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Is There a Quick Toggle for 'Loudness Equalization'?

Q: Is There a Quick Toggle for 'Loudness Equalization'?

I use my PC for mostly games, but also watching movies and series (I don't see the point in buying a TV and DVD player when I'll only ever use it for DVDs), as a result I like having the 'Loudness Equalization' feature enabled for watching media, and disabled for playing games and listening to music...

Is there a quick way to toggle this on and off? It's a bit irritaing having to right-click the volume control, select properties, etc etc. Would've made more sense to have a "Audio Enhancements" sub-menu when right-clicking the audio icon in the system tray, but apparently MS didn't think of that.

Does anybody have an idea of where this setting is stored? Perhaps in the registry or a settings file somewhere? Any more details would help quite a bit, I can't seem to find much technical information on this feature with a Google search.

Preferred Solution: Is There a Quick Toggle for 'Loudness Equalization'?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is There a Quick Toggle for 'Loudness Equalization'?

Quote: Originally Posted by ZaLiTH

I use my PC for mostly games, but also watching movies and series (I don't see the point in buying a TV and DVD player when I'll only ever use it for DVDs), as a result I like having the 'Loudness Equalization' feature enabled for watching media, and disabled for playing games and listening to music...

Yep, that's exactly how I use it, on for DVD/media, off for everything else.

There probably is a registry setting... you can check this topic to get an idea of a possible location.

Realtek Equalizer Settings


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Is there any way to change the Realtek HD Audio "Loudness Equalization" setting to add heavier compression to the audio signal in the registry or otherwise.

My digital channels seem very low in volume compared to commercials.
The Realtek Loudness Equalization increases the volume, but doesn't compress the signal too much.

A:Loudness Equalization

Quote: Originally Posted by p5bdkw

Is there any way to change the Realtek HD Audio "Loudness Equalization" setting to add heavier compression to the audio signal in the registry or otherwise.

So far, there's no user controls for Loudness Equalization, you would need a minimum of "threshold" and "compression ratio" adjustments.

It looks like the actual compression comes from the "Waves MaxAudio/MaxVolume" software DSP that microsoft has licensed, the Realtek driver taps into that, if adjustments were ever made available it would have to come from MS.

By digital channels, do you mean the Digital Output?

It looks like you have Speakers set as the default output device.
You also have auditorium effects, what happens if you set effects to none?
Is the output more balanced.


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Hi. Here's my dilema.

I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) recently and everything is going great. Except for the sound...
Windows sounds (and all low frequency sounds) are REALY low. For this issue, i've actually found a solution: turn on the 'loudness equalization' option. It looked like a great solution. The problem has gone away.
But then i noticed that when i listen to music or watch videos (i use Windows Media Player 12 for this), the high frequency sounds are VERY low! But i guess it's the pupose of the 'loudness equalization' option anyway (boost the lows and limit the highs).
So, my question is: is there a way to make Windows Media Player (but just it) not to use the 'loudness equalization'? Like an "application profile" or something...
It's very frustrating to have to choose what to do: listen to music and watch videos or hear the Windows sounds and play games. I'm not confortable with the idea of have to turn it on and off everytime i need to use Windows Media Player or not.
If someone knows how to deal with the low Windows sounds problem (and low frequency sounds as well) without using the 'loudness equalization' at all, it will do just fine too.

Sorry for the size of the text. Just want to be clear.

P.S - I've already tried every version of every driver to my sound card (Realtek). Doesn't seem to be a driver issue...

A:Loudness equalization

I've read your post a few times and, I'm not really sure what you are after. Are you trying to eliminate system and application sounds while listening to music? Try clicking on your speaker icon, when your volume slider appears click on "mixer" at the bottom. From there you can turn down or mute "system sounds" while still being able to hear music from WMP12.

Try not to use sound enhancements as I find it just doesn't do music any justice. It will elevate levels that are not meant to be, so on and so forth.

