothi... Read more

A:Unable to proceed after Windows is loaded

Have you tried running Scandisk (in hard drive properties) with both options checked to see if the hard drive can be repaired? Go into hard drive options, click the Error-checking tool, and select both options. The next time you boot your computer it will run the CHKDSK utility and scan for and repair hard drive errors.

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Ok, I will try to get it all in one shot.

I did a standard shut down of my Dell Latitude E6500 this morning and it went fine. When I went to fire it back up I got a bar across the bottom that says "Windows is loading files" then the Startup Repair comes up and says "Startup repair is checking for problems" after 20 seconds it comes up with "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically" and wants me to send the following info to windows.

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: -1
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 13
Problem Signature 07: CorruptRegistry
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

I went to the Advanced recovery options menu and got a command prompt to try and run a system scan and I get the message that says a system restore is already in progress that requires a reboot. I reboot and the whole thing starts over.

I cannot start in SafeMode with out the same situation

Things I've noticed My windows directory is no longer a C:\ Drive but an X:\ Drive
System restore does not work because it says that I must "Enable System Protection on this drive" to run it on the C:\

I'm not a programmer but I rely on this laptop to make a living and it's fairly new. Any and all help is very much appreciated. I will be sitt... Read more

A:Windows Startup Repair not working can Not boot Windows 7

With the registry being corrupt, you're really limited on options. The only solutions I have ever seen were to:

1. Hit F8 and try "last known good config"
2. Launch Startup Repair, open a command prompt window and run "chkdsk /r"
3. Re-install Windows.

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I have a 32 bit home version of win7. When I start the PC it goes to the Windows boot screen but just hangs.

I inserted the win7 32 disk and selected repair. It took a long time and found the hard drive. It tried to repair but with no luck. The PC is a laptop and I have nothing hooked up to it. It does have a SSD drive. I check the bios and everything is correctly set.

I have tried to go into cmd prompt and repair the mbr doing the /fixmbr (stated it was successful) as well as I tried the fix boot code using the bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr. No luck. still hangs. Here are some pics. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

A:Cannot Boot into Windows-Hangs at windows startup screen

I also tried sfc /scannow and it came back with a message that a repair is pending. Still unable to resolve boot issue.

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We use Desktop Central to manage our windows updates. I've come across a new error that I have not seen all year. They are telling me it's a Microsoft error and they have no information on it. 
I have a couple of Windows 7 machines that have the following error on multiple updates.
An attempt was made to create more links on a file than the file system supports.

Of the machines having this issue, they're not all the same KB. Using one of the machines as example, it's having this issue with 3 updates.
2019-10 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4519976)

2019-09 Security Only Quality Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4516033)

2019-08 Security Only Quality Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4512486)

Seems like the standard Windows Updates fix's aren't working. Software distribution folder rename, fixit tools, etc. I'm not see this on any of our Windows 10 machines. 
Any idea how to go about resolving this? Reimaging is way at the bottom of the list due to these machines being at remote sites. 

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I have purchased an old Dell Inspiron 510 m. I have got HP PSC 1210 all in one printer. When ever i put HP printer installation CD in the PC, after few minutes it ask me to put original Microsoft Windows XP CD which came with the laptop to complete the installation.

As i have purchased an old laptop, the seller didn't had the original windows XP CD which came with the laptop.

This is what it says exactly-

Windows File Protection

Windows Files must be installed for your installation to proceed

Insert your Windows XP Professional CD-Rom Now.

There are three choices- Retry, More Information. Cancel

I have also used 2 methods suggested by Microsoft but that didnt worked. Here are the solutions prescribed by Microsoft-


Please help as without printer installation, my work is getting affected.

A:Windows Files must be installed for your installation to proceed

I believe the only way around is to get a Windows XP CD - Home or Professional - depending on what you have installed. It doesn't have to be the one that came with the laptop though so if you have a friend you can borrow one from it should work fine.

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Iam now really frustrated about whats goin on with my laptop i just had it reset to factory default due to it being really slow it died on the process and when i start it back up its stucked on th LENOVO PREPARING page loading with a dialog box saying "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click" OK", to restart the computer, then restart the installation. Ive tried vlicking OK million time it just restarting and does the same thing  Ive read and watch fixes for this like pressing Shift+f10 and even tried shift + f9, it does nothing at all. Please guys i need your help thank you 

15132554340411191079741.jpg ?1974 KB

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Completed a fresh install, formatted, windows 7 home premium all is fine until it goes to start services (setup is starting services) then the screen flickers and I get the message. "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation"

This then becomes and endless loop, I have started again delete partitions format let windows do it all and the same result, tried safe mode - no go tried repair no go searched internet for help tried some of that stuff with dos prompt- still no go.