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Hi all i have Loudness Equalization checked for my HDMI audio threw my gtx 660TI video card and for some reason it will not stay on i have to go recheck it every time i reboot my computer any ideas? the audio coming from this card is so low so i turned on Loudness Equalization under sound properties enhancements but having issues with it staying on for some reason.

A:windows 8.1 Loudness Equalization will not stay on??

Loudness Equalization? Where did you turn this on? If you did it in the PC sound card, it doesn't make any difference as the Video card has its own internal sound card that generates the HDMI sound. All the sound functions in HDMI are a function of the video card.

What are you connecting the HDMI to? A TV? Surround sound system?

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Under playback deviced, (right clicking default speakers) properties, then Enhancements tab.

By enabling this it would seem that my Windows volume is drastically increased, which is what I want. However, with certain applications volume is decreased, or not altered at all. iTunes for example is louder with this feature disabled, but Window sounds are quiter with it disabled.

I'm really confused as to why this is happening. If anyone has some insight that would be great.

A:Loudness Equalization returning odd results...

What enhancements did you check? Many of these are things such as reverb, echo, chorus, etc and you probably do not want those on all playback. Actually, most that have these, disable enhancements except for special applications as these have been known to cause other audio problems.

The "loudness" of the particular song can vary from song to song or, for example how it was ripped from a CD. Can you use one song, whether an MP3 or a wav and play it in WMP and then play the same in ITunes with the same volume control settings to compare? iTunes also has it's own volume control (on top to the right of the play controls) and if that is set higher then it could play songs louder than other media players.

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I'm running a dual boot system, with Windows 7 and 8.1, and output audio through my monitor's speakers via HDMI. With Windows 7, loudness equalization works, I don't have to constantly adjust the volume because something's suddenly too loud. But for some reason, this isn't the case in Windows 8. For instance, when watching a video, in Windows 7 the audio will sound constant throughout. In 8, it will get quiet, then really loud, then quiet again. This is despite having the same Nvidia Audio drivers and same playback settings (with loudness equalization ticked). Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?

A:Issue with loudness equalization in Windows 8.1

There are other things running (or running in the background) in Win 8/8.1 that you do not have in Win 7. I would more suspect that as a potential cause.

When does this happen? With on-line audio? Playing a Video? Playing audio files on the PC or from a commercial audio CD?

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In this picture, you can see a settings button for the Loudness Equalization enhancement. When I go to the enhancement tab, there is no settings option (or "Preview" or "Restore Defaults"). Why is this? I wanted to see what the "Release time" option does, and I can't get to it.

Also, while I'm here, I was wondering if there was a way I could "tweak" loudness equalization. I want to make low/quiet sounds louder, but I don't want to reduce the volume of louder sounds. Is this possible? I've been googling for ~2hrs and I came across the Release time setting, and I was gonna mess with it, but it's missing.


A:Loudness Equalization - Wheres the settings button??

No settings available... unfortunately!

It looks like MS has licensed some of the "Waves" DSP technology, pretty high end software... part of the L-series Maximizer. It's a combination Limiter/Compressor and I think they figured the general public wouldn't know how to set it up. Too bad, it could use a litttle tweaking, the attack is a little slow.


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I've been watching Netflix on my computer and since movies tend to mix their music much louder than dialogue, I wanted to use the windows sound's built-in loudness equalization so I didn't have to turn the sound up and down all the time. However, when I did that, a couple of Bad Things happened:

First, the sound went off, i.e. nothing came out of the speakers. I checked the mixer and all the applications were missing from the speakers' mixer. I checked the playback properties and saw that sound was being output to the Digital Audio (S/PDIF). More specifically, it was being output to one of two of the digital audio devices listed. I disabled it and then the audio was being sent to the other digital audio device. I disabled that one and it didn't go to the speakers. If I turn off the loudness equalization and unplug and replug in the speakers, the sound goes back to the speakers, but with no loudness equalization. Does anyone have any solutions to this? Also, what are the digital audio devices even for?