Tested Hard drive with windows - no issues, tested with third party software no problems

Laptop originally come with Win7 and even tried to cheat and install xp but that also failed, thought if I could get xp on I could upgrade - but failed.

In your hands community

A:Computer restarted unexpectedly windows installation cannot proceed

You are deleting all partitions during the booted install to get it cleanest, and following the other steps for a Clean Reinstall Windows 7? Those steps assure you'll get and keep a perfect install.

If after doing those proper preparations it still hangs Starting Services, then first try entering Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation to disable any erroring drivers shown there, and if that doesn't help try new installation media as discussed in Step 1 of tutorial

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Hi. I was previously using windows 7 home premium 64 bit on my computer. The computer worked for around 2 years and one day suddenly went BSOD on me, with various problems from disk read errors to "video driver failed to initalize". After my roommate tried all the system recovery options (which all failed), he decided to use his recovery disk to do a factory reset of the computer (it's his computer). This got rid of most of the problems, with the exception of disk read errors from time to time. However, during the setup of the computer, we got the "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unpexted error. Windows installation cannot proceed." error, which just leaves us in an infinite loop (unless we get a disk read error). Windows 7 came pre-installed with the computer, so we dont have any installation discs. The only disc we have is a recovery disk that lets us get to the system recovery options. The computer was a plug-in-and-use computer meaning that we dont know much about the system specs other than the sticker that came on the side . I included it in case anyone is intrested in it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

windows 7 home premieum 64 bit
intel core i3 processor 550
6gb DDR3 memory
1TB hard drive (dont know the name or anything)
NIVIDIA GeForce 315 1024 MB

A:The computer restarted unexpectedly... Windows install can't proceed.

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Bootable Hard Drive Diagnostics

If defective, replace it. Use the recovery disc you have or you can download a legal copy from here: Official ISO Downloads

Following taken from here: Digital River Direct Download Links for Windows 7 Editions Free

I'm including only the English versions.

Microsoft’s partner Digital River is providing the direct high speed download links for the Windows 7 all editions, The download links are available in English,French,German,Spanish languages.

The installation ISO files of Windows 7 are hosted on the server msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent.net owned by Digital River, one of the delivery partners for Windows 7.

All you need is a legal Product key for a Windows 7 Edition that you want to install using these ISO images. Can be a retail or OEM key.

You can burn these images using any standard burner like [url==http://www.imgburn.com/>ImgBurn[/url]

The Product key should be on the COA sticker on the computer.

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Dear Tenforums,

As I was doing some defragging i noticed that several of my most fragmented files were stashed away in the windows.old folder. I thought this folder was for recovering old installation and personal files? ain't that the thought of said folder?

Moving on, as I want to clear up some disk space and up until now never had any use (atleast that i know of? enlighten me if u want) the windows.old folder; i figred i'd delete it; or atleast delete some of the "big files" that came up during my defraging, as some were old install files and movies etc.

I then noticed after streaming a netflix movie earlier today (before defragging) that it was actually stored inside the TEMP folder INSIDE the windows.old folder.
I then proceeded to "run" --> TEMP and %TEMP% and noticed these folders were pretty bare in terms of content.
Thus, although i might be wrong, it appears as my windows have put the TEMP FOLDERS inside the windows.old folder, rather than in the "new" windows folder etc.

This thus makes me a bit scared to delete/cleanup files and/or the whole windows.old folder.
How shall i proceed? will deleting/cleaning it up screw something over in terms of me "loosing out on my temp folder" etc. etc.


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This is my dads computer, and he refuses to let go of XP, so I am trying to help him.  I am going to get him windows 10 in the near future, but until then...
Booting the computer leads to a blank window XP screen, no task bars and no icons, just a green meadow...
- The first time, I tried to use ALT/CTRL/DEL to run a new task explorer.exe (after ending the task of the other explorer.exe) and this did nothing.  It did not return the icons- I tried to boot to safe mode and a RESTORE point, but it keeps freezing or crashing when I try- have tried several times now- After many reboot`s, now ALT/CTRL/DEL does not even work on the desktop blank canvas.- Last working configuration does not work when booting - still blank canvas, no icons- SAFE MODE works and all the icons are available (slow as can be though)
As it stands, I can only get to SAFE mode, and even there it is touch and go.
Where should I go from here? Any ideas or steps I could take to try and fix this thing? I think I have an XP cd somewhere but probably scratched to heck.

A:Lost all of my icons and task bars in windows XP - not sure how to proceed...