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I sometimes want to turn aero off quickly for a short period of time (e.g. when runing 3dsmax 64bit, the "disable desktop composition" in compatibility options is grayed out) and the method for vista (rundll32.exe dwmApi #102) doesn't work. Any ideas?

A:Quick Aero toggle (shortcut?)

Try the compatability tab. There's an option to turn off visual themes when a program runs.

edit: I don't need to read no stinking OP!


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Is there a quick keyboard shortcut to toggle to the tablet mode?

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I like to toggle Conservation mode in Vantage onwhen I game quite often to make sure the battery doesn't charge always to 100% but still preserve battery life by not gaming while on battery. Is there a way to easily toggle this without having to open up Vantage every single time I want to toggle it? My only interest is to use it while gaming exclusively, so having open Vantage everytime just for that occasion is a bit annoying to do. Any help is appreciated.

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I find it very disappointing to see the new version of Vantage lose the one-click battery threshold toggle button from its pop-up menu. At the very least make it an option in the new Quick Settings category. This is a big step backwards in UX for the sake of a "prettier" design.

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Yeah I messed my Audio up and all of the equalization is really screwed. I use winamp and i tried all the presets and the music is WAY more louder then the lyrics which isnt the way any of the songs are suppose to be I also attempted fixing the equalizers in WMP but that had the same problem so Im guessing something is messed outside of media players. I check Volume Control everything is at Default. So :-/ I dont know what to do. if anyone knows please post I cant listen to music on my computer and it makes me sad

A:Audio Equalization

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Hey guys,
I'm tasked to enhance an xray image, 512x512, 8 bit/pixel image.
I'm supposed to equalize its histogram, but my output doesn't seem right. Greyscale 0-255
The background is dark, and I need to enhance to details of the image, Although my output turns out mostly white.
If anyone knows anything about histogram equalization, please give me a point in the right direction. Thanks!

clear all; clc;
I = imread('IMAGE.jpg', 'jpg');

[a b] = size(I);
n = a*b;
L = 256;

x = 0:L-1;
pixel_vec = reshape(I,1,n);

Pr = hist(pixel_vec,x)/n; %Probability of occurrence
CDF = round(Pr*triu(ones(L))*(L-1)); %Cumulative Dist Func: Summation
I_eq = ones(a,b);
for k = 1:L;
indices = find(I==k);
I_eq(indices) = CDF(k);

pixel_vec_eq = reshape(I_eq,1,n);
Pr_eq = hist(pixel_vec_eq,x);



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I've got an HP Pavilion dv6736nr with Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 and whenever I use headphones on it, regardless of the media player or the headphones the volumes in my music are equalized, the soft parts are just as loud as the loud parts, the loud parts are just as soft as the soft parts. This of course totally ruins the songs. This also includes system sounds. Anytime there's a click sound, warning, or what have you any other sounds or music running gets dampened to equalize the volume. Is there anyway to turn this off? I'd like to listen to my music the way it's supposed to sound.

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I want to know how to make my sound louder. No matter if I use headphones or speakers, my sound volume is VEEERY low. I have used other people's computers, and their sound is HIIIGH. I mean, it blasts sound! I want to know WHAT makes the sound loud -- the sound card, speakers, or software? I would also like to make it quality, because it's "scratchy" when amplified through winamp. It isn't exactly scratchy, but like this -- like when you turn a tv up all the way, the sound is loud, but it also becomes very distorted. I don't know how to explain this -- the sound is like "zzzchzchz", very bad. I can barely hear any sound, and it's especially unpleasant to listen to mp3s because I can't enjoy it, the sound is very low. I have a:
Compaq Presario 7594
556 MHZ Celeron
320 MB RAM
Windows XP Professional
ESS ALLEGRO onboard audio
Intel onboard video

A:Sound -- Loudness

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for those of u that have a 74gig raptor hdd, how loud is it? im thinking about getting it but i like to keep my pc quiet

heres a link for it here

10,000 rpm sounds like it will make alot of noise tho

A:raptor loudness?

well i just read about it on the WD site and it says that its 32-36 dbs, ehhh, that rly load considering my system is in the 20's, but still what do u guys think about it?

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When burning a cd for my car or a social get together,
my habit is to take songs from various cd's, put them into a folder, then burn a cd of the favorites

More often than I would like, I spend a lot of time adjusting the volume on the stereo to equalize the sound output

Is there some way to do this while recording, without spending a fortune on new and difficult to operate software?

Free would be awesome.
In the past, I have had limited success with utilities like Soundforge

Any help is appreciated.

A:Sound level equalization on recordings

I can only speak for using MusicMatch in the day and now totally happy with MediaMonkey both allowed you to level the music tracks volume for these gross differences. But it will effect the original file and therefore I don't use it but instead ride the volume. What are you using for your manager?

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recently bought ATIs Radeon x1650 Pro, and its one loud little bugger. any tips on hour to minimize this newly installed jet engine's roar?

A:video card loudness

You can sound proof your case or go to water cooling. Those are really your only two options. If you are not comfortable with changing heatsinks on a video card, I would look into sound proofing the case.

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I'm running windows 7 build 7000, whether it's mp3, wav, flv, avi, etc.. no matter what application I'm using; winamp, wmp, wmc, gom player, nero showtime, quicktime, powerdvd, etc.. the sound volume/loudness is so low.
so low it's lower than 50% of that on xp. I've maxed everything in volume mixer, but it's still barely heard, especially when watching dvd and dvd rips. for music I'm saved by DFX plugin of wmp, but for movies.. I need help.

A:sound volume/loudness low, help.

What sound card or built in device are you using?

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recently bought ATIs Radeon x1650 Pro, and its one loud little bugger. any tips on how to minimize this newly installed jet engine's roar

A:video card loudness

Please close one of these threads. You could miss a good piece of advice with multiple threads on the same subject.

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On my Aspire E5-575G I play music all the time. I had it playing for a while and then the screen backlight timed out and suddenly the computer got quite a bit louder and better sounding; however, when I woke it back up, the speakers went back to a much quieter and lower quality sound and some slight crackling. How do I fix this?

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Hi, I have this interesting issue I've ran Into lately .
First , for you to know , I'm using one of the latest skull candy big headphones , and iPhone 4S for music .
Anyway , after downloading tons of tunes ( drum and bass / dubstep mostly)
I've noticed that every mp3 has a different response for my hardware .
Some of the tracks are blasting bass with perfect treble and everything around it , what makes me really happy , but some of them are with low volume ( not that reasonable but still I can hear the difference )
In some of them the bass is low volume , and some of them sounds like poor quality .

I'm downloading only 320 Kbps , and I can't figure out what's the problem .
My guesses and attempts to fix it :
1.i know that the Kbps might be fake. , just resampled to 320 Kbps .
2. Some of the tunes I tried to maximize the volume on, started to sound just horrible so I had to switch it back
3. And my last and the most disappointing guess is that the artist just mixed it poor/wrong .
4. I tried to maximize the volume with mp3gain , where you just polling the DB meter higher .
If ill try to mess with more complicated apps , in witch I should analyze song by song and play with MHz levels, will it help? Or how should I know that the mp3 is good quality when I'm downloading it from the first place?


A:Mp3 quality / loudness / bass ?

I have a recording studio (using Sonar).

Mp3's can be affected by which MP3 encoder that was used, along with what you suspect some are just 128Kbs that have been converted to 320Kbs. Once an audio file is converted to whatever bit rate, that is the fidelity you will get regardless of what bitrate or if you save it as a wav file, you can't restore it.

You could use an audio editor, such as Goldwave (the audio editor I use) and try to enhance the EQ (try) but that's probably as much as you can do.