Is there any important personal data still on the computer? 
What is the make and model of the computer?
I am assuming you have another computer available to burn a file to disk, correct?

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This is my dads computer, and he refuses to let go of XP, so I am trying to help him.  I am going to get him windows 10 in the near future, but until then...
Booting the computer leads to a blank window XP screen, no task bars and no icons, just a green meadow...
- The first time, I tried to use ALT/CTRL/DEL to run a new task explorer.exe (after ending the task of the other explorer.exe) and this did nothing.  It did not return the icons- I tried to boot to safe mode and a RESTORE point, but it keeps freezing or crashing when I try- have tried several times now- After many reboot`s, now ALT/CTRL/DEL does not even work on the desktop blank canvas.- Last working configuration does not work when booting - still blank canvas, no icons- SAFE MODE works and all the icons are available (slow as can be though)
As it stands, I can only get to SAFE mode, and even there it is touch and go.
Where should I go from here? Any ideas or steps I could take to try and fix this thing? I think I have an XP cd somewhere but probably scratched to heck.

A:Lost all of my icons and task bars in windows XP - not sure how to proceed...

Is there any important personal data still on the computer? 
What is the make and model of the computer?
I am assuming you have another computer available to burn a file to disk, correct?

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i made a booboo by changing the boot.ini file, and now it wont allow me to boot back in sothat i can reverse that change. What can I do? I have the original install CD and tried to boot from that, but the only options I had there was

1/ install win2k (which idont want to do)
2/ repair win2k (ditto)
3/ exit set up
there is no option 4 which should be let me the hell in without bothering me with the first 2 options.

Luckily, I have a network at home, so I am trying to search around onhow to make a bootable CD 'cause may be that will just boot and wont bother me with the install caca.

Now, does it have to win2k boot cd or it will boot with true dos disk as well? (the computer had ME when i bought it and now i use win2k)

thank you guys!!

A:please help! i can't boot back to windows

Can you boot to a Command Prompt and then type: edit boot.ini?
What exactly did you edit out of your boot.ini file?

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Hi a couple of months ago my system crashed, windows 7 wouldnt boot, and I misplaced my installation disk. I had the problems several times since obtaining the computer several years ago. (Lenovo IDeaPad y450). I attributed the problem to what I believed was a bad hard disk, so I replaced it with a refurbished model.
I installed Ubungu 13.10, and it worked well ever since. I later located my win 7 disk and created a dual boot. Windows worked very well for several months until it stopped starting up last week. It would get to the black windows screen, where it says starting, and usually get stuck there. I would get fed up and turn it off after half an hour. Once it was as the screen and it later started the checkdisk program and found no errors. Another time it finally got into windows after a very long loading time, and it seemed to work fine, until the next time I restarted windows. It just went back to the loading windows screen.
I formatted the windows partition through GParted in Ubuntu, and tried the installation disk, and it would get stuck at 0% in the "expanding files" sequence. After an hour of hoping something would happen I got fed up and forced it off again.
Not sure what to do from this point. I have read other posts and it has led me to think that the issue could possibly be bad RAM or an issue with BIOS. But, Ubuntu has been working fine, while Windows has simply been freezing at any attempt of a startup.

A:Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help

It could be that the HDD has a bad sector in the Windows partition, or that the drive is actually failing. If there is a utility in Linux that tests memory, I would run it.

You could also use Memtest86+. It runs from a CD/DVD. Let it run for several passes to rule out bad RAM.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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That's really time consuming to start up my computer.. estimate more than 20 mins..
During the process.. First is the summary list.. then turn to a black blank screen for a very very very long period.. next it shows a row of loading bar which in grey colour also for a very long time... After all these only can see the Windows XP Home screen...

Can anyone tell me wat are the possible causes? Really irritating..

A:About Extremely Slow Process To Proceed To Windows Xp Home Screen....

Please tell us more about your computer. What make/model, what CPU, how much RAM, etc. You can use this free tool to get the information: http://www.gtopala.com/index.htmlYou can use this shareware tool to check your system's performance: http://www.download.com/SiSoftware-Sandra-...&tag=buttonAlso, you can read these links to help speed up your system's loading process: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...l=slow+computerhttp://aumha.org/a/loads.htmhttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/308041

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Tonight I put my CompactFlash card into the media card reader and a USB error came up and to click OK to reboot the computer. I did that but when it went to turn back on it now freezes at the ACER logo and will not proceed to Windows. Can anyone help me out.Thanks

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So i installed my new MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard i tried to put my windows in secure boot i been all threw click bios 2 and i have everything set windows 8 mode is on in the bios, secure boot is enabled and set to standard, boot mode is set to legacy+UEFI makes no difference whether i set it to uefi or that as system info says bios is in UEFI mode, i just don't get it everything is set right, gather i did not reinstall windows but it booted up like no tomorrow without issue, i installed the mainboard chipset just in case, to weed out errors if there was any. It said something about it might have been an older version, but it don't look like it changed anything that i can see. So what gives ?? why can't i get secure boot to show as on in windows the bios clearly states it is on?. can someone shed some light on this for me like maybe i'm missing a step in this click bios 2.