Its sort of like someone bringing a mixed down song to me and asking me to "fix" it. Not much can be done with a mix.

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Hello. Recently bought this HP 240 G4 notebook computer and I'm happy about it, except on a big detail: the AWFUL pre-set equalization which makes the audio sounds way more "brilliant", with more trebles, like an enhanced brightness. The problem is that I work with audio edition, and I SHOULD have a flat equalization audio system just like everybody else. Initially the problem was bigger, because it seemed that the system "distorted" the music with some special effect. I DELETED the DTS Studio sound software which caused all the ugly, disgusting distortion (some kind of special "effect" which added echo); this problem dissapeared, but the "brilliant" equalization is impossible to remove. In other words, I can't get "flat" sound from this computer like in almost every other computer, seems like it is "improved" brightness by defect. I want to know how can I disable this pre-set "briliant" equalization and have flat eq just like everybody else. Thank you in advance.

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I recently bought an HP Pavilion desktop that came with a Realtek soundcard. It also had this Bang & Olufsen (B&O) software called ?Play? installed that is used to control the audio options (albeit very few). The problem is that B&O Play seems to have loudness equalisation turned on by default and there is no option to turn it off ( the option has also been removed from the normal windows audio options panel (there is a box saying ?turn off all effects?, but unchecking it makes no difference).So I looked online and the consensus seemed to be that rolling back the driver to the substitute audio device driver would give me back the normal enhancement control options (see:https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Gaming-Notebooks/How-to-disable-Bang-amp-Olufsen-horrible-audio-correc...). After doing so the loudness equalisation box is visible (and off by default), problem solved.This creates a new problem, however. Now I have the echo back/sync issue when I try to monitor the line in. This is normally fixed by unchecking 'listen to this device' under the line in properties 'listen' tab.But after the rollback, when you look under the 'levels' tab in speaker properties, it only shows one control for speaker volume and not the usual Realtek audio output volume and line in level controls. Unchecking "listen to this device results in silence.I'm starting to wonder if this is an unfixable inherent issue with the soundcard/software the PC came with. Therefore the only solution ... Read more

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Hello. So, I have installed the Windows 10 recently, and then I downloaded the audio drivers through this page, although only the Windows 7 was present. When I installed the audio drivers (6.10.6292.0 Rev. -- Mar 1, 2016), the audio works fine, but the equalization settings don't have any affect anymore regardless of the setting. How to fix this issue? Is this driver only available for Windows 7? Where can I download the appropriate driver for Windows 10?

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The topic says it all. I thought it was just me but i asked a few of my friends and they noticed the same thing. Whenever i re-do my windows,the overall volume is greatly decreased and i mean with master volume of the windows maxed out. After a few days or weeks the volume gets back up where you can actually understand a songs lyrics. Any solution?

A:The overall loudness/volume decrease when Windows is re-install!

I've never heard of this. Are you installing the correct sound driver when you reinstall? The generic Windows installed "HD Audio Codec" is a basic function sound driver, the PC or Motherboard vendor, as applicable, sound driver is preferred.

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Hello, i have a problem with the function keys since yesterday and i have no idea how to solve it. i want to click on the the fn keys to be doing the action (like play/pause, brightness ect...) but since yesterday i only get the normal function of the fn keys (like when i click f5 it refreshes my page). so i looked it up on the hp forum and tried to change the settings in BIOS, but it was already enabled (like i want it to be). still, i tried to disable it, save, go back to it to enable it again and saved it. but it's still not working as it should be (and even if i press fn + f10 for example, it doesn't work i only get the f10 function). so please help me because it really is annoying.  Thanks for your answers

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Is this the correct place to make a feature request?  In addition to Enabled and Disabled options, i would like to see a third option: Toggle.  i want my Fn key to act as a Function Lock Key.  One piece of software i use is very reliant on the function keys, but i don't want to constantly go in and out of the BIOS. Would be much more convenient to set it as toggle (even without an indicator light on the key).  Or is there a piece of software that will help me do this?

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I have a problem with the function keys (f1,...f12). inorder to press a key (such as f2) I have to hold down the "fn" key and press f2. If i don't the primary function of that key would be to darken my screen. How would it be possable to be able to press the f1 - f12 keys without holding "fn" the whole time, and without their "other" functions happening? Thanks EDIT: I had just found this link on another topic...http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02035108I will try this first and edit this post again with the results. EDIT2: The help on the link worked (disabling it in the options on startup). I guess thats it...

A:Toggle FN key?

Good job! Welcome to the HP forums.

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According to the manual for my Acer TM4000 laptop, Fn-F5 is supposed to cycle the display between the laptop, an external monitor, and both. It doesn't seem to have any effect at all. Other Fn-F keys operate ok. OS is XP-Pro + SP2. Is there an "enable" check box or driver issue here?

A:Fn F5 won't toggle display

you usually have to have the external display connected before that key even does anything.

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Is there such a thing?


A:IE “pin favorites” toggle hot-key?

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Is there any way I can flip my screen on/off with a single key? I don't wont to "sleep" the laptop, just Hide my screen info (and Show again). Like when someone is looking over my shoulder or something...
Any ideas???

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I had the older 3.0 verisons of the microsoft bluetooth mouse and keyboard set. I recently got a new verison from microsoft cause I was experiencing problems with the mouse. I installed the mouse and keyboard on my old toggle along with my the older mouse and keyboard. It worked but the mouse was laggy and skippy. I decided to install the new toggle today that came with the mouse and keyboard. I first took out my toggle and then installed the software on the cd (Itellimouse and keyboard). I restarted like it said after the software was installed. Upon Start-up a window popped up asking for me to plug in the toggle. I plugged in the toggle in the front usb port on my computer. (A p180 fron port) I got a popup in the taskbar I double clicked it. A window poped up say that windows did the recognize the device and to Re-plug it in. I did what it said and still nothing. I tried installing in the other port and same thing. I tried it in a back port and same thing. What should I do to get it working?

Thanks in advance

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Since i dont have a multimedia keyboard i was wondering how to bind keys so that i can toggle volume/ mute. can this be done in windows or windows media player?

A:Toggle Volume

F8 - Mute/unMute
F9 - Slides Volume Down
F10 - Slides Volume Up

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I think I read somewhere, that there is a shortcut for toggling Aero on/off. But I can't fint it again :-)

In my memory it was CTRL-ALT-F9, but that doesn't work after installing build 7077.

Anyone has this?

A:Toggle aero

Unfortunately Im using 7077 as well and its not working. You could ways select the basic theme.

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I have a script I use to use for Windows XP but seems some batch commands have changed.. I want to be able to toggle on/off DirectX in Windows 7. Anyone know if this works in Windows 7 and how to fix the script?

@Echo off
Title "Toggling DX Mode"
::Mode CON: COLS=35 Lines=5
Reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectDraw|Findstr /I "emulationonly">Nul
If %Errorlevel%==1 (Set _CurMode=0x0)&Goto _Test
For /F "Tokens=3 skip=3" %%I In ('Reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectDraw /V EmulationOnly') Do Set _CurMode=%%I
If %_CurMode%==0x0 (Set _Setting=Disable) Else (Set _Setting=Enable)
::Set Mode=1 to Disable, Mode=0 to Enable
Set _Mode=0
If /I "%_Setting%"=="Disable" Set _Mode=1
If /I "%_Setting%"=="Enable" Set _Mode=0
Reg Add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectDraw /V EmulationOnly /T REG_DWORD /D %_Mode% /F>Nul
Reg Add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Direct3D\Drivers /V SoftwareOnly /T REG_DWORD /D %_Mode% /F>Nul
Echo Acceleration has been %_Setting%d
Ping -n 1 -w 5000>Nul
I keep getting the error (Set was unexpected at this time. this happens after the line...