A:i can't seem to get my windows to go back into secure boot

If you installed a new motherboard and are using a pre-existing install of Windows. You have to fully reinstall the OS, even if the motherboards are the same.

You really do not need Secure boot enabled. You can leave it off. But if Windows 8 is installed in UEFI mode, the bios has to have UEFI enabled.

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I am preparing to buy a new system with win7 premium home installed. However, in the event of a crash (happened before) where would I get a Win 7 disk to reinstall the operating system on a new hard drive or computer. I have been told that you can create back-up disk, that take multipule disk. But if booting up a new hard drive, how would I reinstall the full version 7 operating ssytem?

A:Windows 7 back-up/boot disk

Make a system image of your hard drive and save it to a seperate partition... See Brinks tutorial on this -=> Here

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I had a pc which blew up on me about 5 years ago. I always
thought that it was the power supply but I got a new one and never
bothered to get this fixed.
However, I've recently had cause to need a second pc. Thus I thought
about trying to get the old girl fixed.
I took the power supply out of another old broken pc (but I knew the power supply was working) and
replaced this with the presumed broken one. Feeling nervous pressed the button and started up
first time and went through the boot sequence no problem. Excellent I thought, (seeing XP for the first
time in years) feeling pleased with myself as I didn't think that I would be able to get it to work.
So I shut it down, disconnected the cables and got some compressed air and gave it a bit of a clean.
As there was much fluff/dirt which has accumulated over the years.
Reconnected the cables and attempted to start again. However this time for reasons unknown it'd not
boot. Instead I got the error message "no signal input or cable disconnected" and the monitor was blank.
so I tried with another monitor and this time it'd just went into safe power mode. Again it would not
turn on when the start button was pressed on the PC.
Now this exact same problem used to happen to me five years ago. That is every now and again the monitor
would just go into safe power mode and refuse to start. I never knew why but I always managed to get it
working again eventually. Unplugging the power cables, changing m... Read more

A:Old PC briefly brought back from the dead but now "no signal input error"

Since it did occur after removing all of the cables, and based on the error "no signal input or cable detected" you could have possibly put the cables back in the wrong places, or the cables aren't seated all the way. I would do a double check of that and reseat all the cables.

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As suggested in the "slow computer" instruction on the forum I am attempting to clean up my computer with my antivirus scan....I am not sure how to proceed after performing a quick scan the results are a page of files in a sort of chart format listing various file paths in my C:\Documents and Settings\user\   folders that are followed in another column with the words "Error: Archive is Password Protected"  ..... above this window it reads:  "some files could not be scanned", and "Warning", then beneath that it says:  Select the required action for each reply and click "Apply"   
Beneath the window chart in small print it says:  "Note:  The automatic fix tries to repair the file first. If repair is not possible it proceeds to move the file to the Chest.  If that fails as well the file is deleted."   Of course I can find no word "Apply" and am not sure what the result would be if I did find it!  I have Windows XP SP3 and am not sure what to do at this point. Delete all of these files? 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it seems something is wrong with the computer since my last problem with Uninstalling Adobe Reader.  I have to click on click points numerous times (usually 3) to get a response from the computer and many ads are not downloading at all (not that I want to look at the ads!)  I was actually reinstalling Adobe Flash... Read more

A:Avast Scan Results=these files cannot be scanned...how to proceed? windows xpSP3

Ok no need to reply to the Avast! query I found the information after some searching and realized these files may not be corrupt....just password corrected!
Still cannot get my Adobe Flash Reader to work....it was working fine last week and suddenly stopped.....I will post this in a new topic for the benefit of all if I cannot find results in search.
Thank you anyway!

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Bear with me here while I explain this....it seems like a simple enough problem, but I'm plagued by stupid problems when it comes to computers and it's driving me slowly insane...

The problem: Windows refuses to boot, even in safe mode.

Symptoms: System POSTs fine then hangs when windows kicks in. I've tried all the options when the 'windows failed to load properly' comes up, but they all hang. When I tried it in safe mode a list of drivers appears to be loading but then it gets to /mup.sys and it hangs there.

Recent changes to system: Yes and one is undoubtily the culprit, as this install of windows has been running flawlessly for over 2 years. Today I made two changes to the system....and in all my wisdom I made them both at the same time, although I'm pretty sure I know what screwed it up. I flashed the BIOS to the latest revision, upgraded the processor to a Athlon socket 939 x2 +4200 (from a single core +3200 I think) AND installed a small external SATA port (I think this screwed stuff up).

The BIOS upgrade went smoothly and took place a few hours and reboots before the processor change in eSATA bracket install, so I don't think it's to blame.

The processor install also went off without a hitch and the computer not only recognized it correctly, but the first boot was fine and went to windows. During this first boot I got the 'installing new hardware' little picture in the lower right hand part of the taskbar, but was... Read more

A:Getting back to a restore point when windows won't boot?

can you boot to the last known good configuration mode..

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I have been using Roxio Go-Back for a long time and it has dug me out of many a hole. However recently something prevented me from booting up (XP) and eventually I tracked it down to the presence of Go-Back (Version 3). Once I disabled it,boot-up was fine, but I lost the convenience and protection of the Restore programme. I have preferred Go Back to Windows Revert because it presents itself on boot up.

Having disabled it, I uninstalled it and then re-installed a newer version (Version 4) but the same thing happens.. Windows won't boot up past the Logo page. It is as if something is getting in the way of the process and after several minutes, it simply restarts the whole boot-up process once more but without any further progress.

Any tech advice on how to get my Go-Back programme going again will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone offering help.


A:Windows Boot Up Conflict with Roxio Go-Back

Its no longer Roxio Goback, its Norton's Goback [Symantec] used it for years
it was my favorite program. Quit working, now I use Microsofts System Restore
which works very well, if you can remember to put in its restore points.
Have had to use System Restore on several occasions when it crashed, you
pick, start in Safe Mode and when you do, it offers you the option of System
Restore, which you then pick and it restores your computer to the latest
restore point or you can goback to other restore points. It takes less than 10
seconds to put in a restore point. Its better than having nothing to goback to.

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I have had Windows 7 installed on an SSD for a long time. I am used to a fast boot up. I installed Windows 8.1 as a dual boot on a partition of my HDD. I thought I would on occasion get familiar with Windows 8, After the installation I noticed and expected a longer boot time because the new OS is on the mechanical drive. The screen is black with increasing dots going across the top as if loading information. Then the screen goes through a few black to a lite-black, back and forth changes and then finally to the screen that you choose the OS you wish to boot screen. I use Windows 7 95% of the time and really haven't put forth the effort yet (as planned) to become familiar with Win 8. I have become quite annoyed with the long boot process. I plan to reinstall Win 8 in VMware so I can return to the boot time being SSD quick. I deleted Windows 8 using msconfig. Now when my PC starts it goes straight to Windows 7 desktop however the long loading still occurs increasing dots across the screen . I suppose you can see by now what my question will be. How do I get my PC to boot they way it used to. Thank you for your replies.


A:Need to revert back to a normal Windows 7 boot

I notice you have a Gigabyte board.

Does this sequence of dots last just about 20 seconds?

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Hi, i am getting bsod 1 to 2 times a day on a regular basis and there are times that i cannot get windows to boot back when it restarts. It hang up at the four color emblem and just sits there. Today took me 7x trying to get it to fully boot.

I just now disabled the automatic reboot after error option.

attached is my zip file that the option 1 of your bsod instructions made for me.


A:bsod 1-2 times a day and sometimes windows will not boot back

Hello, durango1. I'll see if I can help with this problem. Could I get you to be more specific on your system specs please. Sometimes we need to look up a component and need manufacturer and model number to do that. Please also include your PSU.

You only had 2 dump files. They both list the same things. Please try either updating or deleting the programs/hardware associated with them.

start end module name
fffff880`02cdb000 fffff880`02d2cd00 ladfGSRamd64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: ladfGSRamd64.sys
Image path: ladfGSRamd64.sys
Image name: ladfGSRamd64.sys
Timestamp: Mon Apr 11 13:41:07 2011 (4DA34B43)
CheckSum: 00061816
ImageSize: 00051D00
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
That is the Driver for the Logitech GSeries Headset

start end module name
fffff880`06318000 fffff880`0633c000 tihub3 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: tihub3.sys
Image path: tihub3.sys
Image name: tihub3.sys
Timestamp: Thu Apr 21 14:15:22 2011 (4DB0824A)
CheckSum: 0002715C
ImageSize: 00024000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
That is a Texas Instruments USB 3.0 driver. Possibly with an add on card?

start end module name
fffff880`04ceb000 fffff880`04d7d000 ati... Read more

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