For /F "Tokens=3 skip=3" %I In ('Reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectDraw /V EmulationOnly') Do Set _CurMode=%I

A:DirectX toggle?

Why are you wanting to do such a thing?

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Is there a way to increase the volume for tones in toggle keys that come out of the computer tower?
I have a pc.ary

A:Toggle keys

"Increase the sound??" Normally it's "How do I shut off this beeping!!"

Seriously though, Since the toggle keys use the tower speaker and not the PC's external speakers, I don't believe the volume can be turned up, but maybe someone else will have an idea.

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Hi, I'm a very satisfied owner of the lenovo yoga 710 14-klb, however, I haven't found a way to change the fn setting.I know how to invert the function keys, but I would like to know if there's any way to change the keyboard settings to toggle fn instead of having to hold it down(Like having Caps lock instead of shift). Anyone know how to do this?

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I remember when I was using Windows 7 I accidentally found a short key that toggles between the same program e.g. between different windows of a single browser, but forgot what this combination was.

I know on Mac you can do this by CMD+` I believe.

A:Is there a way to toggle between the same program?

Hold the Win key and press the numeric key that corresponds to the program position in the taskbar (counted from the left). E.g. you have File Explorer at position #1, press Win+1, hold Win and keep pressing 1 to switch.

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I have an Advent 4211 which I recently upgraded from 1GB RAM to 2GB. Now I cannot use Fn+F2 to toggle the display between LCD and CRT to view photos etc on my TV. I wonder if the two events are related.

Holding Fn and pressing F2 results in a black screen flashing briefly on the screen before returning to normal.

Is there an alternative method of changing the display?

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Hi All,

I have re installed VISTA and found that the window toggle feature which is in the bottom left of the screen is no longer in 3d. It now looks just like older versions of windows. Does anyone know how I can switch this to 3D?


A:Solved: 3D Toggle

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Dear all, My friend has a ProBook G3, but he ran into a problem. He is not possible to toggle the FN function? He also doesnt have an option for this in his BIOS, which is a weird one? the bios is not like the most laptops(blue/gray tints) but his is full creen white with blue writings? thanks for your help.

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Hi -

I use two powerplans and have created a shortcut/icon for each. Is it possible to create a single icon that will toggle between the two plans?

I also have an open dvd door icon and a close dvd door icon that I would like to reduce to a single button/ion/shortcut operation. I am guessing the solution for one is the same/similar as the other?

Currently, I have a shortcut/icon for 1. & 2. of the following that I would like to to have just one shortcut/icon or 'key' that toggles between the two :

1. C:\Windows\System32\powercfg.exe -setactive 32ab947d-4ee3-48bd-8914-1233eac022d9

2. C:\Windows\System32\powercfg.exe -setactive 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e

... also, the same desired for 'open' & 'close' of the dvd door/tray :

1. "C:\Program Files\nircmd-x64\nircmd.exe" cdrom open E:

2. "C:\Program Files\nircmd-x64\nircmd.exe" cdrom close E:


A:Toggle Function

In order to have one shortcut do that, it would have to call a batch or vbs file that includes some logic to query what the current state is and then set it to the other state.

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For some reason the Caps Lock Warning beep does not sound whatever I do. I have followed all the methods to set and inset it described in your article ....

Toggle Keys Tone - Turn On or Off

The strange thing is that when I use the Num Lock key to set and unset the Toggle Keys warning beep, I can hear the tone indicating the setting / unsetting, but there is no sound when the Caps Lock Key is pressed in error.

The warning light comes on OK so will have to keep an eye on that rather than relying on the beep. I can live with it but it is puzzling me why this has happened.

A:Toggle keys mystery

Hello Snookie,

You might also check your settings with the driver software that was installed for you keyboard. It may have a setting of it's own for the Cap lock beep as well.

Hope this helps,

